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Friends Reunited

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Jane waited at the airport security, her heart beating rapidly. Julie’s plane had just pulled into the gate and the passengers were already filing past. Sudden, Jane saw the familiar face of her friend from home. As soon as she could, Jane ran to Julie, giving her a warm hug and a gentle kiss, wrapping her tall friend’s arm in hers.

“Oh Julie, I’m so glad you came. I’ve missed you so much!” Jane said, still hugging on Julie’s arm.

Julie could feel Jane’s large breasts against her arm, sending waves of excitement through her body. Jane had been Julie’s younger sister’s friend in boarding school, but after they had left, she and Julie had become close friends. Through their friendship, they had shared many adventures, conquests and each other. After Jane had married Geoff, she moved to the States while Julie stayed in England and married Martin. They two women had kept in touch, but this was the first time they had spent any length of time together in many years.

“Oh my God, Jane, look at you!” Julie exclaimed, looking at Jane’s trimmed body. “I love that outfit. You look so young and sexy, hon.” Jane smiled, giving Julie a quick spin. Her tight top laced across her large breasts, revealing ample cleavage, while her skirt, not as short as a 16 year old’s was daring for a woman in her mid-twenties. Julie felt a little self conscious in her rather plain blouse and trousers. Julie and Jane had always dressed alike, pushing the boundaries in their younger days, but since being married, Julie had become more reserved and staid. Her husband of five years was the jealous type. Julie was afraid to look too good for fear of getting him upset with her in case another man looked at her. She had confided in Jane that she was a little disappointed in how her life was heading. She loved Martin very much but felt confined in their relationship. She hoped that some time with Jane might rekindle some of her youthful spirit. In just the first 10 minutes, she felt herself relaxing already.

Jane pulled the little blue sports car to the door while Julie waited with her bags. Julie watched as Jane, bubbly and so full of life, took the two bags from her friend.

“What a lovely car, Jane,” she said, admiring the Porsche Boxster. She then saw Jane lifting the front and rear hoods. “Where’s the engine?”

Jane laughed, “I’m not too sure. I think its here,” pointing to just behind the seats. “Its Geoff’s car. I wanted to have it today. Its such a beautiful day, I thought you would like it.” Julie smiled, nodding her head. Once the two bags were in the car, Jane sped away, weaving in and out of the slower moving airport traffic. Julie looked at her friend, at home in her new home. Julie felt herself becoming slightly wet as she glanced at Jane’s lap, her skirt barely covering her shapely thighs. The wind blew threw Julie’s hair, blowing away the cares and worries she had left back home.

On the drive, Julie watched as the houses changed from small homes, typical in size to ones in England to larger, estates, with huge lawns, old trees and long driveways. Once in Jane’s neighbourhood, the homes weren’t quite as large but were still bigger than most back in England. Jane explained that unlike England, the US had an incredible amount of land, so everything really was bigger here.

“Everything?” Julie asked mischievously. Jane giggled, nodding her head. Jane pulled into the garage of a two story Georgian home. Once inside, Julie looked at the beautifully decorated house. In England, she and her husband were pretty successful but no one they knew lived in a neighbourhood like this, with so much land and house to take care of. Jane could tell that Julie felt a little uneasy. She took her friend’s arm in hers, kissing her gently on the cheek.

“I know it’s different from back home, Julie. It took me a long time to get accustomed to it,” Jane said warmly to her friend. Jane looked into Julie’s eyes, her hand sliding down to hold hers. They stood there for a moment in silence, before Jane interrupted. “I’m sure you’re tired from the flight. Why don’t you change into your bathing suit and let’s lie out by the pool? I’ll get us a pitcher of drinks and we’ll just relax and catch up,” Jane said, smiling.

Julie’s eyes widened, “I forgot my suit, damn it,” she said.

Jane just smiled, “You can just wear one of mine, baby.” Julie smiled, feeling herself becoming at ease with her friend. It had been a long time since she had heard Jane call her that. It brought back a rush of memories, delightful memories that had been pushed to the back of her mind. She followed Jane upstairs, into the large master bedroom. Jane led her to a closet and to a shelf filled with many bathing suits.”

How many do you have, Jane?” Julie asked, amazed at the different styles.

Jane giggled, “Since we have a pool and we entertain here a lot, I just HAVE to have a new suit for each party.” Julie laughed, remembering that Jane had always been one to dress appropriately. Jane pulled a two piece out, handing it to Julie. “Here baby, put this on and I’ll meet you by the pool.” Jane, being several inches shorter than the 5’8 Julie, tiptoed and kissed her gently on the lips, then turned and hurried down to the kitchen.

Julie opened the large French doors to the back yard, walking to the pool. Jane was still in the kitchen, mixing a batch of Margaritas in a large pitcher. Julie felt a little uneasy in the bathing suit. The bottom barely covered her rear. Not that she had a large bum, in fact, she was often complemented on it. But the bathing suit was just that small. She could not imagine Jane wearing the top, either. Even though Jane had larger breasts than she did, Julie felt as though she was about to fall out. But the shape of the cups held her firm and even as she walked down the stairs, her breasts bounced but stayed in the cups.

Julie laid a towel on a chaise and lay in the chair, feeling the warm spring sun on her body. A few minutes later, Jane walked out, carrying a tray and two large glasses. Julie watched as her dear friend came closer, taking in her vibrant figure and spirit. Jane had on an even smaller bathing suit, her large 38DD breasts barely supported by the thin straps and small cups. Her thong bottom was less than 2″ wide across her mound.

“Oh my, Jane… what do you have on?” Julie said, almost choking on her words. Jane, giggles, spinning for her, wiggled her firm, round bum at her friend.

“Do you like it, hon? I just bought it last week, just for you. Geoff and I are planning a pool party this weekend in your honour,” Jane said as she sat the tray on the table next to Julie. “If you want, you can wear it.”

Julie laughed, shaking her head. “I could never wear anything like that. I would be too embarrassed,” Julie answered, realizing that she may have hurt Jane’s feeling. “I mean, I love it, it looks great on you, it really does. But I’ve become more modest the past few years. I don’t dress like I once did.” Jane could hear a touch of sadness in Julie’s voice. Julie used to be as wild as Jane. She dressed very sexily and loved to tease the men around her. Since marrying though, she had become more demure and cautious. Jane decided that it was her duty to bring her old friend back.

“Nonsense, Julie. You can wear this easily, or anything I have. Later this week, we’ll go through my clothes and you can try some on, maybe even get you a new wardrobe for Martin, put some spice back into your life,” Jane said, sitting on the chaise with Julie. They were already almost through with their second large glass and the tequila was having its desired effect.

Jane reached for a bottle of sun-screen, “Julie, you will definitely need this. You aren’t use to this Southern sun and we don’t want you to burn on the first day,” Jane said as she rubbed some lotion on her hands. Julie turned onto her back, feeling Jane’s hands rub the cool lotion onto her back and shoulders. Jane sat to her side, her hips against Julie’s. Jane massaged her friend’s shoulders, spreading the lotion across her body. Julie moaned softly, being seduced by the tequila, sun and her friend’s fingers. Jane slid her fingers along Julie’s sides, her fingertips brushing against Julie’s mashed breasts. Julie bit her lower lip, her breathing deepening. It had been a long time since she had been with another woman, only a couple of times in the past six years, and only once since she had been married. Martin didn’t know of her sexual longings and she felt that he would be upset to know that she was bisexual.

“You’re very fair, baby, so you have to be very careful about the sun,” Jane said softly, her hands caressing Julie’s back. “You don’t need any tan lines on your back, either,” she added cheekily.

Jane unhooked the back strap, letting the ends fall to the side. Julie began to feel her pussy becoming wet again, her hips pressing against the chaise. Jane continued rubbing the lotion on to her body, her fingertips rubbing harder against the sides of Julie’s breasts. Jane worked down her friend’s back, to just above Julie’s still beautiful arse. Sliding her hand over the round cheeks, Jane spread the lotion down Julie’s thighs and legs. Julie began to feel that feeling she thought she had lost, passion, desire. Jane worked her way back up Julie’s legs, her hands brushing against her pussy from behind. Julie jumped slightly, then pressed her arse back against Jane’s hands, increasing the pressure on her lips. Julie rocked her hips slowly against Jane’s hands, feeling them rubbing against her cheeks.

“Ooohhh God, Jane… do you know what you’re doing to me?” Julie moaned, her face buried in the towel.

Jane smiled sweetly. “I know exactly what I’m doing, baby,” she replied, leaning over, kissing Julie tenderly on her back. Julie sank deeper into the chaise, her body trembling like it had once done when they were both younger. Jane let her breasts rub against Julie’s back as she slid her hands down her body, caressing her firm cheeks. “Mmmmmmmmmmm, you still have a beautiful bum, baby, just as I remember it,” Jane cooed, her fingers sliding between her legs, along her folds. Julie moaned louder, her hips beginning to thrust harder against Jane’s hand.

“Oh God, Jane, its been so long since I’ve been with someone other than Martin, even a woman,” Julie moaned softly. “It feels so good.”

Jane pulled the bathing suit bottom to the side, letting her fingers tease her friend’s wet lips. Julie thrust her hips against the intruding fingers, wanting to feel them inside her. Jane teased her more, letting her fingers just probe slightly into Julie’s wet tunnel. Julie could take no more. She shoved her backside back against Jane’s fingers, driving them into her wanting pussy. She cried out as she felt the long fingers fill her pussy. “Ooohh God, Jane… yyessss, yesssssss,” she cried, thrusting her hips back against the fingers.

Jane increased her tempo, finger fucking her friend’s soaking wet pussy. She slid her free hand under Julie, cupping her large breasts. She squeezed the soft flesh, her fingers digging into her friends tits. Julie felt her body shaking, trembling as the first of many orgasms exploded deep inside her. She came hard, her juices squirting out onto Jane’s hand. Julie kept thrusting her hips back against Jane’s hand, feeling her friend’s fingers probing deep inside her.

“Oh fuck, baby, I can’t believe I came so quickly,’ Julie sighed, rocking her body against Jane’s fingers as she sank into the chaise, trying to catch her breath. She turned around on to her back, looking up at her friend, smiling lovingly. Reaching up, Julie pulled Jane to her, unhooking her top at the same time. Jane came willingly, letting her top fall to the ground.

The two women kissed each other passionately for the first time in many, many years, their tongues exploring their mouths as if for the first time. Julie felt her nipples harder against Jane’s breasts, sending waves of excitement throughout her body. They held each other tightly, savouring their time together at last. Jane slipped her thigh between Julie’s legs, rubbing up and down against her wet pussy. Their kiss became more passionate, as the two friends began to make up for lost time.

“Jane, luv, I have missed you so much. I’ve missed all of this,” Julie said softly, her heart pounding inside her chest.

Jane smiled at her, stroking her hair from her face. “Baby, you’re in for a treat these next two weeks,” Jane said seductively. She cupped Julie’s breasts, burying her face between her luscious 36D’s globes. Julie moaned loudly, holding Jane’s head to her chest. Jane sucked Julie’s hard nipples into her mouth, rolling the sensitive buds between her teeth. Julie cried out, her hips rocking against Jane’s pressing thigh. Julie loved having her tits sucked and groped, the sensations shot through her body like a rocket. She felt another orgasm building inside her already. Jane slid further down her belly until she reached her trimmed tuff of soft hair. Julie moaned, her pussy aching for Jane’s talented tongue.

“Oooohhhhh fffuuuucccckkk, Jane… eat me, please… It’s been so long… yeeesssssss!” She cried out as Jane first teased her lips, then plunged her tongue deep into her soaking wet pussy. Julie grabbed her lover’s head, holding it tight to her thrusting cunt, her body writhing with pleasure. Jane sucked the folds between her teeth, tugging at them gently, driving Julie even wilder with passion.

“Ooohhhhhh… eat me Jane, eat my fucking pussy!!!” Julie moaned, surprised by her lack of restraint and crudeness. Julie felt herself letting go, letting go of the confines of her life. Her hips rocked back and forth, fucking Jane’s wonderful mouth. She grabbed her tits, mashing, kneading her flesh hard as the orgasm came to a climax. “Oooooohhhhhh God…” She cried, her hips thrashing against Jane’s mouth. Jane grabbed Julie’s bum, pulling the gushing cunt hard to her mouth, taking all Julie had to offer. Julie came hard, her juices exploding out, as if her dam had finally burst. She filled Jane’s mouth with her sweet cum as her body shook uncontrollably. Jane held her tight, grinding her face against Julie’s wet cunt, licking and sucking her hot juices. Julie fell back in the chaise, her heart racing. She closed her eyes, feeling the wonderful tongue work its magic on her once more, as it had done so many times in the past.

Julie’s hands groped her tits, toying with her nipples as she let wave after wave of orgasms explode like firecrackers in her pussy and body. Jane slowed her tonguing, kissing and sucking Julie clean while Julie just lay in the chaise, her eyes shut tight as the orgasms began to subside. Jane kissed her way up, cuddling her friend, lying there quietly.

“That was incredible,” a voice said a few moments later. Julie bolted up, startled, covering her tits with her arms.

“Hi baby,” Jane said, smiling as the stranger walked closer. “Baby, this is Julie, whom I told you about. Julie, this is my husband, Geoff.” Julie looked at the tall, older man. He was slender and looked to be in shape with a head full of curly hair. The only concession to his age was a touch of grey on his sideburns. Julie sat there, still covering herself.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything?” he said, “If you want, I can go back inside.” Julie didn’t know what to say or feel. A stranger had just watched her with another woman, something she normally would not have done, at least in the past five years. Jane, always the one to take charge, broke the awkward silence.

“Oh no, baby, stay please,” She said, smiling coyly, “after eating Julie’s sweet pussy I need a little cock to satisfy my hunger.” Geoff smiled, walking over to his young wife. Julie just sat there, stunned, not sure what to do. Jane untied his scrubs, letting them fall to the ground. She pulled his cock out, stroking it gently, letting the head rub against her face. She moaned softly, turning to her friend. “Doesn’t he have a beautiful cock, Julie?” she asked, flicking her tongue over the bulbous head. “You know I have had a lot of cocks, but his is one of the loveliest I’ve ever seen.” Jane smiled at Julie, then took Geoff’s cock deep into her mouth, her head bobbing back and forth along the hard shaft.

Julie watched in amazement as Jane sucked her husband right in front of her. Geoff moaned softly, his hips thrusting back and forth slowly. Julie watched as the thick cock slid easily into Jane’s mouth, the same mouth that had just given her so much pleasure. Jane looked over at Julie, sucking as much for her as for Geoff.

“Oh, how thoughtless of me,” Jane said, looking at Julie, “You’re my guest and you should have the first piece.” Jane looked at Julie, smiling, stroking her husband’s hard cock in her fingers. Julie sat there stunned. She couldn’t believe that Jane was offering her husband to her. “C’mon baby, I know you want a taste, don’t you?” Jane asked.

Julie sat there a moment, looking at the thick hard cock just a few feet away. She nodded her head, remembering the times they’d shared boyfriends when they were younger, scooting down the chaise next to Jane. She took the throbbing cock in her fingers, studying it. It was the first cock she had seen in seven years other than her husband’s. Jane caressed her back, kissing the back of her neck for encouragement. “Go on, baby, taste him, you know you want to.”

Julie knew that Jane was right, she did want to taste him, to suck his cock like she used to just a few years back. Jane looked up at Geoff, “Julie is a great cocksucker, almost as good as me,” Jane smiled. Julie did used to love sucking cocks, but it had been a long time since she had been with someone other than her husband, and sucking for him was just a small part of an all too brief foreplay.

Julie stroked the cock slowly, feeling the hardness in her fingers. Her mouth began to water, imagining the thick piece of meat sliding into her mouth. She looked at Jane, who smiled, nodding her head. Julie closed her eyes for a moment, making one of the most important decisions of her life. She opened her eyes, flicking her tongue over the thick head. She could taste his pre-cum, brought forth by Jane’s earlier sucking. Julie let her tongue slide over the tip, tasting what she could of his ooze. She let the bit of cum flow over her tongue, tasting another man for the first time in too many years. And she loved it. She opened her mouth, engulfing his cock whole, her head bobbing back and forth along the thick, long shaft. Geoff was just a little longer than Martin, but much thicker. Julie felt Geoff’s cock throbbing against her throat, jerking in her mouth. She grabbed his arse, pulling him deeper into her hungry mouth. Julie felt her heart pounding against her chest: She was sure Jane could hear it beating.

“Suck him, baby, suck my hubby’s cock!” Jane cried, encouraging her on. Jane slipped two fingers into her wet cunt, her hips bucking against her hand. Jane felt her juices dripping down her thighs, turning her on even more. She leaned against Julie, rubbing her firm tits against the back of her friend’s head.

Geoff moaned loudly as Julie increased her pace, then slowed, prolonging his pleasure. Julie felt like she had at university, young and alive. Sucking Geoff’s cock… no, another man’s cock, took her back to her wild, youthful days. Julie, kneeling in front of Geoff, felt Jane’s hand sliding down her back, over her bum. She moaned as Jane slid her fingers into her open pussy, finger fucking her as She sucked her friend’s husband’s cock. She could not believe this was happening. Jane plunged her fingers deep into her again and again, bringing her to the edge of another orgasm. How many, she couldn’t remember.

Julie’s body began shaking, then tensed up as the massive orgasm exploded, showering Jane’s hand with her hot cum. Julie’s mind went numb, letting the hard cock slip from her lips. She rubbed the thick head over her face, smearing her saliva and his ooze on her lips and cheeks. Julie came again and again as Jane kept finger fucking her aching cunt. Julie fell back, grabbing her tits, Jane’s fingers still tearing at her cunt.

“Ooohhh ffuuuccckkk, oh fuck, oh fuck!!!” Julie screamed, her fingers digging into her tit flesh. “Ooohhh God, oh…” Her body jerked and shuddered as series of orgasms erupted deep inside her. “Fuck me, Geoff… oh please, fuck me!” She pleaded, rubbing her clit as She looked up at her new lover. Geoff slid on to the ground, kneeling between her legs. Reaching under her arse, Geoff lifted her off the ground, plunging his cock into her sopping cunt. Julie screamed as the thick cock stabbed deep into her, his fingers squeezing her cheeks. Julie lay there, her mouth agape, unable to move, just allowing her body to be fucked by this stranger. Geoff rammed his cock in and out of her cunt, feeling it squeezing around his thick shaft.

Jane lay next to her friend, enjoying the pleasure that she and her husband was giving her. She watched her husband’s cock tear into her friend’s pussy, splattering her juices everywhere.

Jane slid her hand down Julie’s shaking body and began rubbing her clit as Geoff rammed his cock in and out of her. Julie lost control of her senses. Her body squirmed and twisted on the ground as orgasm after orgasm tore through her body. Jane slid her tongue over her hard nipples, burying her face between Julie’s beautiful round tits. Julie grabbed Jane’s head, holding her mouth to her tits. Julie wanted to scream with pleasure but couldn’t, all that came out was a soft squeal. She felt Geoff’s cock throbbing inside her, stretching her as never before. She grabbed the grass, her fingers trying to dig into the ground as a massive orgasm shot through her body, spraying her cum from her pussy like a fire hose. She fell back on to the ground, trying to catch her breath, her tits rising and falling with each breath.

Geoff felt his cock about to explode. He had held back as long as he could. He pulled out of her tight cunt, aiming his cock at the two beautiful women’s faces. Kneeling on the other side of Julie, Jane and her opened their mouths, waiting for their reward. Jane sucked him quickly, tasting her friend’s cum on his cock. Geoff waited until Jane pulled away, then let loose his load. His cum flew through the air, landing on the girl’s faces, their mouths reaching for the thick, salty cream. Geoff moaned as he shot several streams of his seed, covering their faces and tits.

Julie leaned up, sucking Geoff’s cock clean, then turned to Jane, smiling at her friend. Jane stroked her hair, then kissed Julie deeply, her hands caressing her tits, smearing the warm cum into her flesh. Their tongues danced together, sharing the sweet flavours of their mouths.

“Oh God, Jane, that was incredible,” Julie said softly, holding Jane to her trembling body. Jane cooed, rubbing her nose against Julie’s face and neck. “I can’t believe I did that… I can’t believe it felt like that,” She said, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

Jane smiled and kissed her friend. “Just like old times eh?” she asked coyly. Julie nodded then looked up at Geoff, extending her hand. Geoff took her hand, lying down next to her on the cool, soft grass.

Jane and Geoff sandwiched their guest, caressing her still shaking body. Julie laid her head on Geoff, feeling the warmth of her two friends, her two lovers.

The three of them rested quietly on the ground, letting Julie revel in her new experience. After a while, Jane leaned up, her breasts pressed against Julie’s body. “Julie, we have so much planned for the next two weeks for you,” she said, smiling. Julie closed her eyes, knowing that if it were even half as wonderful as this first afternoon had been, then she was going to have the best two weeks of her life.

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