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Friday Night

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I’m sitting naked in my favourite armchair, my brain fried from too much beer, my girlfriend Kate kneeling on the floor about four feet away sucking on my best mate’s cock whilst I stroke the hardest erection I’ve ever experienced and try to figure out once again how all this happened.

The details are hazy and dream-like, too much to drink on a night out, too much beer followed by too much vodka.

We left the pub and the fresh air and alcohol hit me full on. The next thing I know we’re on a bus, Kate sitting on Lee’s lap feeding him her breasts, people around are staring but saying nothing. Then we’re home at my flat, I head for the bedroom, strip, and pass out.

About an hour later I stumbled to the toilet for a piss and slowly realised that I could hear Lee and Katie’s voices in the living room. I poked my head around the corner only to see them talking on the sofa, Kate resting her head on Lee’s thighs, her hand inside his shirt pinching gently at his nipples. She’s naked from the waist up and Lee’s cupping her large breasts in his hand as they talk.

“We were just going to try and wake you up,” she said, pressing Lee’s hand even harder against her tits. “Do you mind?”

I shook my head. We’d spoken about this a lot of times, fantasising about what we’d do if the opportunity ever presented itself. She’d wanted Lee for months but nothing had happened, and I always wanted to see her fucked by another man. Now it seemed that both our dreams would come true and if she had to have sex with someone else, I couldn’t pick a better man than Lee.

She came over to me and pulled me fully into the room and I tried uselessly to hide my growing erection from Lee, finally giving up and trying to act natural even though I was naked and hard. She stripped off the rest of her clothes and turned her attention to Lee, pulling off his shirt, quickly followed by his jeans and boxers.

Which is why I’m here. Watching her suck his cock and getting more turned on than I’ve ever been before in my life. I can’t take my eyes off them, wanting to wank myself off so much, but knowing I have to make this last.

Kate stretches and lies back on the carpet, her legs spread wide as Lee crouches in front of her and starts to lick her out. I can’t keep out of it anymore and go over to her and start sucking greedily on her nipples, trying to push as much of her tits into my mouth as I can whilst watching Lee’s face buried between her legs.

There’s five minutes of sucking and licking before our attention finally makes her come, Lee’s head almost crushed between her thighs until the orgasm subsides and her breathing gets back to normal. Lee moves up her body, kissing her hard on the mouth, forcing her to taste herself on his lips and tongue. I lie next to them, watching as Kate’s hand reaches for my cock, rubbing it furiously as she pushes her body against Lee. I lose it for a second, almost coming when I realise that Lee has pushed himself inside her and is fucking her and the noises she’s making are proof of how she’s feeling right now and she likes it. His thrusts are fast and hard, hitting her over and over again, refusing to give in to exhaustion. I move round and let Kate suck my dick and there’s a look in her eyes that says she never wants the night to end.

Lee’s breathing gets strained and Kate pushes him away, shaking her head – no, he’s not allowed to come yet she wants more. We lie down, one on each side of her and she takes one of us in each hand as we suck at her breasts. I can’t take my eyes from Lee’s cock and Kate knows what I’m thinking. She takes my hand and places it with hers on Lee, who looks down at himself and does nothing to stop what’s happening. Every few strokes I let my fingers run over the head of his cock, feeling drips of pre-come wet my hand. Then it’s just me and Lee, as Katie takes away her hand and leaves me wanking off my best mate.

He’s so hard in my hand, slightly bigger than my own six inches, with a cock-head I want to stare at forever. And, as I’m reaching across Kate, playing with him, she’s kissing him and he can’t keep his hands off her tits and cunt, and I sit up, lean over, and take his cock into my mouth as far as it will go.

Lee moans and starts moving his hips, pushing himself into my eager mouth. I can feel his hand on the back of my head, making sure I don’t stop what I’m doing and I suck hard, moving my tongue around his head of his cock, cupping his balls in my hand and pushing a finger gently into his arse. The feeling of his hot cock inside my mouth, touching my tongue, makes me lose track of my surroundings, and God only knows what Kate and Lee are doing whilst I’m down here fulfilling one of my oldest fantasies. Then I see Kate joining me, sucking along with me, taking it in turns to stroke and lick. She whispers to me to fuck her and I nod, leaving Lee’s fabulous cock to Kate.

I try my best but I can’t possibly last very long, and everything is getting too much as I get ready to fuck Kate. She’s on top of Lee, 69-ing him, sucking him off as he buries his tongue deep inside her cunt. I have to pull her away from him to get inside her and even then every thrust feels like it will bring me off. Then it all happens.

I can feel Lee’s breath just millimetres from my balls, and then he’s taking them in his mouth, a finger slowly getting pushed into my arse and my cock is harder than it’s ever been before and Kate has my thumb in her arse and is shouting at Lee to come, she wants him now, she wants his come all over her face, and I’m getting finger-fucked by Lee and my bollocks are about to explode and Lee comes and Kate comes, her cunt contracting, gripping my cock harder as I shoot my load right inside her.

And for a moment no-one moves, the three of us stay joined together and it’s like this was how it was always meant to be. And, as we separate, Kate kisses each of us, come still on her face smearing on to our own and Lee and I kiss and everything seems right as we fall happily asleep, wondering what else the morning will bring.

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