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Freeing Writer’s Block

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Yawning and pulling her wrap over her nude body before going into her adult son’s room, Amelia Grant burst in without knocking and gasped. She’d expected Kelvin to be working on his second big-selling novel but instead he was stretched back on his swivel chair, PJ pants around his ankles, masturbating.


“Oh hi mom. I’m still suffering writer’s block so decided to amuse myself while in depression.”

His mom hesitated and then offered, “Here let me finished you off darling.”

Kelvin sighed as his mom rushed forward and moaned, “It’s no use mom. I’ve even lost my ability to ejaculate.”

A sexually under-performing husband had empowered Amelia to ignore submissive confessions of failure like that and that experience now crossed a generation. She bent over and licked the seven-inch length just the once, but dribbling copiously. She jerked her fist along the length once to collide brutally with the collar of the swollen purple helmet.

Reloading by sliding her hand back to hit the shaved area where most men have bushy hair, Amelia shot her hand forward with a tightening grip and almost decapitated his cock.

Magnificent success.

Kelvin’s entire body jerked and his cock fired, sending a plume of semen into a high arc to splat against the computer screen. The other three diminutive shots did their best to ruin his keyboard.

In dual triumph, mother and son watched open-mouthed as the fluid slid grotesquely down the 22-inch screen but missed completely the wide-open slit of the huge image of a hairy vulva Kelvin had on-screen to give him ejaculating incentive.

In the way in which mothers support their offspring, his mom tousled his brown curly hair and said, “If you can shoot cum that far you can write novels. Go clean up in the shower and I’ll clean up here.”

“Don’t lick the screen or keyboard mom. The screen could give you a static electricity shock and you might short-circuit the keyboard.”

“Don’t be so foul but thanks for the warming,” his mom said, shooing him off.

An assistant professor of English in Chicago, Kelvin (36) had taken a year’s sabbatical from his university to write two novels. ‘Same-sex Bedroom Affairs’ had been loosely based on Kelvin’s knowledge of female tutors throughout his student and academic career. The heroine was cast as the principal of an exclusive girls’ boarding school.

Completing the manuscript in eleven weeks and sending it to a publisher he knew, Kelvin received an acceptance within the week plus an advance of $15,000 to complete a second. His working title for that one was ‘Life and Death of a Whore’ and he sailed through the first three chapters… and then hit the wall. As he was writing the next chapter he realized he was tapping out crap.

Kelvin’s parents tried to encourage him, without success, and his married sister Claire came home to do her bit and actually she was quite useful. She came up with the idea that Kelvin should walk away from his novel for a while and suggested he go on vacation to Aunt Jo in New Zealand.

A week later Kelvin’s parents waved him off at O’Hare on his long journey deep into the South Pacific via LA. None of them had much idea about New Zealand and before she returned home Claire recalled someone once saying that country was twenty-five years behind America.

“Not all of America surely,” his mom had said, thinking about some of the states she’d visited.

Kelvin was surprised when arriving in Auckland to see a very modern terminal with aircraft of Australia (Qantas) and Argentina, Emirates, Korean, Thai and Air Tahiti Nui hooked up to the terminal.

Aunt Jo came hurling at him. Kelvin had not seen her for six years, the last of her three visits to Chicago to see her family while he was growing up. Her daughter Ruby (20) and Mia (18) added their smear of lipstick on his cheek and like their mother had pressed their tits into him. He wondered which of the three he’d fuck and then optimistically thought he might strike it lucky with all three.

The girls from a supposedly backward country were dressed and made up as if they were straight off the Miracle Mile on Michigan Avenue.

“God you look sexy,” Ruby said, running her tongue along her top lip.

“Ruby!” yelled her mother. “He’s your cousin.”

“So?” said Ruby and Mia chipped in, “Yeah mom, don’t be a spoil sport.”

At the carousel Jo pointed to a shocking pink bag and asked Kelvin was that his luggage. While the girls were holding each other laughing Jo said to Kelvin sternly, “You have to promise me you won’t have sex with my daughters.”

“Well okay. You are as bad as an American mother attempting to control the morals of her adult daughters.”

“Well I am American,” Jo said, turning on her half-forgotten accent.

Jo’s car was a new near Mercedes C-class sedan, further evidence that the twenty-five years behind quote was a misnomer. After she dropped the girls off at their university Jo said they were short of bedrooms at present with both girls still living at home and her husband’s mother was staying in the guest room following recent surgery.

“Brian and I own an investment apartment in the Trent Hotel and we have arranged for you to occupy that. You can come to us for as many meals as you wish.”

“That’s very nice of you. Mom wouldn’t have let me come if she knew I was putting you out like this.”

“But you don’t mind putting me out?”


She said something under her breath that Kelvin thought sounded very much like ‘fucking men’.

He moved immediately into power play to be a grateful nephew.

“You are very beautiful and far more fashionable than mom.”

“Oh darling,” Jo said, acting pumped up. “How lovely of you to say that. I gather from Amelia that you are with women all the time, that she’s not even sure if you have male friends.”

“I have a couple of buddies and of course many male acquaintances.”

“Well you certainly know how to talk to a woman,” cooed his aunt. “You will be aware that I’m only seven years your senior.”

“Yeah and I would have thought at the look of you it might only be three years.”

“Oh darling.”

The three-level apartment wing of the three-star hotel had external entry access along verandahs and they passed a young woman sitting on a chair holding a very young sleeping baby.

Jo ignored the straight-hair blonde in a sundress who was showing great cleavage. Kelvin looked up from the breasts and said, “Hi, lovely morning.”

“Indeed,” she said, her voice sounding faintly familiar. Their eyes locked briefly and he followed the swinging butt of his aunt.

The apartment was like am extra spacious hotel suite.

“This is lovely.”

“Thanks,” said his aunt, running both hands down her sides and over her hips, Kelvin’s eyes following those hands.

“Well what now?” Jo said, brushing imaginary dust off a breast.

Wondering why she suddenly appeared nervous, Kelvin stalled and said, “I have no idea.”

“Do you need to sleep after that overnight long haul?”

“No I’m fine. Mom and dad upgraded my return ticket to business class so I slept most of the flight.”

“Well in that case… Jo tailed off, he tongue running over her top lip.

She stood motionless, watching and waiting.

“Would you like to fuck?”

She reacted as if shot. “God Kelvin, fifteen minutes ago I said you know how to talk to a woman.”

“And what I just said hasn’t done a thing for you?”

She snorted and said she hadn’t said that.

“Take your dress off Aunt Jo before I rip it off you.”

She bit her lip and looked at him closely, as if weighing the risk. And then, “Well I do have time to play around a bit if that’s what you are hinting at. I’m an accountant and have arranged to be away till 3:00 when we have a partners’ meeting.”

“Great, get your dress off baby.”

“Baby? I’m your aunt.”

“I think you are more like my younger sister.”

“Oh god, do you have sex with Claire?”

“Not since she was eighteen.”

“Oh god,” Jo wheezed, carefully removing her tight white knitted dress.

* * *

Standing in just a bra, panties and a garter belt holding up her white stockings Jo debated with herself whether to pull out of this before he pushed in. God she was his aunt although she had the permission of his mom, well more of less.

Probably less.

When Jo called his mother two days ago Amelia said she had something rather delicate to say and then told Jo about jerking Kelvin off. When their giggling stopped Amelia had said she was amazed he’d squirted so far and she had no guilt because she considered she was trying to pull her son out of his writer’s block. Jo had said she probably would have done the same thing if she had a son. Amelia said well if Kelvin looked sexually frustrated she’d be delighted if Jo would consider jerking him off.

Ever since then Jo had been thinking of doing more than jerking off her nephew. She occasionally enjoyed casual sex on the side and usually her choice was for that adulterer to be a younger guy. At the airport when she diverted Kelvin away from her daughters she knew she’d had to offer her something in compensation but hadn’t figured on getting down and dirty so quickly. It was just her acting impulsively, that’s all.

As Jo watched Kelvin unzip she was disappointed when she saw his cock peeping out. It looked rather slender. But as he dropped his pants and briefs he eyes bulged when what she saw in his hand appeared to be at least an inch and a half longer that her husband’s.

She licked her lips.

“This might not be thick,” he said. “But as experienced women always say, it’s how the guy uses his dick that matters.”

Jo’s knees momentarily felt weak and then she was sure her panties had suddenly gained a damp patch.

Oh god, her body was ready to fuck him but her mind was still wavering.

“You have a young woman’s body,” he grinned.

She beamed, thinking liar.

Kelvin removed his soft jacket and shirt and her confusion accelerated.

He dropped on to a lounge chair and smiled sexily. “Drop to your knees and suck me.”

She whimpered and in two bounds was over him and she sunk to her knees and grabbing his erection dribbled on to it. She felt him undo her bra while saying, “Let me get at these two fuckers.”

She was proud of her breasts and just loved a seducer calling them fuckers. She was now committed.

Jo sucked and Kelvin squeezed.

She stopped and said, “Come over to the sofa. You’re been left out. Let’s fall into a sixty-nine.”

Kelvin just fucked her the once, disappointing Jo, but she accepted what he said that he shouldn’t go too hard at it after enduring a four hour wait in LA after a three and a half hour flight from Chicago and then a 12-hour flight across the Pacific.

“You’ve done very well and you fuck beautifully,” Jo said. “Let’s clean up and go out to eat and I brief you about where to come for dinner tonight. Brian left his bicycle in the second bedroom here for you. We live only two miles from here and he also left maps on the bed.”

“Aw he’s been that generous and here am I fucking his wife.”

“Don’t feel badly about it,” Jo said, spitting out a remaining glob of semen. “He’s fucking his new personal assistant and that’s why I let you fuck me to make me feel better about his deceit.”

“Isn’t Uncle Brian a judge?”

“Yes but judges want sex like everyone else.”

“Oh yes, I ought to have guessed,” he grinned.

Jo thought women must love him… the smiles, the charm. She was in great need of a pee and wondered about enticing Kelvin in kneel for her in the shower but then thought perhaps it was best not to rush it. She thought also about taking his slender cock up her ass.

“Welcome to New Zealand Kelvin.”

“Huh? Oh thanks.”

That comment had caught Kelvin by surprise because he’d just worked out that the young woman who was sitting with the baby sounded familiar because he’d caught a possible American accent when she said only one word ‘indeed’. He now thought she possibly looked American although that was stretching things considering the huge ethnic range of Americans.

When he was leaving with Jo to go to lunch, Kelvin was disappointed the woman with the baby had gone and the door to her apartment was closed.

Later when walking back to the hotel Kelvin spotted the same young woman up ahead carrying the baby. He loped up to her.

“Hi, I’m in the next apartment to you. Are you American?”

“Yes and I gather you are too. I’m Carey Wills from Albany, New York, and this little blue-eyed beauty is Jasmine Wills. I’m an unmarried mother.”

“Well hi Carey, I’m Kelvin Grant from Chicago, an academic who’s taken time off to write a couple of novels. My first is being printed now and I’ve hit the wall with my second.”

“Writer’s block?”


“I majored in creative writing so know what the problem is. Are you here to try a to shake out the cobwebs by changing environment?”

“Yeah and that’s smart thinking.”

She smiled and said did he think young mothers lost their intelligence when giving birth?”

“Hell no. My comment about smart thinking was simply a compliment about you thinking that way, that’s all. May I carry Jasmine to give you a spell?”

“That’s kind of you but…”

“I carried my sister’s two kids often when they were infants.”

Jasmine cried when handed over but when Carey went to take her back Kelvin said, “She’ll settle in a minute.”

He made throaty noises and Jasmine started at him and, as the man said, she settled.

“I was surprised you remembered my baby’s name.”

“I teach classes and am practiced at remembering names of students, colleagues, admin officials, cleaning staff and… well you name it.”

“What do you specialize in?”

“Twentieth Century and beyond American Literature.”

“But having an interest in earlier writers?”

“Oh yes, but the first job I secured as a college instructor was Twentieth Century American writers so I’ve stayed in that rut. And you, do you write?”

“I was deputy editor on a health & beauty magazine in New York, became pregnant, the guy disappeared. When I resigned from my job seven months pregnant I went home and two days later was thrown out of the house because I refused to prepare for an adoption. I had enough money to come here to my widowed uncle in Wellington but he died last week and his family descended and Jasmine and I were given two days to leave. I have my return ticket to LA and decided to stay here in style for a couple of nights before my money runs out. I have friends in LA. I’ll call dad and ask for money but I don’t want mom to see Jasmine until she’s six months old, because by then I hope she’ll be too appealing to reject.”

“Look, she’s asleep.”

“You are very nice to her.”

“Yeah, well I can give you some money.”

Carey’s face contorted. “How dare you act as if I were soliciting for money. There was no such thought in my mind. How dare you.”

“Hush Carey,” soothed Kelvin, who was used to dealing with distressed students. “It was a thought that jumped into my mind, that’s all. It just… well it just seemed to be the right thing to say. I ham-fisted the offer though… I’m deeply sorry to have upset you.”

“You have no idea… ” Carey stopped and blew her nose.

“How it’s been for you all those months? No and I don’t believe I’m capable of imagining it. Am I an asshole or has my apology gotten through?”

“You are kind to Jasmine, so can’t be an asshole,” Carey said, pulling out her handkerchief and dabbing her eyes. You know what, I can’t imagine my despair ever ending.”

Kelvin looked at her and smiled. “Here’s a quotation: ‘In all things it is better to hope than despair.’ It came from Johann Wolfgang von Goeth, a German playwright and writer of note in other areas, who lived through the turn of the 18th century.

“The simplicity of that is beautiful. Do you know another one?”

“Try this from a political adviser: ‘In life you need either inspiration or desperation’.”

Carey said excitedly, “I know it and can attribute it…. Anthony Robbins.”

“Ah little Jasmine has a literary mom. Here’s the hotel. Will you come in to my apartment for coffee or perhaps tea?”

“Weak tea will be great. I’m feeding Jasmine,” said the 24-year-old exhibiting a mature attitude.

She saw Kelvin look at her breasts. “Big aren’t they?”

“They are achieving their purpose that I guess we men don’t bother to think about. You will be delighted to have them firm and back into their familiar shape.”

“Ecstatic more like it.”

He smiled, unlocking the door. “Actually it’s doubtful whether such a return to normality or near normality will be noticed either ecstatically or with delight because change will occur very gradually, much like gaining or losing weight. Then one day you’ll look in the mirror at a great pair of tits and say, very surprised, ‘Jesus’. Believe me, that will happen.”

Carey laughed and moving past him said, “You are funny but what you just said will be how it will be. You have a writer’s mind.”

Jasmine was asleep on the sofa when Kelvin sat with his coffee. Already sipping tea Carey said, “That woman you arrived with, you obviously knew her?”

“Yes she’s my aunt.”

“But the noises I heard…”

Carey stopped, her face very pink.

“Oh that. Yes we were having sex. It’s the first time and I think I know why. She met me at the airport with her two daughters who are twenty and eighteen, university students. The twenty-year-old called me sexy and her mom asked me to promise not to touch them and I said sure. When we arrived here I think my aunt felt guilty about possibly depriving me and so made it clear she was available. Um I swooped, being a guy without hang-ups about ancient taboos, most of which are completely outdated these days.”

“But she was your aunt?”

“Yes and still is. Actually she’s a great fuck.”

Without backing off this line of conversation, Carey said, “Is that the end of it?”

“I don’t know. If you are really interested you ought to ask her.”

Blushing, Carey said, “Oh god, it’s none of my business.”

“Hush, it’s fine. You’ll be lonely and probably are beginning to think about sex again. That is perfectly natural, more so than a guy having sex with his aunt. I’ll stay away from you if you are disgusted or you believe I’m an unsuitable person for wee Jasmine to know.”

“No please, don’t think like that. We both welcome your company and I certainly don’t regard you as being a bad man. In fact I find you fascinating… er… I mean interesting, very interesting. May we talk about your first book and what you believe has gone wrong with this second planned novel?”

Half and hour later Jasmine was awake and needed her diaper changed and food.

As Kelvin was leaving Carey said, “You may kiss me if you wish, like a friend.”

Kelvin kissed Carey lightly and unhurriedly on the lips and then pulled away just slightly and looked into her blue eyes. She turned scarlet.

He winked at her and pulled right away. “I’m out for dinner this evening. May I take your both to breakfast in the morning?”

“Yes I’d like that. I still have money.”

“Of course and you can pay the next time we have breakfast.”

* * *

Next day Kelvin knocked on Carey’s door and she opened it smiling but made no attempt to indicate she wished to be kissed.

“May I kiss you?”


He made no move and she looked uncertain.

“May I touch a breast as I kiss you?”

She swallowed and said yes if he felt he must.

Kelvin kissed her and held a hand over her left breast lightly.

“Why did you want to do that?” she asked.

“I wanted to touch your breasts, that’s all. I’m used to touching women.”

She said to come in, that if he didn’t mind she’d like Jasmine to wake without assistance because they’d had a broken night.

“Yes I heard her crying sometime during the night.”

“Only once? Well that’s good; she woke me three times.”

He said, “I know it’s hard mothering an infant.”

She glanced at him but said nothing.

“You look lovely with your hair up like that and with full make-up on.”

“I did the extras for you. Oh god, what am I saying?”

“I appreciate that comment. In fact you ought to know I’m attracted to you.”

“B-but I’m an unmarried mother.”

“Yes and a very attractive one and with an active brain.”

Carey hurried off in confusion to check on Jasmine and returned straightening the neck of her dress, and pulling her hands away hastily when seeing Kelvin looking at her chest. She said, “Jasmine is moving so will awake within a few minutes. I’ll then have to feed here.”

“Then I should leave for a while.”

“No it will be fine or I can feed her in the bedroom if you wish.”

“No I’d like to watch. I use to watch my sister feed her two… there were only eleven months apart.”

“You talk fondly of your sister. I like that.”

“We grew up almost like brothers except…”

There was silence.

“So you had sex with your sister?”

“Yes when she was eighteen and was confused about some of the guys attempting to hit on her. Mom and dad wouldn’t talk to her about her feelings so she came to me and, well, one thing led to another. We did it three times over a month. A couple of years later when we were talking about it I attempted to apologize and she told me to stop being stupid, I’d been a hero.”

“Perhaps you were.”

“Why are you saying that and don’t appear shocked?”

“Ah, there’s Jasmine gooing. We can talk about this over breakfast.”

“Don’t you have one of those push-things babies ride in?”

“No all the things we had in Wellington were loaned to us by the children of my uncle’s friends.”

At the restaurant Carey had a tomato and mushroom omelet. Kelvin had all-day breakfast of bacon, two friend eggs, tomato, mushrooms, hash browns and two thick pieces of toast.

“Um about me having sex with my sister Claire. I decided to tell you to indicate just how liberal I am, and always have been about sex, to ease your mind that I have no hang-up about having sex with an unmarried mother if she wanted to have sex with me.”

“Are you meaning to pressure me like this?”



“Because in having become pregnant out of marriage you probably would have had a hard time from your parents and that could have turned you off having casual sex and the time has come for me to encourage you to come out of that defensive position.”

Carey sighed and said his theory was more accurate than he might think.

“I’ve been thinking about sex lately.”

“Join the club. I think about it most of the time. In your case though it’s probably your body telling you to grab some guy and go for it.”

The conversation changed abruptly.

“So why did you hit the wall with this new novel, writing shit as you labeled it?”

Kelvin thought about it. “Well I was shocked to find it happening and I knew enough to know what was happening but still don’t know why. It was unnerving. My mind appeared willing, my fingers were typing well but the result on-screen was to my mind only half as good as my usual standard of writing and the degree of substance and originality in expressed thought appeared to be falling rapidly. I tried several things to kick-start but they failed and I began doing the very thing I tried to avoid and that was to worry about it.”

“You’re right, that was a big no-no. So your family decided you should go on vacation?”

“Yes and Claire who’d arrived on her white charger to attempt to help pushed that idea and suggested New Zealand.”

“So you helped her out when she was in a hole and now she’s had the chance to reciprocate?”

“Yes, I managed to work that out for myself when I was spending four hours at the LA airport. My parents upgraded my ticket to business class and I now am very suspicious that Claire paid for that or at least made a major contribution.”

“Does it matter, apart from being grateful?” Carey asked, with Jasmine sucking a pacifier while in her mom’s lap.

“No. Does it matter that I worry about having writer’s block? The answer is no. I’m knowledgeable enough to know it should only be a temporary derailment. I think having a torrid affair might be the answer.”

“With you aunt?”


“With me?”

“Well I had that thought of an affair before meeting you, assuming I’d meet a woman when traveling around the country. But here we have a storyline for a novel, you needing to have an affair to regain your confidence, me just hungry for an affair to keep my mind turning over. And I arrive and almost on my doorstep find you waiting.”

The attractive young mother looked increasingly distressed. “You shouldn’t tempt me like this Kelvin. Okay, we’ll have our fling and then what? I’ll be back to where I started.”

“If you think like that then you’ll probably have your wish. Just think about it Carey; women who fall into an emotional heap at the end of an affair do so because what’s in their head has little to do with reality and even less to do with necessity. Do they ever jump straight into planning another affair? I don’t this so. They are consumed by thinking the end of the world is neigh. They’ll argue that’s how women are made but don’t they know anything about using skills they possess to cope with emotional over-flow? In most cases I think not.”

“Well obviously you ought to be an author thinking the way you do. I can’t see any sign of evidence that you have writer’s block judging but the speech you’ve just made. What is the name of this new book?”

Kelvin mumbled.

“I didn’t hear that?”

Kelvin mumbled.

Carey dug into her bag and produced a notebook and pen. “Please write it down.”

He winced and said, “The working title is The Life and Death of a Whore’.”

Carey stared at him and began giggling.


“The reason for your writer’s block is psychological… your mind is in revolt over you writing out of your league. You love women… it’s in your nature I feel. Have you ever called a woman a whore?”

“Of course not.”

“Well then, doesn’t that tell you something? You don’t believe in what you are attempting to write. You’ll know better than I do that a novelist must love what he/she is creating and readers need to love the novelist if he/she is to become a successful author.”

“Jesus, I hear what you say,” Kelvin said, watching Carey deftly replace the sucking device with a piece of crust before Jasmine had time to protest about the interference.

“Well you think about that and I’ll think about having sex with you.”

Kelvin looked around nervously but no other patrons were close enough to hear them.

“I’m intending to set off in a rental vehicle the day after tomorrow and tour Northland and return through Auckland and go down as far as Taranaki and then across to Palmerston North and then up the East Coast and return to Auckland, taking ten days. You and Jasmine are invited to accompany me.”

“I have booked my flight to LA.”

“Don’t you want to fuck me?”

Carey looked around nervously and told Kelvin to keep his voice down. “You are pressuring me.”

“Perhaps that’s what you need. I’ll pay the cost for you to rebook. Pull your phone out and rebook now… no, I have a better idea. I’ll convert my ticket back to economy class and the three of us can travel back together.”

“Now you’re really pressuring me.”

“Yes,” he said, standing. “Well let me know either way. Uncle Brian invited me to look around his company this morning and then he’s taking me to his club for lunch. I’m keen to have a look at his new PA that Aunt Jo said he’s humping.”

“Oh that’s why she took her panties off for you.”

“You ought to be writing a novel.”

He kissed Carey goodbye and this time she placed her free hand around his neck. That told Kelvin something.

* * *

Kevin arrived back at the hotel to shower and change before meeting this aunt and uncle for dinner at a restaurant.

Carey was sitting outside her apartment reading a magazine. She looked up, smiled and said hi.

He grinned.


“Your mood appears positive.”

She blushed and Kelvin knew he was as good as in.

Carey blushed and picked at the hemline of her skirt over her knees. “After much thought… no there’s no need to say that because you’ll know I’ve done that. God I’m nervous. Jasmine and I will come with you on one condition but you might not like the condition.”

“That you want me to deposit money in your credit card account as a surety in case we break up during our tour of the north and central North Island because you have a responsibility to care for Jasmine and not be abandoned in some god forgotten hole without sufficient money to get back to Auckland.”

Carey’s mouth fell open.

“Don’t be surprised. I bet your mother began telling you from the time you were a very young girl that men are not responsible and when they think they never think sensitively.”

“Actually she did, many times, and usually when she was bitching about dad.”

“Yeah well guys know it’s a conspiracy to put their daughters off men until they reach maturity but fortunately for guys rushes of hormones send teens into a huge desire to run into the arms of men.”

Carey said, “Excuse me for asking but what is the arrangement regarding my bolt-hole money should I need it?”

“Do you have a bank account here?”


“Well here’s five hundred in New Zealand dollars. Bank it tomorrow and we’ll leave early the next day. I’ve hired a camper van because I think Jasmine will settle quicker to travel that way than hotel and motel hopping.”

“God you think more sensitively than I do.”

Kelvin heard a car arrive below and looked down and smiled.

He told Carey he was off to shower and shave.

Carey watched two young women in jeans and tops and sneakers and immediately thought university students. One was pushing a baby buggy and the other carried a baby’s portable cot while an older woman behind them carried two carry bags.

“Hi Carey,” said the female in front. “I’m Ruby, this is my sister Mia and this is mom, Jo Grant. She’s Kelvin’s aunt and we are his New Zealand cousins. His mom and our mom are sisters.”

“Yes of course Ruby, I recognize your mother by sight. Hi Mia and hi Mrs Grant.”

“Oh call me Jo please. May we see Jasmine, Kelvin has been raving to us about her.”

“Well it’s about time she awoke. A-are these things for me and Jasmine?”

“Yes on loan from our neighbors while you are circulating the North Island in a camper van. An infant three months old ought not to be on a bed with pillows to stop her falling off.”

“But she’s in a sleeping bag.”

“Oh that’s a relief. Good girl. Do you know how to express milk?”

“Yes but why?”

“You are coming to dinner with Kelvin, Brian my husband and me in the hotel here. The two girls who are experienced baby-sitters have brought pizza to heat and DVDs and will look after Jasmine and one feed of expressed milk could mean Ruby getting Jasmine off to sleep at the time you specify.”

“B-but Jasmine hasn’t ever been bottle-fed.”

“I’ll have the milk at the right temperature and providing Jasmine accepts a foreign teat it will be right as rain Miss Wills. If not I’ll come and get you and that’s why mom booked in the restaurant here. Kelvin said you’d had it tough but you have battled on regardless.”

“Girls please call me Carey. Yes, my uncle who was sheltering me and was my mentor died and that certainly was a big shock. My mother hadn’t wanted me to keep the baby so I got out of Wellington before they arrived for the funeral. I heard they were due to return home last night. Uncle Alec was mom’s step-brother.”

“Oh darling, you have had it tough,” Jo said, hugging Carey. “But at least you are fit and well. That’s necessary to endure hardship.”

Her daughters raced off to see Jasmine and Carey said, “This is lovely of you arranging to take me out like this. It’s been four months since I’ve been out for a formal meal.”

“Well darling, we’ll do it again when you return from your tour. Now please, don’t make a fuss about this. In fact say nothing to anyone. This is for you as a backstop for when you return home. I can easily afford it and if you are embarrassed just remember these words. This is something women will do for other women, anything within their means if that donation is going to a woman who really needs support. I’d like to think than in the years to come you’ll come across a woman who’s having a hard time and you’ll do something like this for her.”

“Yes, what you say makes sense. What is it?”

“Just a check darling and remember not to make a fuss.”

Carey looked at the check that was for five thousand American dollars. Her face crumpled and she fell into Jo’s arms.”

“But you don’t even know me… this is far too much,” she sobbed.

“Please don’t spoil my joy of being a Good Samaritan darling. Jo smiled and stroked Jo’s hair. You and Kelvin are becoming friends and you’ll be sleeping together from tomorrow night and from what he told me this afternoon he’s hopeful you two will get something going between you. He called you a gutsy girl with qualities that appeal to him so much. Please don’t tell him I told you that. You see I think that boy er man needs to settle down. He’s had more than a good fling with the ladies and I honestly think coming into contact with Jasmine has triggered something within him.”

“I think I know what you mean Jo. He’s spoken of his sister to me in terms as if we are destined to meet.”

“Well that sounds promising. I had extreme problems relating to self-belief and self-discipline when I was sixteen for two years and Kelvin’s mother, my sister, was a huge help to me because all our mother did was to scream at me. Then it was history repeating itself because Kelvin’s sister Claire had similar growing problems and alas their mom failed to respond despite having taken me through that stage and it was Kelvin who stepped into the breach and supported and counseled Claire and the legacy of that is today those two appear to act a little like twin brothers. There is just so much empathy between then and you’ll love Claire. If you think Kelvin is lovely just you wait till you meet Claire.”

Carey sniffed and dabbed her eyes. “Thank you for talking to me like this and above all thank you for your extreme generosity. It may interest you to know if all goes well between Kelvin and me I intend to help him with his writing on the premises that two heads are better than one. I majored in creative writing and was a journalist, production editor and then deputy editor on fairly successful health and beauty magazine in New York and that skidded to a halt when I began to show as being pregnant and then mom ask me to leave home because we had a row over my decision to keep the baby.”

“Mom meet Baby Jasmine,” beamed the motherly looking Ruby with her charge in her arms wrapped in a baby blanket and looking very contented.

“Omigod what a gorgeous looking baby. Oh hi Jasmine, wasn’t mommy so clever having you.”

Carey wept, not because Jo had said that but because it wasn’t Carey’s mother saying that.

“Oh Carey, have we done something to upset you?” Ruby asked.

“No she’s just a little sad her mother is not with her at this time but Carey is happy, very happy inside, because things are happening that promise to turn her life round.”

“Like what?”

Jo looked at her watch. “Gosh look at the time. You must get ready Carey.”

“Oh yes. Um Jo would you care to do my hair when I’m dressed.”

“Yes darling, I’d really love to do you hair. How sweet of you to ask me.”


“I chose this wider camper with three seats in the front.”

“That was very considerate of you. It’s lovely having the basinet on the seat between us and if Jasmine becomes restless I can take her into the back and buckle into the facing seat and keep her amused strapped in her harness without disrupting you.”

Half an hour north of Auckland City, Carey said quietly, “When can we have sex?”

“You mean now, in the daylight?”

“Yes that sounds lovely but why the emphasis on daylight? Have you something you don’t wish me to see?”

“Um no of course not. It’s just I wasn’t thinking about me. I thought you might wish to wait until night that’s all.”

“So some of the women you’ve had are gun shy about daylight sex?”


“Well I’m not. If you are long enough you could do me in my seat now.”

“Carey that’s absurd. No guy could connect that distance of separation and Jasmine will see us; she’s awake.””

“She might like seeing you kissing me and sucking a breast.”

“Jasmine I can’t suck a breast?”

“Why not?”

“You are in milk?”

“Oh I see, you think there’s something wrong with my milk?”

“No it’s Jasmine’s milk.”

“Oh you darling. Thinking of Jasmine. How sweet. The truth is I can generate more than Jasmine will need and I’d welcome you suckling me. I will wash properly afterwards.”

“Thanks that’s generous but I-I am not sure I want to do that.”

“So you’re scared of mother’s milk?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Then why have you turned so white?”

“White?” Kelvin said, attempting to stare at himself in the rear-vision mirror but was told to watch the highway.

“Kelvin I’m sorry, I was just being a big tease. You don’t have to drink my milk.”

“Well now that I know it’s not a requirement I-I might like to try it.”

Carey giggled and said, “Just tell me when you have made up your mind and I’ll understand or if you decide to suckle I’ll cooperate.”

“Um can you reach to suck out your own milk? Some babes I’ve known can reach to suck their nipples.”

“Kelvin what a disgusting thing to ask a new mother.”

“Oh god, I’m sorry.”

“I’m not… it just tells me a little about what’s going on in that obscene mind of yours. Loosen up a bit Kelvin; you have become all too serious.”


“I bet you’re not.”

“Look Carey, pull out that map and look for a secondary road going off the highway that gets us to near water, either the sea or a river because we need on stop on flat land. We can then fuck and get you relaxed. Sexual tension is making you tease and bite back a bit and… well… you are not relaxed. You’re not scared of sex are you?”

“Well no… well yes… you oh Christ Kelvin I don’t know and yes I’m not relaxing. Am I scared of having sex?”

“I don’t know. We’ll go slowly and you may stop me whenever you wish and I promise to do my best not to get moody about missing out.”

“That will put me under pressure.”

Kelvin smiled. “You’ll probably fuck better under pressure, trying to please me.”


Carey studied the map and said, “We can turn off this motorway just up ahead at Silverdale, cross the Orewa River and there’s a camping ground in the seaside town. After sex we can go to a restaurant for late lunch.

“And stay the night?”

“Of course.”

* * *

It wasn’t sex as soon as they arrived. Carey played with Jasmine and then fed her and as the baby drifted off to sleep placed her in the bassinet.

“Sex?” asked Kelvin, who’d been hovering.

“Actually I feel like a beer. Do we have any?”

“No but we are on the edge of town. I’ll walk till I find a bottle shop. I’d enjoy a beer as well.”

He arrived back hot to find Carey had laid out the bed and now was on it, sound asleep.

Kelvin scowled, rubbed his balls and grinned, asking himself what was the rush? She’d been baulking all morning about sex.

He had a quiet beer and fell asleep beside Carey, hearing breaking waves only thirty yards from their rear window behind him. He intended thinking about sex as he drifted off but probably because of weariness over the tension about sex with Carey, although they both skirted the issue with humor, sleep came almost instantly.

Kelvin awoke, eyes still closed and yawning, and at first thought he’d wet himself. But then he felt tongue flicks against his stiffening cock.

His eyes shot open and all he could see was a shapely butt hovering over him and a lightly haired pussy that he failed to recognize and at that thought age must be catching up to begin choking his recall.

Then he remembered, hearing the crashing of surf. God he marveled, Carey was sucking his cock and her butt was in front of him to feast on it however he wished.

He pushed in a finger and his tongue followed it in. Carey bucked and squealed.

That awoke Jasmine who squealed and began crying.

Carey said sorry and jumped off the bed, pulling a hair from Kelvin from between her teeth.

And that was goodbye sex.

“Ohhhh.” Kelvin groaned.

“I said sorry,” came the rebuke, full of tension.

“It’s okay,” he called. “The frustration is the same for you. To think you just have a stiff cock in your mouth all ready to go… oh your poor darling. I’ll make tea and coffee. Um do you wish me to finger you while you feed Jasmine?”

“Unfortunately no because it would be inappropriate behavior in front of a dear wee baby who’s pure as driven snow.”

“Oh yeah.”

Twenty minutes later with Jasmine making baby noises to herself in the bassinet, with Carey and Kelvin still nude, Carey came to over to Kelvin who was sitting on the bed, his cock still at half-mast as he thought what might have been.

“I must say that was quick the loveliest fully erected cock I could ever remember seeing.”

“Eh?” said Kelvin as blood was pumped to fully revitalize the languishing erection.

“”May I?” Carey asked, and turned and sat on his lap and guided the sleek thin penis to slither into her juicy depths.

Kelvin wheezed and puffed, partly in shock and as Carey began bouncing up and down on him a huge grin practically cut Kelvin’s face in half as he reached round to mangle the tits.

He asked, “Can she see you?”

“Yes but won’t know what I’m doing because she can’t see you.”

“Are you safe for me to burst inside you?”

“Yes. But don’t blow it all away. Your cock is lovely and slender. I’d like to try it up my ass.”

Kelvin grinned as if all his birthdays had come at once.

They cleaned up and went to lunch sitting outside the café under an umbrella in the boulevard, looking out across a very blue choppy sea to some of the islands of the gulf.

“You have the steak,” Carey said optimistically because I’m expecting to get a real pounding tonight. In fact every time Jasmine wakes me I’ll wake you when I return to bed and we can go at it again. I feel like a mother when I’m with Jasmine but after being fucked today I feel like a woman when with you.

Kelvin toyed with the idea of ordering a double steak meal.

* * *

The day after arriving back in Auckland, Kevin, Carey and little Jasmine were boarding an aircraft for LA. Jo and family were there to give them a great send off and both Carey and Kevin reacted as if they were losing a family and Jo and the twins had wept copiously.

“God I almost felt like not flying out of here,” Kevin said. They are such lovely people.”

“Yes they certainly are. So it’s time to face it,” Carey said. What now?”

“Um let’s wait until Jazz is asleep and we have a drink in our hands.”

They sat back with their drinks.

“Well I have really thought this through Carey and would appreciate you not bawling me out until I’ve finished and you’ve carefully thought about what I’ve said.”

“Very well,” she said lightly.

“Well I suggest you stay two nights with your friends in LA and then we three meet at the airport and you fly home with me. I’d like mom and dad to meet you and if they can’t get over their shock then we’ll get a place somewhere for me to churn out pages.”

Carey looked quite shocked but sat quietly.

“During these last ten days of traveling you and I have proven to be very compatible.

Fucking you has released something inside me and I’m happily back writing and as you know I’m very happy with the results. We actually have completed 134 pages together, with you proofing and making suggestions and helping me to visualize scenes with role acting. This sex in this new novel, thanks to you, is a ripper, very steamy. Carey, I feel my publisher is going to love this work and the money I’ll get will bring us financial independence and we can settle because being on the road is not the way for Jazz to be brought up. You don’t mind me calling her Jazz do you?”

“You have asked me that seven times previously and I said no so why should I change now?”

“Oh right. Well that’s the plan and perhaps later we might make a deeper commitment but that idea requires big input from you. Comments please.”

“”Yeah well I’m practically nothing without you Kelvin. You have restored my confidence and you support me emotionally and have provided me with new interest in life. Jasmine is a big drag on us but you don’t seem to mind and that makes me happy. I like want you’ve said, I like it very much, and I can say I’m willing to give it a try but I must tell you if your parent’s don’t like me or don’t like Jasmine and being you being with me then I’m out of there. I suggest we take a morning flight to Chicago and you call your parents an hour before we leave to break the news and that will give them a few hours to get used to the idea of you being with Jasmine and me.”

“Great, you’ve made me so happy Carey. Um can we try mile high sex, um as research for my book?”

“Yes I’d like that but let’s wait until the small hours when every thing has gone quiet and most people are asleep including Jasmine. You’ll be able to play with her when she wakes up and is changed. Dinner will probably be served within the next hour. I’m having another juice… do you want another beer?”

“Yeah thanks. This is a great position up against the bulkhead with room for Jazz’s basinet to be placed in front of us and having that empty seat beside you. We have it made.”

“Well I hope so and I hope I can keep her happy when she’d awake. There’s nothing worse than flying with a howling baby.”

“Well count of me to do what I can to help. You know these experiences with you are broadening my mind and taking my thinking beyond that as a single person.”

“Oh darling you say such lovely things to me.”

* * *

Amelia and Ronald had been delighted to know their son was in LA but then were shocked to hear he had taken up with an American woman he’d met in New Zealand with a very young baby.

When they got off the phone Amelia said, “If he stays with her his life is ruined.”

“Or his life is made,” Ronald said carefully. “It depends what she’s like. I suggest we give the woman a chance until we can make up our minds one way or the other.”

“You are so damn unsympathetic to me,” Amelia said crossly. She stalked off, slammed the bedroom door and called her daughter.

Claire took the middle ground as Amelia knew she would but she said the right things to comfort her mom and then made out that the woman would be lovely because Kelvin was too smart to tie himself up with a difficult woman or someone who’d not be acceptable to his mother.

“I’ll come to the airport with you.”

“Oh darling you are so kind,” Amelia sniffed and hugged Claire.

Amelia was quiet all the way to the airport, listening to the other two chatter as if nothing untoward was happening. She worked at interpreting what Claire had said, that Kelvin was too smart to hook up with a difficult or gusting bitch and that Claire appeared certain about that.

There was no problem when they met at the airport because after calling a general greeting to Kelvin and Carey, Amelia and Claire went straight to the stroller being pushed by Kelvin and were instantly captivated at the beautiful baby that stared at them with huge blue eyes and had tiny bubbles on her lips.

Claire spun around and hugged Claire and welcomed her as he brother’s best friend and Claire still looking nervous said thanks but when Claire went one step farther and said, “You and Kelvin make a wonderful looking couple, the stressed Carey burst into tears and hugged Claire back desperately.

Claire then eased out of the hug and said, “Mom come an meet the clever mom of this darling baby and you too dad.”

The relief was obvious on Kelvin’s face even though he’d kept telling Carey not to worry because Claire would pounce hard to avoid any awkwardness in Carey coming face to face with their mom and dad.

After those polite greetings were exchanged Carey noticed Amelia looking back at the stroller and said, “Pick Jasmine up if you wish Mrs Grant.”

Amelia was over to the stroller being rocked by Claire had had Jasmine’s restraint released and lifted her up within seconds and Jasmine stared and won over the heart of a worried woman at that very second.

Carey was distressed when two nights later she spoke to her parents and passed on Amelia’s invitation for them to come to Chicago to see her and the baby. Her mom said they were going nowhere and Carey was welcome to return home provided she came without the baby. Carey spoke to her father pleading for his intervention but he said sorry but he had tried unsuccessfully to soften her mother’s stance on this but had failed and would comply with her wishes otherwise his life would be hell.

One again Carey attempted to encourage her mother to yield but got nowhere. Weeping she asked her mom to speak to Kelvin.

Her mother agreed but said it would only be briefly.

“Hi Mrs Wills.”

“You are responsible for all this you religious weirdo. If it hadn’t been for your pressure Carey would have handed in the baby for adoption and saved ruining her life. Goodbye you asshole. And don’t attempt to speak to me or Harry, ever.”

Assessing the situation from the moment the woman opened her mouth and began abusing him, Kelvin said nothing more and waited for the bitch to cut the call.

Hugging Carey who’d heard from the shouting what her mother was saying, Kelvin looked at Amelia and said, “Tell her mom.”

“Carey your home is with us now and this will remain your family home even when you three go off somewhere else to life.

Sniffing, Carey said, “Thank you Mrs Grant and you too Mr Grant. I accept your kind offer with deep gratitude. You probably have some idea what it means to me. I’m desperate to have some people around Jasmine that she will come to know they are people who love her.”

Kelvin found an apartment to rent near his university in a block occupied mostly by university teaching personnel, a mix of married and couples and single residents. He took an option on it and returned with Carey to look at it. She liked it and liked it even better when they were waiting for the elevator and two women pushing babies in strollers came out of the car. They stayed talking to Carey for several minutes and said they would welcome her if she came to live on that floor.

Returning to the management office Kelvin said, “Yes or no?”

“A big yes. Those women appeared very sociable and the younger baby looks about the same age as Jasmine. You can have the second bedroom for your office and resume writing your book.”

“Yeah there’s a small lounge on our floor and a big lounge at ground level with doors that open out into open space with tables under two big trees and we went by a park within a couple of hundred yards from there. It’s a perfect set up from me and within easy walking distance of the university when I start back there.”

They signed up.

Two months later Kelvin submitted the final chapters of his new novel completed on time despite Kelvin being responsible for Jasmine in afternoons because Carey had a job-share position at the university’s main library from 1:00 to 6:00.

Out celebrating completion of the manuscript, although more work including proofing and possibly some rewriting of sections would be requested, Kelvin decided to cut short his sabbatical and returning to his university job as soon as it was clear for him to return.

“I’m a good writer but I’m really not a novelist because I’m short on creativity and goodness knows what else,” he said to Carey.

Carey said perhaps he wrote without the necessary passion.

“Yes you’re probably correct.”

“But it’s been useful finding this out. I’ll now become more involved in publishing academic papers an then perhaps attempt a textbook. Anything I publish will count toward my academic advancement.”

“In that case why not also take on a long-term project?”

Looking at Carey closely, Kelvin said, “Such as?”

‘Baby’s First Six Years’, written in simple English for all young mothers who are without much support and should know or would like to know about baby in various stages of development, the effect of interaction, socializing and having his or her boundaries stretched. Year 1 would begin with conception.”

“Jesus, with the right approach that could become a best-seller. We have huge resources at the university on various aspects of human development. This book would pull that detail into the one resource designed to be very readable.”

Carey said she could begin a diary of things she noted about Jasmine’s development.

“Oh god, we have some world authorities on child development living in this city,” Kelvin cried. “Just listen to me, I have passion for this project!”

Carey giggled and said she’d help. They might find a young mother’s organization or a baby food manufacture who could fund her to work fulltime on research for the book, reading published work and getting permission is use extracts with acknowledgements, finding people who are exploring new theories… “Omigod, the possibilities are never ending. The most difficult thing will be to keep the book reasonable short and keeping it simple.”

* * *

‘Baby’s First Six Years’ was published twenty-six months after the idea was conceived and Carey was acknowledged as being co-author. The pre-publication reviews were generally very favorable and the heavily pregnant Mrs Carey Grant had attended the book launch at a childcare center in New York a week ago along with her husband and older baby.

They had married a year earlier. Carey sent separate wedding invitations to her parents. Her father arrived because he regarded it his duty to give away the bride and apologized for his wife’s non-attendance. After that Carey’s dad visited the children twice a year for many years until his death. Carey never saw her mother again and they were never in contact. She’d written a few times and sent Christmas cards but they were posted back as ‘address unknown, return to sender’.

As Carey often said to Kelvin, she’d lost her mother but had found a husband-lover who was pretty damn good most of the time. At the publisher’s insistence, she and Kelvin would soon begin the sequel, ‘Your Child from Grade 1 Thru Junior High’.


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