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Fred, Mary, & Others

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Becky arrived about eight thirty.

Fred had opened the gates ready for her. Prince wouldn’t run out without Fred at his side, even if there were temptations like another dog in sight. Prince would always wait for a word from his master.

Becky drove through the gates, turned around and parked neatly, ready for a smooth getaway! She switched off the engine and jumped out. Fred shut the gates.

She wore only a loose pale blue blouse and green shorts. Her tanned shoulders seemed to glow in Fred’s house floodlights, accentuating her dark nipples poking into the material of her blouse. Fred grabbed her breasts, stopping her in her tracks.

“Oh God Fred, I’ve been dying for you to do that to my tits ever since I left you the other day. Take my blouse off and do it harder!”

Fred lifted her blouse over her head, dislodging a couple of buttons in the process. Her big tits fell into his hands and he couldn’t resist pulling hard on her erect nipples. He still hadn’t said a word.

They kissed hard, open mouths dripping saliva. Becky pushed Fred’s shorts down and grabbed his growing shaft. In turn Fred pushed Becky’s shorts down to her ankles and pulled her by her ample buttocks to grind her pussy at his belly. Finally they broke apart and grinned at each other.

“Hi Becky,” grinned Fred. “What a fucking fuckable body you’ve got, to be sure!”

“Huh, that’s all you think I’m good for, isn’t it? A bloody good shagging! I don’t mind though; it makes a change from being ignored by that bloody Jack. I walk around naked in front of him and all he says is ‘Don’t catch a chill’. A chill! When I’m always in heat! For two pins I’d piss on him. That’d cool him down as it dries wouldn’t it?”

Fred kissed Becky again, still squeezing tits with one hand while pushing the fingers of the other deep down her bum crack. He found her joint holes and stroked them. Becky groaned.

“Fucking Hell Fred,” she gasped, “let’s get out of this light; the neighbour’s will soon be round to watch.”

Fred guided Becky up on to the naya and sat her down in the armchair, his knob bouncing in front of her. She grabbed him again.

“Wait a sec, Becky sweetheart,” he gasped. “I’ll get us a brandy then we can get down to serious business!”

When he returned he stopped dead to watch Becky. She was laid back in the chair with her legs opened wide over the arms. She had both hands into her crotch, one holding the lips of her vagina wide open with three fingers of the other buried deep inside of her. She was frigging hard.

Fred went over to her and stood watching her from above. He put their brandies down and started to wank himself. Then he had another idea.

Becky slowed down her efforts without removing her hands. She looked up as Fred put his hands on her thighs and leant in to her for a kiss. Then she offered her juicy fingers to him and he sucked them into his mouth one by one. His prick sagged a little. Becky looked at it and then into his eyes.

“Your prick looks like it wants to piss,” she smiled. “Is that what it wants to do?”

“Take a nice gentle hold of it,” grinned Fred.

Becky reached out and rested Fred’s prick on one of her palms. She then placed the palm of her other hand over it. Fred relaxed and sighed as his hot stream passed through her soft hands. Becky also sighed as she directed his stream all over her big breasts.

As he finished Fred knelt between Becky’s thighs and pulled her juicy pussy to his chest. He parted her lips again and rubbed her against him. He found her little pee hole.

“Now it’s your turn Becky. If you let fly all over me my cock will rise and I’ll fuck you with it!”

“Oh yes please, that’s what I’ve really come for. A great big load of spunk up my holes!”

Becky closed her eyes and relaxed. About ten seconds later her hot golden stream shot out of her pee hole as Fred watched fascinated. Once she had started she couldn’t stop and she shot a cascade all over his chest. Fred raised himself up and thrust his by now hard cock deep into her peeing crack.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” Becky screamed to the world, now oblivious of the neighbours. “I love it! I love your cock! Give me some spunk! Shoot your load up meeeeee!”

Fred felt reinvigorated, despite the action he had already had today. He thrust in and out of Becky, determined that she should have the orgasm she had come for. He didn’t have to wait long.

“Oooooo! I’m fucking coming already,” she hollered. “God. I’m making so much juice I feel like I’m still pissing! I’m gonna come nowwwww! Yessss! Yessss! Yessss!”

Fred pulled out of Becky as her orgasm subsided. He offered her his ramrod and without thinking she took him in hand and jerked him hard and fast. He pushed towards her mouth and she opened wide and swallowed him. So close was he to shooting off he convulsed as soon as he felt her lips and fired his spunk into her mouth. Becky swallowed and swallowed, not allowing any to escape.

Fred felt so good; better than he had felt for many months. This last two weeks had been fantastic with, he hoped, more to come. He let his shrinking prick fall from Becky’s lips and pulled her to her feet and kissed her soundly before guiding her to his bed down the hallway.

They took their brandies with them and Fred carried the bottle.

It was getting late and Fred had had a very tiring day. His cock wanted to sleep now. Fred and Becky sipped their drinks, occasionally topping up their glasses.

Fred poured little drops of brandy on to Becky’s big melons and drank from there. Her nipples rose to hard points again and she moaned softly as he sucked and bit them. Then he trickled a little of the spirit into her cunt and licked it out of her. Becky pressed his head to her pussy and he licked away happy.

Fred realised that Becky had fallen asleep when her hand fell off his head on to the sheet beside her. He settled down beside her and was soon asleep himself. Having Becky’s warm body beside him relaxed him into one of the deepest sleeps that he had had for many a long night.


Fred awoke first in the morning and feasted his eyes on Becky’s voluptuous body. She was sleeping on her back, her breasts prominent on her chest. Her legs were apart with her crack partially open, revealing a fair amount of juice inside. Fred’s cock was stiff and it flexed against Becky’s belly. She stirred and opened her eyes.

“Hello lover,” she smiled. “That’s a fine cock you have there. I’d better get up and away before the neighbourhood gossip gets going!”

“You’ve time for a coffee and a blow job,” said Fred as he offered his stiff shaft to Becky’s lips. She took him in hand and then into her mouth, sucking him down deep. Fred grasped her tits hard.

All too soon Becky’s ministrations had him on the verge. He groaned as she increased her sucking motion, forcing him to shoot his early morning spunk down her throat. Becky ejected his softening prick out of her mouth, the remains of Fred’s sperm dribbling from her lips.

“Ummm, nice!” she murmured, “but you said something about coffee?”

“Come up to the naya in five minutes. I’ll put the machine on and let Prince out for his constitutional!”

Ten minutes later they were relaxing naked on the naya, sipping their coffee. Becky refused a brandy on the grounds that it was too early and that she had to drive. She had an appointment with the private detective.

“I hope he’s got some really horny pictures of them together this time,” she said. “He said that he almost had them last time but he couldn’t get a room opposite on the floor above. This time I’ve paid for him to bribe the receptionist so that he can get the right room.

At nine o’clock she slipped on her blouse and shorts, jumped into her car and drove out of Fred’s gates. It would take her about three minutes to drive home and after four minutes Fred’s phone rang.

“I’ve just seen Becky arrive home,” said Mary. “Has she been with you?”

“Yes,” said Fred honestly. “Jack phoned to say that he wouldn’t be home last night so she phoned the private detective and then she phoned me.”

“Can I come around today?” asked Mary.

“Mary my darling, you don’t have to ask. You can come around whenever you like. I will get rid of any other visitors as soon as you get here.”

“Except Jessica?”

Fred was silent.

Mary paused and then gave a quiet chuckle.

“It’s all right Fred. She’s told me all about it. She has been crying on and off all night; she’s so happy. She said that she couldn’t have had a better and more considerate lover. So I want some now. Have you got any left?”

“For you Mary my darling, always.”

“Jess is going to the beach so she’ll drop me off. Then she’ll call by later so that I can have the car. She’ll walk home from your house. How does that sound?”

“Fantastic, absolutely fantastic!” said Fred. “Hurry up Mary darling! I can’t wait to see you again!”

Fred dashed around the house, cleaning and dusting and polishing. He grabbed the sheet off the bed and bunged it in the washing machine, replacing it with a clean one. He checked the kitchen and washed up.

Then he went out to the pool and tidied up around there, erecting the parasols and straightening the tables and loungers.

During all this he was thinking of Mary and her smooth brown body. His cock remained half erect all the time, bouncing up and down and slapping his belly as he rushed around trying to complete his tasks. By the time he was finished his whole naked body was bathed in sweat. He dived into the pool to cool off.

He did four lengths quickly under water, cooling down his whole body. He surfaced at last, feeling much better.

“Wow, we thought you were never coming up!” came Mary’s smooth voice.

Fred looked up. His lovely Mary and his gorgeous Jessica were looking over the pool balustrade at him. Mary was in skimpy shorts and a bikini top. Jessica was pretty much naked, already dressed for the beach in a tiny blue bikini, her nipples prominent at the front of her halter-top and her pussy crack showing in her crotch.

“Go on Fred, let’s see it,” called Jessica, leaning over the pool balustrade to get a better view. Fred thought that her tits were going to fall out. He pushed off from the side doing backstroke, his cock showing like a fin above the water line.

Jessica laughed and waved as she turned away. Mary, laughing also, opened the gate in the balustrade and stepped on to the pool apron. Prince followed her and sat down. He didn’t sit too close since he had fallen in one day!

“I’m coming in,” announced Mary. “Wait for me!”

She dropped her shorts and unclipped her top, revealing her round tanned breasts and her light brown naked pussy lips. She bounced on to Fred’s tiny diving board and dived neatly into the pool. She surfaced alongside Fred at the deep end and kissed him fondly as she groped for his cock.

“God, that’s lovely,” she gasped as she broke the kiss. “The kiss and your cock, I mean. I’ve been missing it, you know?”

“Your touch is so fantastic,” gasped Fred. “I think I’m growing!”

“You sure are,” said Mary as she began to frig Fred under the surface. His cock erected under her sure touch. “Put me in position and I’ll mount your cock right now!”

Fred held Mary to his chest and she threaded her legs around his back. This caused her to begin to float to the surface and Fred’s cock found it’s way between her legs. He pressed down on her shoulders and her body nestled into him until his prick slid slowly into her hot cunt. The heat from Mary’s pussy caused Fred to stiffen more.

“God! That’s fantastic!” sighed Mary. “Your cock feels ever so big. You’ve filled my pussy right to the top. Keep still and I’ll bounce up and down on your shaft. Can you come like this?”

“I think so,” grinned Fred as he kissed her, groping at her beautiful tits as he did so. Her nipples were hard from the cool water and also because of her arousal.

“This is lovely,” murmured Mary as she slid up and down Fred’s shaft. “I’m looking forward to feeling your hot spunk shooting into me. Are you going to be long?”

“As long as you want, my darling,” said Fred as he kissed her again. “This is so relaxing but I have this tremendous urge to fill your pussy with spunk. I think that I’m going to be self indulgent and give way to a big come very soon. Can you feel my cock growing inside your cunt?”

“Ohhhhh yesssss I really can,” sighed Mary as she pumped up and down. You feel so stiff that you’re making me come all over your gorgeous cock. I won’t be long now darling so you can shoot your load whenever you like!”

The lovers were so in tune, both with their emotions and their physical movements, that they orgasmed together. Mary moaned long and hard as her vagina pulsed and throbbed around Fred’s tool and then she screamed out loud as his hot streams of spunk began to fire out of his cock. They held each other tightly as their emotions lessened and then they kissed.

“Your lovely cock’s shrinking now,” said Mary eventually. “Let’s get out and get dry and have coffee and a brandy while he recovers!”

They rested happily on the naya after Fred had made the coffee, chatting together about local events and the people they knew. Mary knew how to keep her man interested.

“Graham will be home earlier today,” she began, “because he is leaving early in the morning to play in a tournament near Valencia. “He won’t be back until Sunday evening. Jessica is picking Geraldine up at the airport tomorrow morning so I’ll be free all day.”

“No you won’t,” said Fred, looking her in the eye. “You’ll be spending the day and night with me, won’t you?”

Mary hopped over to Fred, plonked herself down on his knee and kissed him soundly. She stayed there for some time, nuzzling into his body and idly playing with his cock. Fred for his part spent a long time playing with and kissing her tits. They became very slick with saliva and he gently bit her nipples.

At last Mary raised herself and surveyed her work on his cock. It looked very red and swollen but ready for action. Mary returned to her armchair but mounted it on her knees, sticking her bum out prominently towards Fred.

“There you are darling!” she said seriously. “Both of my holes on view; yours for the taking!”

Fred got to his feet and quickly crossed to the inviting targets. First of all he stroked his hands all over Mary’s bottom and she audibly purred. Then he gently opened up her bum crack with his hands and gazed upon his twin prizes; both her vagina and anus seemed to pulse as he looked. He caressed them with the fingers of his right hand and then with his left. He touched her pussy hole with the tip of his cock and Mary moaned.

“What are you going to do to me?” she hissed.

Fred smacked her arse smartly and she squealed.

“I’m going to fuck both your holes,” he growled. “I’m going to get you so juicy you’ll have a job to know which of your holes I’m in. I’ll smack your arse ’til it’s sore and you’ll beg me to shoot my load!”

“Do it!” Mary hissed again.

Fred pressed forwards against Mary’s soft folds of flesh and watched as his long stiff red tool disappeared into her cunt. He smacked her, hard! Mary squealed and shouted.

“That’s it Fred darling! Give it to me good and hard! I love your cock! Owwww, smack me some more! Go on, fuck me hard!”

Fred obliged with relish and pumped his cock hard in and out of his Mary’s hole. He stopped smacking her and opened up her arse cheeks with his thumbs. He spread her juices into her hole and pulled his cock smoothly from her cunt. He immediately pressed home into her arsehole and had the satisfaction of watching his shaft disappear into there too. Mary shuddered.

“Owww! My God, your cock feels thicker than ever darling. I’ve got to come nowwww; I can’t hold it. I’m going to come out of my pussy right nowwwww!”

Fred transferred his hands around Mary’s thighs as she expelled her cum juices out of her pussy. His hands filled and he spread it over her body. Mary moaned in ecstasy as he worked her cum into her body. Then she stilled.

“You haven’t come, have you, you bastard? Are you going to fuck me again?”

“I thought I might just save a few shots for later,” smiled Fred without removing his prick from her arsehole. “All this practice is improving my performance I think. Don’t you think so too?”

“I don’t know about that,” laughed Mary. “Your big stiff cock still feels lovely in my bum. Don’t take it out just yet.”


Just then the doorbell rang.

“That’ll be Jessica,” said Mary as Fred swiftly slid his stiffy out of her arse.

But it wasn’t. It was Maria Elena!

Mary had peeped around the pillar and spotted Maria at the gate with Prince bouncing up and down in excitement. Mary smiled to herself and went to the top step of the Naya, waving to Maria as she opened the gate and came inside.

“Aren’t you going to put your cock away?” she asked quietly as she looked back at Fred.

“I don’t think I will,” he replied. “She had a play with it last Tuesday.”

Mary laughed as Maria Elena arrived at the Naya and climbed the three steps. Her dark eyes flashed as she saw that Fred was naked before her with a drip of Mary’s juice hanging from his tip.

“Oh I am sorry,” she exclaimed. “I did not realise that you were making love. I am so sorry to have interrupted you.”

“That’s all right Maria Elena,” giggled Mary. “Fred had just made me come for the second time today, that’s why his prick is dripping my cum. He has just fucked my pussy and my bum at the same time. I’ll fetch you a coffee.”

Mary reached out and wiped the end of Fred’s cock with her hand as she entered the villa. Fred smiled a little sheepishly at Maria. She giggled.

“I see that you are keeping in practice, Senor Fred. I wanted to come and see you today before I decide if I am going to see Jose again. I think that I have a big decision to make about making love with him. Oh, thank you Mary, that smells delicious!”

“Not as delicious as my pussy and bumhole!” grinned Mary. “They are both full of Fred’s spunk. Well, not my bum; he held off from coming in there. We did it in the pool first of all Maria.”

“What! Under water?” exclaimed Maria. She put down her cup and dropped her minimal clothing to the floor. “That sounds really exciting! Er, did Fred make you come Mary?”

Maria sat down in an armchair with her thighs apart, her charms open for them both to see.

“I got my pussy filled with sperm in the pool and my bum with his prick just before you arrived Maria. Fred’s a really good lover.”

The friends relaxed in the sun, chatting happily. Mary and Maria Elena from time to time stroked their fingers over their bodies, paying particular attention to their breasts, nipples and pussy cracks. After a while Mary stood and went over to Maria Elena. She leant over her and kissed her gently on the lips. Maria allowed her lips to part slightly.

“You are so beautiful Maria Elena,” sighed Mary softly. “May I touch you?”

Mary’s right hand slowly travelled from Maria’s breasts, over her firm stomach and on down into the crack between her thighs. Maria moaned quietly and pulled Mary’s head to her lips, opening her mouth wider to allow their tongues to play together. As Mary’s hand arrived on to her mons she parted her thighs widely and Mary began to explore inside her hot wet crack with two fingers. Fred’s cock rose.

The kiss ended eventually and Mary withdrew the two fingers from Maria’s passage. She went over to Fred and kissed him, inserting the two fingers between their lips.

“There you are my darling,” she said as she withdrew and started to dress. “I’m going now but I’ll see you about lunchtime tomorrow. Just don’t overwork your lovely cock, will you? ‘Bye Maria, don’t wear my man out will you?”

Mary smiled as she left. Just as she reached the gate her car drew up and there was Jessica collecting her as promised. Fred’s cock gave another little twitch. He was quite hard again now!

“Well, young Maria Elena,” said Fred. “What was this advice you wanted? I don’t know much about young girls and their feelings, you know. I will, of course, help you if I can.”

“Thank you Fred. I think that first of all I will tell you what passed between Jose and I the other day when you gave me a ride into the town. You remember that I was going to his house?”

Fred nodded, gazing at her beautiful little body.

“Well, everything went very well. He kissed me a lot when I arrived and then he offered me lunch. I helped him prepare a salad with tuna and he opened a bottle of wine. We had a nice lunch and enjoyed talking and laughing together. He opened another bottle of wine and I became a little, you know, drunk.”

“After a while he began to tell me that I am very beautiful and how he loved to hold me in his arms. I was, by now, feeling very relaxed and allowed him to hold me and kiss me. His wife died of cancer two years ago now and he is missing her very much. I am not sure that his feelings for me are genuine or if he just wants a woman to hold.”

“Do you feel that he really loves you or is he just wanting sex?” asked Fred. “If it’s sex then he needs a more experienced woman.”

“I think that is the problem Fred. You see, if he is passionate for me then he does not show it very well. Let me tell you what happened.”

“As I said, we were kissing a lot. Then he started stroking my breasts. I like that as you know and I showed it but he didn’t try to take my top off. In the end I had to do it for him. I had to do everything myself.”

“I took his, er, cock out of his trousers. That was a disappointment. It was stiff but it was not very big, sort of short and fat. Not like yours Fred my friend. Yours is so thick and long, especially for a man of your age. Oh, I must touch it as I finish telling you about me and Jose.”

Maria moved over to Fred’s armchair and knelt between his open thighs. She captured his cock in both of her little hands. Fred moaned and held her head. Maria looked up at Fred.

“That’s what I mean, Fred darling. You FEEL! You love making love and I love to be near you. You love making love to Mary and Jessica and Mrs Thompson. I think I want you to make love to me also!”

“Maria! You are much too young for me. You need a considerate man much nearer your own age.”

Maria stopped frigging Fred and looked up into his face. She smiled.

“You are right Fred my friend. I do need such a man but I have not met him yet. So you and I will make love until I do! I have decided. I am the same age as Jessica. For now I will finish telling you about Jose and me and then I am going to suck this lovely cock as I promised the other day.”

Fred grew stiffer again and moaned as Maria handled him carefully.

“So, as I said, I took out Jose’s penis and began to stroke it. In about five seconds he shouted and made spunk all over my breasts. There was a lot of it and it made a mess. I did not mind so much but I didn’t want it to mess my shorts so I carefully stood up and slipped of my shorts and panties. So now I was naked before him and his penis began to grow again. It was still quite short.”

“Jose kept on apologising for coming too soon. He hadn’t been near a woman for a long time, he said. I said that it was OK and that it was too soon to be making love together anyway. I knelt down to take his cock into my mouth and he pushed me away; he said that it was a dirty thing that I was trying to do!”

“So I went and wiped his sperms from off my chest; then I got dressed and left. I will wait until I meet a handsome young man with a big penis and then I will marry him. In the meantime I will come and see my friend Fred; I will play with his penis and put it inside me and we will love each other often. Does that sound like a good idea Fred?”

“Fucking Hell, sorry Maria, that is the sexiest thing that I’ve ever heard!”

“Good,” said Maria. “That is decided then. Now I am going to suck your cock until it shoots sperms into my mouth!”

That is what she did. Fred could tell that she had some experience; she knew how to make a man come! He was soon shooting his load into her mouth. Maria took the lot then opened her mouth to show it full of his spunk. She dribbled a little down over her chin and it dripped on to her breasts. Then she deliberately swallowed the rest.

“Very nice,” she said. “I will look forward to you taking my virginity and shooting your seed into me.”

“Fucking Hell,” gasped Fred. “Come on Maria, let’s go and shower together!”

They both enjoyed their joint shower. Fred loved the touch of Maria Elena’s soft young body with her prominent pert breasts and also of her hot little vaginal area. Maria played with Fred’s cock and balls as she soaped all around his genitals and into his arse crack.

“Fred,” murmured Maria as Fred softly agitated her clitoris again.

“Yes Maria,” answered Fred.

“Please feel inside of me and make sure that I am still a virgin. See also if you can make me come like you did the other day!”

Fred gently eased Maria’s labia lips apart and slid his middle finger into her hole. She gripped his arms tightly with her eyes firmly shut. He added his index finger to the other and pushed in a little deeper. Soon his fingers encountered a soft flexible barrier.

“There you are, little one,” he whispered in her ear. “Your hymen is intact. You are still a pure virgin.”

Maria Elena opened her eyes and smiled at him. “Until the next time we meet,” she promised. “Now see if you can make me come!”

Fred knelt down in the shower pan and pulled Maria’s little hairy cunt to his lips. He felt for her crack with his tongue and inserted it; he ran the tip all the way from her perineum to her clitty. Maria gasped and pulled his head to her. Fred opened his mouth wide and engulfed her whole vaginal area, sucking her clitoris between his lips.

“Oh, oh ohhhh Fred,” groaned Maria. “That is wonderful. Please don’t stop. I’m going to come in a minute. I can’t help it!”

Fred kept on working away, especially on to her clit. Maria’s little man reacted to the stimulus by extending itself to a length of about two inches, making it easy for Fred to really stimulate it. Maria began to make her coming noises.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh,” Maria screamed as she came. “Ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh, I love it. I am commminnng!”

Fred felt hot liquid stream from her pussy as she reached her climax. He drank her love juice as she continued to expel it as she wound down from her orgasm. He stood and embraced her and Maria hugged him and once again took hold of his cock.

A few minutes later Fred stood naked on the top step of his naya, waving goodbye to Maria at the gate. His cock stood at half-mast, waving too, bobbing slowly up and down. He glanced at the clock as he turned to go inside to make himself some lunch. It was still only two o’clock!


As he buttered his bocadillo in the kitchen his phone rang. It was Hilary van Nieldenstrom.

“Are you free?” she chuckled.

“Always for you, you horny woman you!”

“That’s what I’m calling about. I’ve got a last minute appointment now about ten minutes from you. I could be with you at four thirty. How about it?”

“Have you got your bikini with you?” Fred replied.

“I was under the impression I didn’t need one. See you at four thirty!” Hilary laughed and hung up.

Fred hadn’t bothered to dress as he made his lunch. He carried the food out on to the naya and set it down. Prince eyed it speculatively but obeyed Fred’s command not to touch. Fred went to the ‘beer fridge’ and extracted a can of San Miguel to drink with his lunch.

He soon finished eating and washed down the food with the remains of his beer. The sun was beating down and he noted that it was a hot day for mid October. Then he noted nothing more as he drifted off into a nice afternoon nap. His last thought was that he needed his rest after all the coming and fucking he was doing just lately!

Fred had a lovely relaxing dream as he slept. The sun moved around and bathed him with its heat. He dreamt about Mary. She was sitting on the balustrade of the pool, her legs wide apart as she took a pee, the pale yellow stream glinting in the sunlight.

He also dreamt about Maria Elena. She was standing naked before him, asking him to check to see if she was still a virgin. Towards the end of the dream Hilary climbed the steps of the naya. He tried to remember what her body looked like naked but all he could think was that it was too long ago since he had seen her body to remember. It was so frustrating that he awoke with a start.

Hilary stood in front of him. It was her magnificent body shielding him from the sun’s rays that had disturbed him.

“Hi there, you old cocksman,” she greeted him with a grin. “Are you ready for a little action?”

Fred woke instantly and jumped to his feet. He felt a movement down below and glanced down to see his erect cock bobbing up and down. He wanted to take a hold of it to steady it but didn’t want to draw too much attention to his state. Hilary solved his problem by taking him in hand.

“Hello Hilary,” Fred gulped. “I, I guess I must have fallen asleep. It’s great to see you again!”

“You must have been having a horny dream,” said Hilary quietly as she looked down at what she had in her hand, beginning a gentle squeeze. “This beauty is hard!”

Fred groaned and closed his eyes in pleasure. Then he opened them again to look at his visitor.

Hilary was dressed for business in a hot climate. She wore a light cream linen jacket unbuttoned over a pale blue top that had a deep cleavage to a point halfway down her ample chest. Her shorts were also cream with plenty of pockets. Her long brown legs accentuated her white high-heeled sandals; these enabled her to look Fred straight in the eyes.

“Get me a nice long cool drink, there’s a darling,” she said as she stroked Fred’s prick again before releasing him so that he could do her bidding.

Fred turned and went to the kitchen. He prepared a long ice-cold orange juice drink for them both. He put the drinks on a tray and returned outside. He nearly dropped the tray in surprise.

Hilary was sprawled naked in one of the armchairs, one elegant thigh draped over an arm to open up her almost naked cunt. Two fingers of her left hand were idly stroking her crack, making it glisten with her juice. She smiled up at Fred.

“You know and I know that I came here for a fuck,” she said. “I thought I would get ready for you as your cock is obviously ready for me. I’m feeling really randy now Fred; my pussy is beginning to tingle already!”

“Let me see,” grunted Fred as he knelt between Hilary’s parted legs, stroking both of his hands up and down the firm flesh of her thighs. She moaned quietly and opened wider as she felt his warm breath on her mons. Fred now parted her lips with his fingers and inserted his tongue into her cunt. He slowly licked from her perineum to her clitoris and sucked the latter into his mouth.

Hilary pulled his head tightly to her cunt as he worked, gasping and moaning all the time. Then Fred carefully slipped two fingers into her cunt while beginning to stroke her tight little arsehole with the fingers of his other hand. Hilary began humping her crotch hard at Fred’s mouth as she felt the onset of a big orgasm.

“Owwwwwwwww,” she howled as her feelings overcame her. She lifted her hips and pushed hard one last time at Fred’s mouth. “Owwwwww, fucking Hell,” she moaned as she anointed Fred’s mouth, face and neck with her cum juice. She made a lot and there was no way that Fred could catch it all at once.

Fred sucked and licked with a will until Hilary took his head in both of her hands, lifted it and kissed him hard and long. Then she licked all over his face and neck to remove her cum juice from him.

“God Fred, that was fantastic. You really are a horny old bugger, aren’t you? I’ll have to have a little rest before you stick your cock in me. Stand up and I’ll give you a little suck!”

Fred stood and Hilary fed his shaft between her lips. She sucked him deep into her mouth and Fred moaned with pleasure. She frigged his shaft and drew his whole length into her mouth until his cock tip was touching the back of her throat. She paused as her nose pressed into his pubic hair and then she deliberately allowed his knob end into her throat. There was nothing left outside her mouth for her to frig any more!

Fred was feeling very fragile and was bursting to come!

“Christ Hilary, that’s fan fuckingtastic!” he gasped. “I’m gonna fill your throat with cum if you don’t let go!”

Hilary slowly released her pressure on Fred’s cock and allowed it to slide out of her mouth. They both looked at his red, angry looking thick red shaft. It was visibly throbbing. Fred was convinced that his tool had never ever been bigger.

“Now Fred,” panted Hilary, “fuckin’ now! Shag the arse off me. Quick!”

Fred lifted Hilary to her feet and with one swift movement put her into his favourite place, sitting on the table. Moving continuously he spread and then lifted her thighs so that he could ram home his thick hot poker.

“How’s that for an old cock then?” he whispered hoarsely. “What shall I do with it now?”

Hilary was with him all the way with her cunt muscles now closed tightly around his shaft.

“Do with it?” she grunted. “Why fuck me with it of course! Fuck me hard and fast and then shoot your load of hot thick cream up my fanny. Go on Fred darling, fuck me now!”

Fred set to with a will, first withdrawing right to the entrance of Hilary’s vagina and then ramming his cock all the way back in there. Hilary squealed and threw her arms around his neck, squashing her lovely breasts against his chest. Fred withdrew again and fucked back into her, increasing his speed with each thrust.

Hilary made lots of juice and Fred rammed in and out of her cunt at an ever-increasing speed. Each of his hands grasped a handful of arse cheek as he pushed, lifted and generally fucked this woman. She dribbled ample juice on to the marble surface of the table.

Soon Hilary began to feel her climax approaching. Her whole vaginal area felt as if it were melting; almost as if she was pissing red hot fluid! She couldn’t tell what was gushing from her holes, only that she wanted to push more and more of it out of her body so that she would have room for Fred’s gusher when it came.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she panted as Fred thrust rhythmically into her. “Oh fuck, oh lovely fuck, oh fuckin’ lovely. Fill me Fred! Shoot your hot cream into me. I’m ready!”

Fred rammed home up her cunt one last time and stopped, lifting her arse into the air. His balls pulsed and despatched his first shot. Hilary squealed.

“Christ Almighty,” she shouted. “That’s hot, I can feel it all. Give me some more!”

Fred obliged. Although he had come for Mary and Maria earlier he seemed to have plenty left and his seed gushed out of him in great thick spurts. He slid his fingers into Hilary’s arse crack and rubbed her other hole before pushing two middle fingers into her up to the second knuckle. He fired his last shot into her cunt and stopped, buried deep up her cunt.

Hilary had taken a deep breath as he had penetrated her arse. Now she relaxed around his fingers and pushed hard up against his prick as it began to shrink. She gave him lots of nibbling little kisses all over his face and neck, rubbing and rolling her breasts all over his hairy chest.

“That was lovely Fred darling,” she said eventually. “It still is! Your cock is still all warm inside me and your fingers up my arse are making me want to come again. I’ll have to come back one day for the arse fuck!”

“Let’s go have a nice joint shower,” suggested Fred. “If you keep a good firm grip on me I’ll carry you all the way!”

It was a little slow but they managed it. Hilary turned on the taps as she said she didn’t want Fred to take his fingers out of her bum hole!

Fred firmly stroked her arse cheeks with his spare hand as he began to frig Hilary’s arsehole with the fingers already embedded there. She began to get worked up again and encouraged him to work harder.

“Yessss! Oh fucking yessss Fred. I’m gonna come again soon. Smack me hard and rub my clitty! I want to come hard!”

Fred felt that he was a hand short so he quickly knelt and applied his lips to Hillary’s clit. She had a quite a hard rounded knob of flesh when she was aroused as she was now. Fred sucked it into his mouth and agitated it with his tongue. He pushed his fingers deep up her arse and smacked her hard. Hilary squealed in both pain and pleasure as she came all over Fred’s mouth, her cum juice flowing freely from her cunt. It cascaded into his sucking mouth with the excess dribbling down his neck and over his chest where the hot shower water rinsed it away. Hilary collapsed on to the shower floor.

“Oh my God Fred,” she gasped. “You’ve really done me now, you bastard! I loved it though, all of it! Can I come back again? Soon?”

“Of course. Just call like you did today. Maybe we can have a threesome like you originally suggested. I think I’ve got just the candidate for that.”

Fred was thinking of Becky. He slid down so that both he and Hilary were sitting on the shower floor. His cock was long and fat. Hilary reached out and palmed it again.

“A threesome sounds good,” she smiled. “It’s years since I did that. You really do have a great cock for an oldie. Wow, it’s getting hotter! What are you doing?”

What Fred was doing was a piss! Hilary gasped and then giggled, not letting go of his cock for an instant as he sprayed her!

“Wow, that’s hot,” she smiled. “Touch me now Fred.”

Fred inserted his hand, palm uppermost, between Hilary’s legs and she began to squirt her golden shower over his hand. It ricocheted all over his cock and balls, causing him to pee a little more.

Soon Fred was waving goodbye to his third visitor of the day, the second one from his top step. His cock, although fat, was definitely drooping now!

It was seven o’clock in the evening. He fed Prince and then himself and settled down to watch a little television. He had very little interest in the programme, his mind drifting back to the events of the day. This caused his cock to lengthen and fatten up again and he took himself in hand. He mustn’t toss off, he really mustn’t. No more spunk must be ejected until his Mary came to him tomorrow. Funny how he thought of her as ‘his Mary’ when she was married to someone else.

The phone rang. It was Jessica!


“Hi Fred darling,” she trilled. “I’m just off to the bar to meet the gang. Mum said that Maria called to see you as she was leaving you today. Did you fuck her? I bet she gave you a hard on! Will you fuck me in the pool like you did Mummy? It sounded great.”

Fred laughed. “My darling Jessica, I’ll do what you ask if I’m physically able. As to Maria, you’ll have to ask her about me; I’m saying nothing! Anyway, won’t you have your hands full with Geraldine for the next few days?”

Jessica giggled. “Gerry doesn’t go in much for sunbathing. She’ll want to find out what the local talent is like now that she’s on the pill too. She’ll want to meet you too when I tell her about you and me. You don’t mind, do you Fred?”

“Just so long as you don’t tell anyone who knows my wife,” answered Fred. “I don’t want to queer my divorce proceedings.”

“Goodnight then, Fred darling,” said Jessica. “Have a great time with Mum tomorrow and Sunday morning. I’m jealous.” Jessica rang off

Fred went to bed fairly early as he could hardly keep his eyes open. He felt so good after his day’s exertions that he fell asleep almost instantly.

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