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Four Friends Find Fun

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Mark lay on his back, naked on the bed. The hotel room was quiet, dimly lit. My wife Jan, was naked as well as she sat next to Mark. She looked into my eyes and smiled and then turned to Mark and straddled him. She reached around behind her and guided his hard cock to her pussy. I was hard as a rock.

Jan settled back a little and took only the tip at first. As Mark entered her more fully, Jan’s eye’s flashed open and she drew a deep breath.

He was big. Then she relaxed, exhaled and looked at him. “Jeez, you know how to fill a girl,” she said with a smile, before settling, little by little and taking his cock fully inside her.

Mark’s wife Mary, sat next to me on the hotel room couch. Like Jan and Mark, we were naked. My arm was around Mary and she was playing with my erect cock. “Want to watch, or play?” she teased. We kissed and Mary slid her tongue into my mouth as she ran her palm over the pre-cum of my penis-head. “What do you want?” I challenged. “You watch and I’ll suck on you awhile. Enjoy yourself.” Mary slid down, made herself comfortable and took my erect cock in her mouth. With her sucking me and my wife enjoying her friendly fuck, I was in heaven.

We ended up that way in the hotel room not by chance. Mary and my wife, Jan, had planned a weekend getaway for the four of us to the city. Being from a small town, it was meant to be a fun getaway weekend, enhanced by our plan to swap partners. So when we arrived Friday, we all knew what was ahead.

Our adventure actually began at dinner one evening when we’d gone to Mark and Mary’s. Mary and Jan are childhood friends and in my view, both hot women. They sometimes joked about trading boyfriends in high school. Now here they were trading husbands.

Jand and Maray are both 45, but with nice bodies and ample breasts. Mary’s a natural blond and Jan’s a blonde. Both are about 5-5 and maybe 135. Not Barbies, but women with experience and who feel comfortable about themselves and their bodies. And, they’re women with a healthy interest in sex.

We had grilled outside on the patio. After dinner, the four of us were sitting around at the table talking and drinking wine. The evening was warm, their isolated backyard quiet. We hadn’t bothered with any outside lights so the four of us sat in the moonlight drinking and talking. As it often did, the topic of sex came up. And along with it, Mark raised the question: “What’s your favorite sex activity? And you just can’t say fucking.”

None of us are prudish. And I’m sure the wine helped. “Jan?” I said, putting my lovely wife on the spot. She ducked the question. “What do you think it is?” she coyly asked, tossing the question back at me. “I think it’s when we’re naked together and I caress and stroke you,” I said. “Damn, you know me,” she laughed, throwing her head back and exposing her lovely throat, and the cleavage I love to kiss.

“Guys like two things,” Mary said, as she sipped her wine and her long legs tucked under her, which hiked her skirt up nicely. “They like blow jobs and they like to suck your tits.”

“Just to clarify,” Mark said, “You mean they like getting blow jobs and sucking female tits.”

It was actually Jan who started events off. All our sex talk had made her awfully horny. She came over and straddled my legs, facing me. I could see she was in a teasing mood. Her shorts were stretched tight against her pussy. With Mark and Mary behind her, Jan, who doesn’t wear bras, lifted her shirt and held her right nipple an inch from my lips. “Lick it gently, Al, and if you’re good, there’s more.”

“No fair!” Mark said. “I can’t see!”

I lightly circled my tongue around Jan’s nipple while I caressed her back. Then I held her nipple in my mouth, not doing anything, just holding it. I could feel it swell even more under my lips. I think Jan started to feel a little out of control, because she abruptly stopped and gave me a deep, loving kiss.

“Don’t let us stop you,” Mark laughed, “or rather don’t stop on account of us.”

Since it was a nice summer evening, and the sun was down Mark suggested we use the hot tub. “No suits allowed,” Mark said. “I agree!” I piped up. Jan and Mary just smiled and without a word, stripped off their clothes and stepped into the foaming water. Mark and I also stripped down. I couldn’t help myself and obviously, neither could Mark. We both had dangling hard-ons. Jan and I sat next to each other and began kissing. She played with my cock under water. Meanwhile Mark and Mary were doing the same thing, except, Mary was sitting on Mark’s lap. What a turn-on to watch Mark licking and sucking Mary’s breasts and seeing her erect, hard nipples. Under the water, I was sure Mark was as hard as I was.

Jan had me sit up on the edge of the hot tub and started to suck my cock, holding it in her mouth, then taking it deep in her throat, then just working the head and biting it lightly. If there is one thing I know, it’s that Jan loves to play with and suck cock. Mark and Mary sat on the other side of the tub, only a few feet away, watching Jan give me a wonderful blow job. None of this was planned and I never would have guessed that this could happen, but here we were. I felt like I had the largest hard-on ever. And between Jan’s lips on my cock and the vision of Mary, naked only a few feet away, I couldn’t have imagined a more erotic scene. Mark began kissing and sucking Mary’s breasts and I could tell he was caressing her pussy underwater, yet she stared hard at Jan and me. Her eyes were locked on mine as if to say she wanted to suck my cock too.

Jan looked up at me staring at Mary, and I could see Jan’s smile as she held me in her mouth. “I want you to cum baby,” Jan said, “Cum in my mouth,” as she bore down on my cock. Hearing that statement from Jan was as if someone had pulled a trigger in my crotch. I felt that tightening right behind my balls, and cum rose and shot of my cock into her mouth. Jan squeezed my cock to control the flow a little as she swallowed the first wad and kept my head in her mouth. Then she released more and swallowed again and again. When she’d milked me, Jan pulled me to her and kissed me open-mouthed, sliding her slippery, cum-covered tongue over mine, making me taste my own cum. “Thank you,” I said lamely.

“That was awfully sexy,” Mark said. “I guess it’s our turn for a show.”

With that Mark laid some cushions from a chaise lounge out on the deck next to the hot tub. As Jan and I lay back in the water, Mark led Mary out of the tub, dried her and positioned her on her hands and knees on the cushion. Mary turned to us and said, “This is our favorite position.”

“She likes it because I can get so deep,” Mark said. “Must feel good!”

Mark’s cock was thick and erect as he knelt behind Mary. She spread her knees a little more apart and leaned back as Mark placed the head of his cock on her pussy hole. I could see Mary gently push back. She took her time as she pressed against the head of his cock until suddenly the head slipped in and Mary gave a slight moan. Mary dropped to her elbows as Mark worked his way deeper into that sexy woman. Her breasts swayed and hung there so beautifully, I wanted to go over and suck them. Mark made a long and deep stroke. Mary made a sound in her throat. Mark pulled back, left just the head in, and slowly slid forward again as Mary started to moan in her throat. Mark picked up speed and we heard his balls slapping against her. Then he slowed again as he sensed something was going on with Mary who’d dropped to one shoulder and used her hand to finger her clit. Mary screamed into a pillow as she came and Mark quickly released himself as well. He made one more hard and deep push, his cock fully inside her, and ejaculated as he held himself tightly in place, gripping her thighs.

Mark and Mary collapsed together on the tub side cushions. They kissed and lay in each other’s arms as Jan and I sat in the water across from them and watched. When they sat up I could barely see Mary’s pussy in the moonlight, caked with cum and her own juices. She took her finger, swiped it between her legs and slipped it into her mouth. “Mmmm, that’s tasty,” she said. Then she kissed Mark and the two of them swapped tongues and juices before lowering themselves back into the water.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a sexier evening,” I said with my arm around Jan. “Same here,” said Mark. The girls were quiet, but smiling. Jan and I decided it was time to leave so we toweled off and dressed. Mary put on a robe, but Mark just wrapped a towel around his waist. With our new-found intimacy still hanging in the air, Mary stepped close to me and kissed me deeply at the door. Jan and Mark did the same. In addition, she gave him a little pat on his cock as they kissed.

I felt reluctant to leave, but thinking of the evening on the trip home kept me awake. The air around us was still charged with sex. “You looked so hot tonight,” I told Jan. “All I have to do is get naked and I look hot to you,” she joked. “I did enjoy watching Mark and Mary screw. He’s got a nice cock.” She reached over and stroked my leg.

It was late when we got to bed, but we were still horny. I kissed Jan as we lay there. “We put on a good show, didn’t we,” she said. “I think Mary likes the look of your cock Ð maybe she needs a little variety.”

“Maybe you do too,” I said. “Maybe it would be nice to feel another cock; it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”

Jan kissed me open mouthed. “How would you like to see me take a load of Mark’s cum in my mouth,” she said. “Would that turn you on?

“Or maybe watch Mark do to me what he did to Mary tonight, pile drive my pussy from behind and fill it with cum.” Her talk turned me on even more and with my knee I spread her legs wide. “Come in me,” Jan whispered in my ear. She guided my cock into her sloppy pussy and I shoved it deep as I could on the first thrust. “God you feel good!” she exclaimed. “Just fuck me, fuck me.” It didn’t take long and I emptied my balls as she pulled me into her, nails scratching and digging into my ass.


Not long after our evening with Mark and Mary, Jan and I were in bed and we were talking about a threesome, wondering how it would feel, for either of us, say if I had two women or Jan had two men. It was one of our recurring fantasy discussions. “So,” Jan said, “What would be the difference if we just got on with another couple? Couldn’t each person have a three-some?”

“What are you thinking of honey?” I asked, as I nuzzled her neck and kissed her ear. “I’ll bet you’d like to have two cocks to play with, wouldn’t you?” Jan didn’t answer directly; instead she snuggled closer, kissed me and took my cock in her hand. The reality is that it’s extremely exciting for me to think of watching my wife get fucked by another guy, although having two women working me over wasn’t all that bad a fantasy either. “Maybe I’d like a cock in each hand,” she whispered back as she wet the head of my dick with pre-cum. “Maybe I’d like to try two cocks in my mouth,” she went one. “Maybe I’d like one in my pussy and one in my mouth.”

Jan kissed me and rolled onto her back, guiding my cock between her legs. She was extremely wet as I entered and her. “That fantasy makes you wet,” I whispered in Jan’s ear. “Ummm, you feel good,” she said, “Don’t stop.”

My long, deep strokes into her sopping pussy were making me crazy with lust. “You’d look good with a cock in your mouth right now,” I said to Jan.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” she said. “I want a cock filling mouth and another pumping my pussy!” Jan lifted her hips as she drove up and felt my cum fill her pussy. We collapsed and I kissed her, letting my tongue slide into her mouth. She sucked it like a cock. “Umm,” Jan said. “Rest for awhile, and then I’ll suck you.”

I was a happy man.


Then one day Jan said something at dinner.

“I’ve got a surprise for you. Mary and I went out for lunch today and after a couple of glasses of chardonnay, she told me that she and Mark were interested in swapping.”

“Swapping what?” I asked stupidly.

“Partners, silly,” Jan said. “Yes, they’d been talking about it,” Jan said, ever since that night the four of us let loose. “I think she was surprised when I told her we’d been talking about similar things.”

I was a bit surprised, because Mark and Mary, while certainly no prudes as we’d found out, were not necessarily the people I expected to have an interest in swapping partners. I told Jan that.

“Funny, but that’s what Mary said about us! We decided she’d talk to Mark and I’d talk to you. What do you think?”

“You mean you wouldn’t mind watching me screw Mary?”

“Would you mind watching me screw Mark?” she replied.

“I think both would be very sexy to watch,” I said, as I pulled Jan to me and kissed her. “What I really like is to see you getting pleased and enjoying yourself.”

“I’m just a greedy little thing, aren’t I” Jan said. “Yes,” I said, “And I like you that way.”

I actually thought I was incredibly lucky and the thought of screwing Mary definitely gave my balls a twinge.

That night Mary called and talked to Jan for a long time. When she got off the phone she said “It’s all set. We’re going out of town for the weekend. I think this is going to be fun.”

So that’s how we ended up in their car, Mark driving and Jan riding in the front with him, while Mary and I sat next to each other in the back seat. “See, we’ve already started swapping,” Mary joked. Mark smiled at her in the mirror.

“Maybe we ought to warm these guys up a little” Jan teased. “It’s 45 minutes to the hotel. We’d rented a suite with two beds and if I had anything to say, the beds and the couches would get fully used tonight and tomorrow night.

Mary ran her hand up and down my thigh. It was like electricity dancing toward my balls. I was hard already. Up front, Mark and Jan were caressing each other’s thighs as he drove. “Don’t let him run off the road,” Mary said. “Oh no,” Jan replied. “I need to use him later.”

As we drove, Mary opened my pants and pulled out my cock, leaning over to lick and suck it gently, more than enough to keep me hard, but not enough to let me come. I’d thought Jan was the best at sucking cock, but Mary was her equal. She bit hard on my cock before she tucked it in my pants. I was on fire.

Meanwhile up front, Jan, who was wearing short skirt, had lifted it and was playing with her pussy. Mark could hardly keep his eyes on the road. Jan took her finger from her wet pussy and slid it into Mark’s mouth. He moaned with pleasure. “Like your appetizer Mark?” she said. I was experiencing the longest 45-minute car ride of my life.

After checking into our suite, we popped a bottle of champagne, toasted to our weekend and tried to figure out what to do next. “I’d like to take a quick shower,” Mary said. Jan agreed. Mark and I said we’d do the same. Fortunately, the suite had two bathrooms, so the four of us were done in a few minutes. We came into the master bedroom, all of us in towels. “We look like escapees from a steam room,” Mark joked.

Jan, whose is an engineer at her day job, got us down to business. “OK, I’m taking Mark over here, and Mary, you take Al over there and let’s get this going. I want to see if Mark’s as big as you say Mary!” As if to prove a point, Mark dropped his down and a long, thick cock hung there for all of us to see. “You like?” Mary chirped. “Yes, very attractive,” Jan said as she led Mark to the bed. The two of them stood there kissing, and I could tell Jan and Mark were engaged in some serious tongue-wrestling. As they embraced, Jan opened and dropped her towel and their naked bodies pressed against each other. Jan tilted her head back and Mark kissed her neck gently, then her chest, softly kissing her breasts and nipples. He led her to the bed where they stripped off the covers and lay down next to each other. Jan and Mark began to kiss and caress each other, slowly engaging in the kind of pre-sex I know Jan loves. Lots of caressing, touching, massaging.

Meanwhile, Mary and I we just standing, watching. She stood in front of me while I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her behind the ears and on her neck. She leaned up against me and I slowly slid my hands along her sides and brushed her trimmed pussy.

“You feel good,” she said, leaning against me. “I can feel your cock getting harder.” Mary tilted her head up and we kissed, while I gently caressed her breasts. She took my cock in her hand, and then caressed my balls. Together we watched Jan and Mark on the bed. I was so turned on, I didn’t know where to start. I wanted to get my cock into Mary’s mouth or her pussy, but I wanted to watch my wife fuck my friend. Mary solved my dilemma. “Let’s sit on the couch and watch them for awhile,” said. “You’re still going to have to fuck me though, you better know that.” I laughed and she kissed me again.

Jan straddled Mark and I could see she was ready to cum. Mark sensed it to and almost lifted her off the bed as he drove his cock as deep as it could go. Jan came with a moan and Mark kept his cock buried deep as he pumped his cum into her.

Mary quit sucking my cock and straddled me, offering a nipple for me to suck. I was in heaven! I was so excited it didn’t take me long to shoot my load into her slick pussy. Mary rolled onto her back and said “finish me with your tongue and your finger É hurry!” Which I did, lapping away at her slippery clit and using my finger to caress her G-spot. She came with a scream.

I was quiet in the room for awhile, but then É

I rested my head on Mary’s naked thigh as she came back to earth. She brought me up to her face and kissed me, long and soft. “Thank you, Al.”

We were all tired by then and decided it was time for bed. Jan kissed Mark goodnight and I did the same with Mary and we headed to our separate rooms in the suite. Jan and I crawled into bed, but as soon as her naked body was next to me, I started getting another hard-on. Jan reached down and toyed with my cock while we kissed. “Umm, baby, I think you need a little help,” she said. “Why don’t you come inside, but be gentle, I’m a little sore.”

She guided my cock into her pussy, letting just the head in. Then in the smallest increments I could, I easily slid my cock into her wetness. There was electricity between us — I swear. I felt as if a charge was running through our genitals. Jan ignored any soreness and thrust her hips up at me. I sank myself deeply into her stretched pussy and she helped, spreading her legs wide. Jan came with a shuddering moan and 30 seconds later, I topped off her pussy with another load of cum. We kissed and fell asleep.

All four of us slept in Saturday morning. When I finally got up, I found Jan and Mary at the kitchenette table, wearing their robes, drinking coffee and plotting the day. I leaned over and kissed Jan good morning. “Well?” Mary said, so I kissed her too. It was a great way to start the day.

Jan reached inside my robe and fondled my cock. “That boy got a workout last night.”

“And it works pretty well,” Mary added. I started to get hard, so Jan gave my cock a quick suck and opened my robe some more. Mary slid her chair over and took my cock out of Jan’s hand. “My turn,” Mary said.

I slid Mary’s robe off and she smiled up at me. Then I reached over and did the same with Jan. Two lovely, naked ladies suddenly knelt in front of me. Mary took my cock head in her mouth while Jan caressed my balls. Suddenly, I found myself rock hard again. They worked over my cock and balls for a few minutes, but then Jan lead us to our bedroom.

On my back, with my cock in the air, the two had plenty of room to lick and suck my genitals. Mary refused to give up her efforts on my cockhead, even when Jan jokingly called her a “selfish little bitch.”

“Yup,” Mary said with a smile, slurping away.

Jan crawled up and dangled her breasts in my face, then let me suck a nipple. Below Mary was making long strokes on my cock with her mouth. I could feel her breasts brushing my thighs.

Jan decided it was time for a change, so she straightened up and after a quick kiss, said “You’ll like this.”

Mary was still sucking away as Jan straddled my face, spreading her thighs wide. I held her ass in hands to guide her and started by kissing the inside of her left thigh, working my way up to the outside of her pussy. Then I switched to her right and slowly kissed my way up. Jan reached down and held her pussy apart. Even though she’d showered, she smelled of sex and woman and it only made my cock harder. With Jan’s clit in my mouth and my cock in Mary’s mouth I felt charged throughout my whole body.

Jan pressed and I drove my tongue into her wet hole. Mary took one hand and stroked my balls as she nibbled around the head of my cock. Taking my balls in her hand Mary pulled lightly and I emptied myself into her mouth. Jan could see what had happened and quickly took a wet finger and rubbed her clit, climaxing in small spasms on my face.

We fell into a heap on the bed when a sleepy Mark walked in. “Am I the first one up?” he asked sleepily. We could only laugh.

The girls had planned what they called a “sensuous feast” for that night. They had a list of food, sweets and wine to pick up that day while shopping. Otherwise the four of us were set to hang around the pool for the afternoon and chill. We had another big night planned with massage, the feast and of course, sex. It turned out to be even more exciting than I imagined. But that’s a story for next time.

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