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A Surprise In The Tub

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Sunlight in my eyes, burning through the eyelids, hot on the rest of my body, bad case of cotton-mouth, and an overwhelming need to take that nice long first leak of the day. Not the best way to wake up in the world, but not bad by any means.

Last night came back slowly, and I recalled I was on the deck where I had curled up with a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream as the party wound down.

My slight headache confirmed I had probably landed here as opposed to choosing to find a nice place to sleep off my happy buzz, but probably before I had completely ruined myself for today. Not bad.

Still hadn’t opened my eyes. Wasn’t planning to. Bright sun, bad karma. I reached down to the deck and felt around, hoping… no, not a bottle… no, not that bottle… ugh, what was that, salsa? Shit. Ah, there we go – sunglasses! Both hands involved now, open the frames, slip them over my ears, much darker now. Nice.

Great ocean view from the deck. Waves softly crashing into the shore with a muted thunder while gulls wheeled and arced overhead, screaming at each other in short bursts of gull-speak. Right off a postcard.

I climbed off the wooden chaise lounge and made my way through the sliding glass doors into the living room. Bodies lay everywhere in various stages of dress, the most popular stage of course being completely undressed. It looked like the morning after must have looked in Caligula’s bedroom, and under other circumstances I would have waited longer to shamelessly ogle the lithe naked female forms sprawled every which way. Right now, though, I was a man on a mission.

Bathroom, down the hall, third door on the left. Only had to step over two bodies to get there, one male and one female, the woman snoring softly. Her head was propped up on the man’s naked lap, his cock about an inch from her mouth. I thought I could see a thin trail of dried white on her chin, but her hair covered most of it.

Now THAT was a great way to fall asleep. I was envious of the guy.

The bathroom door was slightly ajar, and I knocked lightly. “Hello?” I said softly. “Impending flood here, might want to clear the way!”

Thank God, no answer! I pushed the door open and walked in, totally fixated on the toilet. It was dark with the lights off and my sunglasses on, the only light coming from a window high on the wall over the tub, but how hard could it really be to find the bowl after all? I unbuckled, unzipped, down with the pants, and started to thank myself for going commando last night as I prepared to aim.

“Nice ass.”

I’d like to say I was suave and debonair, turning slowly and smiling, saying something terribly witty. Naturally I’d be lying. I turned around very quickly, forgetting all about my pants down around my ankles. Oops. I toppled like a bag of bricks to the floor, banging both knees and landing hard beside the tub. “Oooooof!”

The laughter was immediate and melodic, accompanied by the splashing wave sounds of gallons of water abruptly moving. Suddenly my entire back was soaked as water from the tub cascaded over the rim and fell on me. It wasn’t very warm water, so I jerked away from the tub, but didn’t get very far with my ankles still bound by my pants.

“I’m sorry,” I said, trying to sit up as best I could. “I knocked, but no one said anything. I’ll go find a tree or something, hang on just a sec and I’ll be out of here.” I twisted my legs and at least managed to get my pants straightened out so I could (probably) stand up without killing myself.

“Oh, it’s okay,” she said from the tub. “Go ahead, use the toilet. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the view.”

“Um… okay,” I said, still not looking back into the tub. Mom always taught me to be a gentleman and treat women with respect – and besides, after the embarrassment of being caught by surprise like that, the fall, and then the water, my cock wasn’t exactly standing at attention. And I really had to pee…

I stood up and assumed the position, aimed, and – not a damn thing happened. I tried, I strained, I even imagined rushing water and mountain streams, progressing all the way to Niagara Falls, but to no effect. My bladder was threatening to burst, but I couldn’t coax a single drop of fluid out.

“Sounds like we’re having a problem,” she said from behind me, humor in her voice. It was a very nice voice, almost sexy even, full of humor. If she looked as nice as her voice sounded, we would have a problem of a very different nature.

“Not used to an audience, that’s all,” I said, reaching down to pull up my pants. “It’s okay; I’ll just head back outside.”

Water sloshed, and a warm hand grabbed my arm. “That’s okay,” she said. “I’m sure I can help you.”

Now I turned around. She matched her voice perfectly. Long dark hair, wet past her shoulders, cascading around a face that belonged on an angel. Full sensuous lips, high cheekbones, classic beauty. A quick glance confirmed breasts that appeared to be one perfect handful each, perky pink nipples, firm lovely skin leading down to long athletic legs that were all curves. No way to tell if the hair color was natural or not, either.

What really caught my attention, even in the dim light, were her eyes. They were a light violet color, like bluebonnets in full bloom, and deep like glacier pools.

I had to pee, badly, and it didn’t matter, because once my cock started waking up, it had a mind of its own. In this case, it was thinking very pornographic thoughts about the woman standing dripping in front of me.

She smiled and moved closer to me, her hand gliding from my arm to my cock. “Well, you’ll never be able to pee with it like this,” she said, gently wrapping fingers around me and stroking. “That wouldn’t be good, would it?”

I didn’t know what she had in mind, but her expression made it very clear it she wanted me to find out. “Probably not,” I said, reaching out and running my fingertips against the side of her left breast. “I could hurt myself.”

She sighed slightly at my touch, and turned slightly, moving her nipple under the palm of my hand. I pressed down and rubbed her breast, massaging it firmly but gently as she stroked my cock. She felt firm and amazing under my hand, and her soft stroking was making my fully erect cock twitch all on its own.

Slowly she stepped out of the tub without breaking contact, dripping water on the floor and moving her naked body within inches of me. She stepped on the crotch of my pants shifted her weight forward, pulling them back down around my ankles, making it easy for me to step out of them. I moved my left hand around behind her and cupped her firm ass in my hand, rubbing and kneading, then slowly ran my middle finger down between her ass cheeks and gently rubbed her asshole. She stiffened slightly and then pushed back against my hand, her smile getting wider.

“That’s nice,” she said, her voice taking on breathiness now. I pressed harder and felt my fingertip enter her, then gently moved it in and out a few times as she gasped, then lifted herself on her toes and rotated her pelvis to bring my finger in contact with her wet pussy. I could feel from the texture of the moisture that it wasn’t all water, and in fact was mostly her. My finger slid easily inside her, and she moaned loudly.

She passed her hand over the tip of my cock and gathered my pre-cum in her palm, then used that to lubricate my cock as she stroked me. I was enjoying the attention, but was becoming increasingly aware that we didn’t have long before I really would need to pee.

“Um, any chance I could come back in a few minutes, or just get you to turn around so I can do what I came in here to do before we go much further?” I asked her.

Her smile turned to a mischievous grin as she suddenly stepped forward and threw a leg around my waist, rubbing my cock against her slick pussy, and then slipping the head of my cock inside her. The angle wasn’t right for full penetration, but she moved against me anyway, fucking just the tip of my cock. Her pussy felt amazing, sucking my tip like it was her lips and not her pussy.

“No,” she breathed as she moved, wrapping her arms around my neck. “You’re going to finish what you started, THEN you can pee.” She bent her head forward quickly and bit my chin playfully. “It’s so much better like this, trust me.”

I didn’t know what she meant, but if she wanted me to fuck her, I wasn’t going to say no. I wrapped both hands under her ass and lifted slightly, then slowly lowered us both to the floor, avoiding the spilled water. I laid her on her back and then stared into her amazing violet eyes as I slid my cock inside her.

I had meant to go slowly, but I couldn’t help myself, sinking my whole length into her, A moan escaped her lips as I pulled out and slid back in, enjoying her heat and slick wetness inside her, my cock feeling like it was bathed in warm oil. Her eyes locked on mine as we moved together, her legs wrapping around my hips and pulling me in closer to her, deeper inside her. With one hand she tossed my sunglasses aside, and with the other drew my head down and unabashedly thrust her tongue into my mouth. I moved my tongue over hers, greedily tasting her. She had a faint hint of amaretto and whiskey, delicious as our tongues danced together.

We kept moving together, in and out, with a steady quick tempo. She was very wet, and I was moving inside her with a delicious ease. We were both panting and softly moaning now, building toward what I could tell would be a huge release for me, and hoped would be for her as well.

Then she suddenly flashed a wicked grin at me, and locked her legs around my waist as I thrust into her, shifting her hips as our pelvic bones met.

The pressure was incredible as she impaled my bladder on her pubic bone and squeezed. My first impression was pain, but it turned immediately into a powerful erotic surge that took my breath away in a loud gasp. She released her legs slightly to let me pull away, and then brought me back in against her, harder this time, grinding her hips into me. The pressure was intense.

“See, I told you it would be better,” she said, her voice seductively slurred. “Come on, all the way in me, that’s it.” She released me and then pulled me in even harder, angling her hips to bring more pressure to bear on me.

God, it was wonderful. I thrust in and out of her a few more times, the pressure in my bladder heightening the sensations of our fucking, and spreading the feeling of impending orgasm from my cock all through the center of my body.

But it was also making my original “problem” more and more urgent. “Okay, you really need to stop,” I said as she ground into me again, pleasure shooting through my body as the pressure in my bladder increased again.

She grinned up at me. “But why?” she said innocently. “It sounds like you’re enjoying it, so enjoy it and keep shoving that cock into me.” There was no delicate way to say it. “You keep doing that thing with your hips, and I’m gonna pee right here. No way you want that.”

She cocked her head to one side. “Oh really?” she said, looking into my eyes. She grabbed my head and pulled me down to her, nipping at my ear. “Do it, baby. Piss inside me. Flood my pussy with your piss.”

I couldn’t believe her words, but I almost came right there. I pulled my head back and searched her eyes, looking for any signs that she was kidding. “Are you serious?” I asked. “You want me to do that?”

She used her legs to apply pressure again, this time grinding into my bladder but also my cock. “Do it, let me have it all. I’ll help,” she added, keeping the pressure up.

There was no way I could possibly do this – and yet the thought thrilled me in a deep nasty recess of my mind I never knew I had. I pulled partly out of her. “Okay,” I said, “but I can’t do it like this.”

“Sure you can,” she said. “Just relax and let it happen.” She licked my lips with her tongue. “Think about multiplication tables or something.”

Huh? My cock was deep inside a beautiful woman who just told me to do something erotically nasty, and I was supposed to do math?

Two times two is four, two times four is eight – and I felt my cock soften slightly. Two times eight is sixteen, two times sixteen is thirty-two – and suddenly the pressure in my bladder became even more urgent, and I could feel the piss filling my cock, but wouldn’t go further.

“Grrrrrrrr,” I said softly. She smiled, and then kissed me, a full-on passionate yet gentle kiss, not a fuck-me kiss, but more like a good-night kiss on a front porch in the summer after dinner and a movie. It surprised me – and took my mind off what was happening for a split second.

That’s all my abused bladder needed. A shot of urine erupted from the tip of my cock into her waiting pussy, turning her warm oily dampness into a hot flood of liquid. I yelped, she screamed and writhed under me, and the stream stopped.

She looked at me with half-lidded violet eyes. “I want it all,” she said. “Give it all to me.”

I was in a sexually-induced stupor, overcome with pleasure and the sheer naughtiness of what she wanted me to do. I relaxed and this time put some muscle behind it, my stream of piss jetting from my cock and filling her pussy until pee started running out in small rivers, driven out by her writhing hips and clutching legs. She pulled me all the way into her pussy and rolled her hips to put pressure on my bladder again, squeezing even more piss out of me and into her as she moaned and shook, obviously having orgasm after orgasm to my hot jets of piss.

My cock quickly became fully hard again, and the flow stopped. There was only one thing on my mind now, and it wouldn’t be far away. I slowly pushed my full cock inside her, displacing more of my piss from her pussy, then pulled back and began fucking her, slowly at first, but when I felt how full she felt and the amazing sensation of fucking her full pussy, my self-control failed miserably, and started pumping into her like a man possessed. In no time at all my balls were bouncing off her wet ass with a rhythmic slapping sound on every stroke, and we were moving against each other with wild abandon.

With all the unfamiliar sensations in my cock from peeing inside her, I didn’t feel my orgasm until it was upon me. I growled loudly and put my arms over her shoulders, hands flat on the floor, pounding into her and pinning her against me with the added leverage. I drove as deeply into her as physically possible and exploded, my cum gushing in strong convulsions from my cock into her piss-soaked pussy. She screamed and yanked my head down to hers, kissing me and screaming around my tongue, matching my diminishing thrusts as I emptied my cock inside her.

We both lay there like that for a few minutes while our breathing returned to normal. My cock slipped out of her and released a torrent of liquid that ran out on the floor. Her eyes widened, and then she smiled at me and we both laughed.

“See?” she said playfully. “I told you I could help you…”

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