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Our Wild Trip

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I first realized my attraction for my cousin Maria when she was a senior in high school. She was 18, and I was 25. Even though we are related, we always flirt with each other, constantly pushing the limits of how close 1st cousins are supposed to be.

After three years of this torment, I finally formulated a plan to see her naked, at the very least. She was coming up from Miami for three weeks, and I knew this would be my one true shot. I arranged for her to stay at my house for a few days, and by some stroke of luck, the day before she arrived my roommate left for a week of camping and hiking.

The first couple nights were nothing special, just drinking and catching up on each other’s lives after I got home from work. Friday, I was getting ready to set my plan into motion when Maria threw me a curveball. She said she wanted to go somewhere she’d never been before, and since Detroit is only a few hours drive, asked if I would mind taking her up there for a few days. We agreed to leave in the morning, but since it was still early we decided to go out for a few drinks and some dancing.

We ended up atone of the college clubs downtown, and after a few drinks hit the dance floor. Maria was grinding me furiously, staring into my eyes the whole time, and I could tell by the smirk on her face that she could feel my rock-hard cock pressing against her slim, tight belly. After a while, I couldn’t take her teasing anymore, and had to leave the dance floor and have a few more drinks to settle down. She stayed on the dance floor for another hour or so, dancing with any guy who came up to her. By the looks on their faces, I guessed I wasn’t the only one who’d been turned on by my cousin.

We decided to leave the club early, so we could get some sleep for our trip to Detroit. After getting her settled in the guest bed, I hopped in the shower and masturbated, recalling the feel of her body against mine.

Saturday afternoon, we checked into a hotel near the Detroit airport, and decided to drive around looking for something to do that night. We saw a few bars and clubs that looked promising, but then I saw what I’d been hoping to find.

“Huh… Up for some strippers tonight?” I asked, hoping she’d at least consider it.

“Sure,” Maria said. “A couple of my friends and I go to ’em down in Miami every couple weeks. I can see how different it is.”

I was ecstatic! My plan was working better than I’d hoped – No long discussion trying to persuade her, like I expected, and no flat out refusal, like I’d feared.

We decided to go shopping for some really nice clothes to wear that night, something special. I opted for black pants, a blue silk shirt, and a black silk tie, topped off with an old gangster-style hat. Maria wouldn’t show me what she bought, saying only that she’d show me “when the time is right.”

After a quick dinner, we headed back to the hotel to shower and get ready for our night out. Maria showered first so she could get dressed while I was showering, still keeping me in the dark about her outfit. I hurried as fast as I could, but still couldn’t make it out in time to see her getting dressed. When I got out, she was already dressed, with an ankle length trench coat covering everything. She finished up her make-up, and we headed out.

The short ten-minute drive seemed to take hours as my mind raced through possible scenarios of what might happen that night, as well as what my beautiful cousin might be hiding under her coat.

We sat at the bar for a few drinks, checking out the dancers and clientele to see if it was worth our time and money. I thought we fit in quite well, with most of the patrons being middle-aged business men. Maria, however, still concealed, thought otherwise. “Too upscale,” she said. “It’ll cost us a fortune to have any fun in a place like this, and none of the girls are all that great anyway.”

Fuck! 25 minutes in, and my plan was ruined. Or so I thought.

“I noticed a nice trashy looking place on the way here,” Maria said. “Let’s try them.”

The difference was obvious the second we walked in. The guys were almost all truckers, and the dancers, most of whom were amazingly beautiful for such a dive, were letting the guys touch, like, poke, and suck anything they wanted to. One girl was even giving a guy a hand job under the table. I was in shock, to say the least, especially coming from Cleveland, where even accidentally touching a dancers tits or ass would result in several broken fingers. We found an open table in the back and settled into the seats.

When the waitress brought our beers, Maria asked what was with all the touching and fondling. “Oh, that’s just the way we are, hon. Only three rules here – no fucking, no biting, no scratch marks,” the waitress replied. “But then there’s our unwritten rule,” she continued, speaking directly to Maria. “Every female that comes in, no matter what she’s like, is supposed to be on stage for at least one song. Mind ya, ya don’t have to do it, just don’t expect to be treated too kindly the next time ya come in if ya don’t. We just ask for one song. You can even do it and then leave right away if you want.”

Oh well, I thought. It would be cool to see my cousin up on stage, but since it was highly unlikely she’d ever set foot in this bar again, I resigned myself to not seeing her up there.

After a few songs, one of the dancers made her way to our table. She was a cute redhead, and introduced herself as Jordan. Before she even had a chance to ask if either of us wanted a dance, Maria asked her if they had private dances, and what the prices were.

“It depends,” Jordan said. “If it’s just you, 10 bucks. If it’s your boyfriend, fifteen, and if it’s both of you, it’s twenty.”

“Well,” Maria said, “my boyfriend and I would both like one, but we want you to bring another dancer back with you, as well. Right, honey?”

“Absolutely,” I replied, avoiding, as Maria had, letting Jordan know we were related, not dating. “Whichever girl you like best, bring her back with us.

After a few minutes, Jordan was back with a stunning brunette, who introduced herself as Alexis. The four of us made our way to the private rooms.

The room was pretty small, with just a little two person couch, a folding chair, and a mirror. When we got in, Maria finally took off her coat, and my jaw hit the floor. She was wearing a tiny little black skirt that came an inch or two below her firm ass, and a white fishnet shirt with a nearly transparent purple lace bra beneath it. “Your favorite color’s still purple, right?” she asked, throwing me a sultry little pout and a wink. “Do you like the outfit?”

“Immensely,” I said. “It brings out your… eyes.”

We paid for three songs each with the dancers, then settled onto the couch.

Jordan stepped up to me, Alexis to Maria. As the first song started, my mouth was stuffed with a breast before I could even register what happened. Jordan was kneeling across my lap, grinding her pussy into my cock, and alternating nipples on my tongue. I glanced over at Maria, who had Alexis’ ass in one hand and a tit in the other, with Alexis sitting on Maria’s lap, facing away from her. Just as Alexis started running her hand up Maria’s inner thigh, Jordan shifted to the side, cutting off my view. Jordan guided my hand up her leg to her bald pussy, and I slid two fingers up her slit before pushing them inside her. She let out a small moan, almost inaudible over the pulsing, pounding music. She unzipped my pants, pulling out my throbbing cock.

After several minutes of this mutual fondling, Jordan stood up and pushed her pussy against my mouth, but not before I caught a glimpse of Maria. She was fingering Alexis furiously, matching the heart-racing pace of the song.

I stuck my tongue into Jordan’s pussy and started licking as fast as I could.

As the song ended, she stepped back again, as did Alexis from Maria. We gave them each a 20 dollar tip, and they switched. As they were readying for the next song, I saw Maria steal a glance at my still exposed dick and unconsciously lick her lips.

Alexis straddled me as the music started, sliding her wet pussy up and down my shaft. Jordan, meanwhile, was on her knees before my cousin, kissing from her toes up her legs. When she reached Maria’s knees, she gently nudged them apart, then started kissing her thighs. She started on the tops, but slowly made her way between them. Maria was in pure ecstasy, her head back, eyes closed, left hand fondling her own breasts. Jordan reached up and pulled Maria’s panties off, then began licking her pussy. Maria moaned loudly, arching her back and pulling Jordan’s face into her crotch.

My view was then cut off by Alexis wrapping my face in her tits. “Didn’t forget about me, did you?” she asked in a pouty voice. I answered by grabbing her ass in both hands and nibbling her nipples. She kept sliding her pussy up and down my cock, and a few times the head would slip inside her. She’d leave it in for a few seconds, give it a little squeeze with her inner muscles, then pull back out and slide up and down some more.

The song ended, and again the girls stood up. We gave them another 20 each.

Before the next song started, they had Maria undress. I couldn’t take my eyes off my cousin as she stood naked before me. Alexis pulled my pants completely off, and scooted me to the middle of the couch. Jordan then led Maria over and had her sit on my lap. My legs were open, Maria’s closed. My cock was against her pussy, peeking up between her legs. I put my hands on her hips and slowly thrusted a few times before the next song finally began.

Jordan and Alexis knelt on the couch, facing us, Jordan to our left, Alexis to our right. I recognized the song, and knew we had almost ten minutes before it ended.

Jordan and Alexis both pressed a nipple to Maria’s lips, and my sexy naked cousin licked them both, then they did the same to me. They alternated between us several times before climbing off the couch. Alexis knelt at our feet with Jordan standing behind her. Alexis pushed Maria’s legs apart, leaned forward, and started licking both of us. Jordan leaned forward and started sucking on Maria’s nipples.

A hand began caressing my balls and cock, and just as I realized it was Maria’s, she pushed me inside her. I couldn’t really move with the way we were situated, but just having my dick wrapped up by my cousin’s pussy was nearly enough to make me cum.

Alexis was punishing Maria’s clit with her tongue, and Jordan was doing the same to her nipples. Just before the song ended, Maria erupted in a violent, thrashing orgasm. Her spasms shook all four of us, and the contractions of her pussy were almost too much to bear.

As Maria got dressed, I gave Alexis and Jordan $50.00 each. We exited the booth, and I started heading toward the door. Maria grabbed me, pulling me back to our table.

“We can’t leave yet,” she explained, “because I haven’t danced yet.”

I had completely forgotten about that, pushing it out of my mind as an attainable goal. She said she was going to find out what she needed to do, and went up to the bar. She came back a few minutes later, two fresh beers in her hands. She handed both to me and said she’d be back in a bit, then headed to the dancers’ dressing room.

She emerged about 15 minutes later, wearing a black lace bra and black shorts. The DJ announced her name a few songs later and she headed to the stage.

It seemed as if my cousin had danced before. She showed no nervousness at all, and danced just as well as most of the other girls. She was nude to start the third song, and her garter quickly filled with cash as she made her was around the stage.

When her last song was over, she received a thunderous applause as she gathered her clothes. She came back to the table, and as she got dressed she asked if I’d mind sticking around for a while.

“A few of the guys asked me for private dances, and I figured what the hell — I can make a few bucks, and you can check out some of the other girls.”

“Take as long as you want,” I said. “It’s only 9:30, and I haven’t made a dent in my wallet yet.

She gave me a quick kiss. “You’re the best! See you in a while!” With that she was off.

For the next three hours, my cousin led guy after guy into the private booths. She took a guy and his girlfriend in once, and after two songs the guy came out. Four songs later, Maria and the other girl came out, both looking sweaty and flushed. Maria also did a few private dances with other girls joining her, but mostly it was just her and the customer one-on-one. Plus, she was also in the regular rotation of the girls on stage.

She finally went back to the dressing room and changed, disappointing more than a few customers. She came back to the table, gulped down the beer I’d ordered her, and asked if I was ready to go.

As we drove back to the hotel, she told me about some of her dances and counted her money.

“Guess how much I made,” she said.

I glanced at the stack of cash in her hand. It was pretty big, but for all I knew it could’ve been all ones and fives, so I guessed low.

“$600.00,” I said.

“Try twice that.” She fanned the cash out, and I saw that it was nearly all tens and twenties. “When we get back to the hotel, I’m gonna lay naked in all this cash!”

We got back to the room, and started getting ready for bed. Maria hopped in the shower first, wanting to get all the sweat and saliva off her body.

I hopped in when she got done, and got myself off quickly before washing up.

When I came out, Maria, true to her word, was laying naked on her bed, rolling around in all the money she’d made that night.

I lay on my bed watching her. She must have noticed the lust in my eyes, because she stood up, came over to my bed, and straddled me. She leaned down as if she was going to kiss me, but instead whispered in my ear.

“Did you have fun tonight?” she asked, almost purring.

“Of course I did,” I said, putting my hands on her ass and pulling her closer to me. “I only have one regret.”

“What’s that?”

“That I didn’t get a chance to get a private dance from you. I was going to get one, but you were booked.”

“Well, I think I have enough in me for another dance or two,” she said. “Put some clothes on and sit in that chair. I’ll get ready.”

I turned the TV to a music station, and did as she asked, putting on what I’d worn out that night.

She poked her head out of the bathroom. “Now remember — no biting, scratching, or fucking!” We both laughed. “Ready or not, here I come!”

She came out in the black skirt she’d worn, and the purple bra. By the time she crossed the room, the bra was gone, and she began dancing on me.

“You’ve done this before tonight, haven’t you?” I asked.

“Once or twice,” she said. “Now shut up and enjoy.”

She danced for me for two songs, constantly teasing my cock but not pulling it out like I’d hoped. At the end of the second song, I was about to excuse myself to the bathroom to jack off again, but Maria pulled me over to my bed. She laid me on my back and started unbuttoning my shirt. She leaned down and kissed my chest and neck, and worked her hands down to my pants, unzipping them. As she pulled my pants off, she kissed down my chest and stomach, then took my cock in her mouth.

As she sucked me, she turned so her pussy was over my eager mouth. That was all the invitation I needed. I pulled her lower, and began licking the finest pussy I’d ever tasted in my life.

As we continued pleasuring each other, there was a knock on the door. Maria stood up, a giant grin on her face. She leaned down and kissed me. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said, “but I invited a few girls over.”

It looked like the night was just beginning.

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