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Forced to Love

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Kayla walked arm in arm with her boyfriend through the dead but beautiful campus. It was officially spring break at Trinton University, and for once the perfectly manicured green spaces were student-free.

Daniel shot her a grin and whispered in her ear. “It’s okay, babe, I know she’s your best friend. We’ll let her tag along for now.”

A gorgeous blonde walked a few strides behind the young couple, her slender figure rushing to keep up.

“Guys…slow it down!” Aubrey whined. Kayla rolled her eyes so that only Daniel could see. The truth was that she had been looking forward to spending a little alone time with Daniel in his dorm room. Opportunity knocked – how else could one describe the fact that Daniel had “borrowed” the keys from his RA with all the other students on the dorm block already gone for break?

“Geez. You guys walk faster than most people run,” Aubrey said, finally coming parallel alongside them. Daniel squeezed Kayla’s hand and gave her a look that somehow said ‘slow down’ and ‘be nice’ at the same time.

Kayla gave him a sullen look, and the oblivious Aubrey didn’t catch it. The beautiful Spanish-born brunette was 5″6 with a perfectly proportioned face and a small, delicate nose under playful eyes of dark hazel-brown. She mesmerized Daniel with not just her beauty, but also her wit and her tenacity. It was one of the things that he both loved and hated about Kayla. She could be so loving, but also so difficult and stubborn when she’d set her sights on something.

His gaze now lingered on her lean hips, traveling up her lithe athletic body to the supple breasts straining underneath the flimsy fabric of her lilac tank top. She looked good in that tight pair of black jeans too. More than good. Kayla’s eyes met his in turn, and she leaned over on her tiptoes, abruptly halting their walk as her lips found his, her tongue teasing his as Kayla’s taste and scent enveloped Daniel’s senses.

“Mmmm. I want to jump your cock right now,” Kayla purred, not caring that Aubrey could overhear.

“Damn, can you guys drop the PDA?” Aubrey complained. Gritting her teeth, Kayla fought to be nice. She gave Aubrey a strained look as the clueless blonde started rattling off possible movies for them to watch once they got back to Daniel’s dorm. Personally, Kayla wasn’t sure she could sit through a whole movie without strangling her less-than-socially aware friend.

Aubrey had a big heart and could be the best girlfriend ever – at least in measured doses – but she could also be the total blonde stereotype of clueless with a capital “C”. Kayla debated whether to spell it out for Aubrey more bluntly than the broad hint she’d already given. She opened her mouth and was about to let her have it when Daniel intervened.

Daniel, the tall 6″6 basketball player with a chiseled jaw and muscular torso to match, had a swath of always unruly light blonde hair that set off his good-humored blue eyes. He was always patient with girls – to a fault – and now was no exception.

“Why don’t we figure out what we’re ordering for dinner,” he said. “Let’s get our priorities straight here.” Changing the topic succeeded in distracting both girls as they debated where to order delivery from. Little did the three college students know, soon enough their worries would involve something much more intense than food…

When they reached the building the three students walked up the several flights of stairs rather than wait for the glacial, not to mention ancient elevator. At last they made it to the 5th floor and were standing in front of Daniel’s dorm room door.

THAT was when the afternoon took the most unexpected turn. Suddenly a burly, compact figure clothed all in black and hefting a backpack stepped out of the restroom just across the hall. All Kayla, Daniel, and Aubrey could focus on were the cold gray eyes behind his mask. That and the Glock pointed directly at them.

“Make a sound and you die.” Daniel put his hands up and moved to stand between the girls and their assailant.

“Woah, guy. Relax. What do you want from us? Money? We’re just poor college students. Look, let me give you what I have and you can –”

“Shut up!” Mr. All Black motioned with his gun. “Open the door, put down the keys and walk into the dorm room. All three of you. Now.”

After a moment’s hesitation, seeing the dangerous look in the man’s eyes, Daniel obeyed. As the three 20-year-olds walked into the dorm room, Mr. All Black swept up the keys and locked the door behind them, managing to keep his attention on them throughout.

Kayla decided that the best move would be to engage their intruder, find out who he was or what he wanted. Denial kept her from panicking yet.

“Hey, I’m Kayla. What’s your name?” She tried to sound friendly, and to hide her fear.

Daniel was going for the same tactic, but his façade was less convincing. “Look man, just let us go. We’ll forget this thing ever happened if you leave right now. We don’t want any trouble.”

The black-clothed assailant pointed the gun at Daniel. “Shut up. I don’t want your fucking money. You and the two spoiled rich-kid cunts need to listen very carefully. First, let’s get the pleasantries out of the way. The name’s Mike, but you’ll call me ‘Master’ because the guy with the gun gets to call the shots. Even a know-it-all college prick like you and your two sexy sluts here can grasp that, am I right?”

Kayla and Daniel exchanged a look. The beautiful young brunette saw the fear and anger vying in Daniel’s eyes. She was worried that he was about to do something stupid and get himself shot, so she moved fast. She stepped in front of Daniel and made sure her hands were open, palms out.

“Look, Mike…please don’t hurt us. What do you want?” Kayla looked into the masked face, searching for any sign of common humanity. Instead all she saw was harshness…and hunger.

The masked man gestured angrily with the pistol. “All three of you strip. Let’s go.”

“Fuck you, man. You can’t do this,” Daniel growled. Mike pointed the gun directly at Kayla’s heart.

“You wanna see exactly what I supposedly CAN’T DO, lover boy? Keep up the attitude. Now you and the two lovely sex kittens need to obey me exactly or I will put a bullet in each of their pretty faces. Got it?”

Kayla put a hand on Daniel’s shoulder. “Dan, come on. Don’t do anything stupid.” Daniel glanced at his girlfriend’s cute face, the expressive eyes pleading with him to be smart about this. The concern on her face touched him but also angered him. She shouldn’t have to be worried about him. He should be able to protect her, damn it!

With rage barely lidded behind his contained expression, the young man shrugged out of his shirt, shoes, and pants. Kayla threw off her tank top, took off her boots and rolled down her jeans, tossing them away. Aubrey shimmied out of her skirt, sweater, shoes and socks. Soon all three college students stood in the dorm room wearing only their undergarments.

Mike looked appreciatively at the two girls’ curves. Kayla had the larger breasts of the two girls, definitely full-sized though not too big, and the lacey pink bra barely contained their lushness. The Spanish girl’s smooth belly and sun-kissed complexion seemed to please Mike, and he grunted with a note of satisfaction.

“Not bad, bitch. You’ve got a sweet body. Now let’s see ALL of it. Take off the bra and panties. Let your boyfriend help.”

Kayla bit her lip and tried not to panic. She couldn’t believe this was happening to them. It felt so violating…oh god.

Slowly Daniel unclasped his girlfriend’s bra, letting it fall to the floor. Then Kayla stepped out of her panties and flung those aside. Mike let out a loud whistle, his eyes surveying the now naked girl from top to bottom, his focus finally resting on the exposed opening of her sex before Kayla hid it behind her hands for the sake of modesty.

“Hands out, cunt! I want to see you! Your boyfriend and the blonde cunt can strip the rest of the way now too. Come on!” Brandishing the gun with a little more menace, their captor managed to motivate them.

Kayla thought about screaming for help, but she couldn’t gauge the mental stability of their captor. Even if the sounds of gunshots might seal this psycho’s fate and get him caught, that would be small comfort if one of them was mortally wounded. So instead Kayla tried to stay calm, her heart thumping like a galloping mare.

“Please Mike, don’t hurt us. Okay, we did what you wanted.”

Aubrey was babbling now, her arms trembling. “Please, what are you going to do? P-please, you don’t have to do this. Just…just let us go, please?” The gorgeous blonde’s tone was just shy of a whimper.

Mike shook his head. “Listen up, cunts and gentleman. You three are going to do EXACTLY what I say, and I mean to the letter, and if you don’t I promise you, you’ll watch each other die. Is that understood?”

Daniel was grinding his teeth, his fists clenched, but he managed to stay quiet and nod with a monumental effort of discipline. Kayla slipped her hand in Daniel’s, squeezing it tight and trying to be brave for them both. That hand-squeeze said so much more than the mere touch of skin and fingertips – it was Kayla’s unspoken way of telling Daniel – ‘We’re in this together, don’t do anything stupid. Be patient babe. We have to be smart about this.’

It was amazing how much a mere touch could convey, the depth of meaning in one brush of skin.

Mike motioned at Kayla. “You and your boyfriend are going to start out by giving me a nice show. Kneel at his feet, bitch.”

“No!” Daniel growled, but Kayla put a restraining hand on his chest.

“It’s okay, Dan. We have to do what he says.” She hyper-enunciated every word, speaking a little more slowly to emphasize the words and prevent Daniel from doing anything rash. The sexy girl knelt, the action making her breasts jut out enticingly as Mike watched. Their captor sighed, and immediately Kayla saw why.

Daniel’s cock was rapidly inflating, and soon it was straight and hard. It didn’t take a genius to know that Kayla’s naked body was forcing Daniel’s libido to fire on all cylinders. His vein-covered penis was already throbbing, erect and eager to be sheathed in warm, wet pussy. It was appalling…and Kayla’s mouth went slack. And yet, how could she blame him? She knew that he loved her, that he found her so attractive. She was literally his ‘one and only,’ as he liked to say, and she knew that meant that though any naked woman might make a man aroused, she was definitely his kryptonite.

“Now suck on his balls, bitch.” Slowly, tenderly, Kayla took one of Daniel’s testicles into her mouth, sucking on it gently between her lips. Her hands glided across the skin below his belly button, stroking him with tantalizing caresses as her tongue laved his wrinkled sac. She continued to suck and slide her tongue all along the heavy sac until Mike’s cold voice intruded once more.

“Not a bad start, bitch. Let’s get blondie in on this.” Mike took something from the top pouch of the backpack and threw it to Aubrey.

“Cuff the boyfriend’s wrists behind his back.” When Aubrey looked at the shiny cuffs incredulously, the masked man hissed. “I said NOW.”

Aubrey walked over and said timidly, “Daniel, please help me do what he says.” The muscular basketball player put his arms behind his back and the naked blonde girl snapped them into place. Kayla was slurping loudly on Daniel’s balls now, her nose pressed into the bisecting line between the testicles as her slurping intensified. She loved the masculine scent of her boyfriend and the sight of his cock saluting her like a giant spear was actually starting to stir a warmth in her loins. ‘Oh god…Daniel’s so horny already. Is this really getting to me too? What is this psycho going to make us do next?’ she wondered, and a tiny part of her was more than curious to find out.

She didn’t have long to wait. Mike had rummaged into his pack and now brought out two nipple clamps. He threw them at Aubrey’s feet. After she gave him a blank look that had dumb blonde written all over it, he motioned at Kayla’s beautiful breasts.

“I want those tits clamped. Put one on each nipple, blondie. Make yourself useful.” Aubrey reluctantly picked up the two clamps, each made of a thin metal alloy. She knelt beside Kayla and stared at her friend’s supple cones with a look of shame-tinged regret.

“I’m sorry, sweetie.” As she said those words, she affixed one of the clamps to Kayla’s right nipple. The slender girl moaned, sitting back as Daniel’s testicles swung free.

“Did I say you could stop sucking, bitch?” Mike now drew something totally unfamiliar from his pack. The long shock wand had a double-pronged end. He stalked forward, the pistol in his other hand, and proceeded to prod the end into Kayla’s pussy from behind, sending a jolt through her cunt.

“Uhhhh!!!” Kayla groaned, the numbing-tingling in her pussy not totally unpleasant, especially given the way it somehow awakened nerve endings she’d forgotten were there. But the startling impact of it tempered her arousal with fear, and she plunged her face forward again, dutifully lapping at Daniel’s balls.

“That’s better, girlie. Keep it up.” Kayla could see Daniel’s straining cock now. It was a long, monumental phallus with a drop of pre-cum beaded at the tip. She felt sorry for her boyfriend, for the feelings of helplessness and guilt that must have begun pounding him from all sides. Yet she was also feeling the ever-so-slight, almost undetectable beginnings of desire.

As if their cruel captor had read her thoughts, Mike now spoke.

“Ok, brunette bitch, touch yourself with one hand and pump his cock with the other. I’m calling the shots here.” Kayla dutifully obeyed, her one hand grasping the base of Daniel’s now hot and throbbing manhood. She marveled at the velvety-steel texture of his prick as she pumped her grasping fingers up and down its considerable length. Her boyfriend’s monstrous cock had to be nearly 10 inches when fully erect, and the sight of it with the pre-cum at the tip now made her breasts ache and infused a new kind of heat between her legs as Aubrey attached the other clamp to her remaining breast.

‘No…this is so wrong,’ Kayla thought. ‘But I love Daniel. I would make love to him even if I didn’t have to…and the fact that this sick freak is watching us and making us use his twisted toys, I won’t let that change what I feel for him.’ She battled in her mind, her devotion to Daniel blotting out the self-conscious side of her and any would-be shame. The beautiful brunette took her other hand, plying her slender fingers along her slit, rubbing in decadent arcs along her pussy with special strokes against her clitoris and along her inner lips.

Kayla’s hand kept pumping Daniel’s engorged shaft as she fondled herself, the feel of his cock in her grasp only making it harder to resist the urge to give in despite the nightmarish situation. Her breathing was getting rapid now, and she could hear a slight uptick in Daniel’s too.

Mike’s chuckle tainted the moment.

“Yeah, bitch…your boyfriend’s not looking too unhappy about the situation. He’s nice and hard for you. That’s good. You’re going to love this next part.”

The way Mike said it was nasty enough that Kayla didn’t believe him.

He swiveled the barrel of the gun toward Aubrey. “Sit and suck him off, bitch. I want your blonde tresses shaking as you impale your mouth on his cock.”

Aubrey’s eyes widened and for a moment she froze. Kayla’s blood went cold, and the spear of jealousy she felt caught her off guard. The gorgeous young blonde knelt beside her, and for a second Aubrey exchanged a helpless look with Kayla before smothering her boyfriend’s cock between her lips. Aubrey’s breasts bobbed as she pumped her mouth back and forth, forming a tight seal around the head of Daniel’s shaft.

The young man groaned and fixed his tormented gaze on Kayla. Feeling helpless and frustrated, Kayla reached around her boyfriend’s buttocks and began fondling his testicles with one hand even as her other hand continued to rub and finger her own pussy. She looked aghast at Aubrey’s cute face as she took the shaft of Kayla’s boyfriend deeper and deeper into her mouth. A loud sound of suction filled the room, and Aubrey’s lips squeezed tighter around the shaft as she rhythmically pushed her mouth farther and farther down his length.

Daniel’s fists clenched behind his back as his breathing spiked. His face was a rictus of pain only because he was holding the pleasure at bay, forcing himself to stay pure – or at least purer – for the sake of his girlfriend. Kayla knew that he certainly would do whatever he could to avoid coming in Aubrey’s mouth. That surge of jealousy was only gathering in strength though as Kayla felt the urge to claw Aubrey’s eyes out for touching her man.

Next the Spanish girl was only too aware of their captor, gun in hand, intently watching Aubrey’s progress. The naked blonde temporarily came up off of Daniel’s cock, her tongue twirling around its tip after she licked her chops.

“How does he taste, blonde cunt? Talk to your Master.”

‘Master?’ Kayla thought. How delusional was this freak? The thought unsettled her, but she was distracted by the sight of Aubrey licking the underside of her boyfriend’s penis.

“He…he…” The attractive blonde hesitated, and then she admitted it in a rush of words. “He tastes so good Sir.” Kayla glared at her friend now, appalled by the statement even as Aubrey’s mouth slurped on Daniel’s cock with renewed vigor. Soon Aubrey’s lips were forming that tight O-shaped seal and pressing more than half-way down that long shaft, gurgling as she took him in.

Daniel’s eyes squeezed shut as he groaned. “Please stop!” he cried, trying to hold back the surge of cum that wanted to escape from his loins as Aubrey’s tongue cradled the underside of his cock, as she lovingly stroked it with her mouth. Kayla looked at their captor, unsure whether to plead with him or rage at him. She found herself saying words she’d never expected to in her entire life.

“Please, Master…may I suck my boyfriend’s cock?” It was so degrading, asking for permission like this, but she had to chance it. The sight of that slutty backstabbing blonde bimbo sucking on Daniel’s cock for one more second would have been sheer torture, even if a tiny part of Kayla’s brain got so aroused seeing Aubrey’s mouth engulf her boyfriend’s cock as her mouth bobbed up and down.

Mike stalked forward and pressed the barrel of his pistol against the side of Kayla’s face.

“Just because you asked nicely, little cunt, I’m going to be merciful.” He growled at Aubrey. “Okay, that’s enough.” He pointed at the twin bed on the far wall of the dorm room. “Get over there, lover boy, and SIT.”

Daniel did as he was told, his breathing still far above normal. He had come within seconds of shooting his load in Aubrey’s face.

“Good, boy. Now lie back.” Daniel obeyed, though it was clear that every second of this was torture for him. Still, Daniel’s cock was standing rigid, and the lust pooling in his loins was clearly as potent as ever. The young man was a mess of pent-up need, and Kayla sensed the depth of it.

“You want to suck your boyfriend’s cock, eh? I’ll do you one better. You get to FUCK it. How’s that? Give me a good fuck show. But first…” Mike abruptly produced a second pair of cuffs and growled at Kayla to put her hands behind her back. She did so immediately, after all the cold barrel of the gun was now pressed against her left breast. With a snap the cuffs were in place, their unyielding embrace biting into her wrists. She groaned.

“Okay, bitch. Now go hop on that horny dick. Go to town!”

Kayla shakily stood up, unsure of herself. As eager and elongated as her boyfriend’s cock was, this was going to be a little tricky. With both Daniel’s wrists and hers restrained, it was not going to be easy mounting that shaft and keeping it in her pussy. Kayla looked at Aubrey.

“What are you waiting for, bitch? You need blondie to help you straddle him? Go on. Get her to help you.”

Kayla knew for sure that Mike had orchestrated everything like this on purpose now, the way he watched so keenly as Kayla and Aubrey approached the bed where Daniel lay.

Wordlessly Aubrey knew what to do. She grasped the base of Daniel’s shaft and positioned it for Kayla as the girl awkwardly straddled the man she loved. The gorgeous blonde positioned Daniel’s throbbing manhood with the tip of his cock nestled between Kayla’s cunt lips, the head just barely penetrating her exposed sex. Then she abruptly rubbed the cockhead up and down, stimulating Kayla’s clit.

“Aaahhh!” Kayla gaped in surprise at her friend’s sudden initiative. Her hands clenched up as she slowly lowered herself onto Daniel’s cock, feeling her aroused pussy eagerly hug the sides of his penis until all of it was firmly embedded up her young snatch.

“UUhhhh!!” Kayla moaned, the feeling of fullness so delightful. Yes, she admitted to herself, Daniel’s cock felt so heavenly inside her, and she’d be damned if she would let that psycho take that away from her. She began to rock back and forth on Daniel’s cock, her hips gyrating deftly so that she could still stay upright despite having her wrists cuffed behind her.

The gentle rocking motions might as well have been sheer torment to Daniel. The young man moaned as he looked up into Kayla’s eyes and saw that mixture of love and lust, need dovetailing with desire.

“Yes, babe, fuck me,” he groaned.

“OOohhh, I love your cock, baby. It belongs in my pussy,” Kayla cooed. The words were out of her mouth before she was even aware of it, and the sexy girl realized that she was caught up in the moment. Her loins were on fire, her pussy moistening even as the friction of Daniel’s penis rubbing in all the right places just stoked that fire to new and forbidden heights.

Even Aubrey seemed somehow lured in by the moment, her eyes glued to the enjoined sexes of her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend. Aubrey slowly stretched her hand toward Kayla’s sex, gently rubbing her fingers against her friend’s clit as Kayla continued to ride that cock.

“What are you—AHH—doing?” Kayla moaned, somewhat appalled by Aubrey’s attentions.

“Let me make you feel good,” the blonde said simply. Kayla wondered if she felt that she had to do this, to give her pleasure like this because of what she’d done earlier sucking off Daniel’s cock. Was this her version of an apology? Twisted as it was, Kayla almost didn’t mind as her arousal surged, her cunt slickening at the assault of stimuli. Between Daniel’s pumping shaft and Aubrey’s furiously stroking fingers battering her helpless clitoris, Kayla didn’t know what to do. Her clamped breasts ached, and she yearned to have her nipples free as the tightness in them grew unbearable.

As if answering her prayers, Mike’s disembodied command came from behind her.

“You can take off the clamps, blondie, but only if you suck her nipples with your mouth and nip them with your teeth.”

Aubrey immediately took off one of the clamps, and Kayla groaned as the blood rushed back into the little pink bud. The submissive blonde quickly did the same for the other nipple, and another small groan interrupted Kayla’s grunts as she humped Daniel’s cock. Aubrey’s dexterous fingers were suddenly pinching Kayla’s nipples playfully, and her mouth replaced those fingers in a flash, pulling each nipple fervently into her mouth, suckling on each one so deeply until the sensitivity drove Kayla mad.

“UuhhhH!!! Gentle, Aubrey. Please! Mmmm!!” Damn it, the girl was too good at this, Kayla thought. Her pumping pussy was now making squelchy-wet sounds as she writhed on Daniel’s slimy cock. The couple’s mutual arousal had his shaft lubed up with pre-cum and the beginnings of pussy cream, and the scent of sex hung thickly in the air. Kayla’s newly freed nipples beaded into tiny spikes as her slender nakedness bounced more boldly on top of her boyfriend’s penis. His shaft felt so hot and rigid, embedded so deeply in her tight cunt, and she crooned for his benefit, not caring what their vile captor saw or heard. He could get off on it for all she cared. She would make love to Daniel, make sure he knew how much she cared for him.

“I love you so much, babe. Mmm…yes, you’re the only one I want to be with,” she sighed, her pussy grinding furiously atop his shaft. “My pussy belongs to you and only you.”

Daniel’s eyes latched onto hers, and his ragged breathing matched the straining desperation of his cock ready to burst.

“Mmmm, I love you too baby. So damn much! UHhh!!! I’m going to…I can’t hold it much longer.”

Kayla yearned to ruffle the sparse hairs on his chest with her fingertips, to glide her palms up and down those well-defined pectoral muscles. The bastard who’d forced them to do this deserved to be hung upside down and beaten, she thought viciously. Instead Kayla had to make do with grinding her hips more recklessly, clenching her cunt muscles around Daniel’s shaft as she wiggled her ass and added to her boyfriend’s pleasure, not to mention her own.

Meanwhile Aubrey’s skillful fingers were flying along Kayla’s clit, furiously battering and cajoling her nerve bundle until it was engorged like a tiny cock, the heat in her pussy an inferno destined to explode. Then it came, wave after wave of pure pleasure. The ecstasy washed through her, and Kayla’s naked body began convulsing on Daniel’s lap, her cunt spurting its fluids until her feminine scent had completely claimed the helpless male’s cock. Kayla’s primal moan soared through the room, ending only after her spasming body had finally exhausted itself, her cunt cream coating every inch of Daniel’s embedded shaft. Her jaw going slack from satisfaction, Kayla still kept pumping, her pussy greedily slurping up Daniel’s sullied shaft. As she impaled her sated snatch on his rigid length, his body suddenly stiffened like a man in rigor mortis.

He cried out, and his crotch bucked upward with sharp, violent thrusts.

“OOoohhh fuck! Yes…take my seed…I’m coming!” he groaned.

Kayla looked down at their enjoined sexes, grunting and moaning. “Yes, baby, come inside me. Fill me with your cum!” Her hands clenched as she felt his seed warm up her insides. Her feminine instincts cried out with pleasure and satisfaction as Daniel’s cock continued to twitch and spasm inside the damp, velvety glove of her pussy. Finally, when her cunt was fully despoiled by all the ejaculated cum from her boyfriend’s spent cock, she sighed happily. For a few precious moments she had forgotten about their ordeal, about the man who’d taken them all prisoner.

For a moment they had just flung themselves into oblivion together, with even Aubrey coming along for the ride.

Now Kayla came crashing back to earth. Mike was suddenly right beside her, and he pressed the barrel of his gun into her pubic muff. “Not bad, little slut. You and your boyfriend gave me the show of a lifetime there. I’m impressed.” He drew the gun back a few inches, watching the excess cum ooze from her pussy as Daniel’s wilting cock reluctantly withdrew.

“You’re all nasty now, bitch. I think blondie can help you with that though.” He motioned at Aubrey. “Lick out her pussy. NOW.”

Aubrey groaned, reluctant but curious. She had never tasted a woman before, but part of her had always wondered, and if she were going to taste any woman, she would rather it was her best friend. Kayla was someone she cared about deeply, and it was with that concept at the forefront of her mind that Aubrey leaned over and began to lick at Kayla’s sticky folds. The brunette shivered at Aubrey’s touch, as her tongue stroked and prodded between her delicate labia.

“Nooo…Aubrey please stop!” Kayla sighed, but her body violently disagreed, welcoming the intrusion of Aubrey’s tongue as it tenderly laved and ate out her well-fucked pussy, cleaning out every drop of sperm and cum until it glistened purely from the blonde’s saliva. With loud slurps Aubrey vacuumed up every vestige of Daniel’s sperm, finally coming up for air. Yet the salty-sweet tang of Kayla’s and Daniel’s intermingled sexual fluids remained on her palate like the exquisite aftertaste of a fine wine. She licked her chops and groaned as Mike reached over, pinching both of the naked blonde’s nipples.

“You liked that, didn’t you blonde slut? You loved licking up your girlfriend’s cunt cream and her boyfriend’s cum. Admit it.”

Aubrey’s cheeks flushed bright red, and she hung her head in shame. “Yes Master. I…I did.”

‘Oh god,’ Kayla thought. ‘How many more ways can this sick freak humiliate us?’

A sudden buzzing sound got the attention of all three captives.

Mike was now laying out three ribbed vibrators, two longer and one shorter, switching them onto the lowest setting, and he watched them whirring on the bed as he placed them on the comforter one by one.

“Wait…what are you doing with those?” Kayla asked, her voice trembling. “Please, can’t you let us go now? We’ve done everything you’ve asked!”

“Quiet, cunt!” Mike pinched Kayla’s left nipple and then swatted her pussy with the palm of his hand. The wet smack of his palm against her saliva-coated sex resounded in the room, making Kayla yelp more from surprise than any real pain.

“Now I have a fun new game to play with you three. You each get to take a vibe up your pussy – that’s right, blondie, I’m no longer leaving your pussy out of the fun! Also, brunette slut, YOU are going to lube up your boyfriend’s ass and shove this smaller vibrator right in that precious, puckered little hole…”

Kayla’s eyes widened in disbelief and dismay. “You…can’t be serious.”

Aubrey quivered too, shock clearly written all over her face.

Mike brandished the gun and took a long knife from the backpack, gripping it suggestively in the other hand.

“Do I look like I’m joking, bitches?” He threw Aubrey a pair of cuff keys. “Unlock the brunette slut’s cuffs ONLY. The boy toy there can just lie still and anticipate what’s to come.”

Daniel’s tormented face had now gone from the enraptured bliss of post-coital satisfaction back to apprehension and uncertainty.

“Please, man…this is wrong,” Daniel said. “You can’t do this to me.”

The masked assailant ignored Daniel’s pleas though, and instead handed Kayla a vial of lubricant.

“You better start spreading this up his bum. You want it go in easily or rough?”

“Please, okay I’ll do it,” Kayla said.

Mike slapped her hard on the ass. “Aren’t you going to thank me for the lube, bitch?”

Kayla slowly nodded. “Th-thank you Master. Thank you for the lube.”

She knelt down and began spreading the lube around the outer rim of her boyfriend’s anus. This was so degrading, and yet a significant part of her was totally turned on by what was happening. That was the dirty, awful truth. She had had similar fantasies before, about penetrating Daniel’s ass with a strap-on dildo. Kayla had originally thought that these fantasies had come from a dark place, but now she wasn’t so sure. She realized with a sudden moment of clarity that the reason she’d dreamed of fucking her boyfriend’s ass was more because she imagined the exquisite sensations of her own pussy being filled and wanted him to be able to experience even a modicum of that same experience, of having sensations created by something embedded deep inside oneself – being penetrated and feeling that sense of joining.

‘Oh god, this can’t be normal,’ Kayla thought, as she gracefully massaged the oils with her fingers until it coated the sides of her boyfriend’s anus. Then she plunged her fingers in deeper, getting the oil to penetrate.

“AAahhhh,” Daniel sighed, and the sound was not the sound of pain she’d expected. To the contrary, it held a note of tortured pleasure.

Kayla hissed as she suddenly felt a vibrator pressed between her pussy lips. Aubrey was thrusting it up into her cunt at Mike’s command now. Aubrey began pumping the shaft into Kayla’s tight pussy even as her other hand was wedging the remaining vibe between her blonde curls. Aubrey moaned as she fucked herself and her best friend simultaneously, the vibrators whirring on the faster speeds which she’d set them to before inserting them.

‘That bitch!’ Kayla groaned, her pussy quivering as the vibrator slid in and out of her warm wetness.

“Aubrey…MMmm….” She wanted to ask her best friend ‘Why are you doing this? Why are you helping this man rape us?’ But she realized that on one level it was pointless. She was giving Kayla pleasure, she was distracting them from the psycho who had them at his mercy here. Blaming Aubrey achieved nothing, and wallowing in guilt served no purpose. Kayla knew that now.

So now, ever so tenderly, she gently nudged the end of the smaller vibrator into Daniel’s puckered hole.

“Kayla, no! Please don’t!” Daniel begged.

“I’m sorry sweetie. We have to obey him. I don’t want him to hurt you,” Kayla said, her voice regretful on the surface but brimming with anticipation and excitement underneath. She watched with growing lust as the shaft slowly penetrated her boyfriend’s anus, pushing past the sphincter and embedding all the way. Daniel groaned and squirmed as she began to pump the vibrator in and out of his no longer virgin ass. Meanwhile Aubrey’s fierce attentions had her thrusting the vibrator swiftly between Kayla’s slick folds, the brunette’s young pussy quivering at the stimulation of the whirring phallus as it fucked her almost like a real cock.

“OOoohhhhh! Aubrey, yes!” Kayla cooed. “Fuck my pussy just like that, sweetie. Oh god!” Kayla had decided to just go with it. They’d lost all sense of dignity by now, and this shared pleasure might be the last thing they had left to hold onto if this psycho decided to kill them. So Kayla just let her body’s senses overwhelm and redefine her. She let the love and the lust of the moment enshroud her, watching as her boyfriend’s struggles gradually ceased…turning into something else entirely.

“Uhhh!! Ohh god!” Daniel moaned. It was not a groan at all now…definitely a moan. His cock suddenly sprang upward, stiff and elongated. He was, Kayla realized with euphoric certainty, fully aroused from the penetrations in his ass.

The revelation hit her like a brick, and she responded. Her mouth smothered Daniel’s penis as she continued to pump his ass with the sleek, lube-coated vibe. At the same time Aubrey’s pussy was dripping wet from the vibrator she was plunging between her own thighs, her sexy scent joining those of Kayla and Daniel to fill the room.

Daniel’s cock strained inside Kayla’s willing mouth as she slid her lips up and down, slurping madly on his shaft. She groaned and reached her free hand down to rub at her own clit, adding to the stimulation already created by Aubrey’s thrusting hand as the blonde continued to thoroughly fuck her with the long, ribbed vibe. Kayla imagined their twisted captor standing back and watching this bizarre scene of desire playing itself out.

Was the bastard about to come in his pants? She almost had to wonder, and it also made her hopeful that maybe, just maybe, there was light at the end of the tunnel if they just played their cards right and obeyed Mike’s whims long enough…until he was spent.

“Out of the way, blondie!”

Suddenly Kayla felt the vibe disappear, leaving an aching emptiness in her pussy. Instead she felt something warm, throbbing and impossibly stiff slowly thrust deeply between her labia, fucking her to the limit and stretching her tight pussy in ways it had never known. Kayla looked back and saw to her shock that Mike had stripped out of his pants and now stood naked from the waist down behind her. She could hear the flopping sounds of his testicles and feel the wrinkled sac smacking against her thighs. His cock was fucking her at full speed, pounding between her legs as he reached around to finger her clit with one hand and rested the barrel of the gun against her lower back with the other.

“Uhh!! Uhh!! UHH! This is it now, little cunt. You and your boyfriend put on TOO good of a show, so I’ve decided to join in. Now you be a good little fuck-slave and just ram that pussy back to hug my shaft, or I might ‘accidentally’ pull this trigger.”

‘Oh god!’ Kayla thought. The man really was out of his mind. She frantically thrust her cunt back to engulf her captor’s cock, wiggling her ass to add to his sensations and cooing loudly in hopes that he would at least relax. His cock felt good in her pussy, she had to admit, though she was ashamed to admit this to herself as she only cared for Daniel and wished for Daniel’s cock above all others.

But she felt the intense, conflicted emotions wash through her as Daniel moaned with rising pleasure the more she kept plunging the sleek vibrator into his tight, puckered hole. His ass must have been bombarded by sensation because suddenly the combined stimulation of the pumping vibe and Kayla’s mouth smothering his shaft simply sent him over the edge.

“OOohhh baby…oh god!” Daniel crooned. Kayla’s mouth came off his shaft with a gurgle. His cum shot out, spattering across Kayla’s forehead, nose and lips, the excess cum oozing down her chin as she closed her eyes and groaned.

“I’m sorry sweetie…ohhhh god. I’m sorry I helped him rape you,” Kayla sighed, her breasts jiggling wildly with the forceful thrusts as Mike fucked her roughly from behind. Aubrey sat back pumping her own pussy with the vibe, fingering herself and watching the scene unfold. She didn’t dare try to lunge for the weapon Mike still held in his iron grip.

“No…” Daniel said. “It’s not your fault. I’ll always love you, Kayla. No matter what this bastard does to us, I know who you are. I know what you are to me and how you really feel, and that’s all that matters.” His desperate words to reassure her somehow touched her heart. Kayla sighed, her pussy clenching up around Mike’s shaft even as he plunged to the hilt, spearing her wet sheathe fully with his raping cock.

It didn’t matter though – Kayla had only love for Daniel, even if she indulged the base instincts within herself and surrendered to her feminine instincts in the moment. She slammed her cunt back to meet Mike’s next potent thrust, squealing as the orgasm snuck up on her in the instant when Mike rolled her clit between his thumb and forefinger. She felt Mike’s body seize up behind her as she gushed on his manhood, covering his shaft in her fragrant cunt cream and shuddering on his dick.

“OOoooohhhh… Mmmmm!” Kayla’s moan slowly subsided, her pussy twitching with after-shocks from her unexpected orgasm as she laved and tenderly stroked Daniel’s spent cock with her tongue. She felt Mike stiffen up inside her, his straining cock exploding with a volcanic burst of jism that swamped her insides, warming her pussy and leaving it a gooey mess as he withdrew his spent shaft. Cum oozed down her pussy in a long, slimy ribbon.

Aubrey’s right hand was practically a blur as she rammed the purring vibe up between her legs, pumping her pussy with rough abandon as she fondled her breasts with her other hand. Seeing the cum dripping from Kayla’s pussy sent a final jolt to her libido. She closed her eyes, crooning as her head whipped back, her tight cunt clenching up and spurting its fluids all along the vibe. For several long minutes Kayla meanwhile continued to lap at her boyfriend’s penis and testicles, tenderly showing her love only for him and hoping that he would forgive her for achieving orgasm on another man’s cock. After a long while she realized that he was watching her intently. His eyes held no judgment of her though, and there was an unspoken deepening of their connection despite everything. He slowly sat up.

“Kayla, baby…stop. It’s okay. We’re okay now.” His hands were still cuffed, but he sent a pointed look at Aubrey, who had finally recovered her senses after the intense orgasm, and she brought over the keys.

Kayla whirled about, looking around frantically in all directions. Was it really possible, her prayers answered? Their demented captor had gone! She sighed, her body sagging with pure relief. Daniel knelt beside her, showering her with kisses and hugging her tightly against him.

“SSSHHH. Nothing will ever come between us, baby. I love you with my whole heart and soul, Kayla. You are mine and nothing that bastard did can change that.” Kayla whimpered softly, her nose burrowing into his neck as she wrapped her arms around him. The naked couple clung to each other, Kayla’s breasts pressed tightly against Daniel’s muscular torso as he held her close, his cocoon of masculine musk and warmth comforting her and making her forget about the dull ache inside her recently fucked pussy.

Aubrey’s uncertain voice finally intruded on the moment, and she said the words they were all thinking.

“Do we call the police? What do we do?”

Could they reveal what had happened to anyone else, especially when it would also expose their own dark fantasies and desires? Kayla knew that on some level she HAD enjoyed what Mike had done to them, at being made to submit in those humiliating and degrading ways. What was more, she was fairly certain that Daniel had too.

That left only one option. This was a secret that the three of them would have to keep only among themselves. A bond forged between people through trauma was sometimes the most unbreakable kind there was. As Daniel smoothed the tears from Kayla’s eyes the loving couple’s lips met, a soft kiss blooming into passionate reconciliation as if to burn away the shame of the past through passion alone.

‘I love you, Daniel, more than you’ll ever know,’ Kayla thought. One man’s cruelty had tried and failed to take that from her, and she vowed that she would have no regrets.

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