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Flames in the Desert

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“You should grow that moustache again Burt,” Bush said to his friend, his voice full of friendly sarcasm, “They make a nice flavor saver when licking cooze.”

“You would know Bush,” Burt joined in with his friend’s banter.

Burt smiled as he drove their pick up truck, his mind reminiscing to the origin of his nickname. On a fishing trip once, he skipped shaving for a whole week.

When he got home, he decided to shave the beard and leave the moustache. Although he could not see it himself, all his friends said he looked like a poor man’s version of Burt Reynolds. They gave him endless grief and from then on he was “Burt,” even long after he had shaved it off.

His friend, named Bush, was short for Bush Eater. A moniker Bush had earned for his infatuation and addiction for licking and kissing a certain part of a woman’s anatomy. Bush was very successful at attracting the opposite sex. The name had stuck, from his many escapades and now, even his elderly mother called him Bush. She thought, though, her son was called that by his friends, because of a drunken incident when he tumbled in to a hedge. A classic, improvised, bullshit explanation that only lifelong friends are capable of.

Now, both men were Bush and Burt to everyone who knew them.

They were an hour, North of Reno and about an hour and a half away from their destination. Bush had heard about Burning Man from the Old Hipster guy who tended Bar at their favorite watering hole.

Burning man was a festival held out on the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada in the first week of September. It is the third flattest place on earth.

30,000 plus people converge on the prehistoric sea bed at that time of year. A temporary city pops out of the desert overnight, with huge, elaborate works of art placed out on the desert floor, known as The Playa. The center piece is a sixty foot wooden man, which would be set ablaze on Saturday night at the peak of the festival. The party stretches over two and half miles across.

Clothes were optional and outrageous costumes were the norm.

The burning of the man was a symbolic gesture that works of art cannot be owned, only shared. But what got Bush’s attention in particular, were all the tales of open nudity and all the hot “open minded” women who attended. That sounded like Bush’s dream vacation and he badgered and pleaded with Burt to go with him until he finally agreed.

They had listened to the Hipster and were well prepared for the week.

The Playa was no joke with temperatures in the 100s during the day and 40s during the night. And then there was the alkaline dust! The Playa is an ancient sea bed and the ground is hard packed dust, like light brown talcum powder and it gets into everything. Every nook and every crevice. Nothing was sacred. So goggles were a must, as were bicycles. Cars were forbidden to move once in your campsite for safety reasons. Bikes and walking were the only way to get around.

Bush and Burt had cases of water, provisions and booze for a week. The Hipster had told them that Burning man was a gift/trade economy with no vending allowed. The only thing that was sold was ice and coffee and the proceeds from these sales, were donated to the local town for their High School Prom.

They rolled in slowly and stopped at the gate. A women dressed like a ballerina danced up to Burt’s open window and sang, “Tickets please”

Burt smiled at her and handed the women their tickets. She danced over to the booth and returned with their stubs. “Are you Newbies?” she asked.

“Yes we are” Burt smiled

“Then you need to see the man over there,” she pointed to a man dressed in a Superman’s outfit. “He will explain everything,” and with that, she danced off to the next new arrival.

After a humorous lecture on the rules of Burning man, and the instructions, “Take your trash home,” “Respect the porta-potties,” etc., the Greeter Guy cut the men loose to venture out and enjoy the experience with the traditional Burning Man saying, “Welcome Home.”

They drove slowly, taking note of the community slowly coming to life in their make shift homes for the duration of the festival. They looked for a good spot to set up their own camp. The whole time, Bush, the lecher and true to form, kept up an excited monologue of eyeing up the women. “Oh my God, look at her!” pointing out all women of various shapes and sizes. He loved them all!

“Let’s camp here,” Burt slowed the pickup and braked to allow a shapely young thing who was topless with big sunglasses ride by on her bicycle. Both men watched her, in open admiration. They noted her beautiful firm breasts, bouncing free in her natural movements.

“Oh shit Burt. Park the fucking truck,” Bush groaned

Burt spotted an open area and expertly backed in. He got out of the truck and stretched and noted the sky. “Hey Bush, it’s getting dark, let’s set up camp as quick as possible.”

The men worked quickly, like a well-oiled team. They quickly set up their tents and sun shelter and reinforced it with parachute lines and rebar stakes to handle the strong winds of the flat plain. A roll of old carpet was set out to keep the dust down, and lawn chairs and an old card table, were staked into the Playa.

Their camp was completed in no time. Burt tossed Bush a cold beer “To Burning man” Burt offered a toast.

“Fuck Burning Man! To all this Burning Pussy. Flames in the Desert,” Bush corrected him and stuck his tongue out in a lewd display that made Burt crack up with laughter. Eager to explore, they made a quick dinner and washed it down with cold beers.

“Well, Hi Fellas.”

They both turned around to see who had spoken. A red headed woman with a big smile, and even bigger breasts, walked into their camp. “Could you help me?” she spoke again.

She was a stunning woman in her thirty’s with an hour glass figure. She was big breasted and it was obvious to both men immediately that she was bra-less under her blue checked flannel shirt. She had it open at the neck, revealing her ample cleavage and unbuttoned to her waist which allowed for the tails to be tied in a knot under the centre of her peaked and hard-nippled, breasts.

She wore the shortest red shorts that barely covered her rounded, bottom cheeks and brown hiking boots with white terry cotton socks poking over the top. Her red hair was tied in braided pigtails with a perfect centre parting and little red bows at the tips. She was about 5ft 5″ tall and had pale freckled skin, sea green sparkling eyes, and wore red lipstick. She had on a khaki green Australian bush hat that sat on the back of her head. She looked cute, very hot and certainly caught a man’s attention.

“Sure,” Bush got to his feet “What can we do for you?” He was trying to force his eyes away from her ample chest to her face and failing abysmally.

“We were wondering if we could take the spot next to you guys?” She pointed at the huge mobile home idling nearby with the engine running, “You’re not saving it for friends?”

“No, no. We’re alone, just arrived ourselves,” Burt grinned.

“Welcome home,” Bush added the traditional welcome of the Burning Man.

“Thanks fellas, you’re sweet,” she waved in whoever was behind the steering wheel.

“Oh man,” Bush sighed, “I hope she is with a group of women,” as they watched the big mobile home back in.

Their hearts sank as a tall pony tailed man hopped out of the camper and introduced himself. “Hey guys,” offering his hand “I’m Vic and you have met my wife Felicia”

“Well this is Bush and I’m Burt,” Burt answered and they all exchanged handshakes.

“Call me FeeFee,” Felicia smiled.

Their conversation was interrupted when they heard a city howl begin and then build louder and louder as more “Burners” joined in. The cause was the moon rising over the distant mountains that surrounded the Playa. It was a beautiful and stunning sight. The sound was chilling in the desert and yet funny at the same time and they all joined in. Bush threw his head back and stretched his neck. His howl was the loudest in the area.

“Well, we’ll let you two get situated. We were just about to take a bike ride and do some exploring,” Burt mounted his mountain bike and slipped on his knapsack full of cold beers, his hat and goggles. He looked like a character from the movie “Mad Max.”

“Well, have fun fellas and don’t get lost,” Felicia winked and walked back to the camper.

“Yeah, remember your street name and take a few minutes to get your bearings,” Vic added with a smile as the boys rode off in to the dusk.

For the next couple of hours the boys rode slowly around the esplanade, wide eyed at the sights.

Art cars roamed slowly across the playa. They saw a large blue shark following a three mast sailing ship. The deck was full of pirates and party music blared from the onboard sound system. Everywhere they looked they saw something amazing. Fire dancers; a pipe organ that spewed fire; telsa coils crackled with bolts of electricity and people on bull horns attracting people to their “theme camps.” The entire city lit up with flashing neon lights; drums, tinkling bells and all kinds of music played.

And everywhere they looked, they saw women, hot scantily clad women!

“This is fucking amazing!” Burt yelled at Bush

Bush nodded with a big grin, “Told you Burt.”

The boys rode out deeper and deeper into The Playa, attracted by the huge crowd at a rave on the perimeter. As they rode up, the air and ground thumped as thousands of people danced to a deafening techno beat and amazing light show with lasers and strobe lights.

In no time at all, they joined in the fun and were soon dancing with two lovely young ladies, wearing only bikini bottoms and brown sandals.

One of the girls had blonde hair, loose to her shoulders. She had a beaded head band on and light make up that showed off her blue eyes to perfection. She was plump but in the right places. She had amazing heavy and tanned breasts that bounced free as she danced. She had on a gold chain with a clown pendant that tapped on each breast in her rhythmic dance moves. She wore lemon bikini bottoms that suited her tanned skin and a tattoo of a purple butterfly on her lower left belly.

Her friend had brown hair, styled in much the same way with a matching beaded headband. She was slightly slimmer with also limited make up. She had green eyes and pale baby blue bikini bottoms. Her body was also tanned with smaller, pert breasts that also swung nicely as she danced. She wore a waist chain that sparkled as it caught the light, a pierced belly button and a coiled green snake tattoo, looking up, at the base of her spine.

Both ladies were carefree and happy.

Conversation was almost impossible from the loud music. After dancing awhile, the girls motioned to them to follow them a ways away so they could talk.

Sipping beers, they chatted easily. The girls asked if they were new to Burning man. When the boys nodded, the girls giggled and looked at each other and nodded. They were all in a fun and festive mood.

“Well boys only one last thing to do to lose your virgin status,” The blonde walked up to Burt and gave him a lusty kiss. She rubbed her breasts in his chest.

As they embraced, the shapely brunette did the same to Bush.

Burt was amazed by the care free attitude and was very turned on. He kissed the blonde girl back and caressed her firm behind. She was enjoying this encounter as much as he was. His hands squeezed her firm backside and he pulled her in to him so she could feel his erection against her womanhood. He pressed harder against her.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Bush, caressing the body of his partner as well, but he had taken it a step further and was in the Brunette’s bikini bottoms fingering her. Burt could see his friend’s hand moving back and forth in the skimpy material as they kissed. His other hand fondled her backside and was also inside her bikini bottoms.

Bush was taken by the moment as he felt the aggressively sexual kiss of his partner. She invaded his mouth with her tongue, holding his head, fisting his hair and immediately felt a blood rush between his legs. She ground against his hardness. Bush knew an invite when he got it and flexed his pectoral muscles against her soft chest to tease her nipples. He slipped a hand into her bikini bottoms and immediately found she was wet and as turned on as he was. He felt her and discovered a shaved pussy, then fingered her and enjoyed the change in her breathing. She was hot and so ready for him!

Burt moved his hand down the Blonde’s body and voluptuous curves of her breasts. She laughed and pushed him away playfully, “Not here baby,” she teased, full of promise, “Follow us back to our camp.”

The Blonde hopped on her bike. The Brunette looked wistful but did the same and said “Keep up guys,” blowing them a kiss.

They rode off fast and the boys rode after them in a hot and horny pursuit. They kept the girls in sight.

Bush panted, “Hard to ride with a boner,”

“No shit Bush,” Burt agreed and laughed.

Burt was the first to notice a change. People were putting goggles and particle masks on and looking to the east. Bush slowed and looked back and said, “Fuck me running! Stop Burt!”

Burt looked and saw a massive, tall, brown swirling wall, coming out of the darkness as the wind began to roar. A massive dust storm was moving in. They braced for it and put their goggles on and placed bandanas around their mouths. There was nowhere to go. They stared in awe as the cloud slowly overtook The Playa and then engulfed them.

They recalled the “newbie Greeter’s advice” when they initially arrived about the regular dust storms. They got off their bikes and hunkered down to wait it out.

The wind storm was incredible and certainly an experience. Bush was less than three feet away from Burt but he had all but disappeared in the brown, dusty, swirling soup.

The dust was warm from the radiant heat of the day but in striking contrast, the wind was cold and caused goose bumps. It made you feel small, alone, cut off and at the mercy of Mother Nature.

The wind started to subside a bit and then lights from a nearby sculpture began to burn through the dust and made brownish halos. Then, as fast as it had overtook them and with one last gust, it was gone. The desert was back.

The guys stood up and looked at each other laughing, relieved it was all over. They were thoroughly dusted. A layer of the greyish brown dust about 1/8 of an inch thick covered every bit of exposed skin. The goggles helped but the bandana that covered their mouths, not so much. The dust was bitter to the taste and both men spit and wiped off their lips.

“Well that was an experience,” Burt said with a grin

“Yeah we look like the Clay People from the old Flash Gordon serials,” Bush looked at them both.

Then they remembered the women. They looked in the direction where they last saw the two girls. There was no sign of them. They rode around in the general direction hoping to see them.

“Fuck! We lost them.” Bush moaned, “Did she give you an address at least?”

“Huh yeah, follow us. You dumb shit!” Burt cursed, sarcastic in his disappointment.

Bush grabbed his beer from the cup holder he made for his bike and took a sip. Then pulled a face, spit on the floor and turned the can upside down. A foamy mud poured to the desert floor, splattering and darkening the lighter dryer color of The Player.

A woman walked by at the same time and said with a smile, “Dust is not a food group.” The guys both laughed.

“No kidding,” Bush answered, good naturedly.

The trail for the girls was unfortunately cold. The guys decided, therefore, to ride back to camp and clean up, restock the knapsack and try again. They scanned the area to get their bearings. Burt saw the large flashing tower that was their landmark and they found their camp with little difficulty.

They parked their bikes and were pleased to see the camp had held up well in the dry storm. They used a small whisk broom to sweep off as much of the dust as possible from their bodies and clothes.

“You guys back already?” They looked to see Vic walking over to them, “It’s not even midnight,” he teased.

They chuckled and told Vic about their evening, leaving out the sexy encounters.

“Do you have a shower?” Vic inquired.

“Sort of, a garden sprinkler can and a plastic pallet to stand on that Bush had taken from the warehouse where he worked,” Burt explained.

“Well you can use ours if you like,” Vic kindly offered.

They gladly accepted and followed Vic up the stairs and into the large camper. Their eyes adjusted to the dim lighting.

The camper was stunning and very luxurious inside. They saw various nude and tasteful photographs on the walls. Some were colored, some black and white and some sepia. They looked closer and saw it was FeeFee.

“I’m a photographer,” Vic explained, “Isn’t she stunning?”

Bush and Burt looked closer and had to agree. Some were of her on her own and some were of her body in sensual entwined bodies of unknown males, their faces partially obscured by their various poses.

“You?” Bush asked indicating the male.

“No, just friends we made on the road,” Vic smiled.

He showed the boys to the master bedroom and their luxurious on-suite shower. He pointed to the shower washes and clean towels and left them to it. They took their turn to enjoy the unexpected treat of running, clean and hot water.

They emerged after half an hour or so, fresh, clean, fragrant and naked except for the towels around their waists. They held their dirty clothes in their hands and joined Vic and FeeFee in the main living room.

The soft wall lights were on and the curtains wide open. Any Festival goers outside could easily see into the mobile home and see anything happening inside.

Soft Arabic music played and the couple were relaxed and drinking beer. Vic was on the sofa.

Fee Fee was belly dancing for Vic and looked very hot and exotic. She knew how to work her body to tease and tantalize her audience. The two men watched spellbound.

She was dressed in a very sexy pale blue belly dancers outfit. The top was sheer and see through with a golden tassel trim and blue thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders. The boys could see her large rounded breasts and protruding nipples through the silky material. The see-through panties and scanty little skirt matched in color and tassels. The skirt was longer on her left hip and tapered up to her top right hip, leaving that side exposed. She had a shaved smooth pubic area.

Vic motioned them to the sofa and offered them a beer to watch her dance. The boys dropped their dusty clothes by the exit door and gladly accepted. FeeFee was mesmerizing. All three men were soon showing erections as she rolled her tummy and swayed her hips and arms.

“Why don’t you dance with her, and I’ll get my camera?” Vic encouraged.

“I may not keep my hands off her,” Bush joked, “Your wife is very beautiful.”

“I don’t want you too,” Vic stated and smiled. “We have an open relationship. She chose you when we set up camp next door.”

Bush and Burt could hardly believe their luck and immediately began to dance. The beer drank throughout the day and night, helped to lose any inhibitions.

A small group of voyeurs and doggers began to gather outside, unheard, unseen in the darkness and unknown to the four inside, not that any would particularly care.

FeeFee danced around Bush and Burt. She placed their hands on various parts of her body, as Vic snapped away with his camera.

The eroticism of the moment took over. Bush stroked her large breasts and then hooked a finger under the tassels of her top, caressed her skin and eased the top over her up stretched arms. The flimsy material teased her flesh. Bush watched closely as her bare body was tantalizingly revealed, inch by inch.

Burt eased the little skirt down her shapely hips, slowly and erotically, and she stepped out of it, leaving her naked except for the see through blue G-string. She was breath taking.

Bush lifted her breasts to his lips in slow, deliberate movements, and kissed, suckled, and buried his face in her soft orbs. He reveled in the feel of her soft silkiness.

Burt knelt behind her and slowly removed her G-string and did the same with her bottom. He kissed, licked and buried his face in her cheeks, rimmed her anus and lower pussy, slowly taking and relishing his pleasure.

FeeFee was a free spirit and allowed the erotic sensations of the two men worshipping her body, take her to the heady heights of sensual pleasure. She moaned and groaned as the men explored her for the first time.

She bent over to push and offer her bottom to Burt and pulled Bush’s towel off to take his hard cock in her mouth. She licked his length and sucked and kissed all over his genitals. Bush shut his eyes, relished the moment and circled slowly at her face and head.

Vic offered words of encouragement, “That’s beautiful Fee,” as he focused and clicked the camera.

Bush pushed his cock into her mouth, feeling it curl down as he hit the back of her throat and enjoyed the warm heat right up to his balls. She held her breath to accommodate him and sucked on him. Then he withdrew to let her breathe again and slow fucked her head. He held the sides of her head to guide the movements.

Burt licked and tasted her sweet sex. New pussies were always special and he explored every crevice, every fold and every opening with his eyes, then his fingers, then his tongue. He pulled on her sex gently; opened her up; blew on her softly and probed with fingers and tongue. She was a beautiful, sensual woman. He finger fucked her pussy and anal passage with one hand as his other hand teased her clitoris. He expertly persuaded her body to secrete plenty of natural, tasty lubricant. She was very, very, wet, hot and moist.

Vic photographed them both, zooming in to cover the hot actions.

“Fuck her,” Vic whispered to Burt. Burt dropped his towel and teased her pussy opening with his cock and then he pushed into her wet heat. She moaned on Bush’s cock in her mouth.

Both men worked together fucking her body as FeeFee rocked and moaned between them. Vic got underneath them with his camera, clicking intimate pictures and then fondled his wife’s hanging breasts and sucked her swollen clitoris.

FeeFee was in seventh heaven as the three men gave her exquisite sexual sensations. She shuddered at the hot action, climbing higher and higher in her pleasure world until they reached their goal and sent her over the precipice to that wonderful, swirling sea of orgasm. She gasped, muffled whimpers of joy onto Bush’s cock.

Then Vic moved out from underneath her, to watch the guys work his wife as he stroked himself. He let them take creative control and took a picture every now and then to capture the moment.

Bush and Burt picked her up and placed her trembling body on a central table face up, a cushion under her head and neck. They swapped positions. Burt fucked her hanging head, pushing into her wide open mouth. Bush lived up to his name, hungrily but sensuously eating her orgasmed pussy.

FeeFee writhed and moaned, and gripped Bush’s hair as the men built up her need again.

Bush then rose up to mount her and thrust into her. He wrapped her legs around his waist and fucked her hard. Burt watched as he fucked her head, sliding his cock into her sexy mouth. He massaged her big tits and matched the same rhythm as Bush.

Bush liked the tight slick pussy on his cock, moving up and down, he liked watching Burt fuck that beautiful red lip-sticked mouth and squeeze her breasts in front of him. It was hot, dirty, wonderful lusty sex.

Bush felt his scrotum tighten and the tension build up as he fucked her deep and hard. He increased the rhythm and felt her heels drum his bottom. It excited him. Then the control was gone. The leg trembling began. He crashed into that white light of sexual ecstasy. He threw his head back, roared his delight, withdrew from her pussy, just in time, and spurted his creamy white orgasm over her tummy and tits. He stroked his own cock over her nude body as he finished milking every drop on to her.

Bush swapped again with Burt.

Bush placed his sensitive cock in FeeFee’s mouth so she could taste the pleasure she had given him and hand massaged his male produce into her body.

Burt was hot and horny. He plunged into her hot, wet sex and was intent on reaching his own selfish pleasure now. He rammed her shaved pussy in total fuck mode. Seeing his friend cum, had rocketed his libido into primal need. Again and again he rammed into her. He watched her lick Bush’s cock clean, saw her nudity and rocking tits in front of him, saw her sexy poses in the photographs on the wall. It built his excitement. And then it came in a volcanic explosion. Like Bush he managed to withdraw and showered his excitement all over her tummy and torso, growling in pleasure as he did so.

Satisfied and sucked clean, Bush moved on to the seat next to Vic. He watched Burt move round to FeeFee’s mouth to be licked clean. He too massaged his cum into her sexy body. It made for a very erotic picture.

Vic let his wife catch her breath on the table in front of them as he passed bottles of beers to Bush and Burt. He then went to their bedroom and fetched a sybian, a box like seat with a dildo attached and placed it on the settee opposite to where they were sitting. He placed the remote control for it by his beer.

“My turn now boys, enjoy the show,” he helped FeeFee up, kissed her deeply and said to her, “You know what I want baby.” He helped her turn round and kneel on the table. Then she bent forward on to her forearms so her bottom was up in the air and her breasts hanging down.

Vic stood behind her. He fondled and probed her pussy till she moaned and writhed against him. He lubricated and fingered her anus before entering her special place, gently easing into her with his hard penis.

She groaned. He rolled inside her carefully and rocked until she had taken him and was used to all his length. He held on to her hips and slowly inserted a vibrating dildo in to her pussy. It had little protruding arms that nestled each side of her clitoris.

He used the control and turned it up till he could feel the vibrations on his buried cock. FeeFee moaned in enjoyment as she felt the hum on her bud and inside her cavity.

Then he fucked her, moving in and out of her slimy and tight anal passage. He set a slow, sensual rhythm at first but soon fucked faster as FeeFee joined in, and rocked back on to his cock.

He speeded up at each thrust, until his cock pounded into her ass and his balls slapped her vibrating pussy. They were both breathing hard and a sheen of sweat covered their exerted bodies. They rocked faster and faster in their own sexual little world.

Bush and Burt watched in fascination at the free floor show. The couple seemed to like having an audience and the men liked watching Fee Fee’s big rocking breasts; hearing both of their groans and the hard core fucking taking place in front of them.

They drank their beer and clinked their bottles when eventually both FeeFee and Vic grunted and whimpered in thrilled elation. They hit their noisy peak and orgasmed together.

Fee Fee’s body jerked and spasmed as the ultimate pleasure overtook her body. Vic grunted and shot his load inside her. He reduced the fast pace and fucked her slowly to ensure she received all of his seed.

FeeFee lay on the table, catching her breath, quite exhausted and Vic sat back down with his new fuck buddies, a satisfied smile on his face. They all looked at the well fucked woman on the table, admiring her panting and beautiful body.

Unseen eyes were doing the same outside, some unable to resist and were self- pleasuring.

“What’s that?” Burt asked Vic, eventually, indicating the toy opposite.

“That Gentleman, is the Sybian, the best sex toy in the world. If you liked Fee Fee’s Belly dancing you will love her next performance”

He picked up the remote control and they watched as he showed them how the Sybian worked on its own. Each took a turn with the controls. The dildo moved up and down, twisted erect in little circles and vibrated, all at different speeds.

The men clinked their bottles of beer and then raised them to FeeFee on the table. She sat up, smiled naughtily, and drank the toast with the men from her own bottle of beer, Vic had handed to her.

“To The Burning Man and Fee Fee, The perfect Flame in the Desert,” Bush and Burt said together and they all laughed.

All four of them, including the voyeurs outside, looked forward to the remainder of the night and the rest of the Burning Man Festival.

The End.

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