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First Time (with an Older Woman)

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When I was younger my dad got me a summer job working on Saturdays for Mrs Jones. She was a woman who had a property out by the river and my job was to help her do landscaping, cut back trees, lay pavings etc.

The property was a bit run down and it was hard work. Mrs Jones was a bit of a hippie. She lived alone and I guess she must have been divorced because she never wore a wedding ring, even though everyone called her Mrs Jones.

The first couple of weeks were pretty uneventful — lots of hard work in the hot sun. She always made lunch and lots of cold drinks when we had breaks — they were always healthy hippie things but of course all I wanted was a burger and a coke.

One day while we were having lunch I thought I could see a little bit of dark brown hair sticking out from under the sleeve of the t-shirt she was wearing. I didn’t want to stare and wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination. Although I’d just turned 18, I was a virgin and was inexperienced with girls but I have always been obsessed with women’s armpit hair and hairy pussy. I blame my cousin.

When we were younger and I was just starting to get really curious about women, he showed me this big collection of porno mags that his uncle had given him. They were all from the 60s and 70s — a lot of them were Playboy and Penthouse, which featured the most beautiful women I’d ever seen and all of them had curvy bodies and big natural bush.

In those days the women were always proud of their muff and it was always photographed in detail. That started my love of big bush but he also had some old European hardcore magazines. I couldn’t believe the women in them — they were all beautiful and none of them shaved or trimmed their pubic hair. They were doing hardcore stuff — les action, threesomes, foursomes, cock sucking — I couldn’t believe it. Almost all of them also had unshaven armpits. Here were these hot girls sucking and fucking — all with big hairy muff and unshaven pits. I don’t know if that was the reason but I’ve always been into hairy women.

On the third Saturday something unusual happened. We were in the garden and the hot sun was against my back. Mrs Jones came over to me, wearing her usual overalls but with a sleeveless tshirt underneath. The sun was right in her eyes and she lifted one arm to block the light and with the other she pointed over my shoulder and began talking about the next bit of work we had to do.

There, for the first time, were her armpits, revealed in all their glory. I was wearing sunglasses and took my opportunity to take in the view she had just offered me. Her pits were amazing –brown hair grew along the length of her armpit. It was thick and quite long. I stared at one pit and then the other, admiring how the hairs looked from different angles. I could hear that she was talking but had no idea what she was saying.

“What do you think?” she asked.

Still staring at her pits I replied dreamily, “Amazing …really amazing.”

She smiled at me and stroked my arm.

“Glad you’re so enthusiastic about digging up some tree stumps,” she said.

For the rest of the day I worked hard but Mrs Jones kept her distance and I was a bit confused. That night in bed I lay awake stroking my cock, dreaming of her pits and imagining what it would be like to touch them. I was thinking of Mrs Jones hairy armpits when I blew my load all over my sheets.

The next two weeks at Mrs Jones things were definitely different. At first I thought it was my imagination but after a while I realised she was taking every opportunity to show off her pit hair. She wore singlets under her overalls and seemed to make a conscious effort to lift her arms or put herself in a position that would reveal her armpits to me. She would lean against things, or stretch her arms above her head or deliberately reach for things up high, if I was close by. I made sure I was always wearing sunglasses and I enjoyed the show — returning home each Saturday night to wank furiously over what I’d seen that day.

As my father drove me to her property one Saturday morning the man on the radio news said it would be the hottest day this year. My dad told me to take care not to get sunburnt and said I could come home early if I got too hot. Mrs Jones and I worked outside for about 30 minutes before the heat became too much.

“Come inside,” she said. “We’ll have a cold drink. I thought it might be too hot outside today so I planned some things for inside the house that we can do.”

I didn’t know what she had in mind but I thought it would probably be some painting or cleaning.

“Wow, it is so hot outside today,” Mrs Jones said. “Lucky it’s nice and cool inside on this side of the house.”

I stood in the kitchen with my cold drink and nodded and then watched in amazement as Mrs Jones turned her back to me and began to unbuckle the straps of her overalls. She acted like I was not even there as she let the overalls slip down her body and onto the floor. She stepped out of them and I gazed at her from behind.

She was wearing a white singlet and tiny cut-off denim shorts that were frayed at the edges. Casually she walked into the next room — her study. The room was pretty sparse, with a day bed under the window, a desk, and bookcase. There was also a light, which had a large lampshade, that hung down low from the ceiling.

Mrs Jones called my name and I went into the room. She was standing under the light with both hands above her head, holding the lampshade.

“I have to change the bulb and then the shade,” she said. “Can you help me?”

I walked over to her and there were her pits, exposed to me in their full glory. I made no secret of staring at them — how could I? I couldn’t believe I was so close to them. If I leaned forward I would be able lick them, I thought. Mrs Jones just looked at me, as my eyes focussed on her underarms.

“There is something I need you to do,” she said softly.

I gulped.

“There is a box with a light bulb down at my feet. I need you to pick it up for me.”

I looked down and between her bare feet was the box. I tore my eyes away from her underarms and knelt down to pick it up. I was on my knees now and realised that I was in the direct eyeline with her crotch. I stared at the frayed material at the end of her demin cut-offs and wondered if that was her black underwear I could see under the shorts.

I was staring up and lost in that thought when I heard her cough.

“What’s taking you so long?” she asked.

I stood up straight away and looked at her face. Her expression was calm, with the hint of a cheeky glint in her eye.

“Haven’t you forgotten something?” she asked.

I realised that I had totally forgotten to pick up the light bulb.

She smiled and said softly, “You seem a bit distracted. Maybe I should put my arms down …”

“Please don’t,” I said.

“I bet none of the girls your age look like this,” she said, glancing down at one of her bushy pits. “I get the feeling that you like them …?”

I heard myself explaining to her how much I loved women who had unshaven armpits and that I loved hairy pussy. I told her about the magazines and even told her that I’d jerked off while thinking of her hairy underarms.

She smiled at me and I realised that my face was red with embarrassment and that I was all hot and flushed.

“You know … I really like the sound of all that,” she whispered.

“But you look a bit hot and uncomfortable. I think you should take your shirt off.”

I removed my shirt.

“You know… I think that you should take off your shorts as well.”

I took them off too and could feel my boner bulging in my underwear.

She peeked down and said “Oooh, look at that. That’s encouraging. Now …. You’ve been very patient. I get the feeling you’ve really enjoyed looking at my armpits but I’m sure you’d like to do more than just look.”

I felt my heart racing.

“Why don’t you do some of those things you thought about doing to my pits, while you were jerking off at night….”

She smiled as I extended both my arms and let my fingers touch the ends of her pit hairs. I slid my fingers through the hairs in her pits admiring their thickness and length. They felt even more amazing than I’d imagined. I took the hairs between my thumb and finger stroking them. I put my right hand flat against her pit and rubbed my palm gently up and down. I then softly made a fist so the hairs were trapped in my hand.

I’d been doing this for several minutes (but it felt like much longer) and after using my fingers some more Mrs Jones whispered, “I think there’s something else you want to do …. Why don’t you just do it?”

I found myself leaning towards her, seeing her pit come closer and closer to my face until my mouth found itself in the well of one of her pits. I licked her passionately in long strokes from the bottom of her pit to the top. I did not stop until I felt like I’d licked every hair of that pit.

“Oh, that was so good,” she whispered.

I went to her other underarm and enjoyed the tender skin of her pit, as well as the hairs. This time I sucked the hairs, enjoying how they felt in my mouth and under my tongue. My dick was just about bursting out of my underwear.

“Ok,” she said. “Stop for a moment. Now I want you to look into my eyes and while you do, take off your underwear. But don’t stop looking at me.”

I did it and could feel my cock sticking straight out from my body, hard as it had ever been. She lowered her left arm and used it to point at her right pit.

“Now, I want you to look here and don’t take your eyes of this armpit … no matter what!”

She bent her right elbow, reached across with her hand so our palms were touching — at about shoulder height. We interlocked fingers and with her free hand she again pointed to her pit hairs.

“Eyes there young man.”

I stared at her armpit and she slowly bent her knees. Her arm was stretched out straight as she knelt before me and I groaned as she wrapped her wet mouth around my cock. It was the most incredible feeling I’d experienced in my life.

To start with she gently sucked on my knob, then she licked the length of my shaft down to my balls, which she also sucked. She worked her mouth back up my shaft until she was at the head of my cock, which again disappeared into her mouth. She took a quarter, then a half, then three-quarters into her mouth then moved her head back and forth in a slow rhythmical motion. I snuck a peek away from her pit hairs to watch.

She sucked my knob, letting her tongue roll over the end of my dick. She effortlessly took more and more of my cock into her mouth until she was deepthroating me. I couldn’t believe the whole length of my dick was in her mouth.

I was worried I was about to cum and said that to Mrs Jones.

She let my dick slip out of her mouth and said “I don’t want you to hold back. Don’t try to stop yourself cumming. I can tell that you’re pretty close. Just enjoy it. Are you still looking at my armpit?”

“Yes, I said. “I can see the hairs are starting to get sweaty.”

With that she slipped my dick back in her mouth and began to suck gently. With her free hand she began to stroke my balls and I knew I was about to explode. She moved my dick with her tongue, so that only the very end of my knob was in her mouth. I began to moan as I orgasmed and I shot my huge load, which gushed from my cock.

Mrs Jones casually swallowed my cum, letting it slide down the back of her throat. I shot more lovemilk from my cock and she kept swallowing, moaning softly. My dick continued to spasm until the last of my giz was gone. She kept my dick in her mouth even when my cum had run out and she sucked it softly until I began to lose hardness.

She stood up and licked her lips.

“Didn’t spill a drop,” she said.

I noticed a small glint of my cum on the edge of her mouth before I felt lightheaded and weak at the knees. She took me by the arm and laid me on the daybed. I lay back and my eyes glazed over ….

I don’t know how long my eyes were closed for but when I re-focused Mrs Jones was sitting on a chair in front of me, with her legs crossed. I told her that was the most incredible thing I’d ever experienced.

“Glad you liked it,” she said. “I did too. You know your cum is really delicious. I am a bit curious about something though,” she said. “When I asked you to pick up that lightbulb earlier you took a long time down there. I’m guessing you were looking up my shorts. Did you get to see what you wanted to see?”

“I got a glimpse of your black underwear,” I said.

“Really…?,” she said slowly. “Maybe you’d like to have another look.”

And with that she stood up, put her legs wide apart and put her hands on her hips. I got off the daybed, still naked, and dropped to my knees.

I let my eyes travel up her smooth legs, past her knees and along her thighs. I could see the darkness beyond the frayed denim. I noticed some stray hairs that were growing down the top of the front of her thighs. Like her armpits they were a dark brown colour. I looked up from that and expected to see her black panties but that was when I realised that she wasn’t wearing any … and I was looking at her incredible pubes.

“Oh my god,” I said. “That’s not your underwear, that’s your bush!”

“Maybe you’d like to have a better look,” she said as she started to undo the zip at the front of her shorts.

She opened her fly and exposed the top of her triangle of hair. It was thick and brown. I gasped and she said, “would you like to see some more?”

I nodded and she wiggled her way out of the denim shorts and let them fall to her feet.

There it was – the hairiest bush I had ever seen. I thought it was like a pyramid that was upside down, with the hairs disappearing into the gap between her thighs.

She smiled and said “you can touch it if you want.”

I stretched out my hand and ran my fingertips up her thighs to the stray hairs that were growing down the front. They were very short and curly and would have been visible if she’d been wearing underpants. I felt my cock rise to attention and she looked down and I noticed her smile at the reaction of my dick to her hairiness.

I slid the fingers of both my hands onto the edges of the top of her bush. The hairs were so thick it felt like I was running my hand across carpet. I stayed there kneeling before her, my eyes wide open and my fingers working their way through the front of her pussy hair. She stroked the side of my face and then moved to the daybed, where she reclined.

I went to her, still on my knees. She still had the singlet on and stretched her legs out but kept her knees quite close together. From my position I was now directly above her crotch and I gazed at her beauty.

“Do whatever you want to me,” she whispered.

I wanted to take my time so I again used my hands to explore her but this time I was more forceful, pushing my fingers through the hair down to her hidden pubic skin. I noticed that in some places the hairs were like tiny dark ringlets. I leant closer and closer until I could smell her and then I could not restrain myself any more and I opened my mouth. I took as much hair as I could into my mouth and sucked it. She moaned softly and touched my back. I continued to do this, taking big mouthfuls of hair and skin. I licked across ways from the top of her bush, going back and forth in a slow zigzag motion until I got down to where her thighs met.

This is when she spoke to me.

“You are doing very well for someone on his first go. I want to open my legs for you now,” she whispered. “There are some things that are even better to lick than armpits and front bush — even though they’re pretty good.”

She opened her legs and I could smell her pussy juice from where I was — my pulse jolted through my dick. I breathed deeply through my nose and looked at what was before me. Her thigh hair grew to a certain spot and then stopped. There was a strip of smooth skin and then her thick bush hair began. The hairs covered her mound and I could only just see her opening and the hairs there were visibly wet.

“Now I know you like exploring my hairs but I’m so horny that you’ll have to go straight for my pussy. I’m really wet and want you to taste my juices,” she said.

I didn’t need another invitation and hearing her talk like that turned me on even more. I leant forward and buried my nose in her bush and forced my tongue through the hairs on her outer mound and began to lick her inside, as deeply as I could.

“Ahhh, yes,” she said. “Lick my hairy pussy!”

I licked inside her in every speed, depth and position I could think of, turning my tongue inside out. I felt my boner pushing up against the edge of the daybed as I enjoyed her amazing taste.

I don’t know how long I’d been licking for but she was moaning softly and touching my head. Up until then my tongue had only been in her slit and I couldn’t help myself — I had to let my mouth explore more of her. I sucked on her outer pussy, feeling the hairs in my mouth. I worked my way across to her inner thighs, up to the top of her bush and down to her ass. She was divine.

“Oh, that’s good,” she said. “But here … let me show you something.”

She slid her fingers through her bush and pulled back the soft skin at the top of her pussy revealing her pink clit.

“The secret with the clit is to be gentle at the start,” she whispered.

She left her fingers there, keeping the hood pulled back and I began to let my tongue do some work. Using her moaning as a guide I let my tongue and mouth roam around her pubic region, the whole time completely loving having my face buried in her luxuriant bush.

At one stage I was licking slowly, in a straight line, from her ass all the way up to the top of her bush, and then back down again, always stopping at her clit for a little extra attention. Time must have warped because it seemed like I spent half an hour down there, licking and sucking and letting my mouth and tongue and nose get covered by her sex.

Mrs Jones was moaning softly and began saying, “Come up here and fuck me … Come up here and fuck me … I want to feel your dick in my pussy.”

I paused and realised my face was wet from her juices and my saliva.

“Come on, stand up. I want to see your cock.”

I stood up and my dick was sticking out straight in front of me.

Mrs Jones sat up and removed her singlet. She leaned forward and took my cock and guided it to her hairy outer lips. I slipped straight in and experienced heaven for the first time. I kept looking down, almost unable to believe that my dick was disappearing into that magnificent overgrowth of hair.

I began to thrust nervously but Mrs Jones started to move her hips and I just followed her rhythm. She beckoned me down and I began sucking and licking her tits. They were small — I could cover one with a cupped hand — but I was letting my mouth slide over them. I loved the feeling of flicking my tongue back and forth over her hard nipples.

I was panting and Mrs Jones grabbed my hair and pulled me towards her and kissed me passionately. Her mouth was now under my chin, kissing my throat. I could feel my cum rising in my balls once more. I told her and she paused from sucking on my neck to whisper, “don’t ever hold back with me. Shoot your load when your dick says its time … but just try to pull out and blow on my bush!”

I gulped and groaned and Mrs Jones smiled and lifted one of her arms.

“Bury your face in my pit and lick it til you cum,” she whispered hornily.

I started lapping at her pit hairs frantically but only got a few quick licks in before I blew my load. I managed to pull out and get most of it onto Mrs Jones pubes.

She took my cock with her other hand and used it to rub my cum through her hairs. I sank back onto the daybed and watched as Mrs Jones used her fingers to rub the cum into her fur, while she rubbed her clit, bringing herself towards a climax.

“That was amazing today,” she said. “Now I want you to talk to me, tell me how much you love my body, love my hairy parts.”

The words came tumbling out of my mouth, slowly, awkwardly, and as I spoke Mrs Jones worked her clit, stroked her bush and played with her pussy.

“I love your hairy pussy, I could eat it all day. Your armpits are amazing, I can’t believe you let me lick them, I am the luckiest guy in the world. I want to lick every hair on your body, between your neck and your knees. I want to touch your pit hairs and your pubes with my hands, my mouth and my cock!”

She was ready to explode and lifted her arm again and ordered me to suck her pit. I was licking and sucking her amazing bushy underarm as she came — a great wailing orgasm that rippled through her body – her fingers entangled in the hairs between her thighs.

I sat back on the daybed and she lay her head in my lap, looking up at me but with her eyes closed, her arms up, wrapped around my torso. Eventually our breathing returned to normal and I just gazed at her body. We stayed like that for quite a while. We didn’t speak, but slowly untangled ourselves and I got dressed and rang my father.

She came to me, still naked, and we kissed for a long time. She softly asked if I’d be coming back to work next weekend.

“I’d certainly like to,” I said. “Me too,” she smiled. “You’ll have some good memories to wank to all week!”

How true, I thought.

On the car trip home dad said, “Hot day son. Glad Mrs Jones let you come home early. Hope it wasn’t too hard for you.”

“It was hard, dad, but I think I did ok,” I said with a laugh.

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