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First Time Bi

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I was bored at home one day, surfing around and chatting on IRC, when I decided to check out the local bi channels. I had been curious for awhile, but was nervous about delving deeper into my bisexual side. I knew that my primary attraction was to women, but the idea of sex with a man also turned me on. I was looking for a couple, with a bi guy, as I wasn’t comfortable just meeting up with a guy alone.

After about an hour of chatting, in comes “Bi_Couple1”, and I decide to message them. It turned out that they only lived about an hour away from me. I was chatting with the husband, he said his name was Paul. After chatting together for about half an hour, he said that they’d be very interested in meeting for coffee later that day!

After thinking about it for a few minutes, I decided “What the hell.” and agreed. We set the time and place, and I logged off to shower and change.

I quickly stripped and jumped in the shower, making sure to clean everything really well. My nine inch cock was hard just thinking about what might happen later that night, and after soaping it up, I could barely resist the urge to jack off until I came.

Fighting the temptation, I rinsed off quickly and got dressed. I slid on a pair of black jeans, no underwear, and a t-shirt. I still had about an hour and a half until the meeting, but decided to leave early anyway. I wouldn’t want to get stuck in traffic and be late!

Before I continue on with the story, let me take a moment to describe myself. I’m just under 5’7, about 140lbs, I have brown eyes, with long black hair and a goatee. I’m currently 29, but at the time of this story, I was 26.

Luckily I left early, as I did end up stuck in some traffic. I arrived about five minutes early at the coffee shop, so I went in, grabbed a Pepsi, and found a table. I nervously kept an eye on the door, waiting Paul and his wife to come in. I must have been watching the wrong door, as a voice came from behind me.

“Excuse me, but would your name be Adam?” Oh yeah, at least for the purposes of this story, that’s my name. I turned around, and nodded as I caught site of both of them, both considerably attractive. He stuck out his hand. “I’m Paul, and this is my wife Mary.”

I smiled, “Hi Mary, I’m Adam.” They sat across the table from me, and the conversation started in safe territory, like “What do you do?” and other normal things.

I took the opportunity to check them both out a little closer. He was about 5’9, short dirty blond hair, blue eyes, a lean build, and about average looks.

She was about 5’3, shoulder length brown hair, and a cute face. She was a little on the plump side, which I actually like in a woman, and from what I could tell through the sweatshirt she was wearing, the possibility of a stupendous set of breasts. Now I could only hope they found the way I looked as agreeable as I found them.

The conversation had started a little nervously, but now was flowing quite well. When our respective drinks were finished, Paul looked at Mary, and she nodded.

“Would you like to continue this conversation over at our place?” he asked.

I readily agreed and followed them out to the parking lot. We agreed that we’d take our separate cars and I’d follow them to their place. We left the parking lot, and it turned out to be only a few blocks to their place. I parked on the street and the three of us went inside. Paul led me into the living room while Mary went to get us some drinks.

We started talking again, then Mary returned with our drinks. She sat beside her husband, and the conversation resumed. I was extremely nervous, and I think they could tell. The conversation was halting, and after about fifteen minutes, I asked to use the facilities. Paul pointed me up the stairs in the right direction, and off I went.

I washed my hands, cursing my nerves, then opened the door. Paul and Mary were coming up the stairs as I was about to go down, and she took my hand and led me into their bedroom. Paul smiled directed me towards a chair near the end of their bed.

“We can tell you’re a bit nervous, so we thought we’d get the ball rolling.” He said with a wink.

“Feel free to join us as soon as you feel comfortable.”

With that, they both began taking off their clothes. Mary smiled at me as she took off her bra, revealing a magnificent set of breasts, just as I had imagined in the coffee shop. She unbuttoned and slid of her jeans next, revealing a smoothly shaved pussy. My cock was now rock hard in my jeans, as she climbed onto the bed. I had totally forgotten about Paul as he joined her from the other side, now totally naked. His cock was about 7 inches, not too thick, and his body was lean and muscular.

They embraced on the bed, and Mary took his cock in her hand, stroking it as they kissed. My cock was screaming for me to stop sitting on my ass, and as I stood up and pulled off my shirt, Mary bent over and took Paul’s cock into her mouth. He groaned and closed his eyes, and I could tell she must give a fantastic blowjob. I quickly unzipped and dropped my jeans, and as I looked up, Mary, still with Paul’s cock in her mouth, spread her legs in my direction and winked.

I climbed onto their king sized bed and slowly started licking my way up her leg. She moaned as my tongue made its way up her inner thigh, and then I was looking right into her plump, juicy pussy. I began by slowly tracing the tip of my tongue along her labia, and was rewarded with another moan. I looked up to see Paul watching me, and he winked. Seeing that he was not the least bit jealous, I went to work.

I used my fingers to spread her lips and attacked her clit with my tongue. She moaned even louder around Paul’s cock, and her hips began to gyrate, so I wrapped my arm around her leg to hold her steady as I began to lick and suck with a passion. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the taste of her juices, which were flowing freely from her and down my chin.

She was really getting riled, and her thighs started to gently close, holding my head in place. I felt a hand reach under me and get a grip on my hard cock. The hand encouraged me to roll onto my side, which I did, as Mary shifted at the same time. I was literally blind with my head buried between her legs, so I had no idea who’s hand it was.

Then I felt a warm mouth wrap around the head of my cock and I groaned into Mary’s pussy. I continued to lick and suck, but I was getting distracted by the amazing things that mouth was doing to my cock.

I concentrated my efforts on Mary’s clit, and was soon rewarded when her thighs clenched, her hips bucked, and the flow of pussy juice doubled as she came on my tongue. Her thighs relaxed slowly, and the wondrous mouth left my cock.

I looked up and saw Paul between my legs, smiling at me, so I figured it must have been him that had been sucking on my cock. Mary reached down and pulled me up her body, then kissed me hungrily, shoving her tongue in my mouth. We rolled over so that I was on my back as we kissed, our bodies pressed together tightly. She broke the kiss and started licking down my neck slowly, rolling off me slightly to one side.

Paul slid up the other side and started licking chest, until he got to my nipple, which he nibbled at gently. Mary had worked her way down my neck to my chest as well, and soon both of my nipples were receiving oral attention. At the same time their hands were sliding up my thighs, until Mary had a firm grip on my cock and Paul was fondling my balls.

I closed my eyes as they both started licking their way down my stomach, and when I opened them again, they each lay with their heads on either side of my cock, looking at each other, as I looked down, they both looked up, then Mary pulled my cock towards her and engulfed it. At the same time Paul leaned over and began licking my balls. My eyes closed, my hips rose and I moaned loudly.

Mary was doing wonders to my cock, taking the whole nine inches down her throat, then moving up until she was gently sucking and licking at the head. When she was at the top of her stroke for about the tenth time, Paul began licking up the side. She removed my cock from her mouth and offered it to him, and he inhaled the entire thing in one swallow. She looked up at me and grinned as Paul began to work over my cock like a pro.

I motioned her up beside me, and she came up and kissed me again. After letting our tongues duel for a few seconds, I pushed her up farther, and captured one of her nipples with my mouth. She moaned and pushed herself closer to me as I began sucking and biting her hardening nipple. At the same time, Paul continued to work over my cock. I switched breasts, and began to work over the other nipple.

Mary was obviously enjoying it, as her head was thrown back, and little mewling noises were coming from deep in her throat. I could feel my balls start to churn as Paul started working my cock over even faster, but I didn’t want to cum yet. I used my free hand to lightly push at his head, and he got the idea, removing my cock from his mouth as I continued to work over his wife’s breasts.

Much to my dismay, Mary pulled back, and I lost the nipple I had been sucking on. She then moved down to take Paul’s place between my legs, and Paul moved up until his hard cock was pointing at my face.

Here it was, the moment of truth, it was one thing to let a guy suck my cock, but was I ready to suck his? Mary must have seen my indecision, so she reached up, took his cock in her hand, and slowly drew it towards my lips. Mary smiled as I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock between my lips.

“I want to see him cum in your mouth, then I want you to cum in my mouth.”

With that she started licking the head of my cock. Paul put his hand on the back of my head and gently encouraged me to get to work. Slowly I took more and more of his cock into my mouth until I felt like I would gag. Then I let it slide back until just the head was between my lips.

It actually didn’t taste bad, and the reaction I was getting from Paul was quite good. I tried swirling my tongue over the head, and he really seemed to enjoy that. I started bobbing my head up and down his shaft, occasionally pausing to swirl the head with my tongue.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his and started milking as I sucked, and I found it helped me find a limit before I started to gag. Paul was really starting to moan now, bucking his hips towards my face, and I could tell it wouldn’t be too much longer until he came. Mary stopped sucking my cock, and lay with her head on my thigh, stroking my cock slowly and watching me work over her husband.

“Make him cum Adam, I want to see him spurt in your mouth.”

My cock leapt in her hand when I heard her say that, and I redoubled my efforts. Paul’s stomach tensed and he moaned louder, and suddenly his cock twitched, and my mouth was full of cum. I groaned around his cock, which seemed to only increase his orgasm, and even though I tried to swallow it all, some escaped my lips and ran down my chin. I continued to milk him until I was sure I had the last drop, then released his cock.

He collapsed backwards onto the bed with a sigh and Mary reached up and wiped the cum from my chin with her fingers. She slid the fingers between her lips and licked them clean as she grinned at me.

“Now it’s your turn.” she stated as she dropped her mouth over my cock. I lifted some pillows so I could watch her as she tried to suck the cum from my balls. She looked up into my eyes as she took my cock all the way to the root and I groaned. With her hands she pushed at my thighs until my legs were spread wider and she had more room.

With one hand she began pumping my cock as her mouth worked the head, and her other hand lowered to fondle my balls. Then the hand that was working my balls moved lower, and she started tracing the tips of her fingers up and down my ass. Every time her fingers grazed my hole I jumped like an electrical shock had gone from there through the tip of my penis. She pulled her mouth off of me and grinned.

“You like that?”

All I could do was moan. She kept stroking me with one hand as she sucked the middle finger of her other.

“You’re going to really like this.” she then told me.

She lowered her mouth back onto my cock and returned her hand to my ass. This time she zeroed right in on my hole, and began teasing it with her middle finger as she sucked me. My brain was going into overload and I could feel the cum churning in my balls. She could tell I was getting close by my reactions, and just when I was about to reach the point of no return, she slid that finger right up my ass!

My hips came off the bed and my head began to explode, every muscle in my body tensing as she applied suction to my cock and began stroking something deep inside me with her finger. My cock twitched and I began to explode in her mouth. It felt like the biggest orgasm of my life! She continued to work my cock and my ass until she was sure I was finished, then slowly removed her finger and released me.

I was at this point pretty much dead to the world as she slid up between her husband and I, and we cuddled in on either side of her. We lay there silently for a minute or two, just basking in the moment. Then I felt Mary’s hand gently wrap around my cock, and I looked over and saw her other hand doing the same to Paul. It was amazing how fast I was growing hard again.

“So who’s ready for round two?” asked Mary.

Paul and I looked at each other, grinned, and each went after the breast closest to us. Mary moaned low in her throat as we both began working her nipples over with our lips and tongues. Reaching down between her legs, I found Paul had already beaten me there, his hand moving over her wet pussy, so I contented myself to stroking her inner thigh with the tips of my fingers.

Leaving her nipple, I licked my way up her chest, to her neck, then up to her ear. It wasn’t long before she turned her head towards me and we were kissing passionately. Paul had wiggled his way down the bed and was now between her thighs, licking her.

“I want you to fuck me.” Mary whispered in my ear.

I looked down towards Paul, and he grinned and reached over the side of the bed, retrieving a condom. Mary gently pushed me onto my back as Paul ripped the package and moved between my legs. He took my cock in hand and began stroking it firmly, then, when he was sure I was good and hard, rolled the condom down my shaft.

Mary rolled onto her side away from me, and I slid in behind her in the “spoons” position. She reached back and took hold of my cock, guiding it to the entrance of her pussy. We both moaned as I slid my entire nine inches deep inside her. Paul crawled between our legs to get a better view.

I slowly began thrusting in and out, establishing a rhythm, as Mary leaned away from me and grabbed the edge of the bed. Her pussy was tight and wet, her muscles milking my cock as I thrust in and out of her. Her moaning suddenly grew louder, and I felt a hand grasp my balls gently.

Looking down between us, I can see Paul has his face buried between her legs, and is licking her clit as I was fucking her. Suddenly he moves his mouth from her sex to my balls, and inhales both of them, swirling them around gently in his mouth with his tongue. My groans increased, and I begin to thrust into Mary even harder. Paul starts to alternate between my balls and her clit, and the room fills with the sounds of moans and Mary and I fucking.

Mary started wiggling around towards Paul, and I followed her motions as I continued to slam into her. Soon, she was where she wanted, and wrapped her lips around Pauls cock, sucking hard. I could hear a groan emanate from between our legs, and Paul redoubled his efforts with his lips and tongue. It was so hot fucking this hot woman, while she sucks her husbands cock, and he licks us both!

Mary pulled her mouth of Paul’s cock and says. “I want you both to fuck me. Adam, lie on your back. Paul, you fuck my ass.”

Paul and I quickly agreed, and I pulled out of her and moved so I was lying flat on my back. Mary smiled as she climbed up and mounted me, looking right into my eyes as she slowly inched her way down my shaft. When I was totally inside her, she leaned forward until our bodies were pressed tightly together, and began kissing me deeply, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

The kiss broke slowly, and she leaned down even farther, kissing a licking my neck as she slowly gyrated her hips on my cock. Over her shoulder I could see Paul move in behind her.

Suddenly, Mary’s pussy felt tighter, and she moaned and bit my shoulder. Paul had a grip on her hips and I could feel his cock as it slid into her ass. Her pussy grew even tighter as his cock slid all the way in, and I think all three of us moaned in unison. When we were both buried to the hilt, Mary started to buck and squirm on top of me.

“Now both of you fuck me! Both your cocks feel so good!”

Not wanting to disappoint, Paul and I started to establish a rhythm. Mary would slide forward on me, then I would drive my hips up into her as Paul drove down into her from behind. When we started to pick up speed, Mary began to lose control.

“OH GOD YES!!! FUCK ME!!! I love both you cocks, give it to me HARDER!!!”

The way she was starting to squirm made it hard to keep the rhythm, but we both managed. I could feel Paul’s cock sawing in and out of her ass as I drove deep into her pussy, and it felt amazing. It was taking every ounce of willpower I had not to blow inside her. Mary didn’t seem to want to hold back, she was going at full throttle and by the way her pussy was gripping my cock, I could tell she was close to exploding.

“Oh FUCK, I’m gonna CUM!” she screamed, and that is precisely what she did.

Her pussy gripped down on my cock like a vice, and she buried her face in my neck as she screamed her orgasm. I thought I was going to cum as well, but somehow managed to hold back. Paul seemed to avoid cumming as well, as Mary slowly came back to earth and he pulled out of her ass gently. I could feel his cock pull out, and her pussy relaxing.

“That was great.” she sighed as she lay on me, catching her breath.

After a few seconds she slowly rolled off of me and onto her back, and Paul moved up to lay on the other side of her. We each had an arm wrapped around her, and she had an arm wrapped around both of us. We were pressed tightly together, both Paul and I still hard. We lay quietly for a few minutes, resting and enjoying the moment.

Eventually Mary wiggled against us.

“Looks like you two are still up for some more fun.” she said, grinning.

We both agreed, and she lay there between us with a thoughtful look on her face.

“I think I have an idea. Adam, you climb back up her and slide that beautiful cock back into my pussy.” She winked at Paul as she said it, and he got up to make some room.

I grinned, grabbed a fresh condom from beside the bed, slid it on and climbed between her legs, missionary style. She reached down and took hold of me, guiding me as I slid my cock back into her wet pussy.

“Mmmmmm, that’s nice.” she said.

I started to fuck her again, slowly and gently. She pulled me down onto her and kissed me deeply. We were just starting to get into a nice steady rhythm when she reached up and grabbed my ass, pulling me deep into her and holding me there. It was then that I realized Paul was now behind me.

“Relax lover.” she said. “You’re going to love this, trust me.”

With that, Paul grabbed the bottle of lube from beside him and squirted some between the cheeks of my ass. Mary held me deep inside her and used the muscles in her pussy to keep my cock hard as she whispered in my ear.

“Mmmmm, you’re going to love having Paul’s cock in your ass., it feels sooooo good. And I’m going to love feeling him use his cock to drive yours even deeper into me.”

By now Paul was using his fingers to massage my anus, then sliding one deep inside. I moaned into Mary’s ear, and my cock twitched inside her. I’d thought about this for a long time, and now it seemed I was going to experience it. He added a second finger and stretched me even further It burned a little, but between the vice like grip Mary’s pussy had on my cock, and the way she was talking dirty to me, it was easily ignored. Finally Paul removed his fingers and I heard him pulling on a condom.

I was nervous as hell, but Mary kept lightly stroking my back and whispering in my ear, telling me to relax. Then she moved her hands down to my ass and spread my cheeks apart gently. Then I felt the head of Paul’s cock against my anus, pressing lightly. I tried to relax as much as I could as Paul’s cock became more insistent.

Mary whispered in my ear, held me close against her, and I felt myself relax a little, and then, suddenly, the head of Paul’s cock penetrated my ring.

I groaned, it fucking hurt, but he stopped there, and Mary resumed stroking my back, telling me to relax, that Paul would take it slow. After a few seconds, the pain started to recede, and Paul began slowly pushing deeper into me. I groaned again, this time not in pain, but in ecstasy, as his cock rubbed against my prostrate. Soon I felt his balls slap against my upturned ass.

“See, I told you you’d like it.” said Mary, smiling. “Now fuck me.”

I started to move my cock slowly in and out of her tight pussy, and every time I moved, Paul’s cock would shift in my ass. It felt amazing. My ass was still burning, but everything else felt so good I just didn’t care. I lifted myself up off Mary and used my arms to hold me above her as I started to lengthen my strokes.

Paul got the idea and started lengthening his as well. Soon we were all moaning as Paul drove his cock deep into me, which would cause mine to drive deep into Mary. I totally lost track of time, all I could concentrate on was the feelings of Pauls cock sawing in and out of my ass, rubbing my prostate, while my cock was driving in and out of Mary’s pussy, which felt like it was trying to milk the cum right from my balls.

“Oh fuck this is so hot, I’m gonna cum. Fuck him Paul, fuck his cock into my pussy!” Mary cried as her body started to shudder beneath me.

This one was even bigger than the last one, and I felt her squirt onto my balls as she came. Her pussy was milking my cock with a frenzy, and I felt my balls start to tighten.

“Oh fuck!” I cried and collapsed on top of Mary.

She hugged me to her as Paul drilled my ass even harder. A white light exploded behind my eyes, and I had the biggest orgasm of my life while impaled on Paul’s cock. Mary’s pussy milked the cum from me, and my ass clenched and unclenched reflexively around Paul.

This must have driven him over the edge, as his strokes became jerky, and I felt his cock throb as he filled the condom with his cum. I lay there, feeling every twitch of his orgasm, as occasional spasms still wracked my entire body. Paul collapsed onto my back, and we all lay there in a sweaty, sated, pile. After a few minutes, Paul rolled off to one side, and I rolled to the other, with Mary between us.

“Wow, that was amazing.” I said.

“I told you you’d enjoy it.” replied Mary.

Paul just smiled and reached for a pack of cigarettes. He lit one, and we shared it between us. We lay there, basking in our contentment, until the cigarette was done, and Paul butted it out.

“I don’t know about you boys, but I’m all sweaty and could use a shower.”

With that, Mary climbed from between us and headed to the connecting bath. We heard the water come on, and Mary humming to herself. After a minute or so had passed, she stuck her head out.

“Are you guys going to leave me to shower all by myself?”

Paul and I looked at each other, then practically raced to the bathroom. What a day!

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