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Hot August Night

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It was hot. Really hot. Hot and humid. The kind of hot where it wasn’t worth taking a shower because you’d start sweating the moment you turned the water off. It was the kind of hot where you’d break into a sweat putting on your socks. Forget about trying to sleep if you didn’t have air conditioning. Tricia and Doug’s cabin didn’t have air conditioning. None of the other cabins at the tiny resort had air conditioning either, they checked.

It was mid-August in northern Michigan, at the hottest time of the year. Most of the time one hears about the amount of cold and snow Michigan gets, but no one ever talks about the one week in late summer when it gets the hottest. Because of the Great Lakes, the humidity levels at that time also reach staggering levels. It was during that one week that Tricia and Doug got together with Amy and Greg at a resort, which was a mid-point driving distance for both of the couples.

Tricia and Amy quickly became best friends during the last year of high school. Both were army brats and were new arrivals in the town. They were athletic. They were both class clowns. They had the same body shape so they often exchanged clothes. One might even mistake them for sisters, except for Tricia’s raven hair and dark features that contrasted Amy’s blonde locks and delicate skin.

Even though some years had gone by and they moved to opposite ends of the state, they still managed to get together a couple of times a year. Sometimes they visited alone, but this time they brought their boyfriends. Despite the heat, they had made their reservations at the right time. It was late August, so families with kids wouldn’t be camping because they were getting ready for school, and they had booked the cabins during the week when the rates were lowest and the weekend campers wouldn’t be there. They had the whole place including the beach to themselves, which wasn’t very big considering the whole resort only consisted of four quaint log cabins that were built in the 1950’s. The four of them looked forward to a few days of hanging out and partying.

Things went all right at first. The two couples arrived at roughly the same time and unpacked. After having a few beers at the beach, they decided to head into town for dinner. Tricia and Amy were having a great time, and so were Doug and Greg, who were getting along pretty good for just having met. Near the end of the dinner though, Greg was getting louder and more obnoxious while Amy was getting more and more reserved. Doug took no notice of this but Tricia did. Amy reluctantly agreed when Greg suggested everyone going to a bar after dinner for more beers. Shortly after arriving there, even Doug could feel the tension in the air between the two. When Tricia said she wanted to go back to the cabins to get to bed because she was tired from the drive, everyone was in agreement except Greg who wanted to stay and party. Since it was three against one, he lost and complained about it the whole way home. When they got back to the cabins they decided to wait until tomorrow night to make a bonfire, when everyone was more rested and hopefully Greg wouldn’t be such an asshole as he was tonight. They said goodnight and went to their cabins.

In a way, Tricia and Doug were glad to be back in their cabin a little earlier than usual. They were both hot and sweaty and tired. The little shower in their cabin wasn’t able to fit both of them so Doug went first. When Tricia got out of the shower she found Doug lying on his back on the bed, sprawled out, naked. He had turned the lights off.

“It’s hot,” he said. “It’s really hot. It’s damn hot. I’m laying here in my own sweat and I just got out of the shower. I turned off the light in here because I think it was adding to the heat.”

“I know,” replied Tricia. She was drying her hair with the towel as she walked around naked between the bedroom and bathroom. Doug watched her as she absentmindedly went back and forth between the dark bedroom and the lit bathroom and he could feel his cock slowly began to swell. He watched the shadows moving around her delicious ass cheeks and her firm breasts with tiny brown nipples. He liked her breasts a lot, they were big but not too big. Big enough that he could slide his cock between them for a good tit fucking but small enough that when she was laying down her nipples would point upward. His favorite thing about her body though was her ass. Her flat stomach and tiny waist onioned out into a soft shapely mass of femininity that he could not keep his eyes or his hands off of or his cock away from. But that didn’t stop there. Her athletic hips and thighs matched the proportions of her ass, built up from years of active sports. Doug often joked that if he were blindfolded and had to tell her ass apart from Jennifer Lopez’ by feel, he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Suddenly Tricia spoke. “Maybe we should have gotten a hotel with air conditioning instead of on the lake—oh wait, duh!”

“Holy shit, what are we doing here?” Doug sprang out of bed, turned on the light and rummaged around in his suitcase for his swim trunks. Tricia found her bikini and began to slide it on. “Should we tell Amy and Greg?”

“Nah. I don’t think I’d want Greg to come along. He’s kind of a jerk.”

“Yeah, he’s not a fun drunk. I hope he won’t be like that the rest of the vacation.”

“I hope Amy’s all right though.”


Tricia and Doug silently left their cabin. They looked and noticed the lights were off at Amy and Greg’s place. The couple held hands and made the way quietly down the path to the beach shore. It was a cloudless night with a bright moon, easily illuminating the way. The lake was smooth and dark as polished opal. An occasional breeze would come along and rustle the birch trees that grew nearby and make ripples on the shimmering water. To their right side was a dock with a couple of rental paddleboats tied at the end. Out in the water directly ahead of them was a pontoon dock floating on its own. Tricia dug her toes in the sand and Doug strained to hear for any noises that might sound like anyone might be around. They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Doug grabbed the elastic waistband of his trunks and quickly pulled them down. His already-hard cock sprang free. Tricia smiled and removed her top as they slowly waded into the water. The water was chillier than they thought as they made their way to the paddleboat dock where they were going to leave their clothes and towels. Tricia put her hand on Doug’s shoulder as she slid her bikini bottoms off. “Is that going to stay hard when it gets in the water?” she whispered, as she bent near his rigid cock.

“I know what’ll get it up again if it goes down,” he replied.

They were about knee-deep in the water when they placed their things on the dock. Doug kept a couple steps behind Tricia so he could watch her ass in the moonlight as they gradually strode deeper. When the water was just below her pussy, Tricia stood on tiptoe and turned back at Doug with a ‘gee, this is cold’ look. He came up to her, his boner hovering inches above the water like a diving board. “We’ll be okay once we get used to it,” Doug softly spoke, noticing her erect nipples and the raised little bumps circling her areolas.

“We’ll have to be quiet, I don’t want Greg stumbling over here and leering at my boobs.”

“Yeah. Okay, we’ll just dive in slowly at the count of three. Ready?”


“One, two, three.” They both leaned forward and were enveloped by the refreshing waters of the lake. “This is great,” Doug said when they surfaced. “Now I don’t want to get out of the water.” Tricia did a somersault, leaving her shining wet ass up above the water for a few seconds for her boyfriend’s pleasure before they made their way to the deeper water where the floating dock was.

Lake levels are lower this time of year, and although the pontoon dock was a little ways out, the water was still not quite up to their shoulders when they stood on the sandy bottom. That was fine for them though, the dock blocked the view of anyone from the shore. Once they got there Tricia wrapped her arms and legs around Doug and pressed her lips to his for a deep kiss. Doug ran his hands up and down her back and finally reached down and cupped each of her ass cheeks in his hand. “Mmm, still hard,” she said when she reached down and grasped his cock. “It’s warm too.” She leaned back, still keeping her legs wrapped around Doug high upon his waist. Tricia spread her arms as her torso floated, leaving only her full breasts and face protruding from the dark water. Doug’s hands languidly roamed all over her wet body, starting at her ass cheeks, up her arched back, across her shoulder blades, down the sides of her ribcage. He made his way down to her muscular thighs, then back up her tummy to her breasts. She breathed in when he pressed them together and his fingers teased her rock-hard nipples. The sensation of warm fingers and cool water on them sent a bolt of lust and electricity running from her breasts throughout the rest of her body. “God, this is wonderful,” she murmured.

Doug played with her breasts for some time but eventually her legs let go of Doug’s body and she floated free. Her breasts, tummy, the top of her hipbone and the shaved, pencil-thin line of pubic hair now drifted above the black water. Doug came up to her side and placed a hand under the small of her back for support, and Tricia spread her legs wide apart for him. He reached around from underneath with his other hand and began to massage the folds of skin around her hardened clit. She sighed when he finally slid a finger in her pussy.

“You’re spoiling me,” she said.

“You’re wet,” replied Doug.

“Well of course I am silly, I’m in a fucking lake,” she laughed.

“Hey, not too loud. You don’t want what’s-his-name storming out here.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Are you still hard?”


Doug let go of her as she stopped floating and her feet touched the sandy bottom. He backed up to the edge of the pontoon dock where on the sides all around was a handrail. He kept his back to it and reached up with both of his hands on either side of his shoulders and started humming the theme to “Jaws” as his body began to float towards the surface. Tricia giggled when the head of his stiff cock broke the still water in front of her, followed by the rest of his shaft. His legs appeared on either side of her as more of his body surfaced. His sac clung to the base of his cock and looked like a wet walnut shell. “Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this small before. Oh, I don’t mean this,” she said, indicating his dick, “I mean this.”

“That’s because this water’s a little brisk for ’em. They’re huddling next my body for warmth,” he replied. Tricia smirked and ran her tongue from the base of his balls all the way up to the head of his cock and ran it around its rim. “Oh shit, that’s fantastic,” Doug whispered hoarsely as Tricia’s warm mouth took his cock all the way to the root and her warm hand grasped his balls which had been down in the cool water for so long. Tricia took her other hand out of the water and wrapped it around his shaft while her lips kept a tight grip on his head, making him gasp. She let go and looked up at him as she slowly took all of his cock down her throat again. Her lips clamped around his shaft and she casually bobbed up and down on his cock for several minutes. Suddenly Tricia’s eyes bulged when she saw something move by the corner of the dock.

“Amy?” Doug’s cock popped out of Tricia’s mouth and bounced inches from her face.

“Oh my gosh you guys, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you were here. I didn’t hear you.” Amy sniffed; it was a sniffle that sounded as if she had been crying. Tricia squinted at her and noticed her puffy eyes.

“Amy, are you all right?” asked Tricia. Doug lowered himself and stood in the water.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” she replied with a trembling voice. “I’ll be all right. Greg and I had a fight when we got back and I told him that I don’t want to see him anymore. I’ll be okay.”

“Oh honey,” Tricia said as she went over to Amy and wrapped her arms around her.

“He was a jerk anyway. I should have done this sooner. I’m not as upset as I thought I’d be, actually.”

“He was treating you pretty bad at the bar.” Tricia still had her arms around Amy and she around hers. Tricia was running her fingers through Amy’s blonde hair. She gave Amy a tiny kiss on the cheek. Doug watched as the two girls gently rocked each other back and forth slowly in a circle, unknowingly moving towards them.

“Yeah. I’m not feeling sad really, just hurt that I stayed with him for as long as I did.” She returned Tricia’s kiss. Tricia kissed and nibbled Amy’s neck. “Greg’s passed out. He’s going to leave in the morning.” Amy’s fingers were massaging the back of Tricia’s neck.

“Aww, sweetie. This is probably tougher on you than you think. You probably shouldn’t be alone right now. You can stay here with Doug and I. We’ll help make you feel better.” Tricia traced a finger along Amy’s lips and pulled them to hers. Amy responded without hesitation and pulled Tricia closer. Doug’s eyes widened as the two girls’ tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. Amy had her back to Doug as the two girls moved closer to him until she was sandwiched between both of them. Doug’s hands roamed down her smooth warm body. He nibbled and sucked on her earlobes and the sounds of the two girls’ lips smacking and their gentle moans made his heart thunder into Amy’s back as he pressed into her, only to have Tricia’s fingers slide between them in an effort to remove Amy’s bikini top. His hands found her full ass cheeks and he wasted no time sliding his fingers underneath the stretchy material. His hot cock brushed against one of her exposed cheeks and then he felt a hand wrap its fingers around it. But whose was it? Had he gone too far with Amy? Was Tricia pissed?

Amy broke her kiss from Tricia and turned towards Doug, smiling. As she reached out for him and loosened her legs from around Tricia’s waist, Tricia managed to get the rest of Amy’s bikini off. She tossed it up on the dock where it landed with a wet plop. Amy’s legs and arms wrapped themselves around Doug’s body as her lips locked on his and her tongue toyed with his. Her parted ass cheeks rested right on top of his throbbing cock. He felt fingers on the underside of it, pressing it up against the area between Tricia’s pussy and ass hole. She groaned into his mouth as she arched her back and ground her pussy onto it, and whoever’s hand was holding Doug’s cock pressed it harder. Doug felt tiny spasms that began around Amy’s pussy and she clung to him for dear life as the spasms grew like a ripple spreading all over her entire body. Her head rested on his shoulder as she caught her breath.

“Oh god, I feel your nipples on my back, Trish.” Amy spoke at last. Doug opened his eyes. Tricia’s hand was still on his cock, caressing it and his balls as she stood behind Amy. She smiled at him and he smiled back. Amy raised her head. “You’re still hard?” Two hands were now toying with Doug’s cock.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Doug responded clumsily.

“You’re really big, Doug. You’re lucky, Trish. For the past year I’ve been fucking this guy with a little pencil-dick who could hardly get it up because he was so fucked up all the time.”

“You can fuck Doug if you want.” Tricia drew back and Amy leaned into her. She spread her arms and released the grip of her legs from around Doug’s waist and floated as Tricia lightly supported her shoulders and the back of her head. “You wouldn’t mind fucking Amy, would you Doug?” She gave Amy light kisses on the exposed areas of her shoulders.

“Oh hell no. You know Amy, we both thought Greg was a jerk.”

“Yeah, too bad when Greg passes out nothing in the world can wake him up or else we could fuck in front of him right now, that fucking bastard. ‘See, you prick? This is how a real man fucks!'”

“Doug could be fucking you from behind and he could cum all over your ass while you’re sucking on my nipples,” Tricia replied.

“Yeah, we’ll have to do that tomorrow when he leaves. He’ll be loading up the car and Doug’ll be taking turns fucking us. ‘Hey, see what you’re missing, you jerk-off?’ What do you think, Doug?” Amy asked.

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” he replied. His voice was coming from where Amy’s toes were floating. Suddenly she felt his fingers around her ankles as he slowly spread her legs apart. His fingers and lips tickled the insides of her calves and thighs and as they found their way to her bald pussy lips. “Trish, you were right, she is shaved.”

“What the hell! Were you guys talking about my pussy?”

“When we were shaving mine.”

Amy shuddered then let out a relaxing moan when Doug’s tongue went to her smooth lips. His hands cupped her ass cheeks and he gently lifted her up to give him better access as he teased her moist outer lips. Tricia repositioned herself so Amy’s head was resting on her shoulder, freeing her arms. “Oh god, you guys,” she sighed when Tricia’s hands reached up out of the water and gave her breasts a squeeze. Doug looked up at them when he felt Amy’s body quiver; Tricia was rolling her rock-hard nipples in her fingertips as she was gently pulling upward on them. She held her breasts in her hands again and gently squeezed them together and spread them apart. Doug was lazily tracing the line of her pussy but the sight of this made him quicken the pace. He explored his inner lips with his tongue; starting at the bottom of her pussy he slowly zig-zagged his way to her swollen clit and delicately ran his tongue around the base. Simultaneously, as if it had been a choreographed move, Doug flicked his tongue across the top of Amy’s clit as Tricia once again pinched and tugged her warm nipples with her wet fingertips. Amy, suspended in the water yet held aloft by the two, knew she was on the brink of another orgasm, and Tricia and Doug could feel it too.

“Doug, please lick my ass hole,” Amy whimpered.

“What was that?”

“Lick my ass hole, please Doug, please.” She rolled off of Tricia’s shoulder and facing away from them, seized the railing of the dock with both of her hands and arched her back. Doug watched mesmerized and his jaw dropped as her fleshy cheeks slowly rose from the water, glistening and shining in the moonlight. He didn’t need a third invitation. He grabbed onto her bent knees and hoisted her ass up towards his face. His tongue ran a line from the top of her cleft then dove down between her wet cheeks to her puckered ring. He felt it tighten up as the tip of his tongue first pressed into it, then relax as he lapped and ran his tongue in circles around it. Suddenly he felt a light but sharp slap on the cheek to his right. The sound echoed across the water.

“Do you like that?” Tricia asked. Another slap resounded off the water. “Do you like having your little ass hole licked by my boyfriend?”

“Ohh fuck,” Amy sighed. “Fuck yeah.”

“Here, let me help.” Tricia grabbed Amy’s luscious ass cheeks and spread them apart for Doug’s eager tongue-lashing. He managed to ease the tip of his tongue a little way into her now relaxing opening, but would tease her and pull it out, then run it around the ring. “What would Greg do if he saw you with your ass up in the air and my boyfriend licking the fuck out of your little ass hole, huh? I’d slap it right now but I’m busy spreading your cheeks apart so he can lick your ass.”

“Just keep licking it, please,” Tricia and Doug knew she was probably oblivious to what Tricia was saying and was on the verge of another orgasm. Tricia let go of her Amy’s ass cheeks and maneuvered over near her face. She reached under the water for Amy’s nipples and quickly but gently pinched one, then the other, in rapt succession. Doug felt Amy’s body spasm in her reaction. Amy let go of the handrail and gripped Tricia’s shoulders as she convulsed in another intense orgasm. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she gasped over and over into Tricia’s ear as she held on for dear life, while Tricia and Doug never let up on her shuddering body.

“Oh, fuck!” Amy sighed for the final time as she sank into the water. Tricia and Doug laughed. She turned toward Doug and clung onto him like a wet shirt.

“I didn’t know you started liking anal sex,” Tricia said.

“I don’t. I had a fling with this temp guy at work before I met Greg and this guy would lick me there. I thought it was fucking incredible. Greg would never do it though. I practically begged him but he wouldn’t do it.”

“That bastard,” Tricia spat.

“Jeez, you’re still hard,” Amy said when her hand grasped Doug’s boner. “God, I think you guys wore me out on that last one. I’m ready to take a nap. I don’t know if I’m up for any more fucking right now.”

“Too bad, babe,” replied Tricia as she slid her hands up to Amy’s shoulders and gently laid her shoulders on the water. “You’re single again. Time to start sowing some wild oats.”

“That’s right. And I got pretty worked up here,” Doug joined in. “I’m ready to do some serious fucking.”

“And you could use a nice fat cock like this after putting up with a drunken pencil-dick for so long,” Amy’s legs were still loosely encircling Doug’s torso. Tricia reached and took Doug’s cock at the base while he slid Amy’s hips down. Tricia pressed his warm throbbing boner against her clit. Amy stretched her arms out and relaxed. As worn out as she was, the tingling sensation in her clit was telling her she still had a little energy left for another round.

“Oh fuck, you’re right.” Amy opened her legs up enough so that Tricia could guide Doug’s cock into her slippery pussy. Doug had his hands on Amy’s hips, waiting for the feel of his head parting her velvety lips. When he knew that Tricia’s hand had directed him at her opening, he slowly pulled Amy down on him. She gasped out loud when the length of his cock was buried in her pussy. It had been awhile since a cock as thick as Doug’s had stretched the walls of her pussy. Amy was suspended again, held aloft by the cool dark water. Tricia’s hands were on Amy’s shoulder blades as she bent over to kiss her on the lips. Doug had her loosely by the waist. He was gently pulling her hips down on his dick, and when she was impaled on his root he would let go and her lower body would rise to the surface. His cock would slowly leave her drifting pussy and the cool water that rushed in where she once was sent electric pulses through his body. He’d grasp her hips again just as the head of his cock was near her entrance and thrust them down on his cock only to have it warmed again by the heat of her pussy. The motion of their two bodies made ripples that slapped the side of the dock. Amy had her head resting in the crook of Tricia’s shoulder and had and had reached around with an arm to stroke Tricia’s dark hair. Tricia’s hands were kneading Amy’s soft wet breasts. No one spoke. Time was as suspended as Amy was between Tricia and Doug. The only sounds in the still night were the breeze on the leaves and the rhythmic slap-slap of the ripples hitting the dock from their thrusting.

Tricia was the first to notice gentle ripples turning into little waves and their striking on the dock getting louder. Doug was increasing the pace and had Amy’s tiny waist firmly in place as he slid his cock in and out of Amy’s pussy with a little more force. Amy responded to the increase in tempo by reaching up to wrap her arms around his neck. She held on tight as Doug’s hands made her way down her back to the cleft of her ass cheeks. He spread them apart as his pounding increased. She ground her tight pussy onto his dick each time he drove his length into her. She let out a shaky breath when Tricia’s hardened nipples pressed into her back and Amy felt Tricia’s breath on her neck as she gave her a shower of kisses on her neck and nibbled her ear lobe. Amy felt another hand tracing a line down her spine to her ass cheeks. She whimpered when Tricia’s teasing fingers circled around her anal ring. Her other arm reached around to Doug as she squeezed the three of them together.

The air was still and the three of them were silent except for their shuddered breaths as they orgasmed. Tricia could feel Amy’s cunt muscles tremble and clamp down on Doug’s cock as her arms and legs gripped him like a vice. Doug felt Amy’s pussy clench around his cock to the point where he almost felt like he couldn’t pull it out of her even if he wanted to as he blasted load after load of his cum deep inside her. Tricia, Doug, and Amy clung to each other for a few moments before they melted into the lake.

“That was incredible,” Amy murmured. “Trish, I’m sorry you didn’t come.”

“I’m not worried about it. This was all about you anyway. Besides, we have a few days left. I’m going to get some, don’t worry.”

“Hey look, there’s a mist on the water,” Doug said as he straightened up and looked around.

“Shit, it must be late. I’m ready to go to bed,” Tricia said.

Amy slowly dragged herself onto the floating dock to retrieve her bikini. “I can’t use my legs,” she groaned as she pulled herself up. “Thanks guys. I haven’t had a fuck like that in a long time.” She stood at a corner of the dock and raised her arms. “I’m king of the world!” she giggled before she bent down and picked up her clothes. She slipped back into the water as the other two made their way to their swimsuits. They all walked up to Tricia and Doug’s cabin naked.

“Too bad our bed isn’t bigger or you could sleep with us Amy,” Doug said as they entered the tiny cabin.

“I was thinking about that too,” Tricia replied as she placed a blanket and pillow on the couch for Amy. “Well Am, if you hear our bed squeaking feel free to c’mon over,” she laughed. Tricia, Amy and Doug kissed each other before they turned out the lights and quickly fell asleep.

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