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First Time at a Con

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Mark found himself pleasantly surprised by the book in his hands. Though he was a writer of science fiction, he wasn’t much of a reader of it. He was on his way to his first science fiction convention to be part of a panel for new writers, a Q and A session about a defunct TV series he’d been a writer for, and he had one autograph session set up. He knew he was just a minor guest, and was reading up on the other authors he’d be sharing the panel with.

He’d just landed at LAX, flying in from Texas where they’d be taking on fuel and passengers before heading to Honolulu. His agent had been bugging him to accept offers for cons for a while, and he’d managed to avoid them, but the offer of a mostly free trip to Hawaii was too much to pass up.

Fearing how long he’d be in the air, Mark had sprung for the upgrade to first class out of his own pocket, and ended up being thankful he had. As he was fully engrossed in the novel, the young lady who had the window seat next to him arrived. Without even looking up, he started to rise, but she assured him, “Don’t bother, I can fit by.” She would have sounded vaguely familiar if he hadn’t been too wrapped up in his book to register it.

He did, however, take note when she took off her jacket. Nice boobs tended to do that to him, and these were magnificent. Her thin white tank top hardly concealed them. It wasn’t that they were big, likely a heavy B-cup, though on her slim body they looked huge. Her small brown nipples were barely visible through the nearly sheer fabric. He made sure not to raise his head, so it wasn’t obvious he was gawking at her, which meant he still hadn’t seen her face.

He was shocked out of his daze, though, when she spoke again out, “Mr. D? Is that you?”

Looking up finally, he had the shock of his life. The fabulous tits belonged to a former student. “Melody?”

Before he could react, she leaned down and hugged him tightly. All excitement left him, as he felt like a complete slime. Melody had been in his eleventh grade English class during his first year as an English teacher.

“How are you?!” Melody was squealing as she plopped halfway into her seat halfway onto his lap.

They spent the flight to Hawaii, catching up. He filled her in on the sordid ending of his brief teaching career, and she filled him in on her academic career, and thanked him again and again for all he did for her in high school, some of which he remembered. He, in turn, thanked her for keeping him out of prison.

During the summer after her senior year in high school, he answered a knock on his apartment door and was arrested; the accusation was impregnating a girl from his English class. Despite mounds of evidence to the contrary, and witnesses who placed him elsewhere at the time she claimed their liaison occurred, it was only a picture in the yearbook of him and Melody working the drink station at a school dance that had occurred the evening she claimed they’d hooked up that finally convinced the girl’s parents to question her word. Suddenly the house of cards of her story fell apart, and she admitted that she’d gotten drunk at a party that night and was unable to identify the father since she wasn’t sure who or how many she’d screwed.

It had all been hushed up over the summer, but rumor among the students had been he’d been fired for sleeping with a student, and he had been. The wrongful termination settlement he’d gotten from the district, and the defamation of character settlement with the girl’s parents had left him with enough money to start another career since he’d never be able to teach again.

His lawyer, throughout the thing, had been great, and the union had picked up most of the legal tab. Through his lawyer, however, he’d met a workout partner, who became a girlfriend, and through the girlfriend, who was a literary agent, he’d met his agent, and now had published his third sci-fi novel, and had done some writing for TV. He and the girlfriend hadn’t lasted, but they were still friends and on rare occasions, friends with benefits. Between the interest on the settlement and his writing, he’d managed to live rather comfortably. He was by no means a household name, but he had a small, loyal following and could pay the bills. There was talk of a possible movie deal for his first book, which would really change things.

Melody, for her part, had gone to college in LA, to get away from her very conservative Filipino family, who didn’t approve of her ‘lifestyle,’ and still blamed her for her uncle’s jail term. She’d come to Mark’s classroom after school one day bawling, and incoherent, and started divulging some way too personal information, about her uncle. Mark knew enough to take her straight to a female counselor, but Melody wouldn’t talk without him there, so he stayed as she detailed to the counselor how her uncle had been molesting her since she was nine, and she’d finally stood up to him when he came to pick her up from school that day. The end result was her family blaming her, and her total disinterest in men. The two combined so that her younger sister, who’d also been abused by the uncle, was the only member of her family who would still speak to her.

While in LA she’d met Kris, a grad student, from Hawaii. After graduation, she had moved to Hawaii with Kris, and was in grad school there herself. Every time she mentioned Kris, her face lightened and her eyes seemed to sparkle. “I can’t wait for you to meet her! She’s so wonderful!”

As they talked, Melody tended to grab his arm, or hold his hand often. The last time she’d grabbed his hand had been when she was spilling her guts in the counselor’s office when she was sixteen. Now at twenty-two, she had matured physically, but still had the same bouncy energy as she had six years earlier. She’d put her jacket back on, thankfully, because between her thin tank top, and the cold air in the jet, she had been very distracting, and he’d found it very hard not to look at her chest, which continually made him feel like a pervert.

When they’d finally landed, they walked off the plane together and she insisted on taking his arm as they walked to baggage claim together. “There’s Kris!” Melody ran the last few steps ahead and threw her arms around an angry looking brunette. Her anger seemed to melt a little as Melody kissed her deeply. When they broke, Melody stepped back and squealed. “This is Mr. D! He was on the plane next to me!”

Instantly the anger left Kris’ face. Her pale blue eyes seemed to nearly tear up and she grabbed him and hugged him. “It’s so nice to finally meet you!”

Mark had been worried about getting his ass kicked. He’d never had it kicked by a woman, but he wasn’t sure Kris wasn’t about to do it. She’d seemed ready to a moment earlier. Going with the flow, Mark put his arms around her and hugged her back, not minding her impressive rack smashing into him at all.

“Melody’s been telling me about you since we left LA. I’m glad she’s found someone that makes her so happy.”

As they waited for their bags, Kris quizzed him on where he was staying and how long he’d be there. She invited him come to their house for dinner the following night. The con lasted until Sunday, and he’d reserved his room for another week, on his own dime to enjoy a little vacation. Kris insisted that after the con ended he was staying with them, and between the two of them, he had no chance of resisting.

As they left baggage claim, he saw two girls holding up a sign with his name on it. Both were about 5′ 5″, one a thin, dirty blonde and the other a thicker, bustier brunette. Both were definitely cute, but in an almost geeky sort of way. He’d always liked geeky girls, having been fairly geeky himself growing up.

“Looks like my ride’s here.”

Hugging Melody and Kris goodbye, he greeted the two girls. Offering his hand to the blonde who was holding the sign, he said, “Hi, I’m Mark Daniels.”

The blonde took his hand and tried to speak, but couldn’t be heard over the brunette’s squeal. He’d met his first squealing fan; that was a new experience. When he could hear her again, the blonde spoke again. “I’m Kim, and this is Erin. Welcome to Hawaii.”

The girls got him to the hotel where the con was to start in the morning, and got him checked into his room. As it turned out, the room was in the name of the con, so that no one but certain con staff knew where the guests were staying. Some of the bigger names were in different hotels, but he didn’t think it’d be an issue with him.

They showed him up to his room, and helped him with his bags, which made him feel awkward, two college girls trying to carry his bags. The room was much nicer than any he’d ever stayed in before, and when he mentioned it, Erin blurted out. “It was supposed to got to someone else, but they cancelled at the last minute and you got upgraded.”

“ERIN!” Kim’s mouth was agape, and she smacked her friend on the shoulder.

“That’s okay, I know I’m not that big a name.”

Kim spoke again, “This is your first con, right?”

“Yeah, my agent’s been bugging me to do this for a couple of years.”

Again, Erin managed to embarrass Kim, by blurting out, “Con-Virgin!”

“Erin, don’t you have to go back to the airport?”

Looking at her watch, Erin gasped, “Oh yeah, Crap! See you guys later.”

After she’d left, Kim breathed deeply. “Sorry about that. Erin sometimes has no couth.”

“No problem. So what all do I need to do?”

“Show up for your scheduled activities and have fun.”

“That’s it? You guys flew me out here for just four hours of work?”

“Well they like it if you get out and mingle some with the guests, and come to some of the other stuff, but other than that, you really are only required to do your panel, the Q & A, and the autograph session.”

“Wow, so I can wander the island as well.”


“Where can I find good tourist info?”

“That’s what I’m for. I’m your guest liaison. My job for the con is to make sure you get where you need to be on time, and to make sure you have a good con experience.”

Mark had no response for that, so all he said was, “Wow.”

“So what do you want to do first?”

“A shower and a nap. I’m beat.”

“Do you want me to wake you later.”

“Give me about two hours, then how about dinner?”

“Alright, two hours.” As she turned to leave, she stopped and asked, “If you want, since the room is in the con’s name, I can get a key and come in to wake you, or I can just bang on the door.”

“Why don’t you get a key, and if I don’t answer the door, then come on in.”

“Alrighty.” Smiling, at him, she turned and left.

As soon as she left, he decided he needed a drink. Looking around, he found a mini-bar, which happened to be stocked. He threw back a cheap glass of scotch and then got into the shower. Forgetting he’d told Kim to come on in, he got into bed naked after his shower and nodded off to sleep.

He dreamed of a tropical beach with tanned, naked beach beauties whose faces shifted from one woman to the next. Among others were Melody, Kris, Erin, and Kim. It seemed he’d just gotten to sleep when he felt someone shaking him.

Waking with a start, he found Kim standing over him. Her pale blue eyes looking into his, and that big, wide smile of hers were too much. A bit disoriented, it took him a moment to figure out where he was and who she was, and why she was in his room.

“Mr. Daniels? You need to get up or you’ll never sleep tonight.” He knew she was right, but he desperately wanted to go back to sleep.

He started to get up and realized he was naked under the covers. He also realized he was hard as a rock and his eight inches were making a tent of the covers. “Um, can you give me a minute?”

“I’m stepping out into the hall for three minutes and then I’m coming back in. If you’re still in bed I’m going to drag you out, naked or not.”

Mark insisted Kim pick where to have dinner, since he didn’t know the area, and also insisted on buying her dinner, using the “You’re volunteering your entire weekend to help me, it’s the least I can do…” argument. In the end he won. Upon returning, they wandered the site for the conference, so he could find the locations of his sessions. Throughout the day, Mark was struck again and again by just how damn charming Kim turned out to be. She could feign interest on nearly any topic he rambled on about.

At the hotel bar, he bought them a round of drinks, after her assurance she was twenty-one, and he had finally convinced her his name was ‘Mark,’ not ‘Mr. Daniels’ It was then that they ran into her ex-boyfriend.

“Hey Kim, you likin’ ’em old now?” Before them was a greasy looking, long-haired kid with a sparse beard and an awful looking cheap fedora on his head. He had a windbreaker on, but had the sleeves pushed up above his elbows. Mark’s first reaction was to want to immediately smack the hell out of the smarmy little shit. The short, round girl with him was equally greasy and looked to be boycotting shampoo.

Turing to him, Kim very calmly introduced her drinking partner. “Wil this is Mark Daniels, one of the authors speaking tomorrow. Mr. Daniels, this is my ex-boyfriend Wil, the one who cheated on me with a bloated cow who was pretending to be my friend.”

Mark stifled a laugh, as the pair in front of him bugged their eyes out, mumbled something unintelligible and shuffled away. Once they were out of earshot, he finally let it go.

Kim’s face was red, and she seemed upset, so immediately, Mark tried to apologize. “Kim, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed.”

“No, I shouldn’t have said all that.” Then, looking at him she started laughing too.

As they drank a little more one of the other patrons in the bar had overheard the introduction and recognized the name. Soon, a small crowd had gathered and Mark found himself telling no-shit stories about his days in TV. Before they new it, the bar had closed. He fought the temptation to invite the few remaining up to his room to help him empty the mini-bar, so he walked Kim back to her room, though she insisted she should walk him back to his, and they agreed on a time to meet in the morning for breakfast. As they arrived at her door, they could hear what could only be described as some very vocal mating coming from room she and Erin were sharing with some friends.

“Um. You wanna come up for a drink til the happy couple is done.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Yeah, I think so.” She found herself giggling at thinking of her friends as a happy couple. They had broken up four or five times so far that year.

A couple of hours and drinks later, they’d exhausted the fun of watching late night Japanese TV on cable while doing their own voiceovers. Mark leaned back on the couch with his feet on the coffee table while Kim stretched out on the couch with her head in his lap. Her flip-flops had long since been kicked off. When he thought he could get away with it, he admired the tanned legs stretched out on the arm of the couch, and when he couldn’t he tended to admire her pale blue eyes. They’d spent the last half hour laughing about her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend.

Finally he couldn’t help himself and asked, “So why in the hell would you date that greasy slob?”

“He wasn’t so gross until after he started screwing ‘Raven.’ ” She emphasized the word “Raven” and stifled a giggle.


“That greasy little blob he was with tonight.”

“Her name’s Raven?”

“Well, it’s really Heather, but Heather wasn’t goth enough for her, so she goes by Raven.”

“Not to be rude, but is he blind, or what?” He took a drink and continued, “I mean you’re hot, and she’s a 500-pound, sweating Gila-monster.”

Kim looked up at him. “You think I’m hot?”

One moment he was looking into an enchanting pair of eyes, and the next thing he knew she’d grabbed his head and had her tongue in his mouth. The part of his brain that was saying, “You know, she’s ten years younger than you, and drunk,” was shouted into silence by the part that was screaming, “Fuck that! She’s hot, and she has her tongue in your mouth!”

He managed to find a place to put his drink without spilling it, find a place for hers and not spill it, and then pull her upright and into his lap. The impressive part was that their lips had never come apart.

When they finally broke for air, she asked, “It’s okay if I kiss you, right?”

All he could manage before their lips met again was, “Sure, be my…”

By the time they broke for air again, she was straddling him and their hands had been roaming. The “she’s drunk” part of his brain made one last attempt to gain control.

He was about to tell her they should stop when she ground her crotch into his hard on and announced, “I hope you don’t mind me getting you drunk like this, but when I came to wake you earlier, you were uncovered, and I so wanted to suck you off right then. But instead I covered you and woke you up.”

With that, the “go for it” side of his brain beat the other side into submission as he slid a hand up the back of her t-shirt. He found the clasp of he bra and unhooked it easily. Feeling her bra release, she lifted her arms up as he pulled her t-shirt and bra over her head.

Her tits were small, but he didn’t care as he dropped his lips to one nipple. She leaned back and groaned loudly and immediately reached down and started unbuckling his belt. He was opening up her shorts as she pulled his cock out of his pants. Stroking his length she stood and let him slid her shorts to the ground. Wearing only a pink thong, she pulled on his pants until he managed to lift himself up and slide them and his boxers off. She then climbed back onto his lap and kissed him again, grabbing his cock again in the process. She then slid down his legs and onto the floor in front of him and took his head in her mouth. Sliding her hand to his balls, she took him as far into her mouth as she could before coming back up until he was barely in her mouth. She repeated the process two more times, and then on the fourth time down, she took his full length down her throat. She fucked him with her throat until he was about to blow and ignored his warning until he was about to begin pumping his load down her throat. Feeling his balls tighten, she pulled back until he was barely between her lips again and took his load, swallowing all but the tiny drop that escaped her lips.

Wiping her lips with the back of her hand, she climbed back into his lap. He immediately kissed her again before finally breaking. Without a word, he stood with her in his arms and carrier her to the bed. He set her on her feet by the bed and knelt in front of her, kissing her belly and sliding her thong to the ground. He slowly turned her in front of him, kissing around her hip, across her cheeks, taking a small nip of each one, and continuing around her other hip until he was back, kissing right above the thin patch of hair between her legs.

As he began kissing downward, he slowly guided her back until she was sitting on the edge of the bed. As he lifted her leg to his shoulders, he spent several minutes kissing the insides of her thighs. In the dim light, he could see her glistening wetness and could certainly smell her arousal.

Her breathing was already heavy and ragged, but when he finally touched his lips to her pussy, she groaned with pleasure, “Oh god, please!” He parted her lips with his tongue, and searched out her clit. If he hadn’t been able to feel it with his tongue, he’d have known by her reaction. She begun humping his face almost the instant his tongue touched her clit. Though he’d been ready to go as long as it took, it seemed like only a few licks before her body began shaking and she clamped his head between her legs like a vise.

As he stood up and climbed onto the bed, Kim centered herself on the bed and opened her legs for him. Climbing between them, he guided his rejuvenated dick into her, sliding his full length into her in one shot.

There was no tenderness in their fucking, just the desire to enjoy the other’s organ. As he reveled in sliding in and out of her, she took great pleasure in meeting his every thrust. She smiled up at him as they rutted, and occasionally leaned back and gasped, until she started shaking again and came even louder and more physically than the first time. Shortly after, he pulled out and shot his load onto her belly, not knowing if she was on birth control or not.

He kissed her tenderly, and climbed out of bed, to get a warm, wet washcloth to clean her up. As he was coming back to the bed, a song he didn’t recognize began to play somewhere in the room.

Half sitting up, Kim pointed to her shorts. “Could you hand me my phone? I don’t want to spill our mess.”

Fishing her phone out of her shorts, Mark handed it to her and began cleaning her up as she answered her phone.

“Hey!” Pause. “I’m with Mark.” Pause. “In his room.” Longer pause. “Yeah.” Pause. “It was great. I’m hoping we do it again later.” Pause. “I don’t know, I’ll ask.”

Looking at Mark who was getting the last bit off cum of her tits, she asked, “Can me and Erin crash here tonight? The happy couple is at it again. She can take the couch.”

Mark kissed her quickly, taking her meaning in. “She’s welcome to the couch.”

“Sure, come on up.” Pause. “Not tonight, but later, sure.”

As they snuggled under the covers, Mark asked, “Should we get dressed?”

“Whatever! Erin’s seen me naked before, we live together. The first day I met her we played strip poker with some guys down the hall in our dorm. We both lost and had to sneak back to our room naked.”

“Lucky guys.”

“Only one really,” she giggled. “One guy came in his pants before we could really do anything, so me and Erin took his roommate back to our room and all but raped him.”

“Interesting.” He tried to resist, but he couldn’t help himself. “You two do that sort of thing often?”

“Every now and then when we meet someone we both want to fuck but don’t want to date. We don’t touch each other, just the guy. Usually when he’s had enough, the guy grabs Erin and fucks her until he comes. If she comes first, sometimes they fuck me till they cum. On guy came in both our mouths, fucked her till she came, fucked me till I came, and then fucked her till he finally came again.” She tried to play it off, but he could tell it bothered her they the guys always picked Erin.

Before he could respond, there was a knock on the door. Kim kissed him quickly and on her way to the door whispered. “Play your cards right and we’ll do it to you. But not tonight. Tonight you’re all mine.”

Erin walked in carrying two duffle bags, a blanket and a pillow. She made a point of checking out the area of the cover around his crotch, as if trying to see if she could see anything. “Here, I brought your stuff.” She plopped both duffle bags on the floor.

“I thought they were still going at it.”

“They were, but I wanted my stuff, and it’s our room too.” Grinning, she added, “Besides, it’s not like they stopped when I came in the room.”

“You’re awful.” Kim climbed back into bed as she admonished her friend.

“By the way, Nikki needs to meet more guys.” Erin turned off the lights and in the dim light provided by the moon outside, she gave Mark a bit of a show as she continued talking while stripping to just her skimpy panties, and putting her t-shirt back on. He didn’t know if she thought they couldn’t see her or if she just didn’t care. “You know how she’s always going on about how big Sean is?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “Girl’s in for a surprise when she sees her next dick. That boy’s dick is TINY!” Erin continued bashing Sean’s tiny dick as Kim snuggled up to him and they drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Some time later, Mark woke, feeling someone climbing out of the bed. He heard the bathroom door shut and saw light under the door. Soon the toilet flushed, the light went off, and the door opened. As Kim crawled back into bed he crawled out, kissing her on the way to the bathroom.

When he crawled back into bed, she was waiting for him and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him deeply again. Running his hands the length of her body, he caressed her until they broke for air.

He was instantly hard again when she whispered into his ear, “Can we do it again now that we’re sober.”

In answer, he kissed her again and reached between her legs. After a few minutes of stimulation, she was sloppy wet and climbed on top of him. Grabbing his dick she guided it into her pussy as she slid down to meet his hips. Once she had him fully inside her, she leaned down and whispered into his ear. “I’m on the pill. Cum inside me.”

He groped her breasts as she sat upright and fucked him slowly, at first. As she picked up her pace, he looked over to check on Erin, thinking they were being really sly. They weren’t being sneaky enough, though, because he could barely make out the shape of her huge quivering breasts and her arm with the hand disappearing down her panties.

If possible, he got even harder. He was glad when Kim finally came and collapsed on top of him. Sitting up, he guided her onto her back between his legs pulling one leg up, he guided her onto her hands and knees and entered her again from behind. As he rammed in and out of Kim, his face was now about four feet closer to Erin, and he could see her much more clearly. Her dark curls were splayed out around her thrown back head, and she was caressing one large nipple with her left hand while masturbating with her right. In her t-shirt earlier, she’d looked chubby, but now with her top off, he realized that she really wasn’t fat, just very curvy and had at least DD tits. Unlike Kim, she had obvious tan lines on her tits and huge areolas, that led to very rigid nipples.

A moan from Kim drew his attention back to her, and looking down, he saw his dick slipping beneath the most beautiful ass he could recall ever seeing in this position. He was as hard as he’d ever been in his life, and loving every second. Kim collapsed under him, onto her belly, but still was making happy noises as he continued humping her with his legs now straddling her ass.

He looked up in time to see Erin reach between her legs now with her left hand, push her panties aside and start ramming two fingers into her cunt as her right hand toyed with her clit. When her body started to buck and shake he knew she was cumming and it was enough to send him over the edge and let him shoot his load deep into Kim.

As Kim snuggled back into his arms and he drifted off to sleep, he missed her waiving to her roommate. In the time it took Erin to slip out of her panties and get into bed next to him, he was sound asleep.

Mark awoke feeling cold: well, mostly cold. The covers on the bed were gone; the only part of him not cold was his dick, which felt warm and wet. As he gained his senses in the dark room, he realized that Kim was sucking his dick. He reached down and took her head in his hands, wanting give her a good morning kiss and found a mass of thick, curly hair.

Shock ran through him, and though he wished it hadn’t, his dick got even harder. “Erin,” he was looking around the darkened room for Kim, “Where’s Kim?”

Taking her mouth off of his cock, Erin responded, “She had a meeting.” As she climbed on top of him, she continued. “She told me to wake you at 8:30 and said I could do it any way I wanted.” She kissed him, exploring his mouth with her tongue, before finishing, “I just can’t fuck you till she gets back. And after watching what you did to her earlier, I really wish she’d hurry back.”

They kissed and explore each other’s bodies a while, and soon he found himself caressing her bare cunt and flicking her large nipples with his tongue. She was much louder showing her appreciation than she had been in the nighttime show from earlier.

When Kim finally arrived shortly after 9:00 am, she found Mark on his back, with Erin on top of him in a sixty-nine position. He couldn’t see her, but he heard the door open and heard her voice, “Good, you’re up. I’m so fucking horny.”

They became a blur of flesh until Mark wasn’t exactly sure some times whose mouth was on his dick, whose legs he had his face between, or who he was fingering. At one point, he was sure it was Erin straddling his face, because he’d reached up her torso and found her huge tits and caressed them with one hand and fingered Kim, who was sucking his dick with the other. Erin began quivering again and soon was screaming, announcing her orgasm to the entire hotel.

As soon as she climbed off of him, he reached down and pulled Kim’s head up from what she was doing. Rolling her over, her got between her legs and slid his dick into her again. He was about to wipe the taste of pussy from his lips when she grabbed him by the head and kissed him. For a moment, Erin was forgotten as they fucked hard and fast. Before long, Kim began cumming vocally and violently, causing him to follow soon after.

He lay on top of her kissing her, until Erin reminded them she was there. “That was so hot. You need to do that to me later.” Climbing out of bed she headed to the shower. “Gotta get cleaned up and make my sure charge makes it to his autograph session. Hope we can do it again tonight!”

Once they heard the shower running, Kim whispered quietly into his ear, “Thank you.” He didn’t have to ask why.

Exhausted, they slept until almost noon. They made slow, leisurely love in the shower, ordered room service for lunch, and made sure he was on time to his talk at two.

**** Kim made sure that Mark made it his official functions and told him which unofficial ones he should go to. They were having a drink together in the hotel bar, when Melody and Kris arrived to collect him for dinner. Two beautiful women in thin summer dresses walking through the hotel lobby holding hands had the predicted effect. Heads turned, jaws dropped, and silence reigned.

Mark made quick introductions, after which Kim slipped away.

Looking around them as they walked out, Kris commented, “Look at these idiots stare.” She was starting to get angry. “I would have thought a crowd like this would be a little more accepting than most.”

“Are you kidding, you two have just created a whole new fantasy for some of these kids. Not only are you hot, but your lesbians too.” Laughing he added, “You two are probably going to be the single most jacked off to mental image in the state tonight.”

“I don’t know. Kim is pretty cute. Some of these boys are bound to have a crush on her and her friend from the airport.” Melody grinned at him slyly.

“Looked kinda young too.” Kris teased him. “What is she, eighteen at the most?”

“She’s twenty-one. She’s what is called a guest liaison. She’s supposed to make sure I get to all my meetings and stuff on time.

“Whatever,” Kris snorted, clearly amused. “I can see in her eyes that girl wants in your pants, and she has that just got laid aura about her. Adds up to one thing buster.”

Melody came to his defense, “Wasn’t I nineteen the first time we slept together? It was at your thirtieth birthday party, wasn’t it?”

Kris gave up the fight, as they walked out to her car. Dinner ended up not being at their house, but at a small, out of the way place that you would have to know about to find. There were few tables, and all were isolated from one another. Mark noted that there were no prices on the menu, and felt his wallet cringe. Dinner turned out to exquisite, and the girls made a charmingly beautiful couple. Mark took the time to get to know more about Kris. She was an artist, mainly doing sculpture, but also some drawing. When the check came, Kris insisted on taking it, noting that while she wasn’t selling much of her art yet, being a trust fund baby, she didn’t need to really.

As they waited for Melody outside the restroom, Kim looked Mark in the eye. “Thanks for convincing Mel that you approve of me, even if you don’t. Since we met, you’ve been the only person whose approval has ever worried her.”

Putting an arm around her, Mark took the chance to speak his mind. “When the shit hit the fan, it broke my heart that such a sweet, special girl was being treated like a pariah by her own family. I honestly couldn’t be happier that she has someone who will give her the love and respect she deserves. I was afraid she’d been too damaged to ever be able have such a wonderful, loving relationship.”

Mark had been asked to judge a costume contest, so they couldn’t stay too late, so they ended the evening early and dropped him off at the hotel. As he got out of the car, Kris and Melody got out with him, not satisfied with a simple goodbye. He hugged Melody goodnight first, and got a quick, kiss on the cheek. When he leaned in to hug Kris goodnight, she took the chance to kiss him dead on the lips.

Taken aback, he had no response, as Kris and Melody slipped back into the car, giggling and drove away. As he turned to walk into the hotel, the first thing he saw was Kim, waiting for him in the lobby, reading his first book.

He wanted to hug her, but they’d agreed to keep that sort of thing behind closed doors. “Hey there.” He didn’t mean to make her jump, but she did. Mark found it especially cute when she tried to hide what she was reading. “How much time do we have before the contest?”

Standing, she answered quietly enough for just him to hear. “Not enough time to do it, but probably enough for a blow job.”

As they rode the elevator up to his room, fortunately alone, Kim took his hand. “Are you going to do Erin tonight?”

Mark took longer than he wanted to answer. “It depends.”

Kim seemed almost afraid to ask, but she continued, “Depends on what?”

“On what you want.” That seemed to ease her fears a little. “If I have to choose between you and her, it’s you, hands down. Whether she joins us or not is up to you.”

She got a worried look on her face. “Um, but we just met. It’s not like I can tell you what to do.”

Taking her hand, he kissed it gently and said, “I spent last night and this morning with the prettiest girl I’ve seen at the conference, and to top it off she’s great in bed. Why would I want to mess that up? Even if it’s only for a few days, at least I can have you for a few days.”

“But you still want to do her, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. She’s young and pretty, and she wants me to have sex with her. What straight guy wouldn’t? But I’d rather have sex with you.” He hoped he was getting through to her. “I could show you once we get into the room.” He leered at her playfully.

That seemed to encourage her, because she blushed and smiled again.

They’d barely gotten into the room when Kim dragged him to the sofa and pushed him down. She stripped of her top and bra quickly as he unbuckled his belt, and knelt in front of him. Without pretense or playing around, she opened up his pants and pulled his dick out, nearly swallowing him at once. With a single-minded purpose, Kim fucked him with her throat. She spared no time with teasing, her whole entire purpose to make him blow as fast as she could. It was the fastest blowjob he’d had in a long time, leaving them plenty of time to make out a little afterward, get dressed, and make it to the contest on time.

While it made Mark kind of proud that one of the entries in the costume contest came as one of his characters, he couldn’t remember ever writing about that character wearing Daisy Dukes, fishnets, and spiked heels. Even worse, the guy in the outfit really didn’t have the legs for fishnets. Though he was a crowd favorite, he didn’t finish in the top three.

After the costume contest, he desperately wanted to take Kim back up to his room and return the favor, but Kim wanted to go to the dance afterward. He’d have gone anyway, even before she whispered quietly, “Dancing makes me sooo horny.”

Not wanting to give anything away, they made sure to dance more with other people than each other. The music was definitely not what Mark would dance to, but then again, he was badly afflicted with white man’s disease, and his total lack of rhythm made most of his dancing look the same anyway.

After about an hour, Kim found him near the bar with a freshly opened beer. She said something, but it was too loud for him to hear, so he leaned closer. Shouting, but still only barely loud enough for him to hear, in the noisy room, “If you were to go up to your room, right now, you’d find a stacked, naked woman in your bed who really wants to get laid. But you’ll have to finish your beer first. Can’t take it out of the room.” She leaned back and looked him in the eye. With one eye raised, she waited for him to move. Leaning forward again, she added, “Two last things. She’s on the pill, and try to save some energy for me. I’ll be up in an while.”

Mark wasted no time, handing his beer to Kim and heading to the elevator. By the time he’d gotten to his floor, he had his hands in his pockets to try and hide his erection. Upon entering his room, he paused, speechless, when he saw what waited for him on his bed.

Erin was tied to his bed, legs spread wide, wearing only a blindfold and an MP3 player. Unable to see, and unable to hear beyond the music, she was unaware that anyone was in the room with her. While he undressed, he took in her naked body. He debated crawling between her wide-open legs and nailing her right away, but he decided instead to straddle her chest.

She reacted as soon as she felt his weight on the bed. “Who’s that?” He didn’t say anything. “Kim?” Nothing. “Mark?”

When his dick landed between her huge tits, she commented, “Well, I know it isn’t Kim.”

He grabbed her tits and squeezed them gently around his dick until it disappeared from sight. He slowly began fucking her tits. He’d never cum from just fucking tits before, but these were by far the best he’d ever fucked, so he pulled up before he made a mess of her chest and face. As soon as he pulled up, she opened wide, so he slid his dick into her mouth until he hit her throat, nearly gagging her. He fucked her mouth for a couple of strokes until shooting his load down her throat. Like a trooper, she swallowed it all. Once he was done, Mark pulled out of her mouth and climbed off of the bed. As soon as her mouth was empty, Erin started talking again. “That was great. Hope you’re not done yet. Is it my turn yet? If you untie me, I’ll get that back up for you.”

As she rattled on, Mark caught his breath, then moved to the foot of the bed and climbed between her thighs. Wasting no time, he kissed her squarely on the twat, before he began exploring her with his tongue.

Erin jumped when his lips touched her pussy. “Woah! Alright! That’s what I’m talking about!” As soon as he found her clit, though her tone changed. “Oh shit!” Any words after that were lost between moaning and the occasional scream. It took longer than he’d hoped, but eventually, she was bucking her crotch into his face while screaming, “No more! No More!”

He went just a little longer, before climbing on top of her while she caught her breath. With his dick pressing against her lips, he kissed her sloppily, letting her taste herself on him. As soon as he broke the kiss and she started to speak again, he pushed himself into her, interrupting her in mid word.

“Oh my god, that was greAHHH!”

He took his time fucking her, watching her tit’s bounce and sway. Again, she was at a loss for words, simply moaning and screaming. Every so often, he picked up the pace and slammed her for a few strokes.

Mark didn’t even stop when he heard the door opening. He felt the weight of another person climbing onto the bed and kept slamming into her. Glancing to his right, he saw Kim’s naked form. She was sitting with her legs crossed, leaning back on one hand, with the other hand between her legs.

While the desire to shoot his load in Erin, the thought of fucking Kim was too tempting. He started to pull out.

“No, don’t,” Kim stopped him. “Cum in her.”

When he hesitated, she added, “She’s on the pill.”

“That isn’t it.”

“Whatever, just keep fucking.”

Not one to argue, Mark kept going. Having an audience sped things up, and he was soon shooting his cum into Erin’s writhing body.

When she could breath again, Erin broke the silence. “Is that Kim? I felt someone get on the bed. C’mon guys, untie me, I gotta pee.”

Mark rolled off of her and started to reach for the scarf binding her left wrist.

“Not yet.” Before he could respond, Kim had him in her mouth and was cleaning him off. Once she was satisfied, she gave him the okay, “God I love that taste.” Taking a deep breath, she looked at her friend’s heaving body. “Alright, now you can untie her.”

He couldn’t resist. Pointing a the mess oozing out of Erin’s sloppy twat, Mark commented, “There’s more where that came from.”

“Temping, but I think she’d flip. Maybe I’ll try it next time she lets me tie her up and blindfold her.”

Looking at Kim in a new light, Mark untied Erin’s wrist. While Erin freed herself from the blindfold, the other scarf, and the mp3 player, Mark pulled the smaller girl to him and kissed her softly.

“Guys, that was awesome!” Erin gasped. “Be right back.”

By the time she got back, Mark was inside Kim, slowly making love to her. Her first instinct was to get dressed and quietly slip out the door. Instead, she flopped onto the couch, reached between her legs and enjoyed the show.

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