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There are those of us who get on Antiques Roadshow, and those of us who don’t. I’m a damn good appraiser and a nice-looking girl, but I don’t have the screen presence or the fancy reputation to get on TV. But it doesn’t bother me, because I’m also a New Yorker who’s never really comfortable outside the city. Besides, I have a name inside the business, with those who matter.

I’d known Leslie and Leigh for about a year, and liked them both very much. They were always gentlemanly and gracious, and their looks were nothing to complain about either. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to tell them apart. Mostly it was physique that gave them away; Leigh was broader through the chest and shoulders, Leslie leaner. I’d have settled for either of them any day, but it was what I call a “sighing situation,” as in, “Sigh, nice dream, now back to reality.”

But lately things had been happening that made me wonder. Nothing blatant, just the brush of a body, the light touch of a hand, the comment made close to the ear. Sometimes I’d let my imagination go with it, only to earn myself an aching, wet cunt. But mostly I told myself it was just teasing flirtation. After all, they were two charming lads. So I let it go on, not encouraging it, but not discouraging it either.

Then one late afternoon in the middle of a hot July, I was working on some auction items with them. It was some really upper-crust stuff, and the seller wanted it appraised by people who knew their business. We’d been poking around this place for hours, and I was finally going over my last item when I heard them approach.

I turned around and said, “You guys finished already?”

“Yeah,” Leslie said, “looks like you’re about done too.”

“Yeah, just about.” I stood to make a note in my book, then snapped the cover shut. “I guess that ties it up. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to get some dinner.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” Leigh said. “Why don’t the three of us go together?”

“Well, I’m not really dressed for it,” I said, looking down at my body wearing demin short-shorts, a pink A-shirt, and sandals. Then I had a thought. “Look, why don’t we get a cab to my place, I’ll change clothes, and then we’ll go out?”

That was kind of a seductive offer, I thought after I’d said it. But hey, you never know where a simple remark could lead….

<< >>

We crowded into the cab, one twin on either side of me. Pshew! How many women would give their eyeteeth to be in my position? There was only one thing to do: enjoy it. So I did, settling back into the vinyl seat and breathing in their pheromones. I wondered if pheromones really worked, because if they did, the twins were drowning in the subconscious scent of receptive pussy.

Then I felt a hand on my thigh. A gentle lie of a warm palm, not demanding, just enjoying. I didn’t say anything, but I stretched a little in the seat, letting my legs slide uncrossed.

On my other thigh, fingers started making soft wavy patterns. Nobody looked at anybody else, but everybody knew what was going on. The fingers moved upward, the hand inward. Okay, make that the obvious scent of receptive pussy.

It was my move now. The closest I’d ever come to anything kinky was Version #5 of The World’s Most Ghastly Perm, circa 1987. Back then I’d have been appalled if two guys had started feeling me up. But of course I was older, wiser, and hornier now, having recently (if the books were right) reached my sexual peak. And this was the Keno brothers seducing me!

So why not? I moved my fingers gradually outward, brushing against their thighs. Now Leigh’s palm moved to the smooth skin of my inner thigh, and Leslie’s fingers slipped under the leg of my shorts and explored the crease where my leg met my abdomen. Momentarily I wished I’d have worn sexier underwear, but by then Leslie’s pinky finger was almost at my pussy lip, and the sudden burst of heat and wetness in my slit made all other thoughts vanish.

I moved my right hand up Leslie’s thigh, matching his boldness, till the heel of my hand touched the edge of his bulge. I could feel the tension of the fabric of his chinos stretched across it. Then it was Leigh’s turn. For him a more discreet approach: I trailed my fingertips down to his knee and then back up again, letting them come to rest just shy of the ridge under his fly. I was rewarded; the brothers both shifted a little in their seats, then resumed their ministrations.

They didn’t actually touch my pussy, but just as we got ready to exit the cab I glazed my palms over their bulges. We got out of the cab as if nothing had happened–the twins insisted on paying the fare–and on the way to my door they both offered me their arms. I felt like a model in a fashion ad, sashaying up the steps with a fabulous blond at each side and the perfect breeze fanning out my equally perfect hair and oodles of paparazzi stamping on each other’s heads to snap my picture….

Reality intervened briefly as we climbed the stairs to my apartment and I let us in. It’s a pretty nice place, if small, and I’m a neat freak so there were no worries about how it looked. I put my purse down and asked them if they’d like something to drink. I had half a bottle of some nice white wine in the fridge, and that sounded good to all of us, so I poured three glasses, we drank a few swallows, and then I said, “Well, I guess if I’m going to change clothes, I better do it now.”

It was kind of an impasse. I couldn’t just say, “So ya wanna screw my brains out?” and they couldn’t just say, “Can we go in with ya and hump your heinie?” So after a moment I said, “I’m not sure what to wear. Do you think you’d like to help me pick something out?”

Maybe it wasn’t the sleekest invitation, but it wasn’t crude, either. Anyway, it worked; they nodded and we all walked into the bedroom. For a few moments I made the pretense of opening the closet, but it wasn’t too long until I felt fingers slide up under the butt of my shorts. The sexiness of it sent a tense thrill shimmering through my body, and then a hand reached through from behind and lingered between my legs. I turned around and faced the twins. If it were one man this would have been when we’d embrace, but how did you hug two people? So I just went toward them and lay a hand on the small of each of their backs. We all leaned in together until our faces were touching–then burst into a flurry of kisses and nuzzles. Surprising how erotic it can be to kiss two other people at once, lips all over lips, lips on cheeks, noses on cheeks. What was really exciting was that the brothers were kissing each other with the same delight as they were kissing me. We ended up in a three-way French kiss, three tongues tantalizing each other, while our hands began to play with the fastenings of each other’s clothes. My pussy was already hot and wet, and their cocks were pushed up high against their flies. I backed away a little and caught their hands.

“Undress each other,” I said, hearing rather than feeling myself say it.

They slid each other’s clothing off with slow appreciation, taking the time to feel and caress each other’s bodies. Their underwear was as utilitarian as mine, their bodies–like mine–attractive, but not without a sprinkling of imperfections. That made me feel a bit more confident, so I joined the game, moving my hands all over them to enjoy their smooth skin with scallops of tight muscle underneath, their soft blond body hair, and finally their cocks. I pulled a hand up each one simultaneously, feeling the texture change from satin at the base to velvet at the tip, the blood pulsing fiercely deep inside. Like the rest of them, their cocks were nearly but not exactly identical; not gigantic but not tiny, just the right length, girth, and curve to please my cunt. My clit tickled at the thought, and I went to unsnap my shorts.

Four hands grabbed my hands away and began to ease my clothes off and explore my body with delicious attentiveness. A few kisses followed–on my hipbone, my thigh, my navel, my breasts. I was ready to waver down and collapse like a Slinky from the pleasure, and then Leigh wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled my body up against his, and kissed me on my mouth.

A man who knows how to kiss knows how to quench and inflame your thirst at the same time. We drank from each other’s lips, silkily at first, then edging toward greed. Leslie’s hands ran down both our sides; then his body came up against the back of mine and I felt him push my hair to one side and start kissing the nape of my neck. Being between their warm bodies like that, the texture of their skin enveloping me, brought my blood to the surface all over, leaving me hot and tingly. Their cocks slid between my legs, one gliding along my pussy and pubic bone, one my cunthole and ass cheeks. I could feel them rubbing their cockheads together, and pretty soon all of us were rocking our bodies and drawing hard breaths.

“Bed,” I said, somewhere between a plea and a moan.

We disengaged ourselves and lay back across the bed. Leslie ended up in the middle, so it seemed only natural we should please him first. I kissed him, first at his mouth, then down his throat to his breastbone, running my hands over his smooth belly. He let his eyes slide closed and that was when I put my mouth to one of his nipples.

His body stabbed upward, then pooled back onto the bed. I kept kissing and tonguing his nipples while Leigh licked down his abdomen to his cock. I watched out the corner of my eye as Leigh stroked the organ with his tongue, sensually savoring it. Then he took it in his mouth, and Leslie put a hand on each of our heads, pulling in deep breaths and grunting them out. I moved down and joined his brother, running my tongue over the his cock as Leigh sucked, then down to tease his balls. It wasn’t too long till his body started to tense, then quiver, and I felt a surge run through his cock and knew he’d come into Leigh’s mouth. I’m not fond of the taste of semen, but somehow I felt kind of ripped off that I hadn’t had any…till Leigh put his mouth on mine and ejected a spurt for me to swallow.

Leslie was still in his own little world of sensation, eyes shut, lips open, catching his breath and then making soft little sounds in time with the last ebbing throbs of pleasure. It was sexy watching him, so I just sat back on my haunches, which was why it took me off guard when he pushed up, caught me, and rolled me over on my back.

“Sneak!” I said, and the brothers echoed my laugh as they encircled me, covering me with kisses and caresses. Two mouths dueled over mine, two sets of lips sucked my nipples, two tongues lightly explored my pussy. Two beautiful blond heads at my slit; two slick mouths, one nursing at my clit, the other prowling inside my cunt–I spread my thighs as wide as I could, pushing out toward their faces, and groaned as my orgasm erupted. Sight, hearing, thought, everything ceased but the intense shots of pleasure that ripped through me, leaving me rocking in the bed, squeezing my thighs together to extract every last wave of sweetness.

“Oh, Jesus,” I said when I could finally speak again.

“Come over here,” Leigh said, so I scooted over. “What’s your heart’s desire?” I said teasingly.

“Mm,” he said, “surprise me.”

“How could I say no to that?” I said, straddled him, and leaned down to kiss him. We both still had the taste of Leslie’s sperm in our mouths. Once again our mouths united into a spark of satisfaction that rapidly became a blaze, as we licked each other’s tongues, sucked each other’s lips, stroked each other’s skin, pressed our bodies together. I couldn’t hold back–my pussy was desperate to have a cock inside her. So I grasped Leigh’s cock and eased my cunt down on it, moving my hips a few times to get the fit just right. It was scrumptious, long enough to hit that spot that makes me wicked, thick enough to give my pussy the fullness she was craving. “Oh, my god,” I murmured as we started moving together. Leslie was touching us both everywhere he could reach, and I could see he was already hard again. I wanted to grab his cock and pump him in rhythm, but fucking Leigh was just too good for me to do anything but keep on letting him fill my cunthole, rubbing my clit against him.

Then Leigh started hitting my wicked spot, and my cunt started demanding more. She wanted lots of cock, and she wanted it now. I jumped off Leigh and got down on all fours, sticking my ass high in the air.

“Take turns,” I said in a husky whisper.

“You want to go first?” Leigh asked Leslie.

“Mm,” Leslie said in a tone of voice that meant he wanted it badly but didn’t want to intrude on his brother’s pleasure.

“Take a piece,” Leigh said, and the next thing my hungry pussy felt was Leslie’s sweet cock sliding in. God, he was a good fuck, just like his brother. It was so delicious, having an unhurried, steady cock in my cunt followed by another hard dick giving me a burst of solid, firm thrusts. And with two cocks on one pussy, the fucking lasted and lasted, giving me a good steaming workout and the twins some long, hot, satisfying screwing.

I knew Leslie would let Leigh come in me, and I could feel them both building up, as my own orgasm was starting to gather force. Leigh got on me, grabbed me by the hips, and worked his dick in deep, giving my pussy long hard strokes that got faster and more forceful, till he plowed in with all his strength and his hot sperm flooded my cunt. Just thinking about his come in me sent me into a stratospheric orgasm that left me shaking and moaning as Leslie got down and licked Leigh’s come off my slit. With that, Leslie went to the edge, and pushed his cock into me so his sperm could fill me too.

By that time, the slat of sky visible through my window had turned a sandy violet-blue. Three sated bodies spilled onto the bed, one twin on either side of me in a cushiony nest of smooth sheets and bare skin. As we fell asleep I was thinking that a few hours ago the words group sex would have conjured up a vision of some poor, put-upon porn actress with a monster dick stuffed in each hole and an unhappy expression on her face. I would never have imagined it could be sensuous–even romantic. We woke up in the early hours, too tired to do anything but bring Leigh’s orgasm tally even with Leslie’s and mine. But the next morning–well, that’s another story….

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