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Fight or Flight

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Unlike many people who get very stressed about travel, I have a somewhat philosophical attitude. Generally the type of travel that I do doesn’t involve crawling under barbed wire, having to bribe officials, or having anyone shoot at me. And so I treat delays as minor inconveniences at worst, and opportunities for engaging with people I otherwise wouldn’t at best. So an unanticipated overnight stay in a Heathrow hotel due to a cancelled flight, along with a whole lot of other stranded passengers, has left me sitting at the bar, wondering what the night has in store for me.

Nursing my Shiraz, I notice two spectacular women of around my age enter the bar, take a seat just a few stools over from me, and order a couple of cocktails. I listen in to their voices, and they sound very exotic – they speak flawless but accented English to each other, one sounds Russian or east European and the other vaguely Spanish – hard to tell. They look like a pair of co-workers, dressed in smart business attire, off on a work trip somewhere – until I hear one of them wish the other “Happy Birthday”, and refer to her colleague as “My love”. I smile at my own presumptions, dismiss a tiny pang of disappointment – they are both gorgeous, in very different ways, and I would have relished the thought of a night with either of them – but then decide “in with a penny, in with a pound” as the Brits say – an evening with a couple of exotic lesbians is going to be far more interesting than anything else this bar has to offer, from the morose barman to the couple of other sole businessmen on stools, and the family of four in the corner. That’s assuming they are interested in company – to them, I may look just as boring as the other people in the room that I assume are boring. Especially since this appears to be a special night for them. But what the hell, the worst that can happen is a shrug-off.

So I turn to the birthday girl and say, “Do you mind if I raise a glass to your birthday too?”. She turns to me and does a well suppressed double take. I frown slightly – does she know me? Do I look like someone she knows? No idea. She turns back to her partner, they exchange a glance I don’t catch – was it “Get rid of this loser”, or something different? But she turns back to me and smiles, and introduces herself as Veronique, and her partner as Olga. And yes, their plane was delayed – they are travelling to Peru for a two-week visit to Veronique’s family. They don’t get into details about their relationship, but it’s fairly obvious from the way that Olga place her hand casually on the back of Veronique’s chair, but letting her hand rest against Veronique’s ribs, that they are quite intimate with each other. And I can’t help noticing, as Veronique re-crosses her legs on the stool, that the slit in her skirt reveals that she is wearing real stockings under that skirt. I love a women who dresses well both visibly and invisibly, and my mind wanders away from our conversation for a moment thinking about what she might be wearing underneath her outfit, and how lucky Olga will be to watch her undress. I do admire women with nice shoes too, and she’s wearing a gorgeous pair of shoes that accentuate the lovely curve of her calves. Veronique does most of the talking, with Olga sitting behind her, smiling, and leaning forward so that her breasts press against Veronique’s back. I feel a stir of arousal in my groin, and immediately give myself a mental slap and smile at myself – these are lesbians, I need to let go of the thought of any kind of sexual adventure tonight.

I anticipate only a conversation, but after twenty minutes of chatty conversation, Olga announces that she is starving, and invites me to join her and Veronique at the restaurant for dinner. I’m frankly a little surprised, but happy to take them up on their invitation – they are an interesting and entertaining couple. We soon find ourselves sitting in a booth at the hotel’s restaurant, with me on one side, Olga on the other, and Veronique between us.


I am filled with gratitude and excitement – gratitude towards Olga for generously giving me the best birthday present I could ever have imagined, and excitement at having met such an interesting and sexy man as Sean so serendipitously. Now that Olga has invited him to join us for dinner, I know she has given me the green light to turn the evening, and possibly the night, into whatever I can orchestrate.

And all my senses tell me, whenever I make eye contact with Sean, that this night could indeed be memorable. Not only is he sexy beyond what I could have hoped for, but he turns out to also be smart, fun, and a superb conversationalist. All three of us have instantly connected, and have created an atmosphere of ease, curiosity, and undercurrents. But I am starting to feel a little sorry for the poor man! By all indications, we are a committed lesbian couple who are only interested in spending a couple of interesting hours over a meal to pass the time while stranded at the airport. Little does he know that we actually have an agenda that gives him a crucial role – who ever gets to fulfill someone’s sexual fantasy after all? – and that my body is on fire. I cross and re-cross my legs, feeling the building pressure in my crotch, my skin feels hot to the touch, my nipples are straining against the fabric of my sleeveless top, and I can detect the moisture between my legs seeping out onto the fabric of my thong. It has been so long since I have made love with a man that my body is clamoring for the feel of his cock pumping into me. If I do not play this right, we would have a quickie that would leave both of us slightly disappointed. If he shows any interest in what I have in mind for us, I am determined to pace myself and draw every single drop of pleasure out of the experience. Since Olga knows me so intimately, she knows full well how aroused I am at the moment. But it is my show, and she is letting me run it the way I see fit.

But time is limited, and I need to find out if he is attracted to me and, if so, whether he is as adventurous as I am. Claiming feeling “very hot”, I remove my jacket and reveal my purple silk top indented in front so as to expose the lacy top of my black bra. I hand my jacket over to Sean, lightly brushing his arm with my right breast as I do so, hoping he will respond in some way. He raises his eyebrows and looks utterly puzzled – “what is she doing flirting with me with her female lover in attendance?”, he seems to be asking. Just as I’m about to up the ante a bit, the waiter brings a dessert plate lit with candles for my birthday, and the room erupts in “Happy Birthday Veronique”. Clever Olga has asked the waiter to put on salsa music, knowing that I will just have to get up and dance in front of the crowd. It is my birthday after all, and I will not be shy. I draw a mystified Sean up to his feet, who protests that he cannot dance at all, and just whisper in his ear “just glue your hips to mine and mirror my movements”. Having had a couple of glasses of wine, and being in the company of strangers he will not have to face tomorrow, he utters with a smile “why the hell not?!”, and grabs my hips. I cover his hands with mine, give him my sexiest smile, and start rotating my hips in a very sensual rhythm. I love the feel of his body against mine, and gyrate shamelessly against his groin while looking at him. He lets himself go and I feel the unmistakable sign of his erection against my tight skirt. He starts to withdraw from me, probably thinking he has gone too far, but I hold him close and bring my face up to his neck to inhale his scent. Oh, I just adore his manly sweat! My nose has always been my best friend in the attraction game, and Sean has passed the test with flying colors!

The song ends, and we sit back down. Sean, being the honest, flirtatious man that he is, looks at Olga and says: “You have a very sexy girlfriend and, if I did not know that she was gay and in love with you, I would definitely try to take things further.” It is time to come clean with him, and I turn to Olga asking her to explain her second birthday gift to me. I see Sean’s smile become wider as she shows him her birthday card to me, and her gift of a night with a man while in attendance. “Is this something you might be willing to consider?”, she asks him directly. “Absolutely”, he replies. “You are both very sexy women, and I can promise you that I would be respectful of your boundaries and would give Veronique all the pleasure she wants from a man”. I remember just in time Olga’s wish that I not kiss my male lover on the mouth – which is going to prove very difficult, but require some fun improvisation – and slowly move towards him, bring his neck to my lips, and let him feel the pressure of my mouth followed by the tip of my tongue from his ear to his Adam’s apple.

I turn to Sean, rub a finger from his mouth gently from his mouth down his beard, then his neck, then the V of his shirt, tracing the hairy skin I find there, and dare say: “I just adore sex, anything from a cock in my pussy or my girlfriend’s strap-on inside me, to oral sex, to anal sex – anything sensual pleases me as long as there is no pain or degradation. Our time together is going to be so limited that I would like to make the most of it. Please tell me what you like.”


This evening has taken a turn in a direction I didn’t anticipate. But I’m a very willing participant with these two gorgeous women. I turn to Olga and say, “My biggest problem tonight is going to be keeping to your wishes to not to kiss Veronique – while the eroticism of the thought of having sex with you two beautiful women is amazing, I’ve always loved the intimacy that can come only from a kiss. I will respect your boundaries, but at the same time, I don’t want to be just a fuck. I’d really like to be a part of the intimacy that you share with each other. And so I’d like to request two things before we leave this restaurant. Firstly, I’d like to see the two of you dance the salsa together. I suspect from my dance with Veronique that she is will be a much better dancer than she showed to me, and that with a partner like Olga, you’d be a lot of fun to watch. Secondly, when you return from your dance, I would like to watch the two of you kiss, as sensuously and sexily as you can.”

Veronique doesn’t say a word, but simply stands up, takes Olga’s hand, and leads her to an open area of the restaurant. The music is no longer Salsa, but is now a more low-key jazzy number, and the two of them bring their bodies together and start to move. One of the reasons I wanted to watch them dance is to see who leads – I’m already eagerly anticipating getting naked together, but based on my very limited experiences of two women, it’s a difficult and tricky thing to get right, as there are egos and preferences and history to consider. I’m hoping that watching them dance will help me to understand the dynamics of the relationship between them. There is no confusion between them, Olga immediately takes the male leading role in their dance. I love watching Olga guide Veronique across the small area, and the way their hips seem to be glued to each other. They are both smiling, looking into each others eyes, and dancing very seductively – although an occasional glance from each of them towards me makes it very clear that they are dancing for my pleasure as well as their own. And then completely seamlessly, without a word passing between them, it is Veronique who is leading. I thought this was going to be easy, but it is obvious that both Olga and Veronique feel equally comfortable being the “top”.

When they get back to our table, they shuffle back into the booth. Veronique reaches for my hand, and puts it on her hip. I can feel the heat of her ass against my thigh. Then she reaches up to caress Olga’s face, and with her other hand, slides her fingers up into Olga’s hairline, and very gently brings Olga’s face towards hers. They take a very long time over their kiss, starting with just feeling each other’s breath on their faces, then touching lips, teasing and dancing with each other, eventually darting their tongues into each other’s mouths, and finally hungrily devouring each other. Finally Veronique breaks, and kisses Olga on her neck. I see a tiny involuntary shiver from Olga. By this time, I already have a throbbing erection – these two women are so hot. Veronique turns to me and says, “Was that intimate enough for you?”

I say, “That was one of the most sensuous and seductive kisses I’ve ever witnessed. Thank you so much for letting me share in that. You two are unbelievably hot, and I don’t think we should waste another minute of the short time we have together. Your room or mine?” We decide on the girl’s room, because apparently they have a few interesting toys with them that may come in useful later, and after signing for our meals, we head up in the elevator. We’re fortunate to have the elevator to ourselves, and I have the pleasure of watching Olga and Veronique kiss again, but this time, I am standing with my hard cock pressed up against Veronique’s ass while they are kissing, I have my hands on Olga’s hips pressing her against Veronique, and I am gently nibbling on Veronique’s neck while she is kissing Olga.

We break when the elevator pings on their floor, Olga takes Veronique’s hand and leads her, and Veronique takes mine, and we literally skip down the corridor and open the door of their room.


Olga know something about me that Sean does not – I am a closet exhibitionist. So his asking Olga and me to dance in front of him, and then to kiss each other sexily and sensually just a few inches from him, almost feel like foreplay. I am bursting with love for Olga for allowing me to fulfill my fantasy of a threesome with a man, and with incredible arousal for both Sean and Olga. Looking at Sean’s full lips, I feel a sharp disappointment that we will not be able to kiss as I have just kissed Olga. But I love her too much to push her comfort level with the intimacy I am about to have with Sean. So I decide to kiss Olga every time I feel the urge to kiss Sean, and then to find other ways to satisfy my need to be intimate with his skin, his saliva, and his taste.

And what a glorious man he is! If the feel of his hot, huge, erect cock against my ass in the elevator, and his inclusion of Olga in our embrace in the elevator, are any indication of his generous, sexy attitude, then we are all in for an amazing night. I remember the words of an old mentor of mine in the Diplomatic Corps who advised “if you find yourself stringing 3 sentences together in your head at a time when experience and intuitive cues should be guiding your actions instead, you are over-intellectualizing, and need to stop thinking and let your actions get you back on track”. This is exactly what I intend to do as soon as the door to our room closes behind us – just let things unfold as they will, as we all want them too, moment by moment.

We always travel with music, candles, and sex toys – much more interested in setting a mood, in the seduction of each other, and in using our imagination than in the mechanics of getting to orgasm. While Olga obligingly puts some music on and lights a few scented candles, Sean and I approach each other. We cannot kiss, so we synchronize our breathing instead. He places his hands on my shoulders as I take both of mine and trace his face with my fingertips, then his eyebrows, his cheeks, his delicious-looking beard that I crave feeling on my pussy, his neck, and the top of his shoulders. I stop in the hollow above his collarbone, and inhale his manly scent – so very different from Olga’s flowery one, but no less exciting to me. He stills my hands and reciprocates by stroking my hair, and by exploring my ears and then placing a finger on top of my upper lip. I open to him as I will with my other mouth later on, and he gently caresses the inside of my lips, my teeth, and my tongue. That is so very sexy, and a moan escapes my lips. As she hears that sound, so familiar to her, Olga snuggles behind my back, and starts kneading the curves of my ass and then running her fingernails up and down my butt crack, knowing the instant excitement this will produce. Sure enough, I now press my hips against Sean’s, eager to have his erection speak directly to my lower belly. “Ohhhh….the two of you are really turning me on!”, I say.

Sean turns to Olga and asks “may I please take Veronique’s clothes off?”. “Of course”, she answers, “it is one of my favorite things to do”. Sean reaches to the back of my tank top for the zipper, lowers it, and pulls it over my head, stepping back for a second to take in the sight of my breasts visible through the sheer, lacy, black bra, nipples erect and directed at his mouth. I arch toward him, making my need to have him suck my nipples perfectly clear. I tilt my head back onto Olga’s shoulder, take my breasts between my hands, and present them to Sean who wastes no time in lapping at my nipples. It takes a second for me to adjust to the ticklish feel of his beard on my breasts, but what a delicious sensation it is! I am so turned on, and need to feel his skin against mine as well. I unbutton his shirt, toss it on a nearby chair, and nuzzle my nose in his chest hair, inhaling an erotic mixture of perspiration and his own heady male scent, the effect of which is to produce copious juices between my legs. Both of us are starting to feel feverish with desire, and quickly dispense with his pants, socks and shoes, and my skirt. Sean smiles as he admires my black thong, garters, and stockings. As for me, my eyes are glued to the shape of his large, erect cock, the curve of his balls below, and an unmistakable patch of pre-come darkening his turquoise underwear.

“Olga, I really want to suck his cock – it’s been so very long. Are you sure you’re OK with that?”, I ask her. “Of course, Baby, go for it!”, she responds. To give us a bit of privacy for the moment, she moves to a comfortable chair near the bed, takes off her green, skintight dress, and starts to touch her breasts, clearly aroused by the sight of her lover almost naked and ready to make love to a man. I kneel in front of Sean, look into his eyes as I remove his underwear, and rest my cheek against his cock, already aware of his earthy, musky smell. “I feel completely out of practice”, I tell Sean a bit apologetically, “please tell me what you like”. “Don’t worry, you will do just fine. Your enthusiasm is all I need at the moment”. I dive in like a puppy given his favorite treat, laughing with excitement! I lick the shaft up and down, circle the head with my tongue, play with his balls, loving the way they move under my fingers, and open my mouth and greedily suck his cock, loving the feel of the head against the roof of my mouth. Oh, I think to myself, I remember this! It tastes salty, his cock is so hard, as warm as the inside of my mouth, and I want more. I push Sean’s cock all the way to the back of my throat, add my hands to stroke his balls at the same time, and feel myself getting wetter and wetter from finally being able to give a man a blowjob in front of Olga. I glance at her, and notice she is rubbing her clit as she watches us. Sean does not want this to go too fast or too far. He gently pulls out of my mouth, helps me to stand up, and guides me to the bed. “Olga, do you want to get closer while I go down on Veronique? Maybe you can give me some pointers.” “All I can tell you”, she says, “is she loves having her clit sucked hard while I put a couple of fingers inside her on her g-spot. The rest is up to the two of you”.

Sean looks into my eyes as he slides my thong over my hips and down my legs. I am so very aroused, and open my legs to show him my swollen labia and the wetness accumulating between them. Olga positions herself near my head, kisses me deeply, and starts caressing my breasts. I wish she would suck my nipples, but she prefers to watch Sean’s mouth descend onto my pussy. I am on fire, and raise my hips to meet his lips, groaning as I do so. His tongue lands at the apex of my sex, and he parts my labia, stops for a second to smell my excitement, and says: “You have such a pretty pussy, and you taste so delicious!”. At those words, I place my own hands over his, open my pussy as wide as I can so he can peer into its pink insides, thereby exposing my clit, engorged and demanding some attention. Sean knows what I need, and starts sucking my clit, at first sensually alternating licking it with his tongue with a few sucks, then progressively harder, as Olga told him I prefer. Olga is sucking on my nipples as Sean is sucking on my clit, and I feel so close to coming. Sean slides 2 fingers into my swollen flesh, turns them toward my pubic bone until he finds my g-spot and he sees me buck against him, and I take a deep breath to slow myself down. He decides to move towards Olga and offer her a taste of my pussy from his beard, which she laps up like a cat drinking milk from a saucer. She sighs gratefully, and lowers her mouth to mine so I can taste myself. Oh, this is such a turn-on for all three of us!!! I know I cannot wait much longer to come. I signal to Olga that I would love for her to come at the same time I do, and she sits on my face toward Sean, and starts riding me in the way we have perfected together. She is just as juicy as I am. I tongue her from her ass to her clit while Sean watches, and then focus my attention on her clit just as Sean focuses on mine until we both erupt in a ferocious, simultaneous orgasm.

Sean moves to cuddle me from behind as I snuggle behind Olga, all three of us taking a brief break before Sean fucks me – which I can hardly wait for. Once our breathing returns to normal, Sean says to Olga: “I would very much like to fuck Veronique now. Is that still OK with you? Is there anything you would like to do first to give yourself pleasure?” What a fabulous lover he is – passionate, generous, and so very sexy! How lucky we were to meet tonight in this way! His cock is still hard, patiently waiting for the moment he enters me. “Now that you ask”, Olga replies, I would love to fist Veronique while you put a vibrating anal plug inside her. This is her birthday after all, and I want you and me to make her come again and again. Does that appeal to you?” Sean’s eyes speak volumes – he is grinning from ear to ear, and nods enthusiastically. “Then, why don’t you start licking her ass and getting her ready, and I’ll take care of stretching her pussy and fuck her with my whole hand”, says Olga, putting a glove on and getting the lube, and handing Sean the plug.


I watch as Olga’s gloved fingers slip into Veronique’s already wet and slippery pussy. At first, she just plays and probes, but as she feels Veronique become more aroused and yielding to her gentle pressure, she starts to press harder, and I see the first knuckles, then the second and third knuckles disappearing into Veronique’s pussy. By this time, Veronique is moaning loudly, arching her back, and making it very clear that not only is this not hurting her, but she is finding it very arousing. This is very exciting for me. I’ve seen fisting in porno videos, of course, but I’ve never been with a real woman who as not only able but quite willing to take a whole fist inside her. I massage Veronique’s labia, and gently stroke not directly on but all around her clit, and this seems to drive her even wilder. I know from my own attempts at fixting that you need to take it very slow, but I also know that the most difficult part is still to come – when Olga will try to push the joint of her thumb past Veronique’s vaginal opening – this is the widest part of the hard, and I never really got close in my very limited attempts. However, it seems both the Olga’s hands are smaller than mine, and that also Pasacale’s arousal is a powerful, and I watch as Olga presses her hand into Veronique, and all of a sudden, to my delight, her entire hand disappears inside Veronique. “I can see your pussy completely wrapped around Olga’s hand”, I say. “It looks so beautiful and so sexy. I can’t quite believe that your hand is all the way in.”

Olga just smiles at me and says, “If you can’t believe it, would you like some proof?”

“How?”, I say.

“Slip your finger up her ass and feel me inside her”, she says’

“Are you sure? She’s already very full of your hand,” I say.

“It will be okay,” Olga says. “Veronique is quite vocal, as you’ve already heard, and if we start to hurt her, she will have no hesitation in telling us.”

With that, I lube up a finger using the juices already dripping out of Veronique, press against her deliciously tight asshole, feel her relax to let me in, and then slip my finger slowly all the way up her ass. Olga is correct – there is only a very thin wall between my finger and Olga’s hand. I can trace the contours of Olga’s hand inside Veronique’s pussy. “This is absolutely deliciously sexy,” I say.

“I’m so glad you’re enjoying this,” says Veronique. “But not nearly as much as I am. And so I would like to share my pleasure with you. I’d like to feel something bigger up my ass. Your cock is quite large, and I’m not sure I can handle it, but would you be willing to fuck my up the ass while Olga’s hand is still inside me? Olga, are you okay with that?” Olga nods. “But first, I would like to do two things that will help to strach me and get me used to having you both inside me. First I’d like to feel a butt plug up my ass, and then I’d like to see if I can handle Sean’s hand instead of Olga’s in my pussy. Sean, you say you’ve never experienced that, and I’d like to give you that as a memory of tonight, as well as feel you inside me for myself.”

“I’d love to try all of that,” I say. “Where is the butt plug?” Olga points to the drawer in the bed-side table. While I get it and some lube, Veronique and Olga re-arrange themselves, with Olga’s hand still deep inside Veronique, so that Veronique is on her hands and knees, with her butt in the air. “You look so gorgeous and unbelievably sexy, both of you,” I say. With that, I squirt a big dollop of lube onto the plug, another dollop onto Veronique’s tight hole, and then start to press the tip of the plug against her, opening her up. It is very tight, with the pressure of Olga’s wrist right where I am pressing the plug. But Veronique makes it very clear that she is okay, and inch by inch, it slides deeper inside her, until it gets just part the bulge of the plug, and slips inside her. She grunts with pleasure. I watch as Olga starts to slowly push her hand deeper into her, then pulling out, working till she is pumping in and out of Veronique’s pussy.

“I’m going to pull all the way out, baby,” she says, and starts to pull all the way out, past the joint of her thumb, leaving Veronique’s pussy gaping deliciously open. Then she pushes back in – this time Veronique is stretched, and she slips in more easily, and then out again. I pull the plug out of Veronique’s ass, and Olga holds her butt cheeks open so we can both see her asshole gape open.

“She is so sexy,” I say. “You’re a very lucky woman.”

“I know,” she says. “Your turn to be completely engulfed by her. Put on a glove so that your nails don’t hurt her.”

I do as she asks, use lots of lube, and while Olga holds Veronique’s pussy open with her fingers, I start to slip first one finger, then another, and another, until all my fingers and my thumb are inside her. “I’m sure I’m going to hurt her…” I say.

“Just push,”, says Veronique, and bucks her hips backwards against my hand. So I push. And I feel her body yielding to my much larger hand, until I pass the point of no return, and my whole hand slips inside Veronique, her labia wrapped around my wrist. Her body feels hot around my hand, and there is a band of muscle inside her that is holding me very tight, and squeezing and contracting. It feels like she has swallowed my hand, incredibly sexy, erotic, and intimate. Olga slips her finger into Veronique’s ass, and I feel her tracing the contours of my hand. I make a fist and pump a little inside Veronique, and then stretch my fingers out and actually hold her cervix between my fingers, squeezing and pressing her cervix. And I put my other hand on her belly, pressing my hands together.

“This feels fabulous,”, Veronique says, “but I wanted to experience a man. That means a cock. I really want your cock now please.” She is so adorable and sexy.

I pull my hand out of Veronique’s pussy, and Olga replaces it with her own. Then I kneel behind Veronique – I don’t need to stroke my own cock, I am so aroused by the scene unfolding around me that I have been hard since dinner – squirt some lube on my cock, and then press the head of my cock against Veronique’s opening. I feel her resist, and then relax, and as I press, her ass opens, and in one fluid movement, she allows me to thrust all the way up her ass until I’m completely engulfed inside her, and my balls slap against Olga’s wrist.

Olga twists her hand around and actually cups her fingers around my cock inside Veronique. I raise one eyebrow at her, and she laughs and says, “Just because I’m a lesbian doesn’t mean that I don’t know what a man likes, or that I wouldn’t give him pleasure if I was able to. Enjoy!”

This is amazing. I suspend my own disbelief, and start focussing on my own pleasure, very slowly and gently withdrawing from Veronique’s ass, feeling her holding me, feeling Olga’s fingers pressing against me, and then pumping back in, establishing a rhythm, sliding in and out of her. It feels so good that I find myself unable to pace myself, and soon I am grunting and groaning and fucking her as hard as I can.


My body is now reduced to a core of hot, pulsating, full, swollen, hungry, yielding flesh. That’s when I come, hard, bucking against Sean’s huge cock in my ass and Olga’s hand in my pussy. Stereo spasms in pussy and ass overwhelm me completely, and tears of physical and emotional release follow suit. I fear Sean is about to come as well, pumping fast into my ass as he has been, and leaving me without the pleasure of having him fuck my pussy. But, fabulous lover that he is, he has slowed his movements, removed his cock from my ass, put one hand on my fast-beating heart, and is allowing me to wait until my involuntary contractions subside. Olga follows his example, slowly withdraws her hand out of my pussy, and places it, wet and sticky with my come juices onto Sean’s hand.

I have a piercing sense of gratitude for my two fabulous lovers. Part of me had feared that sharing a male lover with Olga might threaten our intimacy. I was so very wrong, I tell myself. With the right person – and Sean has certainly proven that he is – this experience is actually enhancing our closeness. To have Olga discover my heterosexual side and seemingly take joy in it, and to have Sean witness the love between us, is a very arousing affirmation of our love for each other. I turn to Olga and asks: “I would really love to have Sean fuck my pussy and feel him come inside me now. Would you like me to fuck you with the strap-on first and make you come?” “Let’s save that for later”, she answers, “I want you to have all the male attention you possibly can tonight. If Sean wants to come inside your pussy, then go ahead, Baby”.

I turn to Sean who nods and says: “Let me wash up thoroughly before I make love to your pussy. Why don’t the two of you kiss and cuddle while you wait”. Olga climbs on top of me, her large breasts rubbing against my sweaty body, her nipples erect and connecting with mine, and we kiss with all the desire and love between us, eyes open and smiling into each other. I see Sean returning to our side, and signal for him to get close to me so I can stroke his arm and hairy chest while kissing Olga. Olga’s tongue inside my mouth swirls around mine one more time before she moves to the other side of me while continuing to caress my breasts. I am entranced by the sight of Sean’s semi-erect cock, and move toward the head of his cock, opening my mouth to suck him. As he looks down into my open mouth, he lets a ball of spit form between his pursed lips, and it hits me square on the tongue. I feel the warm liquid sliding down my throat, and look up at Sean, my hunger for him completely restored. I take a deep breath, wrap my lips around the head of his cock, explore his balls with my fingers, and slide my mouth up and down the shaft before taking his whole cock into my mouth. It takes no time at all for Sean’s cock to be fully erect, and when I feel it against the entrance to my throat, I give a sudden excited whimper, letting him know how much this is turning me on. He gets the message and enters my throat smoothly, in one gentle thrust, until my nose is pressed against his balls and I inhale deeply of his musky, male scent.

There is an instant electrical connection between my throat and my pussy, and I feel myself getting slippery and wet. “Please fuck my pussy”, I now beg Sean. He certainly does not need to be asked twice. He positions himself between my open, flexed legs, lowers his face to my pussy, and gives me the most delicious licks up and down my labia. Olga moves in closer, gently parts my pussy lips with her fingers, slides a finger inside me to bring to her mouth, laughs when she finds me more lubricated than she has seen me in months, and holds me open for Sean’s cock. I am clenching my pussy muscles in anticipation of feeling filled, stretched, and pumped by this hot, huge, velvety, saliva-covered cock, and scream “please Sean, fuck me deep and hard!!!”


I am just delighted to have one woman opening up another for my pleasure. I smile at Olga as we both look with pleasure at Veronique’s delicious, juicy, swollen, and very open pussy, as Olga spreads her labia and exposes her inner sanctum ready for me. Holding my cock in my hand, I slide it up the side of Veronique’s pussy, along her labia, give a little swirl around her clit with the head of my cocks, and then back down the other side. I repeat this a few times, watching her twitch each time I touch her clit, and then slide straight down till the head of my cock is nestled just between her labia. I can feel her heat, and her pelvic floor muscles clenching, almost trying to suck me into her.

“Ready?” I say. Veronique just nods, and with one swift and firm thrust, I plunge myself as deep as I can into her. She grunts as the head of my cock hits her cervix, and my pelvic bone presses up against hers, squeezing her clit between us. I don’t move, but just let both of us feel this most primal sexual urge, a man’s cock buried to the hilt inside a woman.

I then slowly withdraw, not all the way, but just till the head of my cock is right at her opening. And then I shift my hips slightly to give me a different angle, and plunge back into her, this time aiming the head of my cock at her g-spot, rather than her cervix. She lets out a moan, and I feel Olga’s hands slip between us, one pressing on her belly, feeling my cock inside her, and the other holding her clit between forefinger and thumb, and starting to gently roll it between her fingers, and slide up and down.

“More, please, I need more,” Veronique says. I’m happy to oblige, and start to slowly pump in and out of her, alternating a long series of very shallow movements with an occasional hard pump as deep as I can go, teasing and then satisfying, and then teasing some more. She feels so good wrapped around me, and so tight, despite having recently had my whole hand inside her – she has amazing pelvic floor muscles, and it feels like she is holding on to my cock, milking and squeezing it.

“I think it’s time for some sensory deprivation for Veronique,” I say to Olga. “Something that will take away her other senses so that she can focus purely on what is happening to her. And something for you too, I feel we’ve been neglecting you.”

“What do you have in mind?” says Olga.

“Sit on her face,” I say, grinning.

Olga is only too happy to comply, and straddles Veronique’s face, spreading her pussy for Veronique’s mouth. Lesbian or not, I do get a huge thrill from seeing her wide open pussy, and Veronique’s eager mouth waiting to devour it. She completely understands, and uses her thighs to cover Veronique’s ears, and her shins to pin Veronique’s arms down to the bed. Olga takes Veronique’s nipples between her fingers, and squeezes, while she starts to grind her pussy into Veronique’s eager mouth, covering her face with her delicious juices. While she’s doing this, I start to match her rhythm with my own, pumping my cock into Veronique’s pussy, alternating the angle between her cervix and her g-spot. I look at Olga’s gorgeous breasts bouncing as she rides Veronique – she catches me looking, and smiles. I raise my eyebrows quizzically, and she rolls her eyes but nods. I cup her breasts, and start massaging them, working my way to her nipples, which have become erect. The gender boundaries seem to be blurring for everyone, and even though Olga isn’t into men, she obviously likes her tits being stimulated, regardless of who is doing it.

We’re both fucking Veronique harder and harder, and I’m finding it increasingly difficult not to cum, but it seems that both Olga and Veronique are going to beat me to it. Olga now has her eyes closed, and has one hand on mine, massaging her breast, the other on her clit, and she is riding Veronique hard, grinding her pussy into Veronique’s mouth, driving Veronique’s tongue into her. Veronique is bucking, her hands on my ass, pulling me into her, begging me with her body to fuck her harder, and so I do, till I can see she is right on the edge of her orgasm. Olga has brought her own excitement to the same level, and has timed her own orgasm with Veronique’s, and they explode together, Veronique’s pussy squeezing me with waves of her own pleasure contributing to mine. Veronique struggles out from under Olga’s thighs and says, “Quick, I want to see and taste your hot cum, I want you to cum in my mouth.” I pull out of her pussy, slide up so that I’m sitting on her chest, and I’m so close to cumming already that in two strokes from her hand, I’m not longer able to control myself, and I squirt stream after stream of hot cum into her open mouth, some of it going onto her chin and cheeks and throat. She rubs it all over her face and chest as if it were a precious lotion, and then takes my still throbbing cock into her mouth, and swallows it, making me groan it’s so sensitive. I pull out of her mouth with a pop, and lean forward, lick some of my own cum off her cheek, and then kiss her deeply on the mouth, my tongue swirling with hers, tasting and smelling the combination of her saliva, my own cum, and Olga’s pussy.

I suddenly remember the rules, break the kiss, and look up at Olga, who I expect to be upset. Instead, she’s smiling fondly at Veronique, who smiles back. “It’s okay,” she says. I thought I would have a problem with you two kissing, but what you just did seemed so natural, and so sexy, and completely non-threatening – it’s fine.” And with that, she leant down, and kissed Veronique on the mouth for a long time. She came up for air, looked at me, and kissed me on the cheek. “You’ll excuse me if I don’t kiss you on the mouth though, okay?”

“Of course,” I say.

She lies down next to Veronique, who looks completely exhausted and happy, and then cuddle together. They look like they’re about to drift off to sleep. “I’ll just go,” I say. “You two have been fabulous – that was undoubtedly one of the sexual highlights of my entire life.”

Veronique looks over her shoulder at Olga snuggled in behind her, a look passes between them, and she looks back at me and says, “We’d both be very happy if you were still here in the morning when we wake up. You are an absolutely fabulous lover, beyond our wildest hopes, and this has been far too much fun to not repeat again in the morning, perhaps in a different way. Will you stay?”

I don’t say a word, but just slide into their bed, wriggle up to Veronique so that the three of us are in spoons position, with Veronique between Olga and me. I press my ass into Veronique’s groin, feel her breasts against my back, a foot intertwined with mine, feel her fingers snake over my hips and gently take hold my now limp cock, and feel her nuzzle into my neck.

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