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Exposed by His Parent

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“SHHHHHHHhhh…” said Dane, as we walked into the dark foyer of his parents’ home. I couldn’t stop myself from giggling at the absurdity of the situation. The two beers I had at the college party probably did not help. I managed to hold it together for a few moments as we both craned to listen to the silence coming form within the house.

“Hello? DAD?” Dane called down the hallway before flipping on a single light that illuminated the entrance area of his family’s upscale two story brick home. His voice’s echo was the only answer. “One second…” he said before disappearing down a darkened hallway.

I chanced a few steps further into the house and saw a clean kitchen with all stainless steel appliances and a wall of family photos. There was Dane, kneeling on the sidelines, posing in his football jersey for his photograph. It was hard to believe that we had been high school students this time last year. It was even harder to accept that Dane and I had known each other but he would never have given me the time of day.

I was more of a loner in high school. I was on the school newspaper and thought of myself as a hardcore journalist. When I had asked Dane for an interview during football season he had agreed reluctantly and then missed our appointment. I wonder if he even remembered that now. After graduation, his cheerleader girlfriend left for State college but we had both stayed in town and gone to the local community college.

As if thinking of her had made her appear, I noticed a smaller photograph framed and sitting on a table. It had Dane with his brown hair drenched, holding his football helmet in one hand and his girlfriend in the other. Heather White had a winning smile, curly blond hair and bright blue eyes. She had gone to State college on a Track scholarship. She was the exact opposite of me with my long, straight brown eyes dark brown eyes and shyness.

I wasn’t even looking for a relationship when I bumped into my high school’s quarterback heading to Pre-Calculus during my first semester at the local junior college. Things happen I guess.

“Coast is clear, ” said Dane as he reappeared and slid his arm back around my waist and pulled me in for a sloppy kiss. High school was ancient history anyways. What mattered now was that I was dating a fun, handsome guy and tonight we were finally going to have sex in a bed.

For adults with their own living arrangements this is probably never a milestone they are looking to reach. I lived in a community college dorm with four other roommates and one shared bathroom between us. There was never a second alone. Dane lived at home with his parents to save on cash. Apparently they had strict rules about bringing girls home while he was living here rent free.

My tongue sought his out eagerly as he inched us closer to a dark stairway that led to his room. I was having so much fun tasting him and letting my hands explore his chest over his shirt. He may not be playing football anymore but his body hadn’t lost any of its definition. He moaned and almost tripped backwards on the stairs when I grabbed his bulge over his jeans.

The other times we had had sex in the back of his tiny red Z28 Camero had been sexy but it was hard to fully explore each other within the car’s confinement. Dane was already rock hard. He struggled to pull himself away from me, breathing heavily.

“My room is the first on the right, c’mon,” he said before leaping from my reach and dashing up the remaining stairs. I followed quickly, stumbling slightly over my ridiculously high heeled sandals and the combination of beer and lack of oxygen from making-out. I made my way toward the only lighted room in the hallway and found Dane inside, furiously unbuttoning his jeans. He had already managed to lose his shirt. The man worked quickly.

The room looked like it hadn’t been redecorated since middle school. A shelf of gold trophies with tacky sports figures on the tops and all of various colors and heights. A poster of some football team. Another of that same team’s cheerleaders and a few signatures at the bottom. The bed was at least made and all dirty laundry had been moved to a wicker laundry basket that was overflowing with filth. I smiled that he had at least tried to tidy up the room for me.

He kicked his jeans off and turned his attention back to me. I quickly kicked off my cumbersome heels. Dane walked quickly to my side and, in one smooth movement, the bright yellow sundress I was wearing was pulled over my head and tossed on the faux denim bedspread. I had worn my favorite purple bra and matching panties that were mostly white with matching purple flowers. The panties tied at the sides for easy removal. The bra helped to perfectly hold my size 36C breasts. That is exactly where Dane’s attention was drawn.

His strong hands reached out and cupped my breasts over my bra before pulling the purple padded cups to the side. I gasped when my nipples hit the cool air of his room and hardened immediately. I have always had very sensitive nipples. Dane knew this and sucked the right nipple into his mouth while groping the other. He reached behind in a clumsy attempt to unhook my bra and after several seconds of him sucking my tit and fumbling I reached behind and removed the offending garment with one hand. The purple bra fell to the ground, forgotten.

Dane jumped at me so hard I squealed as we both hit the faux denim comforter at the same time. It was surprisingly soft and my protests were quickly silenced by his mouth as he kissed me before moving his mouth hungrily down my body. He stopped to tease both of my nipples, watching my reaction. Then he continued kissing my body moving lower and lower.

My body arched as he kissed down the middle of my chest. I flinched and giggled as he lightly kissed down my stomach and finally found myself pushing Dane’s head between my thighs. I pulled my knees up to better spread my legs and grant him access. This kind of move is just not comfortable in a Z28 Camero.

Dane slowly untied one side of my panties and then untied the other, letting the fabric grow slack and fall to the side before he pulled the tiny strip between my legs and removed the covering all together. He took a long look at my shaved mound. His fingers parted my puffy lips to get a look at my glistening sex spread before him. I could feel his eyes on my most intimate place and felt myself shudder with anticipation. Dane’s eyes met mine for an instant before he dove into my pussy tongue first.

As his tongue began sliding up and down my inner lips and teasing my swollen clitoris I found it hard not to compare his technique with the only other boy who had ever licked my pussy. My high school boyfriend, Charles, had been inexperienced and confused. Dane had obviously practiced his technique. Possibly on Heather. I forced that thought out of my mind as I focused on the growing sensation between my thighs.

Dane’s thick finger found its way to my opening and began teasing my entrance before he slid it deep inside of me. I groaned, grabbing his head and forcing my hips upwards to meet his tongue and finger. I knew my orgasm was growing near. I’d been too excited the entire night starting at the party and peaking when we had snuck into his parents’ home for our tryst. My thighs gripped the side of his face, scratching his scruffy two day growth on his cheeks. I was grinding now, feeling a carnal need ready to spill over.

“Oh Dane, I’m cumming!” I screamed as I writhed on his bedspread, fingers firmly tangled in his short brown hair. The orgasm hit with such intensity I felt my toes curling and could feel the muscles in my pussy tighten and throb. I was still catching my breath when I felt Dane’s chest press against mine.

When he kissed me I could taste my wetness on his lips and it made me kiss him back harder and deeper. My legs were still spread, knees up, pussy dripping. It was easy for Dane’s big dick to find my slippery entrance and force its way inside. Dane was only my second lover and my cunt was still incredibly tight but not enough that intercourse was unpleasant. Just enough that Dane grit his teeth and groaned at the effort of forcing his cock deep inside of me.

The last waves of my orgasm were still lingering as Dane began driving his cock into me again and again. We were both moaning and my pussy was so wet each thrust was met with a loud wet slapping noise. The room was so loud I hardly noticed that the wooden headboard was banging against the wall with each forward movement.

“Fuck me, Dane! Fuck me harder,” I urged, legs wrapping around his waist as he continued to drive into me. The sensation of my body being full of his dick while his perfect tone body pressed into mine was too much. I knew another orgasm would not be far behind. His face was so serious as he focused on giving it to me harder, each thrust seeming to tear my cunt in two. I was just thinking of how delightfully sore I would be in the morning when…


The sound of a door closing.


The sound of Dane cursing as he jumped off the bed, his dick leaving an empty ache between my thighs.


My utter confusion.


A male voice?

Thump, Thump, Thump.

The sound of footsteps coming up the stairs!

My yellow sundress hit me in the face. Dane had thrown it at me, I realized, as I clumsily slipped it over my head. He was busy near the hamper throwing on a dirty shirt. He had already managed to get his jeans up and was buttoning them quickly when…

“Dane, do you want to tell me what’s going no here?”

The male voice from earlier walked into the room. Dane’s father was in his early fifties and had black hair peppered slightly with gray. His square face looked unsurprised at the scene before him. He was the picture of calm and health. I could see where Dane got his physique and good looks.

“Uh, Dad! Hey! Uhh, This is Angel! Our uhh movie… got out early?”

“Your movie got out early? That’s surprising.”

“Well, I mean, originally we were going to see a longer movie and we saw a shorter one instead. Chick flick,” he said, adding an overly dramatic eye roll that made me want to laugh.

Dane’s father turned his flat stare at me now and I felt my entire body tense and blush. I was a terrible liar. “Did you like the movie?” he asked.

“YES SIR,” I said giving an overly ridiculous giggle in response. I cursed my terrible acting abilities.

“I see. Dane, are you sure you and your girlfriend weren’t having sexual relations in our house?”

“WHAT? Oh my God, Dad. I know the rules. I would never have sex in this house. As long as I am living here rent free, I live by the rules you put in place. I wouldn’t disrespect you like that.”

Dane was not a good liar but he spoke with conviction. I could tell he really, really did not want his Dad to know we had broken the house rules. I steeled my expression to make sure I did not give anything away.

“Were you having sex with my son, Angel?”

“No, Sir,” I lied quickly.

“Hmm. It is very strange though. You’ve been wearing this sundress all evening?”

“Yes, Sir,” I answered.

“Isn’t it a little chilly for a sundress at the movie theater?”

“No, Sir. I always tend to be warm so I dress in cooler clothing,” I said. This was getting easier and my confidence was growing.

“That’s interesting. Do you also usually wear that sundress inside out?”

I froze. I’m sure my eyes were as big as saucers. I felt myself blushing.

“Uhh, I’m so sorry Angel. I noticed earlier tonight when I picked you up for the movie but I did not want to embarrass you.”

“Oh, silly me,” I said, but I was still blushing and spluttering so much I felt it was a sure give away of my guilt.

“Hmm. What size breasts do you have, Angel?”

“Excuse me?” My eyebrows shot up to the top of my forehead as I stared at Dane’s father.

“Your breasts. Most women know what size breasts they have by what size bra they purchase.”

“I wear a 36C, ” I answered, unsure where this was going and already knowing it was another trap.

“Those are rather large breasts. Do you usually walk around without a bra?”

“I enjoy the freedom,” I lied, getting angry now. If Dane’s father was so sure we were lying why didn’t he just punish his son instead of continuing this inappropriate line of questioning. I shot an irritated look at Dane but his eyes were pleading.

Dane’s father sat down next to me on the bed, causing it to dip down and my breasts to bounce slightly. “Hmm, seems like breasts like those need more support,” he said, reaching over my body. His eyes locked on my face as one of his fingers hooked the neckline of my sundress and pulled it down. He pulled until my left breast was completely bared and positioned the fabric so the weight of my breast kept the hemline stretched and left me exposed to the two men staring at me now.


“Dad,” Dane interrupted. His face was pleading as he stared at his father. His silent pleas went unanswered. Dane’s father reached over and started to lightly stroke my exposed nipple with his thumb. His calm eyes were staring into mine and I knew I must look panicked. Panicked and guilty. A quick glance at Dane and the pleading was now turned towards me. I tried to sit up straighter and ignore the contact.

“So you are the type of girl that wears her dress inside out without a bra on when going on an evening date to the movies.”

“Apparently,” I answered. I attempted to maneuver my naked breast away from his hand and he pinched down hard on my nipple causing me to whimper.

“Apparently,” he said, his voice thick with sarcasm. He twisted my nipple between his thumb and forefinger before releasing it. I quickly moved to right my neckline and cover myself as well as I could in my thin yellow sundress. My nipples were both hard and visible through the thin fabric.

I was worrying about where my bra had landed when Dane’s father reached down and put his hand on my thigh and began move it up my leg, taking the hem of my dress with it. His eyes were on me again, watching to see if I would crack and admit my guilt perhaps. Looking to see if I would move to stop him. I took a moment to steady my breathing, meeting his gaze; daring him to proceed. Surely no matter how strict the household he would not touch his son’s date in front of him.

As my dress was pushed up all the way to the top of my thighs I pushed my legs tightly together. Dane’s father smiled a slow, cold smile. He watched my expression as he pushed the skirt of my sundress all the way up around my waist exposing the bald little ‘v’ between my legs.

“Do you always shave yourself clean? Or perhaps there was a special reason,” said Dane’s father, his eyes were now focused between my thighs.

“I do, Sir. I like the way it feels,” I admitted and immediately bit my bottom lip. That wasn’t part of the deception really. That was true.

He moved his hand and placed it right at the place where my thighs met and I instinctively pushed my legs even closer together. Dane’s father gave a deep chuckle.

“Something to hide?”

My heart began to race. This was officially going too far. Dane needed to put a stop to this. I threw my own pleading glance at my boyfriend but found his eyes wide and desperate. “PLEASE,” he mouthed to me. He pressed his hands together behind his father’s back as though begging me to continue with our charade.

I don’t know where I got the courage. I stared right into Dane’s father’s eyes and smiled what I thought was a sweet and innocent smile. “Of course not, Sir!”

I shifted my weight on the bed, leaning back on my forearms and spread my legs ever so slightly. I watched as both of the men in the room seemed to crane forward slightly to get a better look. The tiny peek was not enough for Dane’s father who put a hand on each thigh and pushed them apart so they hung off the side of the bed as far as possible. I leaned back and pushed my hips forward. Let them look, I thought.

Dane’s father took his thumb and began to lightly stroke my clit. I tensed my body and focused all my energy on remaining calm. This was just like at the doctor’s office. All professional and appropriate, right?

He continued to stroke my clit, staring at my spread pussy. He pulled the back the hood leaving my swollen clit exposed to the room as he teased it in front of his son.

“If you two were not having sex, as you claim Dane, you may not have ever seen your girlfriend in this position. This is her clitoris. It’s the most sensitive part of a woman’s genitals. You see how swollen and red her clitoris appears right now?”

Dane had to swallow hard and wet his lips before he answered in a strained voice. “Yes.”

“Yes, your girlfriend Angel is very turned on. As though she was engaged in intercourse,” said Dane’s father, his excruciatingly gentle, slow strokes continuing around my clit. I fought the urge to push my hips into the touch.

“Isn’t it possible that touching me this way is causing the reaction?” I asked, trying hard to keep my voice steady.

“You are that aroused by this simple test? Interesting,” said Dane’s father, he removed his hand. I felt let down by the lack of stimulation to my clit. His fingers were now slowly tracing their way down my outer lips. He used two fingers to spread my inner lips wide, exposing my dripping opening to the room. They were definitely related. Both men wore the exact same expression on their faces as they took in the sight of my womanhood.

Dane’s father then used on finger to slide deep into my pussy.

“Just as I suspected,” he said, interrupting my sharp gasp and protests. I attempted to crawl away from his touch on the bed but he pushed down on my abdomen with his other hand.

“You’re dripping wet, Angel. You have been having sex. Admit it,” he said.

“No,” I lied. I attempted now to close my legs on his intruding digit.

“Dane, help me,” said the older man and his son immediately jumped to his side, holding my other leg up and putting a hand on my chest to force me to lay down flat.

“If you’re innocent, the way my son claims, this examination will be over soon and you will be free to leave and continue dating my son. If you two are lying – well, there will be severe punishment. And you will never be welcome here again Angel.”

“I’m sorry Angel. Those are the rules. That is why I told you we would never have sex at my parents’ house. Don’t worry, this is almost over,” said Dane. His voice was so calm as though he almost believed that this farce was going to work. I laid back still on the bed while my boyfriend and his father held my legs open and kept me still on the bed.

First, Dane’s father withdrew his finger and then pushed it back into my pussy, deeper this time, pushing firmly into my womb. I squirmed uncomfortably as he repeated the move several times. He wiggled his fingers inside of me, stretching my ultra tight pussy.

“You are very tight Angel. Perhaps you are telling the truth about not having sex.”

I took the words as encouragement as he continued to slide a finger in and out of my pussy. I knew it was getting wetter. I whimpered when Dane’s father added another finger. I could feel him stretching me even wider now as he continued his steady movements. I felt him attempt to push a third finger into my hole.

“No, please,” I said, but Dane’s hand kept me down in place.

“Son, why don’t you massage her clitoris while I perform the exam. The sensation will calm her down and help me finish quicker.”

“Yes, Father,” said Dane, moving his hand that was holding my leg open to stroke clumsily at my clitoris. He lacked the finesse his father possessed but the attention to my clit and the three fingers forcing their way into my pussy soon had me breathing heavily.

“That’s it Angel, just relax,” said Dane’s father. He pushed his fingers as deep inside of me as possible while Dane rubbed my clit. I moaned and both men snapped to look at me. I blushed immediately realizing what I had done. Dane’s father sped up his movements, fingers fucking quickly into my cunt. I lost control when I felt Dane speed up his own manipulations of my clitoris. I closed my eyes and groaned, pushing my hips towards the two men as I felt myself cum harder than I had in my life.

As I sat there, embarrassment washing over me, sundress pushed up to my ribs and pussy contracting around my boyfriend’s father’s fingers, I wondered how I could escape this situation with my dignity in tact.

“Dane. Go wait in the basement,” said Dane’s father.

“Yes, Father,” he said before standing up and walking to the door. He stopped in the hallway for one instance to flash me a look. Pain? Sadness? Forgiveness? Understanding? What did that look mean? I was left wondering as he disappeared and I heard footsteps retreating down the steps followed by a door opening and slamming shut.

Dane’s father turned his eyes on me.

“I know you were fucking my son, Angel.”

“No, I…”

“Cut the bullshit. I got home and noticed Dane’s light was on from the driveway,” he said, slowly withdrawing his hand from my pussy. His fingers were dripping wet and he began to rub the wetness up and down my slit, getting my entire pussy soaked.

“I suspected he was breaking our only house rule. I crept up the stairs and watched from the hallway,” he said, his voice remaining steady and calm. I felt my own terror rising. Especially when I felt his finger slip deeper between my spread legs and one wet finger began rubbing around my asshole.

“I watched while he my son ate your pussy. I saw when he finally entered you on the bed. I heard you moan for him to fuck you harder.”

I froze, and as I sat unable to move or answer, Dane’s father slipped one thick wet finger into my ass. I started to breathe heavily, laying as still as possible on the bed. I started to pull my body away from the touch but Dane’s father only chuckled. It was a cold sound.

“The rule is very clear. You’re done with my son. I am willing to offer you a deal if you find him worth keeping.” My ass jumped as he pushed his finger deeper into virgin territory.

“If you want to keep dating my son- If you want to be allowed in this house – I need you to take that ridiculous inside-out sundress off, get on all fours on this bed, and beg me – convincingly – to fuck your ass.”

His wet finger slid deep into my ass as punctuation for his sentence. I moaned against my will. I had never experienced anal sex but had often fingered my own ass and wondered what it would be like. I was too shy to ask either of my two previous lovers about the practice though. It seemed very dirty.

I liked Dane but we really had not been dating that long. Perhaps it was time to retrieve my underwear and leave.

“If I….If I do this, you won’t punish Dane?”

“Not at all. I will tell him the examination proved you were not having sex and that you are welcome anytime. Perhaps even some nights with just the two of you. I can trust you in this house, after all.”

One night experimenting with the sex I secretly wanted and then I would have limited access to my hot boyfriend? It didn’t seem like a bad deal.

“Isn’t there some other…”

“I don’t have all night.”

Something about his tone demanded to be obeyed. I felt my arms moving as though on their own. I squirmed on the bed to pull the sundress back over my head. At least next time I put it on it would already be right-side-out.

“Good girl, Angel,” said Dane’s father, removing his finger from my ass. I wasted no time flipping onto my knees. I then sat there for several moments until I remembered the second part of the demand.

“Fuck my ass?”



“Fuck my ass, SIR,” he specified.

“Please, fuck my ass, Sir. I want you to fuck my ass.”

I heard the sound of his pants being unzipped. I sensed his body positioning behind mine.

“Fuck my ass. Please, Sir. I am begging you,” I moaned.

I felt two hands on my ass, pulling me to the edge of the bed. “Spread it for me while you beg.”

My chest and chin rested on the bed as I moved hands to my ass. I spread my cheeks, feeling cool air on my asshole as it spread apart in front of my boyfriend’s dad.

“Fuck it. Please. I want you to be my first.”

Suddenly with a single thrust, Dane’s father entered my pussy. His dick was even thicker and longer than his son’s and I felt myself being stretched to the max. I was still ridiculously wet from all the teasing and my earlier orgasms. He pulled out slowly, letting his shaft get sticky wet with my pussy juice.

I felt him position the wet head of his cock at my tight, puckered asshole. That was all the warning I got before he started to push forward, hands gripping tight on my hips. My ass was tight and offered strong resistance but Dane’s father was determined. I could hear him grunting and moaning as he forced his way deeper inside my ass.

It was all I could do not to scream from the searing pain. My hands flew to Dane’s pillows and I buried my head in them as I groaned and screamed out. I bit down on the fabric. I felt tears streaming from my eyes. I realized the pillows smelled strongly of Dane and his aftershave. It was a good reminder of the rewards to come.

I forced myself to push back and I felt my ass connect with his skin and knew he was balls deep in my ass.

“Please, Sir. Fuck my ass. Harder.”

It was all the encouragement he needed. The ripping pain had me biting the pillow and screaming again as he drove deeper with each thrust. I knew he was ripping me but I was focused on the intense sensation of having my ass full of his giant cock.

He reached forward and grabbed a handful of my long, brown hair. He pulled hard, causing my neck to go backward and deep sobs to escape my throat.

“Keep begging,” he commanded.

“Please,” I sobbed. “Fuck my ass. It feels so good.”

Suddenly his heavy hand slapped down on my right ass cheek causing my asshole to tighten around his thick member, milking him as he worked his cock in and out. It felt like an eternity but it was only a matter of minutes before Dane’s father impaled me on his dick and grunted as he spent his load deep in my ass.

After a moment I felt my hair released as he withdrew his cock and began to zip up his pants. He looked sweaty and flushed but otherwise cool and collected. I was a sweaty mess with my make up streaming down my face and spunk dripping out of my asshole and down my thighs.

“Angel. I need you to go into the hall bathroom, just to the right in the hall there. Clean yourself very well, you are bleeding. When you’re ready, Dane will drive you home for the night. Our agreement is intact and you are welcome here anytime. I will go down and have a stern talking to him about what happens when he has lady friends here without previous approval. In the future, I look forward to seeing you and my son enjoying some responsible time together like well behaved young adults.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, and I gathered my sundress and fled to the bathroom. I turned the sink on high because I thought the shower would be too obvious. As I cleaned my wrecked pussy and ass, I hoped that my new relationship with Dale would be worth all this pain. And secretly I wondered if I might get more anal training from Dale’s father. I realized I didn’t even know his name. That excited me.

I wonder if next week’s party will be as eventful as this evening turned out.

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