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Coming Of Age

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I had made the trip from the little cottage across the street and about 50 feet down countless times but never faster than that afternoon in June of 1976. After I sprinted blindly from our neighbor’s back yard, a yard I had mowed for the last four years – not even watching for cars on the rarely traveled gravel road – I ran into our house and closed the door. Closed it and locked it and then looked through the blinds for what was about to happen.

What that was I didn’t know. All I did know was that I was in deep shit. When my folks found out what I had just been caught doing – well, let’s just say that while I would be headed halfway across the country for college come August, the next two months would be hell.

My parents were probably stricter than most, especially my mother who was a holy roller with lofty moral standards that nobody but her seemed to reach, but even my old man wouldn’t care for this.


It all happened because I had forgotten my wallet at our neighbors house. I had set it on the shelf of the little shed where the mower was stored because I tend to sweat like a pig when I mow, especially on hot days like today, and that gets my wallet soggy.

I always remember it because when I put the neighbor’s mower away, and I mean always. After all, it’s right there next to the door I push the mower back in the shed. Today, I forgot, and I don’t know how or why. All I do know is that my life was ruined.

It was all Mrs. Audi’s fault. Mrs. Audi was the neighbor lady who I had spent all of my teenage years doing favors for. Mowing her lawn in the summer, shoveling her walk in the winter and going to the store whenever she needed something.

I admit I didn’t like doing it at first. It was my Mom’s idea, and she explained that I should be nice to the lady because she had been through a lot and didn’t have anybody around to help her.

What that meant I wasn’t sure, although I do remember a lot of yelling coming from across the street when I was younger and then I remember a police car stopping at the Audi house. After that, there was no sign of Mr. Audi. I didn’t understand it then but as the years passed I figured a lot of it out.

So for the last five years I mowed and shoveled but I didn’t need to be prodded by Mom anymore. I had grown fond of the little woman and I thought she had been fond of me too. That was before that afternoon, and if she hadn’t left her bedroom window open I wouldn’t have been cowering behind of door waiting for either Mrs. Audi to charge across the street and for the police to pull up outside. Which would be worse? I wasn’t sure.

“What are you up to?” came the voice of my mother from behind me, scaring the crap out of me. “Playing cops and robbers?”

“What? No,” I said, shaking my head in wonder.

I’m 18, not 8, and it never seemed to register with my mother that even though I didn’t look it I was a grown man. maybe it would register when I packed my bags and went off to college soon, but until then I was her little Tyler.

“Well, you look like a mess. Did you do Mrs. Audi’s lawn?” she asked, and after I assured her it had been taken care of she told me to go take a shower before supper.

I went up the stairs to my bedroom, keeping my eye on the Audi house until I began to think maybe Mrs. Audi wasn’t going to come over to tell my mother what a pervert her son turned out to be, so I went to the bathroom and stood under the spray where I did most of my best thinking.


The bedroom window and the flowered curtain that waved lightly with the breeze. Why wasn’t the window closed? Probably because the Audi house, like every other one in our less that prosperous village, had no air conditioning so having closed windows on days like today would make the house stifling.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t Mrs. Audi’s fault that the window was open, but the rest of it was her fault. If she hadn’t been making those noises, I wouldn’t have been compelled to go over to the window and look in. I thought she was calling for help or was sick, so it was only natural that I would go over to check.

Also not exactly accurate. I may have been the most naïve and socially awkward 18 year old on the planet but even I knew the sounds Mrs. Audi was making didn’t indicate she needed help. She sounded like Mom did that day when I came home early from school and caught Mom and Dad having a matinee.

Still, what I saw what Mrs. Audi was doing? You don’t do that sort of thing when a kid is around mowing your lawn. She must have wanted to be caught and with me being an average teenager with raging hormones, what would you expect?

The problem with that theory was that I had been done with the lawn and had left twenty minutes earlier, only returning to retrieve my wallet, so that left Mrs. Audi free of blame. There was only one person wrong here, and that was me.

I scrubbed away in the middle of what was going to be the longest shower in history, and my washing was becoming focused in a particular area as my train of thought changed from how the incident happened to what I saw when the curtain billowed open.

Regrets? Yes. I regret getting caught. If I had stayed where I was I would never have been nailed, but when I walked up on the metal storm door to get a better look that became my downfall. Curiosity killed the cat, right?

The moans. Just hearing Mrs. Audi groaning and carrying on while speaking in tongues or Italian – whatever it was – that was erotic enough. I could have used my imagination and let Mrs. Audi provide the soundtrack but instead I inched up so I could look through the curtain.

My imagination was vivid in many ways but when it came to girls it was extremely limited. I had only had one real girlfriend my entire life and that had never gotten very far. Out here in the sticks the houses were few and far between and my senior class had only graduated 18, with only 8 of the dozen and a half being girls. Do the math, especially when you’re a runt and not all that attractive like I was.

Naked women? I had seen a few in a friend’s copy of Playboy that he “borrowed” from his old man but as far as real live females? Zero. I did catch my Mom coming out of the shower once but I hid my eyes and ducked back into my bedroom before I saw much of anything.

So as I inched up the slanted storm door I was hoping to see a naked Mrs. Audi. Maybe she had a “gentleman caller”, which is what Mom called some guy that apparently visited the widow Franklin down the road a way, but I had never seen anybody visit Mrs. Audi’s house.

Another step up the door and there she was. Not naked but definitely not looking anything like she usually did. Mrs. Audi was on her back in the bed with the blouse she had been wearing earlier still mostly on but very rumpled but below the waist she was naked, with her slacks and panties on the end of the bed.

That’s what a pussy looks like, I recall thinking as I strained to get a better look. The ones in Playboy looked nothing like this, because those women had trimmed little triangles of hair if they had any at all, and from what I could see Mrs. Audi’s was anything but trimmed and furthermore there was something going in and out of it.

It was humming and was white, standing out very clearly because of the black jungle of hair that surrounded it. Mrs. Audi was on her back with her feet tucked up toward her butt and her legs were spread wide, and she was slipping it in and out of her pussy with her right hand while her left was up under her blouse.

Perfect. I had a perfect view of everything. Mrs. Audi had nice legs, I recall noting as I took one more little step in an effort to see how far down between her legs that amazing bush grew.

One small step for man one giant leap for mankind, I think Neil Armstrong had said a few years earlier. My quote that day was one stupid step and I screwed myself royally because my foot must have hit just the right spot on the middle of that metal door because there came a loud “BONG” sound from where my foot landed as the metal complained about me steeping on it. The door was fine but I wasn’t.

I knew that the sound was loud enough to be heard inside, since Mrs. Audi’s upper torso jerked upright when she heard it. Right then there was a gust of wind that had the curtains fluttering open even wider, and the result of this was me and Mrs. Audi ending up staring at each other.

I don’t know what my face looked like but I saw the look of shock and horror on poor Mrs. Audi’s face as we looked through the open window at each other until I bolted, running through the yard and across the street while cursing my stupidity every step of the way.


My hand had dropped the soap in the shower by this point in my mental review of my adventure and was slowly stroking my cock as I thought about Mrs. Audi and her hairy pussy. Maybe I could even things up by offering to let her watch me jerk off, I remember thinking in a perverse moment, since I did it nearly every day.

The hair looked so thick that I wondered whether it was kinky and coarse like mine, or maybe it was was soft as a cloud. Whatever it was there was a lot of it and I decided I liked that better that the ones that only had a little fur around the opening.


My mind went back many years to when I happened to be watching Mrs. Audi put clothes on the line while I mowed around her. My eyes had drifted to her upraised arm when the short sleeve rode up toward her shoulder a bit and I was shocked at what I saw.

I asked my old man about this later, and the conversation was typical of the way you learned the facts of life around the Taylor household in the 70’s.

“Dad?” I said when I found him in the garage monkeying around under the hood of our creaky old Ford Falcon. “How come Mrs. Audi has hair under her arms? Mom doesn’t.”

That wasn’t exactly true since Mom’s armpits usually looked like my Dad’s face did if he didn’t shave for a couple of days, but that wasn’t the point.

“She does, huh?” Dad said with a smile. “Maybe it’s because she’s Italian?” he mused, pronouncing it “eye-talian” before offering another possibility. “Then again, maybe it’s like why your mother doesn’t dust under the bed.”

“Huh?” I said.

“I don’t know. Go ask your mother,” the old man said, and that ended that enlightening conversation because asking my mother something like that would subject me to an endless sermon that might end up with me being sent to the priest for counseling again.

Replaying that last ancient image of poor Mrs. Audi putting the clothes on the line sent me over the edge, because I felt too guilty about spying on her earlier to enjoy that image just yet. I came just in time because I was running out of warm water in the shower. I made sure my cum went down the drain before turning off the water, and as I dried off I made a mental note to go over and apologize to Mrs. Audi if she or the cops didn’t show up that night.


No police stopped by that night or any other night either, and neither did Mrs. Audi show up at the door to tell my folks about their precious little pervert.

I didn’t go over to apologize either even though I had told myself I would. I avoided going back the Audi house as well, and when I would have to bicycle past to the store I made sure I was going at top speed and stared straight ahead. After a week of that avoiding I figured I was in the clear.

What did that mean? It meant that during my morning masturbation routine in the shower my mind could replay that scene of watching Mrs. Audi on her bed. Between that, along with her clothesline scene and thinking about the other two objects of my teenage lust, Karen Valentine of the show Room 222 and Adrianne Barbeau of the show Maude, I had a fresh image every morning.

Until Tuesday that is. I had spent much of the day down at the ball field playing pick-up baseball and after pedaling past the Audi house I entered my place and ran into my mother who was at the sink

“Oh Tyler? Mrs. Audi was over here before,” Mom said and at hearing that my stomach flipped, although Mom didn’t seem mad.


“Yes. She was hoping you could stop at the store for her but I told her you had just gone to play ball.”

“Oh. Too bad.”

“That’s okay. You can go tomorrow. After all, you’re going to have to mow her lawn tomorrow anyway,” Mom informed me. “With the rain last weekend she says it’s really getting high in back.”

“Oh,” I said while I tried to think of a reason why I couldn’t do it.

“You’re such a good boy,” Mom said, pinching my cheek like she had done since I could remember. “There’s a special place in heaven for angels like you.”

I nodded and ran up to my room, looking over at the Audi home and the grass that couldn’t stop growing no matter how much I wished for it, and as I looked over I thought about what Mom said.

A special place in heaven for me? That got me to chuckle as I thought about what that special place must be like, full of chronically masturbating guys with raging hormones like me who look through bedroom windows at women. Some place that must be.


If I could have mowed Mrs. Audi’s lawn in the middle of the night I would have, because that would have allowed me to not have to look at Mrs. Audi. Actually, me looking at her wasn’t what bothered me. It was having her look at me that I dreaded, so after I went over I tried to fill her mower as quickly and quietly as possible.

That accomplished nothing of course, because once that mower started roaring my presence would be obvious. As it turned out it didn’t matter because even before I revved up the engine Mrs. Audi came out onto the porch, and while I tried to pretend I didn’t see her eventually I looked up

Mrs. Audi had a tight little smile and gave me a timid little wave, which wasn’t like her usually much more animated greeting. I returned the wave and was happy when she went back in the house because she was wearing one of those house dresses with the short sleeves that capped her rounded shoulders, and if she started putting clothes on the line again…

What the hell is wrong with me? I forced myself to stop thinking about stuff like that and instead I concentrated on figuring out how fast I could mow the lawn. My record was about 40 minutes, with the steep slope in back really slowing the process down, but it was so hot that my early rapid pace was beginning to flag about halfway through. That was when I turned around and saw her coming towards me with a big tumbler of lemonade.

“Tyler, please slow down,” Mrs. Audi said after I turned the mower off and faced her. “It’s too hot to go that fast. Here. You like lemonade, don’t you?”

“Yes, thanks Mrs. Audi,” I said as I took the drink which I really did need, and as I sipped it I could feel the tension between us.

There had never been any tension before, and I had always enjoyed talking with her. Now was different. She seemed embarrassed, like she wanted to say something but couldn’t. I could appreciate that because since that incident I tried to imagine how I would have felt if the situation was reversed.

“So hot lately,” Mrs. Audi said as she wiped the brow with the back of my hand while forcing myself to look anywhere besides where I wanted to, and then she left.

As Mrs. Audi walked towards her back door my eyes followed her. She wasn’t a very big woman, probably only about 5’4″, and although she might have been a tiny bit plump there was no denying she had a nice body. The bras I had ducked under a few times over the years showed she had pretty big boobs although the dresses she wore didn’t flaunt them.

I had even looked at the tags a couple of times to see what size bra she wore but the tags were old and faded. I figured her boobs were as big or bigger than my Mom’s judging by the size of the cups and Mom wore a 40C. Maybe that Mom being real chubby had something to do with it, but I had no clue.

Mrs. Audi’s legs looked shapely, although she wore these white socks that went halfway up her calves and weren’t flattering. Were her legs hairy? I couldn’t tell although that swipe of her hand on her head left no doubt about where a razor still didn’t go. I didn’t care about any of that, and in fact I thought her hairy armpits made her look wild and sexy.

It was about that moment as I watched Mrs. Audi walked up the steps of her porch that I noticed she had turned around and looked back at me while I was still holding my empty glass and staring dumbly at her while mentally undressing the woman.

Son of a bitch. Let’s see, I thought as I set the glass next to my wallet on the shelf of the shed and started up the mower again. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana said that, and the only reason I knew that is because it was a question on my final exam last month.

That was me alright. I couldn’t learn from my mistakes. How could I stand there and leer at this poor lady, especially after invading her privacy like I had? All week I had fretted about going to either jail or hell, and look how I acted when apparently handed a reprieve.

I just couldn’t help myself. As I mowed I kept thinking about Mrs. Audi, and while this wasn’t really new, now that I had seen her naked it was different. What was worse, I hadn’t seen her naked, just from the waist down and even that wasn’t a great view. Now I was using what I had seen and working in my imagination for the rest.

I finally finished the lawn and returned the mower to the shed, and this time I remembered to grab my wallet although I saw that the lemonade glass was there next to it. I could pretend to forget that it was there but decided that instead I would put it on the rail of Mrs. Audi’s back porch.

The plan worked well until Mrs. Audi appeared at the screen door, holding the crumpled dollar bills that she always made me take even though my mother had insisted that I never take anything from Mrs. Audi, “Except a thank you”.

“You might need this for school someday,” Mrs. Audi had always told me while pressing the bills in my hand, explaining that she couldn’t have me do all that work for nothing.

Those dollar bills had grown into a considerable pile, money that I would indeed need for college books soon, but as Mrs. Audi beckoned me into her kitchen I was wishing I could disappear.

“Sit down Tyler,” Mrs. Audi said as she took the glass and filled it again, and as she motioned for me to sit at the little table across from her I was searching for a reason to get out.

“Oh – uh – Mrs. Audi? You needed something at the store yesterday,” I mumbled. “I can go right now.”

“Sit down Tyler,” Mrs. Audi said. “We have to talk.”

I collapsed into the chair, feeling even more dread than I had when my old man under a lot of prodding from my mother, told me to sit down just like Mrs. Audi had. His mission that day was to tell me about the facts of life. I had managed to divert that conversation by steering it into a discussion about whether Ernie Banks was the best all-around shortstop in history or not.

Mrs. Audi probably didn’t know anything about Ernie Banks, and even if she did I knew this this conversation was not going to be about baseball. The only consolation was that Mrs. Audi seemed to be just as nervous as I was.


“Tyler, I want to explain about last week,” Mrs. Audi said, and as I looked at her little hands clenched and twisted while spinning her wedding ring around, I started to cry.

Not bawling, but my eyes filled up and a tear trickled down my cheek as I told her I was sorry.

“You didn’t do anything honey,” Mrs. Audi said while reaching across the table and putting her hand over the one I had on the tumbler.

“I thought you were sick or something, I swear,” I said. “I heard – thought I heard you crying or something.”

“It’s alright. My husband – he always said I was sick so maybe you heard right.”

“I should have left after I saw that – saw that you were alright.”

“It wasn’t your fault,” Mrs. Audi insisted. “I shouldn’t have been – well, that doesn’t matter but I thought you were done with the lawn and had gone back home.”

“I did. I forgot my wallet and came back to pick it up.”

“Oh,” Mrs. Audi said. “I didn’t know that. I thought that maybe – well I know boys are curious and maybe you – I mean I know sometimes you look at me.”

“I do,” I admitted. “But not like that, I swear.”

“I believe you honey,” Mrs. Audi said as she squeezed my hand. “I know you saw what I was doing? Do you understand what you saw?”

“Yeah, I mean I think so. I do it all the time, but not with that whatever it was,” I confessed.

“You don’t have a girlfriend, do you Tyler?” Mrs. Audi asked, and I shook my head. “But you like girls right?”

“Yeah!” I almost shouted. “It’s just around here, there’s not many girls. Maybe when I go to college it will be easier.’

“I’m sure it will be on account of you’re a cute boy and have a good heart,” Mrs. Audi assured me.

“I don’t know about that.”

“You are. You see I always see you as the little boy even after all these years,” Mrs. Audi said. “Your Mama and me, we were talking about you a while back and when she told me you were 18 I couldn’t believe it. Time goes by so fast.”

She didn’t add that I still looked like a little twerp in many ways, and her not mentioning that was something which I was eternally grateful for.

“Yeah. I don’t know who will do your lawn when I go away,” I said.

“I’ll get by, but it won’t be the same without you,” Mrs. Audi said. “I think I like you as much as you like me. maybe more.”

“I doubt that,” I informed her.

“I want to tell you something, because I think you feel embarrassed about what you saw through the window,” Mrs. Audi said. “You see, after I thought about what your Mama and I talked about, I looked at you in a different way. I started to notice the way your body had changed and how the little boy had become a man. Do you know what I mean?”

“I – I don’t know,” I admitted.

“Last week I was watching you as you mowed. I saw the muscles as you moved and I thought about things. Maybe like the things you think about me sometimes,” Mrs. Audi said as her hand tightened on mine. “Maybe I’m a crazy old woman but sometimes I think that when you look at me – maybe you don’t see me as a sad old lady.”

“I don’t. I mean, I think you’re pretty. Always have had sort of a – crush on you,” I said. “But just like in my head. I know I’m just a kid and you’re a married lady.”

“This?” Mrs. Audi said as she held up the wedding ring while spinning it around. “I just wear it because I like the ring. It doesn’t mean anything anymore. My ex-husband? He is dead to me. He wasn’t nice to me. He made me do very bad things, not only with him but with other people. He wasn’t like you. His heart was cold, not like yours. Do you understand?”

“I don’t know.”

“You see, when a man and a woman get married, they get to know each other very well,” Mrs. Audi explained. “The man that romanced me was not the man he became. I never said no to him, except when he wanted me to do things that he knew I hated because he was a very big man. Making love? I always said yes, and he often said I was some kind of – what did he call me? A lunatic or a maniac. Something like that.”

“Nymphomaniac?” I asked, remembering that my friend Ross had used that word to describe a girl that used to go to our school and I had to ask him what it meant, but as it turned out it wasn’t true at least as far as I was concerned.

“Yes, that’s the word. He said I wanted too much from him, but all I wanted to do was make him happy,” Mrs. Audi said. “Anything but that one thing, but resisting made him angry and it came down to me knowing that one way I another I was going to get hurt. This doesn’t make any sense to you, does it Tyler?”

“Some of it,” I admitted as I tried to remember what the guy looked like, and the guy I used to be afraid of used to looked like a monkey and not a very big one either when he would lug his tool box in and out of the truck. “I think he should have been happy he got to be with somebody as nice as you but I don’t know what this bad thing was that you keep talking about. Is it like whipping?”

“No honey. You know about the way people make love?” Mrs. Audi asked.

“Yes,” I said, and although I had no first hand knowledge I had figured it out even without my old man’s help.

“Besides that way there is another way,” Mrs. Audi explained. “The man enters the woman in another place. Some people like that.”

Wow. There were only two places besides the obvious one that I could figure and I couldn’t imagine how somebody’s mouth could get hurt by doing THAT.

“You mean the… bottom?” I asked while changing the word ass at the last minute, and when Mrs. Audi nodded I was stunned because I was totally ignorant about that, even more so than about most things.

“You see, men and woman are all built different,” Mrs. Audi said. “My husband – he knew he would hurt me if we did it that way. I think that’s why he did it, because it excited him to hear me cry and beg him to stop, or at least be gentle. The more I begged the more brutal he got, and when I would refuse he would hit me. Until after the last time when the police came. I didn’t call though; somebody in the neighborhood did I think.”

That had to be Mom or Dad because it would be tough for anyone else to have heard. I had heard, but I thought they were just arguing like my folks did, only a lot louder. I remember my parents talking long ago about one loud argument from across the street and my father telling my mother, “Best to mind your own beeswax.”

That was the old man for you. It wasn’t him and while I wished I was smart enough to have been able to figure it out and make the call myself, I hadn’t. That left Mom. Meddling, over-bearing pain in the butt. I never loved her more that that moment.

I looked up at Mrs. Audi who was staring at me with a nervous smile, and when I saw those sad brown eyes and that chipped tooth in the front I thought about what had caused that, I lost it.

“I’m sorry honey. I tell you too much I think,” Mrs. Audi said while waiting for me to get a grip over the image of that fucking asshole going out of his way to damage this sweet woman who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

After I managed to control my emotions, I looked up and our eyes met across the table, her big brown eyes as damp as mine were.

“It’s very lonely out here all by myself. I only stay here because I have nowhere else to go,” Mrs. Audi explained. “I tried to sell the house but nobody wants to live out here.”

The FOR SALE sign I remembered on the lawn after her husband disappeared got mowed around until it faded and got removed. I was glad about that because I liked Mrs. Audi.

“I still have feelings and desires like it did when I was younger, but when you’re alone and have no one to talk to or be with, you get a little crazy like I did last week. Like when you saw me? Understand?”

“Yes,” I agreed, because desires and loneliness were a way of life for me too.

“You see, when I was in bed last week and you were outside watching,” Mrs. Audi explained as she tapped her temple with her finger. “In my mind you were inside with me in the bed.”

The room was spinning around as I fought to breathe, having somehow forgotten how to inhale and exhale during Mrs. Audi’s speech as the meaning had me reeling as it sunk in.

“I know it was wrong for me to think of you like that. Please don’t hate me for it Tyler,” Mrs. Audi concluded.

“Hate you?” I said as I glanced down at my forehead sweat bouncing on the kitchen table in front of me. “I don’t hate you.”

“Are we still friends?” Mrs. Audi asked. “I think you might be the only one I have around here.”

“Of course,” I croaked.

“Please don’t leave yet honey,” Mrs. Audi said as she got up from the table and kissed me on the top of the head before walking down the hall.

This was the most insane few minutes I had ever experienced, and that last revelation was the most stunning at all. Did she actually say she thought of me like I thought of her?

“Tyler?” came the voice from down at the end of the hall after a minute of silence. “Are you still there?”

“Yes Mrs. Audi.”

“Could you come here for a minute?” came the voice at the end of the hall, and figuring she needed me to help her move something or do some household chore she couldn’t handle so on shaky legs I walked down past the bathroom and made the only possible turn, which was a left which left me face to face with the first naked woman I had ever really seen in real life.


I froze in the doorway when I saw Mrs. Audi standing over by the side of the bed about 8′ away from me. She was completely naked, with even the ever-present white socks gone although there were little marks around her calves from where the elastic of them had been.

Her legs were nice, just a little plump but very curvy and not hairy as far as I could tell, but that wasn’t where my eyes went first. My attention went to her breasts, which were so amazing it was hard to believe that all of this lush flesh had been hiding under her frumpy house dresses.

Her breasts were as big as any of those women in Playboy, even bigger maybe, and while hers didn’t stick straight out like most of them and hung almost to her waist I liked hers way better. They were sort of bell-shaped, and her nipples were crimson fat pegs that were centered on big aureolas that were about the same circumference as a soda can.

Below those incredible breasts was that bush I had gotten a glimpse of last week, but seeing it like this was way better. The hair looked thick and dense and it grew in a wide triangle that spread out to the inside of her thighs. There was even a little line of hairs that grew from the top of the triangle and went up to Mrs. Audi’s belly button.

My visual examination took less time to perform than it did to describe, but I imagine that I must have stood there with my mouth open for well over a minute, thankfully not drooling. Only when Mrs. Audi spoke did my eyes go back to her face.

“I was prettier when I was younger,” she said with a slight shrug of her shoulders, apologizing for what I didn’t know because it wouldn’t have been possible for her or any other to look any better than she did right at that moment. Adrienne Barbeau who?

“You never been with a girl, have you Tyler?” Mrs. Audi asked, and for a minute I was going to lie because I had invented a story about a girl that I had sex with but it was bullshit probably like most of the tales the other guys had.

“No,” I croaked.

“Do you want to be with me?” she asked timidly, and for some reason it took me about 10 seconds to nod my head, with Mrs. Audi getting more apprehensive with every tick of the clock.

“Yes,” I barely managed to get out, and if I thought words were tough to form I was finding swallowing impossible but I did squeak out, “Nervous.”

“Me too,” Mrs. Audi said, but although she might have been nervous, what I was didn’t have a word to describe it.

I finally figured out that it was up to me to move towards her, and while I managed to take the half dozen steps required it was a rough voyage. Left right, left right. Did I forget how to walk? My legs were Jello and Mrs. Audi’s bedroom had become a merry-go-round and everything spun as I reached her.

“I’m all sweaty,” I said as Mrs. Audi reached up and put her hand on my chest, tracing the pattern of the design on front which had almost been blasted away over countless washings.

“I like a sweaty man,” Mrs. Audi said before she reached down and took the bottom of the t-shirt in her hands and lifted it over my head.

I used to be a couple inches taller than Mrs. Audi, and while I’m sure I still was, I didn’t feel it. She tossed the shirt onto the chair in the corner and then put her hand on my bare chest and rubbed the smooth skin before placing it over my heart.

“Your heart. I can feel it beating,” Mrs. Audi whispered. “You’re excited, aren’t you Tyler? I am too. Here.”

Mrs. Audi took my hand and placed it high on her breast, and while I couldn’t feel her heart beating I nodded. It was have been tough to feel anything through all that flesh though, but it felt so soft and warm I left my hand right there which was where it stayed until Mrs. Audi moved it downward.

“You’ve done this to girls before, right Tyler?” she asked as she pressed my hand into her nipple.

“Couple times,” I said as my hand gently squeezed her soft flesh, and while that was true, the two girls who had been kind enough to let me grope them were not built like Mrs. Audi.

“I wish I was your age again – you would have liked me better.”

“No,” I assured her while my eyes burned as the sweat poured down from my scalp.

“Sorry I don’t have air conditioning,” Mr. Audi said as she saw me melting in front of her, although I don’t know if the temperature was responsible for my distress.

Mrs. Audi reached up and wiped the sweat off of my brow, and when she did my eyes were diverted from my paw on her breast to her exposed armpit and the thick black tuft of curls that filled the large crater.

“Not very sexy to a young fellow,” Mrs. Audi said when she saw where I was staring, and she was going to lower her arm when I stopped her.

“No,” I said. “I like it. Always have.”

“Really?” she said and as she raised her arm higher she blushed and said something about her being a hippie.

My hand went up from her breast and tentatively let my fingers wander into the jungle, and as my nails slid into the damp tuft the slight scent of perfume and woman filled my nostrils.

“Whenever you would put clothes on the line I would always bring my mower close to you so I could see this,” I confessed.

“I’m sweaty like you,” Mrs. Audi said.

“You smell nice,” I assured her, and then I found myself leaning down and kissing her armpit, finding that the hair was somewhat soft and springy and damp and sweet.

“Ohh!” Mrs. Audi said, and I felt her other hand on the back of my head, rubbing the back of my neck as I nuzzled under her arm. “You make me feel so good honey.”

We began to kiss and then I felt my belt coming undone. Before I knew it my shorts were down around my knees and Mrs. Audi was reaching into my briefs, discovering that I probably was a lot less of a man than she had been used to. I began to apologize for what I felt was a shortcoming of mine if what I had seen in the locker room back at school was any indication, but she hushed me quickly.

“You’re beautiful, Tyler,” Mrs. Audi said as she pulled on my frightened limp dick, and as she tugged on it I began to relax. “Make love to me.”


The next few moments were a blur. Mrs. Audi pulled me on top of her as she went down on the bed, and after I fumbled for a second she came to the rescue, taking my boner and putting it inside her hairy fold. After that, all I knew what that it didn’t last nearly long enough to suit me.

“I liked it,” Mrs. Audi said when I wondered aloud whether it was supposed to last more than a minute. “Lasted long enough for me.”

I guess there was some yelping and moaning involved that didn’t come from me, and I could feel scratches on my back as well so maybe she wasn’t just being kind. Whatever, as I laid on the poor woman with my spent dick still in her, we kissed.

“Nice to be with a man again – a real man,” Mrs. Audi cooed, and then she smiled. “Are you getting hard again?”

“I think so,” I said as the sensation of having my dick in that snug fold made me tingle.

Mrs. Audi’s reaction was to slide out from under me and straddle my crotch while she pulled on my stiffening dick, and after she slipped me into her I lasted longer this time.

The sight of this gorgeous woman riding me, her breasts swaying while she humped my dick, eventually got to me, but not until after she let out a blood curdling squeal as her pussy clamped around my cock.

That sight of Mrs. Audi looking up to the ceiling, her face red and every vein in her neck bulging while sweat flew wildly off of her body, would never leave me and finally caused me to cum. Mrs. Audi collapsed onto me and we rolled around the bed giggling, half falling off the mattress while we rolled around like kids.

After we got back onto the bed got a good look at where my cock had been. Mrs. Audi’s pussy lips were large enough to be visible even though they were surrounded by a wild untrimmed jungle of black curls that was almost shaped like a heart as it stretched well outside of her delta.

My semen was oozing out of the fold, and when I saw that milky seed against the dark bush it sent a shiver down my spine. I’m a man, I thought to myself and maybe just having sex doesn’t make you one but at least I felt like I was for the first time.


“Your mother is going to wonder where you are,” Mrs. Audi said as she glanced over at the time.

“Not dinner time yet,” I said as I curled up next to her, my stiffening dick poking into her hip while I nibbled under her arm.

“If she even came over and looked in the window they would run me out of town,” she said. “What are you doing under there? I must smell horrible by now.”

“Once more,” I said as I slid over and sucked on her plump nipple.

“Tyler, I can’t. I’m sore.”

“My little dick…”

“It’s not little, for the last time. Besides, this is all new to me. I haven’t been with a man in so long and you? What is it so far? Four times?”

“Five counting the other one,” I said, adding the last time when she gave me head and swallowed my seed.

“Well, I’m sore.”

“Can I come back after supper?” I asked, and that request was answered with a string of Italian words that she refused to translate.

“How about tomorrow then?”

“We’ll see.”

“What do I do with this?” I asked while getting up to my knees and wiggling my erection at her.

“What did you do with it before today?” Mrs. Audi asked.

“This,” I said, and with that I began to stroke myself.

“You going to let me watch you this time? I like that.”


“Hmm…” Mrs. Audi said as she put her left hand behind her head and let her right hand slide sown into her bush. “Nice. You gotta nice pair of balls on you Tyler.”

“I do?” I said while reaching down and giving my dangling sac a squeeze and lamenting. “Wish my dick was bigger. It isn’t even 6″ long. My friend Tony’s gets over 8″ when it’s hard.”

“You like what we did today Tyler?” Mrs. Audi asked, and after I nodded she asked me if I wanted to do it again some time.

“Heck yes.”

“Then shut up with the nonsense,” she said sharply. “No woman wants to hear that silly stuff. You made me cum more this afternoon than any man ever did before so knock it off or I’ll throw your butt out of bed.”

“Sorry,” I said when I figured out she wasn’t kidding.

“Forgiven,” Mrs. Audi said. “You going to cum soon?”

“You want me to?”

“Not really,” Mrs. Audi said as she squirmed in the sheets. “Want to do something a little different?”



“Oh wow!” I said after straddling Mrs. Audi and putting my dick into her deep cleavage.

“You like that?” Mrs. Audi asked as she looked down and watched me making little thrusts into the slick skin between her breasts.

“Oh yeah.”

“You want me to squeeze my boobies together or do you want to do it?

“I’ll do it,” I said as I grabbed the sides of her sweaty breasts and kept them wrapped tightly around my dick. “Could you – uh…”

I didn’t have to say anything else as Mrs. Audi smiled at me while leaning back toward the headboard and linking her hands behind her neck.

“I know I’m weird,” I said in explaining my infatuation with her armpit hair, which she exposed for my benefit.

“You are weird, but weird nice,” Mrs. Audi agreed. “Not that weird either, because back in my younger days there was a guy who loved my armpits. Never thought being as hairy as a man would excite anybody.”

“You don’t look anything like a man,” I assured her while glancing down at the breasts crushing my dick. “You look like Sophia Loren. There was another guy like me?”

“Yeah. That was back in the old country when I was young and dumb,” Mrs. Audi confessed. “I like you better than him.”

“Was he a boyfriend?”

“No, he was my Uncle Mike.”


“He used to like to… never mind.”

“It’s okay. Tell me. Heck, I told you I know how big my friend’s dick is, so how embarrassing can this be?”

“My Uncle Mike used to come over whenever my folks were away and he would have me take off my blouse so he could put his dick under my arm and rub it in the hair.”

“Oh man, how does that feel?” I asked excitedly.

“For me? Messy, but I did like the attention,” Mrs. Audi admitted. “Uncle Mike, he seemed to like it a lot because when he would shoot he was speaking in tongues.”

“Wow. Maybe tomorrow…” I asked, but then thought that maybe it wasn’t a pleasant memory, like her husband, so I stopped and said it was okay if she didn’t want to.

“You’re so sweet I can’t say no to you.”

“Gonna cum,” I grunted as I sped up, and then I shot my load into her cleavage, squeezing every last drop out of my dick.

I watched a trickle of cum slide down over Mrs. Audi’s collarbone and as did I had to fight back a tear when I said,” “I love you so much Mrs. Audi.”

“No more Mrs. Audi – at least when we are alone. Joyce.”

“Joyce,” I repeated. “I love you Joyce.”


I came back the next afternoon, and most every other afternoon all summer. I even snuck out after my folks went to bed a few times and spent the night. I was what Joyce called insatiable, but while I guess being 18 was part of it, my lust was triggered by her smoky beauty and voluptuous body.

I went to community college for a couple of years, and since I had stayed local my relationship with Mrs. Audi continued. To me there was no other women, because she had it all.

With my marks improving I was able to get a scholarship into a college out of state for my last two years, and during that time things changed. Not on my part, but Joyce had met somebody that had moved nearby and attended our church.

She felt guilty telling me about it but while it hurt I understood. Without me around she had gotten lonely and we both knew that there was no future in us given the age difference. They ended up getting married and moved away, which was also best for all of us.

My mother never knew about my relationship with Mrs. Audi but my old man had figured it out and years later it came up over cocktails on the front porch while Mom was out of earshot.

“I’m surprised you didn’t say anything to me,” I said when he let the cat out of the bag.

“What could I say?” Dad said. “And if I did, would you have listened? Hell, if I was in your shoes I wouldn’t have cared what my old man said. Besides, you weren’t a kid.”

“I was,” I said wistfully.

“She was something else,” Dad said. “You have no idea how lucky you were.”

“Yes I do,” I assured him. “I do.”

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