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Ex-Girlfriend was in a Bind

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It was unquestionably the weirdest phone call I’ve ever gotten.

I was in the middle of a workout at the gym when my iPhone lit up and the name on the screen said “Kerri” – as in my ex-girlfriend Kerri whom I had not spoken to in three years.

Usually, I wait until after a workout to return calls, but this time I was curious, so I picked up.

“Uh, hello?” I said, cautiously.

The voice on the other end was panicked, but I recognized it immediately as Kerri – the girl I had dated for four years before breaking it off three years ago.

“Ry? Listen, I need you to come over to my place. It’s an emergency. I’m not in any danger, but I need you to come here right now,” she said. She sounded out of breath.

“What kind of emergency?” I said, skeptically. I was about 40 minutes away in the suburbs. She had plenty of friends who lived nearby her downtown apartment – not to mention Curt, her new boyfriend. What was so urgent but at the same time could wait 40 minutes?

“Ryan, it’s kind of unusual circumstances. I need you,” she said, still panting. Shit, it almost sounded as if she was fucking Curt as she spoke to me.

“What about Curt? Geez, are you with him right now?” I countered, really getting annoyed. What the hell kind of emergency would require her ex-boyfriend and no one else?

“Listen, Ryan. I’m alone. Curt is the last one I want here. I know you feel bad about how you ended things, and if you do me this one favor, we’ll be even,” she said.

She was right. I did feel guilty. She was a nice girl, cute enough at 5-foot-4 with wavy auburn hair, and I had broken up with her solely because I was bored with our sex lives. She was a prude and didn’t like having sex except on special occasions. Blowjobs, anal and even doggystyle were out of the question.

Still, she was asking me to drop what I was doing and drive 40 minutes.

“I’m in the middle of a workout, Kerri,” I said. “What could possibly be so important that you need me there right now?”

There was a pause, and all I heard was Kerri’s intense breathing and something buzzing in the background.

“OK,” she started. “Listen, you can’t tell anyone this. So … things have changed a bit since we broke up. I’ve started experimenting … sexually.”

“Ker, telling me about your sex life with Curt is not the best way to get me to drive 40 minutes to help you,” I said.

“No,” she said. “Curt and I don’t do any more than you and I did. I still just get uncomfortable being sexual with guys, even boyfriends. I don’t know why.”

She was whimpering now, and I was thoroughly confused.

“OK, I’ve been doing stuff alone,” she said. “Curt is out of town tonight, so I decided to try something really kinky, and … I’m in trouble.”

Not knowing what to say, I just waited for her to continue.

“Look, I’m just going to say it,” she said, panting. “I wanted to try bondage, but I’m afraid to do it with Curt. So I bought this set of handcuffs that came with a timer – I found them on the Internet. I put a vibrator in my, you know, on a random setting where it turns on and off, high and low, at random. I cuffed my arms and legs to the posts of the bed, and threw the key across the room. The timer was supposed to keep the cuffs locked for a half hour. But it’s been two hours, and I don’t know if I did it wrong or if they’re defective, but I’m stuck. I was able to reach my phone on the nightstand, but I can’t get to the key. Goddamn, Ry, there’s no one I can call – I’d be ruined. I’m fucking naked, spread-eagle, with a vibrator in my pussy” – I’d never heard her say that word before – “and it smells like a porno shoot in here. You have to help me.”

I didn’t say anything. It made sense, though. I was the only one who had seen her naked before, and she didn’t care if I judged her. Laughing to myself, I was about to tell her I’d be right there, when she started talking again, apparently mistaking my silence for hesitation.

“Ryan, if you come down here, you can do anything you want to me before you unlock me,” she said softly. “Anything. Whatever you’ve always wanted to do. As long as you get me out of these cuffs before Curt gets home tomorrow morning.”

“I’ll be right there,” I said, and hung up. I sat there for a second, letting the situations ink in. Then I hopped up, grabbed my shit and made a beeline for my car.


When I got to Kerri’s apartment, I reached under the plant outside her front door and found the key. I paused for a second before putting it in the lock. What if this is a big prank, and she and her friends are inside ready to laugh their asses off at me? I hadn’t thought of that at all on the long drive down here – I was too consumed thinking about putting my dick everywhere she had never let me before.

What the hell. It’s worth the chance, I thought, and I turned the key.

No laughter. No friends. The TV was on in her living room, but there was no one in there.

I walked quickly to her bedroom, half-expecting it, too, to be empty. This had to be too good to be true, right?

I slowly opened the door, and what I saw made my jaw drop. Even though I had been told what to expect, nothing could have prepared me.

She was exactly as she had said. Spread-eagle, ankles cuffed to the footboard and wrists to the headboard.

Standing there, glued to my spot in the doorway, I looked first at her pussy, with the little,blue, whirring toy still in it. I couldn’t see exactly what it was, but it looked similar to a butt plug, which I guess was why she couldn’t just squeeze it out. Her dainty little lips were glistening in the light, and the bed was soaked below her.

And she had shaved! She always had a full red bush when I dated her, but now it was a neat little landing strip. I was half impressed, half angry that she had never done that while we were together.

My eyes went next to her tits, which were as perky and well-shaped as ever, about the size of apples. She had the cutest little nipples, eraser points on quarter-sized areolas.

Finally, I looked her in the eyes. She had been staring at me, silently, a look of desire in her eyes. I guess three hours with a vibrator in her pussy had that effect.

“Thanks, Ryan,” she said, a genuine look of gratitude on her face. “Listen, we can have sex. I promised you could do anything, and you can, but first can you take this vibrator out, please?”

I laughed and walked toward her. I reached out and, before taking the toy out of her sopping wet pussy, I flicked her little bud, making her jump and moan.

I expected her to call me an asshole or try to kick me, but she didn’t. She just looked at me wantonly.

Finally, I grabbed the little buzzing toy and pulled it out, her juices making a sucking noise as it came out.

I held it up to my face. It smelled like honey – just like I remembered from those rare times I used to finger her. I stuck out my tongue and licked the glistening toy up and down, savoring the taste of my ex-girlfriend’s juices before putting it down on the bed.

I turned around and saw the key laying in the corner of the room, and laughed. Then I started unbuckling my pants.

“Wait, can I just have a few minutes to rest?” she said. “That thing has been in me for three hours.”

“Your cunt can rest,” I said, deciding to test my limits with a word she hated.

Her eyes flared for a second, but that was it. I don’t know if she realized her powerless predicament, or if she was just that turned on.

I pulled my pants and boxers off in one motion and moved quickly toward her face. Before she could object, I jumped on the bed, straddled her with my left leg above her shoulder and my right leg below her other shoulder, and put my dick in her mouth – that pretty little mouth that had never sucked a cock before.

She was startled for a minute, but then she started sucking – vigorously. She was clearly inexperienced, but she was getting an A for effort so far. I just sat there and she bobbed her head back and forth as much as she could from her prone position, making loud slurping noises. She was using a little teeth, but not too much, and swirling her tongue around as she sucked me like a popsicle.

Her hot, wet mouth felt amazing. After a few minutes, though, I pulled back. She tried to keep sucking! She reached her head up as much as possible, her mouth open wide and tongue reaching for my 8-inch cock.

Hopping off the bed for a minute, I grabbed my pants and fished around in the pocket for my phone. I then got back on the bed and put my dick back in her mouth, and held up the phone to take a picture.

Suddenly, her look of desire turned to fear.

“Uuurghh,” she grunted around my cock, trying to say no.

“Kerri, you said I could do anything. I won’t show these to anyone. But you teased me for years with this mouth, and I want to remember this moment now,” I said gently, keeping my cock in her mouth, but with a pleading tone that told her I’d stop if she really wanted me to.

“Fiiiihhde,” she said, rolling her eyes.

I smiled. “Don’t say cheese,” I said. “Just keep those lips wrapped around my dick.”

She giggled at that and, keeping her lips in the same place, swirled her tongue on the underside of my cock. I almost came right there.

After a few quick photos, I put the phone down. I could’ve shot video, but I wanted to savor this, rather than concentrating on being a cameraman the whole time.

I started sliding my dick in and out of her mouth again, my eyes never leaving hers.

“I’m going to go a little deeper now, OK?” I said gently.

Instead of a response, she craned her neck upward to take in as much of my 8 inches as she could. I guess that was a yes!

As I pushed downward, she coughed around my cock, saliva coming out the sides of her mouth, and I quickly pulled back.

She took a minute to catch her breath and then surprised me by saying, “Don’t stop next time. I’ve always wanted to try deepthroat, and now, tied down so that I can’t push you off me, seems like the best time to try it. Just put it all the way in, no matter how much I gag. I’ll yell if I can’t breath.”

I smiled and brought up my dick back up to her mouth, but I just rested it on her lips. She reached up, trying to wrap her lips around it, but I held it just far enough where she could only lick it. Then I rubbed it across her lips a few times before finally letting her engulf the head.

Moving up slightly on the bed, I slowly pushed deeper into her mouth. She stopped swirling her tongue around when my dick hit the back of her throat, but she didn’t gag. I paused for a few seconds to let her adjust – her eyes were wide open, never leaving mine.

As I shoved in deeper,I felt the tighter sensation of her throat just as she started to gag. I paused again as she spit some more out the sides of her mouth, but she calmed down like a champ. I pushed a little more, and as she gagged again, her whole body writhed. I guess this is where she wouldn’t have been able to resist pushing me off. Luckily, her hands were cuffed to the bed posts.

Finally, I was all the way in, and she had stopped gagging. Her nose was in my trimmed pubes, her mouth stretched wide, but I swore I could detect a smile in her eyes. Then she started back up with her tongue again. What do you know? This girl could deepthroat.

I reached for the camera, snapped a quick picture with her face buried in my pubes, and then put it down and started slowly moving my dick in and out, savoring the feeling of being completely engulfed in her warm, soft mouth.

I would’ve been fine taking it slow for a while, but Kerri was having none of it. With what little movement the position permitted, she bobbed faster, making noises as my dick pounded the back of her throat repeatedly.

After only about two or three minutes of this – unfortunately it felt more like a few seconds, but I guess time flies when you’re getting deepthroated by your prude ex-girlfriend – I felt that familiar feeling of cum rising in my dick.

Holding back as long as I could, I finally slammed into her face one more time and held my dick in her throat as I shot jet after jet of warm, sticky cum down her throat. She gagged slightly but kept sucking until the last of it came out. As I started pulling back, and she sucked for the last few drops, I kind of wished I had come on her face instead, because I felt like I had unloaded about a dozen ropes. Oh well. We weren’t done here.

I took my dick all the way out of her mouth but kept it right in front of her face.

“Are you OK?” I said.

“I’m fine,” she said with an almost embarrassed smile.

“Good,” I said, “because we’re far from done.”

She smiled. “OK,” she said with a mix of nervousness and excitement.

I slapped my dick once on her lips but then stepped back and off the bed, drawing a confused look from her.

Then I uncuffed her ankles. Quickly, before she could say anything, I pushed her legs up over her head and cuffed her ankles to the same bedposts as her wrists. She always was flexible. Next, I put two pillows under her butt to prop her up.

I then stepped back to admire my handiwork. As she looked at me expectantly, I grabbed the phone and took a few shots of her wet pussy and puckered asshole.

Then I stepped up and put my cock back in her face.

“I don’t think your pussy is ready yet,” I said, “so lube me up!”

“Ry, I’ve never taken more than a tiny little butt plug in there,” she said, moving her head and laughing as I slapped her face with my dick.

I was kind of surprised she had even done that. Then again, after tonight, nothing should have surprised me.

“Ker, there’s a first time for everything,” I said gently. “Now get it as wet as you can.”

Resigned, she started lapping at my dick, sucking the sides up and down and spitting on it. Most of the spit ended up dripping off my cock and back onto her face, making her a sexy mess.

When I was nice and wet, I pulled back. Her eyes showed a mix of fear and excitement.

I got close to her little asshole and spit on it, then rubbed it with my fingers. I put one finger in and then two, each time letting her get used to it for a few seconds. Finally, I pulled my finger out and lined up my cock right against her little brown eye, which had shut quickly.

“Just relax,” I said.

I could actually feel her puckered hole relax against the tip of my dick, and with that I gently pushed in a bit. She closed her eyes tight but didn’t say a word.

My cockhead is pretty big, a little bigger than a golf ball, so it wasn’t easy. But finally, I felt it slip in. I held it there for a few seconds, but Kerri, her eyes still shut, said, “Just keep going.”

So I did, slowly.

“Owwww,” she said as I got about two inches in.

“Are you OK?” I said.

“Just fucking keep going, dumbass!” she panted. “Let’s just get to the part where it feels good.”

So I did. Slow and steady, I kept pushing. Every little bit felt so tight that I wasn’t sure if I could go any farther, but I kept going. Finally, I was buried all the way, balls deep, in her asshole. Every time she squeezed slightly and then forced herself to relax, it was the most amazing feeling.

“How’s that?” I said.

“It hurts like fucking hell,” she snapped.

With her eyes still closed as she focused on getting used to her asshole being filled up with eight inches of cock, I then reached behind me and grabbed the toy she had been using when I first got there. Switching it on, I put it right up against her clit.

Her eyes sprung open and she flinched, moaning. I made sure to hold my dick in place.

Suddenly, she started grinding her ass ever so slightly on my dick. I took that as my cue to start pumping.

Slowly, I pulled out only about an inch and pushed back in, drawing a gasp from her. Then I pulled out a little further, all the while still holding the buzzing toy against her clit.

Soon, I was moving at a decent pace – nothing like when I fuck a pussy, but I had a decent rhythm going.

She was enjoying it, too – I didn’t even have to ask. She was using what little mobility she had too fuck me back with each pump.

The combination of going slow and having already cum once helped me go on for more than 10 minutes. Several times, I stopped to grab my phone and snap a few pictures of my dick buried in her tight bunghole.

Finally, I felt that familiar feeling. I slowed down even more, though, not wanting this to end. But her asshole was so tight, there was no stopping it.

I tossed the toy aside and gave her a few of my hardest thrusts yet, making her squeal with each one, and finally started unleashing torrents of cum deep in her bowels. She smiled and let out a gutteral “Ooooooohhhhh yeeaaaaah” as I filled her insides with hot cum.

Finally, spent, I pulled my dick out slowly, watching as her asshole hesitated for a second before closing after I pulled all the way out.

“That was amazing,” Kerri said.

“Yeah,” I said, just sitting there with my dick in my hand, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

“So what’s next?” she said, still looking almost comical in that pose with her feet tied up behind her head and her pussy wide open. “Are you still man enough to go three times in a row?”

Without saying a word, I grabbed the vibrator, turned it on and shoved it back in her pussy, drawing a look of surprise from Kerri. I then got up off the bed.

“Hey, what the fuck?!” she said, a panicked look on her face.

I laughed.

“Relax, I’m not going anywhere,” I said as I walked into her bathroom.

After washing my dick off, I grabbed a towel off the rack, and her razor and shaving cream from the shower, and went back into the room.

“Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?” she said.

“Let’s just say,” I said, “you’re going to have a little bit to explain to Curt.”

With that, I took the toy out of her pussy, put the towel underneath her ass – she was writhing at this point but couldn’t do much – and I took the top off the shaving cream and sprayed it onto her thin, red landing strip.

“I never got to fuck a bald pussy till after we broke up,” I said. “And to this day I’ve wondered what it would be like to fuck YOUR bald pussy.”

To my surprise, she didn’t object – she just looked down at her little cunny, waiting for the action to start.

I started with a few long strokes with the razor, getting rid of the landing strip pretty quickly. Wiping it off on the towel, I then put some more shaving cream right above her clit and leaned in close to touch it up. Her lips were already shaved bare.

Using the towel to wipe her off, I admired my handiwork – and then snapped a picture.

She still hadn’t said a word or looked away from her cunt. She looked turned on by her new porn-star look.

I took the stuff back into the bathroom and came back out with a wet washcloth, gently patting down her newly bare pubic area.

It looked amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I couldn’t wait any longer to put my dick in there.

I climbed up and shoved my dick in, and I swear it slid in easier than it ever had in all the years we had dated. I always had to go down on her for about 20 minutes before we had sex back then, just to get her wet enough to do it, but that wasn’t necessary now. This bitch was in heat.

I pounded her hard but slowly for a few minutes as she moaned and humped back.

Deciding to test my limits, I sped up a little bit and went a little harder. Before long, I was full-on bottoming out, our pelvises slamming into each other hard with each thrust, and she was screaming like I had never heard before. She was usually the quiet type, so this was confusing to me – on the one hand it was fucking hot, on the other it was fucking weird.

Deciding to prolong it a bit longer, I pulled out, and she looked up at me with a sad puppy dog face. I quickly moved up and rested the tip of my dick against her lips.

She realized what was happening, and all the sudden she was back to the prude, demure bitch of the past, sealing her lips and refusing to put my dick, glistening with her juices, in her mouth.

I gave her a little nudge with my dick, but she refused to open her mouth, shaking her head and saying, “Unh-un.”

“Kerry, either you’re going to suck off your pussy juice, or I’m leaving right now,” I said. “I’ll uncuff you, but I’m not going to finish fucking you.”

I was bluffing. If she refused again, I’d fuck her still. But she was so horny, I had a feeling I could get her to do it.

I was right.

She stared down at my dick for a minute, angrily, before opening her mouth just a little bit. She let me put the tip in, but she wasn’t using any tongue, and this just wasn’t doing it for me.

“Don’t suck it yet. Lick it up and down. And do a good job or I’ll leave,” I said, knowing I had her.

She did as she was told. Tentatively, she stuck her tongue out, and I helped her by guiding my cock along it so she didn’t have to move.

I paused to let her see what her pussy tasted like. She swallowed, thought for a second and said, “Not bad.”

Then she stuck her tongue out, and I leaned forward as much as possible so she could use all the mobility she had – her hands still cuffed to the posts, and her legs up above her head, ankles cuffed to the same posts.

She lapped away at my dick. Finally, I used my hand to stop her, and I put my dick in her mouth. She sucked hungrily. A minute ago she wanted no part of tasting her juices; now she was sucking my dick like a lollipop, trying to get as much of her flavor off it as possible.

Eventually, I pulled away. Three times was about my limit nowadays, and I had some more work to do before cumming one last time.

I moved back and slid my dick back into her pussy, and she moaned loudly, shutting her eyes.

“Fuck me,” she said, almost whispering.

“Say it louder,” I demanded.

“FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME HARD!” she yelled.

I obliged. I pounded her as hard as I’ve ever pounded anyone, and she met every thrust just as hard.

This was some of the best sex I’d ever had, even aside from the fact that she was my prude ex-girlfriend. Her pussy was so tight, but also so wet.

Eventually, she started thrusting faster. Finally, I could feel her pussy spasm around my dick as she let out a loud, animalistic moan. I hoped her walls were soundproof.

It was all I could do to keep from cumming just long enough for her to finish.

When she finally started to slow down, I pounded a few more times and pulled out.

Moving up to her face, I said, “Open up.”

Surprisingly, she didn’t argue. She had that exhausted smile of a woman who has just had an amazing orgasm. Her eyes were only half open, but she lazily opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out.

That was all I needed. I gave my dick a few strokes and unleashed. The first two ropes went straight onto her tongue, reaching the back of her throat. She pulled back slightly and shut her mouth, gagging just a bit, but that was fine – I was already planning on unloading the rest all over her face.

“Don’t spit it out,” I said as I sent rope after rope across her face. Luckily her eyes were closed, because a big glob landed right on her left eye. Her face was dripping with cum by the time my cock slowed down, and I quickly put it back in her mouth, letting her hungrily suck out the last few drops.

Spent, I pulled my dick out. A string of cum came with it, connecting my dick and her mouth, so I wiped it across her lips.

“Let me see your mouth,” I said.

Her eyes still closed, one covered with cum, she opened her mouth slowly. Cum hung from her teeth.

I grabbed my phone, snapped one more picture, and said, “Swallow it.” She opened her right eye, looked at me for a second and gulped. Then she ran her tongue through her mouth and swallowed again. I smiled.

Then she spoke for the first time in awhile.

“Can you at least get the glob of cum off my eye so I can open it,” she said.

I laughed. I took my dick and used it to scoop as much of the cum off her eyelid as I could, and then presented it in front of her mouth.

“Suck it off,” I said.

Obediently, she slowly sucked my head clean. She seemed like she would be content to keep making love to my cockhead with her mouth forever, and for a moment I was almost in love again. She looked adorable, covered in cum and slurping on my dick.

Then I snapped back to reality. I looked at the cuffs and her prone position and reminded myself that was the only reason why she had done any of this.

I reluctantly pulled my dick back and got off the bed. I got dressed and then walked over to the other side of the room to get the keys to the handcuffs.

When I came back over, Kerri had her eyes closed, a smile on her face, and her tongue out, licking up as much of the cum from around her mouth as she could. I wondered if she would have even cared if I left without uncuffing her. She looked perfectly content right there.

I laughed, and one-by-one uncuffed both her arms and both her legs.

Surprisingly, she put her legs down but didn’t get up right away. Laying there, legs spread-eagle, hands finally free, she wiped all the cum from her face and licked it off. It was unbelievably hot.

Finally, she had gotten it all, swallowed it, and she just lay there looking at me with a tired smile.

“Thanks for coming over,” she said with a hint of a laugh.

I took that as my cue to leave, and I walked out, leaving her laying on the bed, bare pussy splayed wide open.

I never turned back, and I’ve only talked to Kerri a handful of times since then. We’ve never talked about that night. But I have the pictures, and you can bet I’ll never forget it. I’m guessing she won’t either.

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