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The Edge

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I walked around him, inspecting his form as my cock grew harder by the second, his beauty and submission almost too much for me to handle. His head was bowed so I couldn’t see his face but I heard his breathing accelerate as I ghosted my fingers down his bare back. Nude, he kneeled before me, his hands laced behind his head and his ass resting on his heels, completely vulnerable and at my mercy.

I had wanted him like this for so long.

I had first seen Evan at a play party, strapped tight to a custom made whipping bench as Master Jace paddled him. Before him, no one at the party had really caught my eye but as I watched his pale flesh turn a beautiful rose color, I was utterly enamored. Not to mention painfully hard.

There wasn’t a single person in the room that could rival his beauty. Firm and lithe, his tall build was sculpted with lean muscle, not overly built but built just enough for his muscles to strain against his bonds, rolling and tensing every time his Master took the paddle to his beautiful ass. His hair was an odd color, brown or copper, maybe a mixture of both and it was completely untamed, sticking up in every direction but somehow, it was perfect. Wearing a thick, black collar, the harsh color contrasted amazingly well with his alabaster skin and, for the first time in my life, I felt a twinge of jealousy that it wasn’t my collar around his long neck.

I wanted him. Badly.

After thoroughly paddling him, Master Jace had Evan get on his knees and bring him to orgasm which, not surprisingly, took a short amount of time. It had been easy to see that Evan was a wonderful sub, very attentive and responsive, not an ounce of hesitation or defiance.

Later that night, I had talked with Master Jace as we lounged on the black leather sofas that were placed next to the side stage. The club was standard, I suppose, a bit stereotypical in my opinion. Deep burgundy paint covered the walls and ceiling and the floor was black tile, black leather couches were sporadically placed with small tables next to each that had bowls of condoms and trial size packets of lube. In front of each couch were low rise bondage tables, equipped with wrist and ankle cuffs as well as D rings lining each side. Overall, it was dimly lit, candles in each corner and hanging from the ceiling in typical medieval fashion providing the only light, with the exception of the bright spot lights that were directed at the stages.

The only thing that made the club even remotely enjoyable that night was the man in front of me.

Sitting at Jace’s feet was Evan, his head on his Jace’s thigh while the leather leash from his collar was still wrapped around his Master’s wrist. Since he was no longer performing, I could admire his beauty easier. The way his soft locks fell onto his forehead, the high set of his cheek bones, his chiseled jaw, how his full lips pouted when he turned his head every so often to kiss his Master’s jean covered thigh, the sparkling deep green of his eyes. And his cock.

Oh, his cock was a thing of beauty. Made to be worshipped and tortured in every way and I wanted to be the one to do. I wanted to show him what true pleasure was.

He was absolutely stunning.

Jace had told me that his wife, Addison, was pregnant with their first child and that they were planning on taking a break from the lifestyle to focus on parenting. Evan was Jace’s 24/7 sub and they were looking into finding him a new Master in their absence. Of course, I was quick to show my interest in taking him on. I had told Jace that I was currently without a sub and that I would be more than happy to setup an arrangement with Evan.

I tried to keep my excitement hidden, not wanting to appear overly eager but just the mere thought of having in my playroom, bound and waiting for me to do whatever I wished with him…I was practically squirming in my seat.

Jace looked me over carefully for a long moment before speaking.

“In my lap, Evan,” his Master had commanded with a tug of the leash and Evan immediately obeyed, crawling into Jace’s lap, his body turned sideways and keeping his head down.

Jace’s hand came up to run through Evan’s hair as he whispered in his ear, Evan’s eyes rising to mine for a fraction of a second before a deep blush spread from his cheeks to his chest. I couldn’t make out what Jace had been saying to him but I was sure it involved my interest in taking him on as a sub. As I openly drank in his perfect form, I saw his cock twitch and I wanted nothing more than to know what Jace had said at that moment that had caused his body to react that way.

Jace noticed it as well and I saw a wicked grin grace his features before his other hand reached for Evan’s cock, stroking it loosely as Evan’s eyes closed and his pouty lips parted, inclining his head further toward Jace’s lips as he continued to whisper in Evan’s ear. Jace’s grip tightened on Evan and his lips moved from his ear to his neck, kissing it for a moment before sinking his teeth into Evan’s flesh, a throaty moan leaving Evan’s parted lips from the sensation. Evan nodded his head as his hips began to rock to meet Jace’s hand, and I read Jace’s lips as he whispered, “Good boy.”

My cock was ready to burst and when I saw Jace run his thumb over the slit in Evan’s beautiful cock, gathering up some of the leaking precum before bringing it to Evan’s mouth, his pink tongue immediately lapping at his own juices like the obedient little slave he was…

I almost came untouched.

“Back in your position, pet.” Jace said just as he looked back at me and I was sure my arousal was written all over my face, not to mention the bulge in my jeans.

Before Evan reached the floor, I watched a slow smile spread over Jace’s face before he stopped him with a sharp pull at his leash. “On second thought, slave, I’m in the mood for a show.”

Evan visibly shivered.

On his knees in between Jace’s spread legs, Evan kept his head down but I could almost feel the excitement rolling off of him in waves. If I’m being completely honest, I had been pretty excited for the show myself. Leaning forward, Jace threaded his fingers through Evan’s hair, pulling his head back so he could see his face. “Hmmm…I’ll let you choose tonight. Caleb or Parker?”

Evan whimpered. “Parker, please. If it pleases you, Master.”

I wanted to hear him call me Master.

His voice was so smooth, hypnotizing almost and I wanted to hear that voice in a different tone as he screamed through his gag while I fucked him hard from behind.

“Master Michael is right next to the bar. Tell him that I’d like to speak with him.” Jace said as he unclipped Evans leash from his collar.

Evan scampered away quickly, Jace slapping his ass as he passed. “Evan has developed a bit of a crush on one of Michael’s subs, Parker.” Jace told me with an indulgent smile. “Ever since their first time meeting at Master Kyles house, if Evan has had the chance, he’s requested play time with him.”

Evan immediately dropped back into position at Jace’s feet as Michael followed closely behind, Parker crawling on his hands and knees next to him as Michael led him with a leash. Caleb was on his other side, also on hands and knees, crawling next to his Master. Even though the lighting was dim in the club, I could make out Parker’s seductive form. His head was bowed, his long black hair flowing around his shoulders and his back was arched. Parker and Caleb’s collars were much different from Evan’s, a simple silver chain with a d-ring hanging in the front to attach their leashes to. The silver against their dark skin looked very enticing, I could see why Evan had a crush.

“Jace, how have you been?” Michael had asked, reaching out to shake Jace’s hand.

“Pretty good, just chatting with Cooper here,” Jace gestured toward me with a nod of his head.

“How are you, Michael?” I asked as I leaned over, taking my turn at shaking his hand. I had met him a few times here and there at different play parties and such. Michael was hard to miss standing at six foot six, his huge build much like that of a lumber jack. His long black hair, not much different from Parker’s, was kept in a tie at the base of his neck.

“Can’t complain. You needed to see me, Jace?”

Jace smiled and reached down to run his fingers through Evan’s hair. I had noticed that Jace did that often and I wondered if it was more than just idly touching his sub, if maybe it was a comforting gesture to Evan. “Actually, I wanted to ask if I could borrow Parker for a bit, if he’s not already serving you.” Jace smiled.

“I was actually about to set up a short Shibari lesson with Caleb if you’d like to take Parker for a while.”

Michael was well known for his talent with Shibari rope art. He was the best I had ever seen, aside from myself of course, and people came from all around to attend one of his classes.

“You be a good boy for Master Jace and I’ll let you sleep at the foot of my bed tonight. No repeats of the first time you two sluts played together, got it?” Michael had told Parker as he pulled him to his feet, removing his leash. Parker certainly didn’t seem to have a problem with this command, his cock already standing so proudly that I thought he might come from one touch.

I made a mental note to ask Jace what exactly had happened between the two boys the first they played together. I was sure it would be one hell of an interesting story.

“Yes, Master,” Parker answered with a vigorous nod of his head.

It appeared that Evan’s crush was mutual.

Parker dropped back to his knees and awaited Jace’s command. Leaning back, Jace let his long legs fall open. “Sit here, Evan, facing Parker.” Jace pointed to the space in between his legs.

Once Evan was positioned, Jace sat up straighter and wrapped his arms around Evan’s chest, stroking the skin softly as Evan’s head lulled back onto Jace’s shoulder. I sat up a little straighter as well, my hands resting on my knees as my breathing started to accelerate, excited and curious about what Jace was planning.

“Come here, Parker.”

Parker crawled forward until he was positioned directly in front of Evan, sitting up and resting his ass on his heels. Parker was sexy as hell and I was more than ready to see him in action. Especially if that action was with Evan.

“Look at me, Parker,” Jace said, still running his hands over Evan’s chest. “You want his cock, slave?” Parker nodded eagerly, licking his lips in anticipation as Evan’s cock pulsed inches from his mouth. “Ask him if you can have his cock.”

Looking up from beneath his long, dark lashes, Parker whispered, “May I please have your cock, Evan? Please let me suck you off.”

Evan looked ready to weep, ready to beg or do whatever his Master wanted to grant Parker’s request. His eyes were glazed and, even in the dim lighting, I could see them darken even further as he looked down at the boy who was so ready to suck his cock.

“Do you want him?” Jace asked Evan, his voice husky with arousal.

“Yes, Master, please,” Evan whispered, his hips straining toward Parker’s waiting mouth.

“Beg him. Beg him to suck you off.”

“Parker, please, suck my cock. Make me come.” Evan begged desperately, staring at Parker like he wanted to ravage him completely. And sounding so fucking hot, desire shot straight to my cock in response.

Sliding his hand down over Evan’s abs, Jace grabbed the base of Evan’s cock, rubbing it against Parker’s parted lips. “Kiss it, boy.” Parker placed a firm kiss on the head of Evan’s cock, making Evan’s hips jerk slightly. “What a needy little whore you are,” Jace chuckled, kissing Evan’s temple as he reached forward and pushed down on the back of Parker’s head, Evans cock slowly disappearing into Parker’s mouth.

Even though I had seen this act performed countless times, there was something so fucking sexy about it right then. How responsive Evan was to everything his Master said, his barely contained desire for Parker while trying not to displease his Master, his vulnerability, his submission…

Just him.

He made it better and I wanted nothing more than to have him perform this act on me.

“Suck him harder, boy,” Jace demanded harshly, smiling when Evan moaned loudly as Parker did what he was told. “That feels good, doesn’t it, my little slut?” Jace’s tone softened as he spoke directly to Evan, rolling his sub’s nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

Nodding his head quickly, I saw Evan’s fingers twitch, fighting the urge to lace his fingers through Parker’s long hair. Without realizing it, my hand had drifted to my crotch, palming my hard on as I watched the scene in front of me.

Watching Evan, everything else disappeared. The noises of leather slapping skin were drowned out by his moans, the couples playing on the stage were ignored as I chose to watch him give into his pleasure. Nothing mattered anymore except for the beautiful boy in front of me and nothing could have moved me from that spot.

“Yeah…take him deep, Parker. Bury his cock in your throat,” Jace encouraged, pushing Parker’s head down on Evan’s cock.

Parker moaned at Jace’s words, the vibrations making Evan whimper and grunt in frustration as he so clearly tried to hold back his orgasm.

Fuck, his noises made me so hard.

Evan was positively writhing under them, thrashing his head back and forth as it rested on Jace’s shoulder and his eyes clamped shut tightly. Palming myself harder, my gaze shifted back and forth from Evan’s face to his cock as it slipped in and out of Parker’s mouth, biting my lip to stifle the growl that was building in my chest. I fucking wanted him right then, anyway I could have him and I was so close to coming already.

Licking his lips, Evan’s brow furrowed and his hands balled into fists as they rested on his thighs. “Master, please…” he begged, and once again, I felt that twinge of envy even as I gripped my cock harder.

I wanted him to fucking beg me, writhe under my touch, come when I say he fucking can.

Removing his hand from Parker’s head, Jace brought it up to Evan’s throat, wrapping his large hand around it as he spoke in Evan’s ear. “Put your hands on his head.”

Evan’s hands flew to Parker’s hair, gripping it tightly in his fists and grunting again when Parker hummed around his length. “Now, fuck his mouth, slave. I want to feel your ass rubbing against my cock as you slide down his throat.” Jace ordered. “But do not come.”

Evan complied but whined at his Master’s last command, a strangled sound leaving his mouth. My dick was fucking throbbing by this point, so I gave up and unbuttoned my jeans, pulling myself out and sighing in relief as I wrapped my hand tight around my swollen cock.

I matched my strokes to the movement of Evan’s hips as he fucked Parker’s mouth relentlessly, the most delicious noises pouring out of him as he got closer and closer to his peak. Panting, I returned the smirk that Jace gave me when he saw me stroking my cock, knowing damn well that he knew how much I wanted his sub.

Only a few moments later, just as my cock began to pulse and my balls tightened, Evan thrust forward into Parker’s mouth hard before crying out. “Master…Master. Oh God, please, Sir… I need to come. Please let me come.”

“Mmm, my beautiful Evan, do you want to come?” Jace taunted while biting down on Evan’s earlobe.

“YES! Master, please,” Evan was practically whining, so close to coming but desperately not wanting to disobey his Master. Without another word, Jace grabbed Parker’s hair and pulled his head back, effectively ripping his mouth from Evan’s cock.

“Pump your cock, Evan. I want to see you come on his chest.”

One, two quick strokes over his cock and Evan was roaring his release, leaning forward a bit to shoot across Parker’s chest, painting the dark skin with his pearly come. I couldn’t handle it, the visual and the sounds too much and I palmed the head of my cock with my other hand, growling lowly as I filled my hand with my cum. My hips jerked hard with each wave that left me and I fought desperately to keep my eyes open, not wanting to miss a single second of the amazing show taking place right in front of me.

I came so fucking hard.

Sagging back against Jace’s chest, he turned his head and kissed Jace’s cheek reverently. “Thank you, Master,” he whispered breathlessly just as my body finished releasing the tension, relaxing heavily against the couch while my hands still held my softening dick.

“Clean up your mess,” Jace commanded, gesturing toward the liquid that was dripping down Parker’s chest and stomach.

I watched, completely enthralled, as Evan immediately slid to the floor in front of Parker, dipping his head to Parker’s abs and pointing out his tongue to lick off the come there. Dragging his tongue up to Parker’s chest, he thoroughly cleaned every inch of Parker’s skin his desire had touched before bringing his mouth to Parker’s, the two sharing Evan’s orgasm in a slow, sensual, open mouthed kiss. I had never seen anything more erotic in my entire life and I felt my spent cock twitch at the image.

That night, I took matters into my own hands three more times, each time imagining the noises Evan made. However, in my fantasies, he made those noises from my touch, my collar around his neck, on his knees in my playroom.

The next day, I called Jace and set a meeting with him to start the process of taking over as Evan’s Master. Although he was a 24/7 sub for Jace, I didn’t want to start him off that way with me, just in case our arrangement didn’t work. So, Jace and I decided that I would have one session with Evan, a trial of sorts, to see if it worked out. He would stay with me for a weekend and if we were compatible, then we would work up a contract.

“I won’t delve into his past with you,” Jace had said seriously, looking up from Evan’s medical records. “It’s his story to tell, if he so wishes but I will tell you that he needs a lot care. His Master needs to have a firm hand that can quickly become nurturing when it’s needed. He’s a lot of work, Cooper, but I can promise you, he’s completely worth it.”

I had realized then how much Evan had meant to Jace. It was more than an arrangement and it was obvious that Jace was deeply concerned for Evan’s well being.

After talking with Jace about his limits and safewords, I had asked him about extended sessions. He told me that Evan had had extensive training and was used to all day play, only allowing breaks for nourishment and to relieve himself. I had assumed that would be the case, given Evans 24/7 status. Also, Jace had mentioned that after long sessions, Evan would need a decent amount of emotional recovery time and comforting, the intensity too much for him to handle sometimes.

Immediately, my brain had been flooded with images of holding him in my lap, nude and shaking from his orgasm, soothing his hair back as I waited for his tears to subside. Already having planned what I wanted Evan’s first session with me to include, this had pleased me greatly.

I couldn’t wait to have him under my command.

Bringing my thoughts back to the present, I stared at him as he kneeled in front of me, in perfect form though he was slightly shaking. I had anticipated this. A new Master, a new playroom, a new routine…he was afraid. That was okay, I could fix that. He just needed his mind taken off of his fear.

I would happily give him a distraction.

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