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The End of the North

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I used to work for the federal government, doing construction and maintenance on radio towers for the Department of Transport. A couple of years ago they privatized the whole section, and I ended up with the choice between working for whoever took it over or taking the work myself. Well, I took it on and now actually do less work for more money.

The catch is if there’s a problem in the middle of winter, I’ve often only got a reduced crew available to deal with it.

High winds on iced-over antennas caused two of them to break on a tower aways out of Prince George, and I had to go replace them. I took a fellow with me that works for me in the summer. We did half the job but had to call it a day when the wind and snow got too fierce to see what we were doing.

We adjourned to the pub -the famous Inn of the North -known locally as the End of the North. My guy isn’t much of a beer drinker, and left for some supper. Myself when I get a few brews down, I tend to lose interest in food. Usually I just grab a burger in the bar.

I’d been there a couple of hours, and when I get semi-drunk I get careless, and I guess I’ve been staring at this guy a couple of tables over -too often and for too long. The guy is easy on the eyes though, he’s muscular, with a deep tan, curly black hair under a black cowboy hat. He has a snub nose on a bit of a baby face -but that’s saved by a wide moustache. At about five seven or so, he looks to be a little smaller than me, and when he goes for cigarettes I see he’s bowlegged, too, and has a tight little ass at the top of his bandy legs.

I go to the can to unload some of the beer, and when I’m coming out I meet him going in. “You been fuckin’ starin’ at me all night,” he snarls. “Whatta ya want, asshole?” “Nothin’ much, I tell him.

Well, semi-drunk is sometimes more than semi-stupid, and I say, “I been wonderin’ what your asshole would feel like on my cock, you little prick.”

He howls and throws a punch I easily dodge. I throw one of my own and I don’t miss. I knock him on his ass on top of a tablefull of beer. This produces the usual hullaballoo, a whole lot of spilled beer, cursing, scraping chairs and broken glass. Somebody grabs me, I pull away, lose my balance and land on top of the cowboy on the knocked-over table.

Trying to get up, we struggle amid all the beer and broken beer glasses. When they pull us out of the mess his face is covered in blood and me, I’m bleeding like a stuck pig from a cut on my cheek.

My guy Jerry -back from supper, sees what’s going on, and comes charging over. Him and a couple of bouncers get there at the same time. The idiot cowboy is no longer in fighting mode, and all three of us get thrown out on our asses. Jerry takes a look and decides he’d better take us to the emergency to get looked at proper.

On the way to the hospital, the three of us are in the cab of my truck. With just one seat, we’re jammed in fairly tight and I’m in the middle. After a few minutes, I feel the cowboy’s knee against mine. I move away a bit, but a minute or two later, I feel it again. I glance over at him. He’s looking at me, and despite the bloody face,m I think I see a strange half smile. He looks away, and moves his leg away as well.

The Emergency Ward is the usual laugh riot on a saturday night. A whining kid with a broken arm with his mother, a couple of whores, one clutching her hand and weeping, the other swearing a blue streak, a strung-out druggy or two, various old parties looking distraught, some old guy moaning in the corner, and a drunk puking in the hall. Nothing very exciting.

They clean him up first, and he’s not as bad off as it looks. He’s got several small cuts on his face from the broken beer glasses and one about an inch long on his neck, -along with a broken nose, I note with some satisfaction. They stitch him up, slap a plaster over his nose, apply a few bandaids, and give him soem pills for any pain he might have.

Before they cleaned him up, he looked like he’d stuck his head in a cement mixer while I, seeing my image in a mirror as the doc sews me up, think I look downright fetching. I get six stitches, but one bandaid will cover it up. That, and a few minor scrapes here and there.

I look over at him and laugh. “Don’t fuckin’ make me laugh, pervert,” he mutters. “What were we fightin’ about anyways?”

“Fucked if I know,” I say, and smile. I can’t keep the smirk off my face. A broken nose is gonna make him cuter than ever.

“I could stand another beer or three,” he says. “Ya wanta risk some more?” “Why not,” I reply, “You done tryin’ to beat me up?”

“I told ya, don’t make me laugh,” he says, -and away we go.

Back at the Inn of the North, getting in through a different entrance than the one we were thrown out of, Jerry says to me -“I’ve had enough excitement for tonight. You guys kill each other if you want, I’m gonna hit the sack. See you in the morning.”

The cowboy and I put back a few more brews without saying much. After a while Mark, that’s his name, turns to me and says with a smile, “So what was your plan, pervert? After you fucked me and sucked my cock, what did you have in mind?”

“I dunno,” I tell him, “Maybe kiss your ass or somethin. I don’t plan ahead, I like to improvise.”

After a long pause, he leans over and says, real low, “So, you wanna go somewhere, do somethin?”

I’ve got a box of beer in the truck. Mark says he wants a real drink, so he picks up a bottle of rye. I’ve told what I’m doing in Prince George, and he says, “Show me your fuckin’ tower, why don’t ya?” So we take my truck up the mountain, and I show him the tower I’m working on. He says, “You’re fulla crap. You don’t go up that.”

“Oh yeah?” I say, “C’mon, chickenshit, I’ll race ya to the top!”

“Alright, alright,” he says, “I believe ya. It’s too fuckin’ cold for that BS.”

back in the warm truck, I down another beer, Mark sips from the bottle, and we sit there quietly. I get out to take a leak, and he comes with me. When we’re done, he says, “So when are you gonna suck my dick?”

For some dumb reason, I do him out there in the cold. It’s fuckin’ freezing, but his nifty dick is hotter’n a firecracker and doesn’t take much longer than one to go off. When I straighten up, -without a word he reaches over to my dick. Then he mutters, “Maybe I’ll give it a shot,” and “I don’t do this, pervert.” And it’s too dark to tell if he’s kidding.

But he bends over my cock anyway. It’s too dark to see mucy, but I can hear him taking a sniff. Then I feel his hot mouth on it. It’s amazing how hot a mouth can feel when it’s freezing cold on the top of a fucking mountain in the dark in the middle of winter. He moves his mouth up and down, but not with much suction, and i think to myself, “You might be doin’ it, but you ain’t doin’ it very well,” and it’s too damn cold for amateur night on the mountain, so I pull him off it, tell him to c’mon and start to get back in the truck.

Suddenly, he turns ugly again, and takes another goddam swing at me! We fight again. Even tho we’re pretty evenly matched, and he looks tough, he’s not much of a fighter, and I drop him in his tracks in the snow.

“So walk back, you dumb fuck,” I snarl. “I hope you freeze to death ya fuckin’ moron!”

I jump in the truck and I’m half a mile down the road before I realize he probably might freeze to death. It’s a long way back to town. I can’t turn around here, so I have to reverse back uphill in the snow.

I get almost to him, and he runs down, slipping and sliding, and starts kicking the side of the truck, raving away, “You bastard fucking pervert bastard!!”

I get out and grab him. -He stops kicking the truck and starts hitting it with his fist. “Get in!’ I yell at him, “Get in the fucking truck! It’s too cold up here for this crap. Get fuckin’ inside!”

“I never asked you for a fucking thing. Did I?” I yell at him when we’re back on the road. “Well, did I?! You asked me in the bar what I was thinkin’ and I told you. Every fucking thing after that was your idea.!”

“So I blew you. So what!? And you had a taste of my cock. Big fucking deal. You could suck my cock every night for a month and it wouldn’t turn you queer if ya aren’t. Ya might get a little better at it, that’s all. You’d still be the same ignorant fucking heterosexual cocksucking sonofabitch you always were!”

He sits there sullenly as the truck rattles along. We hit a bump and it jolts him over closer to me. I tousle his hair and tell him not to be such a jerk. “You’re OK, I’m OK, nothin’ important’s happened.” I turn to look at him and see tears on his cheek. He’s crying, for Christ’s sake.

“Oh Jesus,” I say, “Don’t be doin’ that, man.”

“I don’t wanna be fucking gay,” he snivels.

“Don’t get so excited, you probably aren’t.” I tell him, “What you did doesn’t change a thing. You’re not a cocksucker, you tried it, you didn’t like it. You’re alright.” And. I think to myself, “you’re no damn good at it anyway.”

“Aw crap,” he whines, “What do you know? I wanted to do it. I do like it. But no way I wanna be gay!”

Now I’m wondering…”I like it,’ he says. So what the hell does that mean? He just found out now, or he’s always liked it? -What…WHAT?

“C’mere, c’mon over here,” I tell him and I put my arm around his shoulder, thinking to myself again, “I don’t need this shit.”

Too much thinking to myself?

“Let’s get this straight,” I say, “Are you through fuckin’ fightin’ with me?”

“Yeah, shit, yeah.” he says. ” Well, are you? -it’s not like you’re winning, is it?” “Yeah, yeah! -Christ, whatta ya want?” he grunts.

“Listen, idiot. I’m a lover, not a fighter. But I’m takin’ no more a that shit from you. Understand?”

We drive on. He’s stopped his whining -I’ve still got my arm around his shoulder and he’s leaning against it. I’m still horny, and he’s still cute. Dinged up a bit, but still cute. If he thinks he likes it, maybe we should make sure, one way or the other.

“I got an idea,” I smile at him. “We could get out and fight some more. That crummy bit of cocksucking you did proves nothing. I’ll beat you up a little more, then you can give me a decent blowjob, what do you say? After that, If you’re still unhappy, I’ll really clean your clock so you can tell yourself you’re still straight and you just got beaten into it. Or, if you’re sure ya like it, we could skip the fightin’ and just take another shot at it. Whatta ya think?”

“Anyway, you came back there and I didn’t, so if you really think you like it, you could spend a little more time on my dick. If you want, I’ll walk you through it. You ought get more enjoyment out of it. Just putting your mouth on a cock ain’t the whole story.”

He’s quit snivelling, and gives me what I decide is a halfassed smile, so I stop the truck, whip the cap off his whiskey, indulge in a major snort and hand it back to him. “Take a belt, kiddo.” I slide the seat back and pull my fly open. My dick is as ready as it’s ever been. “C’mon kid, you owe me. I just saved your life, you woulda froze to death out there.” The cowboy takes a healthy drink, sighs, and sits back against my arm.

“Listen,” he mutters. “I want to do it alright. I like it okay, it just drives me crazy when someone comes on to me in the pub or on the street. I feel like I’ve got “cocksucker” written all over me and everybody can see it. I’m just a regular guy, and that’s all I want to be. I can’t help likin’ what I like, and I don’t know what the hell to do.”

“So what do you want to do, now?” I ask him. “Whattaya think? he mumbles, “I’m gonna suck your fuckin’ dick, okay?”

I slide my hand from his shoulder to the back of his neck. He looks at me funny, and I think “Oh Christ, he’s gonna weep some more,” But he doesn’t. He leans closer and looking me straight in the eye, runs nis knuckles over my moustache. I squeeze the back of his neck, and wordlessly he slips down off the seat. Kneeling on the floorboards, he takes a tentative lick at my dick. Then he puts his face in my crotch and rubs it all over my cock and balls. I think to myself, “Now we’re getting somewhere.” I reach down and waggle my dick around a bit till he gets his mouth on it.

“Well, if you’re sure working on my dick is what you want to do, that’s great,” I tell him, “and I’m gonna give you some pointers. But before you get started, there’s somethin’ else I crave. I like to kiss. Can you handle that?” and I pull him off my dick and up to face me. He doesn’t look too enthusiastic, but I think, “-to hell with all this nicey nice. I want a goddam kiss.” My hand on the back of his head, I pull him forward till our lips touch, and I’m real suprised when he opens his mouth and gives me a bonafide smackeroo. Moustache to moustache, lots of tongue, and all the enthusiasm a man could want.

After this terrific kiss, he leans back and smiles, then comes back for another. I’ve run my hand inside his jacket, under his shirt and up his muscular back. My other hand pulls his fly open letting his cock out for a breath of air. I nuzzle his neck a bit, then slide down to his cock. Looking up at him I say, “Pay attention, now, I’m gonna show you one more time how I like it done.” His cock is the kind I think of as a boxcar, about four times as long as it is thick and it’s nice and thick. Ropy, too, with pulsing veins, with the smell you only get from a day or two of hard work. His knob is a nice continuation of the shaft, same width, and its foreskin is long and thick. Just long enough to cover it and square it off perfectly. He jumps when I drag my teeth along it’s length, but he doesn’t say stop, and I don’t.

I open my mouth and breathe on it, making it twitch. Pulling the foreskin back off the head of his cock, I lick up the slimy precum that coats it. His hot prick is sweaty, it smells real good, and tastes even better. I swallow it all till my nose is deep in his wiry pubic hair. Since I’m giving lessons, I apply maximum suction, all the way down, and with a slurp, all the way back up again. Reaching the knob, I do my level best to suck it right off the shaft. Then I come up with another slurp and a smack of the lips, I look up at him and say “That’s how you do it, kid. Now give me a smile, we’re supposed to be havin’ fun here.”

“Okay, okay,” he smiles, “I get it, I get it! Do it a little more, then I’ll give you some.”

In the truck, you lose a bit of the visual aspect of cocksucking, but pick up more on the smell and taste of hard flesh, and when I get the whole length of his dick in my mouth and throat I’m a happy man. I munch and suck and bite my way up and down his great dick. It doesn’t take long to see he likes teeth, and I lay ’em on with a vengeance, and with nary a whimper from him. When I give his dick a rest and go to work on his now sloppy balls, he loves it! In a minute or two he takes my head in both hands and pulls me up for another kiss. My face is drenched with saliva, which he licks and kisses away like a pro. Hard to believe he was ever antsy about sucking dick.

“Okay, man, my turn,” he says. I slide up on the seat while he slips back down onto the floorboards.

I always liked curly hair, and particularly when I’m looking down on a head that’s doing duty below my belt. In this awkward position in the truck, he seems to be comfortable on his knees, and taking a grip on my dick, he applies his lips to my knob and sucks hard. He looks up at me as if to say “How’s that?” I run my fingers through his hair and tell him “You’re off to a great start, there, kiddo. -just keep it up.”

He stays on my knob, just sucking up the precum. I gently slide my hands behind his neck and slowly pull his head forward till he’s got most of my dick in his mouth. He sighs, but keeps his lips tight on it. I let him rest a minute, then start working his head up and down it’s length. He takes over and still sucking hard, picks up a good rhythm. He’s doing a fine job now and really seems to be getting into it. I spread my legs wider, bring one leg up on the seat and slide my back against the door. This gives him plenty more room. He starts a wordless grunting each time my cock gets to the back of his mouth. I get a major charge out of the sounds of sex and think this is great. “Grunt, snort and slurp all you want,” I think to myself, “I love it.”

Up to now he’s had his hands on my knees, but now he pushes up under my shirt and grips my waist with both hands. He’s sucking strongly now, doing a first class job compared to the tentative mumbling he was doing up by the tower. I unbutton my shirt, and opening it, run a hand over my nipples. Cowboy Mark catches on, brings one hand up and pinches a nip. I catch my breath sharply, and he pinches harder. I don’t mind a little tit work, but I want another kiss, so I pull him off my dick and lean down. He takes my head in both hands and chomps all over my beard. Then he takes long licks all over my face. I grab his head and aim his mouth at mine. He explores my mouth with an expertise I find amazing. The progression from nervous nelly beginner to this hot number is as hard to believe as it is enjoyable.

Maybe all he needed was to be smacked around a little. To sort of get the idea in the back of his head that he’s not responsible, that someone is making him do this stuff. But whatever it took I like what he’s been doing, and I’m inspired to get back on his cock. I lay him down on the seat, one leg down and the other up behind me on the seatback. I’m hotter’n hell right now and I get on his dick bigtime. I take it right to the back of my throat, bang it there a couple times, take a deep breath and shove his knob right down as far as it’ll go. Despite the size of it, I work it in and out with very little gag reflex. When I have to come up for a breath, I run my hands up to his nipples and after a brief rub, pinch hard. He brings his hands up quick but he just covers mine, he doesn’t pull them away.

I get my mouth around his cock again, in as far as it goes, and suck hard, as hard as I can, while twisting his little nipples unmercifully. His groans are groans of pleasure, and I feel his dick jumping in my throat. “Ah, man,” he sighs, “Do it to me, do it, I’m getting close.” I leave his tits and grabbing his balls in a vise grip with one hand, I slide the other between his legs, thumb up. I clamp my lips on his dick and suck for all I’m worth, -up and down, and up and down, all the while easing my thumb up his pucker. As I push up, I can feel him push back a bit.

When I’ve got his cock down my throat as far as I can get it, he reaches down and grabs my hand, but not to pull my thumb out, he wants some more. I slide my thumb up as far as it goes, then start to slowly move it in and out, all the time sucking hard. His hands are around my neck now and soon his hips are bucking off the seat. When I take his cock in as far as I can, I worry it back and forth till he cries “Ah, Christ, man, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come! I’m coming!” I pull back off his dick, my mouth open and watch his beet red knob spurt clear into my gullet. He keeps coming till it’s too much and I have to swallow it all. “Oh, wow, man, you are something else!” He says as he pulls my head close for a kiss. “So are you, boy, so are you,” I think to myself.

“Oh, boy! That was just great! he sighs. While we’re kissing, he takes my cock in his hand, thumbing the knob for precum. I’m a major producer, and there’s plenty there. Mark gives me a little lick on the nose and says, “Okay, no more interruptions, I got some work to do here.”

Right off, I can tell he’s got my message. He’s now doing serious sucking, and with the same enthusiasm he brings to kissing. He only comes off it to kiss the knob, and when I suggest some teeth might be a good idea, he nibbles around the knob and takes delicate bites down the shaft. When I tell him not to be so fucking gentle, he swallows my dick to the root and does surprisingly serious bites all the way back up and back down again.

The man is a fast study all round! But he soon gets back to vigorous sucking, and in short order I feel the come rising. I want to see myself coming, so I pull his head off my dick and tell him to open up, look me in the eye and stick his tongue out. He barely makes it when I start shooting streams of hot cum all over his tongue and moustache. I shoot like I haven’t come for a month.

With a few little interruptions for fighting I’ve been hard as a rock for hours, and the relief is intense. He’s licking up what cum he can reach with his tongue, and I join him. Between us we clean him up nicely. Mark’s still in kissing mode so after a last lingering smootch I tell him, “You don’t want to be gay? Fine. Don’t be gay. But now that you’re getting good at it, don’t give up on hobby cocksucking.”

Totally satisfied, at least for now, I’m as happy, as they say, as a pig in shit. He sighs mightily and rests his head on my shoulder. “How long you gonna be in town?” he says, quietly. “A couple more days, depending on the wind up the mountain.” I tell him. “What do you think about getting horizontal sometime before you go?” he asks. “I never fucked a guy,” he says. “Well, I have,” I reply, “Are you interested?” I leer at him. I know that’s not what he’s after, but I figure I can change his mind when it comes down to it, and if I can’t, well, I can deal with it. I like his dick and he’d be a cute fuck anyway.

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