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Ex-Boyfriend Needs Solace

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The phone rings for the third time this evening. I know who it is – Gavin, my ex. He’s already called twice since I got in from work. He’s been dumped by his latest girlfriend and needs consolation. In the two and a half years since we lived together, he’s now had four girls break off with him. Each time he is devastated and rings me straight away. Maybe he figures that because I dumped him, I must know the reason why he can’t maintain a relationship.

Actually, I do (although I tell him I don’t) – he’s overbearing and controlling and the kind of women he chases don’t put up with it for long.

I pick up the phone and, without even saying hello, he starts in about how he can’t understand it, didn’t see it coming, how wrecked he is, blah blah blah. I put the phone down while I light a cigarette, then pick it up again. Gavin is still in mid-stream, his voice a self-pitying whine. I smoke and listen and, when my ciggy is finished, I say some soothing words in preparation for hanging up. Gavin is oblivious and rattles on about how he won’t be able to sleep and, come Monday, won’t know if he’ll be able to go to work in case he sees her in the corridor, blah blah blah.

I am about to interrupt when he asks if he can come over. He feels like a drink but doesn’t want to drink alone. I tell him he should meet his mates down the pub – that’s where he usually does his drinking. Nah, he says, it’s not something he can talk to the guys about (yeah, I think, those drinking sessions are only for boasting about conquests– no guy wants confess to his mates that he’s been dumped).

I tell him I’m tired and just want to finish watching a video then go to bed. What video, he asks. I think fast and tell him ‘Beaches’. This makes him pause. He can’t stand weepy chick flicks. But his need for solace is too great and he says he’ll pick up something to drink and be over in a few minutes, ringing off before I can object.

Shit! I sit and think for a few moments. Well, I’m not going to change or tidy up, and after one drink I’ll say I’m off to bed and sending him on his way. But after a couple of minutes I get up and brush my hair and change my slippers for shoes. But those are the only concessions I make – other than taking an empty coffee cup into the kitchen and putting away the dinner dishes.

Gavin is all wounded male ego. He has a bottle of Irish Cream and pours us wine glasses full. It’s a while since I’ve seen him and I have to admit that despite the broken heart, he is looking good. His hair is as dark and floppy as ever, the crinkles round his eyes are there, and his big smiling mouth is as smiling as ever, though it rarely shuts as he gas-bags on.

I’m barely paying attention, just sipping and enjoying the liqueur. But he demands my involvement. I reach for my cigarettes and Gavin surprises me by picking up the lighter and holding the flame. He doesn’t like me smoking and usually makes a face when I light up.

I blow smoke upwards and tell him thanks. He smiles and says how good it is talking to me, how I always understand, how he’s always relied on my sympathy, how it reminds him how dumb he was to let me go, how even now he often thinks how good things were between us – especially physically.

He’s right, at least about the physical part, and I reflect a moment on the good sex that has been missing from my life these last couple of years. Gavin sits closer and has my free hand between his as he tells me I was the best lover he ever had and no one before or since can compare. I soak up the flattery and return a compliment or two. I butt out the ciggy and reach for the wine glass. But Gavin captures my hand and pulls me gently toward him. I let it happen, maybe needing comfort more than him. His lips are hot and firm, his tongue unhurried and familiar as it tangles with mine.

We kiss for a long moment and when we finally break, he has my blouse undone and one breast free of the bra. ‘No, Gavin,’ I say but not with enough conviction to stop him leaning forward and sucking and kissing the revealed flesh. I pant as he zeros in on the nipple, making it quickly harden. As he works, he fishes the other breast free and steadily massages it. My breasts feel heavy and I am washed over with horniness. The bastard knows that once my boobs are being loved up, I have no resistance.

My hands go to the back of his head and I hold him steady, breathing through my mouth as he works one nipple, then the other. He has a hand up my skirt now, pulling at my pantyhose. When he gets a finger into my quim we can both hear it squish in my swampy arousal.

‘I want to make love to you,’ he says.

‘No, Gavin. It’s a really bad idea.’ Even I can hear there’s no conviction in the statement.

‘We’re both lonely, baby,’ he says. ‘We both need company and comfort.’ He goes on about how it is just for immediate needs and doesn’t have to mean anything else, how much I turn him on, how he dreams about my body; but it is his hands on my breasts and cunny that do the real persuading.

I don’t say anything. He knows I want him. He stands and slowly unbuckles his belt. He has that confident smug leer that I so dislike as he pushes his pants and boxers down. For an instant I’m not sure I want to go on with this, but my need for sex outweighs the doubts. And there, a couple of inches in front of my face, sways his large cock in its bushy nest, as I remember it, with those low hanging balls. ‘Suck me,’ he says. I don’t move and he shuffles forward, grasps his cock and wipes it around my face. I close my eyes, feeling its heat and softness, shuddering as it leaves a couple of warm droplets on my cheek.

‘Suck me,’ he says again, resting it on my lips. It is hardening now, the glistening head emerging from the foreskin. Any last reservations evaporate. I lap at it, wanting to taste the maleness, and suck the satiny knob till he is fully erect. He holds my jaw and feeds in its full length. He doesn’t stop until my nose is pressed against his furry belly and his balls rest against my chin. I suckle on the shaft for a long moment, the cock head lodged in my throat. He sighs and says how much he’s been missing this before pulling out then easing all the way forward again.

As he slowly fucks my face, just like he used to, I marvel at how instantly we have picked up the old ways and rhythm. I am revelling in his taste and want more, encouraged by his groans and throbbing member. I palm his scrotum and roll his balls, knowing how much he likes this; and when he pulls free of my mouth I know what he wants. Before he has to ask, I capture first one ball between my lips, then the other. His hands tangle in my hair and he grunts as I nurse, saying I sure know what he likes.

I certainly do and, accepting that I want this to happen, decide to show him I haven’t forgotten his darker desires. After each ball has been thoroughly sucked, I turn him round and lick his buttocks, pulling one to the side revealing his sweaty crack and releasing a heady odour of arse and man musk. ‘Do you still like your bum licked?’ I murmur, kissing and nipping his firm cheek.

‘Shit yeah,’ he says, voice thick with lust, and lifts his right foot onto the cushion beside me so I can get easy access. There it is, the brown pucker surrounded by damp tight curls. God I want to taste it so bad. I’ve had very little sex in the last two and a half years, and none that involves bums. I lick up and down the crack, getting all the salty sweat before washing round that rubbery date, covering it with saliva. ‘Fuck, you do that good!’ he grunts. I push my face closer and start to work at the tight crinkle, sampling the tart butter that I know is inside. I feel him relax and he grunts as my tongue wriggles through.

His rectum is hot and cloying and for a moment I am still as I am washed over by that forgotten rankness. Then I start to ream him hungrily, widening his ring and probing the walls of his pooper, lapping the hot bitterness that coats it. He is moaning and telling me to do him good, that it’s been a long time and he has missed this so bad.

I funnel spit down my tongue and go even deeper, my lips pressed against his widened anus in a kiss. I reach for his heavy swaying cock and wank it in time to my tonguing, get the other hand on his balls and squeezing them. I feel in total control and this sense of power is in itself an aphrodisiac. I work him harder and soon he begs me to stop or he’ll cum.

‘Oh baby!’ he says emotionally, kneeling in front of me and taking my sweaty face in his hands. We kiss and he sucks my lips and tongue, tasting himself. He pushes me slowly back so I am half lying on the sofa. He tugs down my pantyhose, briefs and skirt. He surveys my swollen puss and runs his hand over my bare tummy. Smiling he presses his palm down and asks if my bladder is full. I shrug and smile and he bends forward, laps up and down my labia, flicks my clit to make me gasp, then latches around my urethra.

What with his gentle sucking and his palm still pressing, I can’t hold it in. We both go mmmmmmmmm as I pee. I control it enough that it is just a trickle and I watch Gavin swallow every few seconds. By the time he sucks the last few drops out, I am panting loudly. He only has to flick his tongue over my clit and I cum like a train, half screaming and twisting side to side.

‘Oh honey,’ I say after I’ve come down. ‘I’d forgotten what it’s like to cum like that.’ I grab him by the ears and pull his grinning face up for a kiss. He has saved a bit of golden nectar for me and we share it back and forth. ‘Now fuck me with that fat cock and show me what else I’ve been missing!’

He doesn’t need any further convincing and stands up, hitches my ankles onto his shoulders, and slots his dick into my damp puss. We both sigh as it slides in deep. He fucks me with long steady strokes, alternately thumbing my clit and rubbing my tits.

I am getting close and pant at him to stop fooling around and fuck me properly. He thuds into me faster and harder, mashing my cervix and making me moan with each jarring stroke. He has my nipples between his fingers and is tugging them hard, using them for leverage as he bucks. I am almost there and arch and scream as the orgasm builds then washes over me. Gavin doesn’t relent, his hard fucking and tit mauling causing my orgasm to roll on and on until I am exhausted and beg him to stop.

He gives a last couple of agonising jabs, then eases off, smiling at me triumphantly. I pant up at him, damp strands of hair across my eyes, and lick my lips. He takes the hint, pulls out of my puss with a splosh, and walks round to the side of the sofa. I turn my head and look at his glistening rigid cock, pulsing and angry. ‘Give me your cum,’ I say. I open my mouth and he guides it in. He fucks deep into my mouth and I suck, tasting my own juices. I rub my sore titties for a moment, then dip a finger in my cunny, get it all wet, and reach up between Gavin’s legs. He shifts a little and I find his anus. I push my finger in deep and he goes up on his toes, driving his cock even further into my throat.

I am hungry for his jizz and don’t fool around, going straight for his prostate. He groans continuously as I rub the gland. ‘Oh fuck, baby! I’m going to cum,’ he gasps. I pull my head back till only the glans is between my lips. His cock tenses and his anus tightens round my finger. ‘Fffuuuuuuckkkk!’ he yells as his cock pulses and a jet of semen sprays along my tongue. ‘Fuck!’ – another jet. ‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!’ He slumps a bit, panting, and I grab his cock with my free hand and milk it, stroke his prostate, and get another two long oozing blobs.

Oh that taste! It is months since I gave anyone a blowjob and I’ve really been missing it. I savour the wad in my mouth, rolling it about, holding it on my tongue. I look up at Gavin’s sweaty tired face. ‘Wanna snowball, honey?’ He smiles, comes round and kneels between my legs, lies full length on me and plants his lips on mine. We kiss, exchange the salty jism, suck tongues. His cock is wet on my belly and I feel his heart thudding against my right breast. His weight on me is a rare comfort and after all the semen has gone I hold him for a long minute.

Finally, after another deep kiss, he gets up and goes to make coffee. I light a much needed ciggy and reflect that it hasn’t taken us long to slot back into that familiar groove. I feel a twinge close to resentment when he comes back in with a tray, looking very much at home. I don’t want him to assume anything – but Christ I needed that sex.

Gavin does most the talking, saying how good it was and how much he realises he misses sex with me. He tells me about the disappointments with his last lover and about how hard it is to find a woman that understands him. It seems we are back in that zone of Gavin self-obsessing.

He takes the empty coffee cups and my resentment returns when I hear him cleaning up the kitchen. I light another cigarette, drawing on it hard. When he comes back in he sits down and takes me in his arms oblivious, as always, to my mood. I soften a little as he kisses my shoulder and neck. He continues to love me up and I let him hug me.

‘That fucking was sooo good,’ he says nipping my ear lobe and idly fondling my left breast.

‘Uh huh,’ I reply distractedly.

‘The thing about sex like that,’ he continues, ‘is it just makes you want more.’ I hold the back of his head as he tongues my ear, making me squirm and pant. He bends down and sucks at my left breast, continuing to handle the right one.

‘Gently,’ I say as he latches onto the nipples. ‘They’re a little tender from before.’

He is gentle but persistent and soon has teased them erect. I reach down for his cock and find it already semi hard. I play with it and soon it is as hard as my nipples. ‘Yeah baby!’ he says, and I give it a rough twist. ‘So how about round two?’

‘I dunno,’ I tease, twisting and squeezing. ‘My poor puss is all sore from that brutal pounding, you beast.’ He gave me a boyish smile and, making a show of relenting, I say it might be OK if he gives it a soothing lick first.

He kneels on the floor, face between my legs as I sit back on the couch. I run my fingers through his hair as he sucks on my labia, laps at my gash, and lightly tongues my clit. He gives really good head and I just lie back and let him do his stuff, drifting off on a cloud.

‘Ooohh baby,’ I moan as he slots a couple of fingers into my tunnel and works them round so he can get my g-spot. ‘Nobody gives head like you.’ The double action is getting me hot. I pull his hair and tell him I wish I had some more piss to spray in his face, to bite my cunt, to suck me till I juice. He leaves off the clit and latches onto my labia, pulling first one out taut with his teeth and gnawing on it till I beg him to stop, then doing the other. I am sooooo hot, telling him to ram me harder, bite me, suck me. When I cum he laps at all the juices as they flow down his fingers, then washes soothingly over my clit, making me heave and moan afresh.

He comes up for a kiss and I lick his cheeks and chin dry. ‘You sure know how what I like!’

‘You know I love licking your snatch,’ he replies. ‘Especially when it’s all puffy and wet.’

‘So do you remember what else I like licked,’ I say with a mischievous grin. He pauses and looks like he’s thinking about it. Gavin is happy enough when I do his bum, but he’s not so enthusiastic when I want the favour returned. I squirm and run my hands over my bod. ‘Lick my bummie babe,’ I coax. ‘I know you love it, and’ I say, batting my eyelids, ‘I know you love what happens after!’

He gets that smug look again, then scoots down. I pull my knees back and hug them. He doesn’t waste time looking, just lodges his tongue right against my chocky starfish. ‘Suck my arse!’ I groan. ‘Ohh, baby, stick your tongue in! That’s it honey, tongue fuck my pooper! Go for my shit! Taste my turds!’ As you can see, I get quite worked up when my anus is being licked. And Gavin responds to the toilet talk, his tongue and lips flurrying faster every time he hears a word like ‘poop’ or ‘turd’.

Gavin is the only guy I’ve known who is up for all the nasty stuff. For a long time it sustained our relationship when in other ways it was all but over. Now he is giving me an enthusiastic rimming, noisily sucking away, getting into it. ‘Oh shit, honey!’ I grunt. ‘I’m going to let one go!’ I hold his hair tight and fart, giggling a little as it bubbles out round his face in little pops and wheezes. Gavin holds his breath for a moment or two then goes back to tongue fucking. He seems determined not to be distracted. ‘Oh fuck, baby,’ I say hotly, palming my tits. ‘Breathe my farts! Suck another one out of me.’ He is using his tongue to stretch my ring and I squeeze out another long rattly fart. Gavin pulls away and gives me a sour look. I give a kissy face and he scowls before dipping his face forward again.

I haven’t been to the toilet all day and my gut feels heavy as he sucks my open ring. I tug his hair and he looks up at me enquiringly. ‘I’m real backed up,’ I say with a slightly pained look. ‘I need to go to the loo before we go any further.’

But Gavin is impatient now and argues that he needs to fuck for a minute first. I am reluctant, but he is insistent and I am annoyed with myself when – just like always – I let him have his way. He smiles hugely and I tell him he knows where to find the KY. He hurries off to the bathroom, his cock hard up against his stomach. Nothing like a bit of arse chewing to get that boy hard. I feel another wave of horniness at the thought of getting that big pole rammed mercilessly up my backside.

I am up on my hands and knees when he gets back and coo as he anoints his cock. He goes to dab some gel on my bum, and I tell him I don’t think much is needed – after all, he has been licking me for ten minutes and we don’t want it too loose, do we? His eyes narrow and he gives me gave me a couple of hard spanks, calling me a slut and making me wiggle my tush. Then he fits his cock head to my anus and takes a grip on my hips. It feels bigger than I remembered, but I am randy as hell and want it in me. I push back as he moves forward and that fat hot penis slides inside me.

‘Oooff!’ I grunt as my ring stretches and the fat head enters.

‘Jesus fucking Christ that’s tight!’ he says, hands firmly on my hips, pushing and corkscrewing forward until his thighs press into my cheeks, that fat tool all the way into my rectum. He may not be all that eager when it comes to rimming, but I’ve never known anyone more ready to stick his cock in a willing arse.

Now that he is in me, all I want is for him to take it out. ‘Oh baby,’ I gasp. ‘I’m soooooo full.’ My head is down and I am panting from the discomfort. ‘Fuck! I need to shit soooooo bad!’

Gavin slaps my butt hard. ‘God I love fucking a full arse!’ he chuckles cruelly. ‘Nothing like packing a bit of fudge!’ To emphasise, he pulls back and thrusts deep into me again, making me moan.

‘Take it out,’ I beg. ‘Let me go to the toilet before you fuck me any more!’ The discomfort in my gut is huge and I can’t focus on anything else. I am angry that I let him talk me into this – I wanted anal sex, but not like this.

‘Sure babe,’ he replies, voice saccharine with insincerity. ‘Just let me fuck you for a moment.’ He pushes all the way in again and I feel sweat break out on my brow as I cramp. ‘Ooohh baby,’ he chortles. ‘I can feel a real big log up in there.’

I grunt as he makes several rabbit hunches, ensuring his cock squashes the turd backwards a little. ‘Take it out, you bastard!’ I hiss before moaning again in discomfort.

‘I tell you what,’ he replies. ‘Bear down and push my cock out with your turd.’ With a grunt I push back, feeling a bit of movement in my bowel. I sigh in relief as the log moves down my colon. ‘Beautiful,’ Gavin says then slowly leans forward and forces it back up making me groan and curse.

Understanding this game, I bear down again. This time he lets it all the way to my ring before pushing it back up me. It feels like I’m being fucked by something a foot and a half long – not just by his thick long cock, but also by the big turd that is being worked back and forth. The desperate urge to shit is easing, but each time that pile is driven all the way in me, I cramp and groan. Even so, it is beginning to feel real sexy and I get a finger on my clit which now needs to be rubbed.

‘Hmmmm babe,’ says Gavin, voice a little strained with arousal. ‘You oughta see my cock. It’s got shit all the way down it.’ Jesus he knows how to turn me on, and I groan while strumming my clitty. ‘Yeah hun,’ he continues. ‘I’ve punched a big dent in that turd all right. Wanna have a look?’

‘Uh huh,’ I grunt.

He slowly pulls all the way free and I have to clench with all my strength to stop the turd following out. I roll onto my back and look up at him standing there, a smug grin on his handsome face, brown streaked cock bobbing. The head is totally brown and there are small flecks of shit on the dome. The shaft is thickly streaked and there are smudges of brown in his pubes and on his belly. There is a strong stench of faeces in the room and I stroke my clit thinking it is actually a bit sexy.

‘Want a little taste?’ he asks, shuffling closer.

Our games in the past hadn’t gone quite this far and I’m not sure he is serious. Although the rank odour makes my stomach lurch, I am incredibly hot and think yeah, maybe just a little taste. Gavin has a cruel egotistical smirk as his cock inches closer and I feel myself in danger of being sucked back into that world where everything revolves around what he wants. Then the spell is broken. A strong cramp sweeps through my belly and I’m worried that I’m going to lose control over my sphincter.

‘Quick, put it back in before I shit on the carpet!’ I beg urgently. Gavin gives me a crooked smile then kneels between my legs. I lift them onto his shoulders, grunting in relief as he fits his dick to my clenched brownie. I make him force it through the greasy ring, afraid that if I bear down, or even relax, a long stream of shit will blast out.

‘Oh fuck that’s hot!’ he says as he pushes and heaves to penetrate my arse again and drive that turd back up my gut. ‘Oh honey, I can feel it all squishing round my dick! It’s like fucking a bowl of mashed potato.’ He grinds until his pubes are against my arse. I pull his face down for a hot kiss.

For the next few minutes he steadily fucks me, pressing his palm on my cramping belly, slapping my titties, playing with my straining clitty. It is all good and I alternately curse and beg as an orgasm builds. When it comes I thrash about, heave, beat on his chest and scream. Finally I slump back, weak and panting.

‘I don’t have the strength to clench my anus any more,’ I tell him exhaustedly, pushing damp hair out of my sweaty face. ‘If you pull out again, I’m going to dump all over the couch.’

‘Let’s finish this in the bathroom then, so you can quickly get to the toilet’, he says leaning forward and sweeping me up in his arms. Still impaled on his cock, he carries me into the bedroom and through to the ensuite. I’m no featherweight and he clearly has trouble. I hug against his sweaty chest and grip his knotted biceps as he manfully staggers the dozen steps. He sits on the tiled floor, me in his lap, his cock like a skewer inside my gut. ‘Ooohh cold!’ he says giving his martyr smile.

I kiss him, holding his face in both my hands, then tell him to lie back so I can ride him. He lies down, grimacing as his back touches the cool tiles. I start to rise up and down, hands on his sweaty chest to brace myself. The penetration is even deeper than before and I moan each time I hit bottom. I haven’t completely come down from that last orgasm and, despite myself, I can feel it rolling on, causing little shudders.

I am caught up in my own world of sensation when a grunt from Gavin brings me back. I look at his flushed face and realise he is close to cumming. ‘Oooohh, Gav,’ I coo, squelching all the way down his shaft and grinding my buttocks on his muddy balls. ‘As soon as you pull out of me I’m gonna shit all over you…’

He grunts again, shutting his eyes, enjoying the nasty words. I know he is trying to hold on and move my hands over his nipples, hard as nails and bigger than I remembered (hmmm, I think, someone’s been putting some work in there, and I get an irrational twinge of jealousy). I tweak and twist, getting another grunt. ‘Yes, baby,’ I continue. ‘It’s already coming out, oozing round your cock, coating your balls…’ I reach back and run a finger round the base of his dick then hold it to his lips. ‘Taste it babe,’ I urge, wiping the smutty digit over his lips then pushing it into his mouth. His eyes open and he looks startled, but he is getting close to the point of no return and I feel his cock twitch deep in my bum. ‘That’s right,’ I coo. ‘Suck that yummy poo off my finger.’

He shakes his head and tries to push my finger out of his mouth with his tongue. I grind against his cock, squeezing it as tight as I can and he bucks his hips faster, eyes still on mine but losing their focus as his orgasm approaches. I reach back again, getting my finger well coated, and bring it to his mouth. I wipe it over his clenched lips as his cock arrows into my bowel faster and faster.

His head goes back, brown smudged lips pulled wide in a silent howl, and I feel his cock pulse in my butt. I quickly pull up off the rod and kneel above his lean belly. He grunts and I can feel a splash of his warm cum jetting up my back. I relax my sphincter. A long turd drops down onto his stomach and his eyes spring open in startled surprise. He starts to say something but it is drowned out by a long loud fart and a burst of sloppy stools.

Gavin is gasping at the stink, his eyes watering and no longer showing any of the lust that shrouded seconds earlier. I feel the oozing head of his wilting cock resting against my lower back as I push out the rest of my load. There is a hot brown pile on his midriff, some of it sliding off and onto the floor. The stench is overpowering, but not as repulsive as you’d think. I raise my butt a little, giving space for his cock to flop down into the mess, then lie down on top of him, squishing the warm turds between us. Gavin looks less than comfortable – in fact he looks like he is on the verge of puking as the brown mud oozes between us. He pushes me off, his hands fluttering a little, not wanting to touch the filth on his torso. He has an accusing look and tells me I’ve taken things too far.

I let him clean up while I shower. He eventually joins me, smelling of bleach. There has been a subtle shift in the power balance between us. I have him make sure my butt and puss are totally clean before getting out and drying. When he comes through to the living room, I am in a dressing gown finishing a glass of water. He is kind of sheepish and asks if he can stay the night, but I have no trouble telling him he’d best go. He starts to say something then turns and hunts for his clothes. I nearly change my mind watching his hard body and that lean butt as he gets dressed – it would be nice to wake up in the morning with his arms around me. But no, I know where that will lead and I don’t want to go down that painful path again.

He kisses me goodbye and I slap away his hand as he tries to slide it inside my robe. He gives a boyish vulnerable grin that makes my insides melt, but I force myself not to show anything. If he senses the slightest weakness, he’ll bring all his charm to bear and I won’t be able to resist.

I lock the door after he’s gone and lean against it. I curse myself for letting him get to me and feel like crying. But then I think of the confused look on his face as he realised that I’d shat all over him, and what started as a sob turns into laughter. I think maybe it will be a while before he calls again.

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