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Every Man’s Fantasy

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That Friday was remarkable because it wasn’t the thirteenth, which might have gone a long way in explaining the unbelievable circumstances that unfolded for all of the participants had it indeed been the thirteenth. No one could have foreseen the eventual outcome, although all would agree in the end that the end result was more than any of them could ever have hoped for.

Ed took off work at noon that Friday with the idea of surprising his wife. The images that flashed through his head as he drove aroused him to the point where he had to pull into the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, so he could breathe deeply several times to gain control of himself. The image of his sexy and mature forty-one-year old wife lying on her back, legs spread wide and eyes pleading for him to eat her pussy until she climaxed on his face, was the most powerful vision in his head that day.

Joan, a teacher at a local elementary school, had the day off and Ed intended to surprise his wife with a session of long, hot sex between the sheets. Then dinner at her favorite restaurant, and maybe a movie at the mall, followed by another long stretch of sex once they returned home. Just the feel of his wife’s soft skin on his fingertips, her hard nipples between his lips as he sucked and nibbled the fat nubs, and the velvet-soft caress of her wet, slippery pussy on his cock as he pushed deep inside of her, was enough to drive him mad with desire.

It hadn’t been easy over the years with three boys around much of the time. Having sex most times meant late at night when the boys were asleep or a quickie when Ed and Joan were sure they wouldn’t suddenly turn around – mid stroke, so to speak – and find three young and curious sets of eyes watching. That, of course, is always a nightmare scenario for any parent.

The boys were getting older; the oldest was now a college freshman at a college that was a good two-hour drive away and wasn’t expected home that weekend. The younger boys were both spending the night with friends and wouldn’t be home until the next day. That left Ed and Joan with an unusual, but quite blissful evening alone, and Ed intended to take advantage of this time alone to make love to his beautiful wife.

He finally pulled into the drive and parked. He looked down and saw the telltale bulge in his pants and smiled as he quickly adjusted his hard cock so the neighbors wouldn’t see. Losing an erection at that moment, with all he had planned, was impossible. All he wanted was to rip Joan’s clothes off and slip his cock deep into her hot wet pussy that he couldn’t get enough of – even after nineteen years of marriage.

Ed stopped just inside the front door and listened. The moment he opened the door, he thought he’d heard voices, and a knot began to form in his stomach. The boys were supposed to be gone by now and only his wife should have been home. Unless Joan was in the habit of secretly talking to herself, someone else was in the house. He canted his head to one side and strained to hear something, anything. Then he heard it again: two voices, both female.

Ed quickly found that both voices, one he immediately recognized as belonging to Joan, were coming from the master bedroom. He slipped his shoes off to muffle his steps and eased into the hall and to the door of the bedroom he shared with his wife. He wasn’t sure what exactly was happening, and all sorts of macabre thoughts bounced around inside his head as he neared the door. Then his brow rose with bewilderment. He suddenly recognized the second voice: Gina from down the street.

Gina, a hot thirty-year-old blond with a sexy slender body that Ed had admired over the past two years, lived four houses down with her husband Jack. As it usually happens, a thought slipped into his consciousness and Ed felt a slight stirring in his loins. Then, he pushed the thought away knowing it was impossible because fantasies, like dreams, didn’t come true, as often as most people wanted you to believe. And this particular fantasy was one he had entertained for more years than he could recall.

The door was open several inches and he stepped to it with the intention of pushing it open and greeting both women. Just as his hand reached to push the door open wider, he looked into the room and stopped. All muscular activity halted in that one moment as he stared through the eight-inch opening. Ed’s whole body seemed numb as he watched. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung open as he watched his greatest obsession unfold before him.

Joan and Gina were on their knees in the middle of the bed in a light embrace as they passionately kissed. Both women were nude; their hands softly caressed and explored as their tongues gently touched and swirled together. Tiny sounds of desire came from their mouths, quietly asserting their white-hot need for one another. Joan’s soft hands that had touched and caressed Ed over the nearly two decades of their marriage slipped easily under the soft globes of Gina’s breasts and cupped them lightly.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Joan said with a husky voice.

“Me, either.” Gina tilted her head back a little and gasped as Joan’s fingers toyed with her hard nipples. “I’ve wanted you since the first day we met.”

“I sort of gathered that every time I caught you checking me out,” Joan chuckled.

“Have you been with a woman before?”

Joan stopped for a moment and looked into the younger woman’s eyes, then nodded. “It was a long time ago. I’ll tell you about it some day.”

“Please make love to me, Joan.” Gina’s soft voice was barely audible as her eyes pleaded with the older woman. “I need you so bad.”

Ed watched as his wife positioned Gina on the bed, and then slipped between her long, slender legs. His breathing was shallow and his pulse raced madly as he fumbled his hard cock from his pants with a trembling hand. This was his fantasy, one he’d talked over with Joan a million times over the past several years. It had been a fantasy; something he’d longed for but didn’t really believe would actually come true, yet it was happening. And, it wasn’t his birthday!

Gina gasped softly as Joan’s tongue and lips worked the velvet-smooth skin of the younger woman’s thighs. The position of the two women were such that Ed had a three-quarter view of his wife’s lovely face as she pressed her lips to the younger woman’s wet, gaping slit. Gina’s head twisted slowly and gently from side to side as her hands fondled her small breasts.

“So good, Joan!” she gasped. “Eat my pussy!”

“You like that, baby?”

“Oh, yeah!”

Gina arched her back a little as Joan’s sweet mouth began to devour the blonde’s soft, shaved pussy. Her tongue bathed the satin-like skin of Gina’s puffy little mound and sent delicious shivers of delight deep into the young woman’s tummy. It had been a long time – since college – that Joan had had the pleasure of tasting another woman’s pussy, and she reveled in an old and wonderfully familiar experience.

“Such a nice little pussy,” Joan murmured as she flicked her tongue against Gina’s sex-swollen clit.

“Oh!” Gina cried out. “Do me!”

Joan began to devour her young friend’s pussy, teasing her clit, tasting and relishing the slipper wet pussy lips that had become swollen with desire. Gina’s hips rolled and plunged her burning pussy hard against Joan’s face, slathering her lips with a thick coating of young pussy juice. Joan’s need to satisfy Gina, as long ago experiences with another good friend came to mind, was as great as the fire burning deep in the young woman’s loins.

Gina bucked and writhed madly as Joan continued to eat her with a wild, overwhelming intensity. When Joan slipped a finger into her young friend’s pussy, Gina cried out loudly. The older woman smiled as she stared into her friend’s sex- glazed eyes and pushed a second finger deep into the sopping wet pussy. The blond screamed and grabbed Joan’s head. Her long fingers combed wildly through Joan’s soft brown hair as she began to rock her hips with a wild excitement.

Ed could hardly breathe as he watched his sexy wife consume the young blonde’s pussy. How many times had he told his close friends that witnessing something like this had to be every man’s dream? And how many men have actually lived that dream, he wondered? As he watched Gina thrashing under his wife’s hungry mouth, Ed pulled slowly on his hard cock. How he wanted to cum! He wanted to burst through the door and shove his cock into one of the women’s mouth and fuck her till she took all of his seed.

Suddenly, Gina screamed again and Ed knew that she was about to orgasm. And while he stood at the door watching his wife bring another woman to orgasm, he suddenly became aware of another presence. When he turned his eyes widened with surprise – and a little horror – when he looked into Gina’s husband’s eyes.

A long, ten seconds passed that felt like an eternity as the two men stared at each other. And, Ed, suddenly realizing that he was holding his cock in one hand, quickly shoved it back inside his opened fly. Aside from being embarrassed, there was also the real certainty that Gina’s husband was about to cause trouble because of what he’d witnessed in the bedroom.

Then, surprising Ed, Jack backed away a couple of feet and made a come on motion to Ed. The younger man led Ed back into the living room and it was then, when Jack turned around, that it became apparent that he too was aroused. A large bulge tented the front of his kaki shorts.

“What the fuck is going on?”

Ed shrugged. “You saw it, man.”

“That was hot!” Jack indicated the bedroom with a nod of his head in that direction. “How long has that been going on?”

“I don’t know. It was news to me ten minutes ago when I got home.”

“Man, I saw you pull into the drive and came over to return the shovel I borrowed.” Jack’s eyes kept drifting toward the hall. “You left the front door open and…shit I had no idea…”

“So, you’re ok with what’s going on?”

“Are you kidding? That has to be every man’s fantasy!”

Ed just looked at him slack jawed. How many times had he said the same thing? It was everyman’s dream to watch his wife make love to another woman, even though he hadn’t exactly been invited.

“So, you up for watching a little more? If we hurry we can watch your wife eat Joan’s pussy.”

“Hell, yeah!”

Jack took a step, then stopped and started to undress.

“You have to watch nude?”

Jack shrugged and grinned. “At some point I think we might be able to join in the fun.”

“Hey listen,” Ed began as he pulled the tee shirt over his head, “I think it would be hot if we, you know, changed partners.”

“You mean, you do Gina and I do Joan?”

Ed grinned. “I’d love to see another man cum in her mouth.”

“Oh, fuck, I’m glad I borrowed your shovel!”

Ed and Jack slipped back into the hall, their cocks hard and throbbing as they eased back to the door. The two women had changed places, with Gina between Joan’s spread legs, her face buried in the older woman’s pussy. Joan’s hands kneaded and fondled her tits, pinched and pulled the fat nubs of her nipples while barely audible whimpers of delight came from her parted lips.

“You taste so good!” Gina exclaimed breathlessly as she looked into Joan’s eyes. “You can’t believe how many times I’ve masturbated thinking about eating you.”

“I’m just sorry it’s taken us this long to get together,” Joan chuckled.

“If only the guys could see us!”

Joan, in spite of the burning fire of lust that burned away in her pussy, tossed her head back and laughed. “Ed would have a stroke. He’s wanted to see me with another woman for as long as I’ve known him.”

“Yeah, count Jack in, too.” Gina smiled and caressed Joan’s soft thighs. “Maybe we can put on a show for them soon.”

“That would be hot!” Joan reached between her legs and took the younger woman’s face in her hands. “But, for now, why don’t we continue what we were doing. I love the way your tongue feels on my pussy.”

Joan gasped with pleasure as Gina’s tongue renewed its quest to bring her to a mind-numbing orgasm. She held the young woman’s head in her hands and began to rock her sexy hips slowly, rubbing her drenched pussy on Gina’s pussy-hungry mouth. Her eyes were glazed and filled with the heat of desire that coursed madly through her blazing loins.

Joan’s brain buzzed with the intense sensations that Gina’s delightful tongue caused her. It felt so good to have a woman between her legs again, consuming her in the way that only a woman could accomplish. The feel of Gina’s smooth skin, the taste of her mouth and the feel of her soft lips when they kissed, the incredible awareness of another woman’s body so close to her was intoxicating.

Joan knew she was about to cum. Her hips were moving faster now, jerking and bucking as Gina’s tongue continued to relentlessly drive her wild. Her thighs now closed around the young blonde’s face, pressing against her in a soft vise-like grip as she neared a most stunning and gratifying climax. Joan’s bottom lip quivered slightly and she closed her beautiful eyes for a moment. Then, the explosion came and Joan filled the room with a loud, shattering scream.


Joan bucked and writhed as her orgasm ripped through her tummy with an overwhelming force that was more intense than she could have imagined. A series of gasping grunt-like sounds came from her mouth as she let herself, her mind and soul, be carried away into near oblivion. Her body trembled violently and a long moan that signaled complete and utter satisfaction came from her mouth.

Finally, Joan collapsed in a heap on the bed; her legs sprawled on either side of Gina, who looked up into her face with a broad smile. Gina’s hands, soft and inviting, gently caressed Joan’s tummy. Joan reached for the blonde’s hands and held them tightly as she gasped for breath.

“I had forgotten how nice it can be with another woman,” Joan gasped softly.

“Well, maybe I can help you not to forget in the future,” Gina grinned.

“How about we help, too?”

Joan and Gina turned their heads immediately to face the open door and looked at their husbands with complete and utter surprise on their faces. The fact that both men were as naked as they were, their cocks hard and throbbing as they walked to the bed, obviously meant that they had not only observed their wives making love, but they had also enjoyed it.

Joan looked at Ed with a smile. “I might have known you’d come home from work early today.”

“And I’m glad I did,” Ed grinned back.

“Did I mention that I’m glad I borrowed your shovel?”

Ed, who was standing close to Gina, looked at his wife. “Since you were going to give us a show soon, we though maybe you two could make another fantasy come true.”

Joan shook her head and grinned. She looked at Gina and said, “I think they want a blowjob – but with different partners.”

“I’m up for that,” Gina cooed as she swung her long legs over the side of the bed and took Ed’s cock in one soft hand, his balls in the other. “I’d love another man’s cock in my mouth.”

Ed gasped when Gina’s tongue slid slowly from the base of his shaft to the bulbous head, then back down. Joan, who had taken her cue from Gina and was also sitting on the edge of the bed, began to love Jack’s cock with her sexy mouth. Ed groaned a second time as he watched his wife suck another man. Aside from seeing Joan with another woman, another fantasy was to watch her suck another man to completion.

His brain whirled with the sudden enormity of all that had happened since he got home from work. Two fantasies – The Two Biggies – had come true in one afternoon. He stood next to the bed he shared with his wife and watched as she sucked and loved Jack’s throbbing dick with her sensuous mouth. And the sight of a sexy young blond, her fingers around his thick shaft while her tongue and lips drove him mad with desire, was exhilarating.

“That’s it, Joan! Suck it, baby!”


Ed watched as Jack took Joan’s head in his hands and began to slowly rock his hips. All of those years he had looked at his wife as she sucked him, watched the delightful way her lips sealed around his shaft as her tongue swirled around the head and caressed the shaft. Now he was seeing her lips around another cock, spreading to accommodate its girth, loving it so delightfully, and the sight was exciting.

He looked down at Gina. Her lovely eyes were on his face as she teased his cock. He couldn’t believe that this was actually happening! The way she slowly took his cock in her mouth, all the way until her sexy lips touched the base, then slowly withdrew drove him wild. His breathing was erratic as he watched the sexy blond service his hard meat. Gina pulled her mouth slowly from Ed’s cock, and then looked up at him with a broad grin on her pretty face.

“Why don’t you fuck my mouth, Ed?” she cooed seductively. “Fuck me like a slut.”

“Oh, fuck, yeah!”

He took Gina’s head in his hands and began slowly rocking his hips, sending his cock head to the back of her mouth. Her eyes were on him, her soft hands lightly gripping his ass cheeks as he fucked her mouth. The fire of desire mounted and Ed groaned long and loud. His eyes alternated between Gina’s hot mouth and Joan as she sucked Jack’s cock. His neighbor was now fucking Joan’s mouth relentlessly, holding her head in his hands as she took all of him in her mouth.

Then, suddenly, Jack tensed, pulled his cock from Joan’s mouth and Ed watched with lust-filled eyes as his neighbor’s cock exploded and covered Ed’s wife’s face with ropes of thick, white seed. It was the most incredible thing he’s ever seen and Ed realized that he didn’t have much time left.

He pulled his cock from Gina’s mouth and began jacking it hard and fast as he stared into her eyes. She opened her mouth immediately, knowing what Ed wanted to do. Then, with a long, low groan, he stiffened and watched as cum began to cover the young blonde’s tongue. Every muscle in his lean body stiffened as his balls emptied into Gina’s open mouth. Then, with a twinkle in her eyes, she closed her mouth and swallowed every drop of Ed’s seed.

Ed dropped to the floor between Gina’s spread legs and laid his head on one silky smooth thigh. He gasped for breath as he looked across to his wife who was slowly scooping cum from her face and pushing it into her mouth. He shook his head slowly. For a moment he had to wonder just what dimension he was on, and then a slow laughed bubbled up from his gut.

“I came home early to make love to you and maybe take you to dinner and a movie.”

“Well, you don’t look terribly disappointed,” she laughed.

“Not now,” he admitted with a shake of his head.

Gina slipped a hand between Joan’s thighs and smiled. “I think we can make something to eat, screw the movie and get back in here for some more fun.”

“Now I’m up for that,” Jack chuckled.

In one afternoon, Ed’s fantasies were suddenly realized and he wondered, as he looked over at his wife, if this was the beginning of a whole new experience for the both of them. Looking into her eyes, which had taken on a mischievous glint, he realized that there was probably a whole lot more to come.

Now…if only they could make it until the other two boys were in college…

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