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Ethan’s Plane Ride

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Ethan was glad to finally be getting on the plane. They had been waiting for more than forty minutes, and in all that time, he had been growing more and more nervous. The nervousness had made his penis grow hard, and sitting with his parents made it extremely uncomfortable. The jeans he was wearing didn’t help. He knew that their attention would be drawn directly to his erection, so he kept his jacket in his lap and tried not to squirm too much.

Maybe now that he was getting on the plane he would be able to sleep and his discomfort would go away. After this experience, he would never again take a late night flight like this.

He said hi to the stewardess inside the hatchway. She checked his ticket and pointed him down the aisle to his seat. The plane was practically deserted, except for a few people who were staying on board during the stopover. He was glad to see he wasn’t the only one dumb enough to take such a late flight just to save some money.

Nearing his seat, he noticed he was approaching a young woman who was sitting alone in an aisle seat. All he could see was her face. She had straight black hair, dark eyebrows, and deep, blue eyes, startling in the smooth olive shade of her skin. Her lips were full, red, and pouty. She wore a short mini skirt, which showed off her gorgeous, long legs, long enough to wrap tightly around a man and pull him all the way in. Her waist was slim under a snug, tartan sweater. Her breasts seemed large enough to fit perfectly in his hands. The points of her nipple through the sweater almost begged to him to touch them.

As he walked past, she looked up at him and smiled, with a friendly nod. Her black hair danced delightfully, picking up the lights from the front of the plane. He smiled back. He figured she must be waiting for her boyfriend or husband to get back from wherever he had gone. Her eyes glanced down to his crotch and her expression changed to surprise, almost shock. Ethan realized she could see around his jacket, and was embarrassed that she had seen the long lump hanging down his jeans. He quickly moved past and sat in his seat by the window a few rows behind and across the aisle from her. Every muscle in his body seemed to tremble, except his cock, which was painfully hard.

Ethan kept his jacket in his lap and sighed. It did not take long for the few people taking the flight to board, and he was relieved when the plane began to taxi away from the terminal. The stewardess went through the orientation on how to use the mask in case of emergency and where the exits were, but Ethan didn’t pay any attention to that. He was anxious for the plane to get off the ground and level off in flight so he could settle back and sleep, except that he was annoyed that his penis was still as hard as a steel pipe, and he didn’t know why.

He also noticed that the attractive young woman a few aisles ahead was still sitting alone. Before long a stewardess came along to ask him if he’d like a blanket and a pillow. Ethan thankfully took both, and noticed that the black-haired young woman’s head turned when she realized someone was sitting not far behind her. Ethan spread the blue blanket over himself and, as he was laying his head against the small pillow, saw the young woman turn to look at him. She smiled brightly at him for a moment, and he smiled at her, then she turned back. She wouldn’t be the reason his penis was so hard, would it? he thought, then closed his eyes and tried to force himself into sleep.

The slight motion of the plane and the soft noise of the engines was helping him doze off. He felt a gentle touch on his shoulder and opened his eyes. For a moment he was disoriented, then he tried to figure out who had woke him up. It was her, the attractive young woman with the dark hair. She was leaning over the seat, smiling at him, her dainty hand on his shoulder.

“Hi,” she said softly, and sat down next to him. “Tricia,” she said, holding out her hand.

“Uh, Ethan,” he said, and shook her hand. He was still feeling a little disoriented. He realized his penis was still rock hard, and was afraid she would be offended if she found out.

He glanced down at her legs when she crossed them. She was wearing dark stockings. His prick jumped at the thought of dragging it slowly up her legs, up her calves and thighs and sliding it deep into her. He thought about feeding it into her warm, wet mouth and creaming on her tongue. The sight in his mind of her sweet mouth closed around his cock made his own mouth water.

“You’re horny as hell, aren’t you?” she said. She was looking deep into his eyes.


“I can tell.” She looked right down in his lap. “Your cock makes one hell of a lump. I could see it when you walked past. I bet you shocked some of those stewardesses up front.”

Ethan blushed. “That happens sometimes. I don’t mean to do it.”

Tricia grinned broadly and put her hand over the lump in the blanket. “Goddamn, it’s so hard,” she said. Ethan could feel the gentle heat of her hand surge through the blanket and his jeans. She slipped her hand under the blanket and put it on his erection, squeezed it and stroked her hand up and down its length. “You’ve got a huge cock.”

Ethan was tense all over, and squeezing the arms of the seat so hard he might have pulled them right off.

“Thanks,” he said.

Tricia looked up the long row of seats. There wasn’t a stewardess in sight. She leaned over and whispered in his ear. “I think I can take care of that hard-on for you. Follow me.” She suddenly kissed him on the mouth and pried his lips apart with her tongue and slipped it into his mouth. She pulled away. “God, you got my pussy dripping.”

She stood up and started down the aisle to the back of the plane. Ethan got up and followed her, gazing entranced at the sight of her beautiful ass. She went right to the lavatories at the back, went into one of them, and motioned for him to quickly follow her.

The pretty stewardess who had given Ethan the blanket and pillow suddenly appeared between him and Tricia and walked up the aisle toward him. She smiled at him and said hi softly. He had nothing to cover up the front of his pants, and he was sure she would see the outline of his cock.

There was not much room in the aisle for them to pass. She turned her back against the nearest seat to allow him to pass. He tried to slip by quickly, stepping sideways while he was facing her. The plane rocked slightly at the moment when they were directly face to face and she lost her balance and leaned toward him with a soft cry of surprise. She was smiling with embarrassment as she put her hand up to catch herself and pressed against his chest. He caught her with his hands around her slim waist, but not before her lower belly pressed again his groin. He watched her face. Her smile disappeared and he knew she had felt his cock pressing into her belly. She quickly looked up into his eyes and in them he saw a soft, curious expression of desire. She, too, he noticed, had lovely breasts, and they felt quite good against his chest.

They were pressed against each other for a moment longer than it seemed they should have been. She quickly straightened herself up, blushing in embarrassment, and she slipped past. For another moment, he watched her go, then turned back to Tricia.

She was standing at the open door of the lavatory, smiling broadly, almost laughing. She had watched the whole thing and appeared to be very amused. Ethan walked toward her quickly. Her figure was outlined by the soft light of the lavatory behind her and she looked ravishing. He was more horny than ever at that moment, and he almost thought about asking that stewardess to join them.

He finally reached the lavatory and fell right into Tricia’s arms. The door closed behind them and her tongue plunged into his mouth. He slid his hands down and squeezed her ass and she ground her groin against the big lump in the front of his pants.

“That was so funny,” she laughed when she broke away. “I thought she was going to pull her skirt up and fuck you right there.”

“I don’t think I would have stopped her,” Ethan said, holding her waist. Her hips flared out beautifully under his fingers.

“I don’t think so, either,” she giggled. Her nimble hands quickly opened his jeans and reached in for his cock. Her mouth opened wide when she pulled it out and she looked down. “My God, what a cock,” she said a little too loud. She pulled her skirt up, crouched down, and licked the head. “Joe’s isn’t nearly this long. But he’s a mouthful, too.”

“You have a boyfriend?” Ethan said.

She looked up at him from the floor with her wide, alluring eyes. She was stroking his cock with both hands, resting the huge, round head against her soft cheek. Ethan stared down at her, entranced by her beauty. She was wearing dark stockings and a garter belt under her skirt. Her legs were smooth and tan and flawless.

“Not really. He’s more like my brother-in-law.” Her red lips split open. The head of his prick slipped into her mouth past them and she closed her lips around it. “Fuck my mouth,” she said enthusiastically. The words were so distorted he almost couldn’t make them out. He watched her stuff the red shaft into her face until it seemed impossible that there was enough room. His cock plunged straight to the back of her throat. He felt the head lightly touch the back of her mouth and she gagged, but kept trying to force more of it in.

She murmured around the cock in her mouth, almost humming a tune while she sucked. Her eyes were closed, there was a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, and her black hair danced as her head bobbed to the tune she was humming.

“Tricia…” Ethan moaned, pumping his cock into her mouth. “You’ve got a beautiful mouth.” He couldn’t believe how good her wet lips felt around him. The way she drew her cheeks in against his shaft, and the way she worked her tongue furiously under the head and shaft was driving him crazy.

“Come on, shoot,” she mumbled around his dick, holding the shaft in her teeth to speak. Her saliva dribbled from her mouth, down the shaft into his pubic hair.

Ethan gasped. He put his hands on top of her head. “I’m gonna cum,” he whispered, and shot his heavy cum into Tricia’s mouth. She gulped fast, letting it slide over her tongue and down her throat. The more he shot, the more she swallowed, never letting a bit of it get away from her. Every shot made him grunt like an animal, and buck his hips forward roughly, jamming the head against the back of her mouth. She was gagging, but she kept swallowing.

When she had the last drop, she slowly pulled it out of her mouth and licked the head. “Good?” she asked, her eyebrows raised.

“Very good.”

“I made you cum like crazy,” she said happily, wiping a drop from her chin with the back of her hand. His long cock hung before her, dripping with saliva and sperm. She stroked it with a confused look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Ethan said. She stood up, still holding his erect penis. Her short skirt fell back into place, but it was a little wrinkled.

“It’s still hard,” she said. She looked up at him with those big, innocent, dark blue eyes, and grinned. “You need something more.”

Ethan grinned back. He put his hands on her hips and slipped them up under her sweater and squeezed her soft, bare tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra and he loved their perfect, bouncy feel. He rubbed her stiff nipples with his thumbs and she licked her lips with a soft moan.

“Take your panties off,” Ethan whispered.

She pulled up her skirt and wiggled out of her tiny, black panties. Ethan picked her up by her tiny waist and set her carefully on the small stainless steel counter.

“What are you gonna do?” she said, giggling.

“I want to eat you.” He stroked his hands up the sides of her thighs and gently spread them apart.

“Oh yeah,” Tricia moaned, leaning back against the mirror.

Ethan crouched down and gazed lovingly at her dark bush. Her moist, pink lips glistened in the pale, unflattering light just above them. He looked up. Tricia was watching him silently, her lips curled in a slight smile. Her lips were parted a tiny bit, and he could see the tip of her tongue between them.

Her strong, musky scent assailed his senses when he inhaled deeply. He lifted each of her firm, stocking covered legs over each of his shoulders so that her heels rested on his upper back and his ears tickled the insides of her thighs.

He stuck out his tongue and lightly licked the ridges of her soft, warm pussy lips. Tricia lifted her hips a bit to make her pussy more accessible, and Ethan obliged her by pushing his tongue past her wet lips into her pussy.

“Oh yeah,” Tricia moaned. Her hips rose off the counter another inch or so. Ethan strained to make his tongue as long as he could, to push it as deep as he could make it go. He could feel her thighs pressing in on his head. She put her hand on top of his head and scratched her fingers through his hair.

Feeling excited and adventuresome, Ethan nibbled her labia gently in his teeth. His heavy, warm breath steamed up her warm pubic area. Exploring inside her cunt with the tip of his tongue, he finally discovered the small lump of her clitoris when his tongue lightly brushed over it, causing her body to jerk and a small cry come out of her mouth.

“Right there,” she whispered. Squeezing his hair in her tight grip, she pulled his face down a little tighter. Stacy’s nose nuzzled in the soft fur on her mound. He stroked his tongue up and down just between the two lips. Her body shuddered every time it passed over her clitoris.

“Oh yes … oh yes,” she panted. She was growing louder and louder the more he worked. It did not take long before she was twitching with an orgasm. Ethan could do nothing more than twirl his tongue around her clitoris, keep his hands clamped around her thighs so she didn’t crush his head in them, and hold on for the ride. He only hoped she didn’t attract to much attention with her moaning.

“Uhn … uhn … uhn,” she moaned with each convulsion that squeezed her legs together and made her pull so hard on his hair he was afraid it would come out in a huge clump. When it finally began to pass, her moaning ended and she was only panting for breath. She let go off his hair and brushed it back with her fingers. Her legs went limp over his shoulders and he turned his eyes up to look at her while he lightly kissed her mound. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes to look down at him.

“That was so nice,” she said.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

He stood up and her eyes were immediately drawn to his erect cock.

“It looks bigger than before,” she said, and reached out for it. It was still slimy and sticky with his sperm.

Ethan looked down at it. “It might be. I can never be sure how big it is.”

“Joe was never this horny,” she said.

“Neither am I, usually.” He put his hands around her hips and pulled her toward him to the edge of the counter.

“You want to do it this way?” she said. She lifted his hard cock between them and it reached almost all the way up to her belly button.

“Yes, unless it’s too uncomfortable for you.”

“No, just don’t let me fall off.”

Ethan held each of her thighs spread in his hands and drew back his hips so she could aim the head of his cock at her cunt. She spread her cunt lips apart with one hand touched the head right to the exposed pink area. Ethan pressed forward and the head penetrated her tight hole.

“Uunnghh,” she gasped. “Fuck, it’s so big.” She put her hands on the edge of the counter and held on. Ethan leaned forward and slammed himself down into her, sending it all the way up inside her warm, wet cunt.

“Fuck that feels so good,” she gurgled.

“Just let me know if you want me to stop,” he said.

“No, no, don’t stop. Don’t you dare pull it out.”

She wrapped her long, gorgeous legs around his waist just like he had imagined and held him in, not letting him get away.

“Uunghh,” she moaned, when Ethan pulled his cock out and pushed it back in. She must have been delirious, he thought, and very nearly cumming again. He put his hand on her tit and pinched her pink nipple. “You can fuck your stuff into me,” she said dreamily, looking at him through glassy eyes. “I’m on the pill.”

He was not ready to cum, yet. She felt too good to cum so soon. Her breath sucked in little gasps. Little whimpering sounds came from her throat, and she was trying not to attract attention from outside. Ethan was sure that when they opened the door there would be a crowd outside wondering what the hell was going on.

He rubbed her nipples like they were small jewels that needed to be polished. Panting, her mouth hanging open, Tricia watched his fingers intently. She spasmed suddenly, and her legs squeezed him in and his hips surged forward, driving his meat so deep she choked, and she was cumming again. She clenched her teeth together to keep from screaming out loud, but her warm cunt fluids ran down the insides of his thighs like warm honey. His balls were covered with it. He had never known a girl so juicy.

She was grunting and groaning as she came. Her eyes had rolled back in her head, but her teeth were clenched so tightly he could see the muscles in her jaw rippling. Her tits jiggled when her body shook and when he slammed his cock into her. He had been trying to hold off his own orgasm, but now that she was cumming, he let go and pumped it into her cunt.

The muscles in his neck were strained and his own body jerked. He was grunting and groaning along with her, as his warm, slippery cum quickly filled her cunt.

His cock was still throbbing and spitting out cum when she put her hand on his cheek and looked into his eyes. “You came again,” she whispered lovingly.

“Yes. So did you.”

She smiled, and he brushed her beautiful hair out of her face. They kissed, tonguing, holding tightly, while his cock was still in her cunt and she was still spasming. The plane hit some hard turbulence and almost shook Ethan off his feet. They broke apart, giggling. He raised himself off her and let his cock free. It dropped out from her cunt and a stream of cum followed.

They sat together for the rest of the flight. That pretty, young stewardess he ran into earlier in the aisle paid an unusual amount of attention to him for the rest of the flight. When they landed in California, in the middle of the night, Tricia took him right to her place. Ethan was amazed to learn they were attending the same school. Tricia was a sophomore and lived in a sorority house.

“Come on in,” Tricia said, holding the door open for him. “I think Debbie’s asleep.”

“How many people live here?” Ethan said, as he set his few bags down.

“Six of us this year,” Tricia said. She turned on a few lights. “But right now it’s just Debbie and me.”

Tricia sauntered toward him. She looked especially alluring in the dim light and stark shadows.

“Who’s Debbie?” Ethan asked. She put her arms around him and he put his hands on her waist.

“She’s my roommate. Want to meet her?” She kissed him.

“Shouldn’t we let her sleep?”

“No,” Tricia said. “She told me she’d love to eat pussy and get fucked in the ass at the same time. Want to wake her up?”

Ethan grinned. For a moment he felt like he was being setup, but he saw a genuine look of lust in Tricia’s eyes. “Have you two ever made it together?”

“Not yet.” She smiled at him “Come on, let’s do it.”

They quietly went upstairs to one of the bedrooms along the hallway and Tricia carefully opened the door. In the dim light, Ethan could just make out a figure wrapped in the sheets on the bed.

“Let’s get into bed with her,” Tricia whispered. She silently clicked on the table lamp on the desk across the room and bathed the room in a soft, pink light. Tricia pulled back the beige sheet and exposed Debbie’s young, naked body. She was a petite woman, with sandy blonde hair, plump, heavy breasts, and a trim, firm figure. Her legs were slightly spread and her mouth was slightly open.

Tricia bent over her and gently licked one of her nipples. She got a response almost instantly. Debbie stirred, moaned, and woke up. Her eyes peeled open sleepily. The first person she saw was Ethan standing over her and she gasped in fear.

“My god!” Debbie shouted. “Who are you?”

“Relax,” Tricia said. “He’s a friend of mine.”

Debbie looked down and noticed Tricia for the first time, and seemed bewildered that her roommate was licking her nipples.

“What are you doing?” Debbie asked.

Tricia sat up. “I’m sucking your tit.” She looked up at Ethan. “This is Ethan. I met him on the plane tonight.”

Debbie finally smiled, although she still looked nervous. “Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” Ethan said.

“Wait ’til you see what he’s got,” Tricia said, and began to unbuckle his pants.

“What?” Debbie said, watching Tricia curiously. In only a moment, Tricia had his pants open and let them drop to the floor. Stacy’s penis was mostly stiff, and popped straight up. Debbie’s eyes suddenly grew wide. “Jesus,” she sighed. “I love your cock.”

“Thanks,” Ethan said. Debbie reached up for it and let it glide into her fingers.

“How big is it?” Debbie asked, staring at it like it was a snake that moved in her hand all on its own.

“About twelve inches,” Ethan said. Her eyebrows went up with surprise. Tricia moved between Debbie’s legs, spreading them apart, and slid her finger in her cunt while Debbie stroked Stacy’s cock.

“I want to suck it,” Debbie said, licking her lips. She pulled on his cock, and Ethan had to climb on the bed as she pulled it right to her mouth. “I want to taste your cum.”

Ethan was on his knees on the edge of the bed. His jeans were tangled around his ankles. Pretty, little Debbie was leaning up on her elbow to reach his cock. She licked around the head like she was licking up an ice cream cone before it melted, closed her lips around the shaft, and quickly shoved it as far back into her mouth as it would go.

Ethan sighed and his eyes rolled back in his head. She had a mouth like a velvet glove. He could feel her cool breath from her nose in the pubic hairs around the base of his cock. With the head all the way to the back of her mouth, her tongue wiped rapidly back and forth along the underside of the shaft. Her hand pulled on his cock while she sucked the end, like she was milking a cow. She was a small woman, and his penis practically dwarfed her. She was an expert cocksucker, even better than Tricia, almost as good as Pam.

Tricia was between Debbie’s legs. Her head was buried in her crotch, but with her black hair draped over Debbie’s waist, Ethan could not clearly see what she was doing, although he had a very good idea. Ethan reached down and brushed Tricia’s long hair away from her face. She turned her eyes up to him. Her tongue was sticking way out of her mouth and the tip was buried between the lips of Debbie’s pussy. She stroked her tongue up the wet slit and licked her lips with the juice from Debbie’s pussy. Ethan chuckled at her and she started laughing.

Debbie opened her eyes and looked at both of them. “What?” she mumbled around his cock.

“Nothing,” Tricia said. “Keep sucking.”

“You guys,” Debbie said, with an expression of exasperation, and put his cock back in her mouth.

Tricia climbed up on top of Debbie, laying between her spread legs like a guy with his cock in her cunt, and squeezed her big tits. Debbie looked at Tricia out of the corner of her eyes. Ethan liked the young, innocent impression she made with her big eyes turned to the side, showing so much white, which contrasted with fact that her lips were wrapped tightly around the shaft of his cock.

Debbie pulled his cock out of her mouth and held it up for Tricia. Tricia stuck her tongue out and licked the head. Her eyes were turned up to Ethan and she was giggling like a little girl who was playing a secret game. She closed her lips around it and sucked it into her mouth an inch at a time, bobbing her head back and forth until the head touched the back of her mouth and made her gag.

Debbie took his cock back into her mouth. She went down on him so deep that the head began to push down her throat. Ethan groaned, but she pulled it back out without trying to swallow it. Tricia started to lick along the side, near his balls, while Debbie sucked the head. When they got near each other, they kissed, licking each other’s tongues in mid air between their open mouths.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Ethan groaned. Debbie cried out an exclamation, but her mouth was closed around his cock and it was muffled. Ethan had to put his hand on Debbie’s shoulder to hold himself up as the huge orgasm rushed at him. When it peaked, he shouted, and Debbie’s eyes popped wide open when the first shot of cum leaped from his cock into her mouth.

Tricia pulled his cock out of Debbie’s mouth and his cum spewed out like an alarm had gone off, splattering huge drops of thick, white sperm all over Debbie’s face and in her hair and on her tits. Debbie held her mouth open and her eyes closed, trying to catch as much of his cum on her tongue as possible.

Tricia quickly popped his cock in her mouth. Feeling a little out of control, Ethan grabbed her head and jammed his hips forward at the same time, sending his cock right down her throat. She swallowed him to the base of his shaft before she knew what had happened, and he emptied the rest of his load down her throat. Her eyes, too were wide open, but because she was afraid he was going to choke her on his enormous cock. She tried to scream, but with his cock plugging her throat like a cork in a bottle, it sounded like nothing more than a squeal of surprise. Debbie watched her with amazement. He held her by the back of her head, bucking his hips slightly to feed her the last drops of his cum.

As his orgasm passed, he began to realize what he had done. He instantly let go of her head and pulled his cock out of her mouth. Tricia gasped for breath and coughed in a fit, looking very pale.

“Wow. I didn’t know you could do that,” Debbie said.

“Neither did I,” Tricia coughed. She wiped away a drop of cum that was hanging from her lower lip.

“I’m sorry,” Ethan said. “Did I hurt you?”

Tricia shook her head. “You scared me.” Both Debbie and Ethan were watching Tricia, and none of them was saying anything. Tricia was massaging her throat and breathing hard. Suddenly, she began to laugh and the color returned to her face. “Debbie’s been trying to teach me how to do that for two years.” She looked at Debbie, who no longer looked like she had seen a ghost. Smiling at Ethan, she pulled him down to the bed between she and Debbie and began to unbutton his shirt. “You showed me how in less than a minute, and nearly killed doing it.”

Tricia leaned forward and kissed Debbie, licking the cum off her face. Ethan lay on his back under them, watching. Tricia’s hands came up and squeezed Debbie’s tits, and Debbie squeezed Tricia’s tits. Ethan put his hand on their backs. They looked down at him. Debbie’s hand wrapped around his cock.

“Check this out,” Debbie said. “He’s still hard.”

“You’re going to have to take care of both of us tonight,” Tricia said, stroking his chest. “We may not want to stop when the sun comes up.”

“That may not be easy.” Ethan grinned at her.

“Have you ever done it with two women at the same time?” Debbie said, pumping his erection.

“I’ll never tell.”

He sat up to pull off his shirt, but Debbie pushed him back down to the bed.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking,” Debbie said. “But I want you first.” She lifted her leg over him and straddled his legs. “Tricia’s already had her fair share.” She leaned forward and reached through her legs for Stacy’s cock. Tricia helped her by guiding it to Debbie’s cunt. Debbie’s big, soft tits dangled in Stacy’s face and he reached up to squeeze them.

“Have you ever had a cock this big inside you?” Ethan said, smiling up at Debbie. He could feel her hands and Tricia’s hands around his rod, trying to maneuver it into her tiny hole.

She smiled back down at him. “I’ll never tell.”

“Hold still,” Tricia said, and grabbed Debbie’s squirming hips. “I can’t get it in with you moving around like that.”

Debbie finally held still, her hips hovering in place, giggling with exuberance. Tricia finally slipped the head of Stacy’s cock between the lips of her cunt, and Debbie’s eyes lit up.

“Wow, it does feel big,” Debbie squeaked. She scrunched up her face and bit her tongue between her teeth as she lowered her weight and let his long cock slowly slide up into her cunt. “Ooohhh,” she moaned. When finally it was all the way inside her, she straightened her back and her body was perpendicular to his. “Wow, that it so cool,” she whispered. Her eyes were closed and she chewed her lower lip in her teeth. Her pelvis rose and fell in a very gentle motion and she moaned softly.

Ethan stroked her gorgeous, soft thighs. He could feel tremendous power in them. Her beautiful boobs jiggled ever so slightly as she moved. Ethan reached up and squeezed them. Tricia put her hand on one of Debbie’s tits, over Stacy’s hand, and squeezed. Debbie tilted her head back and she and Tricia kissed passionately. Ethan noticed Debbie’s hand reach up between Tricia’s legs and finger her pussy.

Stacy’s hips rose and fell right along with Debbie’s. Her hips ground in a slow, lazy circle, pumping his cock inside her like she was churning butter. Debbie’s hand rubbed the back of Stacy’s arm. Their arms were a tangle, stroking each other and their hands were busy squeezing Debbie’s tits.

“I never thought I’d have so much fun at school,” Ethan said.

Tricia looked down at him. “Neither did we.”

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