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Erin and Cal in Wonderland

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In the Spring of 2005 Erin and I bought the house next door. This left us in the position to rent out the house to anyone we believed would be stable renters.

After doing some major repairs we began interviewing renters and decided on a couple who lived fairly simple lives and who also enjoyed the mountains immensely. I was hoping that perhaps I could find a new hiking partner as a fringe benefit of their tenancy.

In fact, it was their love of the mountains (and ours) that changed our simple lives into something far more adventurous.

Erin and I got along remarkably well with Mia and Lew, often inviting each other over for dinner and sharing garden space in their backyard. They were both very “organic” and loved the idea of growing good veggies in clean soil. The couple was ten years younger than us. They operated their own web design business so they were home quite frequently working on projects.

It was early June when Lew asked us if we wanted to do some “E” together. Of course, we agreed and spent a marvelous evening talking about ourselves, each other, and relationships in general. The experience bonded use closely. Erin and I really began to see the two of them as clearly kindred spirits.

A confluence of events then changed everything. First my hiking partner cancelled out on me for my big trip to the wilderness in August. Not having anyone else to invite I asked Lew to join me. He was excited about the trip, but a big project was going to prevent him from any mid-summer travel. Mia, however, came to me the next day and asked if she could go in Lew’s stead. I said that it sounded good, but that I needed a day to sleep on it. Graciously, she agreed.

That night talking to Erin about Mia’s proposal, she was very frank.

“You know Cal that you are going to have sex with her if you spend two weeks in the mountains alone,” she said.

I responded with candor, “If I am going to have sex with her, then you should visit Lew while I’m gone.”

The agreement was made. Each of us would not actively seek the other’s spouse, but would not refuse an opportunity. Both of us knew, however, that we would be having sex with Mia and Lew within one or two days of my departure. Yet we were comfortable with the couple next door and in our own relationship, so it would not be a relationship breaker if we did experiment a little.

Prior to Mia’s and my departure Erin thought it would be a good idea to clear the air a bit. So another evening of recreational “E” was set up. The conversation was very frank about the possibilities of Mia and me traveling together in the wilderness. But, all visuals were juxtaposed with the potential coupling of Erin and Lew; sort of a tit-for-tat to even the emotional impacts. Nobody was really distressed by the idea, yet none of us spoke as though it were a fait accompli. However, there was a general acceptance amongst us all of certain sexual inevitabilities and natural human responses to separation from one’s lover. We even laughed a bit about the humor involved in Mia and me trying to find a comfortable place for sex in the mountains while Erin and Lew would probably be languishing on the sofa or in bed. For a moment during the levity I watched Erin drift off into the sexual potentials that were possible with this young, handsome man. Her chest heaved as her body shivered with some unseen anticipation of actively engaging Lew for several nights of sex.

By the middle of the night we had all smoked some pot and were unwinding in a sea of sexuality and arousal. Mia had taken off her shirt for awhile to share the tattoos on her back, two Hindu fertility symbols, one on the small of her back and the other on her neck. I felt my excitement rise to the point that an erection had formed in my pants which led Erin and me to an erotic sexual encounter when we arrived home. The session, guided masterfully by my lover, sent us both blissfully into the imaginary arms of our neighbors leaving us exhausted, but holding our cum for some future session.

As the trip drew near Mia and I became immersed in packing and shopping. We chose to carry the lightest gear possible, opting for equipment that would leave us sleeping under tarp and mosquito-net bivys. We carried just enough clothing for emergency warmth and light sleeping bags.

Meanwhile Erin and Lew worked diligently in the garden in the afternoons. Often I would come home to find Erin in her braless tanks and shorts weeding or hoeing a bed of fresh green shoots. The hot, humid, summer heat always left her with dirt smears on her arms and legs, her breasts penduluming within the confines of the thin material that stood between her and nakedness in front of Lew. Occasionally, I would catch Lew observing Erin pleasurably working on her hands and knees as though he knew that soon he would be working her in that same position. I freely admitted to myself that Erin was truly irresistible in her submissive position and fantasized Lew engaging her while Mia and I watched his cock working her on their comfortable couch. I was glad our previous drug-induced emotional openings with them had left my mind free to wonder at all the beauteous possibilities for such erotic fantasies to be realized

Finally the day of Mia’s and my departure had come. There were great long hugs all around before we climbed into my truck and headed off to Ross Lake, our departure point. Checking my rearview mirror as we rounded the corner I caught a glimpse of Lew and Erin heading into his house, perhaps to go garden. I didn’t give it another thought for fifteen days.


During the drive Mia and I talked about our lives and hopes for the trip. She was all for trying to live off the land as much as possible, even to the point of buying a small fishing outfit to attempt her hand at lake fishing. In three hours we had parked the car, locking the keys inside a special box for the transfer service to move it to the exit-trailhead. We took the 11:00 AM ferry up to Desolation Peak and began our journey into the mountains.


Lew and Erin spent most of that same day together doing some gardening and shopping at Trader Joe’s. They had a long afternoon together, departing each other’s company around 4:00 PM, but not before agreeing on a dinner meeting at 7:00. After walking Lilly (our dog) in the canyon my lover returned home to change. It had been a scorching day and the evening showed no signs of abatement. Erin dressed in a summer outfit of a short skirt and double tank tops (for modesty). She shaved her legs well, feeling closely for any pokey hairs that might distract from her sensual appeal. At the appointed time she knocked on Lew’s door and was greeted by a man sporting nylon shorts, sandals, and bare chest. He was fresh-showered with his dark hair combed back in thick, wet, waves. It did not take but a moment for my lover to size up the potential of joining with this gorgeous man. She felt the same heave in her chest that she had in the prior weeks on ecstasy. Lew invited her in a closed the door behind him.


Mia and I hiked for about four hours the first day making ten easy miles up into the rocky country just south of the Canadian border. Stopping at a lake that had thawed earlier than usual we set our packs down and dashed into the water naked to wash off the dirt and quench the heat in our bodies. After the cool swim we made camp near some rocky crags and hiked up a nearby escarpment to watch the sunset. Mia had never fully dressed after the swim, opting wear her shorts, but carry her tee-shirt in her hand. The mosquitoes were non-existent on this dry ridge which made for a comfortable and relaxing viewpoint. The breeze was warm that evening and it encircled me as I sat on the rocks admiring both Mia and the view.

Reaching into her packet she pulled out some pot and we smoked. It was stronger than I had experienced for many years, causing me to see exquisite visions when I closed my eyes. It was only later that I learned Mia had put a mild form of opium in the smoke from the poppies she grew in her yard. My body and mind relaxed deeply as visions of sexual play with Mia danced in my head. I began to wonder about my lover, alone at home, but soon my thoughts swirled around sensual visions of Erin opening herself to Lew. I hallucinated her body relenting to his probings and smiled inwardly as she bent to his will; he over her or behind her, seeking her moist depths for hours. In my dream state I slid down off my perch to sit closer to Mia. Arising to meet me she dropped her shorts to the ground leaving her standing bare before me.


Erin and Lew enjoyed a splendid dinner of rice and fiddlehead ferns which had been imported from the East Coast. Erin cooked them up in butter and laid them generously over basmati with other homegrown veggies on the side. The light meal had left them both energized and engaged. Erin could tell that Lew had something on his mind so Erin quizzed him. She wondered if Lew was having second thoughts about sending Mia away with me, which as it turned out was not the case at all.

“What’s on your mind, Lew?” Erin asked.

“Do you want to do some mushrooms?” was his reply.

Erin reflected for a moment about the ramifications of a hallucinatory experience with a guy she was certain that she would soon be sexing. She knew that it would be intense and that she might end up doing something she would not otherwise do – that is, something outside the bounds of the tacit agreement she had with Cal, which was, ‘do not bond emotionally.’ She could handle it she thought.

“Sure!” was Erin’s enthusiastic response.

Lew spent the next few minutes dividing portions onto the coffee table in front of the couch. He seemed to make rather large piles that Erin judged as too big a dose. However, she trusted his judgment and proceeded to eat the huge pile of dried fungi. Lew then brought out some of Mia’s special pot and they both smoked before settling into the cushions of the couch to await the arrival of the psilocybin in their brains. The pot put Erin into a dreamy state (as it did Lew) and she drifted off into a deep, timeless, sleep. The last thing she remembered seeing before she faded was Lew’s erection meandering its way down the leg of his shorts. His cock looked both majestic and smooth and she hallucinated (or dreamed of) it in her hand like a golden shaft of light blazing in the darkness. The light expanded and grew to immense, blinding proportions enveloping her entire body in its amber hue. Then the world went dark as Erin fell into her body. She saw herself encased in a wave-shaped crystal moving towards a distant shore. Her psyche was only faintly aware that the mushrooms had begun to appear in her consciousness, yet they soon ceased to exist at all, as did she, at least in her current manifestation. Erin began to trip relentlessly.


Mia’s body appeared to be bathed in the setting sunlight, yet it was still hours before its fall beyond the western ridges. Her breasts were slung high on her chest and her pretty face and short-cut hair accented her smooth shoulders with a goddess-like quality. Leaning back against a warm boulder Mia removed my clothes while I stood passive to her actions. My erection had grown rigid under the spell of Mia’s drug. It felt both part of me and an element of something indescribable beyond me.

When she had finished with my disrobing she grasped my cock with her hand and reached up to kiss me; not the kind of passionate kiss of lovers, but the subtle kiss of play. Nevertheless her lips sank deeply into my psyche leaving me aware of only their sensation and that of her hand on my cock. Caressing me carefully she kneaded my proportion into shape. Then, wordlessly she led me onto the rock perch from which I had just descended. I lay down on my back and closed my eyes to enjoy the sun and Mia’s hand in mine. We both fell into an eternal dream that lasted a second, minute, or hour, I don’t really know.


Erin had traveled beyond her dream body and deep consciousness to a place she had not visited since she was in college. The room around her seemed as it was, just a room, yet there was no solid structure to it which she could claim as part of her awareness. It was as though she were sitting in the vibrational residue of the matter that surrounded her, yet it decayed from moment-to-moment into new patterns. She experimented with lifting her hand and found it worked as she knew it should. Next, she tested various parts of her body by probing with her fingers, finding that each place provided delightful, almost musical sensation. Erin saw her body as a keyboard on some cosmic pipe-organ that she played methodically to garner expanded resonance with the universe. Then she tested her vision; first with the ceiling which she could manifest into any number of great masterpieces just by rearranging the texture dimples. She scanned the room and found that all was as she remembered it in time and space. Even the man across from her on the sofa appeared as he should be.

He now lay on his back, naked, with his hands across his chest. His penis had transformed into a magnificent staff that played on her vision, first appearing as a male organ, then as a precious stone fabricated of green jade. As though she were peeling the tissue from her body to reveal an energy source within her flesh, Erin removed the layers of clothing that encircled her. While expending any energy seemed pointless, she was drawn to explore the jade statue cultivated from the flesh of the man nearby. She thought about walking, but opted to crawl to him.

Upon her arrival at the edge of the couch he stirred, turning his head towards hers. From an unseen place a strong force, perhaps his hand, drew her face towards his. When their lips met a rush of red fire poured forth from his lungs into her body. Erin was gone then, just cinders. What was left of her physical body, which she could only describe later as ‘magnetic fire,’ grasped the jade shaft and swallowed it. She sensed the stone in her stomach, heavy like iron weighing her down while it was digested by her inferno. The man became her food and she continued to swallow more jade, again and again. Each stone she devoured was replaced by human flesh, veiny, and tall, strong and coursing with blood. This man-flesh then morphed again into jade. No matter how many she had eaten, another returned to replace it. Finally, when she was satiated, Erin sat back on her feet vibrating with the room.

The man, sensing that the energy patterns in the room were shifting, quietly arose to his feet, his flesh returning to its human form. He became in Erin’s mind a hugely powerful sexual creature. His member materialized as an extensive timber shaped perfectly to root in her body; round and broad, it swayed back and forth like some writhing animal. With two potent arms like those of some mythic beast he hefted her into the air and deposited her on the couch cushions. Once again she focused on his cock. It now appeared to her as a sword-scabbard hanging from his waist, stretched and curved, waiting to be unsheathed. She feared it, yet she would gladly die by it as a reasonable sacrifice for this strange opportunity to roam like this without her body for a few hours.

Although Lew was no longer truly flesh in her mind, Erin recognized some core kernel calling her into the primal act of sex with the form the stood over her. Grasping his great cock Erin pulled it into her flesh. Like searing metal his member sank deep within her vagina, burying its power fully within. Erin rose up with every molecule of energy she could activate to embed his cock fully inside what was left of her physical body. The two joined as though her irrepressible flame were consuming a gargantuan tree.


Awakening in the stillness of the late afternoon heat I sensed that my body was baking in the sun. Turning my head I found Mia’s form naked and prone on the rock next to me. Her body was darkening, browner that it had been when I first saw her, perhaps from the sun’s rays, perhaps from light-play in my mind. I sat up to examine her and found beautiful perfection in her form. Cautiously, I slid around to her feet and examined her folds which were open and exposed to the sun’s warmth. Mia stirred momentarily, opening her legs wider, knees up to the sky.

With my hand I reached in to stroke the softness of her pubic hair, parting her labia with my fingertips to reveal a swelling clitoris. Mia’s flesh was a delightful pink and brown within. I pushed myself closer and placed my mouth on her vagina. Her legs trembled with pleasure and opened to their fullest extent, revealing the tight muscles that wrapped her thighs. Slowly and deliciously, I stroked Mia’s labia with my tongue, taking care to devour and savor every portion of its proportion. Like Erin, Mia was thick and tight inside. She moved differently than my lover, but was no less enthusiastic as I stroked her within, using the fullest extent of my tongue. With one hand she pulled my head closer to her mound and with the other she guided my hand to her breasts where she used it as a tool to stimulate her nipples. Sensing her great pleasure I became invigorated by her shudders and continued to lap eagerly at her clitoris. Mia was dripping her fluid on the rock below her bottom. Her release was building, yet held at bay by the action of her drug. Her entire body vibrated with passionate and powerful oscillations of ecstasy. They seemed ceaseless as though she were in a constant state of climax. Her breath became short and she began to sweat profusely.

It was she that finally broke the spell that entranced us. Mia arose to her feet and pointed to the rock without speaking. There was little to say. I lay down on my back and she stood over me, her legs still quivering from my probings. Then she squatted down to within inches of my cock, which stood ready to greet her. As if having second thoughts she arose again and went to her pants, pulling out a bag containing a large, blackish pill, her opium ball. She broke off a small piece for each of us and placed one under my tongue and another under hers. Then she resumed her position over me. The stuff numbed my mouth, then my head, before tapering off its effect on the way down my body. At last she lowered herself onto me, pausing at the last moment to whisper the words, “don’t cum…please…this is a long trip.” Finally, she slid onto my cock and rode it all the way to the bottom where she rested for more than an hour, alternately sleeping and squeezing me with her vagina to keep my erection strong. I fell into a dream, awakening as the sun was falling behind the ridge, Mia holding me calmly with interlaced fingers.


There was, if only for a minute, a moment when the reality of Erin’s current experience had slipped through the cracks of the psilocybin. In that time she realized that here she was, very stoned, with another man’s cock in her. It was marvelous and terrifying simultaneously. Lew’s penetrations were deep and forceful, yet highly synchronous with her own longings. He was intent on mastering her in every imaginable way. His strokes seemed to undulate in endless manifestations of pure, raw, sexuality, though there was some additional force in him that drove his cock to seek her endless supply of goddess sexuality. His thickness neither pummeled, nor held back its might. What she experienced was manhood in its highest form; unrefined cock-sex that was driven by an urge not unlike that of the hunter who stalks his prey and devours its flesh. Erin relented…she took all he had to give.

For an eternity, stroke was met by thrust, and lunge by parry. His climax began to swell, but did not manifest, and she once again saw herself encased in a crystal wave crashing towards the shore. The room shifted and Lew was standing on that shore as she rode the wave towards him, his naked body, erect and tight, cock elongated to penetrate her. The wave hit the shore and her body began to tumble. Erin imagined she was coming because her body rose and fell with the crashing surf. Her vagina pulsed and ached and craved more manhood to plow her belly. When she ceased her plummet from the wave crest she came to rest on her belly and saw the beach with its exquisite warm sands and tree-lined shore.

Picking herself up to her hands and knees she again sensed she was hunted by some terrible seeker whose only desire was her flesh. She could not move, held in place by powerful bonds that kept her planted into the warming sands. Panic set in. Then she felt the penetration again. The hunter had captured her once more. His hands grasped her waist and held her down on the beach. People whom she had not seen before began wandering out from the tree-line. Men! Erect and ready. A cock slid deep within her. Moaning with pain and pleasure she fought the urge to cry for help. In Erin’s mind she felt four sets of hands on her, though she was vaguely aware that only Lew had been present behind her. It was he who had entered her.

Erin relaxed…it’s only a creation…my own…she mused. Lew’s penis glided in once more and Erin closed her eyes and let him devour her with his muscle. She hallucinated strongly, first Lew, then others, exchanging places behind her – all of the men she had ever known were behind her unburdening their bodies of the cum that they had squandered on other women. Some men glided in her with smooth, rhythmic motions that lulled Erin through time and space close to orgasm. Others rammed her with colossal, stretched cocks that she could feel deep within her vagina. Each man’s semen felt like a crystalline charge of energy that reformed the awareness that it was Lew behind her. Soon another man would appear and begin the process all over again. One after another each released his cum into her. Once each had unburdened, they approached her mouth to kiss and thank her. As soon as all had finished Lew reinserted himself to hold forth within her and watch his prey melt into oblivion, his erection sliding lovingly to and fro within her thick folds.

Erin came again – and when the waves subsided she found herself superimposed onto a bed. She lay very still watching herself from outside her body. From her perch near the ceiling she gazed at Lew finding purchase in her body – facing her with no awareness of anything but sensation. At last, Erin disappeared into a dark sleep where the shadows of men and women danced naked and sexed one another with abandon.


Mia and I arose from our perch at sunset, very high, and quite unfastened from time. Our decoupling was anguishingly slow because neither of us wished to end the continuity of our merger. I recalled from past experience that there is usually a moment of awareness when one is high and copulating that a soul-merger takes place. It cannot be classified as love, but it certainly comes close. Mia and I were in that state as we tried to part our bodies. Difficult as it was we managed to remove my erection from her hungry body long enough to stroll down to the camp. Walking naked we held hands and said little. The fact that we were on an opium-high left us with little appetite and moving slow as zombies. We forced ourselves to eat a Power Bar each and drink some water before piling into our sleeping bags. In a moment of inspiration I checked the compatibility if Mia’s sleeping bag zipper with mine. The match was perfect. As the sun fell deep below the ridge we rose our mosquito netting over the bedding and lay down for a dreamy rest, wrapped tightly together to await the next fourteen days.


When Erin finally awoke she examined her surroundings. The nightstand clock said it was 3:00 AM. Laying to her left was Lew sleeping soundly. Absent was the erection he had maintained for several hours as he plied her body. Lew was handsome, and no doubt a stupendously virile sexual partner. Erin knew she needed to pee so she walked the few steps to the bathroom noticing that the walls and ceiling maintained their continuity in more regular patterns than the hours before. After she finished she contemplated where her clothing had fallen. Going home would be pleasant since her bed was eternally comfortable. Yet her body and heart told her differently. Padding back to Lew and Mia’s bed, Erin sidled up next to Lew and spooned his backside. The last memory she had of that night was reaching over his hip to grab his now flaccid cock.

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