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Erotic Thrill

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I heard the creak of a floorboard. My eyes snapped open knowing someone else was in the house.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I glanced around the room. I had fallen asleep on the couch after finally giving up on you getting online at midnight.

I froze as I felt someone’s eyes on my body. I heard heavy footsteps walk around the couch. I held my eyes closed tight hoping you wouldn’t notice I was awake.

I felt your hand travel over the curve of my breast and down my stomach to my hips. I shivered involuntarily feeling a familiar wetness begin between my legs.

“You’re a very light sleeper,” you whispered in my ear.

I started to make a plea for you not to hurt me but you silenced me with a finger against my lips. “You know it won’t change anything.”

I looked at your face and knew you were serious. I stayed silent half out of fear half wondering what you would do.

You kissed me and I could feel your hand traveling up and down my body. The kisses passion increased, your tongue searching my mouth. To my surprise I kissed you back with as much fevered passion. My body reacting to your hand, kneading my breasts through the thin material of my t-shirt and bra.

I almost whimpered as you pulled away.

That disappointment soon replaced by fear as I saw the glint of the blade. I was frozen with fear as you cut off the thin t-shirt. Leaving my in only my blue thong and white bra.

You looked down at me and licked your lips. I found myself aroused by the idea of your eyes searching my body. you reached down and ran your thumb over the outline of my already hard nipple. My back arched urging your hand forward. your other hand moved forward the blade still poised. I thought of screaming but it ended up a moan as you applied more pressure to my breast. you cut the bra off in a quick motion, and I gasped as the cold air found its way to my hard nipples.

You didn’t pull the blade away you let it slowly trace designs on my skin. Applying only enough pressure to make the pain intoxicatingly erotic. you traced from my left breast, swirling around the nipple, down my abdomen and around my navel. you traveled back up to my right breast applying more and more pressure as you neared my nipple leaving a small cut. A drop of blood formed. I opened my mouth to scream but then you smiled at me and started to lowered your head. you sucked away the blood and ran your warm tongue over the small cut. I moaned loudly and arched my breast more fully into your mouth.

You kissed up my neck replacing your mouth with your hand. “You slut,” you said as your other hand moved down my body applying pressure to my mound moving in long languid circles through the satin of my thong.

I pulled your face to mine our lips meeting in a passionate kiss. you pulled away and stood up taking off your dark shirt, only taking the intense pressure of your hand away from me for a moment.

I ran my finger nails across your chest forgetting the circumstances. As I started to pull away you took my hand in your and brought it to your lips and kissed it gently.

Your hands moved to take off my panties and I grabbed your wrist my fear coming back. A devilish smile crossed your lips as you grabbed my wrists and held them firmly above my head. you slowly released them and looked at me grimly. “If you move the pain will become much less pleasurable,” you said.

I froze, this is the first time you actually threatened to hurt me.

You slid the thong off my hips and down my legs. I fought the urge to cover myself with my arms, at the intense scrutiny of your gaze.

You knelt between my legs gently pushing them opened. I was to scared not to comply and I closed my eyes, half out of anticipation half out of fear.

You thrust a finger into my quickly and I gasped. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you? You little whore.”

I moaned and bucked my hips in rhythm with your hand. “That’s what I thought,” you said, pressing another finger into my hot wet pussy.

You moved up to kiss my mouth increasing the tempo of your fingers inside me. you made your way down my body kissing down my neck and along my collar bone, you licked between my breasts and down my stomach. My hands fisted but didn’t move from where you had placed them above my head.

My climax slowly built as you moved lower. My moans grew louder and I began to thrust harder against your hand. At the peak of my climax, you flicked your tongue over my clit and I exploded into the most intense orgasm of my life. you continued thrusting, even harder bringing me quickly to another climax.

My head was rolled back my eyes closed in a haze of pleasure.

Suddenly I felt something brush against the wet lips of my pussy and I looked down to see you, now completely naked, running your head up and down the line of my slit.

You leaned down, I could feel the heat of your chest against mine. you whispered, “I want you to beg.” you slowly slipped slowly just the tip into my warm waiting hole.

“Please,” I whimpered, in almost a moan. Thrusting my hips trying to urge you further into me.

You held my hips and rammed into me hard. I moaned almost a scream and bucked taking you as deeply into me as possible. you pulled out slowly, tantalizing. My back arched slowly as I moaned. you wrapped your arm around me and dipped your head to suck on my breasts. you continued this torture a hard deep thrust, then slowly teasingly pulling out of me.

“Harder please,” I moaned, my head falling back as you quickened your pace. Almost hurting, but feeling so good.

My muscles contracted as you pounded in and out of me. I moaned louder, gasping as your speed increased and you sucked even harder in my nipple.

I came hard my muscles tightening around your cock my juices flowing over you. You continued to pound in to me harder, my breaths coming in ragged gasps as you, increased the pace again. Bringing me to climax and back again. Harder and harder faster and faster the pain bringing more erotic thrills.

You thrust once long and hard into me as your muscles tensed as you came deep within me. Sending me again to a climax your growl mixed with my moans in a cacophony of pleasure.

You collapsed on top of me, our sweaty bodies pressed together. I licked a bead of sweat from your neck and sighed. “Fuck,” I said in a long breath.

The next morning I walked downstairs towel drying my hair and plopped down infront of the computer, I clicked on my inbox and opened the message that was waiting and it said: Sorry I wasn’t on last night, I took a little road trip. -Chris

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