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The Caregiver

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Perhaps I gave in so easily because Lenny embodied the best of two worlds. First, he was a wonderful, gentle caregiver. He had been coming to my house twice a day for several weeks to take care of my bed-bound grandmother, who was recovering from a broken hip. Second, he was drop-dead gorgeous. All blond Swedish muscle with a shy smile to accompany his sensuous mouth.

I’d had a rough week trying to take care of my grandmother’s needs when he came to change her bedding and to give her a massage that Thursday evening. He found me in the kitchen at the table when he was finished getting her ready.

“There,” he said, “I think she will go right to sleep. My massages usually take all of the tension out and she goes out like a light.”

“Here, sit and have a cup of coffee before you go, Lenny,” I told him. “I envy her.” Lenny sat across the table from me, filling out the chair and bulging chest and leg muscles stretching his T-shirt and shorts.

“You envy her sleep, her release of tension, or her massage, you mean? Surely you don’t envy her age and her pain.” He gave me a smile that made me ache.

“Well, the release of tension and the massage, at least,” I admitted. “It’s been a rough week so far.”

“Yes, I could tell. You do look like you could use a good massage. I’m off duty now; I could release that tension for you.”

“I don’t know, Lenny,” I said. “I’ve never had a massage before.”

“I do a great full-body massage, Tim,” he said, not taking his eyes from mine. “I sense that’s exactly what you need.”

“A full-body massage? I don’t think I know what that entails.”

“Well, the best way to explain it is to do it. Come on, I’ll give you a very good free massage. I can get rid of any sort of tension you might have.”

I began to suspect what he was proposing, but I was too afraid and hesitant to ask. I could fanaticize, though. I had been dying to be touched by him for weeks. “Well, OK, what do I need to do?”

“That sounds great, Tim. I’ve been thinking about your building tension and wanting to give you a massage for some time now. This can be such a difficult time for everyone involved, not just the patient. I care about the whole family. And I like you. I think you’ve got a hot body, and I enjoy massaging hot bodies.”

Lenny cared about me. Great, he thinks I have a hot body. Even greater.

“So, I’ve noticed you have plenty of room in your bedroom for me to set up my massage table. Why don’t you take a shower and wrap yourself in a towel and I’ll go out to the car and get my table.”

When I came out of the bathroom, Lenny had already gotten the massage table set up and had stripped off his T-shirt. What a beautiful bod.

“Up on the table, on your back,” he commanded. “Strip the towel and I’ll put it over your privates.”

I did as he asked and thought he took a bit longer than necessary before draping the towel over me. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out, as I already felt I was losing control over my cock.

He came around to above my head and started working on rubbing my temples and my head. I looked up and the view from under his bulging and moving pecs was very interesting. He raised my head and massaged my neck muscles. I could clearly see the tenting of the towel over my loins. He worked my shoulder and upper arms muscles and then moved both hands down to my pecs, where he massaged my nipples just as much as he worked on my muscles there. I could feel my rod rising. his massaging worked its way down my abs and to my belly. I sighed and moaned in appreciation. Then he came around beside me and whipped the towel off. I knew it. I had a Grade A hard on. I was embarrassed, but Lenny didn’t seem to mind at all. He moved down to below my feet. I looked down and was surprised to see that now his shorts were off and he was barely encased in a thong that didn’t hide a thing. My cock hardened even more at the sight. Lenny saw my response to what I’d seen and just gave me a shy smile with those sensuous thick lips.

He worked on my toes and feet and then lifted my legs one at a time and did my calves and lower thighs.

“Flip over,” he said, and I did. “He came back to above me and did my back and shoulder muscles and then the muscles of each arm in turn. Then, starting with my calf muscles, he worked his way up. He did a good job on my lower thighs and pulled my legs a bit apart as he worked higher and higher. He was at my inner thighs now, way up next to my groin. His sensuous fingers touched my balls as he massage. I couldn’t help letting out a little moan of pleasure.

He moved his hands, moistened with oil, onto my butt cheeks, which he kneaded and rolled in a sensuous motion. My cock came alive, and before I knew it I was grinding away with my pelvis, fucking the towel under me on the surface of the massage table. Lenny was helping me with the movement, lifting my hips a bit and revolving my pelvis around and helping me pump. The underside of my engorged cock was sliding along the surface of the table, stroking up and back, and before I knew it I spouted off up my belly and into the cleavage of my chest. All the time, Lenny was murmuring how well I was doing, what I nice big cock I had, and how nice my butt cheeks were.

After I had shot off, Lenny gently pulled my legs down off the end of table to where I could stand on the floor with my still-heaving chest on the surface of the board. I felt my butt cheeks being spread, and a cool mouth and tongue found my asshole. Lenny licked and sucked and tongued me there, as I groaned and moaned and sighed. After several minutes of this, his tongue slurped out of my hole and he stood and placed his left hand firmly in the small of my back, holding my torso down on the table. The fingers of a well-oiled right hand went to my hole, and Lenny ever-more-intensely finger fucked me, getting the oil well up into my ass passage and opening me up and helping me to relax my ass muscles.

The fingers were pulled out, and I felt the big helmet of his cock at the hole. He pushed the helmet in to its rim and stopped there briefly.

“Are you ready for the internal part of the massage, Tim?” he asked in a breathy voice. “I won’t go further unless you want the whole massage.”

“Yes, yes,” I whispered. “Do me. Just be gentle. You’re not too big are you?”

“Just eight and half inches hard,” he replied and then gave a little throaty laugh. “But we’ll go slowly and I won’t go deeper than you can take.”

I groaned, “Eight and a half inches!”

I jerked as he pushed in past the sphincter muscle. And then his helmet was at my prostate, rubbing it and causing little sparks of pleasure to fly through my body.

“So, is that a ‘yes,’ Tim? Do you want me to fuck you deeper?” He was dragging his helmet back and forth across my prostate and had taken his hand and was rotating his well-oiled cock around in the canal, giving my ass channel walls special attention.

I gasped and moaned and was rotating my pelvis, wanting to feel all of the big cock everywhere at once. “Yes, yes,” I managed between gasps, “Fuck me, deep and thick. Fill me up, you beautiful Swedish stud.”

And then he slid up into me, deep. I arched my back, breaking the pressure of his hand on the small of my back and rose up, throwing an arm around his neck and bringing his lips to mine in a deep kiss. He grabbed my hips with his hands and pumped me slowly with his cock, in long oil-slicked slides in to where his helmet dragged back across my prostate and then deep glides, loving and churning and stretching my channel walls.

He broke the kiss and laughed, and pushed my chest back down on the table. Then he started pumping me in earnest, in long, gliding motions.

“Ahh, Ahhhh, Ahhhh,” I cried. “Give it to me, Lenny, shoot off in me. Deep, like this.”

“Deep like this?” Lenny asked, the amusement in his voice dancing. “I haven’t gone deep yet, Lover. This is me going deep.”

And he pushed my legs out wider with a slap of his feet, grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled them wide apart, and plunged his oiled rod a good two and half inches deeper than he’d gone up me before.

“No . . . No!” I screamed. “It hurts. I don’t think I can . . . Ugh . . . Ahhh . . . Yes. Oh, yes, Lenny. Lenny! Lenny!!! Give it to me. I want it all. Just like that! Pump me, Man. Fill my stomach with your sweet cum.”

He was deep fucking me wildly now. Staying deep, but pumping in and out. Then he stopped and rotated me around and pushing me up on the massage table, until I was facing him, still able to stay deep. He buried his hands in my chest and massaged my nipples. I wrapped my legs around the small of his back, wanting to keep him in me forever, and I stroked my cock vigorously. And he stroked and he stroked and he stroked; hard and deep.

I came before he did, shooting my load off on his chest and up mine. He gave a little yelp of delight then as he ejaculated in heavy bursts deep inside me. Then he collapsed on top of me, nuzzling his face into the hollow of my neck, savoring the moment. I kept my legs firmly wrapped around his waist, holding him in me, feeling that long, thick cock soften and retreat, but not all that far.

“God, to think I’ve had eight and a half inches in me,” I whispered, pride and awe spilling over in my voice.

“Sorry, I lied,” Lenny responded, with a little laugh. “I’m a good nine and half inches hard; didn’t want to scare you. Wasn’t sure how much I could stuff in you. But you took it all. You’re a fucking amazing screw.”

Silence for a few minutes, while I thought that over.

“So, do you want a massage now?” I then asked. “I’m wondering how much of that dick I can get in my mouth.”

“Not tonight, Tim, as tempting as that thought is. I’m wasted. I come back to give your grandmother some more care tomorrow. How about tomorrow then? But rest up. There are some other tricks to a good Swedish massage.”

“Can’t wait.”

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