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Erica Makes a House Call

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I knew that I hadn’t enjoyed Erica making me suck Daniel’s cock per se, but every time I let my mind wander in the next few days, I would see Erica’s eyes looking at me, delighted that she could control me in such a debasing way. They had violated me- it was humiliating. But I could barely breath when I thought about cleaning out her perfect cunt.

She made me nervous before, but now, after spending the weekend coaxing orgasm after orgasm from myself, alone in my room to the thoughts of Friday night, I could barely stand when I thought of her. I was terrified to see her in class on Monday. Not to mention Daniel.

But I didn’t have to wait that long. My phone rang early Sunday afternoon. It was Erica.

“You rent a house, right?”


“Yeah. You do, don’t you?”

“Yeah… Um, what’s going on?”

“Never mind. I need you to pick me up in like, ten minutes. See you then, k?”

She hung up before I could answer. But what else could I do? I tore through the house looking for my car keys and made it to her dorm in eight. Thank god my roommate was gone for the weekend…

She came out the front of the building holding someone’s hand. I thought it was Daniel at first and was ready to floor it back to my place, but as they got closer, I could tell it wasn’t him. Relieved, I hit the power locks. He opened the passenger door for Erica and sat in the back without saying a word.

“Hey there, shorty!” Erica chirped. She buckled her seatbelt and reached over and sharply squeezed my cock through my pants. “This is Chad. He lives on my floor.” She looked back at him and grinned. “He did suuuuch a good job of sucking Danny’s cock last night. It took him a few tries, but he managed to throat it.”

Chad looked down.

“And I’m pretty sure he did a better job licking my clit, too.” Erica added.

Chad blushed and dug his chin into his shoulder.

“C’mon, show me your place!” Erica said.

I drove home, taking considerably longer on the return journey. When I pulled into the driveway, Chad rushed around the car to open the door for Erica.

“Thankya baby.” She said, and grabbed the sides of his head and kissed him roughly. I got the hint and opened the front door for her. She breezed right by, Chad’s hand in hers.

“I’ve got a few things in mind.” Erica announced. “Both of you get undressed.”

We pulled our clothes off quickly.

“Look at his little cock, Chad. See why I call him shorty?” I blushed. I was still almost completely soft, She lifted my cock with a fingernail and wrapped it halfway around her index finger. My bottom lip quivered as she touched me. I looked over at Chad. He was thinner than I. Really skinny, actually. Erica was about 5’10”, and she had to be taller than him standing up.

“Shorty, squeeze Chad’s cock for me. I want you to see what it looks like hard.”

I obeyed, but she could see my hesitation. “It’s ok. Chad doesn’t like boys either. Well, you both told me that, but I remember Danny got me two teeny-tiny erections on my little cocksuckers, right?”

We both looked down. That seemed to please Erica. Soon, Chad’s cock was fully erect in my hand. It was probably two inches longer than mine, but otherwise similar.

“Alright boys,” she announced. “If you’re both really good, you’ll both get off tonight. Maybe if you do a really good job, you can cum in my pussy. Chad, give shorty a kiss.”

I take back what I said before, That was the most awkward thing I’d ever done. Here was this kid who was barely 18, shaved bare, sitting on my lap and sticking his tongue in my mouth. I was relieved as hell when it was over.

“Good.” Erica smiled. Now shorty, I think Chad’s a little bit better at licking my pussy than you are, so I want him to go first. Chad, lay down on your back.”

She straddled his face, facing his legs, and ordered me to kneel down in front of his cock.

“Ok, shorty. It’s time for you to learn how to do this right.” My face was bright red. “First, stroke it with your palm.”

I did what I was told. She had me start by pumping his cock up and down while I licked his balls. She would pause every once in a while to come. I counted at least three orgasms. Soon she was bucking on Chad’s face while she guided my head up and down the shaft of his cock, and occasionally down to suck his balls. After her third or fourth orgasm, she rolled off of Chad’s face and had him sit on the couch.

“Rub his thighs and his ass. Let him know what a good time you’re having!” Erica said. “Are you ready to come, Chad?” She asked.

Chad mumbled something vaguely affirmative and Erica smiled and kissed him. She stroked his chest and ran her fingers through his hair while I kept sucking his cock. He started bucking his hips, banging against the back of my throat. ‘What the hell.’ I thought, and forced a little bit of his cock into my throat. Erica was still plunging her tongue in and out of his mouth when he started to come in my mouth. She broke off to watch.

“Don’t spill any. Hold that come for me.”

I imagine that most men have gotten curious enough at some point to taste a drop or two of their own, but let me be the first to assure you that nothing prepares you. I’d never had a whole mouthful before… I’d never tasted anyone else’s come before Erica made me go down on Daniel. His wasn’t so bad, but Chad’s was saltier, much thicker than I expected, and there was a lot of it. Erica smiled, resting her head on Chad’s thigh as his come emptied into my mouth. There was no gratitude in her eyes, no sympathy at my obvious revulsion. But somehow I was still hard as a rock, every part of my screaming to explode deep inside her.

“Ok, shorty, you win. But don’t swallow yet.”

She laid back and grabbed my hard cock, pulling it into her. I was allowed to thrust, and as I neared climax she ordered me to swallow Chad’s come. She gestured towards Chad, who obediently got down on his knees and alternated between licking Erica’s clit and my balls. Finally, I made one last push deep inside her cunt and came in long spurts that seemed never to end.

When I pulled out, she sat me down on the couch. She straddled my softening cock again, her back to my front, and ordered Chad to keep licking. I came in her twice more without her allowing me to pull out, Chad licking us both all the while.

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