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Eric and I on Holiday in the Lakes

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Eric had decided to book us a nice weekend break in the Lake District in England for his 51st birthday.

It turned out to be a very nice weekend weather wise, which is unusual for the Lake District, and also a very naughty and sexy weekend overall!

On arriving at the very small guest house we were booked into, we were shown to our room by one of the owners, a guy called Phillip. He ran the guest house with some of his family, his daughter and son in law to be precise.

He was in his mid 60s, and had been divorced from his wife a few years back. We found out about this from a general chat we had together later on the Friday night at the small bar in the guest house.

Eric had been teasing me a little earlier, and had asked me to be a bit naughty for Phillip by dressing quite provocatively when going into the local town later.

I had worn a black mini dress, matching black bra and panty set, and a pair of my high heeled black leather shoes.

When getting ready, Eric had toyed with my titties a little and had also got me wet by playing with my clitty through my thin, black-laced panties as well.

We decided to have a little drink in the bar of our guest house before heading out. We sat at the bar on high stools as we drank and chatted to Phillip.

The chat was very general and nothing overtly sexy came up in conversation, but I could sense Phillip grabbing the odd little glimpse at me when he thought I wasn’t looking. I could see he was liking the view down my dress, and to be honest a fair bit of my cleavage was on show.

I popped to the loo during our couple of drinks, and on my way back I noticed Phillip peeking at me from around a hidden corner of the bar area. I pretended to drop something from my hand bag and bent over to pick it up.

On doing so,I made sure my arse was pointed in his direction and that my little short dress rode up a tiny bit too.

I stuck my arse out, deliberately making sure he was getting a bird’s-eye view of my legs and ass. On returning to the bar area and climbing onto the bar stool, purposefully flashing quite a bit of leg as I did so, I again noticed him viewing my titties.

When we were leaving the hotel, Eric tapped my arse on the way out the door. He confirmed this was for Phillip’s benefit later on.

We had a lovely meal and a few more drinks in a couple of bars in the local town before heading back to our guest house at about half past 11.

Upon getting back, the bar area was just closing up, with Phillip tidying away some dishes and glasses. He saw us entering, and motioned for us to come in, advising us we could have one for the road, so to speak.

We duly took up his offer, this time sitting at one of the corner tables of the bar area. I was a little squiffy by this point, having had several glasses of wine and a couple of G&Ts as well.

Phillip joined us for our nightcap, and again it was obvious to me he was eyeing me up.

I did my best to make sure he got some good glimpses of my titties and also made sure my mini dress was exactly that. I showed off my legs as best I could by crossing, uncrossing and parting them as much as I dared whilst in his company.

I remember sitting opposite him and having my legs splayed fairly wide, so he must have seen up my dress to my thigh tops at least.

We retired to bed, and Eric and I had a wonderful, noisy fuck later.

As Eric spunked up me, he asked me if I thought Phillip would have enjoyed that. He had noticed him eyeing me up, and had also noticed me giving him the come-on by showing my legs and tits as much as I could. We chatted naughtily about it and ended up having another sex session after getting me worked up at the thought.

The next day was another beautiful, sunny day, and we had decided to hire a rowing boat to go out on one of the lakes. I dressed for the weather, in a pair of denim shorts, a white crop top and a pair of wedge shoes.

On leaving, Phillip was eager to make himself friendly again, asking us what our plans were, etc.

We asked if there was anywhere to sunbathe later on, and he informed us of a little secluded area not too far away. We thanked him and said once we had finished rowing and enjoying the lake, we would probably head there for a little picnic and a spot of sunbathing.

Phillip’s eyes lit up, and I was cheekily asked if I had my bikini with me.

I rather naughtily replied that I hadn’t, but if it was secluded enough that I wouldn’t need one.

We said our thanks and then left. Again, I could sense Phillip watching me as we walked away. Eric also sensed this and cheekily felt up my arse as we walked down and out of the car park area.

I blatantly wiggled away, hoping it was having the desired effect on my new admirer.

After buying some food and wine for our picnic, we had a great time on the lake and had a lovely romantic row around. We then rowed to the area Phillip had instructed us to find, and it was indeed nicely secluded. We had a spot of lunch and enjoyed our little picnic, and we also had begun drinking a couple of glasses of wine as well.

At this point, I decided to get a little spot of topless sunbathing in and took off my cropped top. This left me just in my denim shorts and my wedge style shoes.

Eric was feeling fruity and so, after a little while, he began teasing my tits and nibbling my ear. One thing led to another, and I ended up sucking him off. We were situated on a bank of the lake, surrounded by trees and pretty well secluded.

I was getting very turned on from sucking him off out in the fresh air, and his cock was growing harder and stiffer with each suck. After a few minutes, his hand was in my shorts, playing with my by now very wet cunt hole.

A few minutes later and my shorts were off, my wedge shoes being left on as I was slowly being licked and nibbled by a now naked from the waist down Eric.

After some good tongue licking for my pussy, I was impaled on his cock end. Eric lying on the ground and me on top, first of all facing him, and then squatting on top of him and riding up and down on his thick, hard cock’s length.

It was at this point that I first heard a little rustle in the branches of a bush not far from us … I continued to fuck up and down on Eric’s cock, trying to see if I could spot anyone in the bushes.

After a couple of minutes, Eric began to fuck me missionary style and, during this, I whispered to him that I thought we were being watched.

He continued fucking me and told me softly that we should put on a show for them.

I was feeling so naughty by this point that I was in total agreement. The next 45 minutes or so found us fucking in a variety of positions, me on all fours being fucked hard from behind, me on top of Eric, and me sucking him off really loudly. All the while, we gave each other encouragement as we tried to put on a good show for our voyeur.

Eric finished off by fucking me furiously on all fours. I screamed at him to, “Fuck me harder,”as he pummeled away at my sopping wet cunt.

Eric announced he was going to spunk up and withdrew from pussy. I quickly spun around, and Eric managed to direct spurt after spurt of his spunk straight into my mouth and face as I got in front of his red, swollen cock.

He was calling me all sorts of dirty names as he came off into my face, and I eagerly lapped at his cum juice, again hoping our watcher would be getting a good view.

We tidied ourselves up, me washing the residue of spunk off my face with some tissues. Once dressed, we left to return the row boat and headed back to the guest house.

On arriving, we immediately went to the bar area, but we found Phillip’s son-in-law serving and not him. On making inquiries, it seemed Phillip had gone into town about an hour or so before and hadn’t returned.

We finished our drinks and went to our room. Once in, Eric and I chatted and wondered if it was Phillip who may have been our voyeur.

The thought turned me on something rotten and Eric was aware of this. We talked and Eric was asking if I would be game for some fun, and wondered if I fancied Phillip at all. I said yes to both and Eric informed me he found the idea a real turn-on too.

After about half an hour or so, we heard a van pull up and, sure enough, it was Phillip returning. Eric decided to seize the moment, as he put it. He went downstairs again after a few minutes, leaving me in the room to rest as he set off on his mission. I waited and lay on top of my bed, resting and relaxing for about an hour or so. I had dropped off into a nice mild sleep.

Eric returned and gently awoke me with a tender kiss and, once fully roused, he told me of his chat with Phillip.

It transpired that Eric felt it probably was him who had spied on us as on talking to him. Phillip had been making some rather knowing glances and asking some more intimate questions.

I asked Eric what sort of questions, and he told me Phillip was intrigued to know the state of mine and Eric’s relationship, our age difference popping up as a question. He also said Phillip had told him he was a “lucky guy to have such an attractive and sexy young girlfriend.”

This made me blush somewhat, but also got me thinking deliciously naughty thoughts.

Eric then amazingly informed me he was leaving for the rest of the day and night.

I was a bit stunned, asking what he meant.

He then told me he had informed Philip that he had been called away on business at short notice, and did he mind if I stayed alone overnight. He told me his eyes nearly lit up and popped out of their sockets at the mentioning of this.

Eric informed me that Phillip had the night off, and that he and two of his friends had plans for a few drinks and that they intended to go to one of his friend’s houses afterwards for a few more drinks and a night in.

This was to be Eric’s plan: To get me somehow invited to Phillip’s friend’s house for some fun and frolics.

He told me he had already laid the groundwork for me by telling Philip he would be away, saying Phillip had said he would look after me.

We then went downstairs for another couple of drinks and Phillip’s son-in-law had left by this time, leaving Phillip alone in the bar. I was still dressed in my shorts and crop top. Once in the bar, Eric drinking only soft drinks now, we all got chatting again.

I could again sense Phillip eyeing me up, and in my shorts and crop top, plenty of flesh was on show for him to ogle.

After a little while, Eric said he was going to get his bag for leaving for the night, leaving me alone in the bar with Phillip. Whilst alone, we chatted some more, and the topic got onto his plans for the evening.

I said I would probably curl up with a book and get an early night, waiting for Eric to return in the morning.

Phillip then simply said I was welcome to join him and his two friends for a drink and a spot of supper if I wanted. He didn’t want me being all alone and so far from home, and if I didn’t mind the company of some old guys, then I was welcome to join them.

I, of course, jumped at the chance, saying how kind it was of them, and upon Eric coming downstairs to say cheerio, he was informed of the same.

He smiled at me, telling me to have fun and that he would be back in the morning, thanking Phillip for being so kind as to offer to keep me company.

The plan was afoot.

At this point, I made my excuse and went upstairs to rest a little and also to get ready for the evening of hopefully fun and frolics.

Phillip informed me his friends would arrive about 8 o’clock, and I could just join them whenever I wanted to.

After a little rest and a shower, I started to get myself ready. At 8:30 I was ready to join the small group downstairs. I had heard a few of them arriving, and had heard Phillip welcoming his friends in.

I had decided on the black mini dress again, this time with a pair of my black suspender style tights underneath. The dress was long enough to cover the gusset of my crotchless pantyhose, but short enough to show off plenty of leg.

I wore a matching black bra and panties set and a pair of my highest heeled shoes. I entered the bar to find Phillip holding court with another four of his friends around him. His son-in-law was serving the drinks behind the bar area, with his daughter.

I was quickly introduced to all four of the men (Malcolm, Brian, Alf and Stan) and, after saying hello and receiving a charming kiss on the cheek from each of them, I was soon in their company and enjoying a wee drink or two.

They were all charming, Malcolm in particular being very friendly, him being an exiled fellow Scot living south of the border.

I would have put all their ages at the early 60 mark, me being 19 and just about to turn 20 at the time.

I received some lovely general compliments and the chat was very amiable and light. Two of the guys were married, the other two being both divorced like Phillip.

I was trying to make sure they all got a glimpse of what was on offer, whilst being mindful that Phillip’s daughter and son-in-law remained in earshot and eyesight.

After an hour or so, I was informed we were moving on to another bar. Obviously, I agreed to join them and we set off. During the short walk to the bar, I chatted to all of the guys in turn, and was enjoying being the center of attention of these five charming older men.

We had a couple of drink in the next bar and all chatted amiably. The chat was a little more frank than back at the hotel, I guess Phillip being away from his family’s ears was loosening him up a bit, along with us all being a bit more relaxed from some of the drinks.

I began to sense being flirted with, and played along with the guys in turn. Again, I showed as much legs as I could, making sure that I was giving them the come-on without being too obvious whilst in public.

We had a little bite to eat in this pub and, after our meal, Stan said he had some cans and drinks in his house if I wanted to join the guys for a few more hours at his house.

I readily agreed and thought this was the plan of not only mine but also theirs too, to get me back to one of their houses.

The walk to Stan’s was a shortish one, and during this I was aware of the guys eyeing me up much more blatantly. Some comments were being made to me on the length of my dress and compliments on my legs. I thanked them and did little to discourage their chat-up lines.

Once inside Stan’s house, we all settled into the living room for a few drinks. The chat very quickly became more sexual, and the tension in the air was a bit more obvious. I was by now leaking some cunt juice as I was getting increasingly turned on.

Some music was popped on, and I said I liked the song that was playing. Quick as a flash, Stan asked me if I wanted to dance. I seized the chance and said I would love to.

Within seconds we were dancing together, me gyrating my hips as we danced together. I moved ever closer to him and could feel all the guys’ eyes on me by this point.

My dress had ridden up slightly, showing more leg, this being accentuated by my high heeled shoes. The music changed to a slower tune, and Alf replaced Stan in dancing with me as the other guys stood and watched. I put my arms around his neck and we slow danced for a few minutes. The mood was changing slowly, and the air was getting hotter with sexual tension.

After a couple of minutes, Al made the first move, shifting his hands form my hips to my arse.

I did nothing to dissuade him. Instead, I let out a little encouraging sigh as he began to gently squeeze my arse.

A couple more minutes passed, and his hands began really feeling me up as we danced. He then moved his face forward and planted a kiss on my lips. At first, it was a gentle kiss, but then became a more passionate open-mouthed snog. I responded and eased my tongue into his mouth at the same time.

The music stopped, but we continued to stand in the middle of the living room, snogging quite heavily. His hands were all over my arse, and I could feel him slowly lifting my dress up at the back. I did nothing to stop him. I stood firm and kept on French kissing him heavily.

I slowly parted my legs a little so that I was standing bolt upright, with my dress now fully up over my ass. My suspender style tights were now fully displayed, and my knickers on show for all the guys to view.

At this point, whilst still kissing Alf, I felt a pair of hands on my knicker-encased ass.

I again didn’t move, just slightly parting my legs a little to let the hands get a good grip of my arse, and if they wanted to a bit easier access to my cunt area.

The hands duly obliged, and they gently moved up and around to my front, stopping and playing gently with my pussy through my wet panties.

I could hear the guys moving closer as I was surrounded by the five of them. Alf stopped snogging me, and the next few minutes were a blur and a whir of me being passed around to the other guys.

I snogged each one in turn, whilst one or two of them felt me up at the same time. After French kissing them all and having been well and truly rubbed and felt up, my dress was whipped off over my head.

The next thing to go was my bra, and then I was relieved of my knickers as they were eased down my legs and off completely.

I now stood amidst these five older men, exposed and dressed only in my tights and my high heels.

“Fucking hell,” Alf said.

“Fuck me,” was Malcolm’s response.

I smiled and simply asked if they wanted me, telling them how horny I was feeling and that if they wanted, they could all fuck me.

They all responded with a resounding yes.

I was now standing in the middle of a circle. A circle of dirty, horny, lusting older men.

After my sordid question things moved at a rapid pace. I was very wet already from the snogging and the horny feeling up that I had enjoyed from my five aged admirers.

This wetness was from the anticipation of the hard, dirty fucking I was about to receive, and I wasn’t to be disappointed.

Alf made the first move, beckoning me to kneel down before him as he unzipped his trousers. As he did so I smiled at the others in the room. It was obvious now that I was gagging for some stiff cock and was acting like a bitch on heat.

“Go on Anna get your lips around Alf’s cock,” Phillip was urging me on.

I eagerly did as requested and sank to my knees. I positioned myself in front of Alf as his trousers dropped to the floor, quickly joined by his underpants.

I was then surrounded by all of the older men. Me, less than half the age of some of them, dressed just in my black suspender style tights and high “come fuck me,” heels.

At this point Malcolm moved behind me and knelt on the floor beside me. I half expected to feel his hard, throbbing cock nudging against my pussy, but instead he gently and slowly played with my clitty from behind, easing a finger up my young sopping wet cunt as he did so.

I let out an audible moan as I continued being slowly finger fucked, and as I played with Alf’s hard cock it was now standing swollen and red in front of me.

Red, shiny and swollen.

Just the way I like a hard prick! I began to lick all around the swollen tip of this old mans cock. All the time I was being gently multi fingered from behind at the same time.

I began to dip my tongue over the length of Alf’s shaft, licking and kissing the entire length and then fully taking him into my mouth. At this point he was joined by Stan who also offered me his cock to play with.

I didnt refuse, simply wrapping my hand around his swollen memeber and beginning to gently wank him.

Within seconds I had Phillip beside me and as I bobbed my head up and down, sucking for all I was worth on Alf’s engorged cock, I also had a cock in each of my hands. Brian was now standing at the side of us slowly pulling on his stiffening prick.

I wanked on Phillip and Stan as Malcolm continued fingering me as I sluttily sucked on Alf. I was being urged on by the guys. Each of them spitting filthy comments at me:

“Fucking slut.”


“Go on chew on his cock you slut.”

I was in heaven and my first climax was nearing as I eagerly responded to these five dirty old men’s comments and sexual prompts.

As my orgasm neared I stuffed as much of Alf’s hard, old cock into my mouth as I could and moaned as loud as I could with such a mouthful. His bulbous knob filling my mouth and making my cheeks pouch like a chipmunk with a mouthful of nuts!

I came off heavily, squirting my sticky cunt juice onto Malcolm’s fingers and all over his hand as he fucked me ferociously with his four fingers. They slapped in and out of my ever increasingly squirting young cunthole.

“Go on you young slut, fucking cum off on my hand you dirty little cunt,” Malcolm swore at me as he brought me off.

I moaned in ecstasy, my climax crashing through me like a tidal wave.

At this point Alf shouted out he was going to spunk up.

“Fuck, I can’t hold on any longer, sorry,” he blurted out as his cock began to twitch.

His flood of white cum began leaking into my mouth. His prick was so deep in my mouth and throat that I began to gag slightly, making his cock jolt out of my mouth, sending his last few spurts of hot, sticky spunk flying into my face and coating my hair and ear with his hot load.

“Fuck me,” he cried as his last creamy splashes washed over me.

I was still kneeling, spunk dripping from my hair and covering my face and left ear.

Surrounded by old men, men who had one thing on their minds: lust.

Lust and fucking me, the young slut who had so wantonly offered myself to them as their fuck toy.

The other guys were staring intently at me and I knew my evening of fun had just begun.

Alf moved away, his limp cock dripping in his cum juice, and his place was taken in front of me by Phillip. His cock was already hard and stiff from the wanking I had given him.

Stan replaced Malcolm behind me and I was now quickly positioned into the doggy-style position. My arse felt a nudge against it as Stan toyed with my ass-hole, his cock teasing it.

“I’m going straight up your arse you fucking young cow,” he said to me. “I’m going to fucking shag the shit out of you.”

“Go on Stan,” Alf encouraged from the sidelines. “Fuck the little sluts arsehole.”

Phillip was now offering me his cock, smiling at me as he did so.

“I told you guys,” he then said.

“Her fella said she was a dirty fucking scrubber. She’s the town bike back home and is always gagging for more cock.”

I looked at him. Spunk still leaking from my face and lips as I took his throbbing hard cock into my willing mouth.

“Go on Anna. suck it you tart,” he urged me on.

Behind me I felt Stan’s cock plunge up my arsehole. I spat out instructions at him, in between greedily sucking on Phillips old, hard cock.

“Fuck my arse. Go on fuck it, I want you all. I want you all in my arse, up my cunt and in my mouth.” I was now in full slut mode. My own sexual desires, cravings and depravity having fully taken over any reaon I had.

“Don’t worry pet,” Stan said from behind me. “You will fucking get it all from us you little slag.”

He then began fucking me steadily and slowly at first, his old cock easily sliding up my arse.

Then he began to build up his speed, really pounding my ass-hole hard and fast. I screamed with both pleasure and pain as this old guys cock pumped in and out of my arse.

“Fucking hell. Fucking hell, screw me,” I pleaded as I begged for Stan to continue drilling me.

Phillip was now wanking his cock directly in front of me. The other guys circling me as I was pounded doggy-style.

Circling me like a pride of lions engulfing their prey. I was now taking a hard and fast anal pounding from old Stan.

“Fucking holy shit,” he shouted. “I’m going to spunk.”

As he said so he withdrew his hard cock from my gaping arsehole and I swung around, taking his cock straight into my mouth to give him a final one or two sucks as he began to spunk up heavily.

He pulled it out of my eager mouth and spunked heavily straight onto my face. Coating me in his old man fat. I was dripping again, dripping in old mans spunk. My young, heavily made up face plastered from Stan’s several heavy spurts.

My arse hole was gaping and my cunt felt like if it was on fire.

Quickly, and as soon as Stan’s cock had twitched its lasts outpourings, I was again on all fours. This time Phillip behind me and Malcolm, Brian and a stiff again Alf in front of me.

I was fucked hard and fast up my wet cunny as spunk slowly trickled down my face, dripping off my chin and coating my suspender style tights as it did so. The tights I had bought exactly for this kind of fun.

For the next few hours I was passed around like a fuck toy.

Phillip fucking me doggy-style, hard and fast up my wet, sloppy cunt. The others having turns in being sucked off by me. They then all switched places. Each of them ploughing my wet aching cunt hole as my tongue lashed against their hard cunt juice soaked pricks.

They also each had a fuck up my arse, again my cunt being finger fucked and my hard clitty played with as my bum hole took a pounding.

Five different old men up my cunt and arse in the same night. I was in slag ecstasy.

My climaxes washed over me. My young pussy was red, swollen and creamy by the end of our fuck session. My arse gaped and sore from the attention of my old predators.

On one occasion I had Brian up my cunt, Alf up my arse and Malcolm in my mouth. Stan and Phillip wanking beside us.

On another both Alf and Stan rammed their cocks into my wet, sloppy pussy. a double helping of cock up my obliging pussy.

They used me for over two hours. Fucking me standing up, on all fours, against the wall, over a chair and me straddling them.

As I was fucked, licked, finger fucked and toyed with I was insulted, called all the derogatory names that Eric had informed Phillip got me hot and wet.

I had one spunk load shot up my arse, one sprayed up my quim and two lots directed at my face simultaneously. Both men spunking at the same time, simply painting me in their cum.

I was awash in geriatric spunk!

By the end of the evening my face was simply a gooey mess. Each spunk layer being left and added to.

My cunt stank and dripped cum, both mine and the guys. My arse was flooding out white, frothy spunk. My tights had been totally ripped, torn and were hanging off me.

My shoes however had miraculously stayed on!

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