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Empty Nest

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On the surface the two couples seemed to be too different to have much in common; but, as they say, looks can be deceiving.

Darren and Jane on one hand were the quintessential urban family couple. Expressive, vocal, involved, engaged — the best way to describe them both was “Larger than Life”. They coached, managed and volunteered countless hours over the years with the kids’ sports. They were tireless fundraisers for charities and good-causes all over the place. Always busy, always doing, always larger than life.

Rob and Barb, on the other hand were much, much quieter. They kept to themselves, didn’t makes waves, were great sports parents but preferred to keep in the background and keep their family matters more private. They were great people, just not “out there” like their good friends.

The only thing that these two couples really had in common was their kids — the younger ones to be exact. Both couples had older sons that had completely different interests, but the girls, Catherine and Amy, met on the soccer pitch and started a friendship that spilled over to hockey and brought these two very different families together. As the girls grew up the two families had a great, comfortable relationship; never spending too much time together, but meeting up regularly to trade war stories as the girls hockey paths went in different directions. Darren and Jane appreciated the calm counsel and away-from-the-rat-race quiet that an evening with their friends brought while Rob and Barb loved to live vicariously through the couple that always seemed to be doing something.

But..change was in the air. The two boys had been away at school for a couple of years, but Catherine and Amy had just left home to go off to university — both on hockey scholarships and at two rival schools about two hours apart and about 4 hours from home. While both couples figured that their kids would come home to live for a while after university (don’t they all!), the four parents were all, at least temporarily, empty nesters.

It was a beautiful, late summer day and the two couples had finally re-connected after the frenzied period of getting kids off to college and coming to terms with the fact that they had to let go and couldn’t be there to help. Once the four of them (the moms especially) had worked through their anxiety and supposed loss of “purpose”, they all realized that they could finally become more couple-centred and hedonistic and the possibilities seemed endless. As they sat around in Darren and Jane’s kitchen preparing dinner they traded stories about how their lives had changed already.

“I have so much more room in my basement now that all that hockey equipment is gone — AND it smells wayyy better!” was Jane’s observation.

“Yeah, and it seems so weird to not run into the house, stuff a sandwich down my throat and run right back out to a game or practice”, said Barb. “How bout you Darren? What’s the thing you notice the most?”

“You’ll just laugh when I tell you.”

“No we won’t, I promise! Well, maybe not!”

“Well, I appreciate not having to constantly walk around with a towel on after I shower! Once I dry off, if I want to go to the fridge to get something or read the paper — whatever, I can do it!” was Darren’s response. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m no nudist, but it’s nice not having to have doors closed, peak around corners when you have to get a towel or put bloody underwear on just to go to bed!”

“I hear you buddy”, Rob replied, “It’s going to be nice not to have to hear DAAAAD! Gross! All the time”

“You two are pigs; loveable, wonderful pigs, but pigs nonetheless”, said Barb, “but I agree, having no kids in the house is taking me a while to process, but I really think I’m going to enjoy it!”

The two couples enjoyed a great meal, catching up as only good friends can, with that pleasant familiarity that makes it seem like they had just seen each other the day before. They talked about how the girls were doing, how the boys were doing and started making plans to travel together when the two girls would face each other for the first time as hockey opponents. After dinner and more wine than any of them would normally drink (“Why the hell not — after all I don’t have to get up to take anyone to the rink tomorrow!’) they all repaired to the backyard hot tub after changing into their suits.

It was a perfect night; warm with just a hint of breeze, the air fragrant with the last of the summer roses, a clear, star-filled sky, no bugs to “bug” them and the serenity that comes with knowing that there’s nothing pressing that demands your attention.

“Mmmmm, these bubbles always feel sooo good”, Barb sighed, “besides seeing you guys, this is always the best part of coming to visit!”

“I know, doesn’t it just make the stress float away and put you in such a different frame of mind”? Jane asked.

“I’ll bet you two have done a lot more than “relax” in here when it’s just the two of you!” challenged Rob.

Laughing, Darren replied, “Well, it’s been known to happen, but with all the “enquiring minds” around, not nearly as often as I would have liked! Maybe now that it’s just the two of us, my stunning wife will be more…ahh…available!”

“You wish loverboy!” Jane teased and leaned over and gave him a kiss that was more than perfunctory, but less than sexual.

Still, it wasn’t far off from sexual and between the new found sense of freedom, the wine and the perfect night, Darren found himself a little less than “relaxed” in one part of his anatomy. He was happy that he was seated in the tub and that the bubbles and his loose suit were there to prevent an embarrassing moment. What he didn’t know was that, from the minute they had entered the tub, Jane had sat in her “favourite place” where the jets hit her “just so” even through her modest one piece bathing suit and she was getting pretty darn horny!

Darren chuckled, “Yeah, I do wish! But if you give me many more kisses like that one, the wishing will be over and the doing something about it will start!” He looked over at his very bemused friends and gave them an exaggerated wink.

“Promises, Promises” was Jane’s come back and she moved over closer to her husband put her arm around him and gave him another kiss, this one more intimate with just a hint of her tongue.

Neither Rob nor Barb knew exactly what to make of this, so they just sat there with a kind of amused, surprised expression. This wasn’t like Jane; while outgoing and expressive, she was also very much a lady and was always very aware of people’s perceptions of her and her family. Barb thought that she must be just fooling around and that the wine was going to her head a bit.

For her part, Jane was also wondering what had gotten into her. While never shying away from a ribald joke or the teasing passes some of the hockey dads would throw her way, she was really pretty private when it came to intimacy. This behaviour was very unlike her. She was all about hugs and pecks on the cheek in public, but would never even let Darren grab her ass if someone could see them. She wondered to herself if it was the wine, the company and the bubbles, but came to realize that her newfound sense of freedom was finally expressing itself.

Darren was, quite honestly, shocked by his wife’s actions. Here was this wonderful, warm, sexy woman who was very private about their private life getting very “not-private” in front of other people, albeit good friends. He knew better than to push it for fear of her wrath when Rob and Barb left for the evening and was quite content to look forward to a very hot session later that night. However, when Jane quite blatantly reached under the water and started rubbing his now very hard cock, the logic centre in his brain shut down and the logic centre in his OTHER brain took over. After quickly coming to the conclusion that he could defend himself to her later by saying the she started it, Darren leaned over, grabbed his wife’s head and turned it to face him and roughly kissed her and forced his tongue into his mouth. He was half-expecting Jane to bite down on his tongue and push him away but was pleasantly surprised when she not only returned the kiss with an equal amount of fervour but also swung around and straddled his lap, pinning him to his seat.

Rob and Barb were, to say the least, completely blown away by the scene that was unfolding before them. Neither couple had ever done anything like that in each other’s company — not even close. New Year’s Eve parties brought a boozy, affectionate kiss from each other’s partners, as did birthday parties and anniversaries. There was rarely even as much as a joking pass made by any of them, such was the amount of respect they had for each other’s privacy. There was no drunken skinny-dipping, no male-initiated “let’s play strip poker” comments or even any private discussions between the two girls or between the two guys. So, as Darren and Jane continued to venture further and further over “the line”, Rob and Barb both realized together that perhaps their friends were looking for some privacy. So, Rob stood up, hoping no-one would notice his stiffening cock, took Barb by the hand and quietly led her to the house where they could dry off and go home and leave their friends to have a fucking good time!

By now, both Darren and Jane were too much under their pheromone-driven spell to care. It only vaguely registered on either of them that the water was being sloshed around in the tub as Rob and Barb exited. Darren was busy squeezing Jane’s ass and Jane was equally busy with her hand inside Darren’s swim trunks, making her husband growl with desire. Along with their outgoing, gregarious personalities, their “Larger than Life” persona as a couple extended to their physical makeup. Darren was an elite athlete in his youth, playing hockey and football and carrying the broad, barrel chest, wide shoulders and powerful legs that all athletes do. Now, approaching 50, he worked out as often as he could to keep broad and wide from becoming thick and fat. Despite a few pounds around his middle, he was still a powerful, intimidating presence. Jane was no different; after all they met in college, both athletes. Jane’s sports were hockey, of course, as well as field lacrosse. She worked out with Darren when she could and it wouldn’t be a stretch to think of her as a typical MILF — big juicy ass, large breasts with just a bit of sag and, like Darren, just a couple of extra inches around her waist. Also like Darren, she was tall and intimidating and perfectly matched the description given to her by Darren’s college roommate — “She’s a fucking Amazon!”

Lost in the pleasure, Jane reached down and dragged Darren’s swimsuit off. It took every last ounce of discretion for Darren to not rip Jane’s suit right from her body, but instead almost frantically helped her get naked. He grabbed her under the arms and lifted her onto the top of the tub and was just about to bury his face in her neatly trimmed snatch when she stopped him.

“Jesus honey, I am so horny right now, but can we go inside, it’s just a wee bit cool to really enjoy out here”, Jane said.

“Fine by me,” Darren replied and lifted his large frame from the tub, helped his wife get out and fairly started dragging her toward the house. “Hey, what happened to Rob and Jane do you think?”

“Oh god, I’d almost forgotten about them; I’m going to have to phone and apologize tomorrow, that must have freaked them right out! They must have gone into the house, dress…..”

As Jane entered the house she stopped in mid-sentence because just ahead of them, on their living room floor, was Barb on all fours with her butt in the air, with Rob behind her, with his cock buried in her pussy! When Rob realized they had an audience, he stopped in mid-stroke.

Jane froze, Darren froze, Rob froze, Barb froze; time stood still. The four looked from face to face to face to face. Darren noticed that Barb’s face was an odd combination of lust and mortification, but he soon figured out which emotion was the overwhelming one, as she slowly, tentatively started to rock back onto Rob’s cock, silently urging him to continue and just as slowly and just as tentatively Rob started sawing back into his wife.

This was pretty much sensory overload for Darren, who was wild with lust even before seeing his best friends “in flagrante dilecto.” He tugged on Jane’s hand and was quickly dragging her past Rob and Jane to their bedroom when he had a thought. He stopped, put his hands on Jane’s shoulders and gently pushed her to the carpet beside Barb. Jane put up a cursory protest but knew that she had long ago crossed any line she formerly had and wantonly spread her legs so her husband could take her.

Darren was not to be denied and he sunk to the floor behind his wife, beside his good friend and lined up his raging cock next to Jane’s dripping pussy. After rubbing her pussy lips with his cock he set just the head inside her, grabbed her hips and with a snarl simultaneously gunned his hips forward while viciously pulling Jane’s hips backward, completely impaling her.

“Ohhhh, fuuuuuck!” was all Jane could muster as her husband fucked her like a mad demon, their bodies lewdly smacking together on each of Darren’s forceful thrusts.

Two feet over, things were going just fucking great as well! After getting over the initial shock of getting caught, Barb gave into the pleasure and figured “in for a penny, in for a pound.” In the state she was in, she wasn’t about to stop and wanted, no, needed Rob’s cock inside her. The one tiny piece of modestly she allowed herself was to turn her face away from the scene playing out to her right and just let herself enjoy the pleasure of Rob’s beautiful cock. Her moans and cries filled the room as her husband just plain fucked her!

It had certainly been a night of firsts. In all of Darren’s varsity athletics days he had never had sex with others in the room; since he and Jane had been married, the closest thing he got to what was happening was the occasional porn movie when he had the house to himself. It couldn’t possibly get any better than this..then it hit him.

He slowed his mad thrusting into Jane slightly so he could silently get Rob’s attention. He looked his friend in the eye, pointed at himself and then pointed at Barb; then, he pointed at Rob and pointed down to Jane; smiled devilishly and nodded. Rob’s eyes bulged and a thousand thoughts bolted through his head at once. He couldn’t believe that Barb was letting him do this in front of their friends and couldn’t imagine her not freaking out at the thought of swapping partners. Still, he was a regular guy and couldn’t deny that the thought of watching his wife with another man, while he fucked that other man’s wife was something that had never crossed his mind. He just never thought it would be Darren and Jane and never thought it would really happen. He had to admit though that he had often fantasized about fucking Jane and this would be, he was quite sure, his only chance.

All the while, Jane’s evolved brain and primitive brain were waging a battle of wills. She had NEVER done anything like this, had honestly never even given it a thought, but the sheer pleasure of having Darren fucking her, no POUNDING her, while their friends were doing the same thing right beside them had her base human instinct winning out. She was so consumed in lust she was barely coherent, only able to emit grunts and gasps each time Darren drove his cock home into her dripping snatch, her tits swinging wildly as they fucked. However, she did notice right away when Darren pulled his cock from her, thinking that he was probably pulling out so he didn’t cum too quickly. She closed her eyes and took a breath, eagerly anticipating the re-entry of the cock that was giving her such bliss.

What re-entered her however, was something entirely different. Her eyes popped open widely and she quickly turned back to see what Darren had thrust into her, thinking that it must be a fucking baseball bat! She was shocked therefore to see the smiling face of her dear friend Rob who was attached to a cock that was noticeably bigger than even her husband’s oversized fuckstick! This, she would have never guessed in a hundred years would be true. Rob, their wonderful friend, but their slight, slim, quiet, almost nerdy friend was also their HUNG friend. Now she was way too far gone to care and just gave into the pleasure and having this big, fat cock inside her.

Barb thought the same thing as Jane when her husband pulled out of her. “No wonder he’s close,” she thought, “this is about as hot of a scene as you could imagine.” But when Darren’s slightly smaller, but still beautiful cock entered her, just as Rob slid into Jane, she freaked. It was one thing to fuck in front of your friends, it was completely another to fuck your friends. Immediately she started protesting, “No, no, this isn’t right,” and tried to move away from Darren.

It was really no contest.

It was a combination of a few factors that got Barb past her fears. First, her tiny, 5’4″ slender frame was no match for the comparatively hulking Darren. Second, Darren’s lust had taken him to a whole difference place and he wasn’t going to be denied. Third, she looked over briefly at Jane and saw a look of pure bliss on her face and fourth, Darren had the most wonderful set of low-hanging balls that were banging into her clit on each thrust and those, combined with the fact that he was fucking her harder than her husband had ever dreamed of, put her over the edge and made her a slave to the pleasure.

“Ohhhh fuck, ohhhh fuck,” was all Barb could muster as Darren mercilessly pounded into her. Like before, she feebly attempted some modicum of modesty by turning her face, which was flat to the floor, away from the scene that was being played out beside her.

Darren would have none that. This was primal, this was instinctive and nothing to be denied. Barb would not be allowed to separate herself from what she was doing so Darren completely impaled himself inside her reached around her hips and easily picked her up and manoeuvred them so they were more facing the other two and went back to fucking his friend. Then, to heighten the experience, he got up from his knees, squatted over Barb, reached down and turned her head to directly face his wife and her husband. As he re-inserted his turgid cock into this new pussy, he leaned forward and put his huge hand on Barb’s head, preventing her from looking away.

“Now, watch your husband fucking my wife as I fuck you!” he hissed as he went back to pounding into Barb.

In contrast to Darren’s animalistic rutting with Barb, Rob was much less forceful with Jane — but it didn’t matter. Despite Darren’s more-than-average cock, Rob was hitting places inside Jane that had never been hit before, and her pussy seemed stretched beyond anything she could have imagined possible. Every one of Rob’s senses was in overdrive. The visual feast before his eyes was overwhelming: his wife being brutally fucked by his friend with him looking down on that big, juicy ass that he had long admired. The sounds of their fucking was like any porn movie you could rent: assorted “Oh my gods,” gasps, moans, groans and the wonderful slapping of thighs meeting thighs and tits wildly slapping together. The room was starting to fill with that intoxicating, pheromone-addled aroma of SEX. Pussy juice and sweat were mixing to make even the best bouquet of roses seem rancid by comparison. And touch….well…fuck yeah, he was touching her! In all the best places. His cock was loving this strange pussy. So tight, yet sooo happily receiving him. His hands were all over Jane’s back and ass. She was his height, probably even outweighed him or close to it, yet, somehow, she was so feminine, so desirable. To finish off his sensory journey, he looked down and saw a fine sheen of sweat forming on Jane’s back and leaned down and ran his tongue along her spine, sweeping up the sweet nectar and sending shivers through his lover.

This was all that Jane needed — the thundering orgasm that had been building up would no longer be denied.

“Oh, my fucking GOD!!!!!!!!” she screamed as Rob’s cock sent her plunging over the edge and her whole body shook in release. This orgasm was one for the ages. While not being fucked particularly hard like she enjoyed, the combination of Rob’s fat cock and the unbelievable scenario had Jane gasping for air, moaning uncontrollably and had her pussy going wild spasming around its pleasure-giving invader. She summoned all of her strength and forced herself backwards, trying to get every single millimetre of meat inside her as she came. Her reward was Rob’s final thrust into her and the feeling of his cock impossibly swelling as his cum exploded from his balls and completely painted the inside of her pussy. Both of their orgasms went on and on with the two of them grinding into one another in an effort to wring every last modicum of pleasure from their coupling.

Watching all of this wanton fucking unfold, Barb and Darren were doing just fine. They too were approaching the Orgasm Avenue exit on the Fuck Freeway and could hardly wait to get there. Barb had NEVER been fucked this hard before; Darren was, for lack of a better term, punishing her pussy; every thrust bringing a lustful gasp from his lover. Darren, upon seeing his wife in the throes of a jaw-slacking orgasm couldn’t hold out a second longer. With one final, thunderous thrust he impaled Barb on his cock and released a geyser of cum into her. This final thrust was also accompanied by one last slap of his balls against Barb’s distended clit and sent her to her own toe-curling, screaming orgasm.

In the next 30 seconds or so, the breathing among the foursome started to return to normal, but the lust level remained on Def Con 1! Darren was the first to have any kind of rational thought — if you could call it that. He simply came down from the “cum high” first and the first thought that came to his mind was that he had to act fast before everyone would come to their senses and the fun would end. His cock was still like a stone and he wasn’t done with Barb just yet. Thinking quickly, he bent down, easily scooped her up like she was a feather (with his strength, she basically was) and strode off down the hallway to the spare bedroom to have another go. Almost tossing her on the bed, he was at her in a flash — he knew he had to get her back “into” fucking before her rational mind took over.

He was worrying for nothing.

Barb was definitely ready and definitely willing to keep going. In a remote, far-off place in her brain she knew that this was wrong, but right here, right now, she needed MORE — and she would deal with the fallout later.

Back in the living room, Rob was crazy with lust — this had been easily the wildest thing he had ever experienced sexually and he didn’t want it to end. However, the ever thoughtful, ever considerate Rob didn’t want to take advantage and hesitated if only for a second. Jane on the other hand, was anything but hesitant. She turned around, pushed Rob to the carpet, straddled him and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I need some more of this big, fat cock!” as she closed her eyes and savoured every single inch as she impaled herself. It had been years since she had had an uncut cock and never one this big. She swore she could feel the head sheathing and unsheathing inside her as she rode it. Rob was in heaven as this voluptuous woman and her magic pussy was sending him to new heights of bliss. Such bliss that for the moment he almost forgot about his wife and what was happening to her.

What WAS happening to Barb, at that moment was that Darren was tormenting her. After tossing her on the bed, he dragged her to the edge where he threw her legs over his powerful shoulders and initially rubbed all around her pussy with his cock, but had now pushed into her and was slowing sawing in and out of her. This was pleasant, but similar to what she was used to. What she wanted was to be taken, to be used for pleasure. She couldn’t remember a time when she felt more feminine than she had back in the living room with Darren pounding into her like an animal.

She looked up at her lover and said, “Please Darren, fuck me as hard as you did before — please — just take me — use me!” Darren had the vague notion that if you could bottle words and put them into pill form, those last words from Barb would be the greatest aphrodisiac known to man. He fairly growled at her, “Well then my beautiful slut, get ready cause I’m going to fuck you so you will be sore for a month!” He wanted to take her in this manner, with Barb on her back because he wanted to touch and taste her amazing tits — which were pretty oversized for such a small girl. Just before he started his all-out assault, he allowed himself a brief moment to bend down and ravish her tits. First, flattening his tongue out, he gave them a complete tongue bath and then went for her nipples, on which, he was quite sure, he could hang his laundry. They stuck out, long and impossibly hard from the firm globes and Darren couldn’t resist the temptation. After taking them into his mouth, he sucked hard on each one, bringing appreciative gasps from Barb. Then, insane with lust, he bit down hard (almost too hard) and this caused Barb to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Enough you bastard — FUCK ME — now!” she hissed at him.

Darren was happy to oblige.

He reached down and took hold of those big tits to give him additional leverage and started to pound his cock mercilessly into Barb’s willing pussy. To up the ante, he squeezed those tits of hers and reached up with his thumbs and timed each bottoming-out thrust into her with a rough flicking of each nipple. This was almost more than Barb could handle. Her head was thrashing back and forth on the bed and through her gasps could only muster the occasional “Oh god” or “Yes, yes, yes!” or “Harder, please, Harder.”

A similar scene was unfolding in the living as Rob and Jane has settled into a comfortable, steady pounding. They had alternately fucked with Jane on top, with Jane on her side as Rob pounded into her from behind and were now back with Jane squatting over Rob as he “fucked up” into the pussy that was giving him such exquisite pleasure. All the squats Jane had done over the years were now paying off as she could hold this position for a long time and experience the fattest cock she had ever had plunging into her. As another orgasm approached she closed her eyes in complete concentration and hissed at Rob through gritted teeth, “Yes, yes, yes, right there, right there, right there, keep going, keep going, yes, yes, YESSSSSSS!” As her orgasm washed over her, her pussy flooded and ran down Rob’s cock and completely coating her nether region in sweet, tangy lubrication. She looked down at Rob through lust-crazed eyes and he barely recognized her. Her hair was strewn all over her face, she was covered in sweat and where they were joined was awash in pussy juice. And then he heard her say something he couldn’t believe…

“I want you in my ass.”

“What, ahhh, I mean, are you sure?” Rob said incredulously. “You heard me, you fucker,” now don’t move — I have to see if I can do this.”

With all of the cum that Rob had dumped in her the first time combined with all of the juice her pussy had expelled, lubrication was not going to be a problem. Getting a cock like this inside her ass however, could be, but Jane had to try — it was her competitive, don’t tell me what I can’t do nature. She once again straddled Rob, grabbed his fat cock and lowered herself till it was up against her asshole. She and Darren enjoyed anal sex fairly often and she knew the drill. Relax, realize the initial pain would go away quickly and be patient and you would be greatly rewarded. This was a different deal altogether. When the plum-sized head started to spread her open she gasped in pain and stopped. She tried again and couldn’t relax enough. Rob looked up at her and in a concerned voice said, “Jane, you don’t have to do this — I understand.”

“Shut up!” was hissed back at him almost instantaneously and almost just to spite Rob, threw all caution aside and immediately sank down on his cock, filling her ass with almost half of it in one motion. As Rob’s cock breached the tight muscle of her anus and popped into her, Jane let out an ungodly scream and even had to admit later that it hadn’t been her greatest idea, but like always “no-one tells me that I can’t do something!” It took the pain a good minute or two to subside, but when it did, Jane was left with an almost impossible to comprehend feeling of fullness. She eventually started to tentatively slide slowly up and down Rob’s fat cock and was determined to not stop until he was completely inside of her. When Rob felt his wiry pubic hair nestled into the crack of Jane’s big beautiful butt, he knew he was in a place he had never been before and would probably never be again.

Darren too, had designs on anal sex at the same moment. Little did he know that Barb was of the same mind. Per Barb’s wishes, Darren was almost violently fucking her. Sweat was dripping off of his chin as he pounded her pussy into a frothy mess. He was sure that her tits would be bruised but he was sooo into fucking her he really didn’t care at the moment. He was trying to determine if her submissiveness would extend to her ass when he heard the most amazing words, delivered to him by Barb one word at a time, timed to his relentless bottoming-out thrusts into her pussy.

“Darren…please…will…you…fuck…me…in…the…ass!” “What? Say that again?’ he replied. “Please….I…need…you…to…completely…take…me…OH God…I…want …you…to fuck…my…ass.”

“If I do, it will be just like I’m fucking your pussy — no mercy, no stopping — are you prepared for that? Darren asked, his one and only concession to her feelings.

“Yes…for…fuck…sakes…don’t…ask…me…again…FUCK ME…Dammit!!”

“Don’t you fucking dare move,” Darren commanded and ran into his bedroom to retrieve the tube of lube that he and Jane used when they enjoyed this type of fun. He was squirting a big blob onto his rock-hard cock even as he came back into the guest room and roughly slathered some in and around Barb’s waiting rosebud. He slid a pillow under her back to give him a better angle and pressed his cockhead against Barb’s quivering asshole. It took everything in him not to impale her, but he knew from fucking Jane this way, that if you start anal sex right, it goes right; if you are too forceful you just end up with a mad, hurting wife and a big old set of blue balls. The lube did its job and after some initial resistance the head popped past Barb’s sphincter and he sank most of his cock into her ass. While giving her muscle time to relax, he said to Barb, “Do you like it in the ass?” Barb replied, “Sometimes, but Rob’s almost too big down there to enjoy. Your cock is perfect. The only thing I can’t understand is why you are hesitating. I said I wanted you to fuck my ass — why aren’t you?”

This was all that Darren needed. He started by slowly, relentlessly pushing full length into Barb, bringing an appreciative gasp from her. Once he was fully sheathed inside of her, he grabbed onto his favourite handles and said, “You are going to know that your ass has been fucked very soon.”

A devilish smile crossed Barb’s face as she said, “Prove it you bastard.” She was about to say more, but her breath was taken away by Darren’s first merciless thrust into her coupled with a nearly painful squeezing of her tortured tits. Very little was said after that, as Darren set to work fucking this woman that simply wanted cock. All that was heard from the room for a long time were three things: the sound of bodies slapping lewdly together, Darren’s grunts as attended to Barb’s willing sodomizing and Barb’s occasional gasps as the pleasure built up in her loins.

All of this debauchery was causing Barb to feel the beginnings of an orgasm of biblical proportions. It started in her extremities — her toes and fingers began to tingle with pins and needles. Onward it worked up her arms and legs, down her torso and towards her pussy and ass. It was as if her body was shutting down everything it didn’t need in order to concentrate all sensations in her genitals. Gone now was the flailing of her head and the thrashing of her arms. It was now replaced by a calm focus of reaching the complete height of pleasure. She seemed “there” but just couldn’t find the spark to throw her over the top until Darren struck the match….and reached down and pinched her lewdly swollen clit. The floodgates opened. Barb’s pussy and ass went into full, uncontrolled spasm. Darren had the vague notion that she was having some sort of seizure — her mouth open in a silent scream, barely breathing and whole body shaking uncontrollably — but he was so totally into his own pleasure that he really didn’t care. All he knew was that Barb’s ass had gone into such as orgasmic fit that it felt like it was milking his cock — and in the end it really was. Seeing his lover in such rapture sent him to his own release and he let out an ungodly roar and emptied what, he was sure, was 15 spurts of cum into Barb’s ass. He couldn’t stop cumming and he was glad for it. As the last vestiges of his ejaculation faded away he could no longer support himself and collapsed on top of Barb, totally and utterly spent.

Rob and Jane’s ass-fucking session was hurtling towards its inevitable end as well. Eventually, they shifted places till Jane was happily on all fours again with Rob behind her, totally amazed at what he was seeing below him — his cock, his big, fat cock totally buried in a woman’s ass. Jane’s asshole was stretched obscenely as Rob buggered her and all of this was leading him to the rusty tingle he always felt behind his balls when he was close to cumming.

“Jane,” he gasped between thrusts, “I’m getting close.” “Wait, not yet, not yet — I’m soooo fucking close,” Jane pleaded as she reached between her legs and furiously strummed at her clit. In an effort to ward off his climax Rob chanced pulling out of Jane’s ass, if only for a moment — big mistake!

The site of Jane’s asshole, widely gaped open as a result of its foreign invader was simply too much for Rob’s overheated balls to endure. But, instead of slamming back into Jane’s ass he grabbed his oversized cock, aimed it at her asshole and in three quick strokes was filling that gaping hole up with what seemed like a gallon of cum. Massive amounts of jism splashed into Jane’s ass and feeling it enter her in such a nasty way, combined with her own work on her clit pushed her over the edge and she collapsed flat on the carpet legs quivering in release, with Rob, collapsed on top of her, his cock nestled between her ass-cheeks.

Darren’s breathing and heart rate had finally slowed down enough that he was able to function again. He looked up at Barb, who also seemed to be slowly recovering.

“Maybe we should go see what’s going on in the living room — I heard some loud noises earlier but it’s quiet now.” Barb nodded in agreement and just as they exited the bedroom into the hallway, they nearly bumped into Rob and Jane who were coming to check on them.

When the two couples came face to face, the evening’s events all flooded back to each of them and there were four immediate instances of complete panic. For the second time that evening Jane froze, Darren froze, Rob froze and Barb froze. However, Darren took a quick stock of their assorted body language. No clenched jaws, no fingers being balled into a fist, no furrowed brows of worry, no eyes welling up with tears — it just seemed like they were all trying to figure out what each other was thinking and feeling. Darren would later compare it to the first minutes after your car spins out of control and ends up in the ditch. No-one moves, but everyone takes stock of everyone else — no broken bones, no cuts, no bruises — everyone is ok.

The first to betray any kind of emotion was Rob — and it wasn’t much. A small, sheepish grin started to work its way across his face, but that was all that was needed for the group to know that, while it was maybe not ok, it was “ok.”

Jane was the first to speak. “OH….MY…..GOD!!!!!!!” was all she could get out before the other three burst into laughter. “Did we just do that?” she exclaimed. They all looked at each other and realized that they were all a sweaty, smelly bunch. Darren, realizing that he might need to do some damage control said, “Guys, I don’t know about you, but I really need to take a shower. He nodded to Rob and Barb and said, “There are plenty of towels in the closet right here and you can use the main bathroom.” He took Jane by the hand and let her to the master bedroom and their ensuite. Without talking, he started up the shower and pulled Jane in with him. Looking at her and able to talk privately to her he said apprehensively, “Are you ok?” “Well,” Jane replied, “I have a mighty sore ass and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to walk normally for a few days, but other than that I’m doing fine.”

“A sore ass? Don’t tell me you took that big thing in your ass!” Darren said incredulously. Jane chuckled, “Hey, you know me and a challenge. I almost couldn’t do it, but I wasn’t going to give in. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so damn competitive!”

“But honey, you know I didn’t mean are you ok physically — hell — you were a mess when I first saw you — hair all over the place and cum dripping down your leg. I really meant, are you ok with what happened? I’m really scared that this is going to mess us up and I don’t want that. You are the most import…”

Jane stopped him with a loving, affectionate and intimate kiss. “Darren, you are the only one for me. I can’t believe what I just did, but I refuse to regret it. Rob and Barb are our dearest friends and although it’s completely against my nature, if we were ever going to do something like this, I’m so glad it was with them. Honey, I’m fine. Honestly, I’m fine. If I wasn’t so unfuckingbelievably sore right now, I’d show you how much I love you, but I can’t imagine having another thing inside me right now.

Darren laughed out loud, “Don’t worry — Mr. Happy here is definitely too pooped to play anyway. I just need you to know how much I love you and that honestly, this changes nothing about the way I feel about you.”

“I know baby, I know; now, lets get out and dry off and talk to Rob and Barb and make sure that they are ok too.”

Ten minutes later four sore, satiated and thoroughly relaxed adults were sitting in robes around the kitchen table, drinking coffee. Back in place was much of the respectful distance they had always enjoyed, but it had changed — and changed forever.

“Jane,” Barb said, “Thank you for being so brave and starting this.”

Jane replied, “I honestly can say it wasn’t my plan, at least not consciously. Maybe somewhere in this crazy mind of mine I wanted to, but it wasn’t something I ever really thought about.”

“Well,” said Barb, “whatever your motivation, I can tell you I have absolutely no regrets. Rob is the love of my life and always will be. Baby, you are the best lover I’ve ever had, but I have to say, being absolutely taken by Darren, giving myself totally to him, was something I’ll never forget.”

“Seems like we all were able to experience something new tonight,” opined Rob.

Darren, however, was still concerned. “Hey guys, I know we all had fun and this is a night I will always remember, but is this going to hurt our friendship? I mean, it would kill me if this whole thing got between us all.”

Barb set his mind at ease, “Darren honey, our friendship is wayyy too strong to let a wonderful night like this effect it. It’s a great memory, something that we will always have. Do I want a repeat? Do I want to make this a regular thing? I honestly don’t know. What I loved about this is that it wasn’t planned — it was completely spontaneous. I don’t think I could be in one of those “lifestyle” relationships where it was common and expected. I do know that if the mood was right next week, next month, next year, next whenever I wouldn’t say no, but you don’t have to worry that I’m going to walk into your house and make a pass at you. I would expect the same from you and I would expect that you guys feel the same way,” nodding at Jane and Rob.

After the other two agreed with Barb, Darren started to relax. He also realized that he had just spent the most memorable evening of his sexual life with the woman he loved more than anything else in the world and was able to share it with two people that meant the world to him. No-one got hurt, no lives were ruined and everyone had a great time. He smiled both inwardly and outwardly and wondered just what might happen when the four of them made the road trip to see their daughters play hockey in a month’s time…

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