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Earth Mother

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Naomi and I had decided to vacation a little different this time. We drove out to Flagstaff, Arizona, and got a room for the week at a little motel outside of town. For two days, we didn’t leave the room except for regular excursions by me to get food.

I suppose that, after telling you that, I probably don’t need to tell you that Naomi spent those two days mainly naked.

I probably also don’t need to tell you that she was a little sore after two days of almost constant sex.

She’s always been proud of the fact that she needs little rest after a session and can achieve multiple orgasms with astonishing regularity. Her vagina, breasts, and asshole had withstood several regular pleasurings from my tongue and fingers. She’d had a good time.

Still, it’s only natural that she would want a rest and, after those two days, I found her booting up the laptop to find us some interesting sights to take in the next day. She found an old Indian village nearby that we could tour and, after enduring a post-lunch screw, she showered (locking me out this time) and got dressed for our afternoon trek.

We went out to the middle of nowhere, or as I like to call it, Bumfuck, Egypt, and “discovered” this village. Hey, if Columbus can “discover” a place where 20 million people live, I can “discover” a village of 200. We traipsed around, taking pictures and talking to tour guides. It was actually rather neat.

We’d spent the better part of two hours there and Naomi came up to me, a twinkle in her eyes. “Hey, sexy, they’re performing a fertility ritual tonight and the public’s invited. Wanna watch?”

The twinkle, not to mention her pert and erect nipples, told me that the idea made her quite horny. The unspoken promise of what I would get when we got back made me horny, too. Not that that’s a great accomplishment, but still.

“Sure!” I enthused. She hugged me, her hand brushing my crotch and lingering just long enough for me to get the idea. My dick lurched a little against her hand and she grinned by way of response.

We went our separate ways and wandered about. She found me shortly thereafter and told me about a quiet place in the village that had just an awesome view. Not much of a twinkle there, so I knew she was really talking about the view, not me viewing awesome places on her. She took me by the hand and I followed. It wasn’t long until we were away from the crowds.

The view really was awesome, the painted desert reminding me of Southwestern art that I’d always loved. I put my arms around her and inhaled the scent of her hair, a smile crossing my face. She sighed contentedly and squeezed my arm against her. There was no hurry to our steps as we turned to walk away from the amazing vista.

A movement in one of the buildings caught my eye and I stopped. Naomi had also seen it and said, “Hey, let’s check it out.”

I was hesitant, but followed anyway. She entered the dark room and passed through it to an interior room. A heavy blanket was pushed out of the way by her small hand and we entered.

The only light in the room came from candles that surrounded it. A woman sat in the center of the room, completely nude. I started to apologize for our intrusion, but Naomi’s hand covered my mouth. I nodded because I felt it, too. We knew that we were meant to find her.

She was huge. I mean, she had to weigh over 400 pounds, the mounds of her flesh stacked atop one another like rounded blocks. Her face betrayed the Indian heritage while her coloring argues for Mexican. Her thick, black hair was tied back in a rope whose end curled up on the blanket she sat on and rested beside her enormous ass. Her breasts were massive, each easily the size of my head, with huge brown nipples that stuck out as if in perpetual arousal. She sat cross-legged, her brown snatch hidden by a thick swatch of black pubic hair. Her thighs and calves were in proportion to the rest of her body.

I would be lying if I told you that the idea of a woman of such a size didn’t sicken me slightly.

But, she was the exception. I found myself not only not sickened at the sight of her enormous nude figure, but very aroused.

I looked over at Naomi and she nodded slightly. She pushed her t-shirt off over her head, exposing her own proud breasts to the cool air of the room. I knew the hardness of her nipples had nothing to do with the temperature of the room. She was just as turned on as I was.

Naomi slid her shorts down to the floor and kicked off her flip-flops before sliding off her red thong panties.

The enormous woman watched her silently as she strode over and kneeled down on the blanket. One large brown hand came up and they kissed, chastely. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen Naomi kiss a woman, but it was the first time I’d seen her do it with a closed mouth, like how you would kiss your sister or your mother. Something about it made me totally hard and I reached down to unzip my beige shorts, releasing my full erection into the open air.

Neither woman noticed as I undressed. They seemed content just to gaze into each other’s eyes, Naomi’s deep green to the woman’s bottomless brown. I dropped the last of my clothing to the floor as Naomi bent to take one gargantuan breast into her mouth. As her lips encircled the engorged nipple, Naomi collapsed into the woman’s spacious lap. There she was cradled like a baby, suckling mother’s teat, her pale skin a stark contrast to the woman’s dark hues.

Her right arm around Naomi’s shoulders, the woman started to rock back and forth while her left hand slid down Naomi’s body to the vee between her thighs. Her fingers lazily traced through the short blond curls left after her bikini wax. Naomi continued to suck, moans of joy escaping from around that massive nipple while the woman stroked her. Naomi’s legs spread wide and the woman’s fat fingers spread her thick lips and began to fondle her distended clitoris. Naomi’s head came away from that titanic breast and she gasped, a wordless cry of pure pleasure emitting from her. A second later, she returned to her suckling as the woman fingered her.

Part of me wanted to rush upon them and fill my Naomi with my erection, then my seed. A stronger part of me commanded me to stay back and enjoy the spectacle, just as I had enjoyed the view of the desert before, a miracle that most would never behold. I watched the large woman’s fingers, coated with Naomi’s thick fluid, stroke her clit and plunge back into her well, freshening the fluids every few seconds. Naomi’s hips rocked and the woman backed off, letting her settle down. She pushed one thick digit into Naomi’s glistening opening, then another, finally a third. She stroked Naomi’s g-spot with her fingers while her thumb focused on Naomi’s glowing clit.

Naomi’s head again came away from that heavy breast and she screamed a cry of pure magnificent pleasure. Her orgasm seemed to last days, although it was only a few minutes. She shook and screamed, squealed and wept tears of unequaled happiness as she came, over and over again. The entire time, the woman continued to stroke her, inside and out, a small smile on her lips. Naomi came down from her heights and the woman slid her fingers out and wriggled them at me. Her smile was wide and her eyes were locked on mine.

I pulled them away to watch Naomi slide from her lap and fall asleep, a content smile on her face. I looked back at the woman and knew nothing but unequivocal desire. She crooked one glistening finger at me, then rolled her back to me, pushing herself up to her knees and spreading her massive legs.

Her pussy veritably glowed with her juices, the lips swollen and thick, the folds open to receive me. I had to fight not to run to her. I crossed the room slowly and fell to my knees behind her. I knew she was wet enough to accommodate an inordinately large erection, the biggest I’d ever had. The small quiet part of my brain questioned how long I would last inside of her.

I pushed it into her and she grunted, a pleased sound that made me as happy as all of Naomi’s cries of orgasm. As easily as she took me in, I half-expected her to be loose. But she was incredibly tight, not virgin-tight, but nearly so. It almost felt like I wore a condom, but I hadn’t taken the time to put one on. I hadn’t even brought one with me.

For just a second, the craziness of the situation came through to me. Here I was, in the middle of nowhere, where an enormously fat woman had just fingered my girlfriend to a powerful orgasm and now I was balls-deep in the same woman, sans condom, not knowing whether or not she was on the pill. For all I knew, she had AIDS and was ovulating with a terrible case of crabs, genital warts, and gonorrhea. For a moment, I felt like pulling out, waking Naomi, and running away as fast as I could.

Then, she moved.

And I was transported to the shores of pleasure. For a brief second, I knew that this was how good it had felt for this enormous, beautiful woman to caress Naomi. I began to rock against her as she pushed back against me. Every motion was a reawakening of every pleasure center in my body. It seemed to last hours as I mindlessly pumped away, my erection pressing into her depths, then pulling out. We set a slow pace for our screwing and maintained it without thought. I could feel her clench me every time I pushed into her and release as I drew away. The sensation finally too much, I plunged into her and she moaned.

Lights exploded in my head and I think I lost consciousness as my semen flowed like a river into her waiting womb. The slick walls of that wondrously-tight vagina massaged my spasming member, milking it into her warm channel. I almost passed out, tears flowing down my face as I laid my head on her back.

My dick stayed in her for a long while before I started to soften. When I did, a soft “plop” announced that I had slid out of her warmth. The tears started anew for a second and I worried that the most magnificent experience I had ever had would be ruined by this melancholy that had settled on me.

When I felt her begin to rise, I sat up straight. She turned and hugged me, then kissed me chastely on the mouth. She nodded at Naomi’s still-sleeping form and I nodded to her, leaning forward to get another kiss, longer this time, but still chaste. I laid down behind Naomi and put my arm around her. She wiggled her body as close to mine as she could, still asleep. I smiled and pillowed my head on my arm, suddenly overcome by a leaden desire to sleep.

We were alone when I awoke, the oversize blanket wrapped around us. Naomi woke up then, too, looking around at our surroundings. I pushed the blanket off of us and we sat up, looking at each other, her green eyes sparkling in the candlelight, my blue eyes reflecting hers. Neither of us spoke and we leaned in together for a gentle kiss. Our mouths opened against each other but it was still a kiss of love, not of lust.

We got up and gathered our clothes, dressing in comfortable silence. We strode out of the dark room, her hand reaching for mine and our fingers interlacing. We walked back to the busy part of the village as the sun was setting. The docent was just starting to describe the rituals attached to the Earth Mother, talking about her mysterious appearances and disappearances.

Naomi and I just smiled at each other, sure of our shared experience. For the woman the docent described was our lover.

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