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E is for Everything

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Steve and Chris had been married for ten years. Or would be on the upcoming weekend. Steve sat reading the morning paper, as was his want, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee his other companion, as Chris hadn’t made her way downstairs yet.

They owned and operated their own floral shop. One of the advantages being that Steve was always bringing home beautiful arrays for his wife.

Most would think that working day in and day out in a floral shop would lose its allure, but the fact of the matter was, Chris loved flowers, and loved the fact that Steve was always creating new arrangements just for her.

Steve smiled. He heard the padding of her bare feet as she descended the stairs from their bedroom heading towards the kitchen. As was usually the case, the aroma of the coffee had finally made its way upstairs where Chris’s super-sensitive nose had been alerted to it, waking it up. And as was usually the case, Chris appeared wearing her shorty powder-blue bathrobe with nothing on underneath. He stood, pouring her coffee setting the cup down on the counter, turning just as she entered the room.

“Morning gorgeous,” he told her as she automatically came towards him as he folded her within his arms. It was something he told her nearly every morning, even though at times she came down stairs still half asleep, her short neck length reddish brown hair mussed, no makeup, and often still sleepy-eyed.

“You’re just horny,” she teased as she allowed him to hug her even more tightly, his hand slipping down her back, lifting briefly the hem of her short robe to give one of her bare cheeks a loving tender caress.

“Aren’t I always?”

Even after ten years the briefest touch of his wife’s body excited him. As though to confirm that, Chris lowered her hand also briefly, feeling the rapidly growing bulge throw his Levi’s.

“Yep!” she confirmed giggling, then changed direction on him, “Coffee?”

It was a game they sometimes played. Steve stood between his wife and the coffee he had poured for her waiting on the counter. She stepped to one side to retrieve it, as did he affectively cutting her off. The game was on. They’d played it often enough that Chris knew it was better to give in, not that she minded giving in, she didn’t. She was just always surprised that Steve would get and receive such satisfaction in looking at her. Even so, she rolled her eyes feigning exasperation even as she reached, undoing the sash holding it together. Chris stepped back, pulling open her robe as though a flasher in a public park.

The view of her cute little nude body never failed to please him.

Chris certainly wasn’t tall. At barely over five feet, her fairly large sized breasts tended to make her look “top-heavy” as she’d often referred to herself. But she knew that just the sight of the “girls” as she lovingly called her boobs, never failed to please her husband.

Steve stood admiring the view as he did each and every time. Unlike the trend or style of the day, Chris had a fuller bush, though she did keep it closely cropped, preferring that rather than the thin narrow strip of pubic hair, as was the fashion.

“Happy now?” she asked. They were still playing the game of course as she allowed her robe to fall, closing. Steve stepped aside, allowing Chris to reach the counter as well as her coffee, which she now sipped, her back towards him.

Steve stepped in behind her, his arms coming around to re-part her robe, which she had failed to re-tie of course. She felt the touch of his fingers as he gently encircled her nipples, already hard, already expectant. Holding on to the coffee cup with both hands, balancing it precariously only inches away from her face as she leaned into the counter for support, eyes closed now, not trusting her weak-knees as she continued to feign indifference, though her pussy felt otherwise. Steve toyed with the “girls” tweaking her erect nipples more fully now, palming the softness of her breasts within his hands, now pressing his fullness against her ass, letting her know as he did his desire, his ever growing need for her.

Chris was too horny this morning to allow their game to continue much longer, giving in to his teasing caress far earlier than usual. “Fuck me!” she breathed. “Oh God Steve, fuck me!” Chris sat the cup of coffee back onto the counter before spilling it, feeling her husbands hands as he fully hiked up the back of her robe, the sound of his belt being unfastened, then the sound of his zipper lowering. It seemed to take an eternity though it was only moments until the press of his firmness against the twin cheeks of her ass told her he was ready.

“Just rub it there for a moment,” she purred, loving the feel of his hard prick as it slid up and down the crevice of her ass. Steve leaned into her even closer, his lips now taking soft tiny bites from her neck, his hands once again busy at her breasts, kneading her flesh, toying with her nipples.

“God I love you,” he sang into her neck, feeling his desire slip easily as though guided by some unseen hand into her liquid passage. Chris moaned pleasurably, feeling his entire length slip inside, her knee’s already buckling though Steve held her easily pinning her there against the counter as he began thrusting his needful prick in and out of her wanton fiery-hot cunt. They came together in a fiery embrace, which they quite often did. Heated, perhaps too short for some, but never-the-less as sweet as it ever was, whenever, or wherever the mood struck or took them.

Chris loved the feel of Steve’s hard prick spurting his semen into her. She felt each and very powerful ejaculation as it bathed the inside of her cunt, the sensation of which most often triggered her own release, where she then joined him, milking his cock with the involuntary contractions of her pussy as she climaxed with him.

Steve stumbled back towards his chair, Jell-O legged himself now, collapsing unceremoniously down as he did, smiling boyishly, satisfied.

Her face still flushed, Chris reached for her coffee, sipping it, her robe semi parted, her full breasts peeking out beneath the material. She looked over the rim of her cup towards her husband, his bare prick not quite as full or hard as it had been, but just as enticing to look at, even as the last tremors of pleasure continued to course through her still quivering sex.

“I think, I need some cream to go along with this coffee,” she stated replacing her cup once again on the counter. She quickly crossed the short distance between them, now down on her knees where he sat, his semi-flaccid prick in hand now as she devoured him, tasting both his essence as well as her own. “You’re going to be late this morning,” she advised, his cock even then inside her mouth as she spoke.

He laughed. “It’s ok, I don’t think the boss will mind much,” he told her. “Oh no…he’s not going to mind much at all!”


Finally collected and composed once again, Steve hurried about gathering keys, his schedule book and a myriad of other things he used in his work. In was now Chris’s turn to sit and relax, as she wouldn’t appear at the store until ten, working slightly later, then closing as Steve attended to last minute deliveries himself, or came home to call on the status of expected incoming shipments.

It was a life they both loved, and loved that they were able to work it and do it together.

“What are the plans for this weekend anyway?” Chris had to ask. Steve had been taunting her with some sort of surprise he’d been working on. But so far, it was about all she’d been able to get out of him. Even one of her ‘world-class’ blowjobs had failed in forcing him to reveal what it was he’d been up to. Steve merely gave her the same evil grin that he had given her before.

“Oh come on Steve!” she pleaded earnestly. “I need to know something! I need to know what to plan to wear if nothing else!” He did pause at that, thinking.

“To be honest with you honey, it really doesn’t matter what you wear!”

“Oh that’s a big fucking help!” she said exasperatedly. “So if I wear nothing but shorts and a tee-shirt it would be ok?”

“Works for me!” he teased.



They both laughed, the vulgarity of their words affectionate, taunting with promises of even more passion and delight expected.

“Remember what I told you ten years ago?” he asked.

“Oh sure, I remember everything you told me ten years ago,” she replied sarcastically.

Steve laughed finally locating his keys. “I told you then, that when we’d been married ten years, that I wanted you to experience anything, everything you’ve ever dreamed of,” he told her.

“I already do,” she replied demurely. “I have everything, everything I’ve ever wanted or needed. I have you!”

Her words made him smile, but she saw by the look in his eyes that he was being quite serious too.

“Not quite everything,” he told her. “There is much we’ve discussed, spoken about before. Things we’ve wondered about, curious to see, curious to try. Let’s just say that this weekend will give you that opportunity. The opportunity to experience anything and everything you’ve ever imagined, or ever been curious about,” he said cryptically.

“Could you be just a little more clear?” she asked hopefully. There was a LOT they had spoken of, talked about over the years. Their dreams, their goals, their “curiosities” as they’d called them.

“I’m already late enough as it is,” he informed her heading towards the door. Turning just in time to see the very real look of frustration on her face. “Wear that sexy black little cock-tail dress I got you last year,” he said grinning. Waited long enough to catch her smile, and then left for work.


Even at the shop Chris tried pressing Steve for details. But he was as closed mouth about whatever it was he had planned as he had ever been. Even when their extra counter help Janice had left for lunch, leaving the two of them alone briefly, as Chris slowly, teasingly, tantalizingly sucked Steve off in the cooler, even then he stood firm without giving in to her inquiries.

“You really are a prick you know that?” she scolded.

“Cunt!” he fired back.

“Yes, your cunt. Now…come and eat me for lunch,” she demanded. “Before Janice returns and finds us like this.”

“I don’t think she’d mind,” Steve said parting his wife’s legs as she sat on one of the counters leaning back. “I think she knows when we’re horny, and why she takes sudden unexpected breaks or lunches. I’ve seen her giggling a time or two after she’s caught me grabbing one of your breasts, or when you’ve slipped your hands down the front of my pants when you thought no one was looking.”

Chris was blushing with the thought of discovery, and the knowledge that Janice wasn’t as naive as she often appeared. Her blush soon turned to a flush of excitement however as Steve hungrily sat down for lunch.


She looked sexy as hell and she knew it. Her black dress was just short enough without being obscene. Short as she was herself, it was one of the few dresses she owned that gave her the appearance of even longer legs than she really had. And then as though to compliment that, the deep ‘V’ of her neckline gave just enough hint of cleavage showing off the soft rounded slopes of her breasts. To finish off the simple, yet elegant look, Chris had chosen to wear the simple tiny gold chain that her husband had given her shortly after they had been married. Attached to it, a tiny gold key, a bit of nothingness really, as it was neither expensive nor extravagant in its design. But it was more precious to her than any other piece of jewelry that she owned. Steve had once told her that it would forever remain the key to his heart.

“Ready?” she heard him calling up to her from just down the stairs. She stood on the landing looking down towards him, letting the affect of how good she looked play within his mind as he stood there staring up to her.

“Ready, willing, and able!” she said grinning. Then crewed her brow up curiously as she saw Steve standing below, wearing a pair of his favorite, though pressed Levi’s, a plain black tee shirt, though he had chosen to also where a beige sports-coat. “You sure I’m not ‘over-dressed’?” she emphasized worriedly.

“Trust me,” he told her, beckoning for her to come downstairs and join him.

She hated it whenever he said that. She did trust him yes, always had, always would. But whenever he’d used that particular term, it meant he was up to something, and those something’s usually surprised the hell out of her.

The surprise began the moment they stepped out of the door of their home.

“A limo?” she asked honestly surprised. “We’re going out in a limousine? Just where are we going?” she asked now somewhat worriedly. “What are you really up to this time Steven?” she said using his more formal name, which Chris tended to do whenever she was being serious.

“Just trust me ok? Like I told you, I want you to have the opportunity to experience anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to. So this night is all about that. But I also want you to know, that it will be entirely up to you what you do, or don’t do…ok?”

He was still being too cryptic, far too cryptic for her taste, and that made her nervous.

“Honey? Would I ever do anything that would hurt you?” he asked.

“No,” she admitted answering simply.

“Then trust me,” he said once again, though the words continued to hold no real assurance for her still. She’d never quite seen Steve like this before, excited yes, but there was an obvious anxiousness about his demeanor too, that told her even he wasn’t as dead-on sure about whatever it was he was up to this time either.

The chauffer stood at the side of the enormous black car holding the door for them as they got in. It was plush inside with a bottle of wine already uncorked, waiting for them. Even before the limousine pulled out of the driveway, Steve poured each of them a glass.

“Happy Anniversary baby!” he said in toast to her. “And to what I hope will be a very, very memorable evening.”

Once again, his sincere but nervous toast made her continue to worry and wonder. Chris drank nearly the entire glass of wine down in one gulp.

They traveled along for some twenty minutes before beginning to head up the canyon. Chris was familiar with the area, she and Steve had quite often driven up this road themselves on their way to picnic, or simply hike and enjoy the mountain scenery. Once again she asked him.

“Where are we going? I don’t recall there being much of anything up here aside from a few remote cabins,” she’d said, stopping suddenly. “Ah, I get it! You rented us a cabin or something for the weekend didn’t you?” Then she frowned. “But all I have is what I’m wearing!” she added thoughtfully, still perplexed and perhaps even more confused than she had been before.

“Nope!” came the simple answer, then the words she was beginning to hate. “Trust me!”

They traveled up the canyon road for a short ways before reaching one of the few private gates that Chris had seen on their drive up the canyon before. She watched as the gate slowly opened electronically, obviously their chauffer had some kind of pre-arranged access control. They then drove up a steep winding road amidst the tall spruce and pine trees, until the appearance of lights cut through the gathering darkness ahead. Chris looked towards her husband without speaking.

“Yes, it is a cabin,” he told her. “We’re going to a party, a very special party,” he finally offered, but it was all he offered, and said no more.

Once again their chauffer opened the door for them as they stepped out in front of a mid-sized, but very expensive looking cabin. Even before reaching the door Chris could hear the sound of laughter coming from inside.

“You’re throwing me a dinner party? Up here?” she asked.

“Not exactly,” he explained as he drew his arm around her waist, stepping up to the door then knocking.

Several long moments passed before the door finally opened, when it did, a rather amply endowed blonde-headed woman met them. It wasn’t anyone that Chris had ever seen before.

“You must be Steve, and you must be Chris!” she smiled openly. “Please, come in. Make yourself at home, there’s a bar where you can have Jerald fix you anything you’d like to drink. Nearly everyone’s here, so we should be starting things in less than another thirty minutes or so.”

“Thank you,” Steve had said shaking her hand as had Chris. Though Chris had done so with a confused expression on her face.

“Just why are we here anyway?” she couldn’t help saying, then answered before he could. “Yes I know,” not being able to speak the words that now had become so damn irritating.

The place looked bigger on the inside than it did on the outside. An upper floor revealed what appeared to be several additional rooms, as well as an overhang that covered nearly half of the extended ceiling into the enormous sitting room where they now stood. Steve immediately spotted the bar that their hostess “Sybil” as she’d introduced herself had told them about. Almost immediately he steered his wife towards it, half-dragging her along however, as she happened to glance over to one of the many couches where she saw another couple sitting together. Once again, no one she knew or had seen before, but it wasn’t that so much, as the fact that the woman’s breasts were bare, and the guy who was sitting next to her was happily caressing and playing with them openly in front of every one.

“Ok Steven,” Chris said sternly stopping him dead in their tracks before covering even half the distance towards the bar. “I’ve gone along with your little surprise as far as I am going to without answers. But now…either tell me what’s going on, why we’re here, or we turn around and go right back home!”

By her tone of voice, Steve knew she wasn’t kidding. He had pressed her as far as he dared too, and so far she had gone along with it. But now, they had entered new territory and he knew that her defenses had gone up.

“There’s no one here I even recognize!” she said scanning the room, finding even as she did another couple standing near one of the enormous bay windows overlooking a beautiful moon-lit valley below them. But it wasn’t the beauty of the near perfectly full moon that caught her eye, but the woman who stood playfully stroking the very hard, very exposed member of the guy she was with. “Steven?”

“Ok, ok,” he relented. “To begin with, I discovered about this little club quite by accident,” he’d begun explaining. Which is when an all too familiar voice calling out their names, interrupted Steve’s explanation.

“Chris! Steve! Glad the two of you could make it!”

Astonished, Chris turned just in time to see Janice their employee approaching them. And…she was naked as was the man she was leading as she drew him by her side, her hand firmly wrapped around his thick massive looking cock.

“Janice?” Chris gasped in shock.

Janice gave Steve a bit of a stern look. “You promised to tell her about all this before bringing her up here,” she chastised him, though half-jokingly. Then turned back towards Chris before Steve could respond. “Why don’t you come with me over to the bar where we’ll fix you a drink, then before things really begin to start, I’ll explain it all to you since Steve obviously hasn’t.”

“Obviously,” Chris said with an irritated tone of voice.

“But let me assure you Chris, you’re not expected, or required to participate or do anything you don’t want to do ok? That’s one of the major rules here we all go by. If all you want to do is sit and watch, then feel free to do just that. No worries, no pressures. That’s what this is all about. We all get together once every couple of month’s have fun, let our hair down so to speak, then go back to our very normal every day lives. But whenever the full moon is up…we let out the beast in all of us!”

Chris soon learned that Steve had overheard one of Janice’s conversations while on the phone at work. He hated admitting to her that he’d stood off to one side listening in, but when the topic had obviously become sexual in nature, his curiosity had gotten the best of him. Bolstering his courage to ask, Janice had quite comfortably told him about their little group, their little club. And how all of them had gone in together on this cabin, eight couples in all, a tight little group of sixteen, all married, which was one of the requirements. She further explained how they got together nearly every full moon, where the first main rule was to openly have fun, without reservation, hang-ups, or inhibitions. The second rule being “No meant no”…though usually expressed politely, and rarely. Anyone breaking that rule would be immediately asked to leave with all rights and privileges revoked, including as had been legally drawn up by attorneys, any further use or ownership of the property. So far, that hadn’t happened. And as Janice further explained, she didn’t feel it ever would either.

“So you mean to tell me you all get together and have…group sex?” she paused swallowing hard.

Janice laughed. “Only if you want too. Some do, some don’t. Another rule…no one goes anywhere alone. Anything that happens is here in front of everyone else, or at minimum with another couple. There’s not even any threesomes allowed. Most of the time we all remain here in the main room, which as you can see is plenty big enough, especially when we begin tossing out the ‘party-cushions’ as we call them. But there are several other rooms upstairs with beds, as well as a very large bathroom for those that like to include showers as part of the fun. Not to mention a very nice, very cozy area outside. But again…only in minimum of groups of four or more are allowed. Though you can chose to sit and merely watch, not even participate if that’s your choice. It’s entirely up to you. Now, since Steve here obviously failed to tell you about all this, I’ll leave the two of you alone to discuss it. If you decide to leave, just let me know and I’ll see to it that your chauffer brings the limo back around front. But I would ask that you decide soon if you’re going to stay or not. As soon as Rick and Cindy arrive, the party will get started.”

Janice disappeared shortly after that leaving them alone. “Well? You want to stay or go home?” Steve asked worriedly.

“I’m going to need another glass of wine,” Chris said handing him her empty one. “After that, we’d probably best go introduce ourselves.”

Steve was grinning from ear to ear as he made his way back towards the bar.


Chris was surprised at just how relaxed she had actually become, though the wine had probably had something to do with that. In the beginning, it was just like any other party she had ever attended or been too. Small talk, laughter, small groups of people getting together to catch up, talk about work, the weather, or whatever else was happening in the news. The only difference being, which took Chris some time adjusting to, was that little by little, most everyone began removing their clothes. And periodically, others began getting intimate as others stood watching, sometimes participating, which Chris finally had to admit to herself, had become extremely arousing to see.

With all the sexual energy in the room, as both Chris and Steve wandered about watching, introducing themselves, though not yet participating in anything, she found herself becoming more and more aroused, and slowly yet surely, more comfortable with what was going on. Spotting Janice, she and Steve began making their way towards her not quite reaching her as she suddenly dropped down on her knees, two men standing to either side of her as she began alternating between the two, sucking their cocks, enjoying the back and forth blowjobs she’d begun administering. Chris watched in fascination, feeling her sex begin to liquefy with desire.

“Hi, names Lee!”

Startled, Chris turned to the guy she was standing next to even as Janice continued sucking his enormously hard prick. He extended his hand offering it to her, which she accepted, feeling slightly embarrassed as she shook it, Janice kneeling just below them both as she hungrily gobbled down his throbbing cock.

“That’s my wife Dawn…over there,” he pointed proudly. Steve as well as Chris turned to spot another equally attractive woman who lay between the outstretched legs of the blonde-haired woman they’d first met on their arrival. “And that’s Sybil,” he explained unnecessarily.

“Yes, we met briefly,” Steve told him now taking his hand to shake as well.

Steve found it amusing that Chris seemed more absorbed in the cunnilingual delights taking place across the room. “Maybe we should make our way over there,” he suggested as he began leading her. She didn’t resist, and if anything, felt as though floating as in the next instant she found herself gazing down at the two beautiful women.

Steve had known, as they had discussed it a few times in the past, of Chris’s latent curiosity. Watching Lee’s wife as she happily, excitedly tickled the juicy wet split of the woman they’d met earlier, had Chris mesmerized, not even realizing it as Steve stood behind her, reaching out, beginning to fondle her already aroused breasts.

“Play with my tits!” Sybil asked.

For a moment, Chris didn’t realize that Sybil had been addressing her. “Chris wasn’t it?” she questioned, continuing. “It feel’s so much better when someone else is doing this don’t you think?”

“Go ahead honey,” Steve leaned over whispering, still toying with his own wife’s hard nubbins of desire. “You know you’ve always wanted to,” he said coaxingly.

To his delight as well as Sybil’s, she did. Chris stood massaging, caressing and eventually teasing Sybil’s exquisitely hard nipples, rolling them gently though firmly between her fingers as Dawn continued the soft slow stroking of the woman’s clit with her tongue.

“Wait one, be right back!” Chris stated suddenly. “Steve? Help me off with this will you?”

Now he really was surprised! As he reached for the zipper on her dress to undo it, he felt more than saw another presence moving in. “Here, let me help her with that.”

Steve had seen her earlier, the tall leggy one with the short feathery brown hair. She’d been conversing with Sybil and Dawn near the bar shortly after they’d arrived, and long before everyone had started to become intimate. Later, he’d seen her with the guy who had introduced himself as Lee, and one another gentleman who he’d later learned to be her husband.

“Hi Ran!” Sybil said smiling. “Wondered where you’d taken off to,” she said.

Ran giggled even as she began undoing the zipper on Chris’s dress. “Oh you know me, had to re-acquaint myself with everyone’s cock before things got too busy. All except this one,” she added with a devilish wink looking towards Steve.

Ran finished helping Chris remove her dress as well as her pantyhose. Steve had assumed that it would end there, pleasantly surprised when it didn’t. There was just enough room for her to sit on the floor between Chris and the couch where Sybil was lying, still continuing to enjoy the slightly more rapid tongue flicks of Dawn’s talented tongue. Steve wondered by the obvious suggestion in Ran’s positioning if Chris was aware of what was in fact being suggested. To his complete and utter delight, he watched as his wife moved closer, once again filling her hands with Sybil’s breasts as Ran happily began dancing her tongue around Chris’s aroused clit.

Ran took but a moment to speak before returning to the task at hand. “Seems like you’re the only one still dressed Steve. Care to join the party?”

He realized upon quickly glancing about, that he was in deed the last one dressed. Almost shame-facedly, he began shucking off his clothing. He soon stood there naked, sporting a very aching erection. Unfortunately, everyone seemed to be very much involved with someone else, leaving him feeling more than just a little uncomfortable.

“Excuse me, hi…my name’s Cindy, mind if I suck your cock?”

Steve tossed a very quick glance towards his wife, the expression on her face was one of pure bliss, she nodded her head lustfully. “You know what they say baby…when in Rome!” In the next instant, he was standing there with his cock being sucked so beautifully, watching his wife as she too stood shaking, quivering, her pussy obviously being pleasured beyond her wildest dreams.

“This is fucking great!” he said before realizing he’d spoken breaking the sudden near silence of the entire room. Everyone laughed upon hearing him speak.

“Yes it is…isn’t it? Cindy’s husband Rick said coming over to stand behind Chris. “Mind if I fuck your wife?” he questioned. In answer, Chris reached behind, grasping the man’s cock, rubbing it against her ass sensually, she turned briefly back towards Steve seeking his response.

“Like I said in the beginning honey, tonight…anything and everything you’ve ever wanted or dreamed about is ok with me!”


The ride back home nearing morning left them both exhausted, but satisfied beyond words. “Well?”

“Well what?” Chris answered evasively.

“Did you have a good time?” he pressed curiously.

“Did you?”

“I asked you first!”

Chris smiled, closing her eyes recalling the feel of two cocks within her hands, first sucking Lee’s then that of her husbands until both had showered her face, breasts with their hot cream. “Oh yeah, yeah…admittedly I did honey,” she said half dreamily. “I have to admit, at first, I was a little hesitant, but damn honey…there’s something about watching another couple, or I guess I should say couples, fucking, sucking playing with one another that really got to me!”

Steve sat grinning, surprised to feel his cock actually beginning to stand. “Oh yeah, and then when you went down on Ran? While Sybil was eating you?”

“And while Dawn was busily sucking your cock while Rick was fucking her from behind, yeah…that was hot! Way fucking hot!” Chris answered thickly, feeling her pussy once again begin to lubricate.

“How long before we get home?” she asked. Steve glanced at his watch, “I don’t know, another 30, 40 minutes I suppose why?”

“Because I haven’t quite done ‘everything’ I’ve ever wanted to do yet.”


Chris grinned.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Steve stated looking at her incredulously.

“Don’t think you can get it up huh?”

“Oh yeah…I can get it up alright!” Steve said, proving to her that it already was.

“Then come fuck me baby, come fuck me nice long and hard!”


Steve stood at the counter putting the final touches on the new arrangement he’d designed. Earlier in the day he had seen Chris and Janice standing in the back quietly talking. He couldn’t help but wonder what had been discussed, but he knew better than to ask, figuring if Chris wanted him to know what they’d talked about, eventually she’d tell him.

“How’s it going honey?” She asked stepping up behind him, both hands slipping down the front of his pants, caressing his flaccid prick. What was interesting about that however, was that Janice was just a short distance away pruning some roses for display as she did.

Finally his curiosity got the better of him, especially as it was obvious Chris had no intention of saying anything to him other than to stand there playing with his cock. “Saw you talking to Janice earlier. She have anything to say about the other night?”

Janice had already spoken to Steve about it briefly, telling him that everyone there had unanimously decided to include them in their gathering, if…he and Chris wanted to join them. If they didn’t, then Steve also needed to understand, they wouldn’t and couldn’t be invited back. It was a sort of ‘introductory’ offer, and as everyone wanted to keep the group small, there was only room for one additional couple. Janice told him that the group would need to know before their next get-together, as there was one other couple they’d been thinking about.

Chris remained evasive however. “A little yes,” was all she offered. She flipped the scheduling calendar over to the next page as she stood there. “Well, would you look at that?”

“Look at what?” he said glancing at the work schedule, seeing nothing of particular interest.

“Remember what I told you ten years ago?”

“Very funny,” Steve replied. “Yeah sure I do.”

“What I told you, was that every once in a blue moon I could be full of surprises!”

Truth was, Steve did remember her saying that.


“And…you notice that there are two full moons next month?”

Chris gave his cock another playful stroke, then turned heading back to work even as Janice stood grinning at the two of them. And as she did, he heard her begin whistling an old familiar tune.

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