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Colombian Shanghai

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Daddy promised to take Momma and myself on a boating trip down to South Padre Island this past August. This was my last summer vacation before I was to go off to school in Dallas, where I was to enroll as a freshman at Texas A&M. Daddy had a law practice in Corpus Christi, where we lived and I spent all 18 years of my life. I was a Daddy’s girl and he was very strict. I was very sheltered and protected. I was never allowed to do much of anything. I knew that would all change when I headed off to college. I wanted to spread my wings and really experience all that life had to offer.

Daddy held true to his promise and we set off on his 35′ cabin cruiser and made the 150-mile trip down to South Padre Island at the southern tip of Texas. The weather was simply gorgeous in late August along the Gulf. It was warm and humid, but very tropical out on the ocean. Momma and I spent most of our time sunning our selves on the deck as Daddy piloted the yacht. At first we remained in sight of land, but Daddy wanted to make better time a take a more direct route by heading out into the Gulf and making it a straight shot, instead of hugging the curving coast. This turned out to be a poor choice. The trip usually took two full days, but on our third day, we had not seen land. Daddy started to head west toward to find land. He was a novice at boating and this was only his second trip going at it solo without a professional crew. This was Daddy’s second error in judgement. I couldn’t fault him though; he was doing this for me. It was great for him to take two weeks out of his busy schedule to spend some time with me before I went off to school and into the real world.

By mid morning on the third day, land came in sight over the western horizon. It did not look like South Padre Island though. As we came closer, we saw that the land was barren and swampy. Daddy surmised that we must have drifted too far south and we were in Mexican waters. Daddy was afraid to lose his boat to Mexican authorities, if he were caught. He changed his heading due north. That day I was lying out on the deck sunning myself in my white bikini. It was not a thong or a string bikini, I mean come on, I was with my Dad, but it was still very flimsy and it showed a lot of my hot, firm, young body. I am a petite girl, only 5′-4″, 110 pounds, with long sandy brown hair streaked with blond highlights. My breast are small, 34Bs, but they were firm and perky. My pale skin had become a nice golden brown by all the sunbathing I was doing this summer.

Momma was looking pretty good too. She was 42 years old, but she could easily pass for a woman ten years younger. She was a medium sized woman with reddish brown hair that was cut just above her shoulders. Her breasts were a heaping 38DD. I envied her and hoped my boobs would develop and get as big. She got a great tan as well and it complimented her voluptuous body nicely. Momma was not plump by any means, but she was no waif either. She had a slight paunch over her sexy bikini bottoms, but other then that, she was perfect. She wore a string bikini with a fiery red and yellow swirl design. Her massive boobs were overflowing her bikini top. She definitely would put my girlfriend’s mothers to shame. Daddy seemed to be a bit uptight as we paraded around the deck in our skimpy bikinis.

“It’s a damn good thing we’re out at sea and no one can see you two out in the open like this.” He would say, ” Look at you two running around here nearly naked!”

“Oh Daddy.” I purred, “You are so old fashioned, this is mild compared to what all the other girls are wearing these days. Besides, don’t Momma look beautiful?”

“But you ain’t all the other girls. You are my daughter and wife for crying out loud!”

“Well look at you there.” Momma said, “You’re making a spectacle of yourself in those little Speedo’s you got on there Ray. Daddy had on a pair of navy blue Speedos and a tank top. At 5′-10” and 215 pounds, he look as if he were stuffed into them. He was 48 years old, but he looked like he was in his late 50s. His work has taken its toll on him. His blond hair and gone prematurely gray and his body had become soft and pudgy. He was still handsome though with his strong chin and rugged looks. Momma and me laughed as Daddy scoffed and stormed off below deck to make a sandwich.

Around noon, Daddy noticed a boat to our starboard side. He pointed it out to us and his face showed some concern. It was about 10 miles out. It was drawing closer to us at a quick pace. It had a powerful motor, but the boat slowed as it came within three miles out. The boat just paced us for a while, maintaining its slowed pace. Men were watching us with binoculars. Initially Daddy thought it was a group of horny guys engaging in a little voyeurism, checking out the hot looking women on his boat. But then Daddy feared that it was Federales or the Mexican Coast Guard monitoring us. They must have figured we got lost and then corrected our course. They just wanted to make sure we were leaving.

“Lee Ann, why don’t you and Darlene go below and put on some clothes.” Daddy said to Momma. He wanted us to go below and get out of sight. Momma told Daddy to relax that he was just overreacting. We remained on deck sunning ourselves. Daddy kept a wary eye on the strange boat in the distance. He looked worried. Our boat was not as fast as the other one, he thought.

After pacing us for a half-hour, the boat raced for us at a leading angle as if it were going to cut us off. Daddy tried desperately to gun the engine and make it toward shore. The boat circled us rapidly twice and then came up behind us. It slowed and pulled along side of Daddy’s boat.

“Alto! Stop your boat Senior” A young handsome Latino man in his 30s ordered. There were six other men on the boat. They were not in uniform, but they carried machine guns and rifles. They looked ominous and definitely unfriendly.

“I am sorry.” Daddy said, “I am afraid I got lost and drifted into Mexican waters on accident. I am just heading back now.”

“Stop your boat now and drop your anchor!” The man shouted impatiently.

“But you see…” Daddy was cut off by a deafening burst of machine gun fire that was directed over our bow. Daddy knew that these men meant business and there was no room negotiation or explanation. Daddy stopped the engine and dropped anchor as the men boarded our boat.

The men corralled us on the deck at the stern of our boat. Two men grabbed Daddy by the arms and flung him around. They handcuffed his hands behind him.

“Hey! What’s all this for?” Daddy demanded. But he was met with a slap to the back of his head and a jab in stomach with the butt of a rifle. He doubled over and struggled for a breath of air.

“Daddy!” I cried out.

“Callate cabron!” The man in his 30’s shouted for Daddy to shut up. The man was tall, dark, and lean. He had short black curly hair. He wore black pants and a purple silk shirt that was open at the chest. He was adorned with multiple gold necklaces and rings. He was no Federale. He must have been a man of wealth and power. He was the leader of this motley mob of seafaring thugs.

Then two men grabbed Momma and tied her wrists together behind her back with a thin yellow nylon rope.

“Please, you’re hurting me.” Momma cried, “You’re making it too tight.”

“Silencio!” Another man shouted. He pushed Momma down onto a white leather deck seat. Her breast heaved outward as she sat helpless with her arms behind her. A look of fear overcame her pretty face.

Another two men grabbed me roughly by my upper arms and pulled them behind my back. They tied my wrist with the same yellow rope. The plastic coated nylon threads cut into my soft supple wrists. I winced in pain as my wrists burned, but I thought it best not to complain. They plopped me into the leather cushioned bench seat next to Momma. I looked around at all the men. Most were shabbily dress and dirty. They were very dark and spoke rapidly underneath black and blue bandanas that covered the lower parts of their faces. I figured that they were all Latinos, but not necessarily Mexican. Growing up in Texas, I was accustomed to the various Spanish accents from different Latin countries. These guys did not sound Mexican. They were Cuban or South American.

The leader wore no bandana. He made no effort to hide his face. He didn’t seem to care if we recognized him. He interrogated Daddy as two of his goons stood on each side of Daddy who was seated on the floor of the deck. Two men stood by Momma and me while the other two searched and ransacked the interior of the cabin.

“Where you hiding it?” The leader demanded of Daddy. His English was good, but his accent was very thick.

“What are you talking about? Hiding what?”

The leader kicked Daddy on the shoulder forcing him back into the cabin wall. The leader whispered something in Spanish to one of his goons. The big goon reached down and grabbed Daddy’s testicles and yanked him up off the floor. Daddy hollered and yelped like a wounded puppy.

“You know what I am talking about.” Said the leader, “Drogas. Drugs my fucking friend!”

“I have no drugs on this boat!” Daddy said between clenched teeth. The goon still had a grip on his testicles. He twisted them and Daddy yelped some more.

“Mentiroso!” The leader spat, “You are a liar.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. We got lost…” Daddy tried to explain, but got more squeezing and twisting.

“Please don’t hurt him!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Besides these men and my family, there was no one else within miles. Everyone turned and looked over at me, except for the goon grabbing my Daddy’s balls. He was grinning at my poor Daddy as he was enjoying the pain and discomfort he was causing him.

The leader barked orders in Spanish and one of the men standing guard over me and Momma pulled me up by my arm. He brought me next to the leader and in front of Daddy. The man next to the leader took out a cigarette lighter and ignited it. The flame was set on high. He brought the burning flame down and held it in front of my crotch. I felt the immediate heat from the flame on my tender skin that formed my female genitalia.

“Noooo!” I screamed. The man holding me increased his grip on my arm, which caused me to forget about the warming sensation to my pussy. The leader made sure that Daddy was watching as his only little girl was about to have her womanhood tortured by fire if he did not come up with the right answers.

“You see your daughter here? Said the leader. He moved close to Daddy’s face and snarled. A gold tooth in his mouth glinted in the sunlight. “I will have her pussy torched if you don’t tell me where you hide the drugs.” Daddy was breathing heavy and looked in horror at the flame licking at my bikini covered pussy. He saw the terror in my brown doe like eyes. I looked for him to help us, but I knew it was hopeless. The warmth grew to heat on my tender labia and the flame licked at the white material of my bikini bottoms, darkening the crotch with a smudge caused by the heat and smoke. Daddy looked nervously at me, then at Momma, whose eyes were wide as shock overcame her. Then he looked back at the leader who was waiting for his answer.

“Well?” I’m waiting.” Said the leader.

“I am not a drug runner! Please stop this madness!”

“Jose.” The leader looked at the man with the lighter at my vagina and gave a directive in Spanish. The flame was brought closer underneath my vulva. The heat grew intense. I heard popping sounds as the nylon fabric of my bikini bottoms began melting and bursting open. I shut my eyes and tried to drown out the horrid sights and sounds of my virginal pussy being flambéed. I screamed and tried to pull away. I heard Momma screaming from behind me. I was so scared that I peed myself. Little did I realize that was the best thing I could have done. I soaked my bikini bottoms with warm urine and it made it difficult to ignite the melting nylon.

“No! No! No! Please stop!” Daddy yelled out, “I will tell you, just please leave my daughter alone.”

“Tell me senior.” The leader said calmly.

“I have a little bit of coke hidden in my compass on top of the control panel to the left of the wheel. It is only an 8th of an ounce. It is for my personal use only. I am no drug dealer and I am no smuggler.” I was in shock at what Daddy was saying. Daddy used drugs! And cocaine, no less! The leader told one of the men on the deck to go check the compass. They came back with a small baggie with white powder. Daddy held his head down in shame. I looked back at Momma, who also held her head down. She refused to look up at me. Did she know? Or was she a user too?

“Well senior.” Said the leader. “These measly crumbs were hardly worth putting your daughter’s precious pussy at risk. You should be more loyal to your family and treat this beautiful young lady with more respect.” The leader gently stroked my cheek with the back of his hand and gazed into my eyes.

“I am just a family man who got lost. I overshot South Padre Island.”

Just then, one man returned from the pilot area. He was holding a wad of cash. It was about $5,000. The man handed it to the leader.

“What is this senior?” The leader asked with a sinister undertone, “Not a drug dealer, hah?”

“That’s our vacation money. I am a lawyer in Texas. I make a good living. Take it. Take what you want, just leave us alone.” Daddy tried in vain to explain and beg. The leader was not impressed with his groveling.

“I think you come down to Mexico to score some coke and you use your family here to make these dumb Federales believe that you are on a innocent family vacation and got lost.”

“No! That’s not it. I’m…”

“Silencio!” You pathetic gusanito (little worm). Do you think I am stupid?”

“No! No! I don’t think that. I tell you this is all a mistake.”

“I tell you what I am going to do. I am going to take your money. I am going to take your valuables. And I am going to take you fine boat here. But first, I am going to take your women.”

“No! Please don’t. They did nothing. I was the one who lied. Punish me, not them.”

“Oh, we will punish you. You get to watch your wife and daughter get raped by a bunch of Colombians. You see, we are what you call pirates senior and we thrive on rape and plunder. There is nothing you can do here.” The leader chuckled in Daddy’s defeated face.

“No!” Daddy pled.

“I am tired of hearing your whining. You are like a woman.” The leader teased. He ordered one of the goons to gag Daddy and tie him to a swivel chair. The leader gave the word to his anxious men to allow them free will with Momma and me. The men whooped and cheered as they hoisted their weapons towards the sky. Two men went to Momma and pulled her down on to the deck floor. They cut the rope binding her hands behind her. They re-tied her hands in front of her body and raised them above her head where they secured them to a railing. They stripped off her top and let her breast flop down upon her chest. They pawed her and molested her. She screamed and squirmed, but no one was near to hear her cries. The men rubbed her mound of pussy flesh over her brightly colored bikini bottoms. She tried kicking at the men, but they forced her thighs open and pinned her legs to the deck. One man pulled out a long knife and cut the yellow strings that held her bikini bottoms together. The other man stripped away her bottoms from under her and plunged his hand into her exposed vagina. He vigorously rubbed the loose flesh that made up her labia. He jammed two fingers into her vagina and with the thumb of the same hand he rubbed her meaty clitoris. The other man concentrated on her huge floppy breasts. He messaged them and batted them around like a pair of beach balls.

I was shocked to see Momma being molested and assaulted like that. She struggled for about two minutes, but soon gave up the fight. It was useless to resist. We would be lucky to get out of this alive, I thought.

Then the four remaining men got a hold of me. They each grabbed one of my limbs and lifted me upon an upper deck and laid me down a canvass tarp that was stretched over a hatch. My legs dangled off the end of the hatch cover causing my ass to take most of the pressure and heaving my pubis up in the air in a very vulnerable position. I braced myself for my gang rape. I knew these vicious ruffians would all relish the opportunity of taking and deflowering young helpless girl like myself. There was nothing I could do. I could not yell. There was no one around for miles. I could not make them listen to reason or beg because they didn’t speak English and they would care less if they did understand. I could not fight. They were too many and well armed. I had no choice but to surrender, totally.

I always envisioned that Jeffery Sampson; my boyfriend back home would be the one to take my virginity. He was handsome and athletic. He was a sophomore at Texas A&M and he will be playing on the varsity football team this year. I was hoping we would have a romantic rendezvous at a swanky hotel in Dallas, with champagne and candles. Jeffrey would be so loving and gentle. He knew I was saving myself for him. We had it all planned out. I dreamt of it over and over again. I never thought my first sexual experience would be four dirty, smelly Colombian marauders on my Daddy’s boat with Daddy present. A tear came to my eye as I mourned the imminent loss of my womanly innocence. I was angry with Daddy for getting us into this mess. It would serve him right to see his precious little angel get gang raped right before his eyes!

The men easily stripped me of my skimpy bikini top. They ripped my bikini bottoms roughly giving me one heck of a wedgie. It caused my butt to be raised up in the air and fall back hard on the canvass tarp. My wrist and arms hurt as they were caught between my lower back and the tarp. Them men began pawing at my naked body with their dirty probing hands. They rubbed my breasts, belly, legs, and my precious mound. Jeffery was the only one I let touch me there. I let him finger bang me a few times at the movies, but that was it. I was too afraid to let him take it further.

One of the men began rubbing all over my mound, which was covered with a slight patch of light brown pubic hair. I squirmed as this vile pig groped my tender pussy. His thick fingers ventured between my pussy lips and he penetrated me digitally. The pressure on my vaginal walls was intense. Another man began flicking his finger at my clit. I was starting to freak out, but the sensation was funky. I soon found myself getting aroused by all these brutes manhandling my soft supple body. The sun felt warm as it beat down on my nude form. The man who was finger fucking me dropped his pants and was about to stick his stiff member into my snatch. Suddenly, the leader spoke out.

“Espera! She is mine.” All the men stopped what they were doing and backed away from me. The dropped his tight black pants and black bikini briefs. He pulled and tugged on his livening penis. His cock was uncut and large. It sprung to life at about 10 inches. I squealed at the sight of his member knowing that he would rip open my tight virgin hole with it. I put my head down, shut my eyes, and braced for my de-virginization. The leader grabbed my lower calf muscles and lifted my legs up and open. My poor pussy was exposed to his stiff poised cock, which was now hard as main mast of a sailboat. He pushed his cock into my little gash and rammed it in to the hilt. I screamed bloody murder as he did this. I felt me tear down there and I distinctly heard and felt a “pop” as he penetrated me. I figured that was my hymen giving away and busting open. At first, I felt tremendous pressure and some pain, especially at my vaginal opening. He stood while he fucked me. I felt the fullness of his cock deep in my pussy. Soon, as I instinctively became wet and lubricated, the pain gave away to sheer pleasure and delight. I never felt anything so spectacular. The handsome leader first used deep, slow, hard thrusts. Then he eased up and used shallow upward strokes. The tip of his uncut member caught the ridges of my G-Spot. This drove me wild and he sensed it. I was bucking off the tarp, my hips meeting his. I arched my back and tensed up just before I came with the intensity the Gulf Stream. I let out a huge passionate moan as I climaxed. The leader increased his pace and drove it home. He clenched his teeth and contracted his facial muscles as he came in my pussy. His ejaculate was so warm and wet inside me. I lay the vanquished and conquered. I never felt more like a woman then I did at that instant.

The leader pulled out of me and stepped back away from me. I looked over at Momma and I saw that one of the two men with her was mounted on her in the missionary position. He was fucking her at a fast and furious pace. Momma was screaming and begging. She was not begging for him to stop, she was begging for MORE! I could not believe my eyes! I then looked over at Daddy, who was gagged and bawling like a baby. It must have been blow to his manly ego to see his daughter and wife both raped before his eyes and he powerless to do anything about it.

When the leader stepped away, that gave the others the signal to do what they will with me. The man who was originally going to fuck me first took a position between my legs and stabbed my throbbing pussy with his meaty dagger. He was circumcised and very pointed at the tip. He was smaller in length than the leader, but he was equally as thick. He climbed on top of me in the missionary position and pressed his body close to mine. He fucked me hard and fast. He ground his bony hips into me and it was a bit uncomfortable, but my pussy was feeling oh so good. I was so wet and my clit throbbed. Because I was so wet, the man slipped out a few times. He jammed it back into me and it hurt the few times that he missed my hole. But, once inside, I forgot about his sloppy technique. He was an older man, perhaps in his 40s. He was no where as gifted as the younger and more virile leader. I looked over at Momma and saw that the other man was now doing her doggie style. I found it strangely erotic as I witnessed my mother being done from behind as I was getting it from the front. The whole scene was very raw and animalistic. The second man came inside me with little fanfare. I was so wet, that I barely felt his jizz in me. He pulled out and made way for the next guy.

The next man was dark man with short kinky hair. He must have been a black Colombian, about 28 to 30 years old. He whipped out a huge black cock and plunged it into my wet pussy. He filled my entire insides. He was quick and came within a minute. The other men laughed at his short staying ability. He pulled out and slapped my pussy with his rubbery dick a few times before he left me.

My forth rapist was a younger, skinny man. He looked to be about 20 years old. He had long black hair and a goatee. He dropped his shorts and pulled out a long skinny dick. He looked like he had a tubular ruler down there as he was a whopping 12 inches. I never saw such a thing in my life, not even in dirty magazines. He was a freak! I was afraid that his fleshy spear-like cock would pierce right through me and cause me some internal damage. He lifted me off the tarp and flipped me around and shoved me forward. He pushed my chest into the mat like tarp and lifted my ass up. He mounted me from behind and slipped his thin long pole into me. I was so wet and he was so thin, it slid in easy. He eased in as far as he could, I felt my uterus being poked and pushed deep into my abdominal cavity. I was half expecting to be gagging on his cock soon, but from the other end. He began working his way in and out of my tight, yet thoroughly ravaged vagina. His pubic bone pounded into my ass, splitting my butt cheeks apart. I felt the cum from the other men leaking out of my pussy and dripping down my sweaty thighs. His big cock impaled me and I was beginning to feel like a skewered shish kabob, but I wanted more. Like the leader, he also found a sensitive spot inside me and I became extremely aroused. He was actually accommodating me and responded appropriately to my body language and lustful moans. After years of repression, I was exploding out of my shell of innocence and erupted into a primal and carnal female animal. I let out a long high-pitched squeal as he made me cum convulsively. I couldn’t catch my breath as he continued to fuck me at an incredible speed. He was young and he had more endurance than the other three men before him. I rolled my face and head into the mat as he went on. After 3 more minutes, he shot globs of fiery hot cum into my pussy.

I tried to regain some composure and catch my breath. I looked over at Momma, who was know getting fucked by the leader. His cock was buried deep into her ass and he grounded her into the deck. I looked over at Daddy, who still had tears in his eyes, but he was no longer bawling. He was staring intently at Momma getting it up the poop deck from the sly leader of this band of onre men. My eyes just happened to glance downward and I caught sight of a budge in Daddy’s Speedos. He had a hard on! I could not believe it! He was getting off at his wife getting raped in the ass. He shifted in his chair and rubbed his thighs together as if he was trying to manipulate his penis to enhance his stimulation. He glanced over at me and caught me glaring at him. He quickly became flushed in the face and crossed his legs to try and hide his erection. He was getting off on watching me, his little girl, getting fucked as well. My fear and lust soon gave way to a searing anger directed toward Daddy. How could he be getting off on all this?

The third younger man pulled out of me. I felt like I was about to deflate when he did. My insides settled back to their original position. It was the fourth man’s turn. He left me in the position that I was in and came behind me. He was in his late 30s. He was disheveled and grimy. He was heavy set and looked like a bum. He drooped his baggy pants and whipped out a short fat cock that looked dark and dirty. He was very hairy, smelly, and disgusting. I dreaded the thought of his vile cock inside me. He pressed his fat cock against my ass and before I could protest, he shoved it deep into my anal cavity. I screamed and trembled with the intense shock to my body. I never considered that I would be taken like this. I mean the whole thing was strange enough, but this was the most foreign and unconceivable thing to have ever happen to me. I never considered anal sex as an option for me. I couldn’t see the sexual pleasure or gratification in it as a woman. But how wrong I was to think that. Once the fat smelly bastard got going, he made me feel things I never felt before. I was getting extremely horny once I calmed down and allowed my sphincter muscles to relax. The inward motion was heavenly, but I got apprehensive when he moved outward, as I feared my bowels would let go. I soon felt tingling and twinges in my pussy as my ass was being stuffed and pumped. I could not believe I was getting off on this!

Then the two men who had just finished with Momma came around to the front of me. One man cut my ropes off my wrists and the other pulled my head up by the hair. The man who held me by the hair shoved his cock in my face. He was uncut like the leader. His cock was about 8 inches. The other man, who was cut, was about the same length. He stroked his cock while the other man fucked my mouth. I sucked Jeffrey’s dick once, so this was not so foreign to me. I didn’t care for it too much though when I did it to Jeffrey, but he liked it. The man pulled my face into his pubic region and his hair smelled musty. His pubic hair felt wet on my nose and I could smell Momma’s familiar odor on him. His cock had a certain sweetness to it. Then it sunk in that I was now tasting Momma’s juices on his shaft. He pushed his meat way down my mouth and throat, which made me gag. I was still getting it in the ass from the dirty fat goon. The man pulled his penis out of my mouth and the other guy replaced his erect member with it. He had Momma’s taste on his pecker too. Her juices and my saliva oozed out from the corners of my mouth. I alternated sucking both of their cocks for a few minutes as my ass was being invaded. Then they shoved both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time. I stood there on all fours with one dick in my ass and two stuffed in my mouth. I totally felt like a boy toy or the crew’s pet. These guys were truly getting off on sticking their dirty cocks in all openings of my young violated body. I liked the taste and consistency of the slippery wet cocks in my mouth. Drool streamed down my chin and throat. I had the kinky desire to have them both unload on me at the same time. One shot his wad into my mouth as the other spurted all over my face. The guy, who came on my face, took the head of his cock and rubbed his cum all over my skin. Then he made me taste his cum smeared cock head. Their cum was so warm and it had a sweet smell and a salty taste. I did not let Jeffrey cum in my mouth when we did it.

The man behind me ejected from my quivering anus and came all over my ass cheeks. His ejaculate was ample and steamy. He smeared it all into my soft buttocks using his fat little cock. The two men that just ravaged my mouth now wanted some of my young tight pussy. They wanted to compare me with Momma. The four men that had just finished with me, now switched their desires and attentions to Momma and proceeded to gang bang her.

The two men fucked me in every position imaginable. They were definitely the most horny and inventive of the group. I was bent and twisted into so many directions and shapes that I felt like wet noodle. The ejaculate of five men saturated and dripped out of my pussy. My inner thighs were so wet and sticky. Momma got her fill too. Some of the original guys that had me came back and fucked me some more. The other two each took another crack at Momma. In all, I must have been fucked at least 12 times in a four-hour long marathon session. Momma endured the about the same punishment and/or pleasure as me. These guys must have been at sea much too long. I was utterly exhausted, dehydrated and sun burnt. My used and abused pussy was sore and swollen. I bled slightly due to the loss of my cherry. Momma was spent. She looked very tired too.

I looked over at Daddy with tired eyes and was amazed to still find him erect. Some of the pirates noticed too. They decided to take his gag and make it a blind fold instead because he was enjoying things too much. Daddy yelled and cursed the men when they removed the gag, but they just laughed. Then one of the marauding raiders came up with the idea to include Daddy in some of the fun. Little did I know that they had forced incestual games in store.

They made Momma get down on her knees before Daddy. They pulled his stiff penis out of the top of his Speedos and pushed Momma’s face toward it. Momma took Daddy into her mouth and sucked his cock. This was a tremendous relief for Daddy because he sat there for hours with a raging hard on and there was nothing he could do to satisfy his overwhelming urge to stroke himself off to climax. He came quickly and shot a huge load into Momma’s mouth. She was caught by surprise and most of Daddy’s pearly essence overfilled her mouth and dribbled out. Daddy’s cum dripped down her chin, neck, and her heaving breasts, which were red and swollen from being pinched and batted around by all the other men throughout the hot afternoon.

They made Momma clean Daddy off with her loving mouth. She felt sorry for Daddy. He was relieved that he was finally able to cum and eased the tension that had been building up for hours. He grunted and gasped as he released his seed.

Then they grabbed me and whispered directions in my ear. They ordered me not to speak, no matter what, or they would kill us all outright. I nodded in acknowledgment and they knelt me down between Daddy’s legs. They pulled off his Speedos and pushed my face to his cock. I had seen Daddy’s thingy before, but it was many years ago when I accidentally caught him as he came out of the shower one afternoon. I was so embarrassed at the time. Now I sat there on my haunches with Daddy’s aroused penis staring me in the face. I was ashamed, embarrassed, and grossed out about what I had to do. I was still a bit angry with him for enjoying too much the rapes of his wife and daughter. But I realized that he was a man and he could not help his primal urges. His desires were purely sexual and were not personal or intimate for him. Men can depersonalize sex and think of it as merely a physical act, while women tend to make it more personal, intimate, and emotional. I began to admire Daddy’s cock. It was so big, thick, and beautiful. He must have been about 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. The head of his penis looked like a helmet that the Germans wore during World War II. The head of his cock was large and topped his shaft like the tip of a mushroom on a narrow stem. His hairy balls dangled down and rested on the seat. They looked like a pair of fuzzy walnuts.

I reached up and grasped Daddy’s shaft and placed my little mouth over his huge cock head. It immediately hit the roof of my mouth and I sunk my tongue in to accommodate his huge prick. I worked my head back and forth, soaking his rod with my saliva. His meaty member felt so warm and tender, yet very firm in my wet mouth. Daddy tasted so good. Sexual pangs began stirring deep within my pussy. I was loving it once I got over the shocking reality that I was sucking off my own father. But then, I remember that I was pissed off at him for this whole mess and especially for him being hard as Momma and me was being brutally terrorized. I bit him on the shaft just behind the rim of his cock head. Daddy yelped in pain. I didn’t do it too hard, just enough to get his attention.

“Hey what’s going on?” Daddy asked, “Who’s all down there on me?” Daddy must have sensed that it was not Momma sucking his dick. I wonder if he could tell the difference from our mouths. I was still under the order not to speak. I looked up at my poor blindfolded Daddy and continued to suck his dick. I kind of felt bad for hurting Daddy and I took a more loving approach and nursed his sore cock with my rolling and caressing tongue.

“You bastards better not have me with my daughter!” Daddy yelled to the men who just laughed back at him. “Darlene? Where are you honey?” He called out shifting his head around waiting for me to answer from some part of the boat. I could not answer him. It would mortify him to know that I was right there between his thighs sucking on his dick. Daddy kept calling for me and he became panicked when I did not answer. The men pulled me off of Daddy and made me sit back on the bench seats. They shoved his damp Speedos into his mouth. They dragged Daddy up from his chair and pushed him down onto the deck. They rolled him over on his back. His erection stood up at a right angle from his supine body like a main mast of a shrimp trawler.

Then they dragged Momma over and made her straddle Daddy’s face. They removed his swimsuit gag and sat Momma down on his lower face. The front of her body faced Daddy’s feet and it looked like his nose was up her ass. They ordered Daddy to suck all the cum out his wife’s pussy. He was smothered and was compelled to comply. Soon, Momma was getting into it. He head rolled slowly on her long slender neck. She had he eyes closed in passionate thought and her mouth was gaped open. She began panting as she bounced and mashed her wet snatch down and around on Daddy’s face. Daddy was felching the cum of seven nasty strange men from his loving wife’s violated pussy. The sight of it turned me on and I caught myself rubbing my thighs together. After a while, my hands drifted down to my pussy and I begin to diddle myself.

One of the men stared at me while I played with my aching wet, pussy. He stroked himself as he watched me. The next thing I knew, he advanced upon me quickly and lifted me up from my seat. He dragged me over to Momma and Daddy and made me step over Daddy’s hips. He pushed me downward and forced me to sit on Daddy’s erection facing Momma. Her eyes grew wide, but she could not speak as she was given the same secret order at the risk of death. Her boobs bounced around on her chest as she wiggled on Daddy’s face. After all that had happened to me that day, I didn’t think nothing else would shock me. But the thought of my Daddy inside me was the kicker. I sunk down onto his throbbing shaft and settled all the way to his pelvis. All that cum welled up inside my vagina squirted out in all directions as Daddy’s cock filled me. The man who placed me there, picked me up and dropped me back down indicating to me that he wanted to see me moving. I picked up the pace and began riding Daddy’s cock like a cowgirl riding a bronco at a San Antonio rodeo. The sensation was fantastic. I was sore at first because my pussy was well stretched and battered by then, but after a while my love juices kicked in and my wetness slathered Daddy’s gorgeous cock. He must have known now that he was involved in a sex act with his daughter as he had two women, the only two on the boat, doing things to him. I sure he could tell the difference from our two vaginas. I was positive that once he felt my tighter snatch, he knew that he was inside me and not Momma. I never consciously thought of Daddy in a sexual way before, but that change after this very odd and curiously erotic experience.

I found myself bouncing hard and fast on Daddy’s stiff pole. His cock rammed deep into me as I came down on him. My clit and vulva collided roughly into his hairy pubic arch and it sent shivers up my spine. I tightened my pussy muscles around Daddy’s prick and he reacted by thrusting upward into me deep and hard. Oh! It felt so wonderful. I was close to coming, but I wanted Daddy to cum inside me first. I wanted to feel his hot ejaculate shoot deep inside me. I quickened my pace and thrashed about on his hips. I felt Daddy’s thighs tense up and his penis contract inside me. A hot wet pulsating sensation erupted deep within the walls of my vagina. Daddy came inside me. I jerked and shuttered to an explosive orgasm myself immediately thereafter. I fell limp onto Daddy’s chest. My boobs felt good against his hairy pectorals. The men pulled Momma off Daddy and removed his blindfold. He was mortified to see his very own daughter impaled on his stiff penis. But after seeing me nuzzled on his chest like a little girl seeking comfort, his look of shock and dismay turned that that of love and adoration. I knew he would have hugged me if his hands were free. I wanted him to hold me so bad.

It was almost sun down when the gunboat appeared in the southwest. It was a Mexican gunboat with Federales. The leader barked several orders to his men and they scurried about like wharf rats. They forced Daddy, Momma, and me into a dinghy and shoved us off into the clear blue waters of the Gulf. The leader boarded and took command of his boat as some his men took over Daddy’s boat. They got Daddy’s boat started and the two vessels sped off to the east. Darkness would aid their escape.

Momma untied Daddy’s hands and we all huddled together and held onto each other, crying like babies as we drifted in the little skiff that served as our lifeboat. We were thankful that our lives were spared. I felt comforted and secure as I laid between Momma and Daddy. We stayed like that until the Mexican authorities rescued us.

We were brought to shore in Mexico and interviewed by the Federales. They said that we were victims of Jorge Mendoza, a modern day pirate and drug runner from Colombia. He and his band of seafaring thugs have been terrorizing the Gulf and Caribbean for several years. He was brutal and vicious. They said we were lucky to be alive. We were taken to a hospital in Matamoros and checked out.

The next morning we were taken to Brownsville, Texas. It was good to be back in the States again. There, FBI and DEA agents interviewed us. I had to give graphic details of our terrifying experience. Soon the fear of an unwanted pregnancy hit me. It was possible for me to stomach the idea of being impregnated by one of the pirates. I mean, the leader was kind of cute and all. But I could not live with the thought of carrying Daddy’s baby. It was too much for me to bare. I went to a hospital and they gave me the morning after pill. Thankfully, I did not get pregnant. That wasn’t the case with Momma though. She got knocked up. Daddy wanted her to terminate the pregnancy, but being a devout Christian woman, she refused. Daddy left her. She had the baby. She was a beautiful dark hared and dark eyed baby girl. Daddy hooked up with one of my old girl friends from high school.

I started my freshman year at Texas A&M. I told Jeffrey what happened to me and he did not want anything to do with me. I was no longer desirable to him because I was no longer a virgin. He said he had his heart set on marrying a virgin and he knew that there would be no future for us. That was all bull shit. I later found out from a mutual friend that he was sickened by the fact that all those “Mexicans” had fucked me and that I was tainted for life. He didn’t want to put his treasured cock into a snatch where a dirty “Mexican” had been. I was glad that I did not end up with that insensitive bigot. Especially since I met Javier in my Biology class. We have been dating for two months now. Adios Y’all.

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