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Double Entendre

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Kari Bates is an attractive 36-year-old mother of two. She’s no supermodel, but she has the look of that good looking school teacher that most boys had a crush on during their school years.

She stands 5’6″ with a slender 34-B-24-24 body. Brown hair, parted in the middle and hanging almost to her shoulders. Bright blue eyes hidden behind her thin rectangular framed glasses and an ever-present smile.

Kari is a very conservative and modest woman. Her husband, Scotty, is the only man she had ever been with. They met in high school and Kari, holding on to her strict religious upbringing, kept her virginity until their wedding night.

They made a cute couple. Scotty was a good looking man, though a short one: barely taller than his wife. The two were active in their local church and Kari worked as a stay home mom.

Even her clothing was modest. Kari never dressed in anything revealing. Her B-cup breast were always well covered and it was rare to see her in shorts or anything else that exposed too much flesh.

She was also on the naïve side. Her oldest child, a freshman in high school, often chided her mother for not thinking about what she said. Kari often said things without realizing that her words could sometimes be taken out of context, causing Kari’s daughter some embarrassment at times. She had told her mom that some of her statements could be taken sexually. Kari had been embarrassed by this, but still never thought much about it.

Today Kari was home alone while her husband was at work and the kids at school. Her husband had arranged for some contractors to do some work around the house. They had begun the day before but had to finish the work today.

It was late May and the weather was turning hot. Kari, as was her nature, felt a desire to offer the men something cool to drink and be of help in any other manner that she could.

She went outside, dressed in a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt, to offer the men cold water or anything else. Had her daughter been home Kari would have be warned of her absent minded wording. But she was alone and, true to form, said all the wrong things.

“Boy, don’t you guys look hot.” She said to the four men working outside.

She made some small talk, offered them drinks and then said, “If there is anything I can do for you guys just ask.” She had told them. Followed with “I’m serious, just ask and I’ll do whatever it takes to make you feel better today. But I have to insist on at least two of you at a time. I can’t have just one of you with me.”

Kari went inside thinking nothing of her conversation. She had simply offered refreshments, a cool place to rest and informed them that she couldn’t be alone with only one of them so that the neighbor’s wouldn’t think anything funny was going on if they saw a lone man go inside with her.

To the four men working outside Kari’s words had a completely different meaning.

Ricky, the oldest of the men, watched Kari as she walked inside. He was six foot tall and muscular. Well tanned already from working outside. “Boys, I think she wants a gangbang.”

“That is one horny housewife.” Don replied, shaking his prematurely balding head. Don was slightly taller than Ricky and more rugged looking.

Juan, the youngest at 19, wasn’t so sure. “You don’t really think she wants to have sex, do you?”

“Sure the fuck sounds like it to me.” Antoine, the 21-year old tall, muscular black man with the clean shaved head and full beard added.

“Well we’re almost finished here,” Ricky said. “And she has me too fucking turned on to ignore her. Let’s finish and go inside and take her up on her offer.”

The men busted ass to finish the job in the next half hour. Then went to the door and knocked.

Kari answered the door, finding the four sweaty men asking to come inside to cool off. She let them come inside and poured them all glasses of water.

The men drank the water in the kitchen, and then Ricky said, “Are you serious about making us feel better?”

Kari smiled. “If I can I will.”

“Well that pussy would sure make me feel better.” He replied.

Kari’s mouth dropped open. She didn’t know how to respond to Ricky’s rude comment. Then she felt Don’s hands reach around her from behind to grope her tits.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She blurted out as she pushed Don’s hands away.

“Come on, girl. You obviously want us to fuck you.” Don said, grabbing her and pulling her tight against him.”

“No I don’t!” She protested.

“You’re not going to get us all hard and horny and back out of this now.” Ricky said. “Let’s strip her.”

Kari screamed as the four men grabbed her and began forcibly removing her clothes. She wrestled against them, but soon found her body bare and pushed onto her back on the kitchen counter.

“Please stop!” She yelled as the men began groping her bare breast and fingering her pussy.

Kari was in a panic. She knew that she was at the mercy of these men and was fully aware of what they wanted. Kari would have to admit that she had fantasized about having sex with more than one man at a time. But she would have never willingly done so.

The men took turns stripping while the other three continued molesting the struggling housewife. Soon Kari saw all four of them naked around her. Each of the dicks hard in anticipation of being thrust into her body.

Kari could not help but to observe that all four men were more endowed than her husband.

Kari had no regrets with her husband’s size. She knew that his five inches was just below the average, but he had always satisfied her with it. But all four of these men were larger. Two of them, Antoine and Ricky, were both a good three or four inches larger.

“Suck my cock.” Antoine said as he grabbed her head and pulled it back over the counter.

Kari resisted as the black piece of meat was thrust into her face. She did not want to do this but soon found her mouth open and lips wrapping around his pole.

Ricky was pulling her legs apart on the other side of the counter and she could feel his long, thick cock pressing between her legs.

She tried to protest but could not make anything more than grunts as Antoine fucked her face.

She cried out in rage as Ricky thrust his pole deep inside her pussy. She realized at once that he filled her more than her husband ever had.

Now Kari was being pounded by two strange men at the same time. She had gone the better part of a year before allowing her husband to get this far on their wedding night and now here she was trapped between two men who were forcing her to have sex in her own kitchen.

“Oh fuck.” She heard Antoine say just before she felt her mouth filling with his cum. She was surprised with how quickly the black man had climaxed and was not expecting this. She gagged at first and began gulping down his warm salty seed, realizing that she had not permitted her husband to cum in her mouth for a few years now.

Antoine shoved his cock deep into her throat as he came, spewing his cum as Kari’s mouth pleasured him.

He pulled out his spent cock and she raised her head and watched as Ricky fucked her.

“Please stop.” She pleaded.

But Ricky did not listen. He held her legs apart and slammed his cock into her pussy ignoring her pleas.

Ricky began panting and moaning. Kari felt his pace quicken and his thrust become harder and deeper and knew that he was about to cum inside her.

“No, pull out!” She yelled.

But Ricky was not going to be denied his climax inside her tight pussy. He cried out in lustful joy as he orgasm began, sending his cum jetting into Kari’s pussy as he pounded her without mercy.

As soon as Ricky was finished Don grabbed her and pulled her off the counter. He forced her to bend over the kitchen table and thrust his cock into her from behind. Kari’s arms were held tightly in front of her as Don fucked her.

She no longer begged for them to stop. Once Ricky had cum inside her she felt the will to resist begin to fade. But what she hadn’t expected was the feeling that was now coming over her.

Don’s cock was actually bringing her pleasure!

Kari resisted the sensations growing inside her. She could not allow these men to make her enjoy this rape. She was being forced fucked by them and could not be made to enjoy it.

But as Don came closer to his orgasm his fucking was doing the same to Kari.

“Oh God, no.” She begged as she felt her body coming close to climax. Her legs shook beneath her as her orgasm began. Don’s cock took her over the edge. Her pussy gripped his shaft as her juices began to spill out onto his balls.

Don groaned as his cock released his cum into Kari’s pussy, mixing with her own juices as the two came together.

Don pulled out of her and Juan took his place. The young man fucked Kari with jackhammer-like speed as she lay on the table. Her pussy was still sensitive from her orgasm with Don and she could feel it responding again.

But before the feeling could grow any stronger she felt Juan blowing his load into her thrice-fucked pussy.

“On your hands and knees.” She heard Antoine order. The black man helped her to the floor where she knelt as he got behind her. He thrust his cock inside her and she felt her body responding at once.

Kari wasn’t sure what had come over her. But she decided that this was feeling too good to resist. And she justified it because it was being forced upon her. She could not be blamed for being raped, so since she was guiltless why not just enjoy the fulfillment of a long held fantasy. One that would be kept a secret between her and her four attackers.

Kari reached up and grabbed Ricky’s cock and began stroking it. He moved before her so that she could begin sucking on his cock as Antoine fucked her.

Kari could not believe that she was actually enjoying this. She greedily sucked on Ricky’s cock as she fucked back against the black man behind her.

She began cumming almost immediately. She had to pull her mouth away from Ricky’s cock as her orgasm tore through her. It subsided but Antoine was still pounding her from behind. Finally he came inside her, but not before bringing her close to the verge of another climax.

“Fuck me.” She said to Ricky. Not wanting to be denied one more orgasm.

“I knew you wanted it.” He said, quickly moving around her body and kneeling behind her, thrusting his cock into her sopping wet hole.

Don took Ricky’s place at her face. Kari began sucking his cock. With her right hand she grabbed Juan’s and began jacking him off. Soon she was taking turns sucking each of the men one at a time.

She pulled her head away from Juan as he was about to cum. She began sucking Don’s while she jacked Juan off all over the side of her face.

Ricky was fucking her with all his might, enjoying the change that he saw taking place in the women kneeling before him. He watched as Don’s eyes rolled back in his head as he began cumming in Kari’s mouth.

She gulped down his cum then pulled free, crying out her delight. “Oh yes, I’m cumming!” She yelled. “Fuck me harder!”

Ricky was ready to cum too. Hearing Kari’s cries of satisfaction made his orgasm even better as he unleashed his seed inside her.

Kari fell forward onto the floor as Ricky pulled his cock out of her. She was covered in sweat and her body was shaking from the effects of her multiple orgasms and the realization of what had just happened.

As the men began dressing Kari slowly got to her feet. “Get the fuck out of here.” She told them, trying to sound like she was mad. She was to a point, but she could not deny that she had been more satisfied in the past forty five minutes than she had even been.

She needed to clean up before her kids got home. She would never tell anyone what happened here today. But, even though she would never had done this on her own, this would always be a fond memory for the pretty housewife. She even wondered if there was any other work that her husband could find for these men.

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