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Double Dating

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“Max, would you be horrified if one of my friends had sex with you?” my girlfriend asked me.

Well that just about blew my mind.

My girlfriend always was an extrovert – that was partly what attracted me to her in the first place. But she continually surprised me in the bedroom – even after six months together, she came up with suggestions that continually baffled me. Just as I thought I knew her well enough to know her limits, she would crash through them.

It was sexy, I suppose, not ever being able to guess her next move, but it often messed with my mind.

I suppose I should give you a little context. I met my girlfriend at University – I go to a fairly well-known English University, and she’s here as a foreign student. For sake of a label, her name is Bethany, and she’s American, from New York. She’s actually quite short – I’m six two and she’s only about five two – but breathtakingly pretty with long blonde hair and really nice blue eyes.

I met her shortly after we started – I knew her in our group of friends living in this one apartment block – and she flirted with me outrageously before a friend tipped me off that she was after me. I was just being English, I suppose, hopelessly poor at picking up the signs – I didn’t have a clue she was after me.

Anyhow, hearing this rumor, I spent a little more time around her in social situations, and we ended up one night back at her place, fairly drunk. I casually complained that my back was aching slightly – I’d been playing soccer that afternoon – and she offered me a backrub.

I took off my shirt and sat on the floor in front of her. There was some TV show on at the time – I forget which, but it might have been Frasier – and I remember really not concentrating on it as she massaged my back. Her touch was electric, and her perfume had me hooked. Every now and then she would squeeze the muscles in my shoulders, and her face would come close to one or other of my ears. I heard her soft breathing, and a slight tremble in it, as though she was nervous. It certainly wasn’t cold in there, so that was all it could be. For me, that confirmed what my friend had suggested – she was interested in me.

I spent a while just trying to think what to say to her. Naturally, I’m a very shy person – it’s in my genes, really. After a long while, my backrub came to an end. It was the nicest I’d ever had. I felt defeated, because I didn’t know what to say, and I made my apologies and said I had to go.

She stood in her doorway and said, “Aren’t you gonna thank me?”

She was standing slightly indignantly, with her hands on her hips. I realized that I hadn’t thanked her for an unusually long backrub – I’d been in a daze ever since she first touched me.

I don’t know what came over me – I saw her standing there, looking at me with those wonderful blue eyes – I felt a little shock at having forgotten my manners, I didn’t want her to think I was an animal – but completely against my own nature, I didn’t say a thing, just walked over to her and kissed her, full on the lips, running my fingers through her silky hair, reveling in the soft but exhilaratingly warm contact between our mouths and the intoxicating aroma of her perfume.

After a while, we broke apart. I looked at her and it was all a little much for me – my head was spinning. I apologized and told her I’d see her tomorrow. As I left, she was completely dumbfounded, staring after me in a daze of her own. It had been quite a kiss. The natural chemistry that occurred between us was something I’d never experienced before.

The next day I felt weird. I knew instantly as soon as I woke up that I had made a serious mistake walking away from her like that. What if she thought I didn’t like her after that kiss? The reality was that before that kiss I had thought she was really good-looking, but perhaps a little out of my league – then after the kiss I was besotted. I spent all day in lectures thinking about that moment, regretting my early exit.

That evening, once my working day was over, I wandered over to Bethany’s apartment. On the way, I met the friend that had tipped me off about her, and he raised his eyebrows at my direction of travel, knowing where and why I was going. This gave me some relief – he was a good friend of Bethany’s, she told him most things – if he thought there was still something between us, then she couldn’t have taken offense at the other night.

I got to her doorway and pressed the buzzer, my heart in my mouth.

The door opened and, “Oh my God!”

A petite blonde literally leapt at me, smothering me with her arms and drawing my lips to hers. We kissed again, recreating the magic of the previous evening.

“Uh…sorry…about the other night,” I fumbled when she eventually let me go.

“I never thought you’d come round here,” her smile was the most wonderfully joyous sight. “I thought I was a terrible kisser or something,” she pulled me inside and I was soon introduced to the other girls that lived in her apartment – all Americans: the foreign students all lived together to give themselves support.

But it wasn’t long before I was dragged into her bedroom. She seemed to think that now I had come back to her, it was open season on me and she could do whatever she wanted with me. Who was I to say no?

We made love five times that night before eventually collapsing. It was the most amazing night. Between every time we connected – and during, to some extent – we talked about all kinds of things, finding out about each other. Her fantastic body came from her years of ballet dancing. My lack of flab came from years of soccer. She was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen. After she had first stripped me, making her sexual craving pretty obvious, I took her clothes off one by one.

Her sexual extravagance became clear when her underwear was revealed. I had never thought real women wore g-strings or thongs – just models and porn stars. But she smiled and said she found other kinds of panties uncomfortable. She really was great – I might have had five orgasms that night, but she had many more. She came just from my attention at her supple breasts. I had a real live wire here.

I am still quite young, I suppose, at 22, but it was as though I’d never had sex with anyone before. She opened my eyes – she had a wardrobe full of all kinds of incredibly sexy lingerie, we made love in positions I’d never thought possible, and she loved talking about sex – something English girls would never do – which I found thrilling in the extreme.

So it’s fair to say that those six months were the best of my life up until that time: we made love on average three times a night every single night, without fail. That all stepped up a gear when we visited her home, New York City, at the beginning of the summer.

“Max, would you be horrified if one of my friends had sex with you?”

She said this as we walked to a taxi outside the airport terminal. I was shocked – even after the various things she’d got me into those six months. I looked around us to make sure no one had overheard her. Damn, my head was reeling.

“Wh-what do you mean?” I stammered as we got into the yellow taxi.

“Well,” she said, knowing that I would find it difficult to handle the situation, “my friends – they all have, like, really amazing jobs in Manhattan – I’ve known them since I was really small, so we tell each other stuff – you know, personal stuff.”

“So you’ve told them about me?”

“I’ve told them all about you.” She leaned over and kissed me. “I’ve never met anyone like you before.”

“Oh,” I didn’t know what to say.

“So there’s this one girl, Emma – you’d like her, she’s really nice – who I grew up with, and…well…I kind of wanna show her what I’ve got here.”

“So you want her to have sex with me?” I was stunned. So stunned, that I didn’t really take in the magnificence of Manhattan as it loomed in front of us.

“Well I’d be there as well…” she smiled, and tried to reassure me with a loving kiss.

The taxi driver gave me an odd look, and I just signaled my confusion back to him.

For the rest of the journey, I just looked out of the window, trying to take in the sheer scale of Downtown Manhattan. Bethany smiled at me every time I looked at her, and she placed a surreptitious hand on my crotch, stroking my nervous cock through my thin cotton chinos.

We got to her friend’s apartment, and I didn’t know what to think. The place certainly was impressive – massive open plan rooms and an incredible view through floor-to-ceiling windows. It seemed that Emma was a year older than Bethany, and had a very well paid job as a lawyer.

“Nice to meet you,” I said.

“So this is him, huh?” she said to Bethany, eyeing me up like a piece of meat. “Nice to finally meet you, Max.”

Emma looked like a very refined person – not the type to indulge in rampant orgies. She was much taller than Bethany, slender rather than athletic, and dressed in very expensive clothes. Her hair was straight and chocolate brown, dropping immaculately down to her shoulders in a bell shape. She had a pretty face, which oozed intelligence and class.

“You wanna dump your stuff in the bedroom?”

We went out that night, the three of us. Before going out, Bethany said they were dressing up, so I put on a tux – hey, why not. The girls came out in really short dresses, but I couldn’t quite get how short they really were until we were in a quiet bar some place nearby.

It seemed like a bit of a conspiracy – the girls kept buying me drinks, and as the evening progressed, both of them were all over me. The place was virtually empty, it being midweek, so there wasn’t a problem. The two of them had dresses on so short that when they sat down, I could see the tops of both of their nylons – Bethany’s white and Emma’s black. As the night wore on, they were showing me their panties, too.

Being my girlfriend, it was Bethany that started putting her hands all over me. It took Emma a few drinks, but then she was leaning over me, flirting and touching my thigh. Bethany touched my penis through my pants, and after a while, she pulled one of my hands and planted it between her legs, locking her thighs together to squeeze my fingers against her moist panties. I had to try and act as normal as I could, since the barman was only the other side of the room.

The two girls caught up on old times, but the majority of the conversation was about their sex lives – Emma’s being fairly unsuccessful and Bethany’s – well, she didn’t stop going on about me. Then the two of them leaned together under my chin and whispered something to each other. They smiled at me and then stood up, brushing down their dresses before going to the bathroom together.

I have no idea what they were talking about in there, but they were a while. I just sat there like a lemon, sipping my beer and casually sucking the fingers that had so recently been inside my girlfriend.

After a while, they both came out holding hands. It was quite obvious they’d had more than enough to drink, but they weren’t completely wasted. They had very determined looking expressions on their faces, and Emma seemed to have a new air of confidence about her.

“What’s going on?” I asked helplessly.

“Oh, nothing,” Bethany replied, putting an expression of mock innocence on her face. The two girls sat either side of me again, but this time Emma sat much closer to me – they both sandwiched me between them. The two of them moved in synchronization, like a dance act. They picked up my hands, and pulled them between their thighs. I looked at each of them, puzzled that I had a hand wedged against my girlfriend’s wet panties and also the wet panties of – to me, anyway – a complete stranger. Then I felt a hand on my burgeoning erection – but it didn’t come from Bethany’s side: it was Emma. She grinned, tracing my entire length with delicate fingers.

“Think you can handle the two of us tonight?” my girlfriend whispered into my ear.

“Well…” I was a little in shock, “…well, I’ll try.”

It was unbelievable.

The two of them kissed me on my cheeks, and stood up. I was suddenly very sober, and extremely nervous.

“Relax,” Bethany clearly noticed my trepidation as we walked back to Emma’s apartment, “everything’ll be fine.”

In the elevator up to the apartment, Bethany gave me a long kiss on the mouth, before stepping back and winking at Emma. Emma stepped forward and kissed me similarly. It was very strange kissing someone else after being with just Bethany for a while – especially since she was standing just inches away. Emma was clearly as nervous as I was, she was trembling slightly, but it was her that led the kiss, holding my head in her hands. Her kiss was almost identical in style to Bethany’s, as though they’d taught each other how to do it. The real difference was in the two girls’ heights – I didn’t have to reach down quite so much for Emma – and their aromas. Bethany’s strong vanilla scent made her smell strongly of white chocolate, but Emma had a slightly more flowery scent, an elegant perfume that was probably quite expensive.

There was a ring as the elevator reached its destination floor. We broke up and I realized that Emma and I had been kissing twice as ferociously and twice as long as Bethany and I had. Would she be jealous? Would I be in trouble if I didn’t show her a favorable bias? But as we stepped outside the elevator, Bethany smiled at me without a hint of jealousy in her expression. If anything, she looked as if she was proud of me.

“I have to call my parents,” Bethany announced as we finally returned to Emma’s apartment, “so why don’t you two get acquainted and I’ll be along in a minute.”

“Okay babe,” Emma said, and pulled me – bewildered – into the bedroom.

“You ever done this before?” I asked her as she pulled off my clothes.

“Nope – you?”

“No,” I felt strangely vulnerable, but I didn’t halt her progress.

“Mmm,” she cooed as she revealed my tight scarlet briefs, “well there has to be a first time for everybody…”

She put her arms over my shoulders and I stared into her deep brown eyes. Then she pulled me close and kissed me again, as deeply as she had in the elevator. Her hands drifted down to clutch my behind, pulling me in so that my erection was pressed against her. Tentatively, I moved my hands down her back, brushing easily over the black silk of her dress.

She broke off then, and I remember the lingering sweetness of the liquor she had been drinking on my lips. She pushed me back on the bed and in an instant, had pushed the straps off her dress and allowed it to drop to the ground. She stood there, a breathtaking sight in her black thigh-high stockings, skimpy black g-string and nothing else.

Her breasts were smaller than Bethany’s, little more than slight rises on her chest, peaked with little pink nipples that were about as hard as they could get. She climbed onto me, and I put my hands on her waist. She sat on my crotch, pressing her hot pussy against my penis, and leaned forward to kiss me.

As she kissed me again, my hands went naturally to her breasts, fondling them gently and locating her stiffened nipples to squeeze between my fingers and thumbs. She moaned quietly as I did so, much quieter than Bethany would have in such a situation. Speaking of Bethany, I found my girlfriend at my side moments later – I smelled her sweet vanilla fragrance before I ever saw or heard her.

Softly, seductively, she blew on my ear, then whispered, “I think you should eat her pussy.”

Emma and I broke off, and I heard the tall brunette gasp at her friends suggestion. I turned my head, and found Bethany crouching there. She had taken off her dress, but had left on all her underwear – she knew well that I adored making love to her when she was still wearing lingerie. I looked into her beautiful eyes and she flashed me a mischievous grin, standing up to show off her white lacy outfit.

“Come on,” she gently pushed Emma off me, and walked around the bed to encourage her friend to lie on her back.

I reached for my girlfriend, my body craving her sweet, familiar body. But she took a step back and waggled her finger, “uh uh uh,” she grinned, “you have to do what I tell you. Go on.”

Emma was trembling again, nervous in the extreme – she was even more nervous than I was. I sat astride her and kissed her nipples, flicking them with my tongue briefly before slowly moving down her silky smooth skin, kissing across her flat stomach to reach her black silky g-string that covered very little of her elegant mound.

Now I lay between her thighs, and pulled her knees gently upwards to open her legs and give myself more room. I nudged aside the soft black silk and her pussy lay open for my mouth to explore. Emma groaned quietly as I tongued her slippery folds. I eased her labia apart with two fingers and buried my tongue into her hot vagina. After a few moments, I found her clit and brushed my lips over it before taking it into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. As the tip of my tongue swirled around her little button, she placed her hands on my head, her fingers running through my hair and massaging my scalp as I licked her, carefully slipping a couple of fingers into her pussy to reach for her g-spot.

She came loudly, thrashing about on the bed, her hands pressing my head against her crotch.

“Isn’t he great?” Bethany almost squealed in delight.

“God, I haven’t come like that with a man since…” Emma tailed off.

“Exactly,” Bethany pushed me backwards onto the bed as Emma got up went out to get a glass of water. She lay beside me on the bed, her head by my crotch, her panties brushing against my ear. I was really wondering about my girlfriend’s past, and that of her friend Emma. She kissed my penis, which suddenly became very hard when I felt her hot breath on it.

“Mmm,” she said, “I hope you’re ready for a real work out, mister.”

I felt her peel down my foreskin and then the flick of her tongue on my sensitive purple helmet. Then it flicked again and again, before gloriously swirling around and finally her whole mouth engulfed my first two or three inches. I let out a few seriously deep breaths as the feelings swamped through my body. I heard her giggle at my reaction, then she shifted her hips and lifted her knee over my head. As she began bobbing up and down on my erect cock, I was presented with her white lace-covered mound.

The smell of white chocolate was all around me as my girlfriend’s thighs locked my head in place and she softly pressed her panty-clad pussy onto my lips. The white lace was already moist – after it first brushed against my top lip, the evaporating moisture was suddenly chilled on my skin. Not for long – she pressed down on my face, grinding the rough lace against my mouth. The heat exploded on contact, and as she began to grind herself on my lips, the thin scrap of thong panties were pushed aside and I experienced that wonderful mix of sensory information: the strong, tangy salted taste of her arousal saturated in the sweetest fragrance you could imagine. Meanwhile, my cock was surrounded by deep warmth and soft friction.

“Mmm…you want some of this?” Bethany broke off just as I felt the danger of my end approaching. “It’s real nice.” Emma had returned.

“You sure?”

“Better than a vibrator.”

That was all I heard. My girlfriend sat back on my face and blocked out everything but her taste, her aroma and her heat. I felt a set of hands on my thighs, hands that weren’t Bethany’s. Cold fingers lifted my rigid cock and cradled my scrotum. Hot thighs over mine, a hand holding up my erection, then tight hot wetness, burning heat, all around. My hands held her knees as she sank completely onto my cock. I was inside another woman, even as my girlfriend watched, occasionally wiggling her hips to encourage the movement of my tongue. I couldn’t hear what they said to each other, whether they said anything to each other or not. I couldn’t tell what they were doing. Were they looking at each other as they used me like a mutual sex toy?

It was a strange feeling.

I couldn’t last long like that. I squeezed Emma’s thigh to signal my defeat, and I felt the sudden coldness as the two girls got off my body. They giggled like schoolgirls as they switched places for my final scene for that particular act. Though we were all proven clean and the two girls on the pill, my girlfriend wanted me to fill her, that was the way she wanted it. So Emma placed her pussy over my mouth and I tasted her again – a subtly different flavour, like Chardonnay rather than my girlfriend’s Sauvignon. Interesting to taste two girls in two minutes.

But my mind was on other things. My girlfriend gripped me firmly, her vagina tighter than her friend’s, more athletic. She rode me with more confidence and with timing that coincided with me. Emma didn’t hold my head as tightly, so I heard my girlfriend’s screams as she approached her peak and I reached mine. I read her rhythm, and soon we came together, with her hands gripping my waist and her body shuddering as I released deep inside her vagina.

Strange to fall asleep sandwiched between two women, but it wouldn’t be for the last time while we were there in New York. Yet despite the real sexual attraction between Emma and myself, the whole experience really proved that the bond Bethany had with me was unbelievably strong. Because although sex was sensational with Emma, when love was involved the feelings were so much more powerful.

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