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The Night you Lose Control

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I took deliberate care in choosing the right outfit for this night. I wanted something that was going to make you hard the moment you opened that door. It has been so long since I’ve seen you. Well, since I’ve seen you as My slave, and not as your everyday persona. I chose black for the color of this night. Black looks so good on Me, with My pale white skin, and bright red/blonde hair.

So I wear a black velvet skirt, black fitted soft cotton shirt, black lace bra, matching black lace garter belt and panties, and something to really drive you wild. I spent half an hour picking out the right black fishnet thigh highs and black lace up leather high heels. I have not worn anything on My legs before, but you have told Me your fetish of tights and heels.

I told you I’d be there by eleven. But I took so long in preparing for tonight, I didn’t arrive until eleven thirty. I knocked firmly on the door, and I could hear you jump up from your chair to answer. I think you started to doubt whether I was coming. Of course, I was half tempted not to come as it was, you’ve been very neglectful lately. Two months since you’ve served is two months too long. I think once I leave you, you begin to doubt your worthiness, so you don’t contact Me. I intend to punish you for that, but that’s a little later.

You look at Me in the darkness. I’m standing right outside the door, I haven’t even entered yet. The sight of you already makes Me damp. I take great delight in your body. You open the door wider, and I step through. I hug you, and feel the hardness I knew should be there. It pushes forward yet more as you take a deep breath in my hair.

You tell Me you have a few things to set up, so it will be a few minutes. I take a seat on the couch, and watch you as you busy around the room, putting things away, getting the area cleared of the necessities of your job.

I’m always amazed you have Me come to this building, where you work. But I think you like the memories I give you here. Work doesn’t seem as boring when all you have to do is look around, and remember who you are to Me.

Finally, all is set. You turn to Me, kneel before Me on the floor and compliment My wardrobe.

I tell you I took special pains tonight, I wanted the best response from you. You blush and grin at Me. The blush deepens as you realize I’m staring at the straining bulge in your pants. You start to remove your clothing, knowing I require your body naked and open to Me. You know My clothing rarely is removed.

As I move in to start My exploration and subjugation of your body, you whisper one thing. “Mistress, I have one request.”

“Yes?” I respond.

“Mistress, I cannot be marked anywhere it will show tonight, I have family coming.”

I nod my head yes, and tell you that no marks should be visible, and you will be able to sit, but I expect some marks will be painful in the shower. You shiver deliciously at that.

By this point, I’m done with speech. I pull your head back with your slightly curly hair and plunge into your mouth. You gasp with the force of this first kiss. It really has been too long since I’ve had you. I scrape my lips against your slight stubble, delighting in the decided MALENESS of your kisses. Your tongue thrusts against Mine, and I suck at it, pulling it deeper into My hot wet mouth.

I want to devour you, my passion is so strong. I pull back and look at your dazed face. Without any warning, My hand comes up and slaps you, first one side, then the other. Your body jerks with reaction. Your eyes are glazing over as you head deeper into subspace.

I love watching you slide out of your control. Your body loosens, and your hands move behind your back and clasp your ankles. Without conscious thought, you’ve assumed your sub position. You are such a natural, beautiful slave. I delight in it so much. Your cock is straining up and away from your body.

We’ve been kissing for about five minutes now. I push you back on your heels and grab your hand. I ask you how you like My new stockings. I picked them out just for you. Your eyes try to focus on my legs. I love my legs. They are my favorite feature other than my bright blue eyes. My legs look gorgeous in the fishnets. I’m only 5’2, but the fishnets elongate them, and accentuate my calf muscles.

You look at Me as you reach to touch Me. I nod My head in acquiescence, and you sigh as the very tips of your fingers graze My flesh. My head falls back as I delight in the worship your fingers give to My legs. You stroke Me from My knee down My calf and over the lacing of My shoes to the tip of My toes. I tell you to feel the skirt, and you groan as you feel the velvet. The mix of textures is driving you wild, and I see a drop of precum develop on your cock.

I feel your arms start to wrap around My leg, and your head bends to kiss and lick them. You are in full worship, kissing the tips of My shoes. You kiss your way back up My inner leg, until you kiss past My knee and you suddenly breathe VERY deeply. You can smell My sex, and your hands clench My thighs, bruising them slightly.

I grab your hair and pull your face deep into My pussy, the panties the only thing blocking you from your temple. You groan, and I feel your hot breath wash over my now dripping pussy. I know your face must feel the dampness, and I pull you roughly back, knocking you almost over. You struggle to catch your balance.

I place My very sharp heels against your chest. I push against you, and lift My hips to remove My panties. I lift first one heel and slide the panty down that leg. I lift the other heel and you can see the darkness between My thighs. I pull the skirt up and push you further away from Me at the same time. I take My legs and wrap them over your shoulders, sliding them up and down your back. Your groans make Me grin. I tire of the leg play and leave you kneeling before Me.

I want to feel you, to sample the body that gives Me such pleasure. I want to torture your nipples, so I lean forward and start pinching and rolling those tight nubs. Your breath deepens, you moan your pleasure for Me. I dig my nails into the flesh of your breast.

I love to see the marks upon your skin. I suck and lick your neck as I play with you. My hands roam freely across your chest neck and back. I pinch, pull, scrape and scratch as the mood hits Me. And then I move in to your neck.

My hands wrap around your throat, closing tighter and tighter. Your eyes fly open, and you pull back slightly at the intensity pouring from my eyes.

“You are MINE, and you will not make Me wait for you again. If I should have to wait once more, that’s it. It’s over. Do I make myself clear?”

You gulp out a strangled “Yes Mistress.” I hold your gaze for a moment longer and release your throat. You take a deep breath, and My hand flies to your face. You sit there stunned for a moment, just absorbing what has occurred. My hands return to the caressing of your body. I pull your face in for another wet hot kiss. I pull back to catch My breath.

You sit there just staring at Me. I smile at you, and stroke that beautiful strong jaw line. I pull back slightly and reach for the front of my shirt. I unbutton it partway, baring My bra covered breast to your hungry gaze. And then I do something you don’t expect. I reach through My shirt and unsnap My bra. My heavy large breasts fall free from their restraint, and you lick your lips in anticipation.

I grab your hair and pull your head to My breast. Your warm breath waves across Me moments before you claim the tip of My nipple, and I groan at the sensations that ripple through My body. The sight of you feasting upon My breast is so erotic, a fresh flood of moisture flows from the apex of my thighs. I pull you from one and place you at the other. Your breath labors as I force your face hard into the breast. For a moment, you drown in Me, unable to breathe, just teasing my nipple with your tongue. You trust Me with your very breath, and it warms Me to the darkest parts. Of course, it’s the darkest parts of Me that you bring out. Just as I do you.

I free you, and you suck air back into your starved lungs. I’m so wet, it’s dripping down to the couch. I can feel the puddle forming. I reach between us and grab your now dripping cock. I spread the moisture around that thick head, your moans getting louder and louder, your hips starting to move with My strokes. I can sense you are getting very close. I add to the torment by wrapping My legs around your hips, sliding up and down your ass. I grip that hard long cock of yours tightly and whisper into your ear.

“Do you want to FUCK Me, slave?”

“Oh yes my Mistress, I want to feel You around me, I want to give You pleasure.”

I place that cock of yours at the entrance to your Temple. Your mouth moans prayers only I understand as you slowly force that beast of yours into Me. For a moment once again I worry whether you will fit, but always I yield, and your head literally pops into Me, and I groan from the pleasure/pain. Only in this physical sense am I the one to yield to you, but it is such a satisfying moment. You fill Me as no one ever has, and I don’t believe anyone else ever will.

Three thrusts you give Me before you pull fully out, and I’m left empty. I open My eyes in confusion and you very quietly offer an apology.

“I’m too close, I want you to enjoy this. I’m going to come if I don’t take a moment.”

I think for a moment. I’m completely blown away that you are already so close. The idea that I turned you on that much gives Me quite the power rush. It was enough for Me. I didn’t need to come from this tonight. With a growl I pull you back into Me, again I have to adjust to your size. You struggle so hard to hold out as long as you can, but I dig my nails into your back, your ass, pulling you deeper, harder and start moaning your name, wanting to feel your release. Finally you give up the fight and yell out that you’re coming, and I feel your body tense with your orgasm. You give one last hard push and drop yourself onto Me.

I change the movements of My hands from hard to soft. I stroke softly up and down your back, soothing your over stimulated body. You start to apologize, and I quietly shush you. Minutes later, you pull yourself off Me, and refuse to meet My eyes. I grab your jaw and force you to look at Me.

“It makes Me so happy that you came so fast. It means you truly responded to Me. The knowledge that you couldn’t control yourself is exactly what I wanted. I want you to lose control. That’s the greatest gift you can give Me. I can make Myself come any time I want. I don’t need you to give Me that. What you give Me is power. You touch Me ways I can’t. You please Me, slave.”

And with that, I close My shirt, pull My panties back on, grab my keys and walk out the door.

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