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I’d like to be gay. I really would. Why? Because guys are hornier than gals. It’s the way things are. A guy is ready to fuck at the mention of the word. A gal has to be sold on the idea. It isn’t fair, of course, but that’s the way things are. Unfortunately I like girls. We don’t really have a choice.

Most guys think girls are just like them. Girls are not like guys! Think about it for a minute. We read about “sexual harassment” and think (that is, most of us think) it means a guy is trying to make some gal uncomfortable by talking to her about sex.

It’s not that at all! They’re not trying to harass them. They’re trying to seduce them for God’s sake. The guy is dumb enough, stupid enough, to think that girls are like guys. He thinks that girls turn on when you talk dirty about sex. Girls don’t! That is, most of them don’t. There are exceptions, of course, so sometimes you get lucky.

This is a story about the one time I got lucky. Really lucky.

I was flying back to DC from San Diego after a research meeting. Checking in, I saw Dottie, a gal I work with. Her lab was just down the hall from mine. I had my seat changed to sit next to her. We’re both upper-thirties, average people, doing research at an Institute in DC. I had never had any kind of relationship with Dottie. Not even a casual dinner date.

“Did you learn anything new,” she asked, after we were off the ground and had our first drink in hand.

“Not really, except that thing about searching the net,” I responded.

“Do you think it will work?”

“I’m not sure, but I’m going to try it.” I said.

We continued to talk research and drink. Dottie was not a knock out sexy broad. She was average, but not someone whose shoes I would refuse to allow under my bed. Her tits were her best feature. Big and at her age I thought they might hang down and jiggle the way I liked in a mature woman. Both of us were single. I had never thought about making a move on her, but we were drinking a lot on that flight. You’ve seen the cartoon about the guy in the bar where the more he drinks the prettier the girl across the bar gets. That was happening to me.

So, we keep talking. We talked about some new research techniques presented at the meting and then about the parties that the sponsoring companies had thrown for the people who attended the meeting. The parties where the guys were hunting for gals.

“Those weren’t parties,” said Dot. “They were hunting grounds.”

“Yeah,” I responded. “The guys just walked into the room, got a drink, and started to shop the merchandise. There were twice as many gals as guys. The guys had the pick of the litter.”

“Tell me about it! How would you like being forty years old and competing with some damn twenty-five year old whose ass is as thin as a rail and whose tits point up, not down?”

“You didn’t have fun?” I asked. I was surprised because I thought Dot was a really sexy broad.

She turned and looked directly at me. “Fun? Shit! I didn’t get laid! Three nights. Three parties. And I didn’t get laid.” Dottie was feeling her liquor.

“Well,” I said, “sometimes shit happens. Cheer up! There’ll be another time.”

“When you’re as horny as a bitch in heat sniffen’ up the only hound dog in town, another time doesn’t count.”

“Well, Dot,” I said with a smile, “If you have an itch that bad, I think I can scratch it. My car is at the airport and I can give you lift home.”

I was joking, but then I got lucky.

She looked at me with a genuine smile and reached over and took my hand in hers. “Honey, you have no idea how much I would enjoy you taking me home and fucking my brains out.”

That’s how it started. Young guys think a slender body, young smooth skin, and a shaved pussy make for good sex. Bullshit! Give me a mature woman with handholds and a bushy, curly haired beaver every time. Besides, the mature babes have learned a thing or two about fucking. That was Dottie! Jesus that was good pussy! And she was grateful!

Shortly after that first fuck I learned something important about Dottie. She was turned on by porn. There was this magazine called Plaything and there was a question and answer column in it each month, which was pure porn. I think that the mag had professional writers writing most of the stuff because it was way past amateur. But that mag got us started. Each month when the new issue came out I would buy a copy and make a date with Dottie for the next Friday night.

Those Friday night dates became the highlight of our month. A couple of Glenlivets. Then, steaks on the grill and a good Bordeaux. Then we got naked on the living room floor on a very soft rug with some pillows and started to read the porn letters. We’d play with each other, read a letter, then play some more. When the letter was good enough we’d suck or fuck a little, then read some more. This went on for hours until we finished all the letters. Then we went to bed horny with the images we had stored up and we fucked the night away.

Saturday morning, we stayed in bed and fucked. Up by noon, but still naked, we fixed bacon and eggs. Then we fucked. Then we showered and dressed up for Georgetown. Saturday night in Georgetown is not like the regular weekdays when the office people turn out and crowd the bars. Saturday the business is light, but the people there mean business. Dottie never wore panties and I stayed back so guys could play with her ass. In the dark bars even her pussy got its share of attention. She loved it. I enjoyed watching and she enjoyed being watched when a strange guy was feeling her up.

Then we usually tried one of our favorite risky pastimes – fucking in the parking lot. The idea was to leave the bar and go to our car parked in the back of the lot. Bend her over the hood – watching to see people walking to their cars – pull up her dress, and fuck her. If people did not walk all the way back to where we were we kept on fucking. If they did, we quit at the last minute. The thrill was to come close to getting caught. Sometimes we got caught.

Sunday we slept late and fucked in bed, sometimes with a re-read of the best porn letters from the mag. We stayed naked all day long. All in all it was a really great weekend. One we both looked forward to each month.

Well, one Friday as usual, I dropped by Dottie’s office with the latest copy of the mag. “Are we on for the weekend?” I asked.

“No way, baby. I’ve got a presentation Monday and I have to look up some stuff to get ready for it. Lots of stuff. Can we make it next weekend?”

“Sure,” I said. “Next weekend is fine. Here, take the mag home with you.” I handed her the latest edition that I had bought that afternoon.

I went home with a hard on and poured a glass of Glenlivet neat. I could wait. It would not be long. Sometimes I used a snifter to enjoy the smell as well as the taste. When I smoked a cigar, I would dip the end in the scotch to get the flavor, just like some people do with brandy.

I was half way through my drink when the phone rang. I picked it up and before I could even say “Hello”, I heard her voice.

“You’re a bastard – you know that!”

“Well, yes,” I said, “We agreed on that some time ago, but is there something special that brings up the subject right now?”

“You’re a bastard. You left that damn magazine.”

“You read it? Why Dottie I thought you were going to do your homework for your talk Monday.”

“I thought I might take a brief look at it,” she said.

“And?” I asked.

“And I got horny. I need for you to come over here.”

“Why Dottie, I don’t want to interfere with your work. What if I’ve already made other plans?”

“You haven’t made other plans you bastard. You gave me that damn mag because you knew I would read it and get horny. Get your sorry ass over here.”

“Why Dottie, how could you think that? I thought you had work to do.” At this point I was thinking about all those other poor bastards who were dating gals who thought like gals. Who had to be talked nice to. Who had to be turned on. Who had to be persuaded. I had a gal who thought just like a guy, and a horny guy at that. Mention the word fuck and she started to spread her legs.

“Get your sorry ass over here!”

“Dottie, it’s not that easy …

“What do you mean, not that easy? Just get in the fuckin’ car and drive over here.”

“Well Dottie, what I mean is, you need to learn a lesson.”

“What the hell lesson are you talking about?”

“You need to appreciate me more.”

“I appreciate you. I appreciate you. I really appreciate you. Now get your sorry ass over here.”

“Okay. But when I get there,” I said slowly, “I want you buck naked in heels standing on the front porch.”

“Hey! I live in a respectable Bethesda neighborhood. My house was once the house of the mistress of President Harding. I have neighbors close by. Respectable neighbors. I can’t run around on my porch naked.”

I laughed. “If you want to fuck me Dottie, then you better do it. If I don’t see you on that porch when my headlights flash across it – if I don’t see that hairy beaver as I turn in to the drive, I’m gonna back right out and leave. And you better be naked. Buck naked in spike heels!”

“You bastard! You sorry bastard! Shit! Okay. Please. Please get your ass over here.”

Dottie was pissed. Really pissed. But she was horny. And I think she was more horny than pissed. This was fun! As I turned in the drive there she was, exactly as ordered. That big thick curly haired brunet beaver stood out in my headlights as I turned in the drive and those big tits with that sexy forty-year-old sag were there to please me. I could tell she had thought to herself, “To hell with the neighbors, I gotta get laid.” And she was gonna get laid. Big time.

We started drinking right away – no steaks – no wine – just sex. She read the best letter to me and then laid back and spread her legs on the floor in the living room, waiting. I kept reading the magazine.

“Fuck me you bastard – don’t read that magazine – fuck me!”

“Don’t you want me to read the letters and turn on,” I asked innocently.

“I been reading those damn letters for an hour. You got a hard on. Fuck me!”

Dottie was shouting now and rubbing her pussy. I had never seen her so hot and horny. “Fuck me dammit!”

“Ask me nice,” I said, laughing.

She got up off the floor and came over to me. She pushed me down on my back and mounted me like a cowboy, grabbed my dick and shoved it into a dripping wet pussy and started to fuck. She collapsed down on my chest, pumping her ass like a slut, holding my head in her hands and moaning in my ear. Her big tits were bouncing on my chest.

“Jesus, Oh Jesus, that’s good,” she said into my ear, as her hips pounded me. “God I needed that dick of yours. Thank you baby for coming over here. Oh sweet Jesus.”

She had her orgasm in minutes and I rolled her over to pump for mine, but she had another one first. Making her wait must have turned her on. When I was finished with her I rolled off and laid beside her.

“There now,” I said. “You enjoyed that didn’t you baby?”

“You’re a bastard!” Dottie said. “You’re a real bastard.”

“You want me to leave?” I said starting to get up.

Dottie grabs me and holds me down. “You’re just saying that to make me beg, aren’t you? You’re a bastard. You know you can make me beg. If you want to hear it I’ll do it now and get it over with.”

I laughed. “Not right now. But the next time you decide to work instead of fuck, please remember this weekend. I went home with a hard on. If I had not already known what a horny bitch you really were I would have been worried. As it was I got through a half drink of Glenlivet before your hormones got to you. Dottie, you are the horniest, sluttiest, most dependable cunt I ever knew.”

“Complements, complements! You don’t mean it but they will lower my pants,” she said with a smile.

“You’re not wearing pants,” I said.

“Well on those formal occasions when I am,” she said.

We had a splendid weekend and the following Monday it was back to work as usual. The guy who had the lab next to mine would often drop by for coffee in the morning. He was single and it was not unusual for the subject of pussy to come up. That Monday, for some reason we reviewed the available ladies at the institute. To my great surprise he suggested I get to know Dottie.

“You fucked her?” I asked. I was surprised because Will usually stayed away from gals at the institute.

Will chuckled. “Yeah, I fucked her for almost a year. She’s a really great fuck. Not much for looks but great in bed.”

“Hell I’ve been fucking her since our meeting in San Diego,” I said. “You were out there weren’t you?”

“Yeah I was there but I didn’t see Dottie. If you’ve been fucking her then you know what I’m talking about. Damn good pussy. Some guys never appreciate that because they’re so hung up on thin waists and young faces.”

“I’ve got an idea,” I said. “Why don’t the two of us fuck her some night? You know how horny she is. She’d probably go for that.”

“I don’t know. She’s horny but at her age a three-way fuck might be over the top for her.” Will looked skeptical. “If you can set it up I’d sure go for it, but you have to figure out how to do it.”

“Okay,” I said. “Here’s what we’ll do.” I explained about our monthly weekends with the letters in that skin mag and told him to be ready on the Friday night I went over there. He agreed.

The next big Friday night I set things up as usual with Dottie except that I suggested a little grass to loosen things up. She thought it was a great idea. We had drinks and dinner and then stripped down and got on the rug with more booze and a joint. Things went very well and just as I planned the phone rang as we started to read the letters. It was, as planned, a call from Will. I laughed and joked with him and then gave him a big loud invitation to come over.

“What the hell did you just do?” Dottie almost yelled at me. “Who the hell did you invite over here?”

“Your old buddy Will,” I said laughing.

“Oh my God. He can’t come over here. I’m naked!”

I laughed. “He’s seen you naked. Hell, he’s fucked you naked!”

I kept laughing and saying it was OK and Dot kept objecting and saying it wouldn’t work and in no time at all the door bell rang. I got up and let him in and he smiled at Dot, still naked on the floor, and started to take his pants off.

“You’re both bastards!” Dottie shouted. Then she started to laugh. She was so stoned and drunk that she could hardly stand up. Will joined us on the floor and started puffing on a joint.

“I have to catch up with you to potheads,” he said.

Fortunately, I had reviewed the letters in the mag earlier in the day. And just as fortunately, there was a letter about a three-way. I started to read it out loud as we drank and shared the joint. When I got to the good part Dot started saying no.

“I can’t do that. I have never done that. You guys can’t do that to me. That’s obscene!” Dot kept shaking her head no.

Will laid on his back and pulled Dottie on top of him. She mounted him cowboy style and he shoved his dick up into her.

“That’s it,” Dottie said. “Just one at a time.” She was fucking him hard and enjoying herself. I got some lubricant that I had the forethought to have with me and lubricated my dick really well. Dottie’s ass was high in the air with her legs spread and she was a perfect target. I straddled Will’s legs and grabbed her ass.

“Oh no! Oh God no!” Dottie cried out. “Oh no! Please! No!”

I put the head of my dick on the tight sphincter muscle of her ass hole and applied gradually increasing pressure. Will had his arms around her holding her tight. I had my arms around her hips. With her legs spread wide she was helpless. She had no escape. I felt her sphincter start to relax – then suddenly it gave way and my dick drove it deep.

“Ahhh! Oh God! Please! Oh!” Dottie was groaning and crying out as I penetrated her, but then she seemed to relax and take me deep. It was the first time I had fucked a woman in the ass (or a man either!). Dottie started to breathe hard as I fucked her. Her ass hole felt like a tight pussy, but it was smoother than a pussy and softer. Then I felt the strangest thing that I have ever felt in my life. I felt Will’s hard cock fucking her pussy so close to mine that it seemed like there was nothing between us. Our cocks went in and out, sometimes together and sometimes alternately.

“Oh my God,” said Dottie. “Jesus that feels good. Oh my God. Fuck me you bastards, fuck me. Oh sweet Jesus that’s good. Oh God! Do it together – keep together – do it together – fill me up you bastards. Fill me up.”

And then, not two minutes from when I shoved my cock up her ass, she started to moan and groan and yell and then I felt her muscles start to contract. If Will was feeling in her pussy what I was feeling in her asshole he was going to pump his load with me. I started to grunt and then I felt my ejaculate start to unload right up her ass and I was out of control. As I finished I heard Will’s rough voice groaning and I knew he was pumping his load as well.

I collapsed, falling off to the side and Dottie rolled off the other way. Will laid there on his back, his limp dick dripping and drooping down. The three of us laid there breathing heavily and sweating and exhausted. I looked over at Dottie laying there with her legs spread wide. She had cum dripping out of her pussy and her ass hole.

It was a good five minutes before Dottie lifted her head. “I need a drink,” she said loudly. “A big drink. Straight. No rocks. No water. Will one of you horny bastards get the hell up off your sorry ass and get a sweet young girl a drink?”

“Sweet young girl?” Said Will, lifting his head and looking around. “Where the hell is she?”

I started to laugh. It was the grass, of course, but our situation had something to do with it. This was a great night. A night to be remembered.

I got to my feet and headed for the bar. I poured three glasses of straight Glenlivet and walked back to the living room. I handed drinks to Will and Dot.

“Here’s a toast,” I said, raising my glass. “To a sweet young girl who just lost her cherry. Will, you and I just shared a forty-year-old cherry tonight. And it was still young and sweet. It’s not that often that you get a forty-year-old cherry. ”

We three drank up. I knew in all three minds there was the same dirty thought. The thought of another Friday night when the next edition of Plaything came on the stands.

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