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Don’t You Need Me In The Dark?

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As always, this is a work of fiction. While some of the events are based on the author’s own experience, in no way are the characters based on any person living or deceased. If you are under 18 I implore you to stop reading. I need to again thank a fan for the idea and inspiration. Feedback is encouraged and requested. Enjoy.


The sensation of something on your ass wakes you. Terror jolts you as you realize someone is in your room and touching you. For a moment you exist in a state of fright and bewilderment.

“Susan, its me. Now be a good girl and don’t make a sound.” The voice immediately set you at ease. He made you wait, but now he had come for you. He had actually pulled it off. Using the key you gave him he managed to quietly enter your home and surprise you in the middle of the night.

In the dark you couldn’t see him. That one sentence was the only indication that you were safe. You feel him firmly take your wrists and position them behind your back. He places your wrists in the leather cuffs and your heart skips when feel him tighten the cinches.

There in the dark, willingly bound and helpless, you wait. You can feel him looking at you in the dark. For the past two weeks you have been sleept in the nude in preparation for his arrival. Each night your pussy was hot and ready, you clit on fire, in hopes this would be the night. You wondered if he forgot about you.

He ordered you not to cum. He demanded that you couldn’t cum again until he made you cum. You haven’t fucked him or masturbated in two weeks. The desire for an orgasm at times was overwhelming, but you are a good girl. You waited because he promised you it would be worth the effort.

He runs his fingers lightly across your shoulder blades and down your back. His fingers lightly trace again over the contour of your pretty, muscular ass and down the back of your legs. You spread your legs to give him access in hopes he will do something, anything, to your pussy. You feel a sharp crack on your ass indicating his displeasure. You quickly close your legs.

Taking you by the hair, he lifts your face from the pillow. He traces a finger across your lips. You open your mouth in hopes he will allow you suck his finger; to show him how you want to suck his cock. You feel his finger momentarily on your tongue and he resumes teasing your pretty, sensual lips with his finger.

He releases your hair. You feel him sit on the bed next to you, but you cannot see him in the dark. He is just looking at you. He is so quiet you can’t hear him breathing. You are so wet that your scent is starting to fill the space. You know he can smell you and what that smell does for him. How many times, while eating you and fucking you, has he told you how wonderful your womanly scent pleases him? That he enjoys wearing your scent on his body like a badge of honor?

Time passes but you don’t know how long. A minute? Five minuets? You involuntarily grind your hips against the sheets as you wordlessly try to tell him how horny you are. Another slap arrives on your ass. You lay there, in the dark, still and quiet as he stares at you. You know he will take you when he is ready.

He moves off the bed and stands at your side. The zipper comes down slowly. He takes his cock and runs the head over your lips. Back and fourth his cock caresses your lips. You feel him push gently into your mouth and you take him. He works his cock gently in and out of your mouth. He guides your head as he allows you to take more and more of his cock until you have all of him sliding down your throat.

Taking your hair in his hands again he quickens the pace. He is making you take long, deep strokes. At times he places off his cock in your mouth and holds your head still because he likes the sound you make when his cock is filling your mouth and throat and you have to breathe through your nose. Then he resumes the face fucking. You make his cock slick with your saliva.

He takes his cock out of your mouth and firmly holds you by your hair as he furiously strokes his cock. You feel the first burst of his warm and thick cum on your cheek. Without a word he cums all over your beautiful caramel face, but it is dark and he has to imagine how you look as you allows you to wear his cum. He coats your face with cum, then roughly jams his cock back into your mouth. He wants to you to clean the salty, thick cum from his cock. You are more than happy to clean him up.

He moves away and retires to the chair across the room. He leaves you there with his cum on your face and his taste in your mouth. In the dark, bound and needing release, you are made to wait.

He eventually returns to you and rolls you on to your back. It is somewhat uncomfortable laying on your back with yours arms behind you. Your ass rests on your bound wrists. He begins by licking and sucking your nipples. They grow even harder as he suckles them, pushing your tits together so he can get each of your nipples in his mouth at the same time. Kissing you down your tummy he arrives at your pussy. He gently licks your clit, tentative licks as he savors your taste. He licks and sucks at the hood of your clit and gently slips a finger inside you willing pussy. You fight to remain silent as the orgasm builds. You want to comply and not make a sound but small whimpers and sounds escape from the back of your throat.

He stops eating you. In the dark you can see his outlined form as he removes his clothes. He moves between your legs and places them on his shoulders. He is teasing you again with his cock by moving it around your pussy lips. You want him to jam it in you and give you the hard animal fucking you want. You whisper “yessssss” when you feel his cock finally enter you. You have shaved your pussy hair each night, as instructed, and feel the sensation of his public hair on the smooth skin above our pubic bone when he bottoms out inside you.

The fucking starts slowly. You love it when he fucks you with your legs on his shoulders. You buck your hips with his rhythm. He takes you by the ankles to spread your long, sexy legs wide for him. He begins to fuck hard and fast. You feel his balls slapping against you with each powerful stroke.

You can’t hold back. You small whimpers have become louder. He doesn’t punish you as you grow louder bit by bit, so you let go when you cum. Your cries fill the room as he fucks you hard and fast. Your pussy gushes on his cocks you cum. You cannot move your arms or legs, so your hips are pumping furiously as you try to get as much of his cock as you can.

The waves of pleasure roll over you and begin to ease. He continues to stroke your pussy with his cock. The smell of your pussy and sweat fills the room and you realize his cum has dried on your face. He slows to let you come back to him and when he thinks you are back he picks up the pace. He is starting to quietly grunt as he fucks. You know another load of cum is starting to move up from his balls and building in the shaft of his cock.

“Fuck, Susan. Fuck me…fuck me with that tight caramel pussy,” he bellows. “I said FUCK ME! Give me all your pussy. You are making me cum. Fuck…you are MAKING me cum.” She feels the new shot of warmth insider her. She cannot see him in the dark but imagines the look on his face as he pumps and drives. She wants him to take all of her pussy he desires.

Afterwards he removes the wrist cuffs and takes her in his arms. They kiss and cling to one another. They laugh at each of their inabilities to cum without making a sound. “Well, I did give you a facial without a sound.”

“Yeah,” admits Susan “but if you had been tit fucking me you couldn’t keep quiet.” So the next challenge had been thrown down.

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