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Donnie’s Luck

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Donnie had been looking forward to this for a week. Finally he was going to have an afternoon off & he knew that if the sun was out, his sexy neighbor Di would be too. It would be perfect timing, his mother was in Ohio visiting relatives for the month & his dad wasn’t due home from a business trip until late in the evening. He could hardly wait.

During this past summer he had a few encounters with Di that lead him to this overwhelming urge to fuck her silly. From jerking off on her tits when she was sleeping in the sun, to having her get down on her knees in her back yard & suck him off, to being invited to join her & Rodney fucking a woman who’s face he never saw. Those memories in & of themselves were enough to keep him jerking off for months, but he wanted it all. He wanted Di’s tight, wet pussy.

As he pulled into the driveway his heart, and the rise in his jeans, sank. His dad’s car was in the driveway.

“Damn it to hell. What’s he doin’ home?”

He walked into the house expecting to see his dad sitting in his chair in his office going over the weeks mail, but he wasn’t there.

“Dad? I’m home.”

No sound.

“Hmmm. Strange.”

He decided to head upstairs to change into his trunks & go enjoy the sunshine while he could. As he got to his room he heard laughing from outside.

He stood to the side of his window & pulled the blinds away from the window so he could see out into his backyard. He looked down to the pool to see Di swimming naked in the pool. Her long legs parting & coming back together as she moved. That round tanned ass appearing just above the water.

“She must wear a thong to tan.” he thought, noting a thin pale line hugging her hips. As she flipped over, his thoughts were confirmed, there was a small white triangle over her full, bare pussy lips.

“Damn she looks so good.” he thought.

He looked to the side deck to see his neighbor Rodney & his dad, both naked, sitting & stroking their cocks as they watched Di move through the water like Neptune’s temptress.

She pulled herself to the far side of the pool, stood up & bent toward the side accentuating that fine ass. Legs parted he could just see her swollen pussy lips.

“Fuck. I have got to have that.”

She swam over to Rodney & his dad & stood between them, reaching out to both cocks & stroking them vigorously.

It was the first time that Donnie could remember seeing his dad’s cock. Where Rodney’s could have taken two hands easily to jack off, his dad’s only required three fingers. He found himself wondering how something like that could even satisfy a woman. He felt sorry for his mom.

As Di was stroking his dad’s cock, he was busy stroking his own. He grabbed it hard, wishing it was Di’s hand around it.

Just as both cocks in her hands seemed to be on the verge of exploding, she stopped & swam away to the side of the pool closest to Donnie’s window.

“Oh I know what you’re doing” he thought. “You’re after that jet on the side.”

Di pulled herself up, tits over the top of the pool, & placed her swollen pussy lips over the jet. As she pulled herself up she noticed movement in what she knew was Donnie’s bedroom window. She smiled.

He watched as her hips moved back & forth fucking the jet. She moved faster. Biting her lip. Nipples getting harder. He knew how hard she could cum & he wanted so much to be the one making her cum but this would have to do for now.

“Fuck it baby. Ride that thing. Oh yeah.” he said.

He was so close to cumming, and from the speed of the strokes his dad & Rodney were giving their cocks, they were too.

He saw her back arching & heard her moan & fall back into the water, nipples in the air.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccck.” he moaned as he covered his window in cum.

Both Rodney & his dad were not quite done yet so Di swam over to them, she stood between them, pinching her nipples & licking her lips. She loved watching men jerk off & now she wanted all that cum all over her tits.

Donnie loved those tits. They were far better than the store bought boobs he saw in Playboy. They were full DD’s with big deep rose colored nipples. The more excited she was, the darker they became. Perfect for sucking & fucking.

“Come on, cum here Cover me.” she said.

They began stroking harder as she pulled on her nipples.

“Do it!” she ordered.

Donnie watched as Rodney exploded with a shot that covered Di’s luscious tits & was amazed as some even flew over her shoulder. Di took a finger & ran it through the cum then sucked it off her finger.

That did it. Donnie’s dad shook as his tiny little cock oozed it’s load over the deck, missing it’s mark by several inches.

Di shook her head. “For that pitiful showing, you have to clean up all this cum off my tits.” He hopped down into the water & obeyed. Licking all of Rodney’s cum off from Di’s tits.

“Your punishment will continue later but for now I must leave.” she said.

With that, Donnie watched as she got out of the pool & walked toward her back door without grabbing a towel or covering up. If the neighbors on the street side of their houses had looked they would have had a clear view of her just strolling between the houses in all her glory. She didn’t seem to mind or even care.

Donnie walked into his shower wondering how one woman could have such confidence about her. Even fully clothed, she oozed sex. He only knew that somehow, some way, he had to have her.

As he was standing in the shower thinking, he realized he was hard again.

“Damn that woman has done it to me again.” he thought as he grabbed his cock again. He closed his eyes & imagined what it would be like to finally fuck her.


Several weeks had passed since Donnie had seen Di in his pool with his dad & Rodney. He had never said anything to his dad & his dad had never admitted anything to him. He guessed it was just a diversion from yet another business trip.

He had another afternoon off from working & hoped that maybe this time he would have a chance at Di. As he pulled into the house, his heart sank yet again.

“Fuck! Can’t I get one lousy break!” he said as he saw his mother’s car in the driveway.

“Damnit.” he fumed as he walked inside.

“Mom? You here?”

No answer.

“She’s probably visiting Sue across the street again or had gone off with a friend.” he thought.

“She could be gone for hours.”

He decided he couldn’t stand it anymore & would take a chance & walk over to Di’s house.

He knew if his mom was at Sue’s she would be able to see him walk in front of his house to hers so he headed to Di’s back door.

He knocked on the sliding door. Nothing. Knocked again & then heard her walking towards the door.

To his surprise she appeared at the glass door in nothing but thigh high leather boots carrying a riding crop. He immediately got hard.

She slid the door to the side. “Hello Donnie. What can I do for you?”

“Oh God. I need to fuck you so bad. I mean you are all I think about. I have beat off to you more than any other girl I know.” he stammered.

“Well I have company but if you promise not to say a word, you can come & watch.” she answered.

“Oh my god, are you serious? Fuck yeah.”

“Then come in, quietly.” she said as she stood to the side then closed the door behind him. As she did she happened to see her neighbor across the lake, standing on his bank, his mouth hanging open for a moment. Then he smiled. She smiled back & waved.

She walked up the stairs to her bedroom, knowing Donnie was right behind her watching her naked ass sway as she climbed the stairs. He was close enough to catch her scent. It was driving him nuts.

She stopped in front of her door & held her finger to her lips.

He nodded & they entered.

Donnie stopped in his tracks a few steps into the room. On the bed in front of him was site from some of the S & M porn he had watched. There was a woman who was in a leather hood, tied to the bed. The hood had a slit under the nose to breathe through & a slit for the mouth.

He moved a little closer as his eyes adjusted to the light in the room & saw that not only did she have the hood on, but she had a ball gag in her mouth & a blindfold over her eyes.

His eyes moved down her body to see that she had clamps with chains on her nipples then another chain that lead to another clamp that looked to be attached to her clit. If she moved, any or all of those clamps would pull on whatever they were attached to.

Di looked at his crotch, noting how he was enjoying what he saw & smiled.

She walked over to the woman & without warning brought the riding crop across the woman’s tits. She moved & the clamps pulled.

“You like that, don’t you my love?”

The woman’s head nodded.

Di brought the crop down against the woman’s thighs & she jumped again & moaned.

“Hmmm… even better. You know I was about to fuck you but I think I have something even better.” she said as she looked over to Donnie who was rubbing on his cock through his shorts.

She crooked her finger at him signaling him to “come here”.

He had no choice, he would do whatever she wanted.

She whispered in his ear, “I want you to fuck her. Make her scream.”

She held up her finger to her mouth again, reminding him that he could not make a sound as he peeled off his clothes.

He climbed on the bed between the woman’s legs. As he steadied himself for a moment he could smell her scent. He looked down to a very bare set of pussy lips wanting to be fucked. He watched as she moved her hips slightly so the clamp would pull on her deep purple clit. Her inner lips glistened. It seemed that Di had really turned her on but the idea of a faceless lover was turning her on even more. He liked that. He adjusted the angle of his cock & slid into a very hot, wet pussy. Each time he thrust inward, he could feel the clamp moving & pulling on her clit.

Di stood on the side of the bed, watching, & pulling on the chains on her nipples as Donnie fucked her.

She moved forward & started talking in the woman’s ear. “Do you feel that my love? That nice long hard cock thrusting in & out of your pussy? Oh it is so nice to watch. It’s so thick & long. I bet it feels good.”

She tugged on the chain again. “Oh yes you love it don’t you? You want it harder don’t you? You want him to make you scream?”

The woman nodded.

“Very well” Di said. She looked at Donnie & said “Fuck that tight wet pussy harder.” and she slapped Donnie’s ass with the crop.

He obeyed.

“Do you feel it? He’s getting harder. He want’s to make you cum.” She pulled the chains again.

“Are you going to cum?”

The woman nodded.


The woman nodded.

She started to moan & as waves of pleasure & pain gripped her body.

“Then look at your lover. The owner of that cock buried deep inside of you, giving you so much pleasure.” she said as she ripped the blindfold off the woman’s head.

Judy opened her eyes to see her own son’s nine inch cock still fucking her throbbing pussy. Her eyes got wide, she started to scream but she couldn’t take her eyes off that beautiful cock sliding in & out of her. Each time he thrust into her she could feel the head forcing it’s way in, the large veins rubbing along the outer lips, his full balls slapping her ass. It felt so good.

“Oh god I’m cumming again”. she thought.

She felt herself tightening around Donnie’s now massive cock. She watched his face as he bit his lip trying not to scream out.

“Oh fucccccccccccccccck”. Donnie screamed as he came deep inside her.

A loud “Twack” was heard as Di brought the crop down hard on Donnie’s ass for breaking one of her rules.

Di pulled on the chain one last time & Judy came again. She smiled.

Donnie pulled himself out of a now soaking wet pussy. Tried to steady his legs as he grabbed his clothes & headed out the door. He knew the rules. “No Di today, but this was almost as much fun.” He had almost gotten used to this anonymous sex. If it was going to get him buried in Di, he would do it.

Di untied Judy & took out the gag. For a moment, she didn’t speak.

She took off the hood & smiled.

“How in the hell did that happen?” Judy asked.

“You needed a good fucking, he was handy, I just put two & two together. Now lay back down woman, I want to eat all that young cum out of you.”

Judy obeyed, knowing that Di would make her cum again. Wondering if Donnie had any clue he had just fucked his mother. Or if he would fuck her again.

She hoped so.

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