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Donna and Michelle

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Six o’clock came quickly. Donna ran to the phone to make the call she was told to make. She dialed the number only to get a recording that had been made just for her. Listening carefully, making sure of the address she was supposed to go to at 8 P.M. that night. The sound of Michelle’s voice made Donna’s legs weak with desire for more of what she had experienced earlier that day. She smiled as her mind wandered back to the most sensual experience of her life and it was with another woman, which was a first for her.

She ran upstairs quickly to shower and apply her make-up. She was horny again already. she felt the wetness between her legs building as she watched her fingers touch those special places. She quivered as her index finger slipped easily in to her wet pussy; a soft moan of pleasure escaped her as she worked the single finger deeper with each stroke.

“Oh God” she moaned as the orgasm began to build. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she would feel the rush of pleasure caress her from within. She moved her right leg up and placed it on the soap dish which was conveniently placed at the right height to give her more access to her now contracting cunt. Donna began to moan louder as her body exploded into orgasm. She could feel her muscles contract around her finger trying to hold it deep inside her. She pushed another finger in just at the right time to extend the orgasm a few seconds longer, panting. She leaned against the cold tile while recovering her balance and holding on to the towel rack behind her. Her fingers slipped free of her pussy; the warm water washed over her while she relaxed and enjoyed the moment of satisfaction she had given herself.

After taking a few minutes to lotion and pampering herself with her finest lotions she rummaged through her closet for just the right dress to wear. She already knew what under garments she would wear and had them laid out on the bed.

“Yes this will do just fine and it’s long enough to go without panties” she said to herself with a smile. The shear black bra would show through the thin white dress and her hips would show no panty lines which always made her feel so hot. Men stared at her no matter what she wore and she knew it. She gazed into the full-length mirror at her well formed breast that seemed to jump straight out and her hips that flared out from her tiny waist.

“If this doesn’t get attention nothing will,” she said aloud as she moved this way and that way making sure everything was perfect. “Well off I go to see what Michelle has in store for me,” she said grabbing the address as she headed out the door to what she hoped would be another amazing sexual experience.

Donna paid the cab driver and walked to the door of the large house that was dimly lit inside and a single light was on the porch. She took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell, her legs weak from the fear that welled up inside her as her finger touched the button. A well dressed man answered the door within a few seconds; he motioned her inside with a simple hand jester and pointed down the hall towards an open door.

“Madame is expecting you,” he finally said. “She and her guest are in the dining room, please follow me.” He led her to the open door and announced her as she entered the room. Donna stood in awe of what was before her, it was the most beautiful well-decorated dining room she had ever seen. Plush would be the word, elegant and formal would fit also. Michelle rose from her chair and greeted Sue with a light kiss, her arms pulling Donna close, and she could feel Michelle’s breast melt into her own.

“Everyone, this is our treat for tonight!” Michelle said holding Donna’s hand out and twirling her around slowly. Donna wasn’t sure what she meant by treat, but she was sure of one thing and that was every eye in the room was on her. She could feel them undressing her with their eyes as she was led to her place beside Michelle. After she had seated herself she leaned over close to Michelle whispering in her ear.

“What kind of treat am I?” “You will find out soon enough my sweet, now eat and drink, you will need your strength it’s going to be a long night and I don’t want you getting weak for lack of food,” she said with a evil grin.

Donna began to eat while she listened to the conversation around the table, she heard some referring to her as desert, and she wondered what was planned for her, and why were all these people here. As she finished her meal and a few glasses of wine Donna noticed that some of the people had left the room. It was mostly ladies left sitting and talking. She glanced around the room noticing that they were all in their thirties or early forties with just one that was close to her age. Donna felt the urge to pee and asked Michelle where the powder room was.

“If you can hold it for a few more minutes I’ll show you,” Michelle said as she slowly sipped her wine. Michelle asked the lady beside her to please show the others to the play room while she took care of their newest guest.”

Michelle rose and took Donna by the hand. She led her down a hallway and up a flight of stairs before saying anything.

“Tonight is your night and I want everything perfect for you. When you’re done in here just go down this hall to the door at the end. I’ll be waiting for you there with the others. Oh, when you enter the room be naked!”

“I can’t just walk in there naked,” Donna said shocked at Michelle’s demand.

“I said be naked and I mean naked!” Michelle said again more firmly. “I want them all to see what a beautiful body you have and they don’t like to wait.”

“Ok if I must, I guess I have no choice.” Donna said before closing the door.

She wasted no time getting herself clean and ready for what she thought would be an orgy. It would be her first and she was excited about getting to play with some of the men she had seen and maybe even a couple of the ladies. She stripped and peeked out the door hoping no one was around. There wasn’t so she walked quickly down the hall to the door. The door was closed so she leaned her ear to the door listening for the sounds of sex, or maybe the moans of an orgasm. It was quiet, she heard nothing, and she slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open slightly. As the door opened she saw a large room with plush carpet, a long table in the center of the room with a white cloth covering it. She opened it farther and saw the people sitting at the far end of the room looking in her direction. Donna stepped inside slowly, and as she entered she noticed two men standing on the each side of her. They to were naked but everyone else was still fully clothed. She was uncertain as to what was about to happen; it certainly wasn’t what she had imagined. She felt the men’s hands take her by the arm firmly, but not in a hurtful way and she followed them as they led her towards the others. She started to speak and was told to be quiet by one of the men. They moved her around the room like a show animal or something. Donna wanted to cover herself, she felt so odd being shown like this. She could hear the comments as she passed by each person. They said things about her body, one said he would fuck that sweet ass, another asked to have her turned around so he could see all of her. The last person seated was a woman, she was very attractive and dressed in silk, shiny white shirt that allowed her nipple to be visible through the thin material. As she passed her the woman rose and stepped in front of her. She slowly walked around her eyeing her up and down as she moved. She reached out and pinched Donna’s left nipple, she rolled it between her fingers firmly looking Donna in the eye’s as she pulled it and increased the pressure making Donna moan in pain. She released Donna’s nipple only to cup her breast and knead it firmly. Her soft hands felt good and Donna responded to her touch by leaning her body closer, the woman caressed Donna’s breast for a few seconds then stopped.

“She is perfect, soft yet firm, built for pleasure and tonight we will see that she uses what she has for our pleasure,” the woman said pointing to the table.

The men led her to the table, picked her up and sat her on the edge. Donna started to object but before she could open her mouth the two men pushed her back and quickly strapped her arms down with soft wrist cuffs attached to the table. She looked over at Michelle for some form of help but all she got was a smile before she mouthed the words lay back and enjoy. Donna pulled her right arm up to see how much freedom she had, it reached her head and that was all. It was then she felt her legs being pushed upwards. She looked down and to her shock she was being put in stirrup’s like at the doctors.

“What in the hell is going on!” She pleaded as the two men bound her legs. Michelle approached her slowly, she looked different than she did just a few seconds ago; her face was firm and the smile was gone. She looked down at Donna, her hand reached out cupping her breast, caressing it softly and letting her fingers roll Donna’s nipple. Donna relaxed from her touch, so sensual and caring. She moaned softly as Michelle let her hand slowly slid from her breast and move to her cheek.

“Relax my dear, we aren’t going to hurt you, we are going to take you to the highest sexual peak known,” Michelle whispered into her ear. Donna could feel her warm breath on her neck, it made her shiver with anticipation. Michelle moved her fingertips slowly down Donna’s body starting between her breast and moving down. Donna began to moan louder as her light touch sent chills over her body, Michelle leaned over her and kissed her passionately; darting her tongue deep inside her mouth while tracing a line down towards her mound with her fingers. Donna felt the presence of others close by, her eyes were closed, but she knew they were there. A hand touched her ankle, a tongue tasted her left nipple, soft lips followed soon afterwards. Then more hands touched her, Michelle kept kissing her while hands covered her body. She felt a tongue slip through her pussy lips and then a nip of teeth on her hard clit. Donna tried to keep calm, she even tried to think of something else but the intense feelings of hands caressing and tongues licking her was driving her crazy with desire.

Michelle broke the kiss, she moved back from her only to be replaced by the young woman she had seen at the table earlier. She kissed her with passion, she sucked her lips and nibbled on them while she caressed Donna’s breast. She pulled back and then leaned forward offering Donna her nipple to suck. Donna parted her lips without a thought and took her hard nipple between her lips, her tongue moved on it’s own around the hardness of her nipple. Donna sucked like a newborn for the first time eagerly trying to pull the whole tit into her tiny mouth. Donna was in heaven; she could feel everything like her senses were alive beyond anything she had felt before. Hands roamed over here feeling, caressing and tongues seemed to be everywhere at once, she moaned and whimpered as they brought her to a crashing orgasm. The nipple was taken from her lips, she looked over as a large cock was being aimed at her mouth. She opened wide to accept it, her hands reach up and held it while she sucked the head of the offering. She felt another cock start to enter her pussy, it rubbed her clit back and forth. Donna began to move her hips hoping it would enter her wanting pussy hard and relieve the aching she felt. She sucked more of the cock into her hungry mouth, she felt it hit the back of her throat as the man fucked her mouth, the cock at her pussy just kept rubbing and driving her insane for relief.

She eagerly stroked the cock in her mouth as it came out leaving just the swollen head between her lips, her saliva lubricated the shaft while her hand stroked it. She wanted the cock in her pussy and she wanted it bad, her whole body yearned for relief. She bucked her hips at it trying to get the man to fuck her. She moaned loudly around the cock inside her mouth as it plunged into her throat. She gagged for a second before relaxing her throat muscle and allowing it to move freely down her throat. A finger probed her virgin ass just as the cock at her pussy began move slowly inside her, she exploded into an intense orgasm bucking her hips and sucking all of the cock inside her mouth. She felt his heavy balls touch her chin, she held them and caressed them while her mouth was being fucked. She felt him tense up and knew she would be tasting his cum soon. She sucked like a mad woman milking his cock with her lips and throat as he fucked her. She felt the warm salty cum as it spurted out into her mouth, filling her with his seed, she sucked and swallowed trying to keep her reward. All the while her pussy was being ravaged, her virgin ass had a finger buried inside it and each of her swollen nipples were being sucked. She was over the edge and they had just started, she didn’t know how much more she could stand being tied up and not able to move freely.

The cock was pulled free of her lips, a single drop of cum remand on the tip. She tried to lick it off, but it was gone before she could. Donna looked around at the action happening to her body for the brief moment she could. She was amazed at what was happening, hands, and tongues touching her in ever part of her body. She saw Michelle standing beside the man fucking her, she pleaded with her eyes for release to no avail. Michelle just smiled as she motioned to someone like she was the conductor of choir or something. A second later another cock was offered to her, she accepted it between her lips and forgot about being freed. Her hips were pulled down until her ass was almost off the table, a tongue found her asshole and began to lick and probe her while the cock inside her pussy began to shoot warm wet cum deep inside her pussy. Donna was totally gone now, she moaned and bucked lost in pure lust for cock. She felt the cock slip free of her pussy only to have it replaced with another. This one was huge, thick, and stretched her pussy as it drilled its way deep inside her wetness.

Donna rolled her head to the side losing the cock in her mouth. She took a deep breath moaning from deep within her soul as her body rocked in orgasm after orgasm. She felt a cock in each hand, she stroked them both while her body convulsed in pure pleasure. She saw a form move over her head. She looked up only to see a woman straddling her then she felt the warm wetness of her pussy covering her mouth. Donna licked savagely at the offering before her, she tasted different than Michelle, sweeter maybe, and the musky smell was intense. She licked her clit and drove her tongue deep inside tasting the nectar as it flowed onto her tongue. She felt the cock inside her pussy as it tore deeper into her. She felt it strain against her muscles as it began to move in fast hard thrust.

“OH GOD YES!” she screamed as he hit bottom time after time, she sucked the pussy and bucked her hips trying to stay with his motions. Donna’s body went on it’s own, she had no control over what she did and she felt wave after wave of orgasms as they ripped through her. How much more could she stand she thought as she felt the tongue licking her ass probe deeper. She tasted the cum of the woman sitting on her face and didn’t even know she had orgasmed. The fluid flowed down Donna’s face as she began to lick up all she could catch. The woman rocked hard against her mouth as she moaned in passion. Donna kept licking, she loved the taste of a woman’s juices.

Donna’s hands worked the two cocks faster as the cock inside her pussy picked up speed, the woman moved from her face so she could see again. The two men moved in close as she pumped their cocks harder and faster. She looked into their eyes and knew they both were about to cum. She wanted to taste their cum but they had other ideas. Both men grunted and began to shoot their load on her breast and stomach. Hands began to rub the cum into her skin as she watched, the men moved back freeing their cocks from her grip. Donna looked down her body at the man giving her pussy the fucking of her life, his face was torn in emotion as he pulled his cock free of her and shot his cum across her belly. He stroked his cock of ten inches while it spurted its massive load. Donna could feel her body starting to relax, she thought it was over and she could regain some control. How wrong she was, the man moved away and was replaced by another man. He had a grin on his face as he moved into position between her legs. Everyone moved away from her as he stepped closer, she wanted them close and looked at them pleadingly to remain, but they all moved leaving her alone.

Donna watched the man as he released her legs from their bindings, he pushed them back until her knees where against her chest. He stood there for a few seconds that seemed to last for hours, he released her legs and said in a calm voice.

“Now you’re going to get fucked,” he moved one hand down to his cock and slowly pulled his cock into her view. Donna’s eyes must have gotten as big as saucers because he just laughed at her as he stroked his cock. “It’s 12 inches long and 6 inches thick of pussy stretching cock just for you.” He said as he began to rub the enormous purple bulb against her dripping pussy, she couldn’t say a word, he pushed his mighty weapon against her pussy until it gave way and allowed his cock inside. She felt like she was being torn apart, the pain was intense as he started to move in a slow motion to allow her time to become accustomed to his size. As the pain subsided he began to push another couple inches inside her, she cried out as he did in pain. She panted in agony as he rocked back and forth slowly, he knew it would take time and he was use to this reaction. He moved forward again until he had over half his cock buried inside her, he moved slow and easy as he pushed more in. Donna began to feel the effects of his cock as it worked it’s way deeper, she began to move with him and the pain was replaced with pleasure as she began to relax.

“Yes oh yes, it feels so good, Oh God!” Donna moaned as his cock moved faster. “I want it all!” she said in disbelief hearing her own voice say those words. “I want your heavy balls slapping my ass!” she said as he began to fuck her with more of his cock. Donna looked down watching his cock sink into her body, she was amazed as it sank deeper and deeper into her pussy.

“OK baby, you have about 4 more inches to go and your going to beg for those,” he said with a grin. Donna couldn’t take her eyes off his cock, she wanted it now. She had relaxed and it moved inside her freely.

“Fuck me!” she said between clinched teeth as she began to cum from the powerful cock ravaging her pussy. “FUCK ME! Oh God fuck my pussy! Give me it all Please for god’s sake I want your cock!” She heard her voice say. She tried to reach down to pull him into her but the restraints held her back. She could reach her knees and so she grabbed them holding them against her chest,

“I want it all!” she squealed “So you want all this cock?” he asked in a normal tone. “Yes Oh God Yes, Please fuck me with your beautiful cock!” she whimpered

He didn’t say another word, he held her legs down and began to move like a piston in a race engine. He pumped her hard driving another two inches of cock inside her, she moaned louder as he began to stretch her pussy more and more. Donna was over the edge with desire now and bucked her hips at the cock filling her pussy with so much pleasure. He kept driving harder until just an inch was left, she groaned in pain and pleasure as he pumped his massive cock inside her, she started to explode into orgasm as he worked the last inch inside her. She rocked her head from side to side as her body went wild with desire for his cock, he was like a machine as he pumped his cock in her and she loved it. She cried out as she felt his massive balls slap her ass cheeks for the first time.

“Yes! Oh God Yes! Fuck my pussy, Fill me up with your cock!” She yelled as her body went beyond the limits she had known before. “Fuck me!” She yelled over and over as he fucked her. She watched as he rammed his cock inside her body. She watched his face as it contorted right before he came. He yelled out loudly as he shot his load of hot wet cum deep inside her. She screamed as her own orgasm put her in orbit. Donna watched as he pulled his cock out and shot the last few drops of cum on her belly. She could feel it leaking from her sore pussy down across her asshole. The man moved from between her legs and walked around to her head, he leaned over kissing her passionately, he could taste the cum still on her lips as his tongue probed her mouth. Donna kissed him back with the same passion and reached over to caress and stroke the cock she had been so afraid of only to fall in love with it.

Donna slowly regained some control of her being, her breathing was almost back to normal when Michelle stepped between her legs and began to lick her sore pussy.

“Ohhhhh, that feels so good!” Donna whispered as Michelle skillfully brought her to orgasm. Donna was release from her bindings, she reached down and pulled Michelle up between her legs and kissed her. She whispered to Michelle;

“Thank you for everything!” Michelle smiled as she held Donna close. After a few minutes Michelle helped Donna from the table and led her out of the playroom. Everyone clapped as she left the room in appreciation of what she had given them.

“This is my bedroom, the bathroom is over here, take a shower and sleep my dear you have a big day tomorrow.

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