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Doing Two Mrs.

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One Tuesday morning, Linda Harris, a thirty-five year old mother of two, entered her kitchen with the intention of making herself some breakfast. Filling up the kettle with water, she placed it on the stove and took out her favourite teacup from beside the counter. It was another sunny morning; from here she had a good view of her suburban backyard, seeing her previously washed blankets flutter on the clothesline from where she had hung them. The clock on the kitchen wall announced the time as 8:24PM.

Her husband had left for work not more than ten minutes ago. Usually they had breakfast together, but since she’d been out of a job going on six months now, and the fact that her husband had never ceased to rub it rather sanctimoniously on her, she now preferred having hers once he was out the door. Besides, it wasn’t as if he minded at all. The fact that since they sent the kids off a year ago to boarding school, thinking that they would have much needed space now to indulge in themselves, had only made the awareness known to Linda that her once beloved husband no longer cherished being in her company any longer. He no longer kissed her anymore before leaving for work, but rather gave a perfunctory “See you,” in place of that. The silence in the house had more than tripled since the start of the year. They barely talked much and more than that, he now preferred spending much time away from the house; she knew he wouldn’t be back today till about ten or eleven, which was his usual time of returning home.

She sat by the kitchen table, picked up a previous month’s Home Lifestyle magazine that lay there and flipped through the pages while she waited for her water to heat up. She raised a hand to push back a lock of blonde hair that slipped over her face. Though she stared at the magazine’s pages, her thoughts were invariably centred on her marital life.

She suspected that he was sleeping around — why else would he be coming home at such a late hour, without even bothering to call to notify her before hand? Besides, hadn’t he returned home with the smell of whiskey on his breath? She couldn’t deny that it didn’t hurt her at all. Time after time she had undressed herself to admire her body before her bedroom’s vanity mirror, wanting to know if anything was out of shape that might be the reason why her husband seldom glanced at her direction any longer. Time after time she had checked, and still couldn’t find anything wrong at all, at least none that her eyes could noticeably pick out: she wasn’t sick or losing any limb, her weight didn’t appear to be shrinking, nor did it seem as if she had added much. She exercised regularly and went for swimming at the local spa twice a week, her diet was sufficient enough … or could it be her age that’s scaring him off, since of course she’d noticed herself starting to grow one or two wrinkles beside her eyes — signs of middle-age creeping up on her. Nothing she could do about that. But he, too, wasn’t getting any younger as well, she admitted to herself. And even it had something to do with the way she looked, the least he could do was tell it to her instead of keeping quiet about it, pretending as if she didn’t exist anymore.

She closed the magazine, got up and approached the window overlooking the back of the yard. Her hand played with her wedding ring while she stood there staring at the summer morning. Her hand then left her ring and slid into the top of her jeans shorts, past her public hair, till her fingers were touching her pussy while her other went to playing with her breasts hiding behind her tank pink top. Her lips released a low sigh. When was the last time Frank, her husband, touched her? She could barely remember, and the faded memory of it only seemed to make her sadder.

Her thoughts instantly snapped back to reality when she heard the whistling sound coming from the kettle. She turned the stove off and poured some of the hot water into her cup, looked into the cabinet above her head for the box of Mexican-grounded coffee, from which she took two teaspoons off it. In her mind, she muttered an Oh no, when she realised that the bag of sugar was empty. The nearest shop was less than a block from here, but she felt it too early to start walking out in the hot morning sun all just to get some lousy sugar.

Then she thought about her next-door African-American neighbour, Mrs. Dandridge. Gwen, as most people usually called her. Surely she would have some sugar to spare, as long as she was still at home right now.

Linda left her cup by the counter, pushed the back door open to step out into the morning sun, and made her away from her backyard lawn, across the foot growth of hedge that marked the demarcating line between their homes, towards her neighbours’ back door.

The back door was open with a net screen standing between it and the interior of the kitchen. Linda was about to knock on it when she noticed a shadow inside the room. She raised a hand to her face, shielding her eyes from the sun’s reflection, and gasped at the sight she noticed was taking place before her. So mesmerised by it she was that she stood there longer than a minute, ogling at the sight of her neighbour’s wife, Gwen, lying on her back on her Formica kitchen table, her night dress opened before her while an African-American male, naked from the waist up, stood bent with his head rotating between her thighs. No way did the man bear any similar resemblance to Gwen’s husband, and she was tickled with the idea of what he might just feel if ever he retuned home suddenly and caught her right now. Even from where she stood by the kitchen door, she could well capture the sound her moans. Linda couldn’t help feeling herself being moved by it: the way the young male moved his head back and forth, up and down, between her raised legs while Gwen rested on hand on his shoulder and the other playing with her breasts, the sound of her ‘Oohhhhs’ and ‘Aahhhs’ bouncing off the wall into Linda’s ears.

She didn’t know when her hand pushed the net door open and she walked into the kitchen; normally she should have turned around and returned to her home, but the thought of being away from the action taking place before her eyes was too overwhelming for her to neglect. Gwen merely turned her head when she heard the net door screech open. The young man didn’t bother looking up from where he was; so engrossed he was in his actions it’s almost as if he wouldn’t have cared if it were Gwen’s husband returning unannounced. Linda approached the table with hesitant steps as Gwen smiled at her, not showing any sign of being annoyed with her entry.

“Hey there Lin,” she said between moans from the pleasure occurring between her legs. “How’ve you been?”

“Fine and well,” Linda answered. “I see you’ve been having some interesting company.”

“This here is Tee Mack. Tee Mack, say hello to my neighbour, Linda.”

It was then that the young man known as Tee Mack finally raised his head, extended a handshake towards Linda and smiled. “Pleasure meeting you, ma’am.”

“Pleasure is all mine.” Linda shook his hand before he returned to his former duty. She turned towards Gwen; her lips were at first too stunned to speak. “Where … how did you find him?” “The Tongue Patrol, honey. You’ve never heard of them?” Gwen paused to give a long moan before continuing. “They’re the new rage in town — whatever sort of pleasure you want. I’m a regular with them.”

“And your husband, Jeffery, doesn’t know about this?”

“Well, I’m not going to tell him unless you want to?” Gwen winked at her. “And if you like, I can tell my friend Tee Mack here to do you in as well. What do you say?”

Linda couldn’t believe the proposal she had just heard, and before she could make up her mind if at all to accept or not, Gwen had raised herself from the table and pushed Tee Mack away; Linda watched as he licked the stain of pussy juice that glistened on his lips.

“Tee Mack, would you mind having a go at my friend here. You can add it to my bill if you like.”

“No problem,” Tee Mack said. He was athletic though not hefty muscular. His torso bore numerous hieroglyphic tattoos; Linda couldn’t shift her eyes from the bulge in his boxer shorts as he came forward and pulled her towards him.

A part of her wanted to protest, but that was until he covered her mouth with his in a kiss. She responded to it, shoved her tongue as far down his throat she could make it, while her hands held his head. Tee Mack curled his hands around her body, pressing her against him, feeling his way down into her shorts till he cupped her ass with both hands, caressing them as if they were his personal property. Gwen moved away as he carried her unto the table, raised her tank top from above her head then planted his lips on her breasts, taking his time to suck each one. Now she was the one doing the moaning, her hand reaching down into the young man’s shorts to grasp his enormous erection.

He lowered himself, kissing her navel while his hands undid her jeans short’s buttons and allowed it to drop to her ankles. Then he made her sit on the table, pushed her to lie on her back, spreading her legs wide before bringing his head down on her. Linda gave an instant gasp the moment his tongue landed on her pussy, making her become instantly wet. She couldn’t control her moans as Tee Mack ferociously nibbled, licked and sucked his way between her legs. Gwen approached her, sucking one of her breasts, bringing further excitement from her. Their lips locked in a kiss, and then Gwen offered her own breasts to nibble on. The kitchen room was suffused with their moaning.

After a while, Tee Mack stopped what he was doing and got to his feet. “I think it’s time I present you ladies with the big black snake.” His hand removed his cock fully from his shorts; Linda could sense her eyes widen upon seeing it up close, too dazed by the size of it.

“Allow me to lead the way,” Gwen said. They left their clothes behind and followed her past the passageway into the interior confines of the house.

Gwen’s home was quite palatial and cosy, just as most of the homes in the neighbourhoods were. Their husbands nearly all worked in several Fortune 500 companies, along with Linda’s Frank, so they could definitely afford the upkeep. They went up the staircase into one of the guest rooms. Gwen’s kids, just like Linda’s attending a boarding school, and with her husband out of the house much of the day, it’s no wonder she had enough time on her hands to indulge in such a lifestyle, Linda thought to herself. Though she wondered how come she too had never once thought on doing the same thing. It would most certainly go a long way towards keeping her mind preoccupied while Frank did whatever it is he felt like doing without her caring.

Tee Mack went and laid himself in the centre of the bed while both women came to him from either side, Gwen from the left and Linda from the right; their line of sight focused on his huge member pulsing between his legs. Both women pressed their tongue on it, as if wanting to feel its reality; Gwen was the first to swallow it up, a satisfying moan escaped from within her throat as she sucked on it while Linda cupped her mouth on each of his testicles. Like that, they both exchanged with Linda sucking for a while then releasing it back to Gwen. Tee Mack lay there, muttering enticing words of encouragement like a football coach to his training team: “Yeah, do it like that, just like that … suck it whole, I want to feel your mouth all over it … play with my balls … rub your tits all over my cock … yes, that’s just the way I like it.”

Saliva dripped from both women’s mouths as they performed their task, sucking his cock at the same time moaning deep in their mouths as if they couldn’t get enough of it. Several times they’d stop, rub the tips of the tongue over the top of his cock, kiss each other, and then return to the job at hand. Tee Mack stretched both hands under their legs, fingering the both of them, his fingers playing with their labia and clitoris at the same time.

Finally, Gwen looked up at Linda. “Since you’re new, I think you should fuck him first.”

Linda was grateful for the invitation as she came and sat over Tee Mack’s hips, his hand guiding his cock into the open wetness that was her pussy. Linda felt as if she’d just fallen into a tub of ice blocks, as the cap of his cock forced its way inside her, making her scream out. Within minutes she was bouncing on it, waving her head from side to side like an out of control fan, while Tee Mack’s hands held both her ass, pulling her back towards him. At that moment she was very much in another planet, in another galaxy, with nothing to do except surrender herself to the thunderbolt of excitement exploding within her. It was so unlike nothing she had ever experienced before in her life. She couldn’t stop herself from screaming out, even as Gwen played with her breasts and kissed her.

“How does it feel?” Gwen asked her, laughing. “You enjoying yourself, honey?”

“Oh my God, very much,” Linda managed to cry while Tee Mack’s hips pumped his mighty cock from under her. “So very FUCKING MUCH!”

Finally he pushed her off and allowed Gwen to have her own fun. Gwen cried out as well, but she managed to give him a reasonable rocking, grinding her hips on top of his while she leaned forward over him, offering her large breasts to his mouth. Linda sat back on the bed, fingering herself, not wanting to be rid just yet of the experience she had just undergone, while watching Tee Mack fuck her neighbour’s wife, his hands smacking her bottom, eliciting further yells from her. Several times, he pulled his cock out of her, and allowed Linda to give it several good sucks before returning it back into Gwen’s pussy.

Later, they changed positions. This time, Tee Mack rested on his left arm while Linda came and lay beside him, raising her legs upwards for him to inject himself into her. He hammered his way into her, making her scream with unhindered joy, her hand held the back of his jerking hip, wanting him to fuck her harder and faster. Gwen came over and lay in front of her, opening her legs wide enough for Linda to nibble on her pussy. When she was too busy screaming out her lust, she inserted two of her fingers inside. After a while, Tee Mack came over and stood before the bed, dragged Gwen towards him and gave her a standing Missionary. Both of them watched as he pushed his cock wholeheartedly inside her, slamming his way inside her with as much effort his back could muster. Gwen kept screaming for him to fuck her harder. The way Tee Mack held her thighs over her shoulder, that was exactly what he did, his brow furrowed with sweat while he did his work. Linda couldn’t help but picture him as one would picture a wild stallion — he fucked almost without any hint of mercy, which only seemed to drive Gwen wilder.

Finally he stopped, his torso heaved up and down with copious sweat pouring down his neck and chest, though he was far from finished with them.

“All right ladies, now I’m going to give it to you both from behind. So, arrange yourselves before me.”

And that they did: Gwen to his left while Linda to his right, both of them sticking their ass up at him. Tee Mack once again started with Linda, who gave a whooping cry as he forced his cock inside her again and gripping both hands on her hips, slammed his way forcefully into her. Back and forth he went, giving her little breathing space to escape from his might. Linda couldn’t stop herself from coming again and again, screaming ecstatically at the same time as she felt gigantic bolts of nuclear explosions taking place inside her. Tee Mack so luxuriated in the sight of watching his cock appear and then disappear inside her pussy from above. When he was through with her, he allowed her to fall on the bed while he turned his mode of torture upon Gwen.

A while later, he pulled himself out of her, stroking his cock in his hand. “I’m about to come. Ladies, I’m about to come! OPEN YOUR MOUTHS!” he ordered the both as they came and knelt on the carpet before him, their mouths lay wide open as if they were children about to swallow falling drops of snow. Tee Mack made jerking sounds as thick milky semen excreted itself from the tiny orifice of his cock and landed on both women’s faces. He gave both of them equal measure, watched as they licked up everything he had just released. His mouth gave off a relishing sigh of relief as his tank soon became empty.

Half an hour later, Linda and Gwen were back in the kitchen. They picked up their discarded clothes and wore them back on. Linda was still stunned from the event of the morning it felt almost as if it had never happened. The burning warmth between her legs still hadn’t dissipated; she was going to have to lie down once she returned home. A good thing Frank or anyone else hadn’t been around to see what they had been up to; then again, she probably wouldn’t have cared even if they were around. She could even have been glad if they stood by to watch.

“Tell me that all that we just did upstairs really happened, Gwen,” she said to her neighbour, who burst out in laughter.

“Of course it did, honey. You still shocked how I’m into this while being married to Jeffery?”

“I definitely am, but you need not worry — your secret’s safe with me. How did you get hooked up with him by the way?” she indicated her head at the roof, referring to the sleeping form that was Tee Mack in the guest room.

“You mean the Tongue Patrol guys? I read about them in the local tabloids when they set up shop almost a month ago. I can hook you up with them if you want — I’ve got a spare business card of theirs — though it’ll cost a little.”

“I don’t care how much, send me the hook up. My God, I’ve never been so fucked like that since Christ was a carpenter. And next time, if you’ve got one of them coming over, don’t forget to let me in on it, okay?”

“You’ve got it, Lin.” Gwen hugged her, leading her towards the back screen door. It was then that Linda recalled something.

“I almost forgot what it was that I came by for. Would you mind helping me with some sugar?”

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