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Doing Shelley’s Dishes

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“You want some help with those, Jane?”

Jane looked up from the sink full of suds to where I was standing in the doorway to the front hall. The plate she had just finished scrubbing slipped back into the water as she released it to dry her hands on the apron and motion me over for a hug.

“You cooked, I clean,” she said after giving me a quick squeeze and a tender kiss, “Isn’t that our usual deal?”

“Yes,” I replied, “But there are usually a lot less dishes to be done too. It’s been a long time since we had this many people in the house.”

“Not having second thoughts are you, dear? I know you’ve come to value our privacy these last couple years since Carl went away to school…”

“I have come to value that. But we have three empty bedrooms upstairs and she needs the help. I know damn well Shelley would help us if the shoe was on the other foot. I’m glad she’s here. Besides…”

Jane looked at me with that little sparkle in her eye and I knew she was remembering the same thing I was. She spoke up and proved me correct.

“Besides, you’re thinking about the little confession that came pouring out of her last night. I have to admit, I’m thinking about it too. It’s been an awful long time since we played that way, Wally. If Shelley knew about those times, I have to wonder if she would have revealed it to us.”

“I noticed you certainly had no hesitation giving her a proper goodnight kiss afterwards. And that it was enthusiastically returned.”

I was quite surprised to see Jane blush. After all, Shelley was far from the first woman I had watched my wife kiss. Nor had things normally stopped with kissing.

“You could have gotten kissed yourself, Mr. Man. She wanted you to kiss her, but she is way too submissive to be the one to make that first move towards you. We talked more about it while you were at work.”

“So I imagine that you filled her in? At least a little bit? Or do you want to play this on the down low while she is staying with us? You just finished saying she might not have brought it up if she knew we had threesomes in the past. ”

“True, she would never have admitted her fantasy while she was sober. Certainly she would not have gone into such detail. To answer your questions, yes. I filled her in some. Enough so that I could get a reading on whether it was just a fantasy or whether she was really interested.”

“And? Don’t tease me!”

“She’s really interested. But she’s very nervous. For one thing, she is very afraid of getting in between us and making a mistake. I took the liberty of correcting that misconception, but it is hard for some people to accept. People are just used to jealousy being part of life. Also, it’s been a long time. She hasn’t been with anybody, male or female, since he walked out on her. As a matter of fact, she hasn’t been with a woman in years. Not since she graduated college.”

“That’s a crime. Both parts. She’s a damn fine looking woman and a hell of a good person too. It was hard enough raising our three kids as a team. She’s been doing it without help for almost two years now.”

“Ummm Hmmm. I think we should do something about that, Wally.” Jane was running her fingers along the line of my beard when she said it. She let her fingers trail over my ear, slid her hand to the back of my neck and tilted my head down for a kiss, slipping her tongue gently in between my lips. I could still taste the chocolate macadamia coffee we had sipped after dinner while listening to our guest wrestled her three kids into bed. Judging from the silence upstairs, she had followed them into slumber herself.

“Please? It’s been a long time since we shared a playmate. I promise I’ll be a good girl and do what I’m told if you let me have Shelley as an Easter present.” Jane had the half smile on her face that told me she had already made my decision.

“You’re sure she’ll go for it? She’s not going to get offended? Then we’d have a really fucked up living situation to deal with.”

“Oh no!” Jane smirked, “After the way we talked this afternoon I am absolutely certain she wants this as bad as I do. But she won’t start the play; it’s not her style. She’d go months and not say anything. I don’t want to wait months, Wally.”

“You have a certain time in mind, do you? Sounds like it.”

“You know me too well. Next week the children’s father will be taking them for spring break. Lisa and Carl are both going to Lake Havasu, and Mark and Tracy are still getting settled up north. The house will be empty except for the three of us.”

“Ok then…next week if you think it’s not too soon. Whatever you say, honey.”

Jane gave a little squeal and started kissing me again. Hard. As she pulled away she took my bottom lip with her, pulling at it with her teeth. Not gently either.

“Ummm. You like that idea, don’t you?” I reached behind her and untied the apron, then pulled it over her head and threw it onto the breakfast island. Taking her hands, I guided her out of the kitchen and into the hallway towards our bedroom. This was gonna be a good night!

“Hey guys,” Shelley said as she reached the bottom of the stairs and turned toward us, flipping her blond hair back behind her ear. She had changed out of the day’s clothes into a yellow t-shirt and one of the sarongs that Jane had leant her. “Any of that coffee left? I finally got Jeffrey to fall asleep and…what? Oh…hey, I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll just head back upstairs and…”

I looked at Jane, only to find her already looking questioningly at me. I didn’t say a word, just used my head to motion towards Shelley and then towards the French doors to her left. The doors that led to our bedroom. Jane’s smile was all the answer I needed.

We separated and walked to either side of Shelly, who was now regarding us with what was best described as a hopeful suspicion. As Jane slipped by her side and opened wide those doors; I spun Shelley so she was facing them and gave her the gentlest of pushes, grasping her elbow in my hand and raising her arm to where Jane could catch her wrist and lead her into our room.

“Jane, I…are you sure? I know we talked about this, but I don’t want to intrude and…”

“Shhh. Shelley, if you are changing your mind, ok. That’s fine. We have no intention of pressuring you into anything. I talked to him; he’s fine with it. I promise, sweetheart. Relax.”

While Jane said this I closed the doors behind us and reached over to pull across the heavyweight curtain that hung on the side. Jane and I hadn’t had a reason to use it in years, but I never got around to taking it down. I knew from experience that we wouldn’t disturb the kids now, even with the strange ways sound carried in our old house. That, plus my old knee injury, was why we had the downstairs bedroom. It was the most isolated and the only one that did not create thumping echoes. I flipped on the soft golden light that hung in the corner and switched off the harsher white bulbs in the ceiling fan. The room was bathed in richer, deeper colors. It had a surprising effect on the tension. Very calming.

“Jane says you were a little upset I didn’t give you a goodnight kiss last night.”

Shelley looked up at me, the nervousness clearly painted in her eyes. She couldn’t say anything, just nodded.

I leaned over and kissed her gently. Her lips bled their unsettled twitch into mine as I reached out and pulled Jane into a three-way embrace, my right arm around the waist of my wife, my left around her best friend. I kissed her long and soft, until her lips slowly parted and her tongue reached out hesitantly. I met it with mine. The stiffness left her back and she allowed herself to lean into me. I savored her surrender, then slowly straightened and pulled away. Shelley’s eyes opened and looked deep into mine.

I glanced sideways and Shelley’s face turned to follow my glance’s direction. Jane met her there. Their kiss was more insistent then mine had been, the softness having been satiated the previous evening. They both now openly recognized the hunger for each other. I watched as my wife’s tongue darted into Shelley’s mouth and a small sound of satisfaction and longing came out from deep in her diaphragm.

I leaned in. Now the kiss involved all of us. It must have looked awkward, but it didn’t feel that way. It was just exploratory, the three of us getting to know one another; or rather Jane and I getting to know Shelley. Our tongues flowed freely from one mouth to the next, until suddenly my lower lip was once again between Jane’s teeth. As she pulled on it, Shelley broke into giggles.

“I’m sorry,” Shelley said when the giggling had subsided, “I didn’t mean to laugh at you. It just looked like something out of a movie, you pulling on his lip like that.”

“So you found that amusing?” I asked her gently.

“No, I found it incredibly hot. The giggle was my nerves.”

“C’mere and kiss me some more and we’ll calm those nerves, Wally and I.”

As she said it, Jane pulled Shelley’s lips to hers. Again, I saw her tongue dart out as their mouths came together. I ran one hand up and down each of their backs, feeling the tension of the muscle’s switch as my wife got more aggressive in her kiss. She left gentle behind for a style that was almost violent in it’s intensity. I allowed my hands to travel to Shelley’s waist. I gathered the bottom of the t-shirt in my hands and lifted.

Jane’s hands moved out of the way as I began to slide the cotton up over Shelley’s skin, but she never stopped kissing her. As I reached the bottom of her breasts, Shelley shivered. Maybe she had just realized what I was doing. She hesitated for the briefest of moments, then raised her arms.

“Give me a second here, baby,” I told my wife. Reluctantly, she backed away, allowing the t-shirt to come off with a flourish. Shelly’s blonde tresses fell back around her shoulders randomly. I brushed them aside with a single finger as I moved in to kiss the skin they had hidden.

My lips on the nape of her neck caused Shelley to throw her head backwards. Her lips parted with a barely audible moan. I heard rather then saw Jane’s awareness of this. Then I was in eye contact with her, both of us nibbling at opposite sides of Shelley’s throat, our eyes communicating through the random strands of hair. Shelley’s arms had now wrapped around us. I moved my eyes back and downward and Jane took the meaning of it.

I began to kiss my way down from her throat to her bare chest. Beside me, Jane did the same. Shelley’s breasts were large and soft with the slight marks around the nipples that came from having nursed three children. I lifted her breast into my hand and wet my tongue, then traced a circle from the center of the underside, spiraling up towards her flushed areola and jutting nipple. I paused as needed to keep my tongue moist, not hurrying, drawing out her anticipation. Finally, my tongues tip circled the nipple and came to rest against it’s flattened point.

I hungrily pulled as much of her as would fit into my mouth and sucked her nipple hard into the back of my throat, making ever effort to draw it down into my lungs. Shelley’s sharp intake of breath told me her enjoyment of it. I kept going, relaxing only to catch my breath, listening to her breathing as she gave herself over to our ministrations. Then suddenly she started and gave out a sound that was half surprise and half desire. I opened my eyes and looked over at Jane to see what had provoked it, for I had done nothing different.

She had Shelley’s nipple between her teeth and was biting down on it, and not gently. I stared, wondering that it was not causing her to cry out in pain. I didn’t mean to actually pause, but Jane noticed that I had done so.

“Don’t worry. Short of drawing blood, you aren’t going to hurt her. Shelley and I talked about this. Go ahead, suck it hard and then nibble it a little. Better yet, bite it!”

I was hesitant, but listening and feeling Shelley’s response to what Jane was doing made me give it a try. I sucked her nipple hard back into my throat again, drawing on it and trying to get the blood to rush forward; then gave it a tentative bite. Shelley’s breathing took an encouraging pause. I took her nipple in between my teeth and bit harder then I ever would on Jane. I feared the reaction needlessly. Shelley clearly loved it.

Shelley’s hand was now tangled in my hair, giving gentle tugs and caresses. When I opened my eyes and looked over I saw the same was true for Jane. But while I loved the reaction we were getting, I wanted something more. I lowered my hands to Shelley’s waist. The sarong she had borrowed from Jane was knotted at her right hip. I held the knot in one hand, grasped the loose end and pulled. The blue fabric slipped free and peeled away with gravity’s pull, making a silk puddle at Shelly’s feet. Running my hands across her now bare hips, I was pleased to find nothing in my way and slid my left hand back to grasp the bare cheek of her ass.

I gave a squeeze to the soft handful of flesh and was rewarded as her hips came forward and her leg ground into my crotch. I felt her hesitate again, then her leg slid down and slipped between mine. I could tell that she was reacting to the feeling of my hard cock, resting against her thigh through the denim. I slid my right leg in between hers and lifted up and back. Shelley scooted back the couple of feet I had intended. When her knees hit the bed, she keeled over backwards, my wife going with her. Jane’s mouth never left her tit until they were settled together on the bed. Then Jane glanced up at me, smiled, and began to move back and forth, paying attention to both nipples.

Shelley’s eyes had come open in a half-panic when her knees had bent. I could read the hunger there. The nervousness was still lurking but it was quickly vanishing behind raw desire. I grinned, reached down to grasp the bottom of my gray t-shirt and pulled it quickly over my head so that only my jeans remained. Shelley smiled. Then her head fell back and her mouth gaped wide as Jane once more bit down on a nipple.

I went to my knees on the carpet, crawling forward until I could kiss the inside of Shelley’s calves. She shuddered as I did so and I began to make my way slowly up, switching back and forth between legs. I felt more Jane pause and looked up to see her watching my progress. When I got past Shelley’s knees and started working my way along her thighs, Jane’s hand came down to tousle my hair. I watched as her fingers then left my head and slowly trailed up the leg. I stuck my tongue out and followed the trail they blazed to Shelley’s bare pussy.

Jane’s fingers traced the edges of her pussy lips and then she slipped the index finger in. I watched as Jane finger fucked her for a moment, then pulled her finger out and offered it to my lips. I gleefully sucked it in to get my first taste of Shelley, fed to me off my wife’s hand.

As her finger audibly popped out of my mouth, Jane returned it to the upper folds of Shelley’s pussy. I kissed my way across her thigh and took the nectar directly from its source for the first time. I slid my mouth down the line where her thigh met her torso, to the very bottom of her pussy lips and then thrust my curled, stiff tongue as deep into her cunt as I could get it. Once I had my face pushed as tight against her as possible, I sucked in hard, drawing as much of her moist flower into my mouth as I could. I kept sucking until the lack of air forced me to withdraw.

As I pulled back I wiggled my face, using my nose to tease her while I recovered my breath. I licked my lips and tasted her on my beard and mustache. It only served to increase my desire to explore every little fold of her pussy, to memorize every nuance of her flavor. I dove back in, sucking the loose flesh of her labia in between my lips and pulling the moisture out of them into my throat. It reminded me of trying to get every last drop of melted ice out of an otter pop when I was a little boy; only this flavor was far more intoxicating.

Shelley’s breathing was deep and labored, as though it were a struggle to lay back and allow this but it was too pleasurable for her to want to move. As I pulled at her nether lips, her hips followed me, trying to keep my mouth in contact with her pussy for as long as possible

Jane’s hand withdrew and I buried my face in Shelley’s thighs, pushing in between them and throwing all of my focus onto exploring the intricacies of her moist inner sanctum. I sensed and felt my wife kiss her way back to Shelley’s face. The two of them began to make out again. Both of them reached down and I had two sets of fingers running through my hair.

The moans of pleasure from Shelley mixed with the wet sound of my tongue on her pussy. Jane kept switching back and forth, biting at Shelley’s nipples and sucking on her tongue. As she began to squirm, I could tell that the combination of stimuli were starting to overwhelm our guest. Shelley’s quiet reserve broke and a long, loud groan escaped her. There were no real words to it, just half syllables and unfinished pleas for us to continue while she raised her hips off the bed and pulled at my hair. I could hear the wet pop of Shelley’s nipples escaping from the suction of Jane’s mouth. Quickly I caught a breath before the upward pressure of Shelley’s hips matched with the downward pull on my ears and my face was captured between squeezing thighs.

“Oh fuck! Oh my fucking Gawd, oh ….unh!” Shelley’s vaunted self-control gave way as her legs stiffened and her thighs locked on the sides of my head. She threw her hips up and her back arched off the bed and only the pressure of her gripping legs around my ears kept me from being thrown onto the floor. I sucked her hard into my mouth and tried to keep the pull going while I rode out the wave of her orgasm.

After a short eternity the pressure eased. The short quick staccato of her breathing became the longer, drawn out breaths of recovery. I pulled myself up to lay beside her and Jane on the bed. For a short while, all three of us found the ceiling to be of great interest. Jane got up on her elbows and leaned over Shelley to give me a kiss, then sat up and started tracing figure eights across both of our chests.

Shelley found her voice first.

“Oh… my… gawd! Oh gawd. I haven’t come like that in years. Certainly not since way before the divorce. Oh Wally! What a lucky woman you are Jane. I’d swear he liked it as much as I did…”

That tripped an old trigger in me and was enough to break my silence. I stood up, put my fists on my hips and stared down at the two women sprawled on the bed.

“Shit! What kind of crazy are you, woman? What man wouldn’t want to bury his face in your pussy? Of all the stupid, gawdamned hare-brained fools in this world, if your ex wasn’t working on holding his breath longer just so he didn’t…oh jeez. There she goes.” My half serious scowl dissolved.

Jane had collapsed against the bed in laughter as I started my rant. She well knew what was coming. As soon as Shelley had started to talk about whether or not I had enjoyed myself, she had begun to crack up. Jane knew my fixation, of course. She knew that one of my greatest pet peeves was what I considered to be the ridiculousness of men who could not appreciate the great joy of pussy eating.

Shelley leaned over Jane and waited until she opened her eyes again.

“Is he always like this?”

“Well, not usually in front of anyone else, no. But yes…Wally has been known to tilt with windmills in private on occasion. Don’t worry Shelley; he’s not really that mental. It’s just a game of his, his way of expressing his lack of understanding of part of the race.”

“I suppose I should be grateful…their sexual malfunction gives me a way to stand out from the crowd, eh?”

“Oh baby…” Jane moved up to her elbows and gave me a smoldering glare, “You’ll always…ahem…stand out from a crowd. Don’t you think so Shelley? A man of such uncommon taste as him?”

“Hmmm… Actually Jane, that was exactly what I was wondering about right now.”

Shelley sat up and stared into my eyes. There was a wicked twinkle there in the soft light, a sparkle in the green depths that projected hunger. For a moment I felt an inexplicable need to run as a flash of predator crossed her face; but I found myself mesmerized, feet frozen in place, simply waiting for her deadly strike. Shelley’s hand reached out to brush across the line of my hard cock, straining against the fly of my jeans. As her fingers traced across the head her tongue darted out to lick across her lips… Then the moment passed and the shadow of doubt crept once more across the light. Her eyes returned to normal. Still lovely and still hungry, but without the touch of ferocity that they had held before.

“I mean…there is something that I kinda talked to Jane about and…”

“Shell, you’ve gotta get over this!”

My wife pushed me forward across the bed, having taken advantage of my distraction to get up and move behind me. Caught by surprise, I fell helplessly next to our guest and new playmate, who scooted sideways to lean over my face. Her green eyes found the depths of my blue ones, and the ferocity in them was reawakened.

“Get over it, she says. Says it like it’s nothing. Do you know how long it’s been since I had a hard cock in my mouth Wally? Since I felt the smooth sides of it against my lips while the head bumps into the back of my throat? I used to be pretty good at giving head, Wally. Do you think I’ve forgotten how?”

“I don’t think so Shelley…but I sure as help hope I’m about to find out.”

“Your damn right you are!” Jane was showing less patience. She reached down and slid her hand around Shelley’s hip to grasp the top of my jeans and undo the first button. “Show me what we talked about, Shelley. I want to watch as you suck his cock.”

Shelley leaned over and kissed me and then looked up into Jane’s eyes. “You really want me to? You really don’t mind?”

“Damn Shell! You just made out with me while he licked your cunt! Do you really think I’m gonna mind? Now get on your fucking knees and let me see you suck my husbands cock!”

Jane took Shelley’s hand and pulled her up off the bed to kiss her, a long lingering kiss with hands wandering across bare skin. Somewhere in the few moments Shelley and I had been staring at each other, Jane had gotten rid of her shorts and tank top. Both of the women standing over me wore nothing but the slight sweat of a warm Texas night. Beneath the denim of my 501’s, my cock got even harder.

Jane was clearly in charge, her hand on the back of Shelley’s head, her arm guiding the movements of their waists as they ground together. Jane moved both hands to Shelley’s shoulders and pushed straight down. Shelley dropped to her knees as directed. My wife’s bare pussy was right in front of Shelley’s mouth and when Jane leaned forward to pull at my Levi’s, Shelley’s inconsistent courage returned long enough to allow her to plunge into Jane’s crotch.

Jane gasped, but maintained her control. She slapped down on my pocket to get my attention, and I lifted my hips so that she could slide the denim down and off of me. Jane remained controlled in spite of the occasional fluttering eyelid and lower lip bite.

“Not me!” she said when the deed was done and my jeans thrown to the floor, putting her hands on the sides of Shelley’s head, “Him!”

Shelley twisted as directed and I looked down at her, her elbows resting on my knees. The hunger was back in her eyes and her lips glistened with the juice of my beloved’s pussy.

“Now…” said Jane in a quiet, gentle voice, “make him come harder then you did!’

“Yes,” said Shelley, her hand coming up to grasp the bottom of my shaft and guide my cock into her waiting mouth, “I will.”

Shelley’s mouth was warm and wet. She sucked me hard into her, her tongue curled across the bottom ridge and her lips sliding down until I could feel the wall of her throat against my head. She gagged slightly and pulled back, a sound of pure pleasure rumbling in her throat and vibrating against me.

“Oh yes.” Jane sat beside me on the bed. “Damn, that is so sexy.” Jane’s right hand slid into her crotch while her left moved over to play with the curls on my chest. “Oh would you look at that, honey? That is fucking hot!”

“I don’t need to look…I can …oh my God! I feel it. I feel it all the way at the base of my spine. Oh wow. Shelley, if you keep that up…ohhhhhh.”

Shelley began to slide her mouth up and down; each time a tiny bit more of me disappeared into her mouth. In a very short time her nose was bumping against my torso and I was fighting what was sure to be a losing battle to keep from lifting my hips and trying to cram my every inch into her lovely mouth. The whole time Shelley made noises that would suggest she was sucking on something far sweeter then flesh. I felt my self control already waning and looked to my wife sitting beside us and playing with herself.

“Give me your pussy, Jane.”


“Climb on my face wench! Give me that sweet pussy of yours to lick. You know you want attention and I…oh Gawd…I need something to concentrate on, to keep me from exploding right now. Straddle me and watch her suck while I eat you.”

Jane didn’t need to hear it twice and in a moment my face was covered with the warm moistness of her cunt. I dove into it with my tongue and Jane ground into me as I continued to fight the urge to thrust. I wanted distraction, to concentrate on eating pussy so that I would not come too quickly. I could tell this wasn’t going to help me much.

I could feel Jane as she leaned forward to watch. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could, wrapping my hands around her hips and grabbing her ass to help lift me off the bed and pull me into her cunt. I lapped at her pussy. I stuck my tongue towards my chin and up, trying to reach her clit. But Jane was deliberately denying it to me, leaning away

I wasn’t going to allow it. I could tell by the taste of her and the small trembles in her thighs that Jane was even closer to coming then I was. I buried my face in her. I pushed against the small of her back with one of my hands and was rewarded as she yielded to the pressure and finally I felt the small hard knob against the tip of my tongue. I rolled waves through my tongue, pressing the flat of it onto her pussy lips and letting the last flick tap against her clit.

It was too much for her, watching Shelley and having me do this at the same time. I felt her thighs contract and then she was grinding hard down on me as she came. Her flesh pressed against me and I felt her cry out. As the pulses of her orgasm swept over her, I was just thankful hers came first.

Shelley was moving faster, sliding my shaft deep in, her fingers following and preceding as she moved. I was slick with her saliva, and a couple of times she paused and I heard her catch a breath before she would slide her lips down the side of my cock and around the base, then back up and deep inside her again. My control was slipping and I knew she could tell.

Jane leaned forward, and got on her knees. I could see my cock disappearing into Shelley mouth and the fingers of Shelley’s hand wrapped around the base. Shelley’s chest purred with the kind of sounds one would normally associate with food, appreciative “ummms” and “Yummms”. It was quickly becoming too much, to feel and hear this as I watched through the gateway of Jane’s thighs.

Then, the final straw. Jane moved her head forward and made eye contact with Shelley. Shelley pulled my cock out of her mouth and two sets of lips ran up the wet sides. It immediately overwhelmed me.

I lost the battle I had been fighting. My hips thrust upwards and my come shot into the air. It arched briefly across Shelley’s cheek before her mouth once again covered the head of my cock. The second pulse splashed against the back of her throat. Shelley pulled away and Jane slid her mouth across. The next pulse splashed across Jane’s lips as she sucked my cock in and the final vestiges of my orgasm pushed onto her warm waiting tongue.

My head collapsed back and my legs shook as I watched the two of them laugh and smile and lick the droplets of thick liquid that had landed on cheeks into their mouths. As they giggled and teased I sighed in utter contentment.

I don’t know how long I lay there before we all decided to snuggle onto the bed and I lay back with a beautiful woman under each arm. I tried to quantify every good deed I had ever done in hopes of finding some sum that would explain how I could possibly deserve this. That was the thought that stirred me to get out of bed and slide my jeans back on.

Jane looked up at me bemusedly, our lovely guest curled into her arm. My wife finally voiced the unspoken question in both of their eyes.

“Just where the fuck do you think you’re going, mister man?”

“I’m going to do the dishes. If you think I’m taking any chances on fucking up this kind of karma…”

The sound of their laughter followed me into the kitchen.

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