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I work as a Night Dispatcher for a small Trucking Company, Not a bad job, The office is all mine for the nights, and it’s usually pretty boring. I brought a small TV/VCR combo to keep up on News or watch a Tape, even porn now and then. Around 2 AM last Sunday Morning, one of our female drivers pulled in pitching a fit about her truck.

“It’s a piece of Shit, the clutch is gone, half the lights don’t work, I got a Fucking Ticket on the way back here!” She was ranting, “If YOU don’t get me another Fucking Truck, I Fucking Quit!”

Hmmm, I thought, So much for lady like behavior, Jeez, even the men around here don’t talk that rough most the time.

I had to smile at her, she was so mad, her chest was heaving as she spit out those words, ranting and raving.

“Do you kiss your Children with that mouth?”

That seemed to calm her down a bit as a smile crept to her face.

“I’m sorry Dale, I know it’s not your fault, you can only give the truck they tell you too. But that ticket is going to cost me the money I was taking my kids to the Water Park this weekend with. They are going to be so disappointed when I tell them!” she frowned.

“I’m sure sorry Lacey I’ll talk to Mr. Mackey and see if he will help with the ticket since it’s not really your fault.” I shrugged.

“Would you? That would be so nice!” Her eyes light up as she answered back.

Her chest had stopped heaving to my great disappointment, She does have a nice set of hangers on her and the 2 top buttons she had open didn’t hurt either. It was really quite nice seeing the insides of her milky white breasts. Lacey, isn’t what I would consider your average female trucker, around 5 feet 8 inches tall, probably a 38-24-36, thick long blonde hair, and most defiantly the finest ass I’ve ever seen on a trucker. She is quite sexy and in her fury she really got me hot, her eyes dancing with daggers as she shot out her fury. Damn, her full red lips and pearly whites could melt an iceberg when she smiled.

I asked her how many kids she has and what her husband thought about her working nights and as a trucker, just making small talk while I tried to find another truck on the computer.

“Two little girls, one is 6 and the other is 4. Good money, free days to spend with my girls, That’s why I drive a truck. And they love staying with my mom and dad at nights, so it works out great! You mind if I watch some TV while you look?”

I flipped her the remote, still looking for a truck. She turned the TV on, and hit the VCR button by mistake. As soon as heard it I nearly shit, Son of a BITCH!!!! I had left the Porn tape in it!!!

I looked up and saw her blushing as she tried to find the off button, her face was as red as the tail light on her truck, uh, the one that worked. It would be a fucking S&M tape too. Damn, I thought, it’s bad enough being a pervert, without getting caught being one.

“What is that?” she asked, “I’ve never seen that stuff before!”

I reached for the remote. She held it away from me her eyes glued to the TV screen, as the man on the tape was spanking the girl on it.

“WOW, her ass is really red, do you think that stuff is real?” she questioned, keeping her eyes on it.

All I could say was “It looks real to me!”

Thinking FUCK, I’m in deep shit now, I can lose my job over this, Well, just Fuck Me! I looked at Lacey and saw her lick her lips as she kept watching it, and squirm on the chair a bit.

“Damn, I’m sorry Lacey, I forgot that was in there, I was bored, and surely wasn’t expecting you here tonight!”

Her smile was contagious as she said, “This is sure enough different, and I never thought they had these tapes for real!”

I squirmed a bit and said “Yeah, my brother loaned it to me!”

Hell, I had to TRY to pass the guilt off, I liked Lacey and really didn’t want her to think I was a sicko or some shit, even if I am.

“Look at her squirm when he hits her with that whip, she acts like she likes it!” Lacey told me softly, her voice quivering a little as she did.

“Some people do like that, Not everyone could take that kind of abuse and walk afterwards, but your right, she does seem to like it. It’s actually kind of sexy seeing her ass turn red as he spanks her! She must be a bad girl.” I laughed, then, with an evil gleam in my eyes asked her, “Are you a Bad girl Lacey?”

She looked at me and said with a smile, “Sometimes! I didn’t have two girls being good!”

We both had a good laugh at that. I was feeling a little better, thinking that maybe I wouldn’t lose my job after all. I looked at her breasts again, noticing her breath was coming a little harder as she never took her eyes off the TV. I went back to looking for a truck for her and when I looked back a few minutes later I saw her hand was on her lap, rubbing the Crotch of her tight jeans unconsciously. I got an immediate erection. This is just fucking great! Now I can’t get over to the printer to get the form for her other truck without he seeing it. Shit!

I stayed seated and watch the tape with her since I was stuck, I couldn’t decide which was the better show, the tape or her. Her, defiantly Her! I couldn’t help but stare at her hand as she began to rub herself a little harder. Then she noticed what she was doing, she glanced at me to see if I had seen it, Her face turning beet red when she saw where my eyes were. Her hand jumped away like a 220-volt electrical outlet had shocked her. I smiled at her, knowing her embarrassment was worse than mine at getting caught with the tape to begin with. She gulped as she tried to explain she wasn’t doing what I thought she was!

“Oh No, it must just be feminine itching!” I said with a knowing look! I had her now,

“Soooooo, you ARE a bad girl aren’t you! Don’t try to tell me you don’t like that! Hell, we are only human. Uh, you want me to turn the tape off?”

Knowing she had been caught and I wasn’t stupid, she just grinned and told me “NO!” in a husky voice “I want to see the rest of it!”

“Wait a minute.”

And I moved the TV to another desk so we could sit more comfortable on the office couch to watch. I went and bought us a Coke and sat down next to her and turned it back on. We talked about the things that were happening on the tape, I asked if she had ever done that stuff.

“NO WAY!” she said.

“Ever want too?” I smiled.

Her eyes had a gleam in them as she answered, “Not until Now!”

And she turned and kissed me, Shit I was just joking with her, a little harmless flirting, I thought!

Kind of like the man who fucked his wife and she ended up pregnant, he said, “Hell, I was only poking fun, and she took it serious!”

I could only kiss her back, running my hand inside her shirt feeling those beautiful Tits, Not at all bad for having 2 kids, extremely firm with hard nipples. I went for her neck, smelling her sweet perfume it was intoxicating as I nibbled on her ear. It didn’t take a lot to get her ready since she was already there. Her hand on my dick, rubbing it firmly, telling me it had been so long since she had been with a man. I thought she was married and asked her.

“I never said I was married, I just said I had 2 girls!” She grinned.

We hurriedly undressed our lust in high gear. She has the most beautiful body I thought as I saw her nude, Her tits, firm and slightly hanging, and her hips just made for having babies or holding onto which ever came first! And her pussy, Son of a Bitch, she had her blonde hair trimmed short and neat, exposing her pouting pussy lips the head of her clit trying to take a peek at the world. I had to have it.

I dropped my head and kissed her pussy, the aroma of it making me drunk with lust. I bit her puffy pussy lightly as she trembled, then sucked that pretty clit into my mouth using my lips to pull it out of its hiding place. She ran her hands though my hair as she fell back she breath coming in gasps, her back arched and her hips thrashing. This girl was HOT! She suddenly wrapped her long legs around my head, forcing my face deeper as she cried out in her sudden orgasm.

Damn she tastes so good, I don’t ever want to stop eating her, I thought to myself, my hard cock pulsing as the blood pumped in it, I had to have her on me. I kissed my way up her sexy belly, so flat and firm, for the 2 kids that had lived in it. She was so passionate as she pulled me to her as I entered her I stopped and held still for a moment just to enjoy the feeling of her, So soft and warm and she smelled so good, I could lay here inside her forever. How some man hadn’t married her by now I would never know. She wiggled her hips as if to wake me up from my dream world and smiling at me saying

“Penny for your thoughts!”

Back to reality I answered

“You don’t want to know!” as I slid in her slick slit.

“Sure I do!”

I thought about it a second as she wrapped her legs around my waist her knees in the middle of my back her feet in the crack of my ass.

“Uh, did it really turn you on watching that S & M tape?”

Her eyes turned up to mine

“Yes, I’ve never seen anything like that, it did look interesting, if it wasn’t too bad and I could stop it if I wanted.”

Hell Yeah, I thought this was turning out to be a good night for me, instead of watching porn then heading to the restroom to jack off later, here I was fucking this gorgeous woman, and her practically asking me to spank her sweet ass!

“What did you like the best?”

She looked down away from me, “The things he said to her, how he talked to her, I liked that!”

“We can try it if you want to Lacey!” I said with hope in my voice. I had never done it either but it did excite me thinking about it!

“OK, if you promise to stop if I ask!” she meekly said.

I pulled out of her, already missing the feeling as soon as I did. I told her to get on my lap laying across me with my hard on between her legs squeezing it between them, her wet slit caressing me shaft as she humped it against her clit.

“Now Lacey, this is going to hurt me worse than it hurts you, but with your bad behavior today I feel there is nothing else I can do but spank you!” and I slapped her as with a resounding


The sound filled the office. Her pretty ass jumped as she felt the first blow land. Uhhhh,


Her legs squeezed tighter.


Ohhhhh, her hips bucked as I continued smacking her pink ass cheeks, feeling her getting wetter with each “SMACK”

I could see her legs shake as she came humping my pussy juice covered dick.

“I’m sorry, I won’t be bad anymore, I promise!” She cried out.


“Really, I’ll be a good girl now!”


She came again, I grabbed my cold coke can and set it on her pink ass, Aahhhhhh, Her legs loosened their grip on me, I rubbed her beautiful pink ass, admiring my “Handy” work seeing my finger prints on it. She turned around asking if I was done.

“For now, I want you to suck it now!”

As she got up then down to her knees and swallowed my throbbing member. “Mmmmmm” she murmured between her slurps almost in a hum, taking my shaft and jacking it against her mouth movements.

“Oh Shit, Lacey, Your mouth is so good, Oh Yes suck my cock, Ahhhhhhh! Now Lacey Suck it hard, NOW!!!!”

I couldn’t help myself as I began to spurt my load in her mouth holding her head down as my own orgasm crested, her sucking it deep, moaning as she did. I shot my last bit in her mouth then pulled her up to me kissing her sweep lips tasting my sperm in her mouth sucking her tongue deeper in mine. As we both regained our composure.

She then crawled up and sat in my lap facing me with her hips open sliding her wet cunt on my sticky dick, kissing my face all over as she told me how hot that got her. I had to agree it was one of the sexiest sights I had ever seen or done also. My cock never got soft, which surprised me since I had just had such a hard orgasm. And she lifted her hips and stuck it inside her tight pussy, rubbing her mound against mine making contact on her clit. I let her do the honors as she began to move her sweet ass harder on me. Squeezing her inner muscles as she pulled upwards.

“GOOD LORD!” I moaned, “I’ve never felt that before Lacey, Don’t stop doing whatever it is you doing!” and she didn’t.

We continued, lost to the rest of the world as her warmth surrounded me totally. I put her nipple in my mouth nibbling her softly as she rocked on me slowly, pulling her hips up towards my belly as she made love to me. I reached around behind her and slapped her ass.

“Fuck Me you nasty bitch!”

She gasped and squeezed her pussy tightly.


I did it again her movements becoming faster and more aggressive as I slapped her ass again. She was really enjoying this, and so was I. I slapped each ass cheek evenly one slap on each cheek.

“I told you to FUCK ME You NASTY BITCH!” one for one, her breathing becoming faster and heavier as I did. She was dripping her wetness on me soaking the couch beneath us. I didn’t care, it wasn’t my couch and I wouldn’t have even if it were, she felt so fantastic. I slapped both of her cheeks at the same time, and she cried out

“Oh Yes, Now Dale NOW!”

And pumped her ass, my orgasm building in my balls as I cried out

“That’s right Lacey, you know you’ve been bad That’s why I have to punish you!”


Her eyes clenched shut her mouth twisted as she came violently, raising her hips, to where her pussy was at the end of my throbbing cocks head then slamming it down as I pushed against her as my own orgasm started! Filling her with my spunk, her inner muscles again clutching my shaft, as she completed her Orgasm.

We were both trembling from exhaustion as we lay there, her chest heaving as she caught her breath. Me, I just drank in her beauty, as I held her tight. She looked at me telling me.

“My, that was certainly different, Damn my ass is tender now, How can I drive a Truck now?” with a smile in her eyes.

We dressed since it was nearing 4 AM now and I really didn’t want either of us to get caught with our pants down so to speak! I gave her the form for the other truck a few minutes later, and she started to leave.

“Hey, Lacey, I was wondering! If I could take you and the girls to the Water Park this weekend?”

She got a look on her face that I couldn’t read, as if she was thinking about it. Then said, “I think that would be really sweet of you Dale! Thank You!”

She opened the door and I had to say, “Wear a Pink Suit, to match your ass!” As she went outside laughing!

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