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My Night With the Queen

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A year ago my favourite uncle David died. He had had an illustrious career in the navy serving for a while as an aide to the Queen and later rising to the rank of Admiral. In his papers I found the following handwritten document. It seemed to relate to events which happened in the late 1950s when he accompanied the Queen during a summer holiday on the royal yacht.

It was getting late. Normally by this time the Queen would have retired to bed and there might have just been myself and a couple of staff still in the lounge. However, tonight was different, perhaps because the Prince was not there. The Queen had been drinking gin and tonic steadily all night and was becoming distinctly merry. Her two ladies in waiting were clearly getting tired and by midnight she told them to go to bed. They protested that they should see her to bed but she insisted on dismissing them. That left Her Majesty and myself alone n the lounge.

I had never been alone in her presence before and suddenly felt rather nervous. However, she soon put me at my ease and insisted that I join her for a nightcap. I made her a generous gin and tonic and poured myself a small whisky and sipped it slowly. Finishing her drink the Queen announced, “I think I shall go to bed now and you Lieutenant will take me to my cabin.” It was not a request but an order. Seeing that Her Majesty had obviously had a lot to drink I though it best that I saw her safely to her suite.

As we walked down the corridor the ship rolled slightly and the Queen staggered a little. I instinctively put out my arm and caught her . Normally to touch the Queen’s person would have been a serious breach of protocol but she put her own arm around me a smiled sweetly. We arrived at the door to her cabin arm in arm and I opened the door and stood back. The Queen stepped in but as I prepared to bid her goodnight she beckoned me into the cabin itself. To go into the Queen’s private cabin without a chaperone would have been an even more serous breach of etiquette and I hesitated.

However, the Queen said, “Lieutenant, I think I shall need some assistance in getting to bed, would you be so kind?”

Once again I was left in no doubt that this was an order despite the polite manner in which it was given. I still hestitated. “I will just go and get one of the ladies in waiting Maam” I stammered.

“There is absolutely no need, Lieutenant” the Queen insisted. “They have all gone to bed and I am sure you are perfectly capable.”

I looked up and down the corridor, it was empty and the ship was perfectly quiet except for the low rumble of the engines. I stepped into the Queen’s cabin and shut the door.

“Lieutenant, I will need a shower before I go to bed. Please be so good as to run the shower and get it nice and warm for me.” she said.

I was grateful to have something to do and hurried into the adjacent bathroom to run the shower. It took me some time to adjust the water to the right temperature. When I went back into the Queen’s cabin I was surprised to see her standing in a bathrobe.

“Wait here until I call for you,” she ordered.

I sat on the bed and listened to sound of the shower running in the bathroom. After a few minutes I heard the Queen calling for me. I assumed she was out of the shower and in her robe but she was still in the shower behind the curtain. For the first time she called me by my first name.

“David, would you please get the large towel from the rail and help me to dry myself.”

Now I was in complete shock. The Queen was naked in the shower next to me and was asking me to dry her with a towel. I stood there stammering.

“I want that towel tonight please, Lieutenant” the Queen ordered in her most regal tone.

I quickly snatched the towel from the rail and held it out wide attempting to avert my gaze. The Queen stepped out from behind the curtain and I quickly wrapped her in the large towel. Even so I glimpsed pale white skin and well formed shoulders and breasts from the corner of my eye.

“Please get the small towel and dry my legs, David,” she asked.

I reached for the smaller towel, knelt down and began to dry the Queen’s legs. Like her shoulders they were pale white and quite exquisitely formed. I dried to the knees and then paused.

“David, please continue all the way up and make sure you do a good job,” she said.

“But Maam” I stammered “I don’t think I should really be doing this.”

“David, you are my equerry and you are obliged to obey my order, is that correct?”

“Yes of course, Maam.”

“Very well, you will do as I say and dry the rest of my legs.”

I continued to dry her legs to the top of her thighs trying desperately not to become too intimate and keeping my face averted.

“What’s the matter David, have you never seen a lady undressed before?” the Queen said in a more playful tone. “Please continue drying me.”

At this she threw the large towel which had been covering her aside and stood before me entirely naked. I was dazzled by how beautiful she was. Her breasts were like the rest of her body perfectly white, full and well rounded with large deep red nipples. Her belly was perfectly smooth and flat stretching down to the large bush of dark hair between her legs and the well proportioned legs which I had already admired.

“Please dry between my legs David” she asked.

I now took the towel and gently rubbed between her legs admiring the thick dark hair that covered her mound. I could feel the fullness of her nether lips beneath the towel and pressed harder so that they parted slightly and the towel rubbed her inside. As I rubbed up and down I suddenly sensed the hardness of her clitoris and felt her wet juices through the towel. The Queen moaned slightly as I slowly rubbed the towel across her clit. As I did so I took the other end of the towel and stroked her backside. When her cheeks were dry I pressed the towel between them and gently rubbed up and down her rear cleft. She did not object as towel began to wipe the tiny rosebud nestled between her cheeks but once again she moaned softly.

“David, I think I would like to get into bed now” she whispered.

Without thinking I scooped the Queen up in my arms, she was surprisingly light, and gently carried her into her cabin and laid her on her bed. She lay there looking absolutely ravishing but I hesitated, not knowing quite what to do next. She was in control and I knew it.

“David, do you know how to lick a woman, to give her pleasure? You understand what I mean?”

“Well yes Maam, several ladies have commented favourably on my technique,” I replied.

“Very well, then I would like you to pleasure me with your tongue please.” She went on. “My husband simply refuses to do anything like that and I would simply adore it if you would do that for me.”

“Of course Maam, whatever Her Majesty wishes,” I replied jokingly.

I spread those rounded white thighs and before me lay exposed Her Majesty’s large hairy bush and visible though the thick hair her parted cunt lips wet and open. I took my time and proceeded to gently nibble, kiss and lick my way up one of her legs. She moaned as I reached the top of her thigh but I simply moved to the other leg and gently teased her by working my way up this one even more slowly. As I reached the top of this leg I lightly brushed her bush with my tongue gradually increasing the pressure until my tongue was pressing between her cunt lips. I ran my tongue along the inside of her lips until I found her clit and lightly circled it with my tongue. The Queen moaned again and caressed my head with her hand trying to pull me further into her pussy. However, I was taking my time slowly taking control of the situation. I continued to run my tongue up and down the inside of her pussy lips with the softest licks of her clit. She was moaning more now and her cunt was dripping with juice. My tongue roamed lower and lower as I parted her legs wider until my tongue was licking the skin at the base of her lips and then down further until I found the smaller hole below. Her Majesty gasped as my tongue circled the royal arsehole but she did not make any move to stop my caresses. I made my tongue into a point and gently probed her puckered little rosebud. This produced another moan and I gently tongue fucked the tight anal opening. Now my tongue roved back up to her cunt and slowly explored further between those lips. Her snatch was dripping with juice and I greedily lapped this as I licked out her moist cunt. Now my tongue found her clit and began to circle and rub this little organ which was now swollen and erect. Next I took the little nub between my lips and gently sucked her sweet clit in and out. The Queen was now breathing hard and moaning softly.

Suddenly she gasped “Oh David, I need you inside me please put your thing inside me.”

I was still fully clothed and hastily cast off my jacket, trousers and pants and climbed on top of her. My own organ was swollen to the maximum and standing fully to attention. All the while I had been sucking her it had throbbed painfully in my trousers and I was glad to release it now ready for action. Once again I played it cool and slow. Instead of thrusting straight into her I held my engorged cock out to her and she reached out and slowly rubbed one hand up and down the shaft. I was dying to plunge into that warm wet pussy. Instead I held the shaft and slowly rubbed that throbbing tip up and down her pussy. I loved the feel of the thick dark hair of her bush on my cockhead. Then I slowly circled her clit with my cock rubbing around and around and up and down.

The Queen gasped, “Oh please, David, please will you put it in me.”

I could no longer refuse and gently slid my aching knob into her willing cunt. Her pussy felt quite wonderful, warm, wet and tight around my cock. I began long slow strokes, pushing deeper and deeper with each stroke until my cock was buried deep to the hilt in her vagina. She gasped as my cockhead finally hit her cervix. I bent down and licked one of those beautiful breasts circling the nipple and then taking it in my mouth. I sucked, licked and bit her nipple which hardened beneath my mouth. All the while I was continuing to thrust slow but deep inside her.

I lifted my head for a moment to look at her face. Those beautiful violet eyes were wide open with pleasure and her full red lips were parted as she continued to emit soft gasps and moans. I suddenly realised that despite our intimacy we had not kissed and I pressed my lips against hers in a gently kiss. She responded passionately, pushing her lips hard against mine and exploring the inside of my mouth with her tongue. This only increased my ardour and hers and I could not stop myself from increasing the speed and force of my thrusts. She responded by bucking her hips upwards toward each thrust. We were now fucking frenetically like two animals. My cock felt ready to burst and hammered into her dripping cunt like an iron bar. Her breathing became faster and faster and she moaned louder and she began to reach her climax. Suddenly her whole body was shaking and she let out loud moans of pleasure. Wave after wave of orgasm ripped though her body. I had never seen a woman come so violently. Her cunt gripped my cock like a vice and I knew that I would have to let go. Suddenly I could feel my own orgasm swelling in my loins as I continued to fuck her like a madman. Her orgasm showed no sign of abating as wave after wave of pleasure shook her body. Suddenly I felt a rush as a huge jet of hot juice swept through my cock and erupted deep into her soft cunt. My own climax went on and on sucking what seemed like every drop of juice from my balls. Waves of exquisite pleasure shook me as I looked down to see her beautiful mouth smiling up at me and I kissed her lips once more. As my cock melted into her cunt my lips melted into hers, for a moment we were one and she was mine.

Finally we lay still, my cock still buried deep in her cunt, my head on her shoulder. Suddenly there was knock at the door. I froze, my heart beat wildly. If I was discovered here I would be dismissed but more importantly Her Majesty would be disgraced, there would be a scandal. All these thoughts rushed through my mind. The Queen with presence of mind pushed me under the covers and sprang out of bed grabbing her robe and answered the door.

I heard the voice of one of the ladies in waiting. “I am sorry to disturb you Maam but are you alright? It’s just that I heard you crying and I just wondered.”

I remembered that the lady in waiting slept next door she must have heard the Queen’s moans and become suspicious.

“It’s perfectly alright Edwina,” said the Queen, “I just had a bad dream. Thank you for your concern.”

“Well if you are sure I can’t get anything for you Maam,” the lady in waiting replied.

“Absolutely fine, Edwina. Now you go back to bed and don’t worry. Goodnight.”

The queen had recovered her usual sang froid and saved the day. I breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly the intimacy which had been established between us in the heat of sex evaporated.

“I must go, Maam,” I blurted out. “I expect you want to get to sleep.”

I suddenly realised my situation – a humble naval lieutenant in bed with the Queen.

“Please don’t go yet,” she responded. “I would love you to stay a while and talk.”

“Of course Maam if that is what you wish” I said resuming my usual formal mode of address.

The Queen climbed back into bed shedding her gown once more.

“So tell me,” she said, “have you done this sort of thing many times before?”

“I have to confess, quite a few times” I replied.

“What with married women?” she continued.

“Well yes, once.” I confessed. “I had a bit of fling with my commanding officer’s wife when I was stationed at a shore base”

The queen seemed intrigued and smiled. “Oh David, now you must tell me more.”

So I told her the whole story.

“It started at a party at the Captain’s house. All the officers from the base were there with wives and girlfriends. I was not with anyone at the time but just circulated enjoying myself. Suddenly this very glamorous blonde came up and introduced herself as the Captain’s wife. I had no idea. She was so much younger than him. He was a strict naval type rather starchy and he had this gorgeous wife at home.

She asked me to dance. I remember holding her in my arms. She wore a quite low cut black dress, showing the cleavage from her generous breasts. I could feel the curve of her hips and the roundness of her backside through the thin material of the dress as we danced. After dancing and talking for a few minutes she suddenly announced that she needed to circulate.

Just as she was leaving me she said mysteriously. ‘I will make contact in a few days. Make sure you follow my instructions.’

I did not see her again except across the room for the rest of the evening and felt frustrated at being unable to follow up my tantalisingly brief encounter with such a beautiful woman. However, her parting statement that she would make contact intrigued me.

A few days later an envelope arrived with my post in the officers’ mess. It contained a piece of notepaper with an address and the time 7.00pm and a date several days later. The address was in a village some miles from Portsmouth which I had never visited. I managed to change my duty rostering with another officer in order to get the evening free and set off early in case I got lost. I arrived at the village by 6.30 but had no idea of the whereabouts of the cottage given as the address. Having asked directions I finally reached the place, a beautiful thatched cottage with roses round the door up a track off the main road. I knocked on the door rather nervously and it was opened by the Captain’s wife. She was dressed to my surprise in nothing but a silk negligee. She showed me in and sat me on a couch before a roaring log fire.

She sat beside me on the couch and poured champagne from a bottle already open on the table.

‘I expect you wonder why I asked you here,’ she said. ‘This is my retreat, it was left to me by my aunt. Peter rarely comes here. He’s much too wound up with his naval duties. I love to come here to get away from all that navy stuff. But sometimes it gets a little lonely. I hope you don’t mind me inviting you along for some company.’

I told her that I was happy to keep her company and sipped my champagne. ‘So you just asked me along to share a glass of champagne and have chat then’ I asked with a smile.

‘Well that would be a good start but you could give me a kiss. I wanted one at that wretched party the other night but it didn’t seem a good idea with all Peter’s navy cronies around,’ she replied.

I required little further encouragement to kiss such as beautiful woman. Her plantinum blonde hair fell across her shoulders in waves. She had the most incredibly sexy, sultry mouth painted with red lipstick and deep brown eyes which at that moment were staring intently into mine. Our lips met and within moments we were kissing passionately. My hands began to explore her delicious body. I traced the line of her shoulder and down to her breast. I slipped the strap of her negligee from her shoulder leaving one of her breasts exposed. They were very large but rounded, firm and upright. Her skin was exquisitely smooth and pale. I dropped my head away from her face and bent to lick the exposed breast. Gently nibbling around the nipple and then circling the erect pink tip with my tongue. She gasped with pleasure as I took the whole nipple in my mouth and began to suck first gently and the more vigorously. She seemed to enjoy this firm treatment and moaned with pleasure when I began to bite and suck her nipple increasingly hard. I pulled down the other strap and gave the other breast similarly rough treatment. She gasped again and simply moaned for me to go harder.

Suddenly she said ‘David, I need you to spank me. I have been such a naughty girl, I need a good spanking.’

This surprised me but I was only too happy to oblige. The thought of spanking such an exquisite bottom was causing the bulge in my trousers to become unbearably large. She climbed off the couch and knelt on the floor beside me. I guided her until she was bent over across my knees. The top of her negligee was still pulled down and her two gorgeous and large breasts hung down over my left leg. I lifted the hem of her negligee and pulled it up over her backside. This revealed two plump and perfectly round cheeks with the same smooth soft skin of her breasts. Beautifully rounded thighs of same exquisite texture went down to the floor from her luscious buttocks. For a moment I just gently caressed those two soft cheeks marvelling at their perfection. Then I raised my hand and brought it down with a slap on the right cheek. Another slap landed on the left cheek. The first two slaps were not too hard and I could see no visible mark on her buttocks.

As I paused wondering whether to continue she said ‘Please I need it harder. I have been such a naughty girl.’

I now brought down my hand with a ferocious slap on her right cheek. My hand was stinging so it must have stung her backside. I could see the red mark of my fingers as I raised my hand for another strong stroke. As the fourth stroke fell she gasped I am not sure whether in pleasure or pain but she insisted that I continue. I spanked her very hard for several minutes all over her backside and down her thighs until her bum cheeks and legs were covered in redness. After the first few slaps I noticed her hand slip between her legs. The harder I spanked her the harder she rubbed herself between the legs. As the spanking rose to a furious crescendo she began to rub herself feverishly. She was moaning and panting hard. Every now and then she demanded that I keep beating her. Suddenly her whole body was racked by shaking, she began to scream and sob. I stopped spanking her as she came uncontrollably. Her hand continued to rub between her legs as she was racked by the most intense orgasm. I caressed her hair and held her and the last quivering waves shook her. At last I rested and sat back.

She lifted herself up and smiled. ‘Excellent David. You have worked very hard. Have a little more champagne and then I shall reward you.’

We both lay back on the couch sipping champagne for a few minutes. Suddenly she stood up and pulled her negligee over her head and dropped it on the floor. Naked she was even more dazzlingly beautiful. My eyes roved over those large firm breasts with their erect and pointed pink nipples. The white curve of her hips and nestling between her thighs a naked shaven pussy. I had never seen a woman who shaved herself there before. Her nether lips were perfectly white and smooth with no trace of hair.

I moved to touch her but she said. ‘Get your clothes off first and then lie back. I want to give you some pleasure now.’

I quickly slipped off my clothes and lay back naked on the couch. She knelt again but this time between my knees, spreading my legs apart. She began to kiss the inside of my legs, licking up my thighs. Suddenly the tip of her tongue was flicking my balls. She worked her way round the whole sac licking, kissing and nibbling. Then her tongue was slowly licking the underside of my cock in long slow strokes. She was driving me wild. I wanted to thrust myself inside her but I could not move. The ministrations of her tongue on my cock were simply exquisite. Next she was licking under the rim of the cock, holding back the foreskin with her fingers. I could feel her lips gently sucking the tip and then she took the whole head in her mouth. The feeling of my cock in her mouth was of a delightful soft wetness. Then she was moving her mouth up and down on my cock taking it deeper and deeper into her. By this time I was simply delirious with pleasure. I could not believe how much of my cock was disappearing into the warm wetness of her mouth. I think the tip was in the back of her throat but she seemed to accommodate all of it. Now her head was jerking rapidly up and down on my organ which felt as hard as an iron bar and was aching to explode. Her fingers caressed my balls and between my legs. Suddenly I felt her fingers caress my anus. No woman had ever stroked me there before but it felt electric. Her fingers continued to circle my tight hole until suddenly the end of her little finger was invading my hole. Her mouth continued to suck furiously on my cock. Her head rising up and down on my pole in rhythm with her finger was gently thrusting in and out of my tight anus. The pressure in my balls was now unbearable and I could feel waves of pleasure rising up through my loins. Suddenly I felt the intense gush of orgasm hit me as a huge jet of come erupted into her mouth. I expected her to pull away but she continued to suck furiously on my exploding cock. She gulped repeatedly as wave after wave of semen gushed into the back of her mouth and down her throat. At last she sucked me dry and we both collapsed exhausted on the couch.

We stayed there for some time, finishing the champagne. At last I got the chance to talk to her. I asked her whether she always enjoyed being submissive in sex and she told me she did. She felt excited at being used and abused by a man though she emphasised that she would have shown the door straight away to a man who showed real violence towards her. I asked if her husband enjoyed this kind of sex and she told me he did but he could not satisfy her and she suspected that he knew she took lovers. I was surprised that he accepted this.

‘I am always there for him. I give him wonderful sex when he needs it and I enjoy being with him. But I always need that something more,’ she told me. ‘So that’s why you are here. You don’t mind?’ she added.

‘Of course not,’ I replied. ‘That was quite amazing.’

‘Well that was the hors d’oeuvres’ she said. ‘are you ready for the main course?’

‘What’s on the menu?’ I asked.

‘Well I have a bit of a taste for Greek, do you fancy that?’

At first I did not follow what she meant. I looked puzzled. ‘Well for a start it involves quite a lot of cream’ she said with a wicked smile. ‘Shall I show you the recipe?’

At that she stood up and walked across the room. She opened a small cupboard and removed a small jar bringing it across to show to me. Unscrewing the top I noticed it contained a thick white cream.

‘Now I want you to oil my bottom with this,’ she said, ‘We will need plenty because it needs to be silky smooth to take that huge cock of yours.’

I was amazed. I could not believe what I was hearing. This stunning woman was asking me to prepare her so I could have anal sex with her. I had always dreamed of taking a woman in this way but had failed to find a woman willing to try it with me. Here was this stunner begging me to take her in this intimate way.

She lay back on the couch and lifted her legs up so her feet were resting on either side of her. Her two smooth round bum cheeks protruded slightly over the edge of the cushion. I could see the shaved lips of her wet cunt slightly open and beneath them the small puckered opening of her anus. I had always wanted to lick a woman’s smallest orifice and I asked her if I might do so now. She agreed and I began to circle the tightly closed little rosebud with my tongue. I had never seen a woman’s smallest hole so close up before. The actual anus was tightly closed with creases of brown skin radiating from the centre like a small star nestled between the two plump cheeks of her buttocks. After circling for s few minutes I began to explore her entrance with my tongue. Her orifice relaxed slightly and I gently licked at the entrance as she gasped with pleasure. Finally I was able to penetrate her tight little back door with my tongue. To my surprise there was just a faint taste which was not unpleasant. She later told me that she always gave herself an enema before anal sex so that her hole was clean and ready to be penetrated. I gently thrust my tongue in and out of this delicious throbbing little hole for a few moments and observed her relax and open up to my ministrations.

I put a finger into the pot and took out a large dollop of the thick white cream and tentatively rubbed it around the hole. Then I slowly circled the area with my finger rubbing a generous amount around the entrance. Taking more cream I gently eased the tip of my finger just inside her entrance.

‘Oh please push it in all the way harder,’ she demanded.

So I pushed the finger in all the way feeling the smooth silky interior of her rectum as I did so. I moved my finger around inside coating the interior with a smooth slippery layer of the white cream. Now I took two fingers and firmly eased them both into her willing anus filling her tight rectum with more cream. I felt her sphincter muscles gradually relax to accommodate the stretching of the two digits now invading her little bum.

‘Oh David, I am ready, please fuck me in the arse, please I need to be fucked hard,’ she demanded.

I did not hesitate but positioned myself over her and guided my now throbbing cockhead to the entrance of her anus. At first, despite the copious quantities of lubricant which I had applied I found it hard to enter the tight ring of her sphincter, however, a firm thrust from my raging pole eventually resulted in the head of my cock entering her portal. My engorged organ was now being tightly gripped by the muscles around the tiny hole. I could no believe that such as small entry could accommodate my cock, which was now distended to its maximum size. Nevertheless, I gave another push and the whole huge organ sunk up to its hilt deep in her rectum. I slowly drew back and thrust in again. The sensation was indescribable, nothing like entering a woman’s vagina. The hole was much tighter but with an exquisite silky smoothness. Each thrust produced the most ecstatic sensations, quite unlike conventional sex. I began to thrust harder and pulled back further with each stroke. I was now taking long slow strokes deep into her arsehole and she was gasping with pleasure.

I found the position we were in difficult to maintain as I was bending over her supporting myself on my arms. She seemed to realise this and suggested we move. She slipped off the couch onto the floor and turned her back to me. She bent over the couch kneeling before me offering her beautiful posterior and smiling wickedly at me over her shoulder. I needed no further encouragement and positioned myself between her legs. Spreading the two globes of her bum cheeks I once more lined up my raging cock which was desperate to feel the grip of that sweet tight hole once more. I thrust firmly in and soon found my cock sheathed to hilt once more in the exquisite softness of her rectum.

The new position with me kneeling behind her was much more comfortable and allowed to penetrate her fully from behind. I once more began long slow strokes. She meanwhile was moaning with pleasure. I noticed her hand creep to between her legs and give herself further pleasure as her fingers rubbed her clitoris. I could feel the juice form her vagina dripping down onto my balls and down her legs.

As for myself, I was enjoying the most amazing sensations. Her anus which had started by gripping my penis like a vice was now beginning to relax and I was able to thrust in and out with some ease. I continued to make slow strokes not wanting to finish too soon. The Captain’s wife meanwhile was moaning and gasping with pleasure. I could not believe that a woman could take so much pleasure in being anally ravaged and yet she knelt beneath me groaning and every now and then, demanding that I take her harder. I pulled apart her buttocks, stretching the entrance to her little hole so she could take my raging pole as deeply as possible. I thrust even harder and deeper.

‘Oh yes please fill me, bugger me, ravish my arsehole,’ she gasped.

She was now quivering with pleasure and her hands rubbed frenetically between her legs. Juice gushed from her cunt. I now renewed my assault with increased vigour. I was bucking and thrusting into her now open arsehole. My cock was sometimes coming right out and thrusting back in. I leant back and for a moment admired the picture of the huge purple cockhead repeatedly invading the tiny brown hole. Each time the full length of my pole buried itself in her ravaged rectum. Now she was shaking with pleasure

‘Oh fuck me, fuck me harder’ she screamed over and over again.

I was pounding her anus like a jackhammer. I gripped her hips with both hands and pulled her body back against me again and again viciously impaling her again and again on my cock which felt swollen to twice its normal size. I knew I could not last much longer; my orgasm was building in my balls. Just as I felt I could hold on no longer she uttered a scream of ecstasy and her whole body quivered. She thrust her buttocks hard back against me demanding that I continue to ravish her. I continued to thrust deep into her as my own climax began to overtake me. Slowing my thrusts I allowed a huge wave of orgasmic pleasure to rise and overwhelm me. The sensation was quite amazing. I was now very slowly riding in and out of her anus which still gripped my cock and throbbed as her orgasm continued to wash over her. I was now riding my own orgasm like a surfer on a wave. The tightness of her rectum around my cock seemed to prolong my coming and I rode a plateau of ecstasy as I slowly filled her bowels with jet after jet of come. Finally both our climaxes subsided and we collapsed beside each other on the floor.”

“So that was how I first had anal sex with the Captain’s wife” I said to the Queen who had been listening to the tale with wide eyed astonishment but was obviously lapping up every word.

“So did you see her again? What happened after that?” She demanded.

“Oh yes,” I said. “The affair went on for some months until I was suddenly transferred to a ship. I suspect her husband wanted me out of the way.” I replied.

“And did you ever do it… well, like that again?” the Queen asked inquisitively.

“Oh yes, many times. In fact I later found that she never had conventional sex with her lovers. She told me that her vagina was reserved for her husband, while the lovers came in by the back door as it were.” I said.

I was worried that the Queen would be shocked at all this but far from it. She continued to probe the subject.

“So you always had her up bum then?” She went on.

“Well yes, anal sex, oral sex, she asked me to tie her up and whip her once. Everything really except for old fashioned straight sex.” I replied.

“Oh do tell me more.” The Queen insisted. “I have been all over the world but really I think I have led the most sheltered life. I never realised that such things went on but now I know I find it all rather exciting. So tell me, these assignations with this lady, did you always meet at this cottage?” she asked.

“Well no,” I went on, “really anywhere we could. We once had sex in a public lavatory”

“Really!” exclaimed the Queen, “how exciting, tell me more.”

“Well, one day I had a message from the Captain’s wife that she wanted to meet me. I had only a few hours before I had to go back on duty. It was spring, early in the season so fortunately few people were about. I met her at the seafront and we walked together a while. She told me that she desperately needed me and asked if I could come to the cottage that night. I was on duty and knew it would be difficult to rearrange it. In the end we came to some public lavatories. She checked the ladies was empty and dragged me inside. It was rather sordid in one way but also rather exciting. We squeezed into a cubicle and locked the door. She immediately began to kiss me passionately and at the same time reached for my fly and unzipped me. She soon had my penis clutched in her hand and rubbed it slowly until she had achieved a hard erection. Suddenly she twisted round, raised her skirts and removed her panties.

“Please David, give it to me now, I need you,” she demanded. I had no wish to argue and pushed her forward until she was bending over the toilet cistern. Her deliciously rounded buttocks were exposed before me and I grabbed both cheeks separating them and exposing the delicious cleft and the tiny brown starfish winking up at me. I had no lubricant to hand so I simply licked my finger and slowly worked into her anus. After several applications I was happy that her little hole was juicy enough. I lubricated my own cock in the same way and lined it up with the hole.

‘Now David, fuck my arse now” she demanded.

So with a firm push I thrust my cock deep into her rectum. Without the usual lubricant it was a little tight but I began to thrust in and out of her. I held her hips and thrust forward between her plump cheeks deeper and deeper into her moist cleft, ravaging her anus. As usual the rougher I was the more she seemed to enjoy it so I screwed her tight little anus quite savagely until I was pouring my semen deep into her bowels.”

As I continued my tale I could seen the Queen’s beautiful violet eyes widen in surprise. However, a mischievous smile was also playing around her lips. As I described how I had sodomised the Captain’s wife in a public toilet I felt her hand reach out under the sheets and gently grasp my cock which was already hardening at the memory of penetrating that woman’s luscious nether orifice. As her hand rubbed up and down my member it stood to attention and was soon like a ramrod in her hand.

“I think I have been missing out all these years.” The Queen suddenly said as I finished my story. ” Not that the Prince is not the most loving husband but I have never tried any of these… er practices with him. I am sure if I asked him he would see it all as rather unnatural. I mean when you just licked me down below just now… well even my husband has never done that and yet it felt quite wonderful. I shall have to try and encourage him. David, would you mind as it were initiating me into some of these mysteries. This chance may never come my way again and I should like to try something different.”

“What would you like to try,” I asked, intrigued at this request.

“Well,” she said “I loved you licking me just now but I would love to suck your thing if you don’t mind.”

I laughed at the modesty of her talk which was so in contrast to the way she had abandoned herself with me a few minutes earlier.

“My thing does have a name you know,” I said.

“Well what would you like me to call it?” she replied with a giggle.

“Whatever you like,” I said, “but most people would call it a cock, a prick, a tool or something like that!”

“Very well, I would like to suck your cock,” she said. I smiled and replied

“Very well, your Majesty tonight you will have your wish.” I still felt as if I was in a dream. I was in bed with the Queen, I had just had passionate sex with her and now she was asking to suck my cock.

Without hesitating further, she pulled back the sheet over us and bent her head over my cock which standing stiffly to attention. Her lips tentatively nibbled the tip. She ran her tongue around the head and up and down the length of the underside a few times.

“Is that alright?” she asked.

“Absolutely wonderful, I can see you are a natural,” I replied.

Suddenly she grasped my throbbing member in and gently pushed back the foreskin. Her lips closed around the fully distended tip of the organ and her tongue licked in circles round the rim of the head. Sweet waves of pleasure shot through me as her tongue stimulated the sensitive nerve endings. Next she tentatively took the whole head into her mouth and gently sucked it like a lollipop. The sensation of the soft wetness of the inside of her mouth enclosing my organ was exquisite. She experimented with taking the pulsating member deeper into her mouth and found that she could accommodate most of its length. Soon her head was rising and falling taking my rigid cock deep into her mouth and pulling back. All the while her tongue and lips stimulated my raging manhood. My cock felt ready to explode and I knew I could not last much longer. Yet I did not want this to end.

“Can we stop for one moment?” I asked.

She raised her head and looked at me in the eyes.

“Is everything alright?” she asked. “Am I doing it right?”

“Oh you are doing it perfectly,” I said, ” perhaps too well. Let’s take it slowly and really enjoy this. Now have you ever heard of what the French call soixante neuf?”

She looked puzzled. “Soixante neuf is French for sixty nine but does it mean something more than that?”

“Well,” I said, “sixty nine represents the position the man and woman are in. Think about it a six and a nine!”

Her face suddenly registered comprehension. “Yes I think I understand we go top and tail so you can lick me down below while I suck you.”

“Got it in one, Maam,” I said, “but remember what I said about calling things by their names. It’s not down below, it has a name.”

She hesitated, “Well you can lick my… er… vagina.”

“You sound like a doctor, there is a good Anglo-Saxon name for it!”

“Very well, my cunt, there I’ve said it – cunt. The Queen is going to have her cunt licked by her equerry and she is going to suck his cock like a whore.”

I was surprised and pleased that the Queen had in this way let go of the last vestiges of reserve. I arranged her on the bed so her legs were spread wide apart and once more admired the splendour of her nakedness. She had the purest and softest white skin I have ever seen on a woman. Her breasts in particular were beautifully rounded and full with large deep red nipples which contrasted with the paleness of the surrounding skin. Her belly was slightly rounded but still taut and the same pure whiteness characterised her shapely legs with slightly plump thighs and well curved calves. As I parted these legs her real treasure was revealed. She had the moist glorious bush of thick dark hair between her legs.

I straddled her beautiful body, placing one knee on either side of her head. Resting on my elbows I was able to admire the mass of dark hair between her legs. I gently parted the hairs of this thicket to reveal her soft nether lips. I gently stroked my fingers through the thick dark curls of her beaver moving closer to the soft centre of her cunt. I slowly brushed my finger up and down the folds of her lips feeling the wetness of her pussy already beginning to leak out from the tight slit between them. Finally I lowered my head and began to graze her outer lips with feather light flicks from my tongue. She hummed in appreciation and took my cock in her hand guiding it to her own lips. I felt her tongue slide up and down my own organ. She even began to lick my balls, something which always excites me. My tongue probed deeper into the wetness of her cunt. I could taste my own come mixed with the delicate taste of her own juices. For a few moments I probed deeper with the point of my tongue and gently tongue fucked her juicy pussy.

Meanwhile her tongue was roving all over me. To my amazement having licked my cock and balls her tongue began to reach back between my legs. I remembered how I had licked the little rosebud of her anus earlier and how excited this had made her. Perhaps she wanted to do the same for me. I lowered myself and shifted position so she could reach back to this point. I was pleased when she continued her explorations towards my own back entrance. Her tongue licked up and down the cleft between my buttocks, finally circling my arsehole and gently probing the entrance. I find the pleasure of this from a woman a quite exquisite sensation and the thought of who was performing this most intimate act upon me only increased my sense of excitement and stimulation. While this was going on I was not idle. Because I had moved back to allow her access to my own back passage, her pussy was out of reach of my tongue. However, my fingers were busy. I caressed her cunt, working my finger further and further into its moist depths. I began to circle her clitoris with the finger of one hand while I gently fucked her cunt with two fingers of the other hand.

Having penetrated my arsehole with her tongue she worked her way back round to the front again and began to suck on my cock once more. This gave me a chance to lean forward again and renew my ministrations on her pussy. There is something very arousing about working your way through the thick hair of a women’s bush and finding the treasure that is a warm wet cunt lying hidden within. I was soon licking hard on her clit which had her moaning with pleasure. I alternated this with sucking on her little swollen bud like a tiny penis. I continued to shaft her cunt with my fingers which were amply lubricated by our mixture of bodily fluids. Once again I knew that I could not hold off coming for much longer. She was now frantically lapping and sucking at my cock which was swollen ready to explode in her mouth. I was not sure whether the Queen would appreciate a mouthful of come and I also desperately wanted to experience the pleasure of being inside her once more.

“Would you mind if I came inside you again?” I asked.

“But of course. Please try whatever you like.” she said. I climbed off her and lay beside her.

“Perhaps you would like to try a different position?” I asked.

Smiling she agreed and asked me where I would like her. I asked her to turn over onto her stomach and indicated that I wanted her to kneel on the bed. I knelt behind her and enjoyed the sight of her plump white buttocks facing me with a tuft f dark hair showing at the base between them. I took my still hard and throbbing cock and positioned it the entrance to her pussy. I gently eased my organ into her dripping slot and began to gently thrust in and out. Taking the Queen from behind allowed me to penetrate her more deeply than before and she sighed with pleasure as I buried my distended cock up to the hilt in the delicious wetness of her cunt.

Once again I felt my climax rising in my loins and slowed down momentarily to prolong our pleasure.

Suddenly the queen whispered “I though for a moment there you were going to use me like the Captain’s wife.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. Was the Queen really suggesting that I should penetrate her anally?

“Would you like me to?” I asked.

“I am not sure,” she said. “It strikes me as very painful but I would be willing to try it.”

“Well if you would like to. I would of course take it very gently.” I replied. “I imagine that most ladies don’t like to be treated in quite the rough way that she enjoyed.”

“I think it is best if you change position again. I understand that lying on your side is supposed to be best for a beginner.” I went on.

She hesitantly laid down on her side with her back to me.

“The other important ingredient is something slippery to act as a lubricant. Do you by any chance have something like that?”

She rose from the bed and went into the bathroom returning with a small pot of Vaseline.

“Will this do?” she said.

“Fine,” I replied.

Opening the jar of Vaseline I took out a small amount on one finger. The Queen was once more lying on her side facing away from me. With one hand I spread those perfect white globes which were her buttocks revealing the tiny pink rosebud nestling between her cheeks. I gently rubbed a small amount around the tiny opening, massaging in small circles and increasing the pressure. Slowly I worked the tip of my finger into the tight entrance. I took some more Vaseline and again worked my finger in slowly and gently insinuating it. Her sphincter muscles gripped my finger tightly like a rubber band but inside I could feel the delicious silky smoothness of her rectum. Soon my finger was buried to the hilt in the royal arsehole. I took still more lubricant and slowly worked my finger in and out and round and round. Soon the whole of her luscious little orifice was liberally coated and ready. Her sphincter continued to grip my finger tightly and I urged her to relax and enjoy the sensation. Slowly I felt the tiny pink aperture dilate and relax as I gently rubbed around the rim and gently massaged the interior of her rectum. After a few minutes I was able to insert two fingers and slowly to stretch the little opening further.

“How does that feel?” I asked

“Rather strange but not unpleasant, in fact rather nice.”

I continued to gently massage her anus. Gradually she became used to the invasion of my fingers in this most private and delicate orifice.

“Are you ready to move on?” I asked.

“I think so,” she said, “please take it very slowly.”

I turned on my side facing her and positioned my throbbing pole at the point of entry. Her tiny arsehole still felt very tightly closed and wondered how she would manage to take my engorged tool into such as small hole. Then I remembered my liaisons with the Captain’s wife. Her anus had always seemed impossibly tight and yet within a few minutes she would relax and accept the full length of my rod impaling her and burying itself deep in her rectum and I would ravage her tiny hole mercilessly. I reminded myself that the Queen’s was a virgin anus and that she would require gentler treatment. I took some more Vaseline and worked it all over the bulging purple head of my cock working it down the shaft so the whole organ was fully lubricated. I gently rubbed the tip of my cock around the now slippery little orifice slowly massaging the tight entrance. She relaxed a little and holding my throbbing organ in one hand I attempted to work the head into the tiny pink portal. After a couple of minutes of rubbing I was making little headway so very gently I applied more pressure on my cockhead against the tight little rosebud. I felt her clench tightly and could not move forward at all.

“It’s alright, you are just a little nervous. Relax and it will be fine.” I said reassuringly. “What I want you to do is to push back yourself against me. In that way you can go as slowly as you like. Just push back slowly and take me inside” I went on.

I held my rigid organ against its target. She hesitated momentarily and then I could feel her pressing down on my cockhead. Suddenly her muscles relaxed and I felt the tip of my organ slide into her rectum. She gasped as the fullness of my purple cockhead was engulfed within her tight little hole.

“Does that feel OK?” I asked, trying to stay perfectly still.

“Yes, It’s alright just rather strange and very big,” she replied.

“Right, well take your time and when you are ready see if you take me in a little further,” I said encouragingly.

I felt her take a deep breath and then once more pressure on my cock. It slid a little further up her passage so that now about half of the shaft was buried in her rectum. I could feel my engorged organ being tightly gripped and marvelled at how such a tiny orifice was able to accommodate my manhood. I very gently withdrew my cock slightly and felt her stiffen up once more.

“Oh it feels so strange,” she said, “like my bowel is full and I need to evacuate”

“Yes I think that’s normal. Just try to relax and hopefully you will start to enjoy it more.” I replied.

I now began to make tiny thrusts into her anal canal. I did not want to spoil the experience for her or indeed loose the opportunity to experience what I hoped would be a most pleasurable experience for myself. Very slowly with the smallest movements I worked my cock further and further into her divine little arsehole. My invading organ faced constant resistance but slowly her rectum was opening up as my patience paid off.

After a few minutes of gentle pressure and thrusting my cock was fully buried up to its hilt in the royal anus. I rested for a moment my chest close against the Queen’s back feeling the softness of her pale skin against my nipples. Her plump white buttocks were pulled tightly against my groin. I reached forward and caressed her feeling the curve of her perfect breasts and gently fondling one of her nipples so it hardened beneath my fingers. My hand roved across the roundness of her belly and once more enjoyed the sensation of brushing the dark bush of her pubic hair. She moaned slightly as my finger explored further finding her clit and gently stimulating that little organ. I could feel the wetness of her soft cunt and realised that despite her finding my invasion of her posterior strange she was clearly intensely aroused by this novel byway of sex and ready to take the adventure further.

“How is that then?” I asked her. “Are you ready to go on?”

“Oh yes I feel absolutely full of your cock David but in a way it is quite lovely,” she responded.

I said, “I feel privileged to be allowed to take Your Majesty’s anal virginity.”

“David tonight we are just a man and a women enjoying each other. I shall always remember tonight and the way you have opened my eyes and indeed other parts of me. Now please get on and fuck this Queen’s arse!”

I was surprised at how far the Queen had relaxed in her use of language. I simply continued to caress her clitoris and began once more to slowly thrust deep into the tight passage of her anus. Now she was starting to relax and enjoy the penetration. I could feel her rectum slowly opening. I slid my fingers into her sopping cunt and could feel the juices gushing from her as I opened up my assault on her other more intimate orifice. With my finger coated in her cunt juices and my come I continued to stimulate her clit which was now hard and throbbing. I was now thrusting the full length of my own raging pole into the depths of her bowels. The little pink ring of her anus continued to grip the base of my cock tightly but was slowly relaxing. I enjoyed the exquisite sensations of buggering a woman. The silky smooth texture of the inside of a woman’s arsehole and the uniquely stimulating sensation of the tight ring of her anus rubbing the rim of my cockhead as I thrusted in and out.

I knew that she was starting to enjoy the unique experience of anal penetration. The hesitancy and tightness which had been there when I initially entered her had now vanished and she was giving way to the sensation of being fully possessed and violated in the most intimate way a man can take a woman. I decided it was time to move to the next stage. Pulling out of her I knelt beside her and gently guided her into the kneeling position which she had assumed a short time earlier. Once more I knelt behind her but this time it was not her luscious cunt but her deliciously tight arsehole which was my target. I guided my organ to the mouth of her waiting pink hole. No longer was this a tightly clenched rosebud but a tiny opening now ready to receive the monstrous invasion of my engorged prick. I thrust forward and was pleased at the way her arsehole although still tight received my cock with ease. By now my throbbing organ was raging and I yearned to ravage the queen’s delicate little orifice. I reminded myself again that this was not the Captain’s wife and I should proceed with caution.

I began by making a series of long slow thrusts, not penetrating too deeply to enable her anal passage to become used to being invaded from this new position. She gasped slightly as my prick dug deeper and deeper into her rectum but after a few minutes of gentle thrusting I could feel her opening up and accepting the full girth of my cock impaling her tiny aperture. As I thrust into her in this way I leaned back slightly to admire my entry into the royal rectum. There is nothing quite so thrilling as the sight of one’s own cock disappearing up a woman’s arsehole. Grasping the Queen’s soft plump buttocks I parted them and enjoyed the sight of her pink anus no longer a tight rosebud but stretched to the maximum by the invasion of my distended cock. My engorged organ thrust in and out of the tiny orifice like some huge piston glistening with lubricant and juices. I watched as this hardened pole again and again ravaged her poor stretched little anus.

The Queen bent over before me asked, “Tell me what can you see? I know you are looking at my arse,”

“I was just enjoying the sight of my tool disappearing up your little backside. I just find the view of a woman accepting my manhood into her bumhole quite arousing.” I replied.

“Don’t stop please,” she went on, “I too am finding the whole experience quite intoxicating. At first it was rather uncomfortable but now I am discovering whole new sensations.”

Encouraged by this I proceeded to thrust firmer and deeper into her anal tract. I reached forward and once more found her clitoris which I had neglected for too long. To my amazement the moment I contacted the little nub it was as though an electric charge had run through her body. She gasped and began to quiver. I continued to manipulate the tiny organ all the while thrusting deeper and deeper into her posterior. Now she was moaning increasingly loudly and buried her face in the pillow in an attempt to stifle the sounds. I hoped the lady-in- waiting next door was asleep.

Suddenly she began to moan more loudly and with each thrust of my cock I felt her buttocks thrust back hard against me. It was as if she needed me even deeper inside than already. I could no longer touch her cunt as she bucked beneath me. But it no longer seemed to matter. I could feel her orgasm rising in her, quivering through the walls of her anus and transmitting themselves to my rampant cock. My own organ felt ready to explode, massively engorged and as hard as a steel piston. Now I was simply ravishing her anus. I no longer cared about going carefully but then neither did she. Muffled shrieks of pain and pleasure were escaping from the pillow but I was becoming merciless. Soon she was energetically and repeatedly impaling her sweet soft arsehole on my throbbing member as a tremendous climax ripped through her body. I felt the muscles of her anus contract and tighten around my cock sending sweet waves of pleasure through me as I plunged again and again into her now gaping and reddened butthole.

I felt the waves of her climax begin to subside but still I showed no mercy. I now simply wanted to use her anus for my own pleasure. I wanted to ravish the Queen of England in the most unspeakable manner and take my fill of her most intimate treasure. I was now hammering into her open rectum. Holding her hips and pulling her body into mine. My balls slapped against her buttocks with each thrust such was the violence of our coupling. Now great surges of pleasure swept though me with each stroke. I recognised the final ecstatic moments of sodomising a woman were approaching. The moments in which one is slowly carried upwards on a wave of pleasure never achieved in ordinary coitus. Just when I could almost no longer bear the intensity of these sensations I felt the flood of my climax explode inside me. A huge jet of come erupted volcanically from my exploding cock and jetted deep into the Queen’s bowels. Now wave after wave of seed spurted from my throbbing organ. I felt like I must surely have flooded her little posterior. It was one of the most intense and long lasting orgasms of my life. I could not believe how long I went on pumping jets of hot semen into that lady’s rectum. Finally my climax receded and I collapsed exhausted onto the bed beside the Queen. She too fell on her side and laid her head upon my shoulder. We were both panting hard from the intense exertion of what had been an altogether glorious fuck.

We lay like that for some minutes regaining our composure. Around us the ship was in silence except for the throbbing of the engines and our own heavy breathing. I prayed no one had heard us. I could not think of a more serious scandal than the discovery that the Queen of England had spent the night with her equerry, especially if it were known that he had finished up by buggering her. The Queen simply kissed me sweetly and reassured me that no one would ever find out. She told me that even if the lady-in-waiting had suspected anything she was the soul of discretion and would breathe nothing of anything she had seen or heard.

I could not bear to tear myself away from this woman who usually seemed so regal and haughty but who that night had revealed a passionate and abandoned side to her nature, which I had never suspected, and which perhaps she had only discovered in herself for the first time. Through the porthole the first glow of dawn was already visible coming in the early hours in the northern latitudes. I knew that crew members would soon be abroad and I would have to slip away. For the last time I kissed the Queen passionately on those full ruby lips. I caressed each inch of her lovely form, taking her in with my eyes, knowing that I would probably never again see her naked loveliness. We agreed that neither of us would ever speak of this night to another soul and it was understood that we would never meet like this again. With an ache in my heart I tore myself from her embrace and slipped away to my own cabin to find some brief rest.

The next morning I presented myself at breakfast. To my surprise the Queen was there already looking immaculate as always and ticking into a plate of kippers. She bade me good morning and asked how I slept with a smile and what I was sure was a mischievous glint in her eye. Following the trip on the royal yacht I was suddenly promoted to Lieutenant-Commander and dispatched to one of Her Majesty’s warships and spent the next three months at sea. I did not see the Queen again for another thirty years.

My uncle did meet the Queen again over thirty years later when he was knighted by her at the palace. I can only imagine what thoughts passed through both their minds as they recalled that night of passion which they had spent all those years before.

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