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Japanese Train Ride

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“Just a sec babe.”

Sophia looked at Richard in surprise as her husband tried to get out of bed. They had been in Tokyo for two weeks now for Richard’s MMA Fight and had planned to go to the Fuji Mountains today. But, as his opponent had been switched at the last second last night, he had gotten really beaten up before making the number one contender for the middle weight belt submit, that Sophia had already resigned herself to not going today.

“Hun, you’re in no shape to go today and didn’t Coach say that you had to rest up and go to the hospital tonight to get checked out?”

She softly climbed on the bed and caressed his bruised face with her fingertips, careful not to hurt him. As she did, he gave her that look… that look he had when he knew that his career as a professional fighter had yet again cost her something she was looking forward to.

“Why don’t you go alone? After all, it’s going to be boring here between me resting and plotting our next move, now that I am the next in line to challenge for the belt.”

She smiled at him as she started to put the idea aside, but she wasn’t able to say anything before he placed a finger on her lips, making her hush.

“You go and have fun, otherwise you’ll get me horny and we both know that I won’t be able to do anything for a couple of days.”

She laughed at him and got up from the bed, resigned that she wouldn’t be able to argue with him about that. She hated to see her man get hurt in the ring but the days after a difficult fight where always the worst for her as she always got so horny, her sexual appetite getting so big. Kissing his forehead, she moved to the hotel bathroom to get ready for a day out.

Stopping in front of the mirror, Sophia smiled. With her 5’10 and 142lbs athletic body she felt like a giant here in Japan. Sophia was an ex-gymnast who had kept her body in shape and liked to show it off. The only thing that had surprised her was that instead of having guys oogle her well filled C-cups, here in Japan, it was her long curly ginger hair that got the most attention. For her hiking trip she decided to wear some daisy duke jean shorts and a khaki shirt that hugged her waist. The backpack and the hiking boots with the big woollen socks finished the look.

After kissing Richard goodbye, she left Tokyo on the Tokaido line to Osaka to spend the day enjoying nature. She ascended the Yoshida Trail in about 6 hours and even if she was already tired and sweaty, it had been totally worth it. She knew that it would take her about 3 hours to get down, so before starting on the way back, she just threw her backpack down and sat down on a rock, taking out a sandwich and a bottle of water. As she took in the scenery she noticed that the air smelled vaguely metallic as if there was a big storm coming. But looking at the clear blue sky, she dismissed it as just her imagination.

“Excuse me miss.”

Sophia was startled when she heard the voice call her. She had been enjoying the feeling of the sun on her face for a little while and figured she must have started to dowse off a bit. As she got up she could see that the voice belonged to grandfatherly looking old man.

“You should hurry down miss. We are expecting bad weather and if we do not hurry we will miss the last train.”

Sophia thanked the old man and was about to bend over to take her backpack, but the man, faster than his age should normally have allowed him, already picked it up and started to walk down the trail. Stunned for a second she started to follow him, actually grateful that he was carrying her pack for her. He introduced himself as Takamura Genichi, a retired chiropractor from Tokyo, and as they descended Mount Fuji he told her a lot about the path she had been walking on. By the time they were at the train station the weather had turned for the worse; The sky was dark with heavy clouds, and they had been caught in the storm, drenching them to the bone.

“You don’t go with the woman in their cabin, miss Sophia?”

Takamura-san asked, as Sophia followed him into the train. She was surprised at the question but figured that it might be one of those famous Japanese courtesy rules. She told him that she’d rather continue their conversation on the way home, if he didn’t mind.

The cabin was already quite crowded so they couldn’t sit down. He took a stand against the wall and pointed to the train’s overhead rings. Sophia grabbed them even though she knew that it would thrust her boobs almost straight into the old man’s face, especially since she knew that it was a pretty bumpy ride.

As a voice gave a speech over the intercom, Sophia heard a collective moan from the other passengers in the cabin. She looked at her guide questioningly.

“Because of the storm they are evacuating the surroundings, so we wait an extra 15 minutes before leaving. It is going to be very crowded.”

Sophia sighed as her legs where already getting uncomfortable. Her wet clothes where sticking to her figure and she knew it would be a very unpleasant hour before she would be home. Luckily Takamura-san entertained her with stories about Japan.

Suddenly the train came to a brutal stop. Sophia was thrown against the other passengers, mashed up between a wave of human bodies all trying to stay upright and she felt a blush reaching her peachy skin as she was smothering Takamura-san with her breasts, until the train came to a stop and everyone was able to find their footing again. As the voice buzzed over the intercom, the normally quiet passengers started to mutter angrily.

“What is the matter Takamura-san?”

Sophia asked, a little worried at the situation.

“A tree fell on the tracks and knocked out the electricity so we are stuck here for a while.”

As Sophia’s pained expression worried him, he told her that it would be okay; That the train was a safe place to be during a storm and that there were probably already people working on fixing the problem.

“Great, but by the time we get home my legs and back are going to kill me.”

She complained as she already felt a big knot forming at the base of her neck and her calves cramping up.

“If you turn around I can massage you. After all, it was my job to help people to get rid of pain in their backs.”

As he offered, Sophia thought that it would be great but didn’t think it would be doable in this crowded train, but before she could object, Takamura-san had already taken her hand and made her spin around. Skilfully he positioned her by putting his left hand on her neck pushing slightly down, his right hand grabbing her hips and pulling her in against him at the same time as his knee pushed into hers to make her drop a couple of inches. As her hands still held on to the rings she felt a little uncomfortable, but as she noticed how it took her weight off her legs, she sighed in relief.

“That feels better already.”

She said as Takamura-san placed both of his hands on her shoulders and started to work on her tense muscles. Quickly she felt her shoulders getting looser. Feeling the old man grab her neck, she was wondering what he was doing when he gave it a sharp snap. The popping of bone and the moan of relief were clearly audible in the cabin as Sophia’s neck cracked, releasing a lot of the tension she had in her back. Then, placing his hands on her hips he started to dig his thumbs between her spine and her dorsal muscles.

“Maybe next time you should warn me before you do that.”

She said, hinting that she could try to keep it quite then, but as he worked his way up her spine, he just chuckled and told her that if he did, she would tense up in anticipation and that it then wouldn’t have the same effect. She could see that they now had the attention from several men in the cabin, but she tried to ignore them. Takamura-san had also noticed, and he winked at one of the men who had noticed that the old man had skilfully unhooked her bra while she was talking, without her noticing. The man nudged one of his co-workers to share the view he had.

As the old chiropractor used his knuckle to trace a line over her spine, Sophia bit her lower lip to not moan out loud again as another shiver ran through her body. She heard Takamura-san ask if she would mind if he undid the two bottom buttons of her shirt so that he could reach her back better. Not really thinking, Sophia just nodded, feeling how the old man slipped his hands in front of her to open up her blouse a little, revealing her tight tummy to the cabin. Slipping his hands under her shirt, he started to massage her lower back hard enough that it almost looked like she was grinding against him.

Then his hands moved up to her lower arms. As he massaged them, Sophia let go of the hoops and let him guide her upper body against his. Then, feeling him working his hands against her hips, she bit her lip, again trying not to moan.

“Your core is very blocked, Miss Sophia. Do you want me to unblock it for you?”

She just nodded as the old man immediately started to massage her abs from side to middle and from top to bottom. She could feel all the stress leaving her body. She even started to forget where she was as her eyes were closed and his hands lulled her into a very relaxed state of mind. More men were now looking as they saw her eyes close, her breasts were moving with the rhythm of her deep relaxed breaths.

“I need to go about an inch lower to fully unblock your core, dear.”

The old man said, as Sophia was just melting under his expert hands.

“So be a good girl and undo the top button of your shorts.”

Without thinking about what she was doing, Sophia reached for her waistband. As she popped two of the four buttons on her shorts, the men in the cabin smiled at each other as they recognised the skill of the chikan technician. He leaned in, whispering something into the ear of the redhead, as his hands now started to run circles under the waistband of her shorts until the young woman popped the rest of the buttons open, pulling her shorts apart and rolling it out of the way, revealing the top of a pair of sexy pink panties, a little white bow on them.

Sophia couldn’t believe how relaxed she felt as the old man was working his craft on her. As she felt his hands skilfully rub her lower abs, she felt more relaxed than ever before, so when Takamura-san whispered into her ear to open up the rest of her shirt and then turn around so that he could continue to work on her back she didn’t even hesitate. Slowly opening her shirt, she bared her toned and lean torso to the men in the cabin who were all silent, afraid to break the almost magical spell the technician had on the redhead. As she leaned her head back on the old man’s shoulder, he pushed her shirt open and started to massage her back from her shoulder blades down to the small of her back.

“You are so tense Miss, if you really want to relax you have to push down your bottoms for a couple of more inches.”

He said on a neutral tone. Trusting him, she slowly hooked her thumbs in her waistband and pushed her shorts down so that the her crack of her tight sexy ass was now visible to the men. Rubbing her lower back, Takamura-san started to slowly push against the waistband of the woman’s panties, but, as he felt the woman tense up a little, he slid his hands back up. Then sliding them to the front to rub her shoulders and neck, he smiled at her low moans of pleasure.

“I cannot work well against your shirt like this Miss.”

He said as he put some pressure on her neck muscles. Not wanting this to end, Sophia pushed her shirt off over her shoulders and didn’t stop Takamura-san from just sliding it off completely. Then sliding the already unsnapped bra from her chest, he took her arms and crossed them under her breasts, propping her creamy white mounts upwards. Speaking in Japanese to the man behind her, she felt two large hands wrap themselves around her body, grabbing her elbows. Rubbing her shoulders, the old man smiled at her.

“Take a deep breath and relax.”

As he said that, he let his hands drop to her breasts at the same time that the man behind her lifted her off her feet. Sophia felt her spinal cord pop every vertebrae, releasing a wave of pleasure in her brain. At the same time, Takamura-san pinched her nipples, sending a wave of pleasure to her special parts. As her feet touched the ground, her mind was a blur. Her body felt stimulated and relaxed as more hands started to massage her, but at the same time she knew that this wasn’t right.

“No, you can’t do this.”

She whispered and half-moaned as she felt her shorts dropping to her ankles. Takamura-san knew she was so aroused that she didn’t need much more before she would give in to the pleasure she was feeling. Grabbing her crotch, he started to rub and stoke it, stimulating her clit with his thumb through her soaked panties.

” Are you sure you want us to stop?”

The redhead bit her lip, shaking her head no. The old man grinned at the other passengers as he slipped one finger under her panties to caress her wet folds.

“If you don’t want this, all you have to do is put your clothes back on.”

He said, as he slowly slipped a finger deep inside her soaked pussy.

“But if you want to enjoy some more, just drop your panties and relax.”

Sophia knew this was wrong and she wanted to stop it, but as the old man curled his finger and rubbed her g-spot, she felt her self-control evaporate as the men stimulated her breasts and ass. As the old man started to slowly pull his fingers out of her wet pussy, Sophia gasped. Slowly, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and took a deep breath. The cabin was so quiet you could hear a needle fall as the beautiful redhead slowly peeled her panties over her hips, revealing a small patch of trimmed pubic hair and a beautiful tight round ass.

As she stepped out of her pants, leaving her standing only in her hiking boots, for a second, nobody moved. Then taking the lead, Takamura-san grabbed the girl by her ass and pulled her against him, pressing his head between her perfect tits. As her breasts and ass were getting mashed and groped, she felt someone grab her neck and twist her head to the side. A big Japanese man grabbed her face and started to kiss her. At first she just let the man mouth-rape her, but as her nipples started to get twisted, she opened her lips and started to kiss him back.

Sophia moaned low in her throat as she felt Takamura-san push her knees apart and started to kiss her swollen pussy lips; his tongue skilfully darting around her soaking pussy, flirting with her erect bud. Sophia was lost in a wave of pleasure as one of the men placed her left hand on his hard cock. Letting instinct take over, she grabbed the warm meat-stick and started to jerk it off. Reaching with her right hand, she found another man and she pulled him closer by his pants.

Prompted by her eagerness, the man started to lick her neck and ears as she started to fumble with his belt. As his pants came open, she grabbed the hard cock in it and started to stroke it to the great amusement of the other men in the cabin.

Suddenly she was picked up and bent over one of the seats, her ass sticking up high in the air. Taking a hold of two hard cocks again, Sophia moaned like a slut. It didn’t take long for one of the other men to place his manhood in front of her face. She could smell the sweat and pre-cum on him, and like a good little whore, she took it all in, whimpering around the cock in her mouth as someone shoved two fingers deep in her pussy from behind while a tongue rimmed her asshole. A ferocious scream escaped her lips as the first orgasm wracked her body. But, as the glow faded, she noticed that the men would not let this end so soon.

She could feel a cock enter her from behind, stretching her open, as a new cock appeared in front of her face. For a second she wondered where the first cock she had been sucking was, but then, a thick warm spray covered her left cheek and she knew. The men continued to take turns fucking her mouth and pussy, pulling out to shoot their loads all over her body. Sophia was so lost in her own lust that she hadn’t noticed the train starting to move again.

After yet another mind-blowing orgasm had crashed over her body, she was guided to a corner of the train car. There, Takamura-san placed his cock between her breasts and started to fuck the shit out of them, groaning as he slide his cock up and down between her firm mounds. Sophia smiled up at the old man as he unloaded his balls all over her chest and face, emptying them. Then, all the men came to stand in front of her, moaning as they stroked their cocks, covering her in their thick white cum. As they covered her body, she passed out due to exhaustion.

When the train arrived at its destination, she was found by a police officer, naked, covered in cum, and with her clothes neatly folded on a seat next to her. A little note was folded in her bra.

“This service was brought to you by the Chikan Brotherhood. Travel by train again!’

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