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She may not be a virgin, but at this particular moment, Cyrene definitely felt it. What her friend had been thinking, bring her to a place like this she will never know.

All around her were people doing, in some form or another, the most sinful acts of fornication she had ever witnessed. It was like a sexual show-and-tell, with everyone watching and joining in on everyone else’s show.

There were men and women, women and women, and men and men. There were two-somes, and three-somes. Christ, Cyrene could even see a beautiful black-haired woman chained down on a cushioned table, writhing and screaming in ecstasy while a line of men formed behind the one currently fucking her in order to participate in the gang bang.

“Ohh,” moaned Lissy, “that looks like fun.”

Cyrene looked over to where her friend was watching in unabashed interest. Lying no more than twenty feet away on the lush dark red carpet, were four entwined blond females. Four nude, entwined females. Above them stood a hideously fat man, still (thankfully) enrobed as Cyrene and Lissy were in black satin robes, but for his tiny little prick that was completely hidden in his huge, meaty hand.

“Please tell me you mean the girls and not that man,” she begged, noting how ironic such a statement was, considering her friend was straight (to her knowledge at least).

Lissy took in the man who was now grunting with pleasure as he whacked off viciously to the light slurps of the women licking and kissing each other. “Of course I mean the girls,” she sniffed indignantly.

Evidently not quite as straight as she had originally thought.

“Oh please, stop looking so scandalized!” She rolled her eyes at Cyrene’s naivety.

Lissy ushered her over to a very well stocked bar where a drop-dead sexy bartender stood waiting. He wore nothing but a black leather thong that slipped up between his fine muscled ass cheeks. As the two females approached, he smiled, “Lissy, my love,” his voice was whispered seduction, “a little Foreplay?”

“You always know what pleasures me, Mark.” She smiled back at him, and then nodded at Cyrene,” And I think my friend here could use some JD in a very large glass.”

Mark’s gaze turned and focused on Cyrene. His dark eyes traveled up and down her body, leaving her feel as nude as those women Lissy had been admiring. “My, my, my. Isn’t she a sweet little thing.”

“Yes, and completely new to this, Mark. We don’t want to frighten her any more than she already is, so you keep your dirty, perverted hands off of her, and on me.”

Mark chuckled as he moved to pluck a large bottle of Jack Daniels off the shelf. He twirled it around for a moment like in the movie “Cocktails” then poured a large amount into a glass. After he pushed it towards her, he asked, “So what’s your name, my pet?”


He chuckled again at her quietly shy voice. “Welcome to Dionysus, Cyrene. Best drink up. You look like you need it.”

Cyrene took up the glass and drowned it in a single gulp. Lissy’s perfectly plucked eyebrows rose, but Mark remained tactfully impassive and poured her another shot – the mark of a true bartender. She was grateful to him, even if she was a little disconcerted by the animalistic way he was eyeing her.

“So,” she drew out the word for a few moments; collecting her thoughts, “what now?”

Lissy tossed her long red locks over her shoulder, and fluffed up her small breasts before smoothing down her robe, “Now, I think I’m going to disrupt those little blond angels with a bit of devil.”

Her smile was wicked and her eyes gleamed with unholy delight. She blew them a kiss before turning to leave. Full hips swayed seductively as she made her way across the room. A few interested looks turned her way, both male and female, then back to whatever they were doing when she reached the very spot where the fat man had sprayed his gunk.

Cyrene turned away quickly when Lissy slipped out of her robe. It wasn’t that she had never seen her friend naked before – they worked out together three days a week, and so changed and showered together three days a week – but she felt like Lissy was at the edge of Hell, and Cyrene didn’t want to witness her friend’s enthusiastic dive.

Good god, what was she doing there? Why was she still there? With Lissy distracted (and she could hear how distracted she was, despite the twenty feet separating them) she could escape into the changing room, get dressed, and get out of there before anyone took notice of her. She didn’t belong in a place like this. Cyrene had had only two men, straight missionary position, with satisfactory results. For criminy sakes, she could go and call up Rich right now and get a little some-some if she wanted.

But she didn’t want Rich, nor Jack (who had turned out to be a total jackass), nor did she escape into the changing room. She just stood there, leaning against the bar, swirling around the quarter full glass of golden liquid with one hand while she twirled a strand of her hair with the other. She tried not to look at the depravity around her, tried to ignore the moans of pleasure and squeals of pain-filled delight, but with no success.

Cyrene closed her eyes and leaned her head back. This was going to be a long night.

When she opened them, Mark was standing before her instead of behind the bar, where his fine ass belonged. He was looking her up and down, as if he could see right though the silk robe. She, in turn, couldn’t help but to eye his body seeing as it was all but naked.

He really was a gorgeous man with short blond hair, pale blue eyes, and a tall, very muscled body. Cyrene thought the thong might be a bit painful to wear, but looked unbelievably sexy with his perfect body and perfectly large package.

Suddenly, she realized where she was staring – where she had been staring for a few seconds in fact – and jerked her eyes back to his. He was smiling.


Mark was a very jaded man. He had seen, heard, and done too much during the three years he has worked at Dionysus. This was the most exclusive sex club in California, hence the most secret. Only the rich and famous came here to indulge in the darker side of sex. If you weren’t rich and famous, you were one lucky son of a bitch to make it through the door.

You could do anything you wanted here, just so long as you were a legal adult. Sex toys of every shape, size, and description were provided for those who wanted them. Couches, chairs, tables, and beds were scattered around the room. The floor was carpeted in the softest and most brilliantly red Berber. One wall had three sets of chains; two were fur-lined, the other was the real-deal, heavy wrought iron (for the sadists).

And then in walked pure white innocence. Oh sure, Mark could tell she wasn’t technically innocent, but Cyrene’s heart was untainted by the corrupt, her body untouched by filth.

He wanted to chain her arms and legs to the wall with the iron shackles, spread her wide as an eagle, and torture her senseless with his tongue. He wanted her bent over his bar, ass thrust in the air, as he pounded one of those extra large dildos into her pretty little star-shaped hole. He wanted her lying amid Lissy’s angels, lapping and suckling at nipples and clits. He wanted her begging for him to demean her. To use her. To fuck her. To dirty her.

All that naked desire heated his icy blue eyes. He saw when Cyrene registered the lust for the pain and fury. Saw her shrink back in fear when she understood that it was directed at her, and suddenly those violent needs evaporated.

Mark closed the short distance between them in a single step. He slipped a hand into her long dark mane, letting his fingers run through the silk. “I promise I won’t hurt you,” he murmured, knowing that had she been able, she would have turn and ran as far from him as she could. But the bar was behind her, orgies on both sides, and him standing between her and the door.

He brushed his lips over hers, reveling in the thrill that coursed through his body. It wasn’t the hard, pounding thrill that Dionysus usually invoked in him. It was sweet and mellow, yet full of heat and passion. Slowly, he let his hands wander. The robe molded to her body as he caressed the curve of her hip, the swell of her breast.

With each touch, he felt her resistance weaken. Her breath was now coming in quick pants, the steel of her spine melted beneath his tenderness.

“Cyrene,” he whispered, and when she looked up, he took her mouth again. As their lips met, Cyrene moaned her surrender. She opened beneath him, turning the soft kiss into something wild. The dark within him stirred as she wrapped her arms around his neck and delved her tongue deep into his mouth. He pressed her hard against the bar, trying to fuse their bodies together as he took what she gave before demanding more.

Ruthlessly, he yanked the top of her robe off her shoulders. She thrust her small hands into his hair, pulling his mouth from hers. She arched her back, presenting her breasts to him. He cupped one in a hand, massaging the tender skin with his experienced touch. The other he took into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the hardened nipple before suckling it.

“More,” Cyrene demanded, and Mark bit her nipple none to gently. Instead of the angry cry he expected, her body jerked and she cried out, “Yes!”

Elated, he let himself feast. He nibbled and sucked and bit and pinched until she was mindlessly grasping at his shoulders, his hair, anything she could get her hands on. Her body was undulating instinctively, pleading him for more.

He dragged his tongue between the valley of her breasts, and down her flat abdomen. He circled around her navel playfully before going deeper. Wantonly, Cyrene pushed him between her wide open legs. Her hand fisted in his hair as she held him where she wanted attention, and Mark was faced with heaven.

Her small thatch of brown was meticulously trimmed, as if she knew that someone would be admiring her careful attention. Nestled within the hair was a glimpse of her pink little nub, and Mark spread open her lips with gentle fingers in search of it. When it was exposed, he blew on it, and watched as Cyrene’s gasp turn into a moan as he pulled it into his mouth. For a moment, he suckled it, much as he had with her nipples, but then he released it.


She could hardly believe her own reaction to Mark. Not a moment before, all Cyrene could think about was getting her clothes and running for the door. But now her body was bared for all to see, her head thrown back and eyes closed, while a man – a freakin gorgeous man – knelt between her legs. Every nerve in her body sizzled with the need for more; more of this man, more of his touch, more of his tongue.

Mark’s mouth traveled up again, pausing to circle wet trails around her desire hardened nipples, before continuing up to recapture her mouth. Cyrene thrust her tongue in, stroking the hard ridges of its roof, and sweeping hot caresses against his seeking tongue.

His muscles bulged under her wandering hands. She teased with the light scrape of her nails over the soft skin of his ass, she tortured as she ran her fingers through the dark strip of hair. She purposely touched everywhere, except where he needed her to touch him, anticipating Mark punishing her with the most mind blowing sexual experience of her life for provoking him.

So, when she suddenly found her self up in Mark’s strong arms, Cyrene was not all that surprised. She expected that he would take her over to one of those soft couches, and show her exactly how some of those toys were used. She expected him to chain her to the wall, so that he could have his wicked way with her.

What she didn’t expect was for him to lay her down on the hard wood of the bar, and shout out, “Drink’s are on the house!”

Fear raced through her body as men and women quickly made their way to the bar. Cyrene tried to sit up, but Mark held her down just long enough for people to arrive. His hands were replaced with many others. Some were soft – gliding over her skin like water – others were roughly grasping at any body part they could handle. Her shout of pain at someone’s vicious nipple pinching had Mark immediately calling for the bouncers to escort the man away.

Then he poured a bottle of whiskey on her, and mouths replaced hands. Soon, Cyrene was floating on a cloud of sensations. She moaned when one tongue buried deep between her thighs became two, then three. Someone even slipped her toes into their mouth, sucking on them one by one, while deliciously massaging the arch of her foot. A few tried to kiss her mouth, but most focused on tasting every inch of her body.

One woman, kneeling on a high barstool, shoved a breast in Cyrene’s face, and without thinking, she drew the offered nipple into her mouth. The woman whimpered her pleasure around a mouthful of Cyrene’s own breast. Then her hand that was dangling limply over the side of the bar suddenly filled with the hard length of a dick. She squeezed tightly, and felt a little nip of disapproval on her clit.


The scent of whiskey and sex mingled to form an aroma that fueled the feast before him. Mark couldn’t see her face anymore – she was hidden under a pair of full breasts that he knew Cyrene was enjoying – but he could see glimpses of her nude body around the heads of many men and women.

The sight of two women tasting the salt of Cyrene’s heat made Mark’s cock pulse. A man joined them, wrapping his teeth and lips around her clit while the women slurped around him. Everywhere there were hands touching, mouths tasting, and above it all were the screams of Cyrene’s orgasms slamming into her body, one after another.

It was an orgy worthy of the Greek god, Dionysus; master of wine and sexual escapades that defied even Mark’s exceptionally experienced mind. But this orgy was nothing more than an appetizer. A little jumpstart for Cyrene into his wonderful world of delectable perversion and sinful debauchery.

Judging the time ripe for the plucking, Mark yanked off his thong and climbed up onto the bar. He shoved a few people out of his way, slipped between her thighs, and plunged into Cyrene. Immediately, her body began to convulse around his cock. Her eyes flew open with in shock at the intensity of her climax.

Mark savored the way she seemed to be made to completely encase him. He stayed deep within her, the tip of his cock brushing against her womb as they rode the violence of her release. As the tremors eased, her lovely eyes focused on his, and she smiled.

All around them, men and women continued their buffet. They were still suckling and tonguing and kissing her body, and some were now finding their pleasure in Mark’s. He could feel a hand slipping between their thighs from behind to caress the slippery wetness of Cyrene’s cum that covered the hilt of his cock. Another cupped the heavy weight of his balls, and yet another snaked its way across her belly to flick and fondle Cyrene’s clit.

Yet, through it all, Mark and Cyrene held each other’s eyes, and the world faded except for them two. Neither could claim it for love – not in this place of corruption. No, not love, but they knew their soul’s were matched. Cyrene could taste the dark side of seduction with her new lover, and Mark the innocence of her indestructible purity.

Think it corny and stupid all you want, but when Mark began to move, it was with long, loving strokes. They ignored the feeding frenzy in favor of leisurely thrusts, and a lingering kiss. When she came again, Mark arched his back and bellowed as his body shuddered and his vision turned misty. He emptied himself into her, and then collapsed, shaking and weak.

As the world gradually returned to them, they noticed that the hands of others were slowly disappearing. Cyrene’s back ached, and Mark’s knees throbbed from the hard bar top. They slid limply off it, rested for a moment, and then he took her hand in his. Silently he led her down a hallway into the common locker room.

Showers in there were just as accommodating as the cushioned couches in the other room; there were seats and bars and the odd placed wall arranged for the seduction of the aquatic sort. There, Mark washed the filth of Dionysus from her body and his own, before loving her tenderly against a cold tiled wall. Hot water rolled down them in thin rivulets, and steam rose in thick clouds all around.

When they were finished, Cyrene gave Mark a seductive little smile and asked; “So, now are you going to show me what those toys are for?”

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