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Diana the Seducer

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Here’s a true story. They’re the best ­ I find reading about actual events even more exciting than reading fantasies. This all happened just before my 19th birthday. It may have been what sparked my interest in beautiful woman and all the things they do.

I was living about half of each year at home with my parents in a large town in the West Midlands (England). I had a girlfriend, studying at university in Manchester, and I had a few casual girlfriends in my home town.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time I was tall, slim, athletic and handsome, in a youngish kind of way.

There are many stories I could relate (and probably will) about Diana. This is about the start of what went on between us. I hope reading my experiences will be a pleasure for women who covet a young cock, and guys remembering their younger years and the first hot women they encountered.

Diana and her husband owned the house next door to ours, theirs was the end of the cul-de-sac and we had only fields beyond our back gardens. I didn’t meet Diana until I was about 18, her husband was in the Foreign Service and they live abroad and rented their home out. One spring they visited us to tell us they were moving home for the summer. As they sat and drank coffee with my family, getting to know the neighbours all I could think about were Diana’s nipples and the hard-on this woman was giving me.

Diana must have been 30-something. She was about 5’4” , classicly pretty with a great tan and a short, blond bob. She was slim with smallish breasts ­ and seemed very proper to me. In fact she was just like a lot of our neighbours, apart from those nipples. Diana was wearing a sheer white blouse over trousers, and a lacy but sheer white bra underneath. Through the blouse and bra you could clearly see her dark nipples, in fact you could actually just make out the lighter colour of her breasts where she had tanned in a bikini. She was so proper I presumed it was an accident, but was I the only one who had noticed? I did everything I could to casually stay close and not make it too obvious I was staring. They probably stayed for an hour and my cock was rock hard the entire time. I shook her hand as she left and stared straight at her breasts ­ I thought this was going to be my last chance.

A few months later Diana told me how obvious I had been, to both her and her husband, and how turned on it had made them both. He liked to see her tease young men and she liked to see the bulges in their trousers. 5 minutes after they left I was in my bedroom rubbing my cock, imagining sucking those nipples. At the same time they were fucking each other next door, her husband telling her how much I was staring and how clearly you could see her tits, and Diana telling him how she had noticed my erection and how she had been tempted to brush against it.

I couldn’t wait to see my new neighbours arrive, and took an unhealthy interest when they did. Of course I didn’t have any idea of Diana’s motives. My bedroom was at the back of our house and overlooked Diana’s garden. Similarly, they had bedrooms at the rear of their house that overlooked ours. If you were in either of our gardens you could peer through or over the dividing fence and see into the back rooms of either house. This was the environment in which most of our initial teasing, voyeuring and down right exhibitionism began. Diana’s husband worked and lived away in London Monday to Friday, which helped make a lot of this possible.

One of my chores was to hang washing (laundry) on the line in the back garden, probably every 2nd or third day, to let it dry in the air. I soon noticed that Diana did the same thing. Usually early on, about 8.30am, just as I was getting up. I noticed because of what she wore. It was her lounging-at-home-wear, a man’s style shirt over a pair of knickers. I clearly remember the first morning I saw her. She looked so cute in the blue shirt, it was short and the bottom and top few buttons were undone. Diana had my undivided attention. As she bent to take washing from her basket and reached to peg it on the line I knew I would be in for a treat. Her slim legs looked great, each time she bent down the front of the shirt opened to give me glimpses of her breasts, no bra but I was too far away to clearly see her naked breasts. Each time she reached up I saw the gusset of her knickers ­ white today. That first time I started rubbing my cock and shot my spunk within 30 seconds.

After a week or two I had a pair of binoculars at the ready every morning, I enjoyed zeroing in on Diana’s knickers, always white and tight. I regularly caught glimpses of her naked breasts. Her breasts were small and the definition of perky. The dark brown, small nipples really stood out against the white untanned skin.

The first time Diana wore no knickers I could hardly get my breath. Her pussy was completely shaven, so at first I didn’t notice. No white knickers to spot and no bush to contrast with her brown thighs. Once I realized I was seeing her naked pussy and shaven too, my heart was pounding and my cock throbbing even harder than normal. With binoculars in one hand, trained on her pussy, seeing her slit every time she reached up, it wasn’t long before I felt warm spunk dribbling over the figures of my other, wanking, hand. It was all getting too good to be true.

I thought about what I wore for my own laundry duty, and started to wear an old and too small red toweling dressing gown. It had a towelling belt and was just decent if well tied and with me standing straight. Hanging out the washing was not decent. I practiced in front of a mirror, bending and stretching. I could bend down and show my arse, stretch and gradually the tie would loosen, letting my cock slip through the gap. My skin was smooth and almost hair free, I was very slim and toned from a lot of sporting interests, my girlfriends told me I had a handsome cock, would Diana notice?

It was only the second time I was performing in the ‘indecent gown’ that I noticed Diana in the upstairs window. I could look up as I bent down, kind of under my arm. I was certain I had seen her and my heart was pounding again. Did she want to see me naked? Would she get excited the way I did about her? Would she realize I could see her in the same situation and start wearing more? As I reached for the line I felt my cock slip through the gap in my gown, oh no, it was hard and getting harder, driven by lust and a blood pounding in my head I carried on, my young, hard cock slipping in and out of my gown. As soon as I was back inside I rushed to my room and rubbed my cock until I had an explosive orgasm, spunk shooting out of my cock like never before. None of my girlfriends had ever turned me on so much.

When Diana called around that afternoon, I was ready to die, what did she want? My mother answered the door and listening to the conversation I relaxed. Diana and her husband had just bought a pc (pretty new back then) and she wondered whether any of us would be able to help them set it up and get started, she had seen we had a pc when visiting. It didn’t take me long to volunteer. Diana was on her way out, but I promised to call around lunchtime the next day. I was almost too excited to sleep, getting to know Diana, being close to her, what might happen? Was she going to seduce me? Of course not I told myself, she was always so proper.

I wanted to look my best, so I arrived in tennis gear intending to say I was off for a game in the afternoon. This was the best excuse I had for wearing tight white shorts. I rang the bell and waited in anticipation of what Diana would be wearing. Jeans and a t-shirt, what a disappointment. Diana showed me their new pc in their study. It was sent on a desk with two chairs, ready to go. “Maybe you can start setting it up, I need to get a quick change, sorry. I’m going out this afternoon and I’ve been running late.” Diana shot upstairs, I got to work. While I started the pc I was thinking about Diana upstairs, was she naked, what would she be changing into, I imagined her naked, clean-shaven pussy and her pulling a pair of her tight white knickers on. There was something about how cute and pretty Diana was that suited the tight, white, cotton knickers I had seen so often.

I was taking in my surroundings and noticed the top drawer in the pc desk very slightly ajar. I couldn’t resist sliding it open and looking inside. I’m not sure what I expected to find. There were pictures of Diana, at home on holiday, the usual stuff. Bikini on a beach, I was thinking about keeping one when I heard Diana walking in, I carefully but quickly closed the drawer to where it had been. “Sorry to keep you hanging on Jim, how are you getting on?” Diana sat down and as she did so she reached across and pushed the desk drawer fully closed. Had she noticed? Was it just a coincidence? She was wearing a navy blue business-style suit, smart jacket, shortish skirt above the knee, tights or stockings and the sheer white blouse I remembered from the spring. I started to run through the start up procedure, trying not to think too much about the blouse so as to keep my cock under control. Diana was right next to me, she smelled great, more of tanning lotion than perfume. Things were going fine, then Diana stood up and slipped off her jacket. It was warm, so that was no surprise, it was a surprise to see she was braless and her blouse was almost entirely sheer. For the first time I realized this was a game, but I didn’t know what to do.

I was instructing Diana what to type and I was able to stare at her breasts while her eyes moved from keyboard to screen. Her nipples were hard, I was confident this was because she was turned on, but was I sure? The thin material of her blouse was tight around her nipple, creating a line running from it. I so wanted to touch it. I knew I was blushing bright red, my voice was wobbling a little, but we just carried on. My cock was rock hard and pretty obvious in my shorts, please notice I thought, please touch it. We were waiting for an application to load and Diana excused herself to make a phone call. I heard her go upstairs so I slid open the drawer again, were their any photos of her topless maybe? That would be her style, I thought, but nothing. Disappointed, I quietly closed the drawer. I opened the next drawer down and my balls tightened, just a few photos, maybe 20 or so, but all of Diana. Some were close ups of her face while she sucked a good-sized cock, her husbands I presumed. Most were of her on a large bed in and out of a bikini. The best were here using a gold-coloured vibrator on herself. On one she was kneeling on the bed facing the camera, legs apart, squeezing her left nipple with her left hand and the tip of the gold vibrator was all that was showing as she pushed it into her shaven pussy with the other hand. She was looking straight at the camera and from the look on the face, it was the moment of her orgasm. I could hear her approaching and pushed the drawer closed. I wanted her so badly, wanted to lick her skin, suck her nipples and push my fingers into her pussy, I had never had a girl with a shaven pussy before. I was desparate to feel her lips around my cock. Was it going to happen?

As we continued with the pc I couldn’t hold on any longer. While Diana typed I reached to my side and, with my heart in my mouth, I ran the backs of my fingers over her breast. The sheer material felt rough but I could feel the nipple and the firmness of her breast against my finger. Diana just carried on typing. My head was spinning, my cock was throbbing in time with a pulsing beat in my heart. I ran one finger in gentle circles around Diana’s nipple. She didn’t react, just carried on at the keyboard. I squeezed her nipple through her blouse and cupped her delicious, pert breast, still no reaction. Then she started to undo the buttons of her blouse with one hand while typing with the other. At the time she was setting up an email account! I slid my hand inside her blouse onto the other breast, her skin was deliciously smooth and felt like it had just been moisturized. I toyed with her breast for 2 to 3 minutes until she said, “You type for a while.”

Diana stroked and squeezed my legs, slid her hand up inside my t-shirt and stroked my back, stomach and chest. It was 5 minutes before she first ran her hand over my twitching cock. She stopped as quickly as she had begun, and took over at the keyboard. She slid forward on her seat and opened her legs slightly, oh yes. I was pleased to feel the stocking give way to skin, Diana had on hold-up stockings. I was expecting to feel cotton gusset, but what my fingers found was the wettest pussy I had ever touched. The first reaction from Diana was a shudder as my finger moved slowly up and down her wet slit, without pushing inside. With wetness all over two fingers I slid them on to her clit and gently wiggled them from side to side. Diana started to moan out load and snatched for my cock. She pushed down my waist band and dragged it out of my shorts. She stared at it for a few seconds, then looked me straight in the eyes. Her blue eyes were melting as I gently strummed her clit, I hadn’t even pushed a finger inside her yet.. In one fairly smooth move she stood up and straddled me as I sat on the chair. My hands moved onto her tits as she used one hand to guide my cock to the sopping wet entrance to her pussy, then she sank down onto me. The second she was on my hard cock she came, thrusting her self hard into me, she put her hands over mine and squeezed them harder onto her tits. Her nipples were like bullets. She was in the throes of orgasm for ages.

Once she settled down I thought it would be an awkward clean up and get dressed session, which I was used to with my girlfriends. Diana stepped out of her skirt, and pulled me up from the chair, she told me to lie down on the floor. As I did so, I looked at her, her pert breasts looked so suckable still, she was naked but for her hold-up stockings and her blond hair was less tidy than normal, straggles fell against her face. She opened the third drawer down and took out the same gold-coloured vibrator I had seen in the photos. (Turned out her husband had taken the photos the previous weekend with a view to letting me find them.) Diana kneeled over me in a 69 position, and started to suck my cock. Apart from being ready to explode it was covered in the wetness from Diana’s pussy, this made the sucking seem even dirtier. I wanted to get my lips and face all over her smooth skin and pink lips, but she used a hand to push my face away. Inches from my face she started to push the vibrator into her pussy. It slid in smoothly and she twisted the end to start the vibrations. “Fuck me with it and suck my clit.”

I slid the entire length slowly in and out, and sucked her hard clit. She was licking beneath my balls, sucking my balls into her mouth and then sucking on my cock, it was fabulous and within seconds I was shooting my spunk into her mouth. She didn’t stop sucking, swallowing everything and keeping me hard. While I was shooting into her mouth she was clearly coming too, pushing her pussy into my face. We showered together and I realized how horny my firm young body and cock made her. She washed me all over about ten times and begged me not to tell anyone and to come around often.

Over the next 3 months we had some amazing sex, played some naughty games and gave her husband a few treats. Diana felt I was such a prize, she fixed it for me to seduce one of her friends and be (knowingly) seduced by another. If you like this story, I’ll submit the rest.

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