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Delilah’s Overnight Guest

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Delilah was filled with excitement. She knew John would be waiting for her already at the airport. She had wanted to get there before he landed, but she had been delayed at work. All day she had been daydreaming about John and what she could do to make his return tonight something special. She hated it when he went away on business. Three days seemed an eternity when he was gone.

As she pulled in front of the terminal, she saw him standing with his back to her and talking to a young man in jeans and a sweatshirt. He was quite a contrast to John. Even though John was in jeans and a sweater, he still looked professional. The young man was very handsome. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, and he had jet-black hair that fell to his shoulders and a dark complexion. She would guess him to be of American Indian descent.

She honked, and John turned to greet her with a broad smile and a single white rose in his hand. He walked over to their white Durango, and pulling open the door, he handed her the flower.

“My Love, this beautiful rose pales before your beauty.” He said with a Shakespearian drama and placing his hand over his heart. Then he chuckled out loud and bent in on one knee to passionately kiss her hello. “My lord woman, I miss you so much when I am gone.”

“Ditto, my Love!” Delilah sexily smiled back at him.

“Hey Sweetie, do you think we could let that young man over there spend the night in our spare bedroom? He flew back from New York with me, and he is stuck here overnight before he can get a flight out to Arizona. He seems to be a little short on funds and was going to just spend the night here at the terminal. He’s a great kid. Wha‘dya think?”

“Sure, John. It’s OK with me. But he might not get much sleep with all the noise I plan for us to be making tonight.” Delilah grinned and winked at him.

“I’m sure he won’t mind. It’ll beat the dickens out of cold snack bar hamburger and a chair for a bed.” He retorted as he closed the car door and turned around. She heard John whistle and saw him motion for the young man to come to him.

As he approached John, the man looked through the windshield and gave Delilah a dazzling smile. His white teeth seemed to almost sparkle against the contrast of his dark skin and long black hair. Delilah’s grren eyes caught his ice blue ones, and she shivered. He was gorgeous. He was a couple of inches taller than John, placing him at about 6’3”, and his muscular torso tapered down to accentuate a small waist and long jean clad legs. His face was slender with high cheekbones, and with his features and coloring, he was what Delilah would call a classic Indian. Delilah giggled as she pictured him riding bareback, his long black hair flowing in the wind, a red bandana headband, and wearing moccasins and a buckskin loincloth with a bear claw on rawhide swinging from his neck.

She was brought back to reality when the doors open. John slid into the tan leather front seat and their guest followed his rather worn duffle bag into the backseat.

“Thanks for the invite m’am. My name’s Andy McCabe.” He said with a western drawl as he extended his hand over the seat to Delilah.

“Nice to meet you Andy. I’m Delilah” She replied. But the moment her hand met his, they both jumped as static electricity shot between their fingers.

“Wow, m’am. John here told me you were an excitin’ woman, but that’s pretty electrifying there.” Andy threw his head back and enjoyed a hearty laugh. John and Delilah looked at each other, and John gave the “who me?” look he always gave when Delilah was getting ready to scold him. Then they joined Andy in laughter.

“OK Andy, there is one rule you’re gonna have to follow if you are to spend the night with us.” Delilah instructed. “I am not m’am. My name is Delilah, and although I appreciate the respect, M’am was my mother.”

“Yes M’a….Delilah. Not a problem here.” Andy answered and snuggled into the plush leather of the seat.

The drive home was filled with chit chat, details about John’s trip, what had gone one at home while he was gone, just odds and ends. Meanwhile, Andy dozed in the back seat. Delilah would glance into the rear view mirror occasionally and admire his handsome facial features, the strong high cheekbones, slender noble nose, thick lashes all made Delilah a little lustful for this young man.

John noticed Delilah looking at Andy. He leaned over the console and placed his left arm behind her. His right hand traveled up her creamy thigh and under her skirt. He kissed her earlobe and stuck his tongue in her ear as his fingers snaked their way under the delicate lace of her panties.

“Pretty, isn’t he Baby? Mmmm, bet you’d like to ride that wild stallion, yeah?” John whispered into her ear as he dipped his fingertips into her moist slit.

“John! Behave yourself!” Delilah blushed at his words, but the warmth was more from the work his fingers were doing than his words. She pushed at his hand half-heartedly, pretending to push it away.

John’s finger slid down as Delilah parted her legs and eased his access to her wet hole “Ah, that’s my woman; wet and waiting for me as always. He pumped his finger into her a couple of times and then removed it. He brought it to his mouth and noisily sucked it clean. Delilah’s breath caught at the sight of him sucking her juices from his finger and she began to burn with desire.

Again, he leaned over to her ear and whispered, “You want him, Baby? I might be able to put in a good word for you.”

“John, really. Get a grip. I’m sure Andy would rather have some cute little hard body than someone twice his age.” Delilah quipped.

“Oh Baby, I can’t see anyone ever turning you down for any reason. You are total woman at its finest. You’ve got great tits and a beautiful round ass, and you are gorgeous. Any man who looks at you gets an automatic hard on, except for the gay ones of course, but they’re just jealous. But if you want him Baby, you go ahead, providing you let me play too.”

Delilah blushed again and shook her head. “You sir, are incorrigible! And I seriously can’t wait to get you into bed tonight. I’ve been thinking about fucking you all day.”

When they arrived home, John showed Andy to the spare bedroom so he could freshen up, and John made his way to the master suite and did the same. While they showered, Delilah fixed a fresh salad to go with the Chicken Tetrazini she had already prepared. She broke open a bottle of Wild Turkey and mixed herself a pretty stout highball. She was a little anxious about Andy being there. It wasn’t that she minded really, but she knew with him being in the bedroom next to theirs, he would be hearing her moan and succumb to John’s masterful lovemaking later.

John came into the kitchen and helped carry dinner to the dining room table. He patted her lush behind and said, “Go get him Baby.” In the dining room, John mixed he and Andy a highball, and Delilah a second. Delilah felt a little lightheaded already. She had been too excited all day to eat anything, so the booze on an empty stomach was getting to her quickly.

During dinner, they continued to chat about the flight from New York and the airport. Delilah felt something brush against her bare leg and gave a surprised look at Andy when she realized it was his leg. He looked up and smiled and moved it against hers once more. Andy had come to the table in shorts and a tight t-shirt, his long black hair tied loosely behind him. Delilah had stared a little at the sight of his bronze muscular calves and thighs, and after he seated her in her chair, she watched his butt as he walked back to his chair. The sweat shorts were tight across his steel buns, and she had to admit, it made her mouth water and her pussy twitch. She cast a glance at John who was too busy talking to Andy to notice her surprised look.

Delilah didn’t eat much, and finished before John and Andy. She excused herself, and Andy stood as she left the table. She blushed a little as he made believe he was tipping his hat. “M’am…I mean Delilah, that was a fabulous meal. I haven’t had home cookin’ in almost six months. I don’t get home from college much, and all my friends and I live on burgers and the like. Thank you very much for havin’ me.”

“You’re certainly welcome Andy. Now you two go ahead and finish while I clean up the kitchen.” But before leaving the dining room, Delilah fixed herself another highball. It wasn’t like her to drink more than two, but she needed it to calm her. Andy seemed really nice and was certainly interesting, but what she felt when she was around him was a little alarming. She had to admit she found it exciting to know he found her attractive enough to play footsies under the table. As a matter of fact, truth be told, it had made her a little wet. She didn’t hear Andy come through the kitchen door and up behind her at the sink. He startled her when he reached around from behind her to put his and John’s plates in the dishwater. Standing directly behind her, he placed his hands on the counter to each side of her.

“Can I give you a hand, Delilah?” He asked, leaning his chest up against her back.

Surprised, she spun quickly around to face him, her wet hands dripping onto the floor. “Thanks Andy, but I…I’ve got it.” Delilah stammered trying to decide how to handle the situation. His face was only a few inches away from hers. “Why don’t you keep John company while I finish up?” She made an effort to sound unaffected by his closeness.

“I don’t mind helping…with anything you need; anything at all.” He stated in a seductive husky voice. He moved his hands to brush her long auburn tresses back over her shoulders. “You really are a beautiful and exciting woman, Delilah. I’m so very glad John invited me here.”

Delilah didn’t know what to say to his advances. “Thank you Andy. I’m glad you’re here too. ” Was all she could think of saying at the moment. But inside, she was warm and tingly, she wanted to touch his bronze skin, and she wanted him this close to her or even closer, touching her. She decided she better back off from her inner desires and not let this scene progress. She gathered her composure, and partly to convince herself, she firmly announced, “I’ve really got things under control here. Now go join John, and I’ll be out in a jiff.”

“OK, gorgeous, if that’s what you really want.” Andy shrugged. As he walked through the kitchen doorway, Andy turned and leaned on the door facing. “By the way Delilah, you were wrong.”

“Hmmm?” Delilah cocked her head to the side, giving him a puzzled look.

“You know, in the car earlier, when you said you were sure I’d rather have some cute little hard body than someone twice my age. I think you’re incredible, and I’d love to know you on a much much more intimate level.”

With that said, he turned and walked toward the den. Delilah stood motionless for a moment letting his words massage her. Guess Andy hadn’t been asleep in the car after all, and he had heard everything her and John had said to each other. Whew, what a night this could turn out to be! John had given her permission to play, and Andy was willing. She picked up her watered-down highball and rubbed the cool wet glass across her forehead. What a night, indeed.

When Delilah returned to the den with a fresh drink, John was sitting on the oversized sofa and Andy in the chair across from it. They both got a little quiet as Delilah walked in and turned and smiled at her. She walked over, sat down next to John, and snuggled into his arm. Her skirt slid up some and exposed the tanned flesh of her shapely thighs. She crossed her legs and felt the heat of her secret folds rub seductively against one another. John stopped talking just long enough to welcome her with a warm and tender kiss. She tasted the bourbon on his tongue as she sucked it lightly. Andy watched them and licked his lips as he thought of how sweet it would be to taste her full lush mouth.

“Mmmm…” Delilah moaned as she kissed him. Even the slightest contact with John always sent her senses reeling.

“Honey, Andy has a pretty interesting family history. He’s from the Navajo tribe in Northern Arizona.” Said John as he broke their kiss, and turning to Andy instructed him, “Andy, tell Delilah what you told me.”

“Well, to me, it’s just who I am, but most people find it interesting to know about my home and family.” He smiled at Delilah, obviously proud for the opportunity to share his story again. “My family is part of the Colorado River Indian Tribes. My grandfather, and father are part of the Tribal Council, and my grandmother, Margie McCabe, created the flag that the CRIT adopted in 1979. There a four tribes that live together on the reservation, the Mohave, the Chemihuevie, the Hopi and the Navajo. It’s in Parker, Arizona, about 190 miles from Phoenix. My people, the Navajo, are the farmers of the Tribe.”

“So Andy, do you have an Indian name?” queried Delilah.

“Yes, it is Brave Eagle. My grandfather gave me the name because when I came early to my mother, and the doctor didn’t expect me to live, Grandfather claims my Spirit guide the Eagle breathed his strength and power into me, and I fought bravely to stay alive.”

“That’s a wonderful story, Andy.” Delilah smiled, and thought about how gorgeous he was. He was muscular and lean and darkly handsome. His bright blue eyes sparkled as he smiled back at her. His hair was now loose and lay softly upon his shoulders. Again she felt her desire for him rise between her thighs, but she didn’t know what to do about it.

Delilah’s drinks and light supper had put her in a bit of a haze, and her passion for John and her desire for Andy added a flush to her silky skin that glowed beneath the Christmas green satin of her blouse. She placed her hand on John’s thigh and began to absently stroke it while looking at Andy as he told them more about his Indian heritage.

“Delilah?” John’s voice broke her trance. “Honey? Are you OK?”

She realized while lost in her haze staring at Andy, her stroking of John’s thigh had moved up, and she was stroking his now growing crotch. However, she wasn’t embarrassed; she was hot.

Delilah gave Andy a smile that revealed everything he needed to know about how much she wanted him. “Yes, Darling, I’m absolutely wonderful.” She looked in John’s hazel eyes and melted with need. She brought her arm up around John’s neck and pulled his mouth to hers. Her hungry tongue pushed past his lips and danced passionately with his. She felt John’s hand move inside her blouse and bra and cup her breast. They kissed lovingly and hungrily, until Delilah pulled her lips from his. She looked into John’s face and smiled her silent question. He nodded in reply.

She looked at Andy, and patted the sofa beside her. “Andy, why don’t you come sit with us.”

Andy was up and headed to her before she had even completed her sentence. He sat down, placed his hand on her bare thigh and bent his head to devour Delilah’s mouth. He was young and eager. His hungry mouth devoured hers like a man starved of his last 3 meals. Andy sucked her tongue into the deep recesses of his mouth. She felt John’s cock grow stiff against her palm as he watched his wife being kissed by this young savage. Delilah reached inside his sweatpants and released John’s long rigid shaft. She wrapped her hand around it and pumped the tight skin up and down. She heard him moan.

Andy pulled back from the kiss, and looked into her dazed eyes. “John said you’d come around. I’m glad. I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you in the car. When I saw John fingering you and watched him suck his fingers, I thought my dick would explode right there.” He bent back in to kiss her again, and putting his arm around her, pulled her to him. This time he was gentler as his lips met her bruised ones. His tongue danced through her lips to and searched for hers. She placed her hand on the back of his neck and returned his search. When their tongues met, they caressed.

John’s hand still massaged her breast and as the kiss became more passionate, he pinched her nipple and twisted it slightly, as only he knew how she liked it done. John removed his hand from her blouse and Delilah’s hand from his stiff member and shifted her position so that she was now facing Andy. He moved to kneel in front of her and watch.

Andy’s mouth continued quenching its thirst for Delilah’s luscious mouth, and his fingers moved seductively massaging her bare thigh. They inched themselves just under the hem of her skirt and stopped as if waiting permission. Still absorbed in Andy’s passionate kisses, Delilah felt her skirt being undone and her hips being pried upward to slip the skirt off. She obeyed the silent command. Then nimble fingers undid each button on her blouse tracing her heated skin from button to button. She was coaxed upward by John’s tender touch and he slid the smooth satin off her shoulders.

“Andy.” John said, trying to break Andy’s spellbound quest. “Andy, look at this beautiful woman.”

Andy pulled back to drink in Delilah as John pulled her to her feet in front of the sofa. He moved her until she was facing Andy directly between his legs. Andy’s eyes were fixed to hers as she first stood up and moved before him. Then he slowly began to survey her inch by delicious inch. First her neck with its inviting hollows that flowed into her lovely slender tanned shoulders. Then, his eyes traveled down to her bra. Her generously full breasts spilling over the green satin and lace of the delicate bra. He could see her nipples already erect poking at the lace as if begging for attention. He moved his hand down to soothe the discomfort growing in his loins. Andy continued his visual voyage down her midriff to her small waist, which flared into full hips, and then to the flat of her abdomen. His eyes locked on the green lace panties, which covered a precious prize he anticipated savoring. Moving his gaze to the gentle V between her thighs, his mouth watered as he visualized what lie there, and his tongue licked his hungry lips. His eyes traveled down her long shapely legs to the black sling back heels on her dainty feet. He looked back into her eyes and smiled. Delilah shivered with delight as she watched him look at her body.

Andy moved his hand inside his shorts and began to fondle his cock. The sight of Delilah standing before him excited him greatly, and he pulled his manhood from his shorts to show Delilah what she had caused. Her eyes widened when she saw his tool. It was beautiful. It was the color of light chocolate and thick. The head glistened with a drop of cum which had seeped from the slit and covered the purplish hood. Now it was she who licked her lips in anticipation.

“More Andy?” John queried, and Andy nodded.

Standing behind Delilah, John unfastened her bra and. bending to kiss the hollow of her neck, slipped it off her shoulders. Delilah shivered again with delight. Her nipples rejoiced in their freedom and rose erect from the brown areola. Her full tits swayed against her soft skin at their release. Delilah sunbathed nude and so there were no tan lines marring the beautiful beige silkiness of her skin. John reached around from behind her and cupped a breast in each hand. He massaged them gently and then moved to roll her nipples between his fingers. Delilah closed her eyes, arched her back and moaned, which drew groans from both John and Andy.

John ran his hands down her front to the V of her sex. He slid a finger under each side of the lace by her labia and slid them back to the top of her panties. Delilah moved her butt against his crotch and felt his hard cock throbbing against her.

“MMmmmm” Sighed Delilah. She reached up and cupped her breasts. She pushed back to John and rolled her hips.

Andy stroked his dick as he watched her respond to John. She was as exciting as John had claimed. She was gorgeous and hot and soon, he would have her. He felt his member throb harder as John hooked his fingers in the elastic of her panties and pulled them down her legs unveiling her shaved sex. Her pussy lips, full and pouting, glistened with the moisture of her excitement. John’s hands traveled back up the inside of her legs and beckoned her to open her thighs. Delilah obeyed. His hands pulled back her lips revealing her beautiful pink pussy, and Andy saw her swollen clit peeking from between them. John held the lips open and rotated his thumb around her clit.

“Ooooo, John. Yes.” Delilah pinched her nipples and bucked against his embrace.

“Andy, taste her sweet cunt.” John commanded, and Andy moved forward and ran the length of her pussy with the flat of his tongue.

“Yes Andy…that feels so good.” Delilah moaned in a wanton tone. “Taste me, eat me, fuck me with your tongue Andy.”

Delilah leaned back into John and hooked her hands behind his neck. She placed her feet on the couch on each side of Andy, which opened her flower to him. John reached around holding her with his strong arms and began pulling her nipples. She was so hot from Andy’s voyeurism and John’s undressing her; she needed release now.

Andy placed his hands on her tanned globes of flesh and pulled her pussy to his face. His tongue flicked over her clit and she moaned loudly.

“I’m so fucking hot Andy. I need to cum. Please make me cum.” Begged Delilah.

“Oh Delilah.” Groaned Andy as he tightened his grip on her ass and drove his tongue into the wet flesh of her pussy. He licked the juices from her pouting lips, and sucked the nectar from her honey hole. Andy ran the point of his tongue up her slit and fenced with her clit.

“Oh gawd. MMMMmmmmm” Delilah cried out as she wriggled in John’s arms.

“Yes Baby. Give in to it. Let Andy taste all your sweetness. Fuck his tongue Baby, and then I’ll let you fuck his cock.” John whispered into her ear as he nibbled her earlobe.

His words drove her wild with the need to come. John’s stiff cock moved in and out of the crevice of her ass as she bucked against Andy’s mouth, and he pinched her nipples harder as he spoke to her. “Yes Baby…Fuck his pretty face…Fuck him Delilah.”

“Ungh…Oh Andy…Oh John…oh FUCK…I’m cummmmingggg!” Delilah screamed as John’s words carried her beyond all care and into the depths of orgasm. Her pussy spasmed on Andy’s tongue. He groaned with delight as he drank her hot cream. John cradled her in his arms as she shook with waves of orgasm, and then as they subsided, he let her sink slowly to the floor in front of Andy.

Delilah pulled herself up to her knees in front of Andy and kissed him. She tasted herself on his tongue and began to lick the cum from his chin. She took his thick cock in her hand and stroked it. It was even thicker now that he had tasted her sex. She bent her head forward and kissed the head lightly. Andy moaned when her lips touched the purple hood and it pulsated on her lips. Locking her green eyes on Andy’s ice blues, Delilah parted her lips and let her tongue explore the head of his manhood. She moved it over and under and licked the slick salty cum from it. Her hand pumped the long rigid shaft and her mouth opened wide to take him into her throat. Andy gasped as she locked her lips around his rod and slid all the way to the base. She brought her mouth back up teasing Andy’s throbbing staff gently with her teeth.

“Unngghh. Fuck, you’re so good, Delilah.” Andy murmured wrapping his hands in her hair and following her movements. “John, she is fucking wonderful.”

“Yes, she is.” John said proudly as he seated himself beside Andy. “And just wait until my baby mounts your cock Stud. You’re in for a helluva ride. Right Baby?”

“MmmmHmmmm.” Delilah moaned as she continued her feast on this beautiful stallion. Andy’s cock was as gorgeous as he was. She judged it to be eight or nine inches long and so very thick. It filled her mouth and then some. She got tingly just thinking of how it was going to fill her aching pussy. She loved the taste of him too, sweet and salty.

Delilah moved over to position herself between John and Andy. She grabbed John’s cock in her left hand. Reluctantly, she broke her suction on Andy to give John some loving. Delilah wished more than anything she could suck them both at the same time.

John pumped his hips into the air to push his cock deep into Delilah’s throat.

“Ahhhh…my Baby Girl, my Delilah. That’s it Baby, suck Daddy’s cock good.” John cooed to Delilah. “Oh Baby. I love fucking your mouth.”

“Mmmmm…” moaned Delilah, and the vibrations sent electricity down John’s cock to his balls. Delilah’s pussy was getting so much wetter. She ached to be filled with a cock, but she loved this too. She wanted it all. She wanted it all, right now.

“Ready to fuck my cock Delilah?” Andy questioned her as she slid her lips back down his steeled shaft.

“MmmmHmmm.” Delilah groaned as his words bit into her need making her pussy throb.

“Come on Baby Girl.” John said rising from the sofa and pulling her up from Andy. “Come on Andy.” He led them up the stairs to the master suite. The men finished shucking their clothes while Delilah’s hands roamed their bodies, cupping their balls, stroking them, and kissing them.

John continued orchestrating the scene. He had been in control since the onset and Delilah loved it. It made her even hotter watching him take charge and telling her and Andy what to do.

“Andy lie on the bed here.” John said motioning Andy to lie back after seating himself on the foot of the bed. Andy laid back, his stiff dick rising into the moonlit room. Delilah was mesmerized by the mass as it swayed to and fro with the pulsations traveling through it. John took Delilah’s shoulders and moved her between Andy’s legs.

“Look at that beautiful cock Baby. It’s so thick and big and it wants to climb up into your hot pussy. Are you ready Baby? Tell Daddy what you want.” John demanded, as he slipped a finger into Delilah’s pussy and massaged her clit.

Delilah’s breath caught as he touched her sensitive bud. “Uh! I want to fuck Andy, Daddy. I want to fuck his cock.”

“Yeah? OK Delilah, crawl up there and fuck that cock, Baby.” John said urging her forward.

Delilah crawled over Andy’s body. Her full tits dangled down and her hardened nipples rubbed his chest. They drug along his damp bronze chest. She moved them back and forth teasing Andy. She dipped her head to take his erect nipples between her teeth and suck them. He groaned loudly.

“Unnhh! God woman, please fuck me.” Begged Andy. Delilah was taunting him and he wanted her badly. His throbbing cock was swollen to full size, and he thought he would die if she didn’t take him soon. He couldn’t believe this gorgeous woman was about to give her pussy to his cock. She was beautiful; she was wonderful. John’s instructions excited Andy as well. He had never done a threesome before, and when John had talked to him about it at the airport, he wasn’t sure it would work out for him, but when he saw Delilah in the car, all doubts vanished. He had wanted to fuck her from the moment he saw her.

Delilah’s lips came to Andy’s in answer to his plea as she moved her pussy to push against his cock head.

“Ssshhh. Don’t worry Baby. I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to ride you hard. I’m going to make you explode inside me and fill me with your cum. Is that what you want Andy?” Delilah whispered to him with her lips against his. She moved her pussy back applying a little more pressure to his cock, but not enough to push it in.

“Yes…YES…please…fuck me Delilah.” Andy begged through clinched teeth. His need for her was almost painful. “Fuck me Baby…fuck me please.”

“Yesss.” Was Delilah’s only response as she pushed back and let the head of Andy’s cock pop through the opening to her love spot. She was wet and slick. She moved slowly and deliberately. Delilah sat back just enough to only allow a couple of inches of Andy’s dick to enter her. It was difficult for her not to lose control and take all of him at once. His cock filled her canal and stretched her walls. She delighted in the feel of his slick velvet tool pushing into her. Andy bucked his hips upward hoping to move further into her heat. His need driving him, he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back to take more of him in.

“Andy, patience Baby.” Delilah taunted. “We’ll get there. I just want to feel you fat cock head move in and out of my cunt a few times, before I take it all.”

“Delilah, you naughty girl.” John remarked smacking his hand smartly across her bare bottom. “Don’t be a tease, Baby. Fuck the man.”

“Ooooooo” Cried out Delilah as she felt the sting of John’s hand on her fanny. John stood beside them, watching and stroking his hard prick.

Delilah began to move slowly down on Andy’s shaft. Her slick heat enveloped him like a tight glove. It was a marvelous feeling for both of them. Andy thought Delilah felt like warm velvet against his hardness, and Delilah cried out with the delight of having his thick cock stuffed inside her. She sat straight up and arched her back as she pumped him into her. Andy’s hands went to her tits and teased her nipples. Her strokes were slow and deep. Delilah knew as hot as Andy was she had to keep her movements slow to make him last. She wanted to fuck him for a while. She rocked her hips back and forth and looked at John standing beside them stroking his cock. She licked her lips and smiled up at him.

John moved closer to the bed and held his stiff shaft to Delilah’s beautiful mouth. She opened her full lips and he pushed his length into the dark sweet wetness. She sucked him to the back of her throat. “Oh gawd, Baby.” John moaned and starting pumping her mouth. His right hand fed his cock into Delilah’s mouth and his left stroked her round luscious ass. He rubbed the red handprint left by his smack. His hand traveled lower feeling the moistness as it slid down her ass over her tight puckered ringlet and to her pussy. He put a finger into her cunt and felt Andy’s thick shaft slide in and out of her. John smiled down at Delilah and then to Andy.

“She’s got a great tight cunt, huh, Stud?” John queried.

“Fuck yeah man.” Andy answered through ragged breaths. Andy tweaked Delilah’s nipples and she squealed with delight.

“Oh Andy. She really likes that. Pinch them harder and watch her squirm.” John instructed.

Andy pinched the rose tips harder. Delilah moaned loudly, sucked John harder and moved faster on Andy’s cock.

“Yeah that’s it Delilah. Fuck us Baby.” John commanded. Turning to Andy, he said,. “You think that made her hot. Watch this.” He removed his wet fingers from her pussy and moved them to her anal ringlet. He pushed against the snug hole and massaged it in circles with her wet juices. Delilah groaned as his fingers went inside her ass and he began pumping her. She ground herself faster against the cock in her pussy and the fingers in her ass. She released John’s cock from her mouth with a scream of lustful need.

“Oh Fuck yes…John. Yes Baby” Delilah squealed.

John moved behind her and pushed her body forward over Andy’s. His fingers pumped furiously into her tight hole. He spit on his free hand and covered the head of his cock. He knew Andy and Delilah were getting closer, and he had had all he could take. John stepped up to Delilah and pulling his fingers out of her love tunnel, he shoved the head of his dick into the ringlet.

“Unngghh! Fuck!” John cried out as his rod slid into it full length. He halted briefly and felt Andy’s big cock rubbing back and forth against his as Delilah began a flurry of fast strokes. “Oh Fuck Andy, can you feel my cock, like I can yours?” John asked as he began to move his dick in and out.

“Yeah man, what a fucking feeling. Oh fuck…fuck. Damn Delilah, you fucking sweet cunt. Go Baby go.” Andy shouted and bucked furiously up to get the full feeling of John fucking her ass and her sliding up and down his dick.

“Ooooooohhhhhhh Fuck…Fuck…FUCK!!!!” Delilah screamed loudly as the painful pleasure filled her and she felt the searing heat coming from her core. She closed her eyes as John and Andy pummeled her tunnels. She felt hot and tingly and beads of sweat dripped from her brow as the two men filled her with such ecstasy. She hurt, but it was the most wonderful hurt. She was completely full of cock and each man’s rhythmic strokes carried her higher and higher until she thought she couldn’t stand anymore. Her senses were on fire. Her body was shaking. Suddenly, it was as if fireworks exploded inside her. She screamed loudly. John and Andy knew she was cumming. They felt her velvet tunnels grip their cocks. She could not speak. She just screamed.

Andy took Delilah’s swaying tit into his mouth. He bit her nipple hard. She screamed louder. Andy’s balls released a load of cum through his cock that felt like boiling lava. He stiffened and screamed out “FUCK YEAHHHH!!!!” The forceful jets of jism ricocheted off of her cervix and filled her. Andy groaned deeply with each stream shooting from his rod.

John felt Andy stiffen. Delilah’s screams had brought him to an end. He slammed into her ass with everything he had. His balls slapped against her pussy and Andy’s cock. “My Gawd…My Gawd…Delilah…Ohhhh Fuck.” John cried out as his own load shot into the depths of her dark place. He shook and the beads of sweat on his forehead ran into his eyes. Another thrust and more cum was released into her. Another, and still more left his cock. He was drained and his knees buckled and he fell against Delilah.

Quiet moans of ecstasy filled the room as the three lay together in an exhausted heap at the foot of the bed for a few minutes. Delilah was the first to move. Slowly she moved forward of Andy. Both softening cocks reluctantly being pulled from their nests, she crawled up and lay on her back in the center of the lush king-sized bed. John moved around the bed and lay to one side of her. Andy rolled over and drug himself to her other side. The two men lay on their sides and looked at her and smiled. They both kissed a cheek and rested their heads beside hers. They each cupped a breast and closed their eyes.

Delilah closed her eyes and smiled. Her hands moved to caress their now flaccid members. Never could Delilah have imagined such a night. She joined them as they drifted off to sleep, thinking, “The night isn’t quite over yet.”

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