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Linda’s Mother

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I hadn’t thought about this in years. I’ve been married for 15 years and stories about ex-girlfriend’s and their mothers are not the kind of thing you brag about at the dinner table. The thing that brought this memory back was meeting this particular mother in the mall parking lot. I was getting out of my car and I saw this old lady coming toward me. She seemed familiar. “Mrs taylor?” I said.

She stared at me for a few moments and then smiled. “William?” She gave me a hug. “Oh my god. It is you. You’ve grown up nicely.” I dated her daughter, Linda, for a while when I was just seventeen. That was about 20 years earlier. Let me set the scene for you.

I’m 18 and dating 16 year old Linda. We were sitting on the wicker couch on her back porch. It was our 5th date and I was trying to make some headway on getting laid. Linda was fine with kissing and even me feeling her naked tits and kissing them, but there was no way she would touch me. I was getting frustrated and tired of going home and jerking off.

On this night, I pulled my erection out of my pants while we were kissing and put her hand on it. She yelled like a snake had just bit her and ran into the house. I panicked and quickly tried to stuff my hard-on back in my jeans. But as you guys know, those things don’t bend and getting them out is a lot easier than getting them back in, especially if you are in a hurry.

“William.” It was Mrs. Taylor calling to me from inside the house. I stood up frantically trying to stuff Billy Jr. in my pants when the back door opened. “William.” I dropped back down on the couch and crossed my legs and put my hands over my lap just as Linda’s mother came out the door. She looked at me strangely. “Everything alright, William?”

“Just fine, Mrs Taylor.” I answered trying to keep my pecker covered. And then shit-knockers didn’t Linda’s mother sit down right beside me on the couch.

“Whatcha got there.” She asked, nodding towards my hands. There was a little smile on her face. “Is that why my little girl ran into the house and up to her room, crying?”

“Mrs Taylor, I … I.” I couldn’t think of what to say. How do you tell a woman that your pecker is hanging out of your pants because you were trying to get her daughter to jerk it off? I wasn’t afraid of what she would do but I was afraid of her husband. Let me tell you a little bit about Mrs. Taylor. She was pretty in an older MILF kinda way.

She had kids late and was in her 30s when she had her youngest, Linda. Now, in her late 40s, she was still attractive. She had shoulder length, red hair that had streaks of grey but it looked sexy. She was maybe 5’5″ and was a little chubby in the hips. Not fat, but full figured. Her boobs weren’t overly big, maybe a 34 B, what did I know? All I knew is that they were a nice shape and in the cool night air the moonlight showed her nipples were erect.

I could smell her shampoo and it smelled like apples. She still had a little smile as she looked at my face. My dick had been going down but when she looked at me like that it got hard again. She put her hand on top of mine. It was almost like she was touching my naked dick. My head got fuzzy and my heart was pounding. “Let me tell you a story.” She said.

“I was a teenage girl. I had just turned 18, in Eustis, Fla. There were three college guys standing outside the high school dance one night. I was coming out of the dance into the cool night air. The guys were standing a bit away from the door. “What about her?” One of them said, pointing at me.

“Naw, she’s too young.” another replied. “She’s just a kid.”

I was short for my age, and still am, but I wasn’t too young. It pissed me off to have them think that. How could he know I was too young? Too young for what? I had a fight earlier that evening with my mother about staying out later and my mother had said the same thing. “You’re just a kid. Too young to stay out that late.” That’s why I was leaving the dance early. I was determined to show these boys and my mother how wrong they both were. Their eyes were glue on my ripe young body as I boldly walked over to them.

“I’m old enough to know better but young enough to still do it.” I replied to the one who said it, trying to appear cool.

“I think she likes you, Jack.” The other two laughed.

“Old enough for what, honey?” Jack said, smiling at me.

“What do you want?” I said, keeping up my cool front. I figured he would want a hand job. I had already jerked off a couple guys on dates and was pretty good at it.”

Say what? I couldn’t believe my girlfriend’s mother was telling me about how she jerked guys off in school. I looked at her face and she was still smiling. She was enjoying telling me she use to be a naughty girl. My dick twitched under my hands. She continued.

“But he was older than the guys I dated. He wanted more. “You got a sweet mouth. How about a blow job?” He said as he grabbed my boob. I think he was trying to scare me away but I didn’t move. I just stood there as he mauled my tit.”

I looked at Linda’s mother’s chest. She still had tits worth grabbing. My dick was getting harder and I shifted a bit to find a more comfortable position. She saw me fidgeting but continued with her story.

“I knew the machanics of how it was done but had never actually used my mouth on a guy. I didn’t know any one I liked enough to do that to. I’ve never done that before. I said.”

“That’s okay little girl. Why don’t you go suck a lollipop until you’re old enough to suck something else.” Jack teased me. He looked at his friends. “She’s just a kid. Let’s go find a real woman.” He released my boob and turned away like I didn’t exist. The three of them started walking away.”

“I don’t know how much you know about women, or girls, William, but we do not like being dismissed like so much nothing. It was like I wasn’t even there. I especially hated that. I didn’t like it when my father or mother did it to me and I didn’t like it when this Jack character did it to me. Who did he think he was? I didn’t say I didn’t know how or that I wouldn’t. He just assumed I wasn’t old enough.

“Wait. I said. And I told them just what I told you. I said I’ve never done it. I didn’t say I didn’t know how. But if you don’t want me to.” Believe me, that changed their minds about me being too young. I wasn’t too young as we walked to a dark corner of the school parking lot. Those three horny students surrounded me as we walked. They were laughing like little kids. One of them rubbed my ass through my jeans and then slid his hand under and between my legs from behind and goosed me. Another one pulled my T-shirt up and whistled. I pulled it back down. They directed me to a spot behind a van and Jack stood in front of me with his buddies on either side. He pulled my shirt up over my tits.”

“Unhook her in the back, Tommy.” He said and I felt hands go up my back and unhook my bra. I pulled her arms up to cover my exposed chest.”

“Don’t be shy, baby. You got great tits. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.” Jack said. His fingers held the tab on his zipper. I looked at his face. He smiled at me. “Come on, or are you just a little girl with a woman’s tits?”

“I lowered my arms. My bra still covered me and Jack reached out and pulled it up. “Goddamn.” He said. He cupped my tits in both hands. His thumbs brushed across my nipples. They got erect.”

My dick was screaming for attention. I squeezed it hoping she wouldn’t notice. The thought of this woman, my girlfriend’s mom, a woman I had jerked my own cock thinking about, the thought of her in a parking lot with naked tits about to give a blow job was driving me crazy. She kept talking.

“I liked the lust in his eyes when he looked at my chest. I liked the way he touched them. “I thought you were going to show me yours.” I teased. Jack unzipped his pants and reached inside. I held my breath waiting to see it. His hand came out and I could see the head of his cock poking out of his fist. It was red and ready. I was nervous but excited. He was sliding his fist over it. He pumped it a couple times and then let go. It bobbed up and down and finally stopped. It was pointing straight up at my face.

“There you go.” He said. “Is that too much cock for you?”

WOW! There was way too much detail in this story. Was she trying to hint at something? Did she want to blow me?

“I put my hands on his hips to steady myself as I knelt in front of him. I hoped I was ready and could do it right. I didn’t want them to laugh at me. I wrapped my fingers around Jack’s stiff dick. It felt thicker than the others I had held before. It was longer too. I looked up at him and moved my face forward. I opened my mouth and felt it’s heat on my lips. The cock bumped against my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and licked it. It tasted salty and a bit like soap. He put his hand on the top of my head and pulled me closer. I had to stretch my mouth wide to get him that far in. He groaned as it slid into my virgin mouth. I closed my lips and moved my head back & forth.”

“Oh God, baby. That feels soooo good.” Jack groaned. It was awkward at first. I wasn’t use to doing this. I kept gagging on his thing. The others cheered and joked as I worked on him, but Jack moaned and told me I was doing great. “Goddamn that feels great. You suck cock like a goddess. Yea, suck on the head like that. That’s good baby.” His hands held my head and pulled at my hair. That excited me a lot.” “After a couple minutes of sucking him I pulled my head back and jerked on him. This I knew how to do. It was the sucking I was having trouble with. I found if I didn’t take it too deep it was better. I looked up at Jack and asked if I was doing okay. “Baby. You’re doing great.” He said.

“Do you want me to do more?” I asked, still stroking him. My hand moved smoothly over his spit covered cock.”

“Oh yeah. Suck it baby.” He pulled my head forward. I smiled to myself. I had won. He would do anything I wanted to get me to finish. I was in control. He wouldn’t say I was too young now. I attacked his cock with enthusiasm. ”

Holy shit. Look at her work that thing. Go baby go.” One of them said.

“Suck that dick, honey. Make him cum. Shoot in her mouth Jack. Cream her tonsils.” The other cheered.”

“Jack put his hands on the back of my head and started pumping his cock into my face. I gagged when he went too deep. “Oh baby, don’t choke. Don’t die til after I cum.” He shouted. Jack groaned and surprised me. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Suck me.” With that warning he filled my mouth. I had to swallow to keep from choking. I wrapped my lips tight around him but was unable to swallow fast enough. His load filled my mouth and then dribbled down my chin. I gagged but didn’t stop swallowing. Jack held my head and kept sliding his dick in & out of my young face. His cum tasted salty and a bit spicy.” “I concentrated on not throwing up. His cum kept filling my mouth. When he finally let go of my head and pulled his soft dick from my lips, I was able to settle back on my heels. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. The other two cheered and clapped when he pulled out. “Looks like it was too much jism for her.” One said when he saw the cum on my face and shirt.

“You did just fine.” Jack said as he stroked my cheek. He stuffed his dick in his pants.” “His friends wanted some of me and I was afraid I would be gang raped. Jack told them to leave me alone. “She’s my girl. Go find your own.” They weren’t happy but they left without bothering me. “Thanks cutie. You were beautiful.” Jack said as he left. I sat down and watched them leave. My knees hurt and my jaw was sore but I was happy. I had done it and this older boy thought I was beautiful.”

“That night I discovered a new way to make men like me. And it wasn’t terrible. It was exciting and easy. I learned about the power a woman can have over a man if she is only willing to use it.”

Mrs Taylor ended her story. She patted my hand and stood up. “Do you understand what I am saying, William?” I just looked at her with a confused expression and shook my head no. “What I am trying to say is that I understand the needs of teenage boys and the things they try to get girls to do but I also understand that those girls will not do those things until they are good and ready and no amount of forcing will get them to do it any sooner.”

“But I didn’t try to force Linda to do anything.” I said sheepishly.

“If that’s the case, William, why don’t you move your hands for me?” She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips. I knew there was no way out. I slowly moved my hands to my sides hoping my pecker would stay down. No such luck. As soon as it wasn’t pinned any more it sprang up with a life of it’s own. It stretched skyward. The skin taut and the head bright red.

“Well now.” Mrs Taylor said. “If thats what you tried to get my little girl to suck on then it’s no wonder she ran upstairs. You got a nice pecker William but I don’t want you to be trying to force in on my Linda.” Mrs. Taylor dropped to her knees in front of me and pushed my legs apart. She wiggled forward on her knees and grabbed it. “Just to keep my little girl safe, I think I should take care of this.”

With that she lowered her head and engulfed my cock. I groaned as her experienced mouth worked my dick. She had learned since that night in the schoolyard because she had no trouble taking me deep. It took only a few seconds until I was holding her head and shooting my load in her mouth. She didn’t spill a drop. She sat back on her heels and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Now William let’s keep this our little secret but as soon as Linda starts doing this for you I want you to tell me. It wouldn’t be right for you to be getting sucked off by both of us.” She stood up and went into the house leaving me with my drained pecker still hanging out.

I only dated Linda for a couple months more. After every date, her mom would meet me on the porch or in my car after Linda had gone into the house. “Well?” She would ask. I’d shake my head and Peggy (she said I should call her Peggy after the second time she blew me.) would finish what her daughter got started. A couple times she jerked me off, but mostly it was BJs. I asked to fuck her but she never would, but I did get to play with her tits while she sucked me off.

Linda broke up with me because one night she came back out to the porch and caught me with her mom’s head in my lap. “Mother. Not again.” She screamed. Apparently she had caught her mom doing it with a couple other boyfriends. It’s tough to get a girl to go out with you when she’s caught you fucking her mom’s face. I tried to get Peggy to go down on me after Linda and I had broken up and even tried to guilt her by saying she was the reason we broke up. She just laughed and said to get my current girlfriend’s mother to munch my knob. They never did though.

Now, 20 years later, we were together in the parking lot. “How’s Linda?” I asked. She chuckled and I followed her as she walked to her car.

“Linda’s queer.” She said as she hit the auto trunk open on a red Toyota. She put her bags in the trunk and closed it. “I wish she had figured that out when she was 13, would have saved me a lot of work.” She said smiling. “Not that I minded all that much.” She hit the door unlock and opened the driver’s door. “What about you, William? Still getting your knob polished on a regular basis?”

“I’m married Peggy, so – no. But I got to say you sure got a pretty mouth.”

She laughed. “That may have worked on me when I was younger but I’m almost 70 now and besides my knees don’t bend as well as or as quickly as they use to.” She sat on the edge of the car seat.

“Yeah, I thought so. You’re too old.” I said smugly.

She laughed again and shook her finger at me. “You’ve got a good memory. I didn’t say I couldn’t, I just said my knees don’t work. But I can sit just fine.” She grabbed my belt buckle and pulled me to her. I did a lookout over the top of the cars as Linda’s mom unzipped my pants. And it may sound gross to say I got blew in a parking lot by a 70 year old grandmother or that I groaned as I pumped my load down her throat but as I looked down at the lips my cock was sliding in and out of, I saw a pretty 40 year old MILF that smelled like apples. And she was still the best cocksucker I ever met.

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