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Delia’s Story

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From the moment Delia entered the room I could sense something different about her tonight. And what an entrance she made into the room! The door had flung wide open and she posed in the doorway with one arm raised up to the sill, her left hip provocatively angled to caress the wooden frame, her legs tall and lean in gleaming black boots and fishnets slightly spread so that I could see the faintest bulge in the wedge of her tiny, shiny black and rose panties.

Her cute little hairdo framed her face from which she gave a Mona Lisa-like smile while her dark eyes bored into mine with a look that challenged me. Below her cute little sheer brassiere I noticed the glinting gold belly-button ring for the first time. “That’s new,” I thought to myself.

“Hello, Delia” I said, trying to regain composure. She didn’t say a word. She simply sauntered across the room, letting her hands glide over her lingerie and exposed flesh, all the while keeping the intense eye contact she had initiated with her dramatic entrance.

I suddenly felt very small in the low-slung chair in which I sat. Delia brought herself right in front of me and turned – oh, so slowly – letting me see her from all sides. The tiny black panty was a thong and the thin back strap was wedged deep in the glorious cleft of her beautiful ass flesh. Her skin exuded a heavy perfumed scent of musk. I caught myself licking my lips as I watched her slow turn in front of me. “Good evening, Penny” she said when she completed the turn and was facing me again. The panty bulge was staring me right in the face.

“You look splendid tonight,” I said. Delia simply nodded knowingly and gave me a smirk. “What, uh, are you up for tonight?” I asked, realizing my loss of dominance in front of her beauty.

She raised her arms up and tossed her hair while doing a quick little bump and grind right in front of my face.

“Oh, I might want to get fucked” she said lazily “But we’ll see.”

“We’ll see?” I repeated. “What does that mean?” I asked, lifting my eyes from her crotch to her face to glean what was going on with her.

“We’ll see if you have what it takes to satisfy me. That’s what I mean.” She said it so matter-of-factly. She flicked her belly button ring with her middle finger and ran a palm over the front of her panty.

I got out of the low chair and standing in front of her now I regained some of the control I had let slip away earlier. I was half a head taller than she was but she didn’t back down an inch. I took her by the shoulders and said, “You will get fucked tonight. Understand?”

“Maybe…maybe not” she replied, but she came in just a bit closer and let the bulge in her panty rub my thigh.

That was as much insolence as I was going to take from her. I grabbed her under her thighs with one arm and nestled her torso in my other arm and swept her off her feet. She wrapped her bare arms around me as I held her like a child. She still had that strange look in her eyes but when her mouth came open in a breathless sigh I kissed her and was heartened to feel her kiss me back with passion.

I strode over to the bed with her in my arms, booted legs dangling, her face looking at me with heavy lidded eyes. She was breathing heavily through her flared nostrils. When we reached the edge of the bed Delia said “If you’re gonna fuck me, fuck me hard, Penny. Try, please try, to satisfy me.” It was a concession with a challenge. I could see it in her eyes.

I threw her onto the bed and when she stopped bouncing on the mattress, I issued my own challenge by stripping off my panty and pointing my rock hardness towards her face. She scrambled around on the bed and brought her face right in front of my cockhead. She opened her mouth, unfurled her tongue, and took all of me in one gliding motion that made her nose tickle my belly. She knew how to suck cock, that was for sure. And to see that sweet face sliding back and forth on my cock was heaven itself.

I enjoyed her wet attentions for a long while until I could feel her saliva and my own pre-cum mixing into a perfect lubricant. I pulled her off me and gave her a soft slap across the cheek. “Get your panties off and show me your ass, honey. You’re going to get fucked.”

She gave me a quick smirk of approval and quickly stripped off the thong. She got on her knees, pointing her gorgeous round globes of ass cheek at me. If there was any other erotic motivation I needed to keep me aroused, it was Delia’s distended kidskin ballsac dangling between her thighs. I took a gob of her saliva and my pre-cum from the tip of my cock and rubbed it into her asshole. First one finger, then two, then three, opening her up, while she moaned in unintelligible syllables.

I got up behind her, rubbed my cockhead along her glistening crack, then with one hand, I pointed the missile head of my cock right at the winking pink hole in front of me. Contact! Delia ooohed as I pushed forward. I could feel her natural resistance. A little more pressure from my weight as I gently guided myself into her sweet ring. And then the glorious moment when I could feel her body relax the tension and let my cock slide into her honeypot. We both let out a slow growl of pleasure as we joined. Delia opened up her thighs a little wider and I used my hands on her hips as leverage to insert myself to the max inside her asshole.

“Fuck me.” Delia groaned in a throaty whisper.

I decided to let my cock do the talking for me. I pulled all the way out, enjoyed the sight of her wide-open cavern, and then plunged right back in without warning or pretense of gentleness. Delia’s entire body spasmed at this assault but I could feel her pushing her ass back at my cock trying to get as much as possible into her asshole. I repeated the pattern over and over and over again, pumping her with everything I had. And she took all I could give as she bit her arm and the bedclothes trying to muffle her squeals. I fucked her in a frenzy until I could feel her knees begin to weaken. So I flipped her onto her back, got her booted legs up on my shoulders and fucked her face to face.

Watching her below me, I had to smile at the remembrance of her brazen attitude when she first arrived in the room not so very long ago. She wasn’t so full of swagger now. No, her mouth was open, tongue hanging on the corner of her ruby red lips, a small piece of drool running down her cheek, and those once insolent eyes were now misty with tears and ruined mascara while she twitched under the strong fucking she was getting.

I never said a word. I simply continued banging her tight ass. I enjoyed the feeling of being inside Delia’s asshole and the added sensation of her boots rubbing my shoulders. After awhile, Delia began a chant. “Oh, Penny, fuck my ass! Oh, Penny, fuck my ass! Oh, Penny, fuck my ass!” I could feel her little cock throbbing between us. Then I felt the hot moisture from her orgasm on both our stomachs.

“Satisfied, Delia?” I asked with a hint of sarcasm.

She simply looked up at me with almost visible stars in her eyes. I pulled my cock out of her ass and was surprised at the purple swelled tissue covered in glistening juices. But I was not yet satisfied myself. So I moved up her torso and once again pointed the cockhead at her mouth. She deep-throated me and when she pulled it out she gasped “I can taste my own ass on you!” Then she went down on me again and after a short while of imagining her tasting her own asshole on my cock, and feeling the velvet-y tongue and mouth on me, I orgasmed a stream of hot cum in Delia’s mouth. “Now, I’m satisfied too.” I said and leaned over to kiss her.

Lying side by side, nestled in my arms, Delia looked over at me and asked, “Can we do it again…just like that?”

“Sure, baby” I said. “Give me a kiss…you know what you need to do.”

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