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Midnight On The Links

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We had chatted several times online, exchanging pleasantries and stats. We cybered a little, “feeling” each other out in regards to likes and fantasies. We didn’t bother exchanging pics, who knew if what you saw was really who you were trying to see. So now, here I was driving out to meet this guy, sight unseen, seeking to live out a mutual fantasy of sex outdoors. At least, I thought to myself, he doesn’t know me any better than I know him. But the taboo thought of meeting this stranger out under the stars and fucking the night away had me hard as a rock and hungry for cum.

The site of our assignation was a local golf course. It was easy to park unnoticed and out on the course there wouldn’t be anyone nearby to overhear or interrupt. He had given me directions on a good place to park and landmarks to find my way onto the course in the dark. Now, as instructed, I was dialing his pager number. At first, I assumed it was to make sure that I actually showed up and that he would come out to meet me (he lived very near the course). But then, up ahead in the darkness, I heard his beeper go off and I realized the page was to guide me to him in the dark. I headed off towards where I thought the sound came from hoping that my ears weren’t playing tricks on me. 

The moon was almost full, but there were some high clouds, so the night was suffused with that soft blue light. I could see my way fairly clearly, but confident that no one from the road or the nearby houses could see me.

When I reached the area I thought the pager had sounded I stopped and let my eyes get more used to the dark. I listened carefully. A few road sounds, frogs, very distant barking, my own heartbeat and the throbbing of my cock in my shorts was all I could make out.

I hit the send button again on my cell phone and heard the pager again about twenty yards ahead on my right. I froze for an instant as a light came on in one of the houses on the edge of the course, but almost as quickly it went out followed by the rest of the downstairs lights in that house. With my pulse throbbing in my ears and through my cock I made my way toward my last reckoning on the pager. I almost fell into a bunker guarding the green, but managed to skirt it and make my way to the other side only to find myself at the edge of some very dark woods.

“Jereme?” I whispered into the dark.

“Cam?” was the reply and into the soft moonlight stepped my mystery man.

Heavenly, was all I could think. Six feet tall, sandy brown hair, nicely fit from what I could see and dressed about as I was – shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. Under one arm he carried a blanket. (Hmmm, a boy scout, I thought to myself. Wonder what else he brought….?)

Jereme waited until I got closer to him before he turned and walked around the edge of the trees. Following him I realized we were now on the cart path. Silently, I kept up with him as he led us deeper onto the course away from both the road and the houses.

The moon went behind a cloud and it got very dark for a moment. I didn’t realize that I didn’t hear his steps in front of me anymore until I suddenly bumped into Jereme face to face. He giggled, making me realize for the first time that he was probably as nervous as I was. I also felt the strength in his body and I’m sure he felt the hardness of my cock against his thigh.

His lips grazed mine for a moment and I shuddered at the heat of his mouth against mine. He took my by the hand and led me off the path in the dark behind a mound that I later learned was the 15th green. I helped him spread the blanket on the ground and then followed his lead in stripping off my clothes.

It was then I really began to be aware of my surroundings. The smells of the grass and the woods; the sounds of the frogs, cicadas and a few nocturnal birds; the soft moonlight hidden behind fluffy, transparent clouds. I then became aware of Jereme’s beautiful body. His strong chest and abs, sparsely covered with light brown hair – so unlike the dark brown fur that covered me from shoulder to pelvis. Jutting out hard and thick from his hips was a beautiful cock, fully the 7.5 inches he claimed online, maybe more. Nicely thick. Hard and throbbing and for the next few hours, all mine.

We met in the middle of the blanket and slipped into a warm embrace. Our cocks strained and stroked against each other in a complementary rhythm to the dance our tongues were doing as we kissed. Though the night was cool, I was on fire as I held him in my arms or was it him holding me in his arms. The sweet smells of the grass, the trees, the night, his body, my body. The sounds of the night around us. The feel of his body next to mine. I surrendered all my desires to him.

As we kissed, I felt him caressing my back and ass and I finally was able to unstupefy myself to begin to do the same. Oh my god, his back, so strong and smooth. Oooooh, his ass; I could feel it flex as he humped into me and began to pant as I thought about how those muscles would help to ravage me later. I brought my hands to his hips, his thighs, his abs…. mmmmmmm so hard and strong and finally to his cock. Oh god, it was so hot in my hands; throbbing, oozing as I stroked its thick hard length. His mouth was nibbling up and down my neck as my hands stroked his cock and rubbed his balls. He moaned deeply into my mouth in one last, long, hot kiss while I rubbed our cocks together in my hands.

Finally, I broke our kiss and fell to my knees in front of him, letting his cock throb against my face. I rubbed my face against his dick, feeling his pre-cum smearing all over me. Planting soft kisses on his cock and balls and thighs and pelvis.

He took my head in his hands and pushed his cock toward my mouth. I opened and let him inside. Several thick hard inches invaded my mouth and he and I moaned in unison. Still holding my head, he began to thrust in and out of my mouth while I reached up and began to gently massage his balls and stroke his ass furrow. I sucked hard on his cock. Smooth, hard mmmmmmmmm. A nice thick crown and then growing thicker down the length. I felt the veins against my lips as he stroked in and out of my mouth. I held him deep inside and felt the throbbing of his heartbeat against my lips and tongue. I breathed deeply and was intoxicated by his musky scent, accented by the grass and woods around me. I opened my eyes and looked up his beautiful hard body framed by the trees in the distance, the moon above and the darkness of the hill behind us. I thought I was going to cum just from sensory overload at that point, but I just moaned and sucked harder. Of course, that only made him pump harder into my mouth until finally my nose bumped against his pubes. Oh god!!! I had him all the way down. He had slipped into my throat and I was taking him all the way in my mouth. I tried not to think, not to be aware, just to let him into my mouth, my throat. Just to feel his cock throb against my tongue, the roof of my mouth. Taste his pre-cum oozing into my throat. Moaning around his cock as I rubbed my nose into his pubes. MMMM god it was so hot. I sucked and sucked and sucked. He moaned, I moaned. He thrust, I let him have his way. He pulled his cock from my mouth and licked down to suck his balls. I rubbed his cock over my face, licked up and down the shaft, licked his balls and stroked his ass mmmmm fucking yesssss.

He pulled away from me and turned around. I began to kiss his asscheeks and lick around his crack. Jereme bent over and I pulled his asscheeks apart and kissed my way towards nirvana. My lips grazed his asshole and I heard him moan. My tongue caressed his pucker and he grunted in joy. My lips encircled his anal ring and I began to lick and suck and drill. I don’t know whose grunts and moans were louder, his or mine. I loved every second of it. I loved tonguing his asshole. Sucking it, nibbling, licking and pushing my tongue into the throbbing pucker. Tasting that slightly acrid flavor of the inside of his ass. Hearing him grunt every time my tongue pushed its way inside. Feeling his cock throb against my hand every time my tongue wriggled inside him.

Eventually he pushed me away from his ass, my hand away from his cock. He pushed me down on the blanket and kissed me hard. I felt his cock throbbing and oozing against my thigh as he kissed down my neck and to my nipples. Ooooh fuck! He knew I loved that from our chats online and now I writhed beneath him as his chewed on my nipples. Finally, he moved lower and I felt his mouth on my belly and then over my hips. He knelt between my legs and I couldn’t help a loud groan as his mouth found my cock. 

He sucked me slowly, hard and deep. His hands teased my balls and my crack as I looked down and watched his head bob on my cock in the moonlight. The songs of the cicadas were nothing compared to the roar in my ears as desire surged through me while Jereme sucked my cock.

He pushed my legs up and moved down from sucking my cock to licking my balls. I grunted and moaned again as I felt the hot wetness of his tongue lapping at my balls. My cock throbbed in the cool night air and I pulled my thighs toward my chest.

Jereme took the hint and licked lower until his tongue began to circle my asshole. I moaned and pulled my legs higher, giving him complete access to do as he wished with me. Jereme took his time sucking and licking my asshole until it flowered open, begging him to ravish it with his cock.

I lay on my back, legs pulled up his, opening my hole to his pleasure. I heard Jereme opening up a condom packet and the soft, slick sound of him rubbing lube on the length of his cock.

I moaned into his kiss as he lay atop me and the hot, hard, slick head of his cock begged for entrance to my ass. I angled my hips up to meet him and grunted as his thick cockhead penetrated my willing asshole. I felt his thick hard muscle line up with my opening and begin to slide inside.

“Oh yesss” I whispered into the night as his cock slowly sank inside me. I pulled my hips back and let him take me fully. Thrusting my hips up to meet him, to take his cock as deeply inside my ass as I could.

His shaft felt sooo hot inside me as he slid deep, opening my asshole. I grabbed my ankles and spread myself wide as he gently but firmly took me.

The thick shaft of his cock slid all the way inside me. I felt my asshole stretch around him as I moaned and thrust up to meet him. God!!!! did it feel good to have his cock in my asss!!!!!

MMMMM….. I moaned into the night as fucked me up the ass. His cock was just the right length so that I felt full and just the right thickness so that I felt stretched as he fucked me. mmmmm god it feels sooo gooodddddd.

Jereme kissed me, I kissed him while his cock throbbed inside me. I felt his hot hard shaft splitting open my hungry assring, felt him deep inside my rectum.

I felt him sit up and while he thrust in and out of my willing ass, he stroked my cock. With my ankles on his shoulders and his cock fully up my ass, it felt like my cock was an extension of his own as his stroked in and out of my asshole and up and down my cock.

When I was fully open and delirious with pleasure, Jereme had me get up on my hand and knees so he could royally fuck me.

On my hands and knees, my head cradled in my palms, filled with the scent of cut grass and trees and the sounds of night all around me, I was filled again and again with the thick length of Jereme’s cock as it shuttled in and out of my ass.

Added to the song of the cicadas and the lullaby of the bullfrogs was the slick “shoop, shoop, shoop” of a lubed cock in and out of my asshole. My moans and grunts softly counterpointed with the hoot of an owl and the howl of a dog.

Jereme’s cock hit just the right spot from this angle and I felt the cum surging through my balls as he fucked my ass harder and deeper. Our cries joined in harmony as I felt his cock throb in my asshole, shooting his cummm into the condom covering his cock as my own cock shot off into his hand as he stroked me to climax. 

He collapsed on top of me, still buried in my ass and we snuggled together and napped for a while.

We awoke before dawn (thankfully) and I felt his mouth on my cock. He sucked me deep into his throat and played with my ass until I sprayed his mouth with my cum. His fingers had been toying with my ass as he sucked me and he continued to play until my ass opened to two of his fingers sliding deep inside me.

I rolled onto my hands and knees, off the blanket now, the soft, wet grass beneath me. I felt his hot hard cock seeking entrance to my ass. His lips were near my ear and he whispered, “I don’t have another condom.”

“Take me bareback,” I answered and I moaned into my arm as his naked cock slid up into me.

I grunted in rhythm to his thrusts as his cock pounded its way into my ass. I pleaded and begged for him to take me, to fill me as he did just that, his cock sliding hot and slick, in and out of my asshole.

I moved the blanket from underneath us and crouched on the ground. My hands gripped grass, my knees scraped against the turf as he pounded into me from behind. My cock bounced underneath me as Jereme thrust hard into my ass. I felt like an animal, raw and primal, as I was fucked. Fucked, hard and deep and natural. Completely natural. No clothes, no bed, out on the grass, on my hands and knees, no condom. Fucked. Oh yesssss, that hard, thick cock up my ass. I arched my back and spread myself so he could get all the way up me. Thrusting back with my hips to meet his as he reamed my hole. Sooo hot; just his cock in my asss.

He pumped in and out. My asshole flowered and his cock churned inside me. It felt sooo good I wished it could go on forever. I moaned as I felt him swell and then he held me and grunted and whined as his cock shot its creamy load up into my guts. I felt my own cock shooting its load, untouched as he firmly gripped my hips and impaled my ass on his dick. I grunted with each thrust, each spurt of my cock. My hot load spilling out onto the grass beneath me. My hands gripping the earth, so I wouldn’t float away in extasy.

He stayed hard and gently stroked in and out of me while we both recovered our wits. I felt his load ooze out of my ass and down my thighs, my assring staying open for him while he teased my nipples and continued his afterfuck thrusting.

It was just beginning to get rosy on the horizon and we knew the groundskeepers would be coming along to tend the course. “Wanna come over to my place?” he whispered in my ear. I felt his cock throb inside me and my asshole squeeze his length as I turned to answer…

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